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A Field of Candles by LongDarkRoad Chapter 6 To Be All Made Of Fantasy

A Field of Candles

By LongDarkRoad

Chapter 06 To Be All Made of Fantasy 

Nicole raised her hips, grunting, as Amara slammed her black strap-on dildo deep into Nicole’s pussy, both women now sweat-covered and gripped by passion.

“Please, please, please.” Nicole begged, her hands tied, her hips rising machine-like and engulfing the rubber phallus with each hard thrust. Nicole did not particularly like strap-ons, unless she was the one wearing it, but that did not matter to her right at this moment.

Right now she wanted an orgasm; an orgasm that Amara with remarkable skill had led her to but kept just out of reach until she now had Nicole where she wanted her.

Amara eased up on her thrusts, taking her time now, grinding and twisting her hips, drawing the phallus out almost completely, then pushing it back in, allowing her pubic bone to grind Nicole’s. “Please what, my little cunt?” She asked teasingly, licking sweat off Nicole’s face before sucking her lips into her mouth.

“Oh fuck, Amara. Oh, fuck, fuuuucccckkkk.” Nicole groaned, “Please let me come. Please. Please. Uh; ummmm, aaaahhh.”

“Will you be my sweet slut?” Amara murmured as she gripped an ear lobe with her teeth.

“Aaaaahhhh. Oh, Jesus”, Nicole now laughed, reaching up and kissing the larger woman who was on top of her, in more ways than one. “Oh, fuck yes. I will be your sweet slut. I will be. Tell me what you want. I’ll do anything….”


Nicole laughed again. “I know. I know. But yessss, I will do whatever you want. Please. Pllllleeeassse!”

“I want to fuck your sweet tight asshole. But you must beg me, like the slut you are.”

“Oh Jesus. Oooohhhh, ummm. Oh fuck. Please, sweet Mistress Amara, please fuck my ass. Please fuck me hard like the ss-slut I am. Gaaawwwdd!”

Amara flipped the smaller (to her) woman over, applied some lotion that she’d had sitting open for a while, waiting; then spread it into Nicole’s dark brown anus. She pushed two and then three fingers in, making Nicole grunt. “That’s it, grunt my little pig. Grunt.”

Amara then began to push the black dildo in, inch by enticing inch, as Nicole arched her back and pushed against what she would normally fight.

“Oooohhhh,” Amara sighed, looking down at the object now buried almost completely in this wonderful ass. She pulled back, pushed forward, pulled back and in a moment had a wonderful thrust going with Nicole in syncopation, lifting her ass to meet each thrust. Amara reached around and under and began to play with Nicole’s clit.

Nicole’s groans became louder, louder; her groans then began to be mixed with cries, when suddenly she arched her back and held it like that, while grunting one long, continuous, guttural cry of pleasure; endorphins cascading though her being like magic pixie dust. And then she laughed and laughed some more, and felt more at peace than she could remember.

Nicole loved her orgasms; she had them frequently, but this one was gigantic. Enormous. Memorable.

Amara turned her partner over and untied the hands that had been bound over Nicole’s head throughout, then covered the waiting face with kisses; Nicole kissed back, smiling and slowly rubbing her sex against the hairy pubes of the woman who had mastered her.

After a few minutes of gentle, loving kisses, Nicole whispered, “Now what?”

Amara smiled at her (she is fucking good looking, Nicole thought to herself). “Well, my sweet little slut, we will shower, and brush our teeth, and then sleep together in this bed. I have you for three days

and I intend to use them.”

Nicole lifted up and kissed the woman as softly on her mouth as she could.

“I’m sad it’s only three days”, she said, also softly.


Nicole came into the lobby of the hotel and spotted Doukas, leaning against the wall and looking out the front doors. Amara was on her way but there was no sign of Sheffield. Nicole walked up to Doukas and stopped, looking out the front with no greeting. Without looking at her, he murmured, “Have a pleasant sleep?”

Nicole forced a smile down; he was such an asshole. “Yes,” she replied, cheerily, “It was lovely.”

Doukas put on his sunglasses as he watched Sheffield pull their car up. “Did Amara use the black one on you, or the purple? Those are her favorites.”

Nicole paused before replying. “Why don’t you ask her, here she comes.” Nicole said evenly, controlling her breathing and her temper. Amara had just entered the lobby, looking, Nicole thought, beautiful; noting the heads that turned to observe the statuesque woman as she passed.

Doukas smiled his thin smile at this, then nodded at Amara, who quickly stroked Nicole’s hand, and then the three piled into the car in the same manner as the previous day.

Sheffield manoeuvered the Fabia through the streets of  Niš like she knew them; which of course she did. They were in an industrial section; Dionysus had a textile operation here and they were headed to a warehouse the operation used; but it wouldn’t be textiles waiting for them.

Sheffield pulled their car up alongside a military-looking truck and parked. There were two other cars there in the lot besides the large truck. No one was speaking, although Amara and Nicole were exchanging glances.

They entered through bulky doors into a large open space; possibly a third of the area was filled with crates and material stored on wooden pallets. Doukas led the way past all this to the far end, where a large, unpleasant looking man holding a rifle of some sort was guarding a pair of ominous looking metal doors; doors that said, “Stay Out”, or possibly, “You’re Not Leaving”; Nicole was just guessing, as the signs were in Serbian. The guard nodded to Doukas in silence.

The doors opened to a wide hallway, dimly lit with old-style fluorescent overhead lights. Their steps echoed loudly on the faded green/yellow linoleum as they walked, stopping halfway down the corridor and turning into a smaller room, even more dimly lit. There was enough light however to see that there was a group of women here, kneeling huddled on the floor, guarded by two other tough-looking women wearing what looked almost to be army uniforms.

Both these women acknowledged Doukas and Manos, stepping back slightly so the group of huddled forms could be viewed. It was definitely a mix; some girls that to Nicole appeared to be no more than twelve or thirteen, and a few women clearly in their forties, with others in between. Nicole counted twenty-two girls and women, and they were all naked.


Hailey poured her orange juice and called out, “Mom. Where are you?”

From somewhere upstairs came her mother’s distant voice. Hailey took her juice and sat at the island that functioned as both food preparation and eating space. She noticed her mom’s laptop sitting there and smiled. It would be neat to see what stuff her mom had on there, probably boring legal shit. Maybe she could check her search history!

Hailey regarded the computer, then opened up the screen. Just for the Hell of it, she pressed the power button and the screen came to life. It had a password, and Hailey pondered this, but then heard movement above here, so turned off the machine and closed it back up.

She would need to return to it when she had more time… and more info.


Manos and Doukas were in conversation, Sheffield was off to one side and Nicole was wondering why the Hell she was there. She watched now as the guards had the whole group of women kneel on hands and knees, and then put their heads on the floor, displaying their private areas completely. Doukas and Manos walked along, observing this display nonchalantly. Nicole managed to catch a submissive face now and then as it lifted briefly off the ground. The faces contained no anger, no hostility; just sadness.

Manos and Doukas conferred once again and then one guard was summoned, the second one being called to Sheffield; something was happening. The first guard took a group of ten, with the younger girls, over to the side and had them put on thin cotton dresses and then led them away to who knows where. The remaining twelve stood naked and were given the same dresses as well as sandals, then made to sit against one wall.

As they were sitting, a marvellously attractive girl, one of the youngest of this group, Nicole believed, with incredibly lovely blue eyes, looked directed at her. Nicole returned the look and a small smile, the girl quickly smiled back, showing wonderful white teeth.

At this moment one of the guards returned carrying papers and walked to Sheffield who, amazingly to her anyway, directed the guard over to Nicole. The guard handed over some legal papers and Nicole perused them; they were in English and another language, most likely Serbian again. And they were legal sale agreements; for the sale of livestock.

Nicole read over the short paragraphs of legalese and learned that Dionysus Global was apparently buying domestic livestock; twelve. She then looked over at the remaining group of captives, and shuddered slightly, even though it was quite warm in the room.


Nicole lay with her face pressed into the warm, fragrant breast of Amara. Why does she smell so nice, Nicole asked herself? It had to be some kind of bath wash. Nicole stroked the long hair growing from the woman’s armpits; she didn’t even mind this, found it arousing actually. Even her armpits smell nice, Nicole marvelled.

“What are you thinking, Nicky?” No one had called her Nicky since high school; she’d hated it then, but coming from Amara, it had a very pleasant tone; how strange life is, Nicole pondered for a moment.

She chuckled, “I was just thinking how good you smell.” Nicole said, her mouth closing on a thick, dark nipple, bringing forth a quick gasp from the owner.

“Oh, fuck, God that feels nice. Bite my nipple just a little…aaaaahhhhh, ummmm. Jesus-sss.” Amara nuzzled her face into her partner’s hair. “You think I smell nice?”

But Nicole did not respond. She just pressed herself against this woman, letting the tears seep out, until Amara noticed, and kissed her eyes.


Suitcases were packed and the clock was ticking. Amara and Nicole had both been very quiet this morning, the day of departure.

The previous day Manos had been busy helping Doukas with his ‘livestock’; she had overseen the move of eight of the women to a brothel in Belgrade that Dionysus controlled through a subdivision. The other four women, including the girl with the blue eyes, Tatjana, were going back to the U.S. with Doukas.

“Why do you work for him?” Nicole asked quietly, as she sat on the bed.

Amara smiled a rueful smile. “I’m struggling with how

to say goodbye to you and you ask me about him?” They  looked at each other.

Nicole pondered for a moment, fighting emotions she had never had to deal with. “The two are kind of… connected.” She said quietly.

Amara knelt in front of Nicole. “What do you want to have happen?”

Nicole looked at this face and felt a stab. She shook her head and smiled. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I haven’t a clue. I can’t even look at you. It hurts, for fuck’s sake.” She turned her head and looked out the window. The room was silent; two people, who seventy-two hours ago didn’t even know of the other’s existence, now sat burdened by the thought of their futures.

“Doukas and I have a long history.” Amara said quietly.

Nicole turned. “Tell me. At least a…summary.” She smiled, feeling another stab. Fuck! She thought.

In a quiet voice, Amara began. “My parents worked for Doukas, or something. I never knew for sure, but in my later teens I became, involved, with him. As a payment or something, Doukas made me available to three men; Greek businessmen; I think he owed them money. They had me for a weekend. They raped me. Repeatedly. They used every part of me; I was like a toy.

After I was released, I thought of killing myself.”

Amara paused, gathering her thoughts, controlling her emotions. “But. But, I decided instead to join the military reserves. I eventually became part of the special forces. I was a good soldier and a very good shot.

I went all over but ended up fighting in Bosnia. One day we were on a mission outside Mostar and had taken out our target and then we were pinned down. By the afternoon, there were only four of us left and we were being surrounded. We were running out of ammo and it looked like the end.

Suddenly a military chopper came in out of nowhere,

strafing the enemy, killing them or driving them back. We were able to climb into the chopper and get away. The rescue was arranged by Doukas, I am not sure how, although I know the man has eyes everywhere. He met me when we landed.” Amara paused again. “He said we were even.“

Nicole snorted and shook her head; Amara went on. “I left the military not long after that and went to work for a private security contractor, which was in fact part of Dionysus. So over the years; wow, it’s been over twenty; I have done a lot of work with Doukas and Dionysus. He has protected my mother and sister and kept me employed; very well in fact.”

Nicole had listened to this like it was some fantasy adventure. This whole trip had been like a fantasy; who would believe her if she told them? “So, were you…even?” She asked, looking closely at Amara.

“Have I forgiven him, you mean?” She asked.

“I guess.”

Amara sat, lost in thought, struggling with what to say. “On the Friday night when I was taken, the men who had me were like, I don’t know, animals; fucking me almost non-stop. I even passed out at one point. On the Saturday, the sex, or at least the fucking, was off and on; but they made me do…things. Urinate in front of them, do strip dances, masturbate with different objects as they slapped me and insulted me.

They said they were going to make me have sex with animals, or they would sell me to Muslims. They took turns pissing on me; I thought I would just go crazy, like, um, just, like retreat into myself, you know, and be gone.

Then on Sunday, in order to be released, I had to crawl from one man to the other, lick their boots and thank them for their time.” She paused and looked at Nicole, then continued.

“Doukas may have saved my life, but it will never be… even.” She said, and Nicole nodded in understanding.


The jet taxied on the private runway and came to a halt. Nicole looked over at the four females they were transporting; all looked apprehensive. Nicole herself felt apprehension, as well as loss. She had never said goodbye to someone she cared for; and she had never felt for anyone what she had felt for Amara. It had been crazy, and so totally unexpected. She had the persistent desire to pinch herself just to make sure this was real.

Amara had admitted the same; what happened between them was completely unplanned, and now they had to deal with …emotions. Amara had slipped a new phone into Nicole’s handbag saying she could use it to contact her and no one, especially Doukas, would know.

But Nicole was now surprised to see Doukas stand, talk briefly to Sheffield in a low whisper that Nicole could not hear, despite being only a seat away, and then exit the plane. Nicole looked at Sheffield with raised eyebrows, while Sheffield looked back with her usual insolence, before saying, “The Boss is remaining in London. He has other business. We are carrying on to New York.”

She then opened the magazine on her lap and ignored Nicole. For a moment, Nicole imagined slapping Sheffield as hard across the face as she could. But of course she wouldn’t; couldn’t. Sheffield was a stocky five-eight and looked like she could lift weights. No, Nicole would not be striking her. But she enjoyed imagining it.

Her thoughts turned again to Amara and Fuck! That stabbing pain again. Jesus! She had never had to deal with this. It was a bitch. Nicole had often wondered about how many love songs were out there; she was only now beginning to understand why.


The taxi stopped along busy Dundas Street and Doukas got out, walking the block to Glenfaulds Gallery, a London art house known for having an extensive eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth century collection. Under his arm he carried a package; one might guess it was a painting, which it was. Not a large painting; eighteen by twenty-two inches, but a commanding painting none-the-less.

When he entered he asked for Rosalind Kane and waited until the woman was summoned. Kane entered, looking stylishly business-like in a black skirt and striped blouse, with a striking Elgin cashmere woven scarf. She sported an unruly mane of curly black locks, possibly the Jamaican side of her heritage. Her five-five height was accented by three inch heels and she had a brisk and aggressive manner.

Now in her early thirties, she had become one of the top buyers of early twentieth century European paintings in a mere five years. Some hinted she was more than lucky. “May I help you?” She inquired, approaching Doukas with a smile; her mind, however, was registering concern. This man looked like trouble.

“Miss Kane, you have been recommended to me by Magdalena. I am Louis Doukas. I believe we may be of benefit to each other.” Doukas spoke smoothly in his usual manner; voice deep and velvety, like a BBC announcer, then he paused, quickly appraising the woman before him. “I would suggest we speak somewhere a little more…private.”

Kane regarded him with both interest and suspicion, her dark eyebrows rising toward her hairline.


In the week since her return, much had transpired. It was amazing, Nicole thought, how your whole life can swing around. First off, she and Amara had spoken to each other a number of times; time zone calculations being the only issue. The conversations were not nearly as long as either wanted, but Nicole was very mindful of her long distance charges. She still had debts to deal with. On the sixth day Amara had figured out the issue and scolded Nicole saying she would place the calls and they would talk as long as they wished. That night they talked for over an hour.

Another change was that Meaghan had moved out. It was a mutual agreement thing; Nicole found she had no interest in the girl now and Meaghan had herself become restless and wanted more freedom. They parted on good terms and left the door open for something down the road.

From Meaghan’s side, she had enjoyed serving Nicole; the roles were well played. For Nicole, Meaghan was one in a line of young women who had come into her life to be used and then discarded with after the fun had run its course.

Regarding their trip, of the four ‘women’ they had brought back, Sheffield had taken two to New York, leaving Tatjana and Sofija in Nicole’s care for two days, the two sleeping in the second bedroom in the bed used by the departed Meaghan. Both of them had cried when they were allowed to shower and hugged Nicole in robust gratitude, calling her something she could not even pronounce, but which meant master or mistress.

The first night, Tatjana had come quietly to Nicole’s bed, sliding in beside her, her naked body warm and inviting. But she had not offered sex, and Nicole had not wanted it. They simply lay together and when she woke in the morning, Nicole found a now hot body pressed against hers, Tatjana’s face nestled into her neck. When Tatjana woke, the two kissed, very gently for a minute or two before Nicole went to the shower, soon to be joined by Tatjana who washed her effectively like a servant, from head to toe with no stops along the way for fondling.

The young woman, who it turned out was actually twenty-three despite looking like a young teen, smiled up at Nicole after the shower and said, “Goot?”

Nicole smiled and kissed the girl on her head. “Very, um, goot.” She laughed.

Two days later Sheffield came for them and where they

were now Nicole was not sure, but she wanted to find out. Knowing she was part of a human trafficking operation was filling her with disgust and guilt, something she had not anticipated.


Doukas followed the round, attractive ass of Rosalind Kane down a small hallway and into a crowded office. Kane pulled her chair out and offered Doukas the other.

“So, what is this about Mr…Doukas?”

Doukas put his package down and reached inside his suit jacket, bringing out an envelope which he passed to Ms. Kane. The envelope contained photographs. “I believe you will find these…interesting.” He murmured, in a quiet voice that still held menace. Doukas sat with his thin smile as Kane began to look through the photos, alarm showing on her face. There were eight, and when she had viewed them all, she paused, steadying herself.

“Where did you get these?” She asked, anger and fear in her voice.

Doukas studied her for a moment. “That does not matter.” He said evenly. “What matters is that I have them and then, what I intend to do with them.”

Six months earlier Doukas had begun to put this plan in motion, beginning with the painting that he would soon reveal. But, planning several steps ahead, he had an associate use Kane to broker the sale of another stolen paining; stolen by one of Doukas’s associates but ending up as usual in his possession.

During the negotiations, the associate had strategically placed his phone and recorded the deal. It was from that video that Doukas had made the still shots; shots that showed clearly the painting; Kane and the exchange of money.

Kane could bluff her way and bluster, but she was cooked. Doukas knew that; he just enjoyed playing this out.

“S-so, what do you intend…to do?” She asked quietly.

“Look at me.” Doukas commanded and the woman looked up; all swagger gone; fear in her eyes. “Do you like men or women?” He asked.

“I beg your pardon…” Kane replied, looking flustered.

“It’s not a hard question, Ms. Kane. Do you have sex with men or women?”

Squirming slightly on the leather chair, Kane tried to sound relaxed. “I…I have been with both,” she said quietly.

Doukas chuckled; he of course already knew that. “And when you…are, with men, do you suck their cocks?”

Kane looked for a moment like she would throw something at this odious man, but she maintained her ‘stiff upper lip’; the British part of her heritage showing. “That depends…” she said quietly.

Doukas laughed softly again. “So, um, Rosalind, we both know what the photos show and that you would be facing serious jail time if they were given to the authorities. So, here is the deal, as they say. I own your arse. Say that.” He looked at her; she stared vacantly back, before finding her voice.

“You, um…do you really need me to say, that?” She asked in a small voice.

“Yes.” Doukas sat patiently, eyes partly closed.

Kane sighed deeply, then uttered quickly and quietly. “You, um, own my arse.”

Doukas chuckled. “And…I can do what I want with it….”

“And, um, (sigh) you can do what you want with…it.” She regarded him with new alarm. “You aren’t really going to do, something with…?”

“Your arse?” Doukas added, helpfully, then smiled. “No, I own it, and can rent it or fuck it as I wish, but that is not my plan today. No, but you need to let your staff know you will be busy for…a while, and then you need to take off all your clothes and get down here on the floor, beside me.”

Kane stared at the man like he was an alien being; her brown face actually blanched.

It was a toss-up whether she would faint or throw up.


(End of Chapter 06)

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