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A Field of Candles by LongDarkRoad Chapter 4 If You Could Help Me Find My Way

A Field of Candles

by LongDarkRoad

Chapter 04 If You Could Help Me Find My Way 

Susan was driving home, planning on showering and changing and then going to the hospice where Roland was now. She looked at the clock and calculated she would be home before ten, which would work. As she drove she thought over her time with Miss N. She had been naked the entire time from last night to this morning, when Miss N handed her clothes to her, and she dressed again in the hallway outside the apartment.

She cautiously pressed her crotch; she could tell her labia were still puffy, the result of having a ‘pussy pump’ sucking her outer genitalia into grotesque, engorged sausages, which Miss N delighted in pulling and spanking. One of Susan’s (this was unreal) four orgasms had come from that attention.

Susan had been tied to the bed and then over the end of the couch. She had been spanked with a wooden paddle, a leather paddle, a wooden ruler and a wide belt. Miss N had fucked her, both vagina and anus, with several dildos of various sizes and shapes. Two of the orgasms had come from that.

And she had spent time with her face between Miss N’s thighs, sucking and licking the wonderful pussy and ass of her mistress, who responded by going down on her slave’s vagina and effectively bringing her to orgasm number four.

Susan had not wanted to leave, but she knew her duty. As she approached her house she was thinking hard about how her life had so suddenly changed; and when she would be with Miss N again.


The office chatter at David van der Strom was subdued Monday morning with news that Susan Koning’s husband had passed away the night before. At Susan’s request, office life carried on and she made a point of stating

she would be back later in the week.

As Nicole was signing something at the front desk, a young female bike courier came in to pick up several letters that needed to get across town today. Nicole looked at this girl and then asked, “Is your name Meaghan by any chance?”

Of course it was; Susan having hired her for this job on Friday. “Come this way.” Nicole said and Meaghan followed the shapely hips enclosed in a tight navy blue skirt down the hall. They went into Susan’s office. Meaghan stood with a small smile, looking relaxed, as if she were called into lawyer’s private offices every day. Nicole wasn’t sure if she liked this confidence or was challenged by it.

“Susan told me of you. I found what she had to say, very…interesting.” Nicole kept her gaze fixed and Meaghan looked down.

“That’s cool,” Meaghan said quietly.

“Turn around and lower your jeans. I want to see you.”

Meaghan looked at Nicole for a moment, and the young lawyer thought the girl was just going to turn and leave. But Meaghan smiled, spun around and dropped her jeans. She was about to pull down her thongs when Nicole commanded, “Stop. You only do what you are told.”

“Yes, Miss.” Meaghan said in a respectful voice. This brought a smile to Nicole’s face and she came and stood in front of the young woman; Meaghan was a couple of inches taller, but Nicole had heels on so they were eye to eye. Nicole knelt down in front of Meaghan, then reached up and pulled her thong down. She regarded Meaghan’s trimmed patch and her decoration. She tugged on the clit ring and Meaghan moaned and closed her eyes.

Nicole stood and pressed on Meaghan’s shoulders until the girl was kneeling, her face directly in front of Nicole’s crotch. “I am Miss N to you, bitch.” Nicole said, quietly. “Now thank me for looking at you.”

Meaghan licked her lips and then looked up. “Thank you, Miss N, for looking at me. Is there some way I can be of use to you?” She smiled and looked young, in spite of her piercings and shaved head.

Nicole smiled down at her new toy. “I think there is a number of ways you can be of use.” Nicole wrote her address on a slip of paper. “Be there tonight if you want to get to know me…better.” She bent down and kissed the girl’s mouth; it turned out to be wonderfully soft and responsive.

Meaghan tucked the paper into her bra. “Thank you, Miss N. I will be there.”

Nicole opened the door and Meaghan stood without panic, pulling up her thong and jeans nonchalantly.

The two women went down the hall together, before Nicole continued on to her area and Meaghan went out the front door.


“There,” Nicole said as she straightened up and looked down at Susan, who was bent over her desk. To be clear, Nicole was looking closely at Susan’s ass and genitals. She had just placed two metal balls into Susan’s vagina.

Nicole then pulled up the full cotton panties that she wanted Susan to wear today to keep the objects from falling out. “That’d be embarrassing hey, kid?” she had teased Susan, who agreed it would be a conversation stopper, especially if the balls landed on a hardwood floor during a meeting and went rolling along.

Both women had laughed out loud at that image; Nicole noted it was good to hear Susan laugh. It had been a week since the funeral and there had been sadness and grieving. “So what’s happening at home?” Nicole continued.

Susan stood up and moved her hips, then commented on the sensation, “This is different, Mistress.” She smiled at Nicole. “Happenings at home? Well, just thinking it’s time to get back to a more normal life,

sort of. As much as one can, right now.”

Nicole nodded her head. “Well, it’s tough on your daughter; seventeen is hard. She’s not really a child but she’s, like, still immature enough to feel the loss.”

Susan nodded, “Yes, I was just thinking about how she’s grown up the last year. It will take a while to move on here, but it’s important to try.”

Nicole nodded in turn, “See you tonight.” She smiled, “Those balls stay in ‘til then.” Nicole kissed the older woman and left. On the way back to her desk, the image of Hailey running upstairs in her tight shorts came to Nicole’s mind, and she smiled.

She had certainly thought on the possibilities of expanding her number of Koning slaves. Having added Meaghan, who was proving to be an obedient submissive, Nicole liked the idea of being served and pleasured by numerous ‘girls’.

As she sat at her desk she hummed a tune, thinking of some new things she would have Meaghan and Susan do tonight.


Doukas looked up at Sheffield as she stood by his desk. They were in his new Philadelphia office, “I’m around here enough, I need a home base.” He had said. “Yes, Ms. Sheffield,” Doukas murmured in his smooth voice.

“Mr. R. has a lead on one of Martin’s girls.” Sheffield announced. ‘R’ was a local investigator Doukas sometimes used. Doukas would have one individual track a target, and then bring in another to apply a trap or just initiate contact; then one or two of his more trustworthy, long-time associates would be brought in if a girl was actually going to be taken. ‘Martin’s girls’ were the three names Nicole had provided.

Now Sheffield handed her boss a sheet of paper. “She has given us another name.” Sheffield stated unemotionally.

“Good,” Doukas purred, reading. “Very good.”


Susan lifted her head and ran her tongue along the inner folds of Meaghan’s labia. There was really no taste and a mild, musky odor that Susan found arousing. But also arousing was what Meaghan was doing to Susan’s own vagina, as the two women had been put in a classic sixty-nine positon by Miss N and instructed to please each other until told to stop.

They had been at it for about ten minutes, Meaghan on top, as Miss N sat on her couch and sipped some wine.

“Keep licking, whores.” Nicole said, kneeling beside Susan’s head. She inserted a small funnel into Meaghan’s tight, pink anus. And then poured in a little of her wine. Removing the funnel, which she had Susan lick off, she positioned Meaghan’s anus above Susan’s mouth, instructing the older woman to enjoy some wine; by sucking it out, of course. Susan covered Meaghan’s asshole with her mouth and Meaghan arched her back; wine came out in a small stream which Susan lapped up enthusiastically, her orgasm building.

As Susan was doing this, Meaghan worked, sucking on the woman’s clitoris. Suddenly, Susan was moaning and uttering little cries, her hips rising and her legs a-quiver. After twenty seconds or so, Susan lay still, her breasts rising and falling; her eyes closed.

Nicole turned Meaghan so she could look at Susan, lying with one hand over her eyes and a wide grin on her face.

“Kiss the slave,” Miss N instructed, and Meaghan stretched out on top of Susan, and covered her face with kisses.                                          ****

The two girls huddled together against the wall; hands tied behind their backs and duct tape over their mouths. Jules and Terry had caught them and then taken them to ‘Jonesie’, who had loaded them, blindfolded, into his pick-up for delivery to Sheffield, who had brought them to this warehouse; one of several that Dionysus owned in the city. This one had a little washroom area that was convenient.

The girls were black; the target, Andrea, street name ‘Cubby’, was now nineteen but her partner, known as ‘Angel’ was only seventeen. Both had been on the streets for a year, living in abandoned buildings, stealing and hooking to survive.

Doukas was pleased because neither girl was on anybody’s radar. After checking them out medically, Doukas would know what to do with them. They were waiting now on the doctor.

The room they were in was Spartan; a worn couch; a table with three wooden, mismatched chairs and a workbench. The only new thing in the room was Sheffield’s laptop, sitting on the bench. Doukas handed Sheffield an envelope. “Take this to Martin.” Doukas paused and smiled. “Take it tomorrow, right to her apartment. That will send a shiver up her back. But, she’s earned it.” He smiled his thin smile again.

Nicole had no way of knowing that Doukas had found one of the girls whose names she had given him; but whatever Doukas was, and he was many things, he didn’t lie. Martin had earned the money so she would get it. The fact Doukas had a bonus, and possibly a valuable bonus he thought, looking at the lanky teen with her attractive body and youthfulness, was not Martin’s concern. The girl was an enticing creature and therefore worth more; and that bonus was for him.

Thank you, he thought, smiling. Nicole Martin would get what she was owed, but nothing more.

That was business.


Sheffield’s cell vibrated; she was alone with the two girls, Doukas having gone off somewhere. Dr. Zabat, a relation of Doukas’s (he seemed to have relatives everywhere) was on his way. Sheffield had given Angel a sedative shot ten, and then ‘Cubby’ one five minutes ago; the sedative was moderate strength and fast acting, but also left the system quickly, so Sheffield had waited until the call from the doctor saying he was on his way.

Angel was perched on one of the wooden chairs, her hands tied behind her. Sheffield had given her a cursory once over and noticed no rashes or anything suspicious, but Zabat would look as well. Angel sat with a small smile on her face, which would last for probably another fifteen minutes at most, but Zabat was quick and thorough. He did not like to be on site for very long.

Sheffield heard the side door open and then the footsteps as Zabat crossed the hard floor to her spot in one corner. She nodded at the man who placed his bag on the floor and took out vials and needles. After drawing blood three times, he knelt and examined Angel, taking a swab and making her giggle.

“Ok, let’s have the other.” He said in a voice that was dark like Doukas’s, but still retained a strong Greek accent.

Sheffield took Angel into a small side office and returned with the petite ‘Cubby’, who stood possibly five-one against the lanky but younger Angel, who was at least five-nine. Both girls were brown; more Jamaican than African. Both had dense black pubic patches that they had managed to keep trimmed very short.

Zabat repeated the procedure and when he was done, he regarded Sheffield with a certain look. She nodded and went to the room where Angel sat, beginning to come around. From this room, Sheffield could hear the distinctive sound of flesh slapping flesh coming from where Zabat and Cubby were, as the man enjoyed his ‘tip’.

Sheffield waited, dressing Angel while she was still compliant. After she finished binding the young girl and putting tape over her mouth, she heard the unmistakeable sound of a happy ending coming from the

other area.

Sheffield waited three or four minutes, and when she went in, Zabat was just zipping up. “I’ll have the results back as quickly as I can, but it will be three days anyway.” He said in a business-like way.

Sheffield handed him an envelope (it contained five hundred dollars) and thanked him briskly, and then Zabat made his way out. Looking at him depart, Sheffield could see a resemblance to Doukas. Both men about five-nine; dark olive skin; thick dark hair (Doukas’s had turned silver) and with the same stocky frame.

Sheffield looked at ‘Cubby’; she was lying bent over the chair; her small, brown ass facing Sheffield who walked over and looked at the figure, noticing the white liquid oozing out.

Well, she though, chuckling, Zabat was Greek after all.


Nicole’s intercom buzzed; it was Saturday morning and she was not expecting anyone; Susan would be over tomorrow. Meaghan came out of the kitchen, naked as she was not allowed to wear clothes in the apartment, and stood with an inquiring look on her youthful, attractive face. “It’s ok, finish my breakfast, put it on the table and kneel by my chair and wait.”

“Yes, Miss.” Meaghan smiled and returned to her task.

Nicole answered the call. ”Miss Martin, it is Ms. Smith.”

Nicole recognized the mild Irish accent, and was disturbed that the woman had come to her apartment; but she was also intrigued, so she buzzed her in. A few moments later, the elevator opened and ‘Ms. Smith’ strode purposefully out. Nicole was standing and waiting by her open door.

“Can I help you?” Nicole asked, in a business-like tone. She was not feeling particularly cordial.

‘Smith’ smiled that thin smile, and in her hand was an

envelope. “Once again, Miss Martin, it is we who help you. Bring me your American Express card.”

“What?” Nicole asked, even though the question was clear; it was the purpose that was not.

“Your card, Miss Martin.” Sheffield’s face had a no-nonsense look, and the envelope was enticing, so Nicole went off, returning with her card. Sheffield reached over and took it from her hand and then, demonstrating her trademark efficiency, removed scissors from her bag, quickly cut the card in three and handed the pieces back.”

“Hey…” Nicole began, but stopped when Sheffield handed her the fat envelope and turned to go.

Nicole, flustered for a moment, called out, “Wait.” When Olivia Sheffield turned back to her, Nicole, her mind spinning, asked. ”How did you find my apartment?”

Sheffield just looked at her, “Really. Wow.” She shook her head and headed for the elevator. Nicole watched her for a moment uneasily, and then went inside her place, closed the door and sat down. She counted the money in the envelope. Two thousand, and a note that said, “Keep the names coming.”

Two thousand. She promised herself she would put the money against her debts, and use some to buy regular things. She would not, would not, buy unnecessary items. She. Would. Not.

The only way any of this made sense, whatever it was she was now mixed up in, was if she could help herself.

She was determined. It was the only thing that allowed her to justify this.


The girls were gone.

Once Doukas got the bloodwork back, he would make a final decision, but as of now the girls were on their way to Chicago. Sheffield did not ask to whom or for what purpose, although she could guess.

“The lawyer was surprised to see you.” Doukas asked from a chair. His face was in shadow so Sheffield could not read him.

She snorted. “I’ll say. She was not, um, friendly, shall we say.”

Doukas grunted. “Good. It is well to keep her guessing. I think she can be an asset; she just needs to know her place.” They were silent for a moment.

“You were right, she is a lesbian.”

Doukas grunted again. “Oh well, what can you do? It’s always sad, to me, when a lovely woman loves only, well, women. Oh well…” He reached over and took the glass from the table. Downing the vodka, he continued. “And the other names?”

“Thomas thinks the last one we got may be something. He thinks we should have Martin expand her search. She seems to just be focusing on certain sorts of girls….”

“Well, she’s a criminal defense lawyer. What’s in their files…angels? No, it’s…certain kinds of girls.”

Sheffield nodded her head. Her boss was right; when it came to practical things he usually was. She would have to think a little on how this young woman could be of more use. Her relationship with the older lawyer, now that had promise.

“See her again, Ms. Sheffield. Keep the heat on.”

Sheffield nodded. “As you say, sir.”


The senior lawyer Nicole worked with, almost exclusively, was Peter van der Strom, son of the (now retired) founder of the firm. Tall, thin, balding and bookish, many people had underestimated the man when facing him across the legal battlefield; and had paid for their misjudgement.

Nicole and Mel Stulzke were the young lawyers who did most of the prep work for van der Strom, so it was not unusual to find either of them going through case files

on a regular basis.

Despite this, Nicole still felt like she was being watched whenever she accessed the files looking for potential women for Smith and her boss. This week van der Strom had kept both Nicole and Stulzke busy, and Nicole had found it difficult to do much extra, but today she had spent a profitable time in her combing through, and had come up with some info.

She was now back at her desk and waiting for the associate at the desk beside her to leave so she could place a call to Smith. Finally, just before noon, the woman got up, cast a smile at Nicole and said, “See ya later” and headed out.

Nicole nodded, waited a moment, then dialed the number on the card. The now recognizable voice responded, “Hello, Miss Martin.”

“Um, yes, hello. I have two names that look promising.” Nicole briefly explained her reasoning and Sheffield, after a pause, agreed. After double-checking the spellings, Sheffield ended the call. Nicole sat, feeling guilty and ill at ease. But the money definitely soothed her emotions.

Looking up, to her surprise, she saw Susan entering. The woman strode directly to Nicole’s desk, maintaining her proper lawyerly attitude. They had agreed to keep all interactions normal outside of private places, so as to not forget and slip up, so it was that Susan addressed her mistress. “Hello, Nicole. How’s your day?”

Nicole smiled back, “Oh, just fine, thank you, Susan.” Both smirked, and then Susan handed Nicole another envelope. “What’s this?” Nicole asked as she opened it to find a check for $2500.

Susan continued, “This last month’s billings had that Dionysus company invoiced with the highest monthly amount in the last five years. There were over a dozen cases, mostly minor, but still; and three settlements in Dionysus’s favor. The company was happy and the partners were very pleased and felt you should be rewarded for bringing them in.” Susan beamed at her, then said she actually was in a meeting and just wanted to get this check to Nicole. “See you later,” Susan smiled and winked, then headed off.

Nicole stared at the check. Christ, she thought, this was turning out better than expected, stressful or not. Suddenly making up her mind, she stood up and left her office.

It was a warm June day so she needed no coat. She walked briskly the two blocks to her bank; deposited all the money and put two thousand against her Wells Fargo Visa and cleared another card completely; she did this quickly as she did not want to risk losing her nerve.

Walking back to the office, she felt better, although she could not decide which was more stressful, the debt collectors or Ms. Smith.


Meaghan finished tying Susan’s ankle to the bedpost and stood by the bed, looking at Miss N for directions. Nicole meanwhile was looking at the naked body now tied spread-eagle on her cover. Nicole waggled her finger and Meaghan came immediately to her and knelt. “Stand,” Nicole commanded, then reached down and pulled the panties, which she had stuffed into Meaghan’s vagina ten minutes ago, out.

She held them to Susan’s nose for a moment, then stuffed them into her mouth. Next, she took the two vibrating eggs, one large, one small, from the night table and inserted them into Susan’s vagina and anus. She moved the power to mid for both and immediately Susan began to move her hips.

Nicole smiled, “Come slave,” she instructed Meaghan, ”we will let the lovely Susan cook for a bit and then return for some more fun.”

They went into the small living room of Nicole’s modest two bedroom apartment. When Nicole sat, Meaghan brought her wine to her and knelt by her feet. After a moment, Nicole noticed her slave looking with interest at the small bookcase. “What is it, Slave?” She murmured.

Meaghan smiled shyly. “Oh, just the, um bookcase. You have books…”


“Well, none of my friends have books; well, maybe a couple of story books left from grade school or whatever, but no one buys actual books….”

“I like books.” Nicole said simply. “I like actual, physical books.”

“May I look at them?”

Nicole laughed. “You haven’t looked at them already?”

“No, Miss. I don’t look at your things. Not without permission.”

“Well,” Nicole smiled, “you have my permission.”

Meaghan stood at the bookcase, pulling one book out after another; looking at the cover and putting it back. “Ha,” she called holding up a bright paperback, “Alice In Wonderland. I like this story. Johnny Depp, hey?”

Nicole stood and came over. “I know this from the Walt Disney movies.”

“Disney, as in Disneyland?” Meagan asked.

Nicole laughed. “Yeah, he had a television show and all these movies, you know. Alice In Wonderland was a cartoon. My aunt, who looked after me a lot, had all the Disney cassettes.”


“Forget it, doesn’t matter. But I watched those things like ten times each. Loved Alice, though.” Nicole had opened up the book and was reading. “My God, this brings back things. Here, this is the Cheshire Cat. I would pretend sometimes that I was the cat.” She smiled, then read, “Alice says, I was just wondering if you could help me find my way. And the Cat goes, well that depends on where you want to get to, then Alice says it really doesn’t matter, and the Cat goes, then it really doesn’t matter which way you go. Hmmmm. Fuck, it’s been a lonnnnng time,” she uttered quietly.

Meaghan stood looking at her mistress, who was still lost in thought. Nicole finally murmured, “Can you help me find my way….”

(End of Chapter 04)

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