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A Field of Candles by LongDarkRoad Chapter 5 When You Have No Choice, Find Courage

A Field of Candles

By LongDarkRoad

Chapter 05 When You Have No Choice, Find Courage 

Thomas, one of Doukas’s most trusted associates, returned to the car, Doukas lowering the window as he approached.

“This is the place.” Thomas noted, his South African accent strong despite having lived the last ten years in the U.S.

Following the most recent names supplied by Martin, Doukas had located one of the girls; he had also located her pimp and three other young girls he was using. Doukas climbed out the back door and Thomas led the way. They went to the rear of the old, two-storey, brick office building. Thomas quickly unlocked the door with one of his tools and the two men moved quietly down the stairs into the basement level, then along a dimly-lit hallway. They could hear music coming from a room at the end of this corridor, which they reached quickly and silently.

The room they came out into was furnished with two couches and a large chair; music was coming from a laptop sitting open on a table. Four girls were sitting on the couches and a large black man was sitting in the chair. He stood, reaching for a gun as Doukas and Thomas entered.

“What you mutha-fu…” was all he had uttered, before Doukas put a bullet into his thigh, and the man, known only as ‘Ace’, went to his knee. Doukas’s gun had only made a low pop because of the silencer, so the room was strangely subdued; both Thomas and Doukas put their fingers to their lips, signalling silence to the girls; two black, one brown and one white.

Doukas stood over Ace, who snarled up at him, “You don’t know who you messin’ with, asshole….” Doukas struck the man across the face with his gun, opening a gash over the right eye, blood then began running down the dark face.

“Papers.” Doukas said quietly. “Do these girls have documents of any kind?”

“Go fuck your….” Was all Ace said before Doukas shot him in the head. He turned to the girls, who stared at him in silence and with wide eyes. They had seen some nasty things in their time with Ace, but they had never witnessed a killing.

“Does he have any documents of yours? Licences, birth certificates, things like that?” Doukas asked in his low, smooth voice.

Three of the girls shook their heads, but the taller of the two black girls stood up and went to the table; reaching under, she took out a large envelope that had been taped there.

“Good.” Doukas smiled his thin smile. “Come on; we’re going.”


Hailey came in from the back deck, passing her mom in their spacious kitchen; she’d been catching some summer sun.

“My God, Hailey, what’s that you almost have on there.” Susan, in her best mother’s voice exclaimed, looking at the tiny ‘suit’ Hailey had on, which was essentially two triangles covering her nipples and a (slightly) larger triangle of cloth covering her (closely shaved) labia. She was basically naked and Susan might have been reacting to the obvious fact that late-blooming Hailey’s slender body had filled out over the last few months.

“What, Mom? What’s the prob?” Hailey asked, innocently, removing her sunglasses. “I’m just in the back. It’s completely private. I could be out there, you know, like naked and it’s only you and me, I wouldn’t even let my squad check me, so you gotta chill, hey?”

Susan sighed. “I guess I just can’t believe my little girl has grown up.” Susan glanced at her daughter’s breasts, that were now clearly larger than her own, and looked (damn it, stop that, Susan told herself) enticing on her lithe frame.

“Duh, I’m almost eighteen and I’m taller than you now, Mom, in case you’ve been dozin’.” Hailey had a little smirk on her face, which teens have worn for decades, when confronting parents who are, by their nature, clueless.

“And I really need to get my licence.” Hailey added, thinking this was a good time to get that in, as her mother seemed more confused than usual.


The four girls were kneeling naked in another room in another warehouse owned by Doukas. They were not bound as none had shown any resistance; they didn’t know their new tormentor, but they were happy to be free of Ace.

Dr. Zabat was on his way so they were just waiting. Doukas regarded the group comprised of one sixteen, one seventeen and two nineteen-year-old girls, in the spectrum of colors noted. All were slim (underfed, Doukas had noted, which was why they were all now eating cheeseburgers and fries as they waited).

Doukas had gone through the envelope; he now had all of their real names, and one was definitely from Ms. Martin, so another payment to her; the other three were once again a bonus. Doukas did not need the money, he just liked to always come out on top.

“Hey, Mister.” The white girl (Alanna), who was the closest to him, asked Doukas.  “What are you going to do with us?”

Doukas regarded her for a moment, putting down the papers. “I’m not going to fuck you, so stop worrying about that.” The girl looked at him, expressionless, then put the last of her fries in her mouth. “A doctor is coming to look you over, to see if there is anything…amiss.” Doukas picked up his papers again.

Alanna was one of the nineteen-year-olds. Tough but pretty, if you got past the bridge studs, eyebrow rings (three) and spider-web neck tat, which Doukas couldn’t; relatives of his had been tattooed by the Nazis in the Great War, and the idea of marking one’s body was offensive to him.

But still, he had plans for them all; hopefully they were clean.


July Fourth, and everyone was enjoying the holiday. Nicole was feeling good as she had received two more checks and her financial situation was definitely looking up; she had been faithful to her objectives. Today she was just relaxing, waited on by the ever faithful Meaghan, with no big plans. Or even small ones.

Susan was with Hailey at some event. Nicole had a little research and a brief to look over, but it was not anything excessive. She could just lay around, and she was enjoying it; if she had known that her life would be getting busy very soon, she might have relaxed even more emphatically.


The two youngest girls had been taken away and Doukas was eighty-five hundred dollars to the good; he just laughed; there was a time, early on, when he did some pretty brutal things for much less. Now it was almost a case of where to stash the cash. He chuckled to himself at that; despite Ms. Sheffield’s attitude, he did have a sense of humor. It just tended to be a little dark.

He walked over to where Alanna and Dallas (one of the black girls) were kneeling. He unzipped and took out his already hardening erection, then had both girls begin to work on him at the same time. First one then the other took his stubby erection into their mouths, while lathering his balls and shaft with their warm saliva.

It had been a while since he had had a ‘double’ and these two were heading to a private club of his in New Jersey tonight, so he thought he would give himself a little present while there was time.

It was the nation’s birthday, after all, and he would provide his own, personal fireworks in a few moments, as the two girls were showing they had excellent oral skills.

Oral, not verbal, Doukas chuckled to himself again; he had never enjoyed a talkative woman.


Nicole had been working in her ‘cube’ for about an hour when Dani poked her head in and announced that ‘the partners’ wanted to chat with Nicole. What’s this about, Nicole wondered nervously as she headed for a board room; Susan certainly hadn’t mentioned anything.

Waiting for her were Peter, Susan and the other two partners of the firm. They looked relaxed and Susan was smiling, so Nicole relaxed. As it turned out, Dionysus International was very pleased with their time so far with van der Strom, and happy with the relationship, so once again, congrats were extended to the junior associate. Nicole smiled, her mind swirling again.

The meat of the matter, though, was that members of the organization would be travelling, in a day or two, to Serbia on business, and they wanted legal representation with them, and they had requested Ms. Martin. Nicole stared at the four smiling faces before her.


Nicole was just back from getting the vaccinations necessary for her travel, and she stopped in to see Susan. As the door closed, Susan came and knelt by her mistress, who leaned forward and kissed the submissive long and hard. “Over the desk, sweet Sue.” Nicole commanded and Susan bent at the hips on top of her large, black oak desk.

Nicole flipped up Susan’s skirt and pulled down the cotton panties, then checked to see that the metal balls were in place. The butt plug showed its little black end. “That’s a very good girl,” Nicole crooned, squeezing Susan’s buttocks firmly. She would have loved to slap the firm ass before her, but was concerned with the sound that would emanate from the office. “Can you get out for lunch?” Nicole asked.

Susan turned her head as much as she could, “Yes, I think so. Meet you at reception at twelve.”

“Check.” Nicole left, and Susan quickly straightened up her clothing and forced down her arousal, calming her breathing; and then returned to her work.


Nicole now felt some pressure. Her bosses were all happy with what they thought was going on; the problem of course was they only had a part of the narrative, and the part that was missing would make them crazy and cost Nicole her job, if not some possible charges. What the Hell was she thinking? She remonstrated with herself. But then, who would have seen the dangers?

The temptations were too much. Nicole had been trapped, much as she had trapped others. It wasn’t a good feeling and she did not have a good feeling about this trip. Business, like Hell, she said to herself.

And now she was required to meet with Ms. Smith to go over some things. Fuck.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck! Nicole did not like this; she looked again at the address she had been given; it was central, that was one good thing.

Maybe the only good thing.


Nicole entered into the little office behind Ms. Smith. Like most of what Dionysus owned in Philly, this building was older and, well, basic. The room they entered was not large and furnished in the common Spartan mode Doukas appeared to favor; there were two loveseats (brown leather) two wooden chairs, a coffee table, a desk, three lamps and a small fridge. An open

door at one end suggested an adjoining room.

As they entered, Nicole noticed a man was sitting on one of the loveseats. By the way the loveseats were arranged, the end where the man was sitting was darker than most of the room, and Nicole could not see the individual clearly. ‘Smith’ motioned for Nicole to sit on one of the wooden chairs, as she went over and leaned against the far wall near the door.

“Good evening, Miss Martin.” The man in the shadows spoke. Now that she was sitting, Nicole could make out what she would consider to be an ‘older’ man, with a mane of grey (silver?) hair and a dark-ish complexion. For whatever reason, maybe the man’s prominent nose, Nicole thought he might be eastern European (maybe Serbia was on her mind).

“Good evening,” Nicole said back to the shadow man.

“For now, simply address me as Mr. Smith.” Nicole thought she caught the hint of a smile as the man said this, in his deep and actually pleasant voice with its hint of a British accent.

Her heart beating more than she would have preferred, Nicole found her voice, “Fine Mr. Smith. Any relation to Ms. Smith?” Nicole couldn’t help it, this cloak and dagger stuff was getting to her.

Doukas actually chuckled at Nicole’s impudence; he liked that, much preferring to break a defiant individual, when he had the chance. He leaned forward to pour two shot glasses of vodka, allowing Nicole to see a tanned face and a large head, perhaps seeming more so by the mass of hair, combed back but framing the face in abundance.

Doukas held a glass out to Nicole, “We drink first, then we talk.”

With some trepidation, Nicole took the glass and watched as ‘Smith’ tossed the liquid back in one gulp, placing his glass back gently on the coffee table.

“Do not sip, drink.” Doukas directed, and Nicole threw the drink down and coughed; it was quality vodka and strong. She wiped her mouth and put the glass back, looking directly at the man called Smith. “Now, remove all your clothes.” The man said, as casually as he had instructed her to drink.

“What?” Nicole spoke quietly, immediately regretting saying that, because it was stupid. She knew what he said.

From the wall, Sheffield remarked in an even voice, “She can sometimes be a little dense.”

Doukas sighed and folded his hands, as if he were about to deliver a talk to a recalcitrant child. “I knew a man once who said that if you don’t want to look up you must be on top. That made sense to me, so I have done things that way. But to be on top, one must always have an advantage. My advantage with you, Ms. Martin, is that I know all about you.” He regarded her for a moment.

“Your upbringing with no father and an alcoholic mother; which was very difficult, yet despite that, you were successful.” Nicole was forcing herself to look at him, but finally she had to look away, as he continued.

“School was your playground; it is where you excelled, right up through university to a law degree. But you never forgot your roots; did you?” Nicole continued to look down; she could almost feel the man’s cold blue eyes boring into her. “Which is why you don’t admit your roots, your upbringing, to anyone. Which is why you live as you do, extravagantly, and beyond your means.” Doukas poured two more shot glasses, downing one and leaving the other.

“Your lifestyle is what brought you to my attention. And now, because of your needs, you have supplied me with private information; information which if I divulged the source to your bosses, would immediately be recognized as coming from you.

So I have the leverage, Ms. Martin. I am on top. And you, you must do what is needed to survive. Which means doing what I want and being rewarded. Or not, and being punished. Those are the choices I present to you, because I am on top and can do this.” He paused, waiting, watching.

“Now, I wish to see you naked. You can get up and leave and your little world crashes down tomorrow, likely taking your…friend, Susan, with you. Or you can swallow your pride and obey; you work with me, you make more money, your firm benefits, everyone is happy. The choice may not please you, but it is an easy one. Now, take off your fucking clothes.”

When Nicole stood, Ms. Sheffield came beside her and efficiently took the clothes from her as she removed them, until Nicole finally and reluctantly turned over her red thong panties.

After Sheffield put the clothes in the other room and returned, she pulled Nicole’s hands behind her back and tied them, then left the room, leaving Nicole standing naked a few feet from Doukas. Nicole noticed for the first time the large ceiling fan, which was making a hum.

The slim, grey-haired man moved one wooden chair in front of Nicole and sat on it. He took his time, looking up and down her body. He reached out a hand and fondled the shaved labia, tugging gently on the lips, as Nicole squirmed slightly. He turned Nicole around and made her bend forward as he examined her anus.

When he turned her back around, he forced her to her knees. Then he stood and unzipped his fly. With vomit rising in her throat, Nicole watched in horror as Doukas’s fat cock came to her mouth. In her entire life she had never sucked a cock, having gotten away with the occasional hand job until she was in university and no longer dating boys.

Doukas squeezed her nose shut until Nicole opened her mouth, accepting the erection. Forcing down a gag reflex, Nicole closed her eyes and let Doukas move her head back and forth, and back and forth, until to her disgust his cock erupted and warm cum was deposited down her throat, with Doukas laughing out loud. He held her face against his crotch for a few moments, his breath coming noisily from his nostrils, before releasing her and doing up his slacks.

Doukas then took the poured shot glass of vodka and held it to Nicole’s lips, then emptied the glass down her throat, holding her face gently as she coughed. He then sat back on the loveseat, as Nicole knelt, head down, determined not to cry in front of this son of a bitch.


Nicole had never been on a private jet before. She looked around with appreciation, although she did not want to give Louis Doukas (he had shared some information, including his name, with Nicole after their time together) any credit for anything, even having a nice jet.

This particular plane had eight seats, but only three were occupied. Doukas and Sheffield (Nicole now knew her name as well) sat facing each other in one group of four seats, while Nicole had a group to herself.

Although she hid it, she was excited at travelling to Serbia, which seemed to her to be exotic, even dangerous. But she was apprehensive as well as she was convinced this trip was not about good things. She was also disgusted with Doukas’s hold on her.

After she had been released from their initial encounter, Nicole had sat in her car and sobbed like she never had in her life. Then when she returned home and following a brief, blunt greeting with Meaghan, she had spent half an hour in the shower, cleaning and cleaning; but unable to clean away the disgust.

Finally, she had brushed her teeth and rinsed her mouth for fifteen minutes, but of course the aftertaste of Doukas’s blow job lingered. She still had flashbacks, the cock coming to her face, the slimy ejaculate; and was distressed thinking he could do it again.

Whenever he looked at her, his pale blue eyes half-closed, she felt anxiety. Sheffield’s continuous smirk maddened her. She wanted to bash Doukas’s head with a baseball bat and smother Sheffield with a bag over her face.

These violent thoughts gave her some solace.


After landing in Belgrade, the three travellers walked across the tarmac and were met by a tall, slim, dark- haired woman in her mid-forties. She had intense, striking dark eyes and dark hair; though where Sheffield’s was short and somewhat ‘manly’; this woman, Amara Manos, wore her hair long and parted in the middle. She was also very attractive, and…somewhat sinister, Nicole thought.

Following a brief, businesslike greeting between Manos and Doukas, Nicole was brusquely introduced. Then the four climbed into their Skoda Fabia rental for the two hour drive to Niš; Sheffield and Doukas in the front with Sheffield driving.

Manos and Doukas spoke in Greek for the first while, catching up on business and shared connections and then they were silent. At this point, Manos moved her hand over to Nicole’s knee, and then gradually up her leg. Nicole had been dressed by Sheffield, with the advisory that she needed to look a certain way. She had a blue blazer over a white shirt and a navy skirt. Under this she wore a see-through white bra and a miniscule white thong, with crotch-less pantyhose.

As she was dressing, under Sheffield’s watchful and annoying eye, Nicole had felt foreboding, although the flight over had seen no unwanted activity. It had been quiet, almost boring, with everyone snoozing a little and engaged in their own activities and thoughts; certainly Doukas had not assaulted Nicole any further or even paid her any attention.

Apparently now, however, his associate had other thoughts. Nicole gripped the intruding hand as it made its way up her thigh, only to have this hand turn and grab her hand, squeezing it hard enough to make Nicole wince. Manos waved a warning finger in Nicole’s direction and her hand continued its journey, Nicole turning to stare out the window.

Manos now slipped an arm around Nicole, pinning her against the door and then forcing her left arm behind her back. Nicole thought briefly about crying out, but what would be the point? The two up front knew what was happening.

In Manos’s hand was some sort of clip and soon Nicole’s wrists were pinned together behind her.

“That’s better, my lovely.” Manos murmured into Nicole’s ear, slowly licking the side of her face. Manos moved over slightly and with a quick action undid the buttons on Nicole’s skirt and slipped it down and then over her shoes. She reached over and pulled the tiny thong aside, then inserted a finger into Nicole’s mouth.

“Lick it, my pretty slut.” Manos whispered, as Nicole, with little choice, licked the offending digit, which Manos then moved down and inserted into Nicole’s sex. The dark woman looked down at the shaved labia, observing and then whispered again, “I like dusky pussy lips like yours; I am going to enjoy your cunt while you are here. Doukas has told me I can do what I like with you, so you and I are going to become good, close friends. Very close.”

Despite her feelings of anger and resistance, Nicole was aware of her pussy being hot and wet, something Manos noted. “My little slut is nice and slippery.” She chuckled and turned Nicole’s face to her, kissing her and gently pulling Nicole’s lips between her teeth, then sucking her tongue. Manos now had three fingers plunging in and out of Nicole’s very wet pussy. Nicole’s hips now moved in time to Manos’s thrusts and her arousal grew, even as she was horrified at this. Damn it, Nicole cried in her mind, Damn it, No!

But her mind and her body were at opposing points. When Manos turned her face again Nicole eagerly accepted the lips and tongue of her captor, breathing in the fragrance of Manos’s thick, dark hair. Manos opened her blouse and unclipped the bra, placing a plump firm breast against Nicole’s mouth. Nicole quickly found the large, dark nipples and sucked them eagerly, whispering into Manos’s ear. “Please release my hands. I will not be a problem. I want to touch you. Please.”

“Say please, Miss Manos.”

So rare at being on the bottom, Nicole was amazed at what this phrase did to her. She ground her hips on the penetrating fingers, wanting the whole hand to enter.

“Mmmmmm, oh, fuck. Oh, Jesus. Please, please Miss Manos, please let me touch you.” Nicole purred into the warm, fragrant face of Amara Manos, who unclipped Nicole’s bonds.

Manos held Nicole’s face, and the two women stared at each other hard. “They say, when you look into the dark, the dark looks into you,” she smiled.

“That takes courage.” Nicole whispered back, kissing Amara’s throat.

“When one has no choice, then one must seek courage.” Louis Doukas said quietly from the front seat. He was quite enjoying the show.

He did not, however, notice the look Amara Manos gave him.

(End of Chapter 05)

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