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A Field of Candles by LongDarkRoad Chapter 15 Love Looks Not With The Eyes

A Field of Candles

By LongDarkRoad

Chapter 15 Love Looks Not With The Eyes 

Gilad had still not been able to reach Amara, and he had received nothing further from his sources. No one had turned up for a buy; they were not even certain where the painting in question could be; they couldn’t storm the house; that would completely blow their cover.

All that could be done now, was to wait.

“Damn it,” Gilad cursed, “damn this bastard.”


“Ok then, I will go along with your pal, Ally. Here’s the remainder of the deposit.” Kane said, grimly.

“You are, sure, luv?” Alastair said, still having a hard time with the idea and the money involved. It made his head hurt to think on it, so he tried not to.

Kane nodded her head silently; then took a sip of her drink.


Shillings and Woodford sat, again in a corner booth, and drank their scotch and bourbon, respectively.

Shillings pondered that Woodford looked tired; no, it was more than that. “Are you alright, old man?” He asked, with some concern.

Woodford gazed across the table, sighing. “Actually, no.” He sipped some scotch.

Shillings observed him. “Well, come on, out with it; you can’t keep everything stuffed in, you know. You look like shit, spill whatever it is you’re holding.”

“I don’t think you want to share this, my friend.”

Shillings pondered for a moment. He had known Woodford for how long, fifteen years? He wasn’t jovial or what you would ever call ‘fun’, but he had a good head for business and had helped Shillings get going. “Lay it out, Nils. I’m sharing this, one way or another, as it is. I’d rather know what I’m dealing with.”

After drinking more scotch, Woodford finally disclosed his predicament; he was in debt up to his eyeballs; bad investments, his third divorce, a penchant for high living. To satisfy some aggressive lenders, he had dipped his hand into some Dionysus funds; the loss was not apparent right now, even with the new and diligent van der Strom at work; but it would become apparent by the next spring, if not sooner.

Woodford was counting on Doukas being driven out and himself being voted in; he had large blocks of shares already in place to support him. But, damn the devil, Doukas was still there. And when he found out about Woodford’s fraud, who knows? One way or another, he was dead.

“Shit,” was all Shillings could muster.

“I need to get Doukas out, bottom-line. My back is to the wall. You can see that, can’t you old man?”

Shillings admitted; yes, he could see that. Clearly.  


The Pier House in Geneva was situated right by the Lake named for the city. Or was it vice versa?

Doukas and Daphne Powell had dined on sea scallops and linguini; the scallops being prepared exquisitely, their delicate, meaty texture earning praise. A  beautiful German Riesling had complimented the meal; with the view of the lake, even in December, being another wonderful bonus; it had been a delight thus far.

They sat now, in pleasant conversation over coffee and pumpkin cheesecake.

“I’ve done some googling of Dionysus International,” Powell remarked, sipping the excellent dark coffee.

Doukas pushed his fork into the cheesecake and consumed the bite; it was extraordinary. “Have you?” He responded. “And yet you are still here, with me.” Doukas said, smiling.

Powell chuckled, “And why wouldn’t I be? It’s a very successful company, Louis.” She studied him. “I’m thinking it’s not part of your, um, other interests?”

Doukas dabbed some crumbs away with his napkin. “You are too perceptive, Daphne. Yes, I have my…other interests which I manage, personally.”

Daphne looked at the lake, dark now with night, still lights were reflected off its waters. “Where would I fit in?” she smiled.

Uncharacteristically, Doukas reached across and stroked the woman’s hand. “You would definitely fall under personal business, my dear.”

Daphne smiled. “This has been a wonderful evening, Louis.”  

“I agree.” He caught the server’s eye. “More coffee.”

They both smiled.


Sophie was stretched out on the carpet, watching television, when Nicole came in. Hailey was at a friend’s and Geneva was tied naked to the bed in Nicole’s room. Nicole stood and took in the sight; Sophie’s long body, clad in short shorts and a T-shirt just lying there.

“Whatcha’ watching, kiddo?” Nicole asked, handing the girl a glass of wine.

“What’s this for, um, Nicole. I can just call you Nicole?”

“Yes, that’s great, for now, and the wine is ‘cuz you’re an adult and we’re going to have a little drink together.”

Sophie sat up, cross-legged on the carpet. “Where’s my mom?” she asked.

Nicole regarded the girl. “Oh, she’s just…tied up doing

something for me. It’s just the two of us. It gives me a chance to get to know you a little.”

Sophie laughed. “Sure, but I’da thought Mom would’ve filled you in.” Sophie sipped her wine, “Hey, this is good.” She smiled again.

“All right, glad you like it. And yeah, your mom’s told me stuff. But that’s mom-talk, right. There’s always a whole lot moms don’t know about, hey?”

Sophie laughed some more. “Well, actually, my life is pretty boring.”

“Hmmmm,” Nicole hummed, ”maybe, maybe not.” She smiled in her attractive way, and Sophie laughed a little again, brushing her hair behind her ear, like her mom, in a nervous gesture.


Their dinner together had been, mellow, Daphne would call it, and she felt mellow; contented. Yet she looked now across the table and asked, “Have you ever killed anyone, Louis?”

He looked up, calm as usual. If this question surprised him, it did not show. However, before he could answer, the server arrived with his snifter of Drambuie.

The server turned to Daphne who asked, “Einige mehr wein bitte?”

As he went off to get the wine, Doukas smiled at her. “You speak German?” he said, with inflection, showing that he might not be surprised at her asking if he was a killer, but he was a little surprised at that.

Daphne smiled, “You think because I was once a whore I have no education?” She spoke evenly, calmly.

“No, no, no, not at all. I was just surprised you didn’t speak something more…genteel, like French or Italian. There is more French spoken in this region, after all.”

“I do speak those; well French fairly well and a little Italian. But I heard the server talking earlier.” She

smiled, then added, “but you haven’t answered my question.”

“No, I haven’t. I am wondering why you ask?”

The server returned with the wine. Soft music drifted from somewhere. The night closed in around their small space. Daphne was feeling very mellow generally these days. Things had worked out so well financially for her that she spent her time now doing whatever she liked; she was as happy as she had ever been.

And very…mellow.

“I feel you are, a ruthless man, Louis, but that hasn’t deterred me. I’m just curious as to how ruthless.”

“So, you are ok with ruthless?” Doukas sipped his Drambuie.

“I much prefer a ruthless man over a wishy-washy one,” she said, simply.

Doukas chuckled and said, “I think I know why, but you tell me, please.”

She sat, Sphinx-like, her blonde/brown head now reflecting the lights. “With a ruthless man, I always now what he will do; with a wishy-washy one, I never do. There.”

Doukas regarded her; considered her. “Would it matter, how many I’ve, dispatched, or just if I have?”

“It’s not more than a hundred is it?” She asked, eyebrows raised. “That would concern me.”

Doukas looked across, looking handsome tonight with his mane of silver hair setting off his dark complexion. When he was with this woman, this particular women, his face, which could appear hard as oak, softened. “Well in that case,“ he smiled, showing his wonderful white teeth, “the answers are: ‘Oui et non’.” He laughed.

Daphne sipped her wine; she smiled. Why she found this man so interesting was not a mystery to her. Why she found him so exciting, was.

A little; amazingly, it did not alter her, mellowness.


“But it is boring,” Sophie insisted, “And I’m not complaining.” They sat in silence for a moment, before Sophie opened up with a long story about the single tragedy that had occurred in her life at age fifteen and had marked her since.

It had started with four teen girls, free from adults and having some fun. But two of the group were not satisfied with stealing a little booze from their folks; they had raided medicine cupboards and come up with some pills.

Sophie and Trina had both resisted, arguing that taking drugs you didn’t know anything about was stupid, but Taylor and ‘TJ’ had both decided to experiment. Whatever combination Taylor had ingested had, within fifteen minutes, sent her into convulsions. She had died on the way to the hospital.

“Nothing was ever the same,” Sophie said quietly. “I could not get Taylor’s face out of my mind. I had no interest in partying. I sure as Hell don’t do any drugs; nothing. People know that and leave me alone. When I hooked up with Ethan…”

“Not Eden,” Nicole interjected, remembering Geneva’s comments.

Sophie laughed, “My mom had that wrong from the start and it never changed. It was almost like she was denying his existence.”

“She knew you were having sex?” Nicole asked, cautiously.

Sophie nodded. “It was no big deal for me; losing my virginity, having sex.”

“So, what happened?” Nicole wasn’t sure she wanted to know, but she did want to get past this, to where Sophie was at sexually now. Just sitting with this girl was making her salivate.

“My mom kind of just went into a shell, too; she didn’t bug me about anything. Ethan and I always used condoms so I didn’t need mom’s help with the pill or anything. Things were just, you know, like regular shit; school, me and Ethan, sex; school, like that.” Sophie paused, as if remembering was difficult.

Nicole took this opportunity to reach out and gently stroke the girl’s arm. She got a smile; she was hoping for more. Sophie did start up again, “Then one day we were out, we ended up at some park somewhere; it was Ethan, my friend Meg and me; we had a few beers that Ethan had scored somewhere. It was nice.

It was early in the evening and Ethan had joined a couple of guys who he knew from somewhere and they were throwing a football around; me and Meg wandered off and started playing some game that ended up with a tickling session. And, um…” She paused and looked at Nicole.

“Hey, Sofe, I want to know. No judgements; I’ve done some things that would curl your hair, as they say,” Sophie chuckled, “so don’t feel shy about whatever happened.” 

“Well, it wasn’t really, um, anything. Meg and I were kissing. It, um, it was nice, but it wasn’t anything hot or, you know…anything. But it was nice. And when we got up, Ethan was standing there with this look on his face. He turned and ran away. Fucking, I’m sorry, just ran. He wouldn’t return my calls or anything. Talk about an over-reaction. Meg and I had plans to talk about, you know, that; but we never did. School ended and we both went off to college…” Sophie sat, thinking.


“Hello,” Marie Prescott spoke in her efficient way into her cell.

“Of course, and this is Olivia Sheffield. Just checking in.”

“Hello, Ms. Sheffield,” Prescott said, standing and moving down the hall to Tatjana’s room. The girl, young woman really but her behavior made one think of her as a girl, was sitting on the floor of her bedroom playing with one of her devices. After checking in, Prescott went back to her home office. The door was partly opened as she chatted with Sheffield, and Prescott didn’t notice that Tatjana had followed her back down the hall.

The girl was crouching now in the hall, listening, apparently; the ever-present smile on her face.


Nicole lifted Sophie’s face with a finger under her chin. The girl simply sat and looked back. Nicole could not read the eyes. She leaned in and kissed the ‘Angelina Jolie’ lips, as she thought of them; plump, full lips; with no lipstick.

They were wonderfully soft and Nicole lingered, gently sucking on them, as she ran a finger up the girl’s long, soft arm. Sophie did not pull away, but she did not really kiss back. It was as if she was prepared to have this happen; she would just not really participate.

Nicole decided on a new tact. “So, did your mom talk to you about what I, um, wanted to do…with you?” Nicole half expected Sophie to look up with alarm and bolt for the door.

Instead the girl nodded her dark head and said, “Mom said you think I am very pretty and want to take some shots of me.” she stated simply.

Nicole held up her Samsung. “I have a great phone for photos, really, so you are good with this?”

Sophie gently nodded her head, but she remained looking down, like she wasn’t involved.

“Ok,” Nicole exclaimed, standing. “Let’s start simple. Just look up at me and smile, that’s it. Ok, stand, hands on hips; that’s good; you have a model’s body, kid, know that? Ok, slip off that T.” She said evenly.

Sophie now paused, “I, um, I’m not wearing a bra,” She said quietly, looking down.

Nicole considered this first challenge. She didn’t want

to spook this girl by pushing too hard or too fast, she had past New Years for Christ’s sake, so she had time. “Ok then, how about turn around and let’s start with your back, c’mon, off with the shirt kid, ain’t got all day.”

Sophie pulled the T-shirt over her head and stood, turned away from Nicole but with her hands over her breasts. Nicole marvelled at Sophie’s back; long and muscular. Fuck, she thought. “Ok, if you’re feelin’ a little, um, shy, just cover your nipples with your fingers and turn around, that’s it.”

Sophie turned, slowly and self-consciously as Nicole pressed away. Sophie’s long fingers covered her nipples and areolas, but enough of the plump, firm breasts were visible that Nicole began to feel arousal. She wanted to suck on those and slap them. They were full but still pert; beautiful.

Nicole went over to a drawer and took out some things, then walked over to Sophie and said, “This may help.” She turned the girl around and clipped her wrists together behind her back. Then when she turned her back, Nicole placed two clamps on Sophie’s long, dark, erect nipples. This produced the first reaction, a definite “Oooohh,” emanated from Sophie’s lovely lips.

“On your knees, bitch, that’s it, look up, open your fucking mouth. Oh yeah, that’s great.”

“N-Nicole, are you sure….”

“Sssshhh, Sophie, this is outstanding, bend forward, let those beautiful tits hang.” The commands and vulgar expressions did not seem to have any effect on Sophie; nothing so far except the clamps. Nicole knelt in front of the girl, pulling and twisting the clamps before she unclipped them, allowing the blood to flow back into the thick, dark nipples.

“Aaaahhh.” Sophie exclaimed, and Nicole fastened her mouth onto one brown bud, sucking it as it hardened. Nicole slapped the breasts and saw, for the first time, arousal in the eyes.  “UUUUmmmm”, Sophie moaned and Nicole kissed her throat stopping at the lips which she sucked and pulled at, forcing her tongue into Sophie’s mouth.

Sophie may have been aroused, but it wasn’t by the kissing. Becoming frustrated, Nicole turned Sophie around and leaned her against a cushion. She pulled down the shorts, to a muted protest, revealing a black thong nestled between two athletic, round ass cheeks. The thong was not tiny, but it was a thong just the same. “Please Nicole, don…UH!” Nicole had slapped Sophie’s ass, and the girl did not finish her thought.

Then Nicole pushed Sophie farther onto the couch so her ass was more prominently displayed, and slapped her several more times. She now noticed Sophie arching her back and presenting that wonderful ass. Nicole sat back and took several photos and considered. This girl wasn’t into ‘romance’ things like kissing and touching; but she did seem to like one thing; pain.


Daphne woke and looked at her clock; five-fifteen. She was alone in her bed. Getting up she made her way into the main living area of her lovely, spacious home; there was a balcony off this room, and Doukas was sitting out there now, in the December darkness.

Daphne stood at the doorway and regarded the man; Doukas was wrapped in a blanket and sat looking toward the dim shadows that were the Alps, beginning to show in the very early stages of the morning that was coming.

“You can see them in the daylight.” She said quietly, folding her arms against the chill.

“I know. I have seen these mountains from many sides. They give me a sense of peace, for some reason.” Doukas murmured, staying huddled.

“You are up very early.” She noted.

“I sleep possibly four hours a night; that is all. And I enjoy these quiet moments.”

“If I made coffee would you have some?”

“Absolutely.” He paused in consideration. “Your formidable maid is not around?”

Daphne laughed. “No, she has returned to England to have Christmas with her family.” Daphne left Doukas then to sit silently. In a few minutes she returned wearing a sweater over her night clothes and handed him a coffee that he cradled.

“Ummm, this smells wonderful,” he said, before sipping some of the hot liquid.

“What will you do for Christmas?” she asked, back again in the doorway.

“Christmas,” he repeated, as if the thought was new. “I, um, don’t usually do much for that, holiday.”

Daphne thought about pressing for why, but she had an idea anyway. She might press later. “I usually don’t do much either. Anthony liked to have the house decorated, with a large tree. It was never that important to me.”

“Maybe we should go somewhere very un-wintery, if that’s a word.”

Daphne looked at the lion-like head, as it turned slightly in her direction. “You and me?”

Doukas turned now to look at her. “Yes. Is that so strange?”

Daphne smiled. “You tell me, Louis.”


With Christmas day falling on a Monday this year, the van der Strom offices were closing as of today, Thursday. Nicole had a few things to tidy up, but her case load was quiet currently, with nothing really coming up until the first week of January.

The deal with Doukas had quieted as well; she had only submitted one name this month, and there had been no pressure, so far. Nicole was proud of the fact that she had used the money from Susan to clear off much of her debt and that she had been diligent about her budget and cash flow. Not having any monthly rent, living free at Susan’s, was very, very helpful, obviously. But she had helped herself too.

So it disturbed her greatly that she was still bound to Doukas, even though he, they, were not demanding much from her right now; they were always there, like a shadow, lying in wait. There had to be some way to shake them, she thought. She could not live under their thumb for ever.

For today, she would push all that from her mind. She would take off and enjoy the break; Hailey would be leaving tomorrow to spend the holiday with her mom and Beth.

As of right now, Nicole was leaving her office and heading down to chat with Dani. The two had not had many opportunities this week to connect and had in fact done nothing sexual for several days. Dani’s dark head came up and she smiled as she saw Nicole approaching her station.


“Amara!” Gilad exclaimed. “I thought you were kidnapped.”

Amara chuckled. “Who would want to kidnap me, Gilad? The ransom would be small for sure.”

“You don’t think the elusive Doukas would pay handsomely for your safe return?” He chuckled.

“It’s more likely that he’s the one to have had me kidnapped,” Amara chuckled in return.

“So Doukas seems to have gone underground; what are you hearing?”

“Not much. Like I said, I’m still doing, assignments, for him. But he has never really included me in any plans. Even the ever-faithful Sheffield does not always know what the man is up to. Last I heard he was in Geneva.”

“Geneva, hmmm, that’s still close to Austria.”

“Yes it is, Gilad.”

“You’re mocking me,” Gilad chuckled.

“Hey, Happy Hanukkah, or whatever. Hope you have a pleasant celebration.”

“Well, thank you for that, and Happy Christmas to you.”

“And to all a Good Night.” Amara recited.


“Nothing.” She chuckled.


Sophie was hanging from one of the four large hooks Nicole had had installed into the ceiling beams in Susan’s basement. She was of course naked. Nicole was giving her the ‘full treatment’ today, even if this wasn’t Nicole’s particular ‘thing’; it was clearly the thing, and so far the only thing, that produced a response from the lovely young woman.

Sophie had a black hood over her head with only an opening for her nose and mouth. Around her generous breasts, Nicole had tightly wound cord so that those breasts now bulged obscenely; they had turned a dark red on their way to purple. Nicole had just recently placed two strong nipple clamps, squashing the two dark, thick nipples and earning prolonged ‘aaaahhhhss’ from Sophie’s lovely mouth.

Now Nicole began to whip Sophie’s round, firm ass; she had already used a wooden paddle to ‘warm her up’; the current whip, a thick, leather instrument, was going to leave marks and cause pain. Nicole struck five blows in succession, leaving three seconds between each stroke. She ran a gloved hand over the reddened welts, now rising, before probing a gloved finger into Sophie’s tight anus, causing the girl to squirm and moan.

“How does my little bitch like that, hmmmm?” Nicole crooned into one ear. Sophie, however, still did not play the game by Nicole’s rules.

She responded, “I like it pretty good, UUH!” Nicole had

just lashed her again, and was now forcing the end of the whip into Sophie’s resistant anus. She would get this girl to comply, one way or another.

Going to a cupboard and retrieving an item, Nicole returned and placed it over Sophie’s pubic area. It was a pussy pump, and Nicole now began pumping it, the vacuum, even with Sophie’s thick pubic hair, causing the girl’s pussy lips to engorge with flood and become fat and bloated.

Nicole now undid the ropes on Sophie’s breasts and removed the clamps; the new blood flow causing Sophie to cry out as her breasts came back to life.

Nicole then lowered Sophie down to her knees and brought the girl’s face into her crotch, rubbing herself vigorously against it; but even with all that had been done to her, Sophie only half-heartedly licked the shaved pussy; Nicole felt her arousal ebbing. Damn!

She hoisted the girl back up so she was forced to stand on her toes, then went out, retuning in a minute with a naked Geneva. The woman had seen her daughter naked a few times already, and had watched Nicole administer a spanking, but it was still alarming to her to see Sophie tied up and looking so desirable.

Nicole had Geneva kneel so she was looking up at her daughter’s dark and quite hairy crotch; pubic hair spreading up toward the belly button and down, along the buttocks and thickly around the anus.

Nicole left. When she returned she brought a small tub, some soap and a razor. “Ok, mommy-slave; I want Sophie shaved as clean as you or I, understood.”

“Y-yes, Miss N. Um, I will not have to, um, do anything else, correct?”

Nicole stroked the woman’s blonde head. “No, you will do nothing else to Sophie. I promised you and I will keep my promise. You are shaving her for my pleasure.”

“Yes Miss N. Understood.”

(End of Chapter 15)  

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