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A Mask Of Love by LongDarkRoad Chapter 1 A Woman Is Not What She Thinks, But What She Hides

A Mask of Love

By LongDarkRoad

Chapter 01

A Woman Is Not What She Thinks, But What She Hides 

And still you come to me as I wait, disguised in my silence,

your memory still warm within; the dagger of jealous pity piercing my armor,

a mask of love placed so as to hide the truth;

It was the earliest sexual-based memory she had, and it involved her father. But not in the way most would immediately assume. Jessica Robb and her friend, and now housemate Lia Robinson, were having drinks and somehow the conversation had drifted here, to sexual memories.

“My first memory is, like, dark. I’m not kidding.” Jessica sipped her Merlot.

Lia studied her companion. Although she had known her, not closely but for several years; since high school in fact; it was only now with them sharing a house that she seemed to really regard the woman. At school they had chatted occasionally, but always about gossip or insignificant things. They had been in several classes together in their graduation year; but they had never gone out or shared anything remotely intimate in their chats. Both girls had been loners in their own way.

Lia, large and intimidating, but struggling with her sexuality. Jessica, attractive but inclined to not enhance it, preferring to stay on the sidelines, out of direct view. A few teachers had discovered one thing about Jessica which she tried to hide from classmates; she was amazingly intelligent; but the teachers had discovered this through the ‘back door’ as it were, as they dealt with Jessica’s plots and schemes. She would rarely train her mind on her studies.

“Hmmmm,” Lia grunted, “try being black in a white school for some dark memories, there bitch.” She grinned, sipping her scotch.

Jessica smiled at the woman across from her, the thick, black hair on her head cut short; she was not concerned with looking masculine now. Being five-nine and a little ‘beefy’ worked well in the juvenile detention center where she was a guard. “You’re not black, you’re beige, girl.” Jessica noted to her Jamaican partner. “And why the Hell do you drink scotch? Jeez.” They both laughed.

Lia continued. “Come on, out with it. You always talk around things, girl, give me some straight shit sometime. I will tell you stuff, but now you’ve got me interested with your hush hush bullshit.” She paused, “And I drink scotch ‘cuz I like to sip.”

Jessica smiled and ran a long, painted nail up the side of her wine glass. She had musician’s hands, with slender fingers; although she wasn’t a musician. She had found her calling with computers, a place she could lose herself in, become who she wished and ignore all the expectations and the insinuations of others.

Now twenty-two, she had evolved into a lovely and feminine woman, one who almost over-emphasized feminine traits; her walk, her hand gestures. Her long, light brown hair, so soft and alluring. She and Lia were strikingly opposite in appearance, which was one of the things that Jessica liked about their relationship. “I think we, at least I, need another drink, doll.” She smirked, signalling the server.

In a moment the short, slight and pretty girl made eye contact, noted Jessica’s signal and then, after a trip to the bar returned with scotch for one and wine for the other. Jessica nonchalantly ran her hand up the server’s leg, right up under her short black dress. The girl laughed and moved side-ways a step, but didn’t appear concerned. “Thanks cutie,” Jessica smiled up at the girl, “Tell me. Which one of us would you let go down on you?”

The girl laughed and placed her tray against her mid-section, almost as a shield. “Well, um, actually like I’ve got a boyfriend, right?” She smiled and moved off, but did look back to catch Jessica smirking at her.

Lia laughed, “You wouldn’t have done that back in high school.”

Jessica shook her head, “Nope, back then I was too busy figuring out what I was.”


In another bar, a few blocks away, Kevin Greenfield sipped his beer and listened with interest and wonder to the lovely young woman who was singing on the small stage. The room was at least two thirds full to see Meg and Mary, and they were appreciative of the girls’ harmonies and selection of covers and a few well-written originals. Kevin was more interested than most, however, as the Meg in Meg and Mary, was his daughter.

It had been years since the divorce, and Kevin had spent a lot of time and not a little money in tracking down his ex-wife and their daughter; but once he found her, living now in Ottawa, Canada, he was in no rush to meet her. He understood how disruptive it could be for the young woman he didn’t really know, and for now he simply wanted to learn more himself.

He sat and sipped his beer, amazed that an offspring of his could be so talented. He, himself, had no artistic ability of any kind; zero. He smiled a smile of pride.


“Ok, so I was, like, seven, so we’re talking like years ago.”

“Absolutely,” Lia nodded her head, a small grin on her face, “Um, decades, right? Centuries even?”

“Yeah, yeah, smart ass; you keep interrupting and we’ll start talking sports.” Jessica raised an eyebrow.

“Sorry, I was being a smart ass ‘cuz I know this is…awkward. I’ll keep my yap closed.”

“Good. Ok, so,” Jessica sipped some wine, aware that

the server had just been regarding her again. “So, it had been a couple of year since my mom had died, and my dad had married my dear old step-mom, the witch. It was maybe four or five months since she’d moved in. We were living in this old house in Vancouver, with the bedrooms upstairs, and it had these big grates in the floor, big black things. You could look right down and see the room below.

There were three bedrooms up and the spare one had this big grate and I used to, like, use it to spy on um, whoever. It was just fun. I wasn’t trying to learn anything.”

“Hey, you were a kid. Kids like to spy. I used to watch my older brother jerk off.”

Jessica grinned, “Gee, thanks for sharing.” They both laughed. “Too bad for you it was a skill you never needed to use.”

Jessica chuckled and Lia laughed out loud. “Yeah, it was even kinda’ boring then, but sorry, go on.”

Jessica started up again. “Yeah, um, well, one night I was just doin’ some spyin’ and I see my father, the step-bitch and a friend of hers down below; it was the living room, right? But I sat frozen, ‘cuz my dad was naked. I shoulda’ just run off, fuck, but I was, I don’t know, transfixed I guess. Anyway, I sat and watched.”

Lia did not interrupt here; she simply nodded her head and waited.


Mary gave Meg a little hug, “Man, that was cool. Gee, I saw some money go in the tip hat, eh?”

Meg waved an array of bills, before handing some to her partner, “With the door, we got two hundred and sixty-five bucks, kiddo. Our best night.”

“Cool,” Mary said, stuffing the cash in her pocket, “maybe you can quit your bookstore gig and do this full time?”

“And you’d leave your job and tour with me, hmmmm?” Meg replied. Mary looked up at her friend, the Irish in the girl’s heritage showing as the stage lights lit her auburn curls.

Shaking her head, Mary replied, “You’re right, we need to take things slower. But tonight was fun; performing is fun, even if it makes me think I’ll pee myself.” Both girls laughed and picked up their guitar cases, heading out. From his car, Kevin watched his daughter and her friend head down the street and then disappear behind the building by the parking lot.

Stopping by Meg’s old car, Mary said, “So, want to get together later this week or…?”

“I’ll call you; we don’t have another gig for two weeks, which is too bad ‘cuz I’m pumped.”

“Me too,” Mary agreed, then leaned up (Meg at five-six being a touch taller than she was) and kissed Meg on the mouth.

The girl stood looking puzzled. “What was that?” she asked, eyebrows raised.

“Hey, no big deal. I like you, we’re buds, and it was really good tonight. What’s wrong with expressing ourselves.”

“But, you’re not a….”

“Lesbian? Oh, please, Meg. Let’s cool it with the labels. I just kissed Meg Greenfield, a person I like. There, that’s it. I’m not going to run off and hump the first woman I see or anything.”

Meg suddenly felt sheepish, “Hey, look, I’m sorry. That was an over-reaction.”

“Good.” Mary said, and leaned up and kissed Meg again, holding it a little longer, then she smiled and waved. ”Call me, kid.”

Meg stood for a moment just watching her friend walk away. That kiss had felt very nice. Since her break-up with long-time boyfriend Derek five months ago, Meg had been reluctant about any sort of dating or, well, anything. She waved at Mary, “I will.”


“It is so crazy, now looking back, trying to get into my head what I thought when I was seven. I had never even seen a cock, well, I saw our neighbor boy’s little junk package when he was three and would run around naked. So I kinda’ knew the deal, but to see my father’s cock, a man’s cock; and it was hard; stickin’ out.”

Lia could not stay quiet, “What the Hell was goin’ on down there, girl?”

“Kinky shit.”

“No kiddin’.” They both sipped some more.

“So the step-bitch was wearin’ just her undies, and then the other lady came into view and she was totally naked and I saw my first bush. Neither of the gals were into shavin’ the pubes, obviously. One had black hair and one light brown; I saw the witch a little later. And both were hairy, right up their asses and bellies. I remember thinking there was an animal between their legs.”

Both women hooted at this, and then their server came over. “You ladies need a top up,” she said smiling, and then Jessica slid her hand up the woman’s leg again, but this time the girl did not move away.

“We’re good for a few minutes, give us ten maybe, but, you know, you didn’t answer our question last time.” Jessica was gently squeezing the woman’s left cheek as she asked this.

The server smiled, “But I told you, I have a boyfriend.”

“So, what’s that got to do with anything? He ain’t here now, is he? Do you guys even live together?”

The server looked a little uncomfortable with the question, but she still hadn’t moved, and Jessica’s fingers were now stroking her panty-covered vagina. “Well, still, you’ve gotta’ be faithful, eh?” The woman moved gently away and Jessica let her hand fall. “Be back in a few minutes.” Lia chuckled as the server moved off, Jessica’s eyes focused on the woman’s ass.

“Shit girl, you got balls; or somethin’. Ok, back to the story. What the Hell was goin’ down?”


Meg carefully drove her 2004 Focus west out of the downtown area, heading to the little rental condo she had moved into just three weeks earlier. She was always terrified the vehicle would suddenly die, and she would be stranded.

Recently graduated from business school, she had not found a real job, yet, working part time in a downtown bookstore while playing wherever she could. It was her dream to be a performer; likely why she had not really pursued any other job.

Once home, she lay on her worn, garage sale couch, covered with a blanket to improve its appearance, and thought, with a smile, of the night. It had been rewarding; but what of the kiss from Mary? She got up and made herself a cup of tea; she would think of Mary later.

Across town, in a much nicer condo, Kevin Greenfield also thought with fondness of the night; his daughter could clearly use his assistance and his means; but would she accept his help? And how would he go about approaching her and offering?

He got up and poured himself a glass of Jack Daniels.

He needed something stronger than beer.


“Ok, so to shorten this thing down, I watched what went down on that night, even though I didn’t understand it. And I saw more; my father’s, um, abuse I guess you could call it, would happen a couple of times a month. Sometimes he was too far over and I couldn’t see what was happening, through the grate, but I saw enough over time.”

Lia contemplated the young woman who now sat in thought. “Okay, good so far; but I want details; you’re not gonna’ start something’ like this and leave out the good parts, even if they’re about dear old papa, eh?”

Jessica snorted. “Ok, they did stuff to his cock; they had scarves or whatever tied around and they yanked him; they actually kicked his balls, both women took turns. When his erection faded, they would touch him and play with him and get it back, but they never let him come.

They made him lick their feet and grovel; they stuck things up his ass and he thanked them, on his knees. Shit. They led him around with a collar around his neck. They blindfolded him and had him lick their hairy pussies. And then one day, we moved out of that house and I couldn’t see what happened to him in our new place. I know stuff did; I could hear it, right; but I couldn’t see it.”

Lia finished her scotch. “Shit,” she replied.

Jessica sat in thought again, then blurted out, “I played with my little, tight pussy that first night, and every time after. I didn’t have a clue why; it just happened and felt good. But now, when I see someone on their knees with a collar, being led around naked, it all comes back, only now it really turns me on.”

At this point the server returned. “Ready for another now, ladies?” she asked, smiling broadly.

“What time do you get off?” Jessica asked; she was smiling sweetly; her winning smile; apparently it was effective.

The server hesitated for a moment, then said, “In half an hour.”

“We’ll meet you out back, ok? I’m driving a blue Prius. Bring the tab now, ok hon?” The girl swallowed and hurried off. Lia looked across the table and smiled, gently shaking her head.


At two in the morning, Kendra Chand came down the stairs into the pleasantly furnished living room of the house she shared with Lia Robinson and Jessica Robb. At thirty she was the oldest, and her career as a lawyer, now in its third year, meant she earned the most, which was why she put in half the down payment for the house while the other two split the remaining half. The same thing was in place with the monthly mortgage.

For this, she got to make decisions about furnishings, etcetera, the result being that the home was attractive and pleasant. “If it was my place, we’d be sitting on boxes.” Jessica had remarked. Lia had concurred, both agreeing that Kendra should be the one in charge.

Chand stood an average five-five, just like Jessica, but unlike the slim brown-haired girl, Kendra was stocky with generous hips and modest breasts (if I start going pear-shape, shoot me, she’d chortled to her housemates). Her dark, straight, short hair marking her father’s East Indian ancestry, but with a complexion looking like a good tan, showing her mother’s English heritage’s contribution to her DNA. She was a no-nonsense sort whose sexuality was flexible.

“Who’s the naked girl tied to the bed in the spare bedroom?” she asked Lia and Jessica, both lounging in on couches. She did not sound startled at this, just curious. Jessica, wearing just a T-shirt and her thong panties snorted and threw a cushion at Lia. “We didn’t even get the girl’s name, Boss,” she laughed.

Lia caught the cushion and added, “Ha ha; I guess we had other things on our mind.” Both young women laughed. Once they had her home, they had instructed the girl to strip as they watched, Lia then spanking her until she cried and agreed to do what they wished.

Jessica had then attached one of her dog collars on the girl and had Lia walk her around the living room as she watched and fondled herself. The girl’s hands were then tied behind her and she was made to lick and suck the two very different vaginas that her face had been pushed into; Lia’s dark, heavy ‘sausage-like’ labia, and Jessica’s shaved and tight pink pussy, with its single labia ring below a silver belly-button bar.

The girl was then tied to the bed in the upstairs room, with both Lia and Jessica riding the girl’s face to another orgasm before they took turns fucking her with an assortment of strap-ons.

They had left her blindfolded and with her panties stuffed into her mouth as they came downstairs to relax. Jessica in fact had just returned from a joint on the patio and they had just begun chatting about their captive minutes before Kendra’s arrival.

“So what’s the deal?” Kendra asked, “She anybody’s, um, property?”

Both of her housemates shook their heads, “She’s just fun and games, K. Go help yourself if you want.”

“How far can I go?” Kendra asked. Both Lia and Jessica knew Kendra’s interests were with BDSM; it was how Lia had met the woman two years ago.

“Just take it easy, Kend, ok? No harm. We’ve already spanked her ass and fucked her really hard. Have fun, just don’t break anything, all right?”

Kendra chuckled, “No worries, kids; she’ll still be in one piece for the morning. I’m thinking you’ll want to use her again?” Both women nodded their heads as Kendra made her way back upstairs.


Not feeling tired, and with her mind going around in circles, Meg got up and went to her computer. She checked a few emails, catching up for the last week. Then she did a search for ‘lesbian seduction’.

Half an hour later she shut things down; the girls in the videos were all so artificial that it really didn’t do much for her, although the more she thought of some soft womanly lips kissing her ‘naughty parts’, the more dedicated her fingers became as they pressed on her clit, circling the soft bud. “Uummmm,” she moaned, feeling a nice glow spread through her.

She then pictured Mary’s blond head between her thighs and her face looking up at her; this moved things along. She felt an orgasm was close, just needed a little more fantasy. Without any plan, her next thoughts were of herself, kneeling naked in front of Mary, as her friend spread her legs.

“Lick me, Meg bitch,” the Mary in her fantasy directed, and Meg saw in her mind a vagina, lightly covered in blond hair, open before her; and then her mouth descend on it with eagerness. “Uhhhh,” Meg cried, as this vision did the trick and her body responded with a quick series of spasms. “Mmmmmm,” She moaned softly, a smile on her face.


Eight AM Saturday morning and Lia and Jessica brought the server downstairs, her hands tied behind her. Some mild welts on her ass and a few bits of wax on her freshly shaved pussy were all the evidence of Kendra’s time with her. The girl mumbled something in protest but her mouth was still gagged. She still had her collar on and Jessica had the leash attached as they led the naked girl into their back yard.

One of the things they had liked about their property was the back yard’s orientation to its neighbors and its high fence. No one could see them and that was good because they planned to use this area for ‘fun’. Right now they asked the girl if she needed to pee and she nodded her head ‘yes’ and they pointed to the grass and she shook her head ‘no’.

“Ok, little cunt, we’re going inside. This is your only chance; if you pee inside we’ll make you lick it up,” Lia warned. They turned and started back inside and the girl pulled on her leash and made noises, then nodded her head ‘yes’.

They stood back as she squatted down and closed her eyes, before sending a yellow stream into the grass. Lia forced the girl’s eyes open, saying, “No hiding, little cunt.” When the girl finished she looked down at the grass. Lia tilted the girl’s face up and said,

“Wipe yourself, on the grass, like a dog.”

Both Jessica and Lia had to chuckle at the girl as she awkwardly cleaned herself. Lia didn’t help the situation by taking some pictures of this action with her cell.

They then had the girl pose in various positions with her legs spread wide as they both took some more shots.


Kevin Greenfield was having breakfast in a restaurant close to his condo. At some point he would have to decide what he wanted to do, but for now he knew he needed to head back to Toronto and deal with some business.

If all went well, in a few weeks he could move back here and settle in for a while, maybe for good; then he would be able to begin the process of meeting his daughter.

That was his plan.


Meg woke, showered, had some cereal and then thought of the evening before. She texted Mary to see if she could come over to rehearse on Tuesday and when the reply said, “Sure. What time?” she smiled.


Jessica dropped the girl, whose name they learned was Allie, in front of a nondescript brown townhouse. “So, you ok?” She asked.

The girl nodded her head, “That was some night,” she murmured.

“Yeah, it was probably more than what you thought,” Jessica smiled ruefully, not looking Allie in the eye.

Allie nodded. “Yeah, you got that right. I really, um, wanted to just be with you.”

Jessica looked up and they studied each other for a moment, “Do you really have a boyfriend?”

The girl grinned and nodded, “Yup again. Ragan. Five months now.”

“But you need…more?” Jessica asked quietly.

Allie shrugged her shoulders, “I guess, although I hadn’t thought of it. Until you started rubbing my leg and I wanted you to keep going.”

Jessica laughed, “Well, I did that for sure.” They sat in silence for a moment.

“Can I see you again?” Allie asked quietly.

Jessica wasn’t sure about this, but she smiled and said. “Sure. Let’s hook up again. Same deal?”

“I wish it was just you. I’d like to make love to you, just you. But if the others have to be involved, I’m ok I guess with that.”

“You had at least four orgasms, kid.”

Allie blushed, “I know, jeez, crazy eh? But I’ll leave it up to you.”

Jessica leaned over and kissed the girl, long and tenderly, licking her mouth when she pulled away. “Ok, I’ll be back at ya’. I saw you writing your cell down for Lia.”

Allie nodded. “Yeah, it’s hard to say no to her, she scares me.” She grinned and climbed out of the car, then stood watching as Jessica pulled out and headed down the road for home.

(End of Chapter 01)

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