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A Gathering of Clowns by LongDarkRoad Chapter 13 Lions & Tigers There Were, But No Wolves

A Gathering of Clowns

By LongDarkRoad

Chapter 13 Lions & Tigers There Were, But No Wolves

Downing was allowed this morning to sit on a chair like a human as he spoke with Emily. They were on the patio and Downing was headed to work, face cleaned of all the previous day’s decoration. “Gee, Drewsums, didn’t hardly recognize ya’.” Emily deadpanned and Downing just smiled. Her teasing did not affect him, but he wasn’t going to let her know. Let her have her fun, he thought.

Emily was actually dying to hear his take on what went down last night, but she put that off; she would talk with Chantico (that little devil, she smirked to herself). Right now, she needed to talk about other things. “Ok, Downing the accountant, you need to look harder. Daddy-kins has money in things that are not showing up; where are they? The cash? The companies?”

Downing shook his head. He wasn’t being evasive, he really hadn’t found anything more than what he had given her. “I have looked, Em, Miss M.” he said in his soft voice.

“You need to look harder. I need to know just what he’s got. I don’t know, look behind things. You’re the money guy. Also, if he plans to push things with Melanie and me, I need a warning.”

Downing rose, then added almost as an afterthought. “Did Melanie tell you what they talked about?”

Emily thought for a moment and realized Melanie had not told her much at all, and she had not pursued it. “She didn’t share, which is odd, but then maybe it was, like family. Weird. You don’t know anything either it seems?”

“No, Melanie hasn’t shared and it was not something um, financial I guess, as Mr. Hawkins has said nothing as well. Uh, weird, like you say.”

“Hmmmm…” Emily mused. “Thank you, Drewsie. Keep those ears open.” She paused and smirked, ”Although, you know, we’ll need a name for that other Drewsie, the one with the blonde hair?” Emily laughed out loud. Downing for his part felt a stab of arousal. He would like her to name him, and he had loved dressing as a woman; he was already fantasizing about the next time, but he wasn’t going to tell her that. Yet.

After he had departed and the dedicated Chantico had brought her some tea and toast, Emily lit a cigarette and sat in contemplation: Melanie, Tad, Carman. She needed to talk with all three.

And what had Melanie and Daddy-kins discussed? Maybe nothing, but more likely something.


Carman busied herself today with responsibilities; it seemed a little easier, with Saturday slowly fading. One of their clerk/receptionists was leaving and there were interviews for the position. Carman had her main assistant Tia conduct the initial seven, narrowing the group down to two, and Carman would be interviewing them today.

She also had a buyer for the last of the eight companies Hawkins had tasked her and Ross with selling, and that would take up the afternoon.

It might stop her from thinking about tonight, when Gina and Tracey would be coming to the apartment.

Damn! She thought Focus!


Emily let Melanie settle with her coffee before she started. “Sorry about barging in last night, Mel.” She said without any ‘smirkiness’.

Melanie put her face in her hands, “Oh my God I’m so embarrassed.” Emily went and knelt in front of her aunt and took the woman’s hands, holding them apart. “Mel, look at me. Mel! MEL!”

“Don’t yell, Em.”

“Look at me.” Melanie sheepishly made eye contact, then looked away, to be brought back by Emily shaking her arms. “Look at me and listen to me. Listen!”

“Okay, okay. I’m listening.”

“You. Have. Nothing. To. Be. Ashamed. Of. Got it? Nothing. There is nothing wrong with sex…”

“But Drew…”

“Tell me what happened.” Melanie, with reluctance but responding to Emily’s special brand of encouragement, took her niece through the events of the previous night that saw Chantico bring the feminized Drew into the bedroom, with things progressing, amazingly, from there. This included Downing achieving an erection that Melanie had mounted, also amazingly.

“And how did it feel?” Emily asked gently.

Melanie sighed, “It felt great, but…”

“Did you come…?”


“Did you!?”

Melanie nodded her head, looking ashamed. “Melanie! Stop this. You made love for the first time with your husband, it was great; you had the big ‘O’ and now you’re all silly…”

“But he was dressed as a woman…”

“So what?”

“But it’s…wrong…it’s…immoral…”



“Listen to me, my sweet aunt, there is nothing wrong with feeling good. There is nothing wrong with feeling desire. There is nothing wrong with sex. Got it? Enjoy it, for crying out loud. Damn it, what is in your head?” Melanie smiled a wistful smile, before Emily carried on. “You have found affection and pleasure with Chantico in spite of your, morals. And now, with a little spice, you have had pleasure with hubby dear. Let it go, Mel-bel.”

Melanie smiled again and she and Emily hugged. “That’s good, Mel. That’s good,” She paused. “I think you’re ready now for the midgets.”

“What!?” Melanie exclaimed, and Emily laughed.

“Just joking, Mel. Relax.” The smirk was back.

Emily also decided then to wait and ask Melanie about her meeting a little later. They’d had enough for one session.


Carman had just finished the first interview, Tia Graves assisting her, with a young, petit, Asian-American so keen she was almost vibrating.

“She has great computer skills and a pleasant voice,” Tia noted. Carman agreed, but the girl’s personality was so overwhelming everything else, including the customer, might just be, well, overwhelmed.

Tia brought in the second candidate and Carman felt an immediate tug. The girl was twenty but looked far more mature. She had silky, long, light brown hair which hung part way down her back, but because she was tall, as tall as Carman, the style suited her. What moved Carman was the pleated skirt and white blouse the girl wore; the skirt accentuated lovely, round hips and ass while the blouse could barely contain the plump, round breasts. Topping this was a lovely and innocent face with large brown eyes and full lips, tinted a tantalizing pink today.

Carman smiled and welcomed the girl, making introductions, feeling that tug again when the girl gave her a quick up and down glance with a shy smile. And as she felt this attraction, she was sure the girl did too. Focus! She reminded herself. Damn it!


Emily was about to get ready to go out; she had a meeting with Tad today, when Chantico came in to collect things and the two chatted. Emily was interested in the girl’s reaction to the previous night’s ‘high-jinks’, starting with the decision to put Downing into costume.

“I’m sorry, I should have asked you.” Chantico apologised and Emily waved that off, asking her about what went down when Downing was brought in to Melanie. Not surprising, Chantico was very positive about the encounter, and added in some stuff Melanie hadn’t mentioned, like the fact that, once Melanie got over her surprise, Downing had sex with her three different times; the final time being cowgirl style, where Melanie had her climax.

Emily laughed. “So, you plan to do it again?” Emily asked Chantico, with a smile.

The girl laughed, gave two-thumbs up and nodded her head; Emily also had to laugh at this stamp of approval. “So what are you up to now?” Emily asked; she hadn’t actually considered what the girl did all day.

“I get your father’s injection ready.”

Emily stared at the girl. “Injection for what?”

Chantico shook her head, “I don’t know, Miss M. He has like the illness of some kind. He has the injections. If his helper is here, he gets it ready; if not, I do.”

Following more questions, Chantico took Emily to the upstairs main bath and showed her the box of needles and a large but unmarked jug of solution in the cupboard. “I just prepare one and take it to him.”

“You take it to his room?”

“Oh, no, no. He sits outside, at least in the morning. On those steps by the fountain. He sits out there before he goes to the office. Well, except when he is away of course.”

Emily needed to process this new and interesting info. “So, my father has some illness, or whatever, that has him taking injections every day; sometimes provided by you, as he sits outside in that area at the back?”

“Si, correcto, um, yes. Although he has two injections each day, but you can see him, he’s there now,” Chantico stated, taking out a needle, a funnel and the large bottle then pouring a little of the solution in, testing it, then wrapping the syringe in a towel. “Come.”

Emily followed the girl to what were called the back stairs; used mostly by workers, etc. There were actually no windows for the rooms facing this back area, just these in the stairwell; two small ones that most people would not notice.

Emily stood staring out one now, at her father, sitting in the June sunlight. She saw Chantico go to him, watched in amazement as her father removed his jacket and Chantico plunged the needle quickly into a shoulder; then her father put his jacket back on and Chantico returned to the house. Just like that.

“Holy fuck.” Emily said in a whisper. “Holy fucking fuck.”


The interview with Candace Eiermann had gone well, and Tia had just taken her notes and left, leaving Carman and the girl still chatting about an activity that had come up in the discussion; swimming, of all things. Both women were very good at it. “I don’t get to it as much now, being out of school. I miss it.” Candace stated.

Without thinking why, Carman replied. “Our apartment building has a pool. You could come over some day and check it out. I just moved in and plan on doing some laps soon.”

Candace looked at Carman with her dark, chocolate eyes. You could see her breasts rising and falling, as if with excitement. Candace glanced away and then back, “Would you, um, like me to come by?” She asked.

Carman smiled, feeling even more attracted to this young, delightful woman than earlier. She moved her chair over, murmuring, ”I would like that. Interested?”

Her heart was actually racing.

Candace smiled and even chuckled, then took out her cell. “So, Ms. Da Costa, um, Carman, what is your address?”

Carman gave it to the girl and then said, “I’m putting your cell in my phone.” Both smiled and stood up; they were only a foot apart, perhaps.

Carman reached out and brought the girl in, kissing her mouth, swallowing the tongue that was quickly offered. Soon their hands were meshed in each other’s hair as they sucked on each other’s mouths, before Carman grasped the girl to her, moaning, “Oh God.”

She quickly pulled apart and then looked at the girl’s lovely, youthful face, free of any deception or guile. “You should go. This isn’t the place.”

Candace nodded and kissed Carman’s face gently, several times, then said, “When will I hear from you?”

“Tomorrow. Oh, you start your job Friday.”

Candace’s grin spread attractively across her face. “Thank you, really. I am excited to be working here. And with you.” She smiled. “I hope to hear from you, tomorrow.” She turned to go, then paused and looked back. “I have no plans for tomorrow night. A swim would be fun.” She smiled again and left; Carman stood, supporting herself with her chair.

Damn! She thought, and not for the last time. How many women do I need???


Tad didn’t look well. He was shaved and wearing a clean shirt; his hair was combed, but his eyes gave him away. “How’s it hangin’, Tad?” Emily asked, although she pretty much knew the answer.

“Good,” Tad lied, “Yeah, things are good.”

“They’ve completed the filming, I hear,” she added.

“Pretty much, at least Morris said that. They’ve got a coupl’a, like, re-shoots or whatever, but stuff looks good. Giselle says she’s been told her parts are complete and she’s been paid, so she’s happy.”

“Good news; that is good. Faster they can get the thing to cable the faster the money comes in.”

“Exactly,” Tad nodded his head, and they sat in silence for a moment. They were in a little park, kind of tucked away just off the main road into Adams Hill. No one else was around and the traffic was light. They seemed isolated, even being in the heart of Glendale.

“So,” Emily began, “speaking of money; seems we’re a, um, tad, short, excuse the pun.”

Tad rubbed his face, “Look Em, I can explain that and I’ve got it covered.”

“Really, Tad. You’ve got it covered. Don’t shit me.”

At that moment, it turned out they weren’t as isolated as imagined. Three men came out from a clump of pines. “Hey, fuck…!” Tad shouted as they grabbed him. They were all large, and the largest slammed a fist into Tad’s stomach causing his face to puff out like a cartoon balloon. Once down on his knees, a second man drove his knee into Tad’s groin, forcing him into a fetal position.

As the third man picked Tad up by the hair, Emily said, “Not his face,” and the man slammed his fist into Tad’s side, damaging a rib. They looked at the fallen body for a moment, then nodded to Emily and left as quickly as they came.

Emily knelt beside her cousin and lit a smoke, waiting as he slowly came back to reality. She gently slapped his face. “We’re short one million eight, where’s it coming from, asshole?” She blew smoke into his face.

Tad coughed, making a painful expression. “E-um, em, Jesus, Em. We’re family, what the…”

She slapped his face harder. “Cut the crap, asshole. Family shouldn’t steal from each other, hey?” She stood and placed a foot on Tad’s face. “Well, maybe they do, but then there’s Hell to pay. We’ll talk later, and remember, I told them to leave that pretty face of yours alone. That’s this time.” She flicked her cigarette away and walked off, leaving Tad to lie groaning on the grass.


“Hey Mel-bel,” Emily called. Melanie rose from a chair in the library and came to the hall.

“Em.” She said. “Did you see Tad.”

“I did.”

“And how’s he doing?”

Emily paused, “Oh, you know old Tad; full of stories, right. But, I’ll be hookin’ up with him again soon, so… Hey, anyway, heard from a little canary wondering what went down when you and Daddy-dearest had your chat. Anything to tell me?”

Melanie looked down. She could never lie to Emily, which meant at times just avoiding her. But she had nowhere to go just now. “He, um, wanted to know how I got involved in the whole shares thing.” She paused.

“Okay, I get that. You probably told him it was my idea, which it was, right?”

“Th-that’s right, he’d figured that out.”

Emily paused. She didn’t like making things hard for Melanie. Someone like Tad, that was different. He’d always been in one scam or another. “But, Mel, if he knew it was my idea, why did he need to meet with you? And at his office. Something doesn’t add up.”

“Oh, jeez, Em, I can’t lie to you.” And so Melanie rolled out the whole story about Seth, and the sex and the wild weekend and that it was filmed and now Hawkins had it.

Emily paused, considering. “So, if he made it, like public, you know…available, what would that mean, to you?” Emily asked, quietly.

Melanie sat looking sad. “People I know might see it. It’s so embarrassing. I would be called a whore; I couldn’t be involved with the club or any of those people…”

“How involved are you now?” Emily asked quietly. “I don’t want to screw up your life, Mel, I’m just trying to show you that I don’t think Daddy-kins has that much of a hold on you. You’re not a public figure; you don’t do much out there in the big world. Yeah, it might be embarrassing, but you’d have enough money to take off and live wherever you wanted. Places where nobody knew you.”

Melanie looked down. “But I don’t want to leave, Emily.”

Emily nodded; she knew that. “I know, Mel. We’ll deal with Baron Von Hawkins another way.” Emily hugged her aunt to her.


The three naked bodies, Carman, Gina and Tracey, lay huddled together on the floor, while Folake sat on the couch wearing only panties and her wide smile, sipping bourbon. It had been ninety minutes of pretty intense sex and now everyone was resting.

The evening had started with Carman doing a strip dance for the women, then having her hands cuffed behind her. She performed oral sex on each woman in turn, as the other one paddled Carman’s ass with a number of different implements, provided helpfully by Folake.

Next up, each woman in turn fucked Carman with a strap-on dildo; vaginally, and then anally. Finally Carman sucked and licked each woman to orgasm, before the two women returned the favor, working as a team on Carman’s pussy and ass. And now they lay.

Gina rolled over and crawled to Folake, sitting at her feet. “What are your husbands up to?” Folake asked, a twinkle in her eye.

Gina laughed. “The usual. Business. Although Jake will be home tonight, so I’ll need to get going.” Gina then recounted how the two women, neighbors, both thirty-three, had found themselves together a lot as their husbands travelled for work. Rather than looking for men, they ‘had some fun’ together one night and really enjoyed it.

They had been in the sex shop on the weekend looking for toys for their new hobby: friendly-neighbor, girl-on-girl sex.

“Can I tell you something, Folake?” Gina asked, looking up with her blue-green eyes.

“Of course, my dear,” Folake replied, stroking the woman’s attractive face and short, dark hair.

“I would like to be like Carman, with you.”

Folake smiled. “You would like to be my slave?”

Gina made a small grimace. “Not slave, but, um, submissive, I think. This is pretty new to me; I’m just dealing with feelings, like, but I would like to serve you, um, be used by you.” She smiled shyly, “Be spanked by you.” Folake stroked the face gently some more, as the woman asked. “Can I come back?”

Gina rubbed her face against Folake’s leg. Folake responded by pulling her panties off and directing Gina’s face between her thighs, where the woman proved to be a gentle, enthusiastic and thorough muff-muncher. “You should reconsider,” Folake, eyes closed, murmured to the woman, “you’d make a fine slave.”


Carman’s phone rang, and looking at the clock she noted the time was just past nine. This morning, following the late night, had been a rush and she had really not had a chance to say much to Folake. It was she calling now.

“I’m sorry to disturb you at work, my dear. I can call back if…”

“No, no,” Carman protested. “I can talk. I was going to call you anyway. Last night, jeez, was great, at least I thought it was. Although my um, buns, took a, er, beating.”

Folake laughed. “You were a hit my girl, and I loved watching you.”

Carman paused, then asked, “Do you want to do that a lot; mmm, watch me?”

Folake replied evenly, “Yes I do. I very much want to see you having sex with other women, especially groups of women. You are too wonderful a slave to be kept locked away. My plan for you would be to take you places and show you off. There are lots of women for you to pleasure, and for me to enjoy as I watch you.”

Carman sat, her hand squeezing between her legs, “God, Folake, you’re making it very hard for me to work.” Folake laughed loudly, as Carman continued. “I’ve, um, invited our new staff member to come by tonight.”

“You plan to have sex with her?”

“I, um, really hope so…”

There was a pause, Carman now worried she had gone too far, but Folake replied, “That is excellent. I will have to meet her, too, you understand, but make this happen my sweet. I want your face buried in pussies. That’s the plan.”

“Don’t know if I can last until tonight,” Carman purred.

“Of course you will. See you later.”

Carman groaned and ended the call, reluctantly removing her hand from her crotch. Tonight seemed a long time away. What had happened to her?? She pondered, smiling ruefully and shaking her head.


Candace came striding up the wide walkway with an athlete’s natural grace. She was dressed in tight jeans and a t-shirt, rekindling Carman’s arousal. Carman took the girl’s hand after ‘hellos’ and led her inside. As the elevator headed down one floor, the two exchanged a kiss, breaking apart as the car thumped to a stop.

They came out to an area with washrooms and change rooms. Carman led the way directly through a change room and then out to the pool area, where the two stood, looking at the Olympic-sized pool. The place was deserted but clean and inviting, but Carman did not have swimming on her mind.

Taking Candace’s hand, Carman moved to one wall, pulled Candace’s t-shirt over her head and then sat on a bench and looked at the girl, who was standing and waiting, a smile on her face. Carman reached up and unbuttoned the jeans, pulling them down to the sneakers. She rubbed her palm against the dark rug nestling below the thin fabric of Candace’s light green panties.

Candace moaned and gripped Carman’s head, grabbing two handfuls of hair, swaying slightly. Carman put her mouth onto the panties and sucked the area through the fabric, before pulling the tiny garment off in a rush and shoving her face into the inviting ‘v’ of Candace’s legs. Sucking madly for a few moments, with Candace humping her hips and groaning, Carman then turned the girl around and had her bend slightly forward.

Carman traced a path with her tongue up the left leg and thigh and then, spreading the buttocks, her tongue plunged into the dark, creased hole. Less than ten seconds later Candace shuddered and spasmed and emitted a series of ‘oh oh oh’s’ before slowly collapsing to her knees, to rest ass in the air and face, a huge grin on it, against the tile of the pool room floor, eyes closed.


Folake had left Carman tied to their bed. She had met the lovely Candace and watched as she and Carman pleasured each other in the classic sixty-nine position, Candace having her second orgasm and Carman her first. After goodbye kisses, Folake had spanked Carman for a few minutes before tying her as she was now; face up, spread-eagle; vibrating egg inserted in her vagina, butt plug in her anus and blindfolded.

Folake was on her way to a meeting. As she pulled into the driveway she texted her arrival and was told to ‘take the elevator’, just to her left. Exiting on the correct floor she walked along the wide hallway, stopping at the last door.

Stafford Hawkins had basically one side of the third floor to himself. Folake entered his office, which had another small room off to her left. To the right was a door adjoining with Hawkins’s actual bedroom and from that room, one went into his ‘collection’ room. There was one last room, sitting empty at this time, at the end of the hall.

“Ms. Alvarez,” Hawkins greeted the woman, his face today having a wolf-like look about it; lean and hungry.

“Mr. Hawkins,” Folake replied without emotion.

“So, you have found new, lodgings,” Hawkins grinned; although on him it was more like a grimace.

“Yes, but not far. I have decided to stay, as I indicated.”

“And Da Costa, is with you, I understand.”

“She is.”

Hawkins paused. “I still need to have her in, em, close contact with my daughter.”

Folake nodded. “That is understood, and she still is. Your daughter is not one to be pinned down, sir, but Ms. Da Costa remains close to her.”

“And yet, no news of any, developments. It seems very quiet; quiet concerns me.”

Folake smiled and moved closer to his desk, which was a twin to the one in his main office; large and impressive. “We believe there is no news because your daughter is just getting used to the, as we say, lay of the land. I don’t believe, until she speaks with you, that anything will occur. But you are already busy, I hear. Your money is being, consolidated.”

Hawkins’s eyes narrowed to slits. “Yes, Ms. Alvarez, I have plans. I have had them for a while; my daughter’s actions did not, shall we say, actually precipitate them.“ He grinned again; it was not a friendly smile.

Folake turned to leave, “Well, Da Costa is controlled as you wished. Let me know if there is anything else.”

“This, Ms. Alvarez.” Hawkins indicated something on his desk. Folake walked over and retrieved it. It was a check; a sum in five figures. “As discussed, my dear.” He said.

“Thank you,” Folake smiled, picking it up. “I’ll be in touch.”

“I’m sure you will.” Stafford Hawkins murmured. “Oh, and thank you for the last video of Da Costa and the two women. Where on earth do you come up with them?” He chuckled. “Anyway, the punishment was satisfying. I would like more of that and less of the other.”

Folake smiled again. “Good day, sir.”

(End of Chapter 13)

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