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A Field of Candles by LongDarkRoad Chapter 8 Our Greatest Deceit: To Believe We Have Time

A Field of Candles

By LongDarkRoad

Chapter 08 Our Greatest Deceit: To Believe We Have Time 

Doukas and Sheffield were sitting in the back of the taxi as it made its way from Northolt. The plan was to drop Sheffield off at the Stafford Hotel and then Doukas would carry on to Glenfaulds Gallery.

As Sheffield climbed out, Doukas called, “Order room service if you wish for yourself; I’m not sure when I will be back.”

“Thank you, sir,” Sheffield called back into the taxi and closed the door; then watched it drive off. Sheffield was not a sentimental person, but today did bring back memories. It was this day, August sixth, exactly twenty years ago, that she met Louis Doukas. Twenty years.

A young accountant, she had been tasked with reviewing the books of a European transport company that was spreading its reach into the British Isles and ultimately the United States. The firm, at that time known as Dionysus Transport and Hauling, had done well. Sheffield’s review had been thorough and revealed some issues, minor though they were, that weakened Dionysus’s position slightly.

In the end the deals went through, and Sheffield was surprised to find, as she left the firm that night, the intimidating and at the time dark-haired Dionysus representative waiting for her. Strangely, she did not feel threatened; there seemed to be a connection between her and Mr. Doukas. He offered her a job right then; she accepted, and within three months had become his main assistant.

He had tested her quickly, having her witness him breaking down a young woman that he had compromised, then allowing Sheffield to whip her as she was hanging from a beam. Sheffield, as would be her trademark, got into her work and dealt with it efficiently. She had not been bothered by this; the woman was of use to

Doukas and he was making a point.

There had also been little in the way of sexual desire for Sheffield; she had punished the woman effectively for her boss, who approved of her efforts.

Afterwards, as Doukas celebrated with a vodka, she politely refusing, they agreed that their ‘partnership’ would work.

Over the years she had witnessed him kill (she stopped to count) seven people, without flinching or asking out of their agreement; it had not bothered her. And there was no way she could recall all the women he had abused; that had bothered her even less, if possible.

Olivia Sheffield really had no use for people in general. An only child raised by a mother drowning in self-pity, she had always been a loner. And she certainly felt no sympathy for anyone who, by their own stupidity or weakness, allowed another person to control them; they got what they deserved.

Simply, Sheffield supported Doukas with whatever he did and to whomever; she never doubted him or questioned him. Simmons had once asked if she loved Doukas; she had considered that in the practical way she had and declared, no, she didn’t love him.

She didn’t actually even like him. But she respected him, she respected the way he went about things, with a clarity and a purpose. She respected, admired really, the way he got what he wanted. And he had always shown gratitude; Doukas would grind an opponent down, but with money, he had always been fair to those he worked with.

Sheffield was actually quite well off now, and could ‘retire’ if she chose. But what would she do? She would rather travel the globe with him, doing whatever it took to assist him. Whatever; she never flinched.

Shaking off her reverie, Sheffield tugged her suitcase into the hotel and marched up to the front desk; a picture of decisive intent.


Susan sat in the chair across from Nicole and waited until Tatjana had finished pouring the coffee. When everything was ready, the beautiful girl smiled, no, beamed at them. “Thank you, Tat; you can go play with the computer.”

“Thank…you,” the girl replied, her limited English improving but not conversational yet. She kissed Nicole on the cheek and left the two women alone.

Susan was aware of Tatjana’s place in Nicole’s narrative so asked, “What’s happening with the girl. She is amazingly beautiful, isn’t she?”

Nicole nodded her head. “I wish I knew; it’s something that bothers me. Me, who never really worried about anyone. Fuck. I can’t believe it, but that whole experience, seeing those women and then meeting Tat, it’s got to me, Susan. But I don’t know that I can do anything for her.” Tatjana had explained, as well as she could, that her fellow traveler, Sofjia, had already been sent somewhere. Nicole was certain it wasn’t somewhere pleasant.

Susan sipped her coffee and let her thoughts roam, and as if she were reading them, Nicole murmured. “I do not have, um, intimacy with Tatjana, you know. I feel like she is in my care. She is, as you noted, beautiful. No, fucking beautiful, and I would usually like to cover her in cream and eat her up. But it’s not like that. I can’t explain. Even when she showers with me, and washes me, everywhere, that’s all it is. Just business, pleasant but no sex. It’s crazy.”

Susan took that in and nodded. “So, how are you holding up then, Miss N. I would love to look after any… tension, you might have.” Susan smiled; she wasn’t going to beg, but as for intimacy, she was really missing it; all of it. The submission, the love-making; the orgasms; the clandestine meetings in her office. It had all just ended, and she was missing it. Badly.

Nicole put down her cup and looked…sad? “I feel torn about this, Sue, for us. It just isn’t there for me; I just don’t have the desire. I need to get out from under this situation and get my life back, and then I think I will be, well, me, again. It’s not fair to you, and I can’t ask you to just put things on hold.

You know, I value our friendship now; your support, more than anything. But the sex, if it happens then great, but it ain’t happenin’ right now, I’m afraid. Does that at least make some sense to you?”

Despite feeling a large knot of discontent in her guts, Susan nodded. At least Nicole was being honest, what more could someone expect? As she sat, Susan thought of Hailey. “I told Hailey about you and me, a little anyway.”

Nicole smiled, “Why is that?”, and Susan explained the discussion.

“Ha”, Nicole said, “That’s cool. Hailey is gorgeous; you know that, Susan. Gorgeous. And she might like to get it on girl-on-girl? Well good. I just wish she were already eighteen.” She winked at Susan, then added. “Just kidding.”

But she wasn’t.


Hailey and Alexis were lying cross-ways on Hailey’s bed, side by side so they could talk face to face. It was odd in a way that they were friends. Although Alexis had recently turned eighteen, she had already completed grade twelve and was heading off to a job and then college. Although Hailey would be eighteen very soon, she was just now heading into her senior year.

They had, however, been in several clubs together the previous year and both were runners; there had been a connection.

The girls were similar and different; both had long hair; Hailey blonde and Alexis dark; both were in track, but Hailey with her long legs was in distance events, while the shorter Alexis favored the one hundred and the two hundred. Both liked dramatics and plays, but Hailey liked to work with the crew and Alexis liked the stage front, especially if singing was called for.

They had spent some time together even though neither was in the other’s ‘squad’. Then one night after school they had bumped into each other in the mall, and had just started wandering together, ending up at Alexis’s, where they kissed each other and laughed and kissed some more.

In the month they had become ‘friends’, the last month of the term, they had tried to meet in secret whenever they could; their kissing becoming more passionate with fondling added. And now for the first time, they were on a bed together. Hailey leaned forward and covered Alexis’s plump red lips with her mouth, but that wasn’t really her style. After that advance, she lay back on the bed and looked at Alexis, waiting.

Alexis sat with a little smile on her face, then said. “Lie on your tummy, Hailey.” When Hailey assumed that position, Alexis kissed the back of her neck, then lifted up her shirt and kissed Hailey’s back, making Hailey moan quietly. Next, she pulled Hailey’s sweats down, revealing the black thong nestled between two lovely, round ass cheeks. Alexis slapped one side, with Hailey grunting in response. “Say thank you, miss.”

Heart pounding and visions of her mother and Nicole running in her head, Hailey stuttered, “Th-thank you, um,” as Alexis slapped her again. Alexis next unclipped Hailey’s bra and started kissing from the middle of the girl’s back right down to the buttocks. She pulled the sweats completely off and slapped the naked ass several times, then asked, “Do you like that?”

“Umm, oh, um, yea-yes, ummmm. I like that, Alexis.”

“Call me…Mistress Alex.” Alexis murmured into Hailey’s ear.

“Ohhhhh, fuck. Um. Mistress Alex.”

Alexis chuckled softly into the side of Hailey’s face. “When is your mom coming home?”

“Not ‘til at least after three.” Hailey said, moving

her hips as Alexis ran her hand up the sides of her thighs.

“Mmmmmmm,” Alexis murmured, “that’s good.”


Susan and Nicole stood, holding each other. “I will do whatever I can.” Susan whispered into Nicole’s hair.

“I know, and I really, really appreciate your support, Suse. I, um, I really don’t know what I would do, if you weren’t around. I think I would be just…lost. I’m sorry about the sex….” Nicole stood back a little to look into Susan’s face, deciding something. “Okay, my little Sweet Sue. I am giving you an order. I am commanding you to go to a bar and get picked up, taken home and fucked like the slut you are. Am I being clear?”

Susan giggled slightly, as Nicole carried on. “I’m being serious, my slave. I want this to happen. Maybe it will get my, um, juices flowing. You are going to get used and report back to me; in detail. Do not disappoint me.”

Susan smiled; she had already thought a little about…cruising, she thought it was called that. Hooking up, whatever. She had considered, just for her own needs, to maybe try and find someone. It was daunting however; she was such a reserved person. But now, her mistress had given her permission, a command, actually, and she was excited.

“I will obey, my mistress.” Susan said, quietly, kissing the side of Nicole’s face.


“Ohhhhh-ohhh-oh,ummmmm. Fuuuuuck! Uh.” Alexis slumped forward, enjoying the afterglow of her orgasm. “Oh, fuck, Hailey-bitch; that was great. Oh, jeez. You are one sweet mutha.” She lifted her hips and swivelled around to look at the girl, tied to the bed, a smile plastered on her face.

“Miss Alex is happy with, her, um…slave?” Hailey

asked in a little voice.

Alexis leaned forward and gently pulled Hailey’s lips with her teeth. “Oh, yes, my little pussy-girl. Miss Alex is very happy with her…slave. Now for your reward.” And with that, Alexis slid down the lanky frame, kissing as she went. Hailey lay with a smile on her face, one arm over her closed eyes.


Rosalind braced herself. Although this was her third time with Doukas, it wasn’t getting any easier; but at least she knew what to expect. And the blowjob never took long.

After swallowing the disgusting ejaculate, Rosalind sat back on her heels and waited. In a few moments, Doukas grunted and stood up; his ‘package’ already tucked back in place and zipped up, thanks to Ms. Kane.

Doukas moved over to his sports jacket and put it on. He took an envelope out of the inside pocket and handed it to the naked woman. “Okay, this is for the Metzinger. My associate will be bringing in another painting tomorrow and I will be returning with two more in a couple of days. You will see that this is profitable for us all, including you.”

With no formal farewell, Doukas turned and left, and Kane opened the envelope. She stared at the check for a moment, wrapping her head around the amount. She knew it was going to be significant; the Metzinger had sold for twelve million British pounds after all, but her commission was three hundred sixty thousand pounds; basically four years wages in one shot.

Well, three shots, if one measured the deal in blowjobs.


“God, it’s nice to hear your voice,” Nicole was lying on her couch, talking with Amara. Tatjana was lying on the floor, doing some kind of puzzle (just like a kid, Nicole had thought). Every now and then Tatjana would

look up and give Nicole a wide smile.

“It is good to hear you too, my little love.” Amara said in her husky voice. “Are all your slaves busy at your…calling,” she laughed.

Nicole chuckled too. “Nope, my queen. I’ve sent them all away. Well, Tatjana is here, but she does not, um, service my needs, as you call it.”

After some small talk, Nicole opened up on her concerns. “I’m trapped, Amara. It is driving me insane. Is there any way to deal with Doukas? You know him as well as anyone?”

Amara sighed. She knew exactly how Nicole felt. “We are all trapped, my Nicole. By people. By time.” She murmured.

“Oh, don’t get all philosophical on me, honey bunch; I need practical. Doukas is wealthy and connected, but everyone has a weak spot.”

“Well, for you, probably your first step is to clear your debt….”

“I know. I know, and I’ve been really good about that. All the extra cash I get is going right against my cards. I’m making progress, I am. I haven’t bought a new pair of shoes in over a month.” Nicole exclaimed.

“Oh, poor baby. I feel your pain…” Amara then got the giggles, which was infectious, Nicole laughing along.

“But seriously Amara, I can’t get Tatjana’s situation out of my head. What can be done about her?”

Amara thought. Her first response was, ‘likely nothing,’ but she didn’t want to go with that; then a thought came to her. “Let me think on that a little. Maybe, but I’m not promising anything, right?”

“Right.” Nicole agreed, but she felt a little better.


Susan was more nervous than she would have believed. All day Monday she had been a little jumpy, thinking of her ‘task’; but she had also been very excited.

Losing the relationship she had with Nicole, one she enjoyed so much, was killing her. The arousal at being placed in a submissive position and the incredible sexual release she found in those situations were what she was desperately missing; how she wanted that to continue. Her first choice, without a moment’s thought, would be to live under Nicole’s domination, but that wasn’t going to happen, at least not now; so here she was. Her mistress had made it clear when she saw her today, that she expected her Sweet Sue to come to work Tuesday with a good story.

So now she sat, in a lounge suggested by Nicole, a glass of wine before her, wearing a black dress with nothing on underneath, apart from her breast harness, which didn’t cover anything up.

Miss N had also spelled out some criteria: no one much older than Susan; no one younger than Meaghan; no over-weight women and no ‘butch’ lesbians.

Susan looked around again, as furtively as she could. A classy-looking blonde, hair down to her shoulders, late thirties wearing an expensive business suit, was sitting across and diagonally from her, but another woman had joined her. However, the blonde kept throwing glances Susan’s way. Bucking up her courage, Susan gave the woman a smile that she hoped was warm and …inviting. The woman gave a quick smile back, along with raised eyebrows.

At that moment, her companion stood and headed off to the ladies’ room, and the blonde looked directly at Susan, mouthing the words; “Are you alone?”

Susan, her heart beating so strongly she thought it could be heard, nodded her head in affirmation. The woman then asked, smiling; “Do you want some company?” to which Susan nodded an emphatic ‘yes’.

Then the companion returned, but stood chatting with the blonde, before she leaned in and gave the woman a kiss on the cheek; then headed off. The blonde looked again at Susan, then nodded at the place beside her, and Susan stood, grabbed her glass and moved over to the table, trying not to rush.

“Hello.” the woman said, with a decidedly Boston accent.

“Hi back,” Susan said and smiled.


“Susan.” They shook hands, Beth holding Susan’s for a moment. She had warm hands with perfectly manicured nails. After some introductory chat about occupations etcetera, Beth moved a hand onto Susan’s knee.

“So, I have not noticed you here before.” Beth noted.

“My first time,” Susan confirmed, “You come here, um, a lot?” Susan asked, awkwardly.

Beth laughed. “Well, I wouldn’t say, ‘a lot’, but I have been here before. She rubbed her hand along Susan’s thigh. Her voice was quiet now as she said, “I see you have no nylons on.” She smiled; it was a pleasant smile; she had a pleasant face and manner.

“N-no, “ Susan admitted, “it’s, um, easier to um, enjoy me that way.”

Beth squeezed Susan’s thigh, strongly but not unpleasantly, moving her face closer to Susan’s. “You like…being enjoyed, my little slut?” Beth asked in a voice that was low and compelling.

“Ummmm, yes, Miss Beth, I do. I like being…obedient.”

Beth’s hand moved right up into Susan’s crotch and squeezed. “Um, my sweet, little bitch, I like obedient girls. And I love that you have nothing on and your pussy is open and available. You are a little slut aren’t you?” Beth asked, her face right beside Susan’s now.

Susan was having a hard time focusing; she could already feel an orgasm building; her heart was pounding, her breath was coming through her nostrils and Beth’s fingers were making their way into Susan’s wet and waiting hole. “Oh, yes, Miss Beth, I am a

l-little slut, if you want. Please, um, please use me.”

Beth had forced three fingers into Susan’s pussy while her thumb was rotating on Susan’s clit, “I think my dirty little pussy-slut is going to come all over my hand, hmmmmm?” she purred.

“Oh, ohhhhh, umm-ummm. Ahhhhh, yes, yes please Miss.” Susan wanted to just lie back and let it happen, then Beth stopped.

“Okay, I think if we’re going to get anywhere, we need more privacy. I want you back at my house, yes?”

“Oh, yes, please Miss.” Susan uttered, desperate for the hand to return to its work.

Minutes later they were in a cab heading for northwest Philadelphia. Beth and Susan were sucking on each other’s tongues, and Beth had happily discovered Susan was wearing a harness.

Like Susan, Beth had a wonderful home.

“No husband?” Susan asked as they headed up the walk, Beth’s hand up Susan’s skirt as she guided her along.

“No, divorced now four years. How about you; I see no ring.”

“My, um, husband actually passed away this year.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Beth paused as she unlocked the front door.

“Oh, it’s ok. The marriage had been over for a long time. Roland’s, um, passing was sad, but really, it was not a huge blow. Does that sound harsh?”

“No, not at all. It sounds, realistic. Go in.”

They entered and Beth led Susan into a sort of den that had a couch and a large television. Without any preamble, Beth stripped Susan and had her kneel on all fours. “So, what do you like, Susie-Q?”

Susan had to think; what did she ‘like’? Everything Nicole did to her; but that wouldn’t be a good answer. So Beth began to go through some different choices and

after a minute or two declared herself satisfied.

“Stay in that position until I return; and, call me Mistress Beth.”

“Yes, Mistress Beth.” Susan dutifully replied.

In a moment Beth had returned. She stood in front of Susan and dropped an object to the plush carpet. It was a black leather dog collar, with one word, ‘Bitch’, embossed on it. “Put the collar on and that will be your name.”

“Yes, Mistress Beth.” Susan rasped in a voice full of desire. She put the collar on and sat up, looking obediently at her new mistress.

“You can start by licking my shoes, Bitch.” Beth sat and stretched out her legs.

“Yes, Mistress Beth,” Susan murmured, crouching and placing her tongue against the black patent leather, keenly aware of the juices oozing out and dripping down her thighs.


Amara looked over the notes from her source in London; Doukas was selling paintings. They have to be stolen, she thought. She would need more info, so she sat at her computer running some names and ideas for a while, and decided that there were three possible people Doukas could be in contact with, and since only one was a woman, that would be his likely target. Rosalind Kane, Amara said to herself, what do we know about you?

Over two hours later, Amara noted it was five in the morning; she would leave this for now, but she felt she had made progress. She had a pretty good grasp of what Ms. Kane was all about and the text she sent to her London associate could produce results.

But that would be for later; for now she needed sleep, even if only a few hours.


As Susan drove home, she had a hard time keeping the

smile of satisfaction off of her face. Tonight had gone about as well as she could have hoped for; not only because of the two orgasms for which she was very grateful, but more for the possibility of developing the relationship with Beth further.

It was not the same, had not been the same, as with Nicole; but it was not exceptionally different either. Beth was not big into discipline; and bondage was to be used sparingly. Susan felt good about that. No, Beth was all about slaves being in their place, being humiliated and used.

As Beth spoke quietly to Susan after her second climax, explaining how she wished to use the woman, Susan felt a surge of excitement.

Everything Beth suggested seemed right to her.

And of course, she now had a very good story to tell Mistress N.

That was for sure.

(End of Chapter 08)

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