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A Field of Candles by LongDarkRoad Chapter 3 Within Yourself You Find The Road

A Field of Candles

By LongDarkRoad

Chapter 03 Within Yourself You Find the Road 

As Susan drove home, her mind was in turmoil. A week ago she was a conservative lawyer, wife and mother, leading an uneventful life as she closed in on her fortieth birthday.

Today, she was driving home with her breasts (when Nicole had said ‘tits’, Susan’s heart had jumped) held by a harness; her pubic area now completely shaved, and more importantly, with the agreement she made from her knees as she licked the expensive shoes of a twenty-nine year old junior associate, that she would serve her as her sex toy. This service would include dressing how her…mistress, requested and performing sexually when commanded.

Her private or slave (that term excited her greatly) name would be Sweet Sue, and her mistress was Miss N. And rather than being bewildered or anxious, or ‘coming to her senses’ and stopping all this, Susan Koning, conservative lawyer, wife and mother, was excited and…delighted; that was the only word that came to mind. And a little giddy.

Tonight Nicole had not fucked her; it had been touching, and spanking and commanding, with some humiliation. Susan had absorbed it all with desire, and when Miss N had finally, skillfully, played that desire out and into a mind-wrenching climax, Susan had just lay there, staring at the ceiling, thinking she had died and gone to heaven. There would be no stopping this. Susan wanted more; and more.

The next step needed to be dealing with Roland. Kind-hearted, silly, ridiculous comb-over Roland. Nicole was getting the settlement together but Susan knew she needed to be the one to break the news, and end the relationship. Then she could start anew.

Then she could dedicate herself totally to…Miss N.


Back in New York, Louis Doukas was interested in some news seeping out of Serbia. Chaos was not welcome to businessmen generally, but occasionally it provided certain opportunities. Doukas’s associates in Eastern Europe had taken advantage of several situations to move in and plunder. Sometimes there was an opportunity to acquire valuables like paintings or gold. Maybe drugs. For a while now the opportunity was with women, and Serbia was the proverbial gold mine. Albania as well, and Doukas had multiple contacts in both countries as well as his home country of Greece; although Doukas hadn’t lived in Greece since he was five.

One associate in Serbia now had up to seventy women that could be available. Doukas was interested but cautious. On one hand, one needed to always be alert to traps. Interpol, the FBI and others had sniffed around Doukas a few times; the raid in Philadelphia had rattled him. On the other hand, some deals were too good to be true so one should not get one’s hopes up. This business demanded caution and preparation.

There was also the question of what kind of women we were discussing. Doukas only dealt in young women, between sixteen and twenty-four. He wasn’t interested in worn out or second hand, as he termed them, for anything he did from videos and photos to ‘hostesses’. The girls needed to be young, end of story. He would have Manos, his right hand woman in Europe, investigate. She was the best and one tough dude, regardless of her gender.


As Meaghan waited at the light, she checked her cell; she would be able to make the gym by three. She had gone in Tuesday and changed her plan, allowing her five days a week access. Yesterday she had had a very busy day and had not made it for a workout. As an independent courier, Meaghan worked freelance for several delivery companies; some days she was busy, some days not. She only made money when she delivered, and yesterday had been great, so she could ease up a little today, which meant heading for the gym.

She had a good feeling about today.


Susan ran her tongue along the black dress shoe of Miss N. She was on her knees in her office; each day this week she had been used, right here in the same place, by her mistress. Right now, with her skirt off and her thong pulled down, and her back to the door, if anyone were to open it they would have a perfect view of ‘Sweet Sue’s ass and genitals. “Reach back and spread your butt, Slave.”

“Yes, Miss N.” Susan responded and reached around, stretching her buttocks open as wide as she could.

“I should call Dani to bring me some files here, that would be fun, wouldn’t it, Sue?” Nicole actually fantasized about doing just that; some day she would.

Susan’s heart pounded stridently at this suggestion. She had difficulty getting out her response. “Whatever Miss N wants is wonderful to me.”

Nicole smiled. She could not believe how perfect a slave-toy Susan was turning out to be. “I would like to take you places, my slave; show off that lovely, slim body of yours, but that will have to wait. You are going to work out today? You may look at me now, you’ve licked my shoes like a good slave.”

Susan looked up into Nicole’s attractive, smiling face and felt the exhilaration bubbling through her once again. “Yes, Miss. I will be able to leave soon.” Susan paused and looked down. “I wish I could come to you later.”

Nicole smiled warmly down upon her submissive. “Well, that’s fine. We have tomorrow set and we’ll have lots of fun then. I promise.” With that, Nicole got up and opened the door. Susan scrambled to her feet and quickly pulled up her thong and slipped on her skirt, her vagina longing for attention.                     ****

Meaghan had been working out for about half an hour and was now on the treadmill when an attractive woman caught her eye. She was pretty sure the woman had been in before, but she wasn’t what one would call a regular. Meaghan noted the slim build; the woman’s muscular legs were visible as she wore shorts. The legs reached up to a decidedly spank-able butt.

The woman looked to be a business type, late thirties or early forties; just Meaghan’s type. She smiled to herself; she still felt good about today and maybe soon she would be feeling even better.


Nicole looked up as Dani came into her area, looking a little uncertain.

“Hey, what is it, kid?” Nicole asked, taking her eyes off the complicated document she had been labouring over. It was a detailed stake out report the police had submitted, and some things didn’t add up. Nicole pressed her palms against her eyes for a moment and focused up at her assistant.

“There’s a…lady here to see you. She has no appointment but said it won’t take long and you would be interested.”

“Did she happen to mention why I would be interested?” Nicole queried, interested but also on guard.

“No, she just gave me this.” Dani handed Nicole a business card with Dionysus Global Transportation Systems, an image of an owl and the name, Ms. O. Smith on it.

“Hmmmm, Ms. Smith, hey?” Nicole grinned at Dani. “Well, let’s see what this, Ms. Smith, wants.” Nicole stood.

“I’ve put her in the small meeting room.”

“Thanks, Dani.” Nicole headed out the arched common area entrance and down the hall, stopping at the second door, then knocking quickly and entering.

Olivia Sheffield, looking dark and burly, rose to meet the youthful lawyer. “Ms. Martin,” Nicole smiled,

extending her hand.

“Ms. Smith,” Sheffield also smiled, but like Doukas, the smile was thin and did not reach the woman’s dark eyes. Her grip was powerful and made Nicole wince.

Introductions dealt with, Nicole looked up slightly at the bulky, somewhat intimidating presence; although the hint of an Irish accent seemed to mitigate the impression slightly. “Please sit, Ms. Smith. Now, how can I help you?”

Sheffield smiled again and paused. “It is more a case, Miss Martin, of how I can help you.”


Meaghan managed to extend her time and finally left for the showers when she noticed the attractive woman looking at her watch.

When Susan Koning entered the change area, Meaghan was standing and undressed. Susan was interested because of how this young woman was…adorned; starting with her head, where the left side was shaved and the remaining hair was a green / blonde combination. Looking at her pubic patch, which was a two inch by three inch triangle, her original hair was light blonde.

Then, if one came close, one saw a nostril ring, an eyebrow stud, three gold rings on each earlobe and, most intriguing, a silver ring through the hood of the clitoris. Even from farther back, one saw a sleeve tat covering most of the right arm (my favorite authors, Meaghan would announce) a rose tattoo situated between the belly-button (studded) and the dark labia majora and its deep furrow. On the girl’s back, its wing tips descending onto the buttocks, sat a large butterfly tat. One last tattoo, a scorpion, rested on the left ankle.

“Like ‘em?” Meaghan asked, smiling at Susan, who stood, staring.

Susan smiled back, “Sorry, yes. I am fascinated, but as you can see,” she quickly undressed, and stood naked as

well. “I have no decorations.”

“Come on,” Meaghan held out her hand and the two women entered the shower together. As soon as they were inside, Meaghan dropped to her knees and began kissing Susan’s newly shaved pubis. Susan laughed softly and then gently lifted Meaghan up.

“I think you and I want the same thing, I don’t even know your name….”


“Meaghan. I need to be on my knees too.” Susan smiled. It was amazing to her that she could be standing and talking to a stranger, completely naked, about this. How much had changed in a week!

Meaghan laughed, “Wanna grab a coffee?”

Susan, amazingly (to her), said yes. She actually wanted to sit and chat with this young woman, who seemed a lot like herself (minus all the piercings and tattoos). They both got busy and showered.


Nicole sat in contemplation. Before her on the oak meeting room table was an envelope containing one thousand dollars; left by Ms. Smith, who knew a great deal about the young lawyer, starting with her serious money problems; hence the envelope with the cash.

This money was Nicole’s, whatever she chose to do. But Smith made it clear there would be a lot more if Nicole proved helpful. Her first task, if she agreed, would be to find the names of three ‘at risk’ female teens, preferably sixteen or seventeen years of age. Girls who had been in several foster homes; girls with police convictions, sealed in most cases but there none the less, if one was creative and persistent. Girls who had run away and were now in state care.

Ms. Smith did not elaborate on why she and her…transport company, had an interest in girls, but she did mention that the Dionysus Global company would become a client with David van der Strom, Criminal Law,

and the annual billing would be substantial.

Nicole would find out the next day that this was true; Dionysus was a very large, international company, and the partners were excited when Nicole brought this account in. No one inquired as to how a junior lawyer had scored this, it was accepted after investigation, and Nicole received praise.

For right now however, she mulled over her options, and then put the envelope in her handbag. She would put some money down on the two most laggard credit card companies to whom she owed money; that should keep them off her back for a bit. And she would look into this girl thing; what was the harm in investigating?


Susan sat with a coffee and Meaghan with a Frappuccino, chatting away like old pals. Susan was interested in Meaghan’s stories of submission, which she freely shared with her, Susan even venturing forth some personal thoughts on her own submissive desires, long hidden and now brought out by her…mistress.

It was clear that Susan was correct in her assessment; both women were the same in their sexual needs. Both felt comfortable and aroused by being dominated by certain kinds of women. Meaghan liked women like, well, Susan. Only dominant.

Susan liked someone attractive and confident and demanding; like Nicole. Meaghan expressed an interest in meeting Nicole; maybe she wanted another toy?

After they parted, with each having the other’s cell numbers, Susan now faced the task of heading home and confronting Roland. It filled her with anxiety and some sadness, but also hope. She knew she needed to cut this tie to be free and to move forward, and Hailey was certainly old enough now to handle this. Her father would still be in her life, probably as much as he was now, which wasn’t all that much.

Susan walked the two blocks to her parking garage and her car. She climbed into her Lexus and started out.

It was time.


Sheffield ended her call; she had just updated Doukas and received her next instructions. The man would be returning to Philadelphia tomorrow, bringing Patterson with him. Patterson was Doukas’s video guy; the only male on his inner staff. Being gay mitigated in his favor, but also his talent with this particular subject, girl-on-girl, especially these girls, some still in their teens.

Simmons did the still shots; Patterson the videos; it had been successful now for two years, although again Sheffield did not see the value against the risk.

Oh well, it wasn’t her decision; she had her tasks and she was efficient in dealing with them.

She looked now at the girl, naked and bound, on her knees beside her. This girl was not street tough, the fear in her eyes showed that. She was also brown. “Pakistani?” Sheffield had asked to a positive nod from her supplier. The girl sported a substantial bush, and Sheffield needed to clear that away tonight. This girl would be one of the two in tomorrow’s video, and it was Sheffield’s job to ‘get her ready’, which mostly involved breaking her down to compliance.

As Doukas directed the action, the girls needed to be responsive and cooperative. This girl needed to learn that submission was far more pleasant than resistance.

Sheffield sipped her tea; she was in no hurry. She had all night, after all.


Susan entered her lovely Chestnut Hill residence; a home nestled in a community for people with a certain level of income. She liked her home; it had been her choice and pretty much all the furnishings and décor were of her choosing; Roland had just gone along as always.

She took off coats etcetera and placed her briefcase on

the desk in the den/office just off the main living space. She mixed herself a gin and tonic (she loved old fashioned drinks) and headed into the main living room when she suddenly became aware that Roland was there, sitting quietly by the picture window. Their home on Valley View Road was close to a heavily wooded area; it was peaceful to simply sit and look at it.

“Hey, you’re home. What’s up?” Susan asked conversationally; it was very unusual that he was home before her. Roland put in very long hours in his assistant manager position, knowing that at his age (approaching fifty) he was vulnerable for replacement. It was why he agreed to be on the road ten to fifteen days a month and why he worked ten-hour days.

When Roland turned to face her, Susan saw a sadness in his eyes that bothered her; had he somehow found out about her dalliances? No, that was impossible, she shook off the thought and Roland smiled a small smile. Looking closely at him now; (she couldn’t remember the last time she had looked closely at him), she became aware that his face was thinner. He still had the large rear end and the gut that spilled over the tops of his pants (Mr. Muffin top, Hailey called him), but his face was thin. And sallow, Susan noted.

“Good evening, Dear.” Roland said in a quiet voice. “I was just enjoying a moment here. The trees are really splendid this year. I like it, I um….” He paused, and Susan waited, her drink in her hand, concerned and not sure why.

“What is it, Roland?” she asked, quietly as well. The house was quiet; everything seemed subdued.

“I, um, have some things to tell you, and they are not easy things, but I was just sitting here, thinking on how and suddenly here you are….” He paused and gave a small, crooked smile up at her; Susan continued to just stare at him, confused at what he was sharing.

Now Roland stared as well, and then swallowing hard and looking away, he started, “I wasn’t away on business this past week, I was at the Einstein Healthcare Centre, undergoing tests and confirming what my, um, doctor, feared. We’ve kind of known for a while but I wanted to be completely sure before saying anything….”

In the still early evening, here in their lovely home, Susan stood, swaying slightly, because she had connected Roland’s rambling dots. “What…kind of cancer is it?” she asked, in a soft but husky voice.

“L-liver,” Roland said in a whisper, tears creeping down his face. “But it has metastasized….”

“Oh Roland….”

“And, um, well, that’s pretty much the story, not much to…ummmmm.” He had buried his face in his hands. Susan came and rested her hand on his shoulder, squeezing gently.

“What will you do?” She asked.

“I, um, need to go tonight. They are waiting. Not sure how much time. Don’t know what to say to, um, Hailey….”

Silence settled on them.


“Fuck.” Nicole said bluntly. “I don’t even know Roland, and I was preparing your divorce from him, but that still sucks the bag, big time, Susan. Cancer. Jesus.” Nicole and Susan were sitting in one of the meeting rooms; Susan thought it more appropriate than her office, which had become a ‘Sweet Sue’ space. They had of course planned to be together tonight for an extended session; Susan had been looking forward to it eagerly, but this development had put a damper on things.

Susan wasn’t going to get all weepy, even though she was filled with sadness. She was not a hypocrite; she didn’t love Roland; she didn’t even really like him anymore. But she still cared for him, and she was his wife, and they had a daughter. If word came that the end was imminent, she felt the obligation to be there.

The two women sat in silence. “I still would like to

come to you tonight. I really want to…serve you, Miss N. I really do. I think about that much of the time. If you are good with me leaving if I get a call I’m prepared to come to you.”

Nicole smiled and reached over, stroking Susan’s face gently. “I was planning on using you hard tonight.”

Susan grimaced slightly, an electric jolt thrilling her. “Um, oh God. That is what I want.”

“You want to be on your knees for me.”

Susan looked directly at Nicole, right in her eyes, heat rising within her. “I want to be on my knees, Miss N.”

“You want me to punish you and fuck you.” Nicole whispered, a small smile on her lips.

Susan clinched her hands together, afraid she would lose control right there in the meeting room. “Oh, Jesus, I want you to punish me and fuck me. I wish I could be with you all weekend, serving you; you using me as you wished.”

“Ok, Sweets, let’s plan for tonight, and see where it goes. What’s happening with your daughter?”

“She’s obviously sad, but kind of spaced out. Death is not real to the young, I think. She is staying with a friend tonight. I had already arranged that and we see no need to change anything. She, um…she doesn’t want to see her father die, and Roland doesn’t want her to see him at all, but to remember him as he was.”

Nicole stroked Susan’s hand, gently for a moment. “Hey, let’s talk about something else for a bit, there is work to do. I have a question.”

Nicole then probed quietly, she didn’t want to raise any suspicions with Susan, who was still her boss of sorts, despite their relationship. She asked about a case Susan had worked on a few months back involving a pimp. And, yes, Susan replied that information about some of his girls was in their files and had not been released because of their ages.

“Why do you ask?” Susan wondered.

“Oh, nothing special, just something else I’m working on that is kind of related. Don’t worry about it. Let’s get through today and hopefully we will have time together tonight.”

“Right.” Susan agreed with a strained smile. “Oh, and by the way, I met an interesting girl.” Here Susan told Nicole about Meaghan; Nicole was interested.

“You need to maintain contact with her; I would definitely like to meet this girl.” Nicole remarked.

The two women then rose and went back to their individual spaces, both glancing at the clock on their way.


“Ok, number one, grind your hips slowly. Number two, stick your tongue out more. That’s it. Let her ride your tongue. Very good; verrrry gooood.” Patterson enthused, getting into his work. Number one was the brown girl, prepared effectively last night by the efficient Sheffield. Number two was a red-headed white girl.

The white girl was barely eighteen while the brown girl’s papers said she was nineteen, which Sheffield had a difficult time accepting, and both had been shaved and made to appear even younger. They were currently in a sixty-nine position as Patterson circled them with his camera.

Louis Doukas sat on the nearby couch cloaked in his usual shadow, watching the scene with interest. He had prepared the script himself; what the girls would do and even say; how they would pose and expose themselves. What they would do with each other and when. Patterson was adept at working with Doukas and his scripts; he only wished that occasionally Doukas would bring in a boy or two.

Doukas looked up as Sheffield came to his side and then handed him a sheet of paper. “It’s from Ms. Martin,” she said without emotion.

Doukas looked at the paper; it contained three names. Three names of girls who might ‘fit his needs’. Doukas smiled. “You have begun to check this out?”

“Of course, sir.” Sheffield replied evenly.

Doukas smiled and watched as the two girls mashed their youthful, bald vaginas together, both moaning; amazingly, they were both into it. Patterson had a large smile on his bearded face as he moved in for a close-up.

Doukas looked up at Sheffield from the couch and waggled the piece of paper. “My first boss, a man named Gabe Kantos, used to say that a capable man builds his own road.”

Sheffield stood for a moment, uncertain as to the correct response. “And, did you believe that?” She asked, hesitantly.

“I don’t know.” Doukas replied, finishing his vodka. “Kantos was an asshole. He was the first man I ever killed; I guess, in some ways, what he believed, was true.” He smiled.


Susan rode the elevator up to Nicole’s floor, aroused more than she could ever remember. Easing her conscience, she had spoken to Roland’s doctor; her husband was sedated and resting. They did not think anything would happen tonight. She would go and see him tomorrow.

As instructed, Susan stripped completely outside Nicole’s door, and then knocked and went to her knees. Three other apartments were on this floor, and someone could come or go at any moment, so this was exquisite torture for Susan, kneeling naked and completely exposed.

When Nicole finally opened the door, Susan could actually feel evidence of her arousal dripping down her thigh.

“Come in, slave.” Nicole murmured, and Susan crawled

past the expensive shoes and into the room.


(End of Chapter 03)

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