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A Gathering Of Clowns by LongDarkRoad Chapter 4 And In The Circus, The Clown Was The Prince

A Gathering of Clowns

By LongDarkRoad

Chapter 04 And In The Circus, The Clown Was The Prince

The sleek, black Lamborghini Huracán drifted down CA 134 like a jungle cat on the hunt; the route connected Pasadena to Glendale and Tad Allan was pushing it at seventy mph., watching for the south turnoff. He had a meeting with the cousin he hadn’t seen in several years; a cousin that while he hadn’t seen her in real life, he had seen lots (and lots) of…in the news.

At nineteen, with television star Jordan Barclay and then with basketballer (Clippers? Lakers? He couldn’t remember) Jamaal Morales, then with that singer Alhambra and most recently with the international race car driver, Angelo Bourdon. It seemed she was always on the entertainment news. Tad didn’t really know much about Emily Hawkins, but he knew she was hot; like super nova.

Pulling onto Berkeley Drive he watched the numbers but in the end didn’t need to, as the Hawkins mansion stood out among the impressive homes. He pulled up into the drive-way and climbed out holding a manuscript in one hand. He adjusted his shades, checked his perfect white smile in the mirror and headed up the four steps to the majestic oak and bronze front entrance.

In a moment, a young Latino woman answered and let him in, showing him to the front area with its bank of windows and expensive décor. In a moment Emily Hawkins entered and Tad simply stood and stared. The television news did not do this woman justice.

“Close your mouth, Tad. You’ll let the flies in.” Emily joked, and strode over to give her cousin a cousinly hug, before looking up into the attractive face. She had heard a lot about her cousin over the years; but the last time she had seen him she was probably eleven and he would have been sixteen.

“Holy fuck, Emily. Look at you,” was all her cousin could  muster.


Drew Downing, mask in place, stood behind the unmarked line, looking at the back of Hawkins’s head. “So, anything from the ladies, Drew?” Hawkins asked, checking on of his four monitors as he chatted.

“No, sir. I know they talk, but they are definitely on their guard with me. I even asked our, um, maid, and she has overheard nothing.”

Hawkins grunted. “Doesn’t surprise me, doesn’t surprise me at all. Those two have been planning this for a while and kept you in the dark so why shine some light on you now, heh? You’re the proverbial mushroom, Drew.”

If only you knew the whole of it, sir, Downing pondered ruefully, saying only, “I’ll stay watchful, sir.”


Tad Allan manoeuvered the powerful auto onto Ventura and headed to Los Angeles. The meeting with Emily had gone well, apart from him wanting to ravage her every three minutes; but she was cool as all get out, as was her reputation; but she had taken the manuscript and said she had a friend or two in mind to show it to.

Tad could not believe she had enough cash to swing this deal, he was looking for between eight and ten million, but apparently she had done well. Very well.

Damn, he thought, this could be it.


“So, gosh, what did Tad have to say?” Melanie asked, sitting across from Emily at the island counter. Chantico was preparing dinner and they were observing and having a little pre-meal wine. “Wow, just showing up after all these years. I will get to see him, right?”

“Yep, Mel-bel, he’ll be back. I think he’s planning to be in L.A. for a while, unless everything goes south, financially. But, yeah, we’re going to meet again and we’ll make sure you’re around.”

They sat and sipped, watching Chantico chopping some vegetables. “Where the Hell is Daddy-dearest?” Emily asked.

Melanie shook her head. “He has not told me a thing; he of course has other properties, so maybe he’s just mad at us and staying away. Doesn’t want to be here.”

Emily snorted. “I think we can say he’s pissed, Mel. We’ve taken control of his company right under his freakin’ nose, while living in his house. Yep, I’m guessing pissed.”

“Do you think he’ll, um, do anything?”

Emily eyed her aunt. “Like what? Hire a hitman? I don’t think that’s his game. No, we’ll work Drew from the inside and keep up the pressure.”

“Why do you want to push him out, Em?” Melanie asked quietly. She knew Emily and her father weren’t at all close, but this seemed to be more personal.

Emily smirked, “Daddy-dearest told me I needed plans if I wanted to get anywhere. So he can blame himself.”

They watched Chantico for a moment as she drained some pasta, and then Melanie continued, looking down. “So, what are the plans for, um, Drew, tonight, uh, Miss M?”

Emily stroked her aunt’s hand. “I’ll be gentle, sweetie, but I need to keep him down. He needs to be controlled and obedient. Plus, I like some of this shit.”

“What, um, stuff do you like?”

“Punishing people.”

Melanie looked with wide eyes, “No you don’t. This is all simply a game.”

Emily sipped some more wine and regarded Melanie as Chantico put the finishing touches to the sauce. “Not everything, Mel.”


Downing was tied to the sofa; Emily wasn’t joking when she told Melanie that it wasn’t all a game. She had some experience with S & M and knew, for one thing, how to tie someone up. And she had always enjoyed spanking nice round asses or abusing testicles; she had a little something for both the girls and the boys.

Downing had a black hood over his head with a hole that his nose was poking out through; this was his only air supply, as his mouth was completely taped. He again had a band around his balls; he would orgasm when and if Miss M decided. What was new today was that Emily had introduced a hesitant Chantico into the scene as a participant.

It had taken a while, but as Emily was seeing, the girl was a natural when it came to pleasure, both giving and receiving. Both she and Melanie had developed a satisfying relationship with the young woman who had come more easily out of her shell than predicted. Emily had actually used the girl’s religious beliefs in her arguments, pointing out that the bible preached all are the children of God, and that Christ was a loving man.

“Jesus would not discriminate, Chantico. He would not withhold affection between people. This feels good, right?” Emily had whispered into the girl’s ear as the two ground their pubic bones together. After Chantico had experienced her first orgasm, her attitude changed. It was like a window had opened, and while she was still cautious, she was ready to explore.

Today, Emily had shown her how to suck Downing’s cock effectively, using her hands and mouth to arouse the man, who now was aroused to breaking; the band around his balls, however, held him from his release. Emily and Chantico had been working him for almost an hour now, and he was now writhing and moaning.

Reaching under the hood, Emily peeled off the tape as Chantico ran her tongue up and down the man’s modest but very hard erection. “You’d like to come, hmmmm, Troy-toy?”

Downing emitted a series of strangled sounds that included several ‘Oh Gods’ and multiple ‘please, pleases’. Emily chuckled, “Soon, Troy-boy. Tell me what Daddy-kins is doing with his other companies.”

In a strangled voice, like the words were being pulled one-by-one from him, Downing said, “He’s. Selling. Everything.”

Emily considered this, glancing at Chantico who had her eyes closed and Downing’s entire cock in her mouth. “You’re a natural, kid.” She murmured to the girl, who opened her eyes briefly and nodded, then went back to work.

“Ok, Drewsie, your reward is very close,” Emily ran her polished nails lightly against the bare skin of Downing’s chest, causing him to move his hips and thrust his cock even more demandingly into Chantico’s warm mouth. “What’s he going to do with all the money?” Drewsums?

“Uh, um, oh God, jeeeez, please, M-Miss M, uhhh, ummmmm.”

“Tell me Troy-boy, what are the man’s plans with the cash.” Emily signalled Chantico to pause.

“He, ummmm, he’s um, just stashing it all away, in bank accounts. He’s, um, he’s not said anything about where it’s going. Please, I’m begging you, please let me come.”

Emily thought on this; it was odd; but then her father had been odd, for a while now. She motioned for Chantico to resume and then after a few moments had her pull off the band and pump the cock furiously. Downing erupted, with cum shooting out and running like lava down his straining shaft.

“Wow,” Chantico exclaimed, having moved away just in time.

“Get some paper towels, Chanti-girl,” Emily murmured, “the dike has done broke.”


Da Costa stood, mask in place, looking again at the back of Stafford Hawkins’s head. “Do you think that, wise, sir?” she asked quietly.

Hawkins sat. “Well, there aren’t a lot of cards to play; this situation has unfolded, quickly. I will probably need to speak to my daughter, person-to-person, soon, and I want another opinion. Drew has come up completely empty, he seems almost confused (Da Costa had that thought cross her mind today; Downing had seemed preoccupied, distracted; whatever, when she spoke briefly with him) and I would like a little more information, anything. Being a woman, she might, oh, reveal more to you. You are good at getting people to open up.”

He paused; he seemed to Da Costa even thinner than usual, like he was shrinking away before them. This business, even if he didn’t admit it, was wearing on him.

“Ok, sir. I will see Emily. Should I contact her or…?”

“Yes, tonight if possible. Thank you, Ms. Da Costa.”

And that was that. Da Costa turned and left, leaving the mask as usual.


“Tad-the bad?” Emily asked impishly.

“Hey, ‘cuz, hopin’ to hear from you. What’s shakin’?”

“C’mon by tonight; I’ve got some news.”

“Hey, Em, you’re killin’ me here; are we talkin’ good news or get outta town news?”

Emily laughed, “What fun is there in layin’ everything out over the phone. Come by and let’s do it up close and personal, baby.” She laughed again.

“Ok, how’s eight?”

“Sounds…great. Ha!” Emily ended with more laughter.

Glad she’s feelin’ good, Tad thought. Although it was encouraging. If the deal was cold, she couldn’t be as up-beat. Could she?


“A call for you on three, Ms. Da Costa.” Ms. Graves announced.

“Do you know who it is, Tia?” Da Costa replied.

“It’s Emily Hawkins, Ms. Da Costa,” was the response.

Well, Da Costa thought, about time. She had been trying to reach the girl for two days. “Carman Da Costa, good to hear from you Ms. Hawkins.”

There was a pause and then Emily started in her usual languid manner, “Just call me Emily, that works. Sorry I didn’t get back earlier, it’s been busy here. Anyway, how would tomorrow night work for a chat, or whatever it is you’re wanting?”

Da Costa looked at her day timer for Friday. “Yes, that would work. At your place is ok?”

“Sure, you know it, I’m guessing.”

“Yes, I have been there, just once really, but that’s fine. And yes, it’s just a chat. You and your aunt are management now, that’s the reality. I should meet you, both I hope.”

“Tomorrow it’s just me, but that will do for a start. How’s eight?”

Da Costa would have preferred earlier but it was what it was. “See you then…Emily.” She said.


Emily sat with Tad’s manuscript before her on the table. Having dated a television actor and popular singer, it turned out, still produced benefits.

Although the thing with Jordan had ended badly, Emily and Alhambra had remained on good terms and she had been able to get back stage at an L.A. performance and met her former lover; it had been pleasant and the singer had given Emily two names of potential movie producers. It was encouraging that one had taken the script off her hands this week and more encouraging that she had just received word from him that he had read it and was pleased with it.

“You caught me at a good time, kid.” He had said, adding that if Emily ever wanted to consider acting, she should call him first. “You’re a knock out, right?” She thanked him and added that she would consider that, when things quieted down a little.

The good news was that the producer had liked the script; a lot. He was certain they could put it together for under ten million and market it directly to Netflix or HBO. “This can make money.” He had said. Making money wasn’t the issue for Emily, credibility was, and the fact she had no great desire to run Documart forever. She was simply taking the company away from her father as payback.

It had been more important to him than she was; end of story. Well, he would see.

The door chime caught Emily’s attention and she heard Chantico head to answer it, then voices, and then Tad was brought in to the main living room.


“Cuz!” they greeted each other and Tad took a seat on the couch across from Emily’s chair. She didn’t make him wait long, announcing the news that she would advise her father to finance this project and they would likely provide the money, fifty-fifty.

With that out of the way and Chantico bringing in some wine, they talked. “Hey, if you’ll share all the nasty details, what ever happened with you and Jordan Barclay? Man, it was all over the news, even in Arizona.”

Emily shrugged, “That was so crazy. I, honestly, don’t watch much t.v., and I really didn’t know Jordan Barclay when we met at some party. He hit on me hard and then was pissed that I didn’t know who the fuck he was. But he was a pretty boy, like you Tad-o,” she smiled at him, “and he had a cool car and a cool place. A penthouse condo in Pasadena. Very cool, but he was a mama’s boy. Shit. Looked like he’d cry every time we argued. Heard him one day actually talking to mommy-kins on his cell and whining about me; and I was gone. Went back and got my few things when he was out. Fuck.”

After her outburst, Emily laughed and drank some wine. “What about you guys and Arizona?” She asked and Tad filled her in on his mom and dad taking their inheritance with the passing of their grandfather and moving to Phoenix and investing in golf courses, which had been very successful; although his parents were not wealthy enough to throw nine or ten million his way for projects.

Tad also left out that this was not his first big project, and that his parents, his mother in particular, had already lost a lot on some of his schemes. But not this one; this one he felt certain of, and he really needed it to work.

He continued, feeling the wine and enjoying Emily. “Hey, and what about Morales, the ball player? Man, that was on the news too.”

“What’s with you? Got a twitter account you gotta feed with info? This is all old news, hey?” Emily smirked.

Tad laughed and nodded his head. “Ok, so I’m kind of the wide-eyed tourist here, but my cousin is someone who gets followed and photographed and I’m sittin’ here with her and, c’mon, I’m only human, Em?” He smiled and he did have one of those ivy-school good looks and charm smiles that worked on many women. Not Emily, but she softened a little.

“Jamaal was kinda like my lab experiment, to be blunt and gross. Truth was, I wanted to fuck a black dude, right? I’m serious. I knew he was a pro athlete but didn’t care shit. Didn’t, don’t look at me like that.” She waved her hand at his grin. “I did it for sex and we got along, but, somethings aren’t like you, you know, planned out, um, well.”

Tad looked at her, “Sounds like there’s more there, Emily. I won’t gossip; let me know.” He gave her the puppy eyes.

Emily sighed. “Well, we did lots of stuff, like threesomes and things where he watched me have sex with people; it was freaky. So it wasn’t like some fairy tale, but then I came in one day, unexpected sorta’, just as he was doin’ a line of blow. I draw the line at drugs, kids. I ain’t gonna preach, I’m just sayin’; it’s not for me, dude, and I was outta there in a hurry.” She laughed. “I can sure pick ‘em, hey?”

Tad simply stared at this exotic creature that was somehow related to him.

Holy fuck, his mother would lose her mind.


Emily was waiting by the window as Chantico brought Carman Da Costa into the room; same room where the night before she and Tad had ended up yakking until two a.m. He’d wanted to stay the night, but she had put her foot down, saying no way, helping him to the door, and that was it. It wasn’t just that he was her first cousin, which was truly gross, but he had been a druggie; supposedly clean now, but Emily’s bias was, once a druggie, always a druggie.  

Things had been a little awkward earlier when Downing came home, but Tad had had enough wine that he wasn’t being the most observant, and the situation was resolved.

But it had been a good visit, all things considered; it had even made Emily a little nostalgic. However, that was then and this was now, and Da Costa was someone Emily had been looking forward to meeting. She looked at the woman as she entered; tall, taller than her; dark, slim, a little masculine; small breasts but long legs rising to inviting hips. Emily could easily imagine the dark, thick tangle of hair between the woman’s thighs.

“Hello, I’m Emily,” she said extending her hand, “Could we bring you something?”

They settled on wine and sat, Da Costa sitting just where Tad had been and Emily in the same place herself. They regarded each other for a moment. For Da Costa, she was aware that Emily was young and attractive, but she wasn’t aware just how incredibly attractive, and how confident, the girl was. Clearly Stafford Hawkins underestimated his offspring; maybe he was in some sort of denial as to what she had become?

“So, what’s up?” Emily asked as she raised her glass to her guest. Both sipped and then Da Costa began. “I am here obviously on behalf of your father, and all of us at Documart, but also for my own curiosity. Let’s begin with the company; you and your aunt have controlling shares, you can make the changes if you wish. What plans do you have?”

Emily regarded the other woman for a moment before she began. “I’ll get right to it, even though I’m sure you’ll just run back to Daddy-dear; doesn’t matter. I’ve been paying attention, Ms. Da Costa, since before I reached my twenty-first, and came into ownership of several companies. I kept expecting my father to contact me, to make arrangements, to negotiate. But nope, nothin’. Then bang, I have control of companies worth, freakin’ millions. And not a word from above.”

She paused to sip some more wine, then stood and began to pace a little. “I tried to figure things, but I couldn’t. My father has always been um, strange, let’s be straight here. But this seemed to be, uh, even more. I became like, concerned; talked with my aunt, saw this whole thing he had built maybe being lost. So, I stepped in where I could. Gradually took control.” She stopped and looked at the other woman.

“I don’t want this fucking company, excuse me, but that’s the truth. But I’m not going to let him junk it. So, to answer your question, um, with what happens next. Well, nothing I hope. You guys keep running it, ‘cause it’s still doing well, for now. There, how’s that. Ease your mind?” She sat down and smiled at Da Costa.

Clearly now it was her turn. Da Costa had been running through certain ways to approach this, but Emily’s bluntness had changed the plan. “That’s, encouraging, Ms. Hawkins.”

“Emily, Emily…”

Da Costa smiled. “Emily. I will, um, report back to your father as you guess, but I will not run back to him. I value my job and wish the company to continue. That means considering you and your aunt in this. It’s no longer just your father’s decisions, correct?”


“I mean, to be clear, if the majority of the shareholders want things, changes or whatever, they will get them. So, I clearly want to work with you, I hope you will believe me.”

“You’re not loyal to my father?”

“I’m loyal within reason, but I work for Documart. I now work for you, Emily. I understand that very well.”

“And how do you feel about that, Ms. Da Costa?”

“Carman, please,” she smiled and her face lost its sternness for a moment. “I feel fine, now that I’ve met you and seen that you are no fool. Sometimes youth faces prejudice. You are capable and that is what matters to me.”

Emily stood and went to the couch, sitting beside Da Costa, who turned to face her. She reached up and gently brushed some dark hair back from the woman’s face; an intimate gesture that Da Costa did not recoil from. Emily then leaned in and kissed the lips, smelling the woman’s delicate scent, which contrasted with her looks. Da Costa kissed her back, gently gripping Emily’s bottom lip for a moment as they separated.

They smiled at each other. Da Costa reached forward and stroked Emily’s face. “I suppose many have told you of what you already know; of how beautiful you are.” she said quietly.

“Yes,” Emily smiled, leaning in and kissing the other woman’s throat several times, ending with one kiss for her face. “But that doesn’t mean I don’t like to hear it, especially from someone as fucking hot as you.”

Da Costa looked like she was about to move in, so Emily spoke. “Hold that, um, thought Carman and give me a couple of minutes.” She then stood and headed upstairs. Downing was at that moment tied naked on her bed, awaiting further punishment; that would have to wait. Emily got him up and led the blindfolded man down the hall to his own room; she dragged the large dog bed along as they went.

Once inside she put Downing on his knees and gave him his instructions; he could sleep in his own room but it was naked and on the dog bed. She would check on him later. “Yes, Miss M.” the man murmured obediently.

Emily then zipped to Melanie’s room and found her lying on her bed with Chantico. “Great,” she enthused, “baby doll can sleep with you tonight, how’s that?” Melanie smiled. She had come to really (really) enjoy having Chantico in her bed. The girl, as Emily had mentioned, was a natural when it came to oral sex, and intimacy in general. For someone who only a little while ago had no sexual experience and was a tangle of repression, she had come out of that quite amazingly. Her first orgasm had had a lot to do with her new found awakening.

With this settled, Emily went back down to the first floor and found Carman standing and looking out at the early darkness.

“This is quite the house,” she noted as Emily came to her and wrapped her arms around her.

“I’ll have to show you it; soon. For now, let me show you this.” Emily then led the woman by the hand to an open area of the carpet, where she knelt down, bringing Carman with her. Silently, the two women undressed each other, with Emily immediately covering one of Carman’s small breasts with her warm mouth once both were completely naked. She sucked on the large nipple and it swelled in appreciation.

“They’re small, not amazing like your breasts.” Carman said quietly.

“They’re beautiful, like you.” Emily whispered, pulling

Carman down to the carpet.

(End of Chapter 04)

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