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A Field of Candles by LongDarkRoad Chapter 21 For Without Light There Can Be No Peace

A Field of Candles

By LongDarkRoad

Chapter 21 For Without Light There Can Be No Peace 

It was two-thirty in the morning. Nicole had decided to open a bottle of wine, to help with the ‘discussion’, which was more of a confession or a disclosure, Nicole’s legal mind struggling with how to frame what happened to Geneva and share that with her daughter.

Nicole had begun by talking about her own desires, and then Sophie’s, trying to show that sex is a powerful driving force, and you can’t always explain it.

“So, my mom is a slave. A sex slave.” Sophie murmured, sipping on her second glass of wine. “Hmmmm. So what can her, owner; fuck, that’s some messed up shit. Her fucking owner; what can she do? Or, um, I guess, what does she do?”

Nicole went through what she knew from discussions with Christina. The woman Geneva had been sold to, liked having a true slave; someone to wait on her and do her bidding. There wasn’t a dungeon or anything like that. Christina did sleep in a large cage-like thing, and she had a water dish to drink from, but there were no whipping posts or the like. Geneva provided oral sex to the woman three or four times a week, and possibly to some of the woman’s friends. That was as much as Nicole knew.

Sophie sat and pondered, an odd look on her face. “So, you don’t know why my mom, um, wants this?”

Nicole sipped some wine, “Why do you…want to be spanked?” She asked Sophie in return. Sophie simply shook her head in reply, and Nicole continued. “Would you like to see your mom, in action so to speak?”

There was no hesitation when Sophie shook her head assertively and said, “No, nope, nada. No, no, no.”

Nicole laughed softly. “I understand.” They sat in silence for a moment. “I would like to take you to Christina.” Nicole said quietly.

“Why?” Sophie looked at her, but Nicole noted the physical response; the girl’s prominent nipples (Sophie had on a shirt but it was open, her breasts visible) hardening.

“Oh, I would like to see you with someone who knows what she’s doing, you know, with paddles and whips.” Sophie sipped her wine as well, as Nicole continued in a sultry voice. “You’d like that wouldn’t you? We could even arrange to have some people watch you being punished.” Sophie did not reply, but her small smile and lowered eyes said a great deal.


Meaghan Browning looked out the window of the Greyhound as it sped along. Well, she thought, another fork stuck in the road for me. She was on her way to Buffalo, to live with her sister. For now. Who knew? She could be back, some day, but not for a long while.

Her last ‘partner’, a mild-looking woman in her late forties, had turned out to be psycho-of-the-year, as Meaghan related it, eventually keeping her imprisoned. Meaghan’s natural cunning and determination had allowed her to escape, but she couldn’t stay in Philly.

The woman was a judge and had connections. Meaghan’s sister had a different last name and no social media presence, so it would be harder to track her. It was the chance Meaghan had to take; she had no choices really. She put in her ear buds; Taylor Swift, Teardrops on my Guitar was playing.

The fork’s stuck in me, she thought, as the landscape whizzed by in a blur.


The following weekend Sophie had had a commitment, so it was now almost two weeks since she and Nicole had had their talk.

But at this moment, she was now sitting in the back of Nicole’s car, wearing a thin cotton dress, a collar and nothing else, with nipple clamps already in place, a butt plug wedged into her anus and two steel balls nestled in her wet pussy.

She was being taken to Christina’s and her thoughts were going everywhere. She was so aroused she thought she might pass out; but she was also scared silly. She was unable to say anything much; however, the ball gag with the word slave printed on it prevented much, apart from grunts.

Nicole parked her car at the rear of Christina’s large house; the sex toy business must be doing well for her, Nicole noted, as she clipped a leash to Sophie’s collar and tied her hands behind her back. Nicole, who was looking pretty hot herself in a short, tight, black dress, then led the tall girl up the steps and in through the back door, before ehading down the stairs to a large, open room that was carpeted and decorated in a ‘love store’ theme.

Three couples, male and female, as well as Christina and her female partner were there, standing or sitting, all with drinks. A sideboard containing snacks and finger foods was against one wall. All eyes turned to the attractive young woman who was being brought in.

Sophie was placed in the center of the room as the group settled their chairs around in a loose circle. As Sophie glanced around she was interested that the three couples were different races; one white, one black and one brown. Christina’s partner looked to be Native American. It’s a mini U.N., popped into Sophie’s head.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” Christina announced as she undid and then refastened Sophie’s hands above her on a hook, before untying the dress strap and letting the top of Sophie’s dress fall away, revealing the lovely, clamped breasts, to an appreciative response of murmurs and clapping, “I’m pleased to present the lovely Sophie for tonight’s pleasure and amusement. Remember, no punishment that will leave more than a small welt is allowed. You may begin.”

A tall blonde woman, late thirties dressed in an elegant gown, strode forward and unclamped Sophie’s nipples before fastening her mouth over one lovely bud, Sophie responding by writhing and moaning as well as she could with the gag. The woman then lowered the gag to hang around Sophie’s neck and placed her large, red-lipped mouth over the girl’s, sucking her tongue aggressively.

Nicole said quietly to Christina, “I think I’ll leave you to it, it’s too hard for me to just watch.”

“Right. Picking her up tomorrow?”

“Yeah, does eleven work?”

“Sure, and don’t worry, I’ll make sure nothing happens to her; nothing bad anyways, you have my word.” Christina smiled.

“Thanks, see you tomorrow.”


“More strudel, dear?” Daphne asked as Doukas cleaned up his dessert plate.

He grimaced and held his stomach, “You, dear, are trying to make me fat. I’m on the treadmill each day now for five k’s, just to fend off your efforts.” They both laughed.

They were sitting on the front patio of Daphne’s home in Geneva; with them was Elena, who had moved here to act as new director Daphne Powell’s assistant, although she had become much more than that. Doukas was happy with the relationship between ‘his two girls’; the days he and Daphne were together he would share her bed. The times they were apart, Elena would be there. And the young woman still provided enthusiastic oral sex for him, with Daphne often being present, offering comments and encouragement and occasionally joining in.

It was a very happy arrangement for all, with or without strudel.


When Nicole returned the next morning to pick her up,  she found Sophie sitting on the back step with

Christina, talking like old friends.

“So?” Nicole asked, as she approached them.

Sophie turned to Christina and burst out laughing before the woman said, “Your girl was a huge, like massive, hit. Oh my God, Nicole. And Sophie had some fun too, didn’t you sugar?” Christina asked, leaning in to kiss the girl.

Nicole felt a small stab of jealousy, seeing these two so comfortable with each other. But then Sophie smiled at Nicole and said “Ready?”

“Let’s go, kid.” And with a final kiss for Christina, Sophie lifted her tall frame up and strode to the waiting car. On the way back home, she filled Nicole in on a night that was; “tying up, tying down, spanking and fucking. Lots of fucking. And some sucking too. Well, lots actually.”

Nicole smirked at this answer and they drove in silence for a bit. “Did you do any of the…sucking?” she asked, quietly.

Sophie had a little grin, then replied, “I sucked and fucked each of the three men. I was with everyone, Nicole, at some point, including Christina’s partner. I sucked everyone.” She smiled.

Nicole was surprised by this; she should probably have clarified things with Christina; maybe she should simply have known. “And you were ok, with the guys?”

Sophie turned to regard Nicole, “I was into it, Nicole. I am not keen on sucking dicks, I wasn’t last night and I’m not today, but I was into it. It was an orgy and I just went with it; everyone did. It was a group fuck, for real. Somebody was in my pussy at some, you know, point, all fucking night and I mean fucking.” She laughed.

Nicole considered this, then asked, “So, what do you think, now, Sofe? I know it’s just the one night, but we’ve had, well, some fun too.”

The girl looked tired but relaxed; she just shook her

head with a smile on her face. “I don’t know; it was an experience for sure.”

After a few more minutes of driving and her house coming up soon, Nicole asked her important question, “So, how many times did you come?”

Sophie laughed out loud, “Oh, God, you would ask that. But how’s this; I lost count.”

“Seriously?” Nicole asked with a smile.

Sophie nodded, “Seriously.”


As April came to a close, Olivia Sheffield had resigned herself to the fact that her relationship with Louis Doukas was changed, and would likely never be what it once was. He had never said anything to her, in the days and now weeks since her announcement to him. He was professional and cordial, but there was a ‘coolness’ now in their exchanges. Doukas himself had changed and Sheffield was pretty sure she knew why.

She had certainly been kept busy, though, established now in New York City. And most of what she was doing was with legitimate Dionysus activity, hardly anything ever with his…shadier endeavours.

But now she had to catch the short flight to Philadelphia. Mr. Doukas had just given her permission to do something she had needed to do for a while.


Nicole eyed the end of April differently than many. For her the thing was that May was upcoming and with that, her birthday, which caused her some somber reflection, as she would land on the big three-o. Dani for one did not let Nicole forget the ‘momentous occasion’.

“Gonna’ need my help in blowin’ out all those candles, Ma’am?” Dani asked impishly, with Nicole responding with a one finger salute.

Dani laughed and clapped her hands.


Nicole answered the page from Dani, “Hey kid, what’s up?”

“A visitor for you in board room three,” Dani said, more formally for her than was usual, indicating to Nicole that the visitor was still standing there. Nicole stood and headed off; when she entered the board room her heart stopped for a second. Why did this woman affect her like this? She wondered as usual, for sitting there like a large tabby was Olivia Sheffield.

“Ms. Martin,” the woman spoke, that light Irish intonation making the words sound almost pleasant, “how good to see you.”

“Ms. Sheffield. What brings you to Philadelphia?” Nicole replied as calmly as she could.

“Oh, just checking up on our little operation here; now that we are not in contact with you, and van der Strom is settled in London, we are, um, disconnected.” The woman smiled but her eyes stayed hard. Why does she dislike me so, Nicole wondered.

Nicole had remained standing, just a few feet in from the door, “Well, there are always emails and text messages,” She said lightly. “No need to feel, disconnected.” She looked at the woman and smiled.

Sheffield laughed, but even her merriment had a sourness to it. “Well, so much for pleasantries; down to business, shall we. It seems we are not completely done with you, my dear. Mr. Doukas has, unknown to me when we made our little deal, kept some documents about you.”

At this point she opened an I-pad and had Nicole focus on the screen. More blackmail, Nicole thought immediately, as the papers showing now had signatures forged by Nicole early on, and as Sheffield scrolled though them, Nicole’s heart began the usual panicked beating. Would this never end?

“What do you want, Ms. Sheffield?” She was able to ask evenly, as she worked again to keep the rage out of her voice. How she despised this woman.

The odious woman smiled again. “This, you understand, comes from Mr. Doukas himself. He appreciates that we had a deal, and he is prepared to sign off on you, as it were, with one more task for you; then he will turn over all he has on you; everything I had is gone. So that’s the offer.”

Nicole knew there were not a lot of options here, there never were with Doukas; she probably should have asked for more definite confirmation with her last deal with Sheffield, but in the end, she was under a very large thumb and at their mercy. She did believe that, since this was coming directly from the man, that it would be the conclusion. “So, without being paranoid here, Ms. Sheffield, how can I be certain that Mr. Doukas is approving this last…task?”

Sheffield took out her cell, pressed numbers, listened and spoke. “Good day, sir. Yes. Yes. I have Martin with me now.” She passed the phone to Nicole, who spent possibly a minute in conversation with Doukas, who seemed surprisingly pleasant; but in the end she was satisfied that things were as Sheffield had outlined them and that Doukas approved.

“Fine,” Nicole said in a business-like way as she handed back the cell. “What is the…task?”

Sheffield removed a large envelope from her case. “We need one more girl from you, Ms. Martin. Or, more precisely, we need your assistance in acquiring this girl.”

“I have a few names left from before, I can begin….”

“No, Ms. Martin, more research is unnecessary. We have identified our targets; there are two, but we will settle on one.” She took two photos from the envelope and laid them on the board room table. The photos had clearly been taken outside Susan’s (Nicole’s) house, and they showed two young women: Hailey and Sophie. “We want one of these lovely young ladies, Ms. Martin. We don’t care which one. You decide, but we want one.”

Nicole stood, looking in shock at the photos. “You’ve

been watching our home?” she asked, quietly.

“Oh come now, Ms. Martin, you must be the most naïve woman in Philadelphia. We monitor all our assets, for heaven’s sakes. Now, make your choice, I need to be leaving.” As Nicole stood transfixed, Sheffield prompted her. “If you don’t choose, we will simply take both. I am giving you the chance to keep one.”

Even though she was not a violent person, at that moment, Nicole believed, if she had a gun with her, she would put a bullet into the arrogant, fat, fucking face of this woman.

After Nicole had decided and felt like she needed to lay down or be sick, Sheffield paused her, “Not so fast, Bitch, you have one last job…for me.” As she said this, Sheffield lifted her skirts and pulled her underwear over, revealing the amazingly hairy vagina that Nicole remembered all too well. “Get to work, Whore, we still own your ass. The faster you please me, the faster you get out of here.”

Fifteen minutes later, Nicole was hurrying down a hallway; she desperately needed to find a washroom. Ms. Sheffield meanwhile was waiting for the elevator, the annoying smile still on her round, satisfied face.

Because Sheffield had also come to deliver some sad news, but she had waited until after Nicole had pleasured her; waited until the very nice orgasm had subsided; until she had allowed the young woman to stand, angry and humiliated, as she, Olivia Sheffield gathered herself; she had waited until that moment to say. “Oh, by the way, your companion, Amara Manos, has disappeared. We are fearful of what this means. There has been no word now for weeks.”

Sheffield had stood, trying hard not to give anything away, as Nicole Martin wilted visibly before her. “Good day, Ms. Martin,” she had murmured, brushing past her, a pleasurable feeling of victory running through her.

But for now Sheffield needed to focus on the new task at hand; putting together a team for Saturday; Sophie van der Strom was coming down and the team needed to be in place to snatch her. Snatch, Sheffield mused, I like that word.

In the washroom down the hall, Nicole rested after her spell of retching had ended. She was on her knees, arms on the seat, head hanging down, drool from her mouth dripping into the bowl. When she felt strong enough, she flushed and pulled herself to sit; then the sobs began; wracking her body. Amara was dead; she knew that. That fucking bitch Sheffield did not need to say anything; Nicole knew; Amara was gone and Sophie would be gone and she was responsible.

Fuck that woman; fuck her straight to Hell.


“So how long will you be in New York?” Daphne asked, as she and Doukas were now inside, sitting on the couch, side by side; the lights very low and the darkness outside providing, strangely, a feeling of safety. Elena had already gone to bed, but these two were relaxed, sipping Drambuie and chatting.

“I will leave in four or five days and be there for, oh, three weeks or so, half of May actually.”

“Is this Dionysus business or…?”

Doukas chuckled; Daphne was always perceptive and non-judgemental. “Mostly Dionysus; you know, since you came into my life, the other things have…receded somewhat.”

“You still own brothels,” she murmured.

“Night clubs my dear, please.” He murmured in turn.

“Night clubs with attractive naked women who will perform sex. Ok, got it.” She kissed his cheek. “Why, um, haven’t you asked me more about my time in that world?” she asked quietly. “Not interested? Jealous?” She poked him.

He put an arm around her. “I have, wondered. There is a bit of jealousy I will admit. Mostly I think you share what you wish to share, as you did with Lady Agatha. But I am curious, a little.”

“Well, you know I worked for an agency with a very exclusive client list, right? Wealthy business men, politicians, even the lords and ladies, as you know. Dukes and duchesses. So I never knew the life of the street walker, or that sort of thing. I was always in luxury, really, even if it wasn’t mine; estates, fancy hotels, yachts, resorts. It was exciting and at times over-whelming for a young woman.”

Doukas sipped some liqueur. “Did you end up making much money?”

Daphne waved her hand, like she was shooing away a fly, at this thought. “I guess, that’s how unsophisticated I was. So we’re talking the nineties, right? The client would pay a £1000 for a night, or thirty-five hundred for the weekend. It was an eighty-twenty split, the agency and the girl.”

“That’s some serious money, which emphasizes my point about some of my, activities. I have been providing girls to agencies like yours, for years. It has been very profitable, which is why I still own several clubs, including one in Tampa, which is part of my reason for going to the states.” He sipped some more. “But even twenty percent of what you are talking, you would have been able to put some money aside.”

She snuggled into him, “I did, put away some. But when I married Anthony, and saw real wealth, my savings seemed so silly. But Anthony was generous, even before the divorce. And now the money I received from you. It boggles my mind what I have now. I could have had more then, but young and foolish, you know the drill.”

Doukas nodded his head. “Ever miss the excitement of …the old days?” Doukas murmured.

Daphne sat quietly for a while. “No, not a bit. With you in my life I have all the excitement I need.”

They both chuckled.


Sophie grabbed her back pack and slid out of her bus seat; the routine was known now; grab a taxi and be at Nicole’s in, usually, fifteen minutes. She checked her cell for messages.



“Yes, ‘Z’, how are you?”

“Good, good as can be expected for my years.” The man known as Z sighed. “But I’m not calling for me; I have heard that your, friend, is missing.”

Gilad sighed and lit a smoke. “Yes, that is correct.”

“And you fear the worse?”

There was a pause. “Yes, I do. She has been out of contact long enough now that one must ask, what has happened? If she was in difficulty, she would have found a way to reach me. That she has been dark this long means one thing, she is gone. There is no other explanation.”

“You believe that Doukas, found out something? Maybe connected you to her? Decided to eliminate her?”

“Again, I do not know, but that makes sense. She only worked for him, and coming on the heels of that Austria affair, it certainly is suspicious.”

The two men sat in silence for a moment, before Z spoke quietly, “I will light a candle for you and your friend. I know she meant something special to you.”

“Thank you, Z. That is thoughtful and appreciated.”

“Yes. For without light, there can be no peace.”


As the taxi pulled up in front of Nicole’s place, Sophie’s cell now buzzed. It was a message from Nicole telling Sophie to just come in.

The tall girl took the steps by twos and entered with a “Hello”, walking down the hall. A movement to her right surprised her and then there was a quick stab of pain as a needle went into her shoulder. She saw two men’s faces before things went dark.

The two men carried Sophie, now out cold, through the back to a waiting van, dumped her into the back, and then headed off. They would be in Washington in two and a half hours, and then Sophie would join two other young women who were bound for Doukas’s ‘night club’ in Tampa, Florida.

All this arranged by the efficient Olivia Sheffield.

Meanwhile, upstairs in the house, Nicole was tied naked and face down on her bed. Sheffield, with a broad grin on her face, was proceeding to slap Nicole’s ass with a broad belt; Nicole, never big on pain, was crying and pleading, but her heavily-taped mouth prevented any sounds.

Once Sheffield was satisfied with her work there, she removed her own skirt, pantyhose and panties (sensible white cotton of course, no silly thongs riding up her plump ass) and then tied a belt around her waist and inserted a phallus into the holder of the harness.

The green, hard rubber penis had a two inch stem at the base that Sheffield guided into her now moist vagina. Spreading some gel over Nicole’s tight brown anus, Sheffield inserted one, then two and finally three fingers into the back opening, aggressively pushing and stretching. Once satisfied that this was ready, she guided her green cock into the dark hole, pushed it all the way in and then began vigorously fucking Nicole’s ass, slapping it hard as she pumped.

“Enjoying this, Ms. Martin?” Sheffield grunted, feeling exhilarated, but also knowing this was likely the last time she would deal with this woman; she wanted her to remember this last visit. “By the way.” She spat out between thrusts, “Manos died quickly, in case you’re wondering. One bullet through the heart. And your girl Sophie, is being taken to one of our clubs. In a couple of days she will be serving selected clients. I’ll send you some pictures. Ohhh, um, oh fuck, Martin you whore, I’m coming. Yes. Ahhhh, fuck! Fuck! Yes, yes, YESSSSSS!”

(End of Chapter 21)

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