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A Field of Candles by LongDarkRoad Chapter 16 To Rise By Sin And By Virtue Fall

A Field of Candles

By LongDarkRoad

Chapter 16 To Rise By Sin and By Virtue Fall 

Christmas was, odd, for Nicole this year. Although it was usually a day she dreaded; estranged from her mother, no other relatives; no companion ever other than her slave girls, Christmas had always been a day to emphasize to Nicole everything she was missing. So she tried to avoid it, impossible as that was.

This year was odder than usual though, as Geneva and Sophie, two people who liked and celebrated Christmas, were with her. She decided to let them do their thing, which included a tree and presents, with the condition that they not get a present for her and she would get nothing for them. Christmas morning she would sleep in and then have Geneva serve her breakfast in bed after she and Sophie had done their Christmas ‘thing’.

The two women could have the one day to celebrate on their own, and then they would make up for it. Nicole planned her own, celebration, with two naked slave women being used and abused by her, as her…Christmas present. She chuckled at that.

But in the back of her mind was the fact that it would not be long before the frustrating Sophie would be heading back to classes.


“Gilad, holy smokes, we talk before Christmas, now at New Year’s. This is almost like we’re buddies.” Amara laughed.

“Yeah, well, this isn’t a chat, Am. Anything on your end about a Mossad agent. Or any sort of spy turning up on Doukas’s radar?”

“No, why? Like I said before, I haven’t actually spoken with Doukas in weeks; I get my orders from Sheffield or one of her lackeys. And it’s just the bare bones. What’s happened?”

Gilad was quiet for a moment. “One of the guys we had

in Austria has gone dark. That’s not totally unusual but it’s been long enough that we are concerned. We can’t track his cell or anything.”

“You think Doukas? He’s in The Canary Islands of all places. I think the man has a gal-pal.”

“Hmmmm,” was all Gilad offered.


In earlier times, the island chain now called the Canary Islands was often referred to as “the Fortunate Isles”. Fleets of Spanish galleons, on their way to or from the ‘New World’, would stop over at one or another of the protrusions of land in this little island chain.

Today, ‘the Canaries’ have become a traveler’s, rather than pirates’ or explorers’, preferred destination with yearly visitors numbering in the millions.

And tonight, as the old year came to a close, two of those visitors were happy to relax by their pool, the ocean minutes away, in a villa that provided every luxury possible in Las Palmas on Gran Canaria Island, one of the larger in the chain. They would likely consider themselves fortunate ones, if you asked them.

“There’s actually a big celebration here in a few days.” Daphne noted, sipping her Pinot Noir, sampling the local figs and regarding a brochure.

“I know, there are festivals and other public events. I think it’s January sixth. Whatever, I am leaving before then. But,” Doukas looked into Daphne’s eyes, “my, um, Christmas gift to you, is I paid for this place for two weeks. I want you to stay and relax, soak up the sun, walk the beach, enjoy the wonderful food. There’s no need to rush back anywhere.”

“Where will you be heading off to?” She asked, knowing that he likely would not tell her. Doukas frequently avoided answers to direct questions.

“Nothing mysterious, my dear,” he replied smoothly. ”Heading back to London to meet with the board and review the AGM results and then on to Athens to check

in; that’s actually my base of operations, you see. So, nothing too grand. Just business, really.”

“So how many days do I have you?”

Doukas chuckled; “I leave on the third.”

“Well then, tomorrow we won’t start the year off sitting around on our asses; let’s rent a vehicle and you can show me around the island, since you’ve been here before. How many times?”

“I usually try to get here once a year.”

“And you like to stay here, in this villa?”

“I do.” He paused, looking at her. “This is actually the first resort villa I ever purchased.”

Daphne looked at him, she looked at the pool; she looked at the spacious sixteen room villa with a staff of three. “This is yours? But I thought you said you paid rent?”

“For the staff. The place is mine. You can stay here all year if you like.”

Daphne finished her wine and her last fig, then smirked at him. “Maybe I will.” She said. “Can I go scuba diving?”

“You can do whatever your heart desires.”

They laughed; fortunate ones indeed. And the occasional pirate still.


Olivia Sheffield rose from the rickety wooden chair and crossed the dirty wooden floor of the room she was in. The sounds from the adjoining room had stopped and she wished to see for herself what was happening. She and three men were in one of the outbuildings of a farm outside Salzburg.

Two of the men were her ‘assistants’; the third, the one strapped to a table, was not. He had been the cause of the noise and now that there was none, Sheffield needed to know why.

Moving silently, despite her hefty frame and entering quietly she came to stand beside Richard, a man with a very civilized name known for doing very uncivilized things. They spoke in German, a language Sheffield had worked hard to learn simply to assist Doukas.

“He’s out,” Richard said in a voice that sounded like the speaker had just gargled gravel.

“I told you to take care.” Sheffield murmured ominously.

“He’s alive,” Richard added, waving a vial under the man’s nose, producing a gasp, and then the man opened his eyes.

Sheffield had been alarmed when she had heard a few weeks back that a target of Doukas’s was under surveillance from someone, and that her operative in Austria was as well. It took effort, patience and the kind of money available to her to finally find someone on the enemy side, this man, and capture him.

However, if she had been alarmed earlier, she was astonished when it was revealed that the man was a Mossad agent. Richard and his partner had been torturing the poor fellow now for three days, with limited results.

“We need to wrap this up,” Richard stated with emphasis. “We know they are looking for him; it’s only a matter of time.”

“And you’ve had nothing from him, really,”

“Very little, just the occasional word or sound as I’ve told you,” Richard muttered.

Sheffield looked up at the tall, lanky, unshaven man. He looked like a homeless person, but he was a skillful ‘interrogator’; if there was anything to get, he would have got it.

“Ok,” Sheffield spoke quietly. “Give it another hour. You are recording everything?”

“Of course.”

“Ok, another hour, then…shut this down. Get me all the recordings. Everything.” She would go over, carefully, every moment of the torture. Sheffield turned and walked off, with Richard shuffling along beside her.

When they were out of the room he spoke, “So I will take the body to Palmer’s gas furnace, there’s no problem there, but I think I should also deal with Jackes…” Richard nodded his head back in the direction of the room they had left.

Sheffield looked up at the man with no emotion showing on her broad face, “He’s your helper, do what you will with him.” She said calmly.

Richard eyed her for a moment, “That will be…another expense…”

Sheffield’s eyebrows rose, “Just take care of things. And get me all the recordings tonight.” She gave him a card with her hotel address. “Tonight.”



Nicole stood waiting by her front door; Sophie’s two modest bags were sitting there; she hadn’t actually brought much with her for her stay. The girl was saying goodbye to her mother and Nicole was waiting. It was Saturday, so no one needed to rush; Nicole was simply impatient, wanting to get through this.

It had been a frustrating relationship with the attractive young van der Strom. On the one hand, Nicole had spent hours abusing the girl, exploring every inch and crevice of her lovely body, doing more punishment than she had ever done all the while giving Sophie a number of strong orgasms.

On the other hand, Sophie had been compliant but not responsive, like an animated doll. No matter what Nicole tried, the girl remained out of reach emotionally; her little smile growing more annoying as the days past.

Sophie came down the hall now, leisurely. She had on

her regular outfit of t-shirt and sweat pants; her enticing body apparent beneath the fabric. Nicole regarded her for a moment and then pushed the girl against a wall where she stood, hands resting lightly on Nicole’s arms, waiting; eyes fixed on Nicole’s, unblinking.

Nicole leaned in abruptly and engulfed those heavy lips with her own, sucking and twisting. Sophie allowed this; she did not pull away; but she also did not kiss back.

When they broke apart, Nicole stared at the girl. “What you want isn’t going to happen, Nicole.” Sophie said quietly, without malice. She was just stating a fact. She turned and took her coat down; it was January after all, put it on and picked up her backpack, slinging it over one shoulder before she picked up her other small bag. She looked out and announced, “My taxi is here.”

“Right,” Nicole said, flatly, as Sophie opened the door and headed out. “I’ll have more fun and games for you when you come back in the spring.” Nicole called after the departing figure.

Sophie turned and looked back, “I won’t be coming back, Nicole. I’ve told my mom that. Sorry.” She turned and headed down the walk, covered today with a light dusting of snow. She got into the cab and as it pulled away, she turned back…and waved.

Nicole stood on the step, anger rising in her like a kettle on boil. She wanted to hit something, but the thing she wanted most to hit right now was driving down her street and away from her.

And there was nothing she could do about it.


Olivia Sheffield was awakened from a doze by the hotel phone to her right.

“Yes?” she inquired brusquely, “Thank you. I’ll be down in a moment.” She glanced at her clock; eleven thirty, she needed to make a pot of tea. The call announced that a package was waiting for her at the lobby desk; clearly from Richard. It meant several hours of ‘interrogation’ to be reviewed.

It would need to be a strong pot of tea.


The intercom buzzed and Dani looked at her watch; five PM and then at Luke, who shrugged his shoulders; he wasn’t expecting anyone.

“Yes?” Dani asked the ‘buzzee’.

“Hi D, it’s Shannon. Could I pop up?” Dani exchanged another look with Luke who again did the shoulder shrug. He didn’t know what was up.

Dani pressed the door release. They would soon find out what was up.


Nicole lay on her bed, a cool towel draped over her forehead; she felt like shit. After her unpleasant leaving of Sophie, she had impulsively called her old friend Christina, she of the sex shops and slaves. They had already chatted a couple of times since Nicole’s initial contact, looking at different options for Geneva. Today, they had come to an agreement; Geneva was to be sold.

Suck on that, Sophie, Nicole had ruminated angrily. The first step was to have Geneva sign a ‘Slave Contract’ with Nicole; Nicole would then have the woman tattooed with the accepted international numbering system that many dominants and sex slave owners around the globe used. It amounted to a record system and a data base of ‘slaves’ that was available and shared among people so inclined and connected.

This contract of course had no legal standing, you cannot legally own another human, at least not in most countries, but it did have its uses. Slaves saw clearly that they were marked and classified and that there was an agreement among slave owners to monitor slave movement, including potential runaways.

Once Geneva was marked and entered into the data base,

Nicole could sell her; and Christina already had at least one serious buyer in mind.

Having this discussion did not make Nicole feel any better; however, so she had taken a couple of pain pills and was now resting.

Her cell phone disturbed her and for a moment she thought of ignoring it, but she never did that. “Hello,” she asked, her hand over her eyes.

“Hey there, my sweet.” Nicole sat up straight; it was Amara.

Nicole blurted out, “Where have you been? Oh my God, I have been waiting and waiting and just thought, ‘Fuck it,’ she’ll call when she’s ready. Or she’s dead.”

“I’m sorry, Nick, I have thought of you often. There has been much happening with me and I have been in some out-of-the-way places.” She paused. “I would really like to be holding you right now.”

“Oh Amara, don’t do this. I don’t think I can take it. Please…”

“It might not be impossible, you know. I could come and see you.”

“Oh, fuck. No, fucking fuck, when are you thinking of doing this? Next week? Next month?”

There was a pause. “Where are you?” Amara asked quietly.

“What do you mean? I’m sitting on my fucking useless bed, why?”

“So you are at home?”

“Yeah, it’s Saturday. I’m home where I usually am with my useless life.” Nicole stood and began to pace a little.

Amara chuckled. “Oh my, my, sounds like someone needs some lovin’…”

“Please Amara, I mean it. I can’t take this right now.”

“Well, why don’t you come out and see me?”

Nicole stood frozen. “What?”

“Go outside your house.”

Nicole stumbled like a blind person, her head swirling, angry and excited and confused. She opened her front door and stepped outside. Standing on the sidewalk holding her cell phone to her ear and with a wide grin on her face was the tall and lovely Amara Manos.

Nicole dropped to her knees and stared like she was seeing a vision, with Amara coming to her swiftly and lifting her up. Nicole hugged the woman ferociously and then just sobbed.

Amara whispered into Nicole’s hair. “I see again how happy I make you feel.” They both laughed, with Nicole laughing as tears ran down her face.


Sheffield thoughtfully crunched a biscuit and looked ruefully at her empty teacup. She had finished her second pot, and she was feeling tired and exhilarated at the same time. She played again the spot on the interrogation that had piqued her interest. Sheffield had needed to lower the volume on her player at this point, as the helpless victim on the recording was screaming uncontrollably; and it was now four in the morning.

Sheffield knew that at this point in his torture the man’s fingers were being broken, between the tip and the first knuckle, with the help of a pair of pliers. The broken digit was then held over an open flame.

After some minutes of this the man lapsed into a delusional state where he was speaking to his dead mother and rambling, but then Richard had brought him back for a moment of semi-lucidness. He had asked the man what seemed an innocuous question; had the man’s contacts mentioned anyone in Doukas’s organization?

The man had mumbled something, and then Richard had applied pressure to a broken finger, resulting in some words, perhaps a name, being cried out. This was the section that Sheffield was listening to so intently. She sat back again and popped the rest of the biscuit into her mouth, a smile on her broad face.


Dani snuggled under her covers, then turned to her left and gave Luke a kiss, “G’night, sweet Lu,” she said.

“’Night, D.” Luke replied, kissing Dani first on the head, then on the cheek and finally on the mouth.

Dani then rolled over and planted a kiss on Shannon’s mouth, then another, before murmuring, “G’night, Shann.” As she whispered this, her hand was snaking down to rest between Shannon’s warm thighs.

Shannon giggled, purring, “Goodnight, Dani, and thanks again for doing this. Both of you.” She called over Dani’s shoulder at Luke. “I’ll do my share around here, I promise. And then there are some little extras,” She grinned squeezing Dani’s hand, a finger of which was working its way past her labia.

When Shannon had arrived earlier, there had been hugs and then the surprising announcement that she and Geoff had decided to split. He would have their place for the next month and then he was heading to Wichita, when Shannon would move back home.

Dani and Luke had accepted the idea of Shannon bunking with them for a few weeks and tonight was the start; the agreement being that Shannon would have a sexual relationship with both her hosts. Tonight she was beside Dani, and the two women were enjoying the new arrangement.


Meanwhile, across town, Nicole lay pressed against Amara’s long, naked body; tired and content. It was amazing how easily the two had picked up where they left off, months ago, the result being two hours spent in wonderful love-making. Nicole had experienced two strong orgasms and Amara one, and now they lay in peaceful recline, snuggled against one another.

“You are a life-saver,” Nicole whispered into Amara’s

ear, feeling drowsy and happier than she had in a long while.

“I wish I could have come here sooner, Nick. But let’s not think of that. Let’s enjoy this moment.”

The two women wrapped their arms and legs around each other, as if trying to merge their bodies into a singularity.


Should she tell Doukas, was the thought rumbling through Olivia Sheffield’s mind as she sat, looking out her hotel window onto the sleeping city of Salzburg. Of all the things she did for the man, looking out for him was number one.

She headed to the bathroom and began to run the bath. She needed to just lay and soak, then she would go out and find some breakfast; then sleep for a while.

Then she would begin to work on the information from the recording. She knew what it meant, but she needed to support her findings with other…testimony.

The information was not surprising to her, upon reflection. She had long held her beliefs about this woman.

As the man being tortured let slip, every now and then, a brief word or phrase of value, what he had called out during that specific point was clear. Sheffield hadn’t needed to listen to it seven times, but she had.

When pressed about anyone he had heard of in Doukas’s employ, the man had uttered, “Manos.”

Yes, Sheffield mused; Amara Manos, and that explained the apparent chatter picked up between Belgrade and Tel Aviv; even though they had not been able to pin it down to one location in the city, it now made sense.

Amara Manos was a traitor; the traitor. Sheffield had never trusted her.


“When will I see you again?” Nicole whispered into

Amara’s ear. It was Monday; Amara’s flight left at seven and her taxi had just pulled up.

“I will try to make it not so long as this, my Nick.” Amara murmured, gently stroking Nicole’s hair. “But I never know where or when I will be going or for how long.”

With one last, long, lingering kiss, Amara grabbed her single bag and headed out. She did not look back, it was a superstition with her. Nicole watched as her lover climbed into the cab and it pulled away, heading down the darkened street. The stabbing pain returned to remind her of the price of love. It’s worth it, she told herself, even as she slumped to the floor.


Dani came into Nicole’s office around eleven, and stood just inside the door. “Is it safe to come in?” she asked with a smile on her face, “Will I be brutally grabbed and fondled?”

Nicole laughed. She certainly enjoyed grabbing and fondling her attractive assistant, but she had had two days of wonderful grinding, kissing, touching, slapping (her ass) licking (everywhere) and she was satisfied. “No, sweet D, you are safe.” She then told her about Amara’s surprise visit; then listened with keen interest to Dani’s story of her surprise visit, only commenting, “Wow,” when the woman paused.

“So I guess we are both well-fucked for the time being anyway, hey sister?”

Dani laughed loudly, “Um, that’s one way to put it, Miss N.” She paused, and then looked down and began. “Is it ok with you if you and me go back to how we were before, for now, anyway? I, um, I really still need you as a friend, Nicole; but the other, uh, stuff, well; I would like to kind of cool that, for now. Is that ok?” Dani looked hard at Nicole with pleading in her eyes. She really did not want to lose her as a friend or upset her as her ‘boss’.

Nicole stood and came over to the smaller woman,

clasping her close and saying quietly, “I get it. I want you as a friend too. I really do, so yeah, I think I’m good with letting the other stuff go. Although I will miss your muff-munching, kiddo. You’re the best.”

They both hugged and laughed.


Louis Doukas sat on his patio by the kidney shaped pool here at his villa on Gran Canaria. Daphne Powell, after returning from a half hour jog, had jumped into this pool ten minutes ago, as she had every day this month; January now drawing to a close. She had enjoyed it so much here she had just stayed, instructing her faithful maid to look after the house in Geneva. Doukas had been happy to pay the bill.

Powell climbed out of the pool naked and walked in a leisurely way toward Doukas, back now after looking after all his affairs. The board of directors at Dionysus was under control, the prospects for his company looking promising even in a world of turmoil; what would Britain do after leaving the European Union; how would other countries be affected? What would happen to Greece, a country seemingly hanging by a thread? None of this was a threat.

Dionysus, with its expansion now into entertainment and pharmaceuticals complimenting its multi-facetted transport business, was not concerned by these things and was in good shape.

Doukas’s many bank accounts were all fat and he was happy, even if at times the hairs on the back of his neck rose, as if danger was close by. He shook that off and looked ahead to days like this, his time with Daphne being something he had come to enjoy very much. He watched her lovely, supple body as she approached; her daily workouts did wonders; she was a beauty.

“It is good we are secluded here, my Daphne, or the neighbors would be all agog with your beauty.” He raised his glass of vodka in salute.

Daphne laughed and threw a towel around herself. She

loved this; the climate, the food, the spacious and luxurious villa, the attentive staff. And even though she knew her companion was a bad man, she greatly enjoyed being with him, and didn’t wonder about her feelings for him.

Life was life; there was sin and there was virtue and who sat in judgement above her?

She did not second guess; she simply enjoyed.

 (End of Chapter 16)

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