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A Field of Candles by LongDarkRoad Chapter 14 And Sweet Revenge Grows Harsh

A Field of Candles

By LongDarkRoad

Chapter 14 And Sweet Revenge Grows Harsh 

“‘Lo luv,” Alastair wheezed into the phone.

“Hello, Uncle Ally. So what’s the news?” Rosalind replied.

“Cor, blimey dear, who is this wanker you want done with? My lad’s got the wind up; says you need to sweeten the deal with another five thou.”

Rosalind wasn’t happy about being haggled, but in the end it wasn’t a big deal. What she was asking for wasn’t some minor thing; she wasn’t sure Ally’s chum could really pull this off. Doukas was a clever and careful man. “Ok, look. Tell your pal that I can offer what he is asking, but do you think he is any good?”

Alastair’s wheezing indicated he was listening, “Look, luv, no way I’d steer you wrong. This bloke knows his onions, he does, and he’s a right bugger. I w’nt cross him, no sir.”

“Has he, um, actually, er, killed anyone?”

Alastair was silent save for the occasional wheeze, like he was rationing them. “I know, uh, one for sure an’ a second, pretty sure. An’ there are stories from people what knows….”

He left that comment hanging darkly in the air.


A while after Carstairs had left, another gentle rap came to Doukas’s door and he welcomed in his new caller, who happened to be Elena Kasmir, “I’m sorry to bother you sir, but Ms. Sheffield suggested you might like a, um, snack.” Kasmir carried a tray holding a plate with scones, cream and jam on it, as well as a cup of coffee.

“Hmmmm, my dear, thank you. Please.” Doukas cleared a small space on his desk and Kasmir put down the tray, then looked at Doukas. “Will there be anything else, sir. Ms. Sheffield has also asked me to stay and be available, for, um, you.” 

Doukas looked at the slim, young girl; not his usual type. “You are, Indian?” Doukas asked, mildly.

“My father was Pakistani and my mother is English, sir. I was born in Manchester, and I have lived here, at least in England, most of my life.” She smiled.

“And you have been with Dionysus…?”

“Three years, sir, this coming spring. I am one of three office assistants who work with the board, but I, um, was happy to be available today.” She looked down; Doukas was struck again by her youth.

“I’m twenty-eight,” Kasmir replied to Doukas’s query.

Doukas sampled some of the scone; it was, as expected, excellent, as was the coffee. “And why were you delighted to assist on this particular day, Elena?”

The girl’s pretty, light brown face blushed. “Because the entire board was here. And, you, were here, sir.”

Doukas regarded the girl for a moment. “That mattered to you?” He raised his eyebrows; this was interesting.

Kasmir nodded her head, “I wanted to meet you, sir.”

Doukas now stared at this girl; she was not playing him, she was genuine. “I can’t imagine why, Ms. Kasmir.” Doukas finished his scone and drank more coffee, as Kasmir stood, considering her response.

“You, um, are a legend, sir.” Kasmir said in a quiet voice.

Doukas had to smile. He had been called many things in his life; never a legend. He looked at this pretty, young woman, who could be his daughter, and asked,

“Elena, how…motivated are you to advance in my company?”

She looked up; she was no longer shy; she smiled at him, “I am highly motivated, sir.”

Doukas watched with some amazement as Kasmir slipped

off her black dress without him saying anything.


On Monday, Philadelphia started out below zero and it was overcast, but Nicole entered her building with a smile on her face. She stopped by Dani’s desk on her way in; she had a busy day ahead and this might be her only chance for a brief chat.

“Hey there,” Dani smiled up at Nicole from her chair.”

“Happy Monday, Ms. Flood. How was your weekend?” Nicole winked.

Dani blushed under her brown skin; it was amazing that Nicole could affect her like this. “It was great, Ms. Martin. Both Friday night and Saturday night I was…busy.” Both women smiled.

Saturday Luke was back from another business trip; he was being called out at least once a week now, and they had enjoyed a lovely time together. The sex was wonderful, which was a relief. Dani had feared what might happen, what she might or might not feel, when they got together again. The two had not made love since she and Nicole had begun their, ‘thing’.

But her worries were unfounded. As Nicole had forecast, Dani’s love for Luke remained; her feelings for Nicole were something separate, somehow. “You have the best of both worlds,” Nicole had told her. “You’re bi; you should be doing cartwheels.”


“Hey Christina.” Nicole exclaimed.

“Oh my God, is that you Nicole?” Christina responded.

“Absolutely; I know it’s been years. It’s crazy; just seems like a few months ago I was a college student learning about, things, and there you were to guide me. Those were great times and now it’s been almost five years. Yikes.”

“I agree; you were a great student. Obviously in law but also in sex. I’d give you an A.” Christina

chuckled, “So what’s up, sister.”

Nicole went on to explain about the relationship with Geneva that had come out of nowhere. At one time Christina had supplied ‘slaves’ to well-to-do women with an interest in girl-love, and a little domination, but in the privacy of their homes. For several hundred dollars, Christina would provide them a girl to help with their…fantasies.

“Yeah, it was good while it lasted, but I ran out of girls.” She chuckled again. “I had four altogether and they all ended up in time becoming partners with their ‘mistresses’. Then I got into the adult sex store thing and it has been very successful. My partner and I have three stores in Philly and one in Pittsburgh. I’ve been busy.”

They then discussed the potential for ‘renting’ Geneva out and Christina said she would look into it and get back to Nicole. “Hey, Nick, remember, you are always welcome to come to the main store, where I am, and we can try out some of my specialty dildos.”

“You always did like fucking me.” Nicole laughed.

“You got that right, kid. I still have dreams about that ass of yours.”

“Well, maybe I’ll take you up; you never know.”

“Talk soon.”



“It’s Amara,”

“Hey, it’s me,” Gilad’s easily recognizable voice came clearly. “Yeah, has Doukas been in touch recently?”

“Yes, I’m doing a job for him, accompanying a freighter to the east African coast day after tomorrow. Why?”

“Hmmmm. Do you think he is on to you?”

Amara paused; that was her greatest fear; but there had been nothing to indicate that. “I don’t believe so; why are you asking?”

Gilad sighed. “It’s just we’ve had a tip of a buyer pursuing a big one. A Zaldis, long thought to be destroyed. Doukas seems most likely to be involved. It’s just that the lead points to Austria, this week. That doesn’t sound like your job.”

“No,” Amara agreed, “it doesn’t.”


Dani came to Nicole’s office and stood at the open door. “Hey kid,” Nicole said, smiling from behind her desk. “Everyone finally cleared out?”

Dani nodded, then came in. Nicole stood and the two embraced, finding each other‘s mouths. Nicole turned Dani around, kissing the back of her neck as she undid the buttons on her blouse. Dani arched her back as Nicole slid her slacks down before pushing her forward, so she was resting with her breasts on Nicole’s desk, her brown ass up, inviting contact.

Nicole pulled Dani’s hands behind her back and slapped that inviting ass, then licked two fingers on her right hand before thrusting them into Dani’s dark opening as it waited, surrounded by a forest of dark, curly hair.

When Nicole had Dani thrusting hard against her hand, she whispered into one ear. “Now it’s my turn.”

Between thrusts, Dani grunted, “Your, turn, for, what?”

“To see what you taste like?” Nicole dropped to her knees and withdrew her fingers, then pushed her face into Dani’s hot, wet pussy. As Dani ooohed her response and pressed herself back against the invading tongue, Nicole moved back and murmured. “Hmmm. It does kinda taste like chicken.” She slapped the brown cheeks hard, “fried chicken,” she laughed.

She then brought Dani down to the floor with her, both of them now laughing.


Rosalind slid an envelope across the table to Alastair. “Here’s five thousand, Ally. Tell your guy it’s the deposit; he doesn’t get the whole half until closer to a target day. I will let him know when Doukas is going to be in town.”

Alastair took the fat packet with a trembling hand and stuffed it inside his coat.

“Blimey,” was all he said.


Doukas walked around the offices of Dionysus, here on the forty-fourth floor of the Herron Tower. This had become the heart of the ‘empire’, even though the nominal ‘head office’ remained in Athens. While the Paris offices, where Chairman Woodford was, were important, almost all of the legal and financial machinery of the organization was now here; and it was a busy place.

As he stood, eyes would glance quickly in his direction before returning to their tasks; whispers followed his footsteps. Doukas was enjoying the stir he caused as he wandered about, waiting for the ever-loyal Sheffield to arrive.

Doukas paused now by Bradley Bard’s office door; Bard and Carstairs both had offices here; Bard himself had not yet arrived, generally showing up in the afternoon.

A tug on his elbow caused Doukas to turn and look down into the pretty, smiling face of Elena Kasmir. “Sir,” she said respectfully, “Ms. Sheffield is in your office.”

“Thank you, Elena. You are looking lovely today,” Doukas remarked, Kasmir appearing today with a well-cut navy outfit of slacks, blouse and jacket, black hair glossy and tied back.

The girl blushed and smiled. “Thank you, sir. I was hoping you would be back today.”

Doukas nodded, remembering how lovingly she had sucked him. She had been as ‘talented’ as Daphne, yet he knew Daphne was far more experienced. Feeling mellow, he had asked Elena why she was so good at, well, blow jobs. She hadn’t even blushed then, simply stating she watched a lot of porn, and oral sex was her favorite. Damn, Doukas had thought, brave new world indeed.

“I am in London until Wednesday, my dear. In fact,” Doukas paused looking down at her as she looked up at him with expectation in her dark, brown eyes, “I was wondering if you would care to dine with me this evening?”

Kasmir’s lovely eyes grew large and she ‘wobbled’ slightly on her heels, “Oh my God, sir; really? You wish to have me join you at dinner? Oh my God, yes, of course. What should I wear. What…”

Chuckling, Doukas calmed the girl with a hand on her arm. “You look perfect like that, Elena. We will leave from here; there is a fine restaurant not far away. So calm yourself, please, and I will see you later.”

With that, Doukas headed for his office and the information he hoped the efficient Sheffield would provide.                                             ****

Nicole was looking at Geneva’s laptop again, as the woman herself was at that moment kneeling with her face between Nicole’s thighs. “You know I’m thinking of renting you out,” Nicole said quietly as she stroked the blonde head. Geneva paused in her sucking to reply simply that she understood and appreciated whatever Miss N would do. 

At that moment, Nicole was looking, again, at photos of Sophie, who would be coming to join them in a few days, as December twelfth was the last day of classes. “Tell me a little about your daughter, Gen.” Nicole asked. Geneva then spent at least five minutes commenting on the daughter she adored.

“So,” Nicole began, “is she involved in any kind of relationship?”

Geneva paused to consider. “She has dated. There was a boy in grade twelve that seemed a little serious, at the time. Eden, I think his name was. Since then there hasn’t been anything to shout about, as far as I know.”

“You and her are not big on sharing this sort of…info, are you?”

Geneva shook her head. “No, Miss N, until, um, you, I have never been one to talk about feelings or emotions or, well, anything. No um, sex-talk, for sure.”

Nicole continued to stroke the blonde head; that was not surprising, not surprising at all.


“So, Austria,” Doukas stroked his chin, “and you have no name, just an address?”

Sheffield nodded her dark head, “That is correct sir; we are still, emm, researching, but it is a residence in Salzburg, not a business or anything.”

“Hmmm. Good, everything still lines up. We will go there Thursday. Notify Kane to be available Friday, late.”

“Yes, sir.”


The view from the thirty-ninth floor at Searcy’s was amazing, both early evening and later, when the city lights came on.

The crab starter had been excellent, and while the vegetarian Elena enjoyed her ‘rabbit food’, as Doukas thought it, he had the rack of lamb and was very satisfied. The Merlot was expensive and full bodied and both enjoyed two glasses, making for mellow conversation.

Elena was someone who understood the value of listening and Doukas considered afterwards, that in the last year he had spent time with two women, Daphne Powell and now Elena, who had successfully encouraged him to open up and share. And he had. Doukas also sensed Elena’s true interest in him; it was genuine.

For Elena, Doukas was someone she found truly fascinating and as they were leaving, took his arm and leaned up to kiss his cheek. “Thank you, thank you Mr. Doukas. That was so wonderful. I will remember this night.”

As they walked to his waiting Rolls, Doukas murmured, I thought, perhaps coffee, back at my suite in the hotel.”

Kasmir replied quietly, “I’m not big on coffee, sir, but I do wish to come back with you. I was, hoping to, em, thank you for your generosity.” She smiled up at him.

Such a lovely girl, Doukas pondered, I really don’t deserve it.

Well, maybe I do.


Gilad was unable to reach Amara; likely because she was in the middle of nowhere. Oh well, he thought, she’s out of it anyway. He wouldn’t put it past Doukas to send Amara off to Africa while he dallied in central Europe with his acquisitions. If I was her, Gilad pondered, I’d watch my back.


“Ally?” Kane asked with some urgency.

“Aye, gul,” came the wheezy reply.

“Tell your friend to be ready for this Friday. I’ll get him some more money Friday noon if all goes well.”

Alastair was silent. “This is really what you want, luv?”

“It is, Ally. I’m determined.”

And if Alastair had learned one thing in his many years, it was to stay clear of a determined woman.


Nicole was leaning on Dani’s desk. “So, tell me again your plans for tomorrow.”

Dani looked around. It was a little after noon and most of the office was out to lunch, so she could speak fairly freely. “Welllll, Luke and I had a lonnnnnggg,


“A lonnnnnngggg talk, hmmmmm?”

“Yes, don’t interrupt if you want the dope.” They both laughed and Dani continued, “We talked about, um, sex and let’s see, oh yeah, sex, and then a little more about…sex.”

“Okay, I get the picture, and?”

Dani looked at Nicole with a definite smug appearance, “And, Miss Bossy, we agreed to try and spice things up, you know.”

“I’m not doing a threesome.” Nicole deadpanned.

“Thanks, honey muffin, but your name didn’t come up, for obvious reasons.” Dani paused, still with that smirk, “But we did talk about our friends, Shannon and Geoff, who are like the reverse of us; he’s dark and she’s white.”

“I get it!” Nicole exclaimed, “Black on white and white on black.” She laughed.

“Well, we’ll see, but they have hinted about some swappin’, certainly Shannon has come on to me, so Luke is ok with seein’ where things go. They’re bringing some wine over to our place tomorrow and, who knows?”

“Well I want pictures, sister.” Nicole declared.

“You’re going to have to be happy with my verbal ‘descript’, lady.” Dani declared.

“Would that be a blow by blow account, kid?” Nicole asked, a broad grin on her face. Dani punched her in the arm.


Doukas was travelling by ferry across the channel to France when one of his phones vibrated. It was his left hand lower jacket pocket so that meant phone number three. “Yes,” he answered, listening for a moment. “I see, thank you for the alert.” He looked at Sheffield, seated across from him, who had been watching.

“That was our man in Austria.”

“Bergsom.” Sheffield noted.

“Says there is a problem, believes the house is under surveillance.” Sheffield’s dark eyebrows rose toward her dark bangs.

“What will you do?”

Doukas stroked his chin. “I believe I will take a visit to Switzerland. It’s been awhile.”

Sheffield nodded her dark head.


Kane received the information and swore under her breath; this was driving her bonkers. “I see, Ms. Sheffield, thank you. I will await further instructions.” It seemed the Friday rendezvous was off. Damn!


Gilad’s ‘secret’ phone buzzed to life, meaning it could only be the team in Austria reaching him. ”Go ahead.”

“It’s almost six, sir, and Schwitzer just left; looks like he’s going out to dinner. Do you still want us to stay?”

“What did ‘Z’ say to you?”

“That if there were problems, contact you, sir.”

Right, thought Gilad, I don’t plan things but I’m the guy they call. “Ok, stay for another hour and then if nothing, shut it down.”

“Got that.”

Damn. Somehow Doukas had got wind of things; it was the only explanation.


Kane sat, deep in thought. Alastair had talked with ‘his bloke’ and the guy had said something that was encouraging; an accident might be the way to go, and he had arranged ‘accidents’ before. That actually was what he had done three times; he had only taken someone out ‘in person’, so to speak, once.

“Bloke says he prefers the h’accidents, luv.”

If Kane gave the guy half the fee now, he would have Doukas stalked and look for an opportunity, and Kane would be out of it. It wasn’t a bad idea, in theory. Kane just didn’t know how easy it was to ‘stalk’ a man like Doukas.

She’d need to think on this.


Monday after work Nicole and Dani had arranged to have dinner together so that Friday night could be discussed at length. Whenever the two of them saw each other throughout the day they broke out in grins ‘like a couple of girly-girls’, Nicole noted.

So now they sat, having ordered, waiting for their server to get far enough away, when Nicole grabbed Dani’s arm and exclaimed, “Ok, out with it. Damn, I should have insisted you call me yesterday, today was like torture, you with that grin on your face.”

Dani laughed and sipped some wine, “Well, like they say, if it’s worth waiting for…”

“Well, is it bitch?” Nicole dug her fingers into Dani’s ribs, “C’mon, out with it.”

Dani then related what she felt was a milestone night in her life. It had started with wine and watching an ‘adult’ movie as a foursome, before Shannon initiated some action by kissing Dani, seriously. The two women had ‘gotten into it’ and stripped each other, to hoots of encouragement from the men.

After kissing and fondling each other, Shannon crawled over to Luke and unzipped his pants, pulling out his impatient erection; Dani, with just a slight hesitation, did the same to Geoff; it was her first black cock in several years.

“So one thing led to another…” Dani said.

“Did he, um Geoff, fuck you?”

Dani grinned and nodded. “It was an orgy, Nick. A freakin’, fuckin’, for real orgy. I had both men, one after the other, Shannon had both men; I had one man while Shannon and I did each other, and finally, the guys talked us into anal, and we actually managed double penetration, both Shan and me. It was like three freakin’ hours, no shit; my pussy was tired, bitch.” She laughed. “Shannon and Geoff crashed on our couches, but when I woke up, Shannon was in bed with me and Luke. My God, my God.” Dani just sat, shaking her head, Then their orders arrived. “So whaddya’ think kid, is that hot enough for you?”

Nicole nodded her head, “I’m jealous as Hell, Dani. Damn. Except for the part about being fucked in the ass, that is.” She raised her glass for a toast.


When Nicole arrived home she was met by Geneva, wearing clothes which indicated something was, different. In a moment it was clear as Nicole was introduced to a tall, dark and attractive young woman. “This is my daughter Sophie,” Geneva announced, “Sophie, this is my friend, Nicole.”

Nicole looked up at the girl as they shook hands, thinking she was more attractive in person than in photos. They sat and talked for a little while with Hailey joining them as well, before Sophie said she had had a long day with travel and everything and was ready to hit the sack. Nicole thought, for tonight anyway, it was good Susan had a large house with five rooms that could function as bedrooms; one was currently being used as a den/office, but that still left one for everyone else.

For tonight, anyway.

When Sophie and Hailey had headed off, Nicole sat with Geneva pressed against her. Nicole decided to make her feelings known. “I want to see your daughter naked, Geneva,” she said.

Geneva sat for a moment before saying quietly, “I can

understand that; how can I help?”

“Not sure; I don’t want anything awkward; maybe a mother slash daughter lingerie thing.” They sat in silence again.

“I would like to see her with you, Miss N. It actually arouses me; is that, wrong? I guess it is. Is it crazy?”

“Your daughter is an attractive young woman, Gen; she’s not a nine-year-old. She needs to be fucking someone; you know I would be considerate of her.”

“I know. Why don’t you have some wine with her tomorrow and just get her talking about her experiences. I have no idea how much she has done. Like I said, there hasn’t been much that I have seen. Maybe she is very inexperienced? She hasn’t shared with me, which is understandable.”

“Well, leave this with me, sweets. I will let you know everything.” Nicole paused. “Do you want her to know about our…arrangement?”

Geneva sat, considering. “Y-yes, I do, actually. I just don’t know how to present it without, um, blowing her mind.”

“Well, let us take small steps. We won’t have her come down to find me fucking her mom on the kitchen table in the morning. We’ll break her in slowly, you have my word.”

Geneva chuckled softly. “Thank you, Miss N. I know how you’ve changed my world; I can’t even believe what I used to be. So, I trust you.”

“That’s good, sweet Gen. I do like you so.” They sat quietly for a few moments, before Nicole spoke again. “Ok, now I’d like you to have a little snack before we head to bed.”

Geneva smiled as she slid to her knees, “Of course, Mistress.”    

(End of Chapter 14)  

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