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A Mask of Love by LongDarkRoad Chapter 2 The Silence Often Of Pure Innocence Persuades

A Mask of Love

by LongDarkRoad

Chapter 02

The Silence Often of Pure Innocence Persuades

Sunday night and Kendra, Lia and Jessica sat in their living room with a drink (one only, what with work tomorrow) and chatted. Saturday night had been uneventful, which was okay with everyone; considering their late and eventful Friday night and early Saturday morning.

“So what’s your sked, there, Lia babe?” Kendra asked.

“This week eleven to nine, and I work this Saturday.”

“Bummer,” Jessica noted.

“Tell me about it,” Lia concurred, “but it’s only one weekend a month, and everyone has to do it.”

“What about you, kid?” Kendra looked at Jessica, who worked as a data analysist for a large, local communications company.

“I have to be in the office Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday is a flex day, can work from home or go in late, and Thursday is a ten o’clock start but later close, then Friday morning I have a job which I can do from here, but I need to be in the office in the afternoon.”

“How do you keep track of all that stuff?” Kendra asked with a puzzled look, but Jessica just laughed, and Kendra smiled. Her own schedule was busy but not so predictable. As a corporate lawyer, she needed to meet client’s needs and time schedules.

Everyone had a sip of their drinks and sat quietly. Lia spoke up, “Thought any more of what you have in mind, Jess, you know, for fun and games?” She winked.

“What’s this?” Kendra asked, having not been a party to the Friday discussions and no one had talked of anything in particular until now.

“Jess and I were just talking about finding certain, um, kinds of women, sorta’ like that girl on Friday….”

“Allie…” Jessica interjected.

“Yeah, her. We picked her up and used her and we all had some fun. So….”

“So?” Kendra asked, interested.

“So, wouldn’t it be fun to have some girls right here we could use. House girls.” Lia chortled and everyone smirked.

“Well,” Kendra offered, “that’s funny, because I was thinking about doing something down in the basement; you know, put in a room where we could have fun with these girls we bring home. Having that girl, um, Allie, here was good, but that bedroom isn’t really set up for um, you know, things.”

“What kind of things?” Jessica asked, a twinkle in her eye.

Kendra smirked, “Oh, yeah, like you have no ideas.” Everyone laughed at this. “What would you like, Lia? What kind of girl works for you?”

Lia regarded her glass for a moment. “Well, I like ‘em young, and pretty, and feminine.” She paused. “And I like them unconfident and manageable. The girls I’ve used at the centre, and, hmmmm, there have only been three, I was thinking about this today. Three girls in four years; but they all had the same, um, thing…”

“Characteristic?” Jessica offered quietly.

“Yeah, that’s it. A certain characteristic. They were all easily broken; they had fear in their eyes, and when I made them strip and do things, they were frightened. I seemed to feed off that; crazy hey?”

Both her housemates shrugged; who were they to judge, even if Lia was walking a dangerous line?


Back at his office on Monday, Kevin Greenfield threw himself into his projects. He wanted to wrap this stuff up and give himself some time without any responsibilities. Maybe he could even shorten his stay here to a month?

Should he contact Sue, his ex-wife? Probably not a good idea. Anyway, she had moved to Pittsburgh and would really be of no help. Greenfield’s phone rang and his mind went back to business.


Tuesday after work, Kendra had wrapped up things early enough to make a little stop at the book store on the ground floor of their building. The girl at the cash was someone she had noticed before; a very pretty girl with auburn hair and a manner that Kendra found, appealing. Kendra checked the nametag, ‘Meg’. Hmmmm, she thought, Meg; what is your story?


That night, after Mary and Meg had rehearsed for a couple of productive hours, they decided to relax with some wine on Meg’s couch.

“When you going to replace this old thing?” Mary asked, sitting down gingerly.

Meg laughed. “After my first hit song.”

“I’ll drink to that.” Mary announced, raising her glass and then taking a drink. The two young women chatted pleasantly as the first glass of wine went down, and then there was a pause, and suddenly Meg felt a little shy.

“What is it there, girl?” Mary asked, lifting Meg’s face.

Meg smiled, “I was just thinking about our, you know, goodbye the other night.”

“Our kiss, well, kisses?” Mary raised an eyebrow, and Meg nodded her head. “You liked them.”

Meg paused, before saying quietly, “I did.”

“And…?” Mary smiled a mischievous smile. Meg just laughed and got flustered, so Mary leaned in and kissed her. The two held the kiss for a long while, and then kissed again, Mary’s hand coming up to brush away some hair from Meg’s face, and then to gently hold it.

Meg reached her hand up and stroked Mary’s arm. Mary introduced her tongue into Meg’s mouth slowly, and then accepted Meg’s in return, sucking it gently, before reaching up and cradling one of Meg’s small breasts.

As Mary gently squeezed and caressed the flesh though shirt and bra, feeling the nipple harden to her touch, Meg murmured, “It’s not very big, eh?”

Mary placed Meg’s hand on her slightly larger breast saying, “It doesn’t matter. All that matters is it’s yours, and it feels wonderful.”

“Yours feels really nice, too.” Meg said quietly as her hand closed and opened on the soft mound. Silently, Mary lifted her top off and then unclasped her bra, letting it fall away and directing Meg’s mouth down to a swollen nipple. “Ummmm, oh jeez,” Meg murmured as she took in as much breast as possible, sucking hard on the nipples as Mary moaned in response.

“Oh fuck, Meg. You’re telling me you haven’t done this before, ummmmm?” Mary’s hands were now grasping masses of Meg’s lovely hair. Standing up, Mary undid her jeans and pulled them down, then turned and teasingly drew his panties down over her round hips, wiggling her ass as she did this dance. Turning back, she reached over and opened Meg’s mouth, putting her panties in. She then helped Meg to stand up and removed her pants and thong.

“Sexy!” She enthused and then added, “Oh, wow, your hair down here is something,” before burying her face in the dense tangle of reddish curls. Meg groaned in reply as Mary’s tongue had found her clit mound and was sucking and licking on and around it.

After some persistent oral, and believing that Meg was close to orgasm, Mary paused and stood, then took Meg by the hand and led the way to the bedroom.


“Hey, we never discussed your ‘girl’,” Kendra noted as she and Jessica ate together in their place, Lia as she had mentioned not coming home until later that night.

Jessica laughed, “Yeah, I don’t think I’m, like, as specific, you know, as Lia was. She’s put some thought into this. I have tended to kinda’ just go with what’s on tap, so to speak.”

Kendra chuckled as she finished her meal and stood, “Yeah, that’s kind of like me, but we both like different things. So, come on, you can at least say what sort of woman interests you.”

Jessica mulled this over for a minute; she had considered this, a little, but had never really nailed down a list of any sort; such as, I like red hair, or don’t like big time sports gals, whatever. There was, however, a certain scenario that did it for her, and it always related back to her childhood past. She liked submissive girls on their knees wearing a collar and being led on a leash.

Wellll, I am into, and I just a little while ago found out there’s a name for it, fuck, unreal; it’s called doggy girls.”

“I’ve heard of that.” Kendra interrupted. “There’s also doggy boys, right?”

“Makes sense, ‘cuz it’s what they do, right? It’s only doggy girls for me. But what’s weird with my um, thing, is that I want to break the girl down to this, make her accept it. I know there are girls out there, like Allie, who are closet-submissives and just really want that dominant one to take control. But I want to turn a regular, I guess, girl, into my own doggy girl. She would be my pet; she wouldn’t speak, she’d eat and drink out of her bowl, have a doggy tail jammed up her butt, sleep in her crate, pee outside….”

Kendra interrupted again, “Man, sounds like you’ve thought about this a whole lot more than you let on, kid.”

Jessica laughed, getting up from the table, “Yeah, I guess I have. You want coffee?”

“Yeah thanks.” As Kendra watched Jessica go about her task, she remembered a face, a manner. “Hey, you know what?”

Jessica made a face, “No. What?” Then laughed. 

Kendra chuckled as well; “I met a girl yesterday you should check out; in the bookstore of our building. There’s something about her that tells me she could be a candidate, for you, I mean, maybe.”

“Details, Kendy, details.”

The woman laughed, “Yeah, sure. Ok. Um, young, well, your age, and that’s young to me. About your height, slim, dark brown, actually, auburn hair; pretty with a um, shyness.”


“Two, I’m pretty sure,” Kendra winked.

“Ha, ha,” Jessica mocked, “Large or small?”

Kendra pondered, “Well, not large, because nothing is registering. Medium to small, I’m thinking.”

“And you really think I should check her out?”

“I do.”


Lillian Clark, tall, athletic; waited in the alley for her boyfriend. Part of her did not want to be waiting here; even now, after all these years, she still thought of home and her mother; although to be honest, what was in her mind was more hope than truth. Her mother…shit. Her mother’s boyfriends were the problem; or one of the problems.

Yeah, okay, her mother was also a big problem.

Now seventeen, almost eighteen actually, she had been on and off the streets for four years, in and out of homes and relationships, including one really bad time she didn’t like to think on. But Teri was different. He was a little older and he ran with a crowd that drove cool vehicles and lived in upscale condos.

And he had been good to her; hadn’t forced any bad drugs on her. There was always grass at his place, even if he didn’t always let her live there. With his black parents and her native background, she agreed they should break the news slowly. But tonight he needed her and she would not let him down; he was the best boyfriend she’d ever had. She repeated that phrase to herself like a chant.


“Oh, that’s not good,” Meg murmured into her cell to Mary. Her friend had just informed her that she would need to travel home to Toronto for a little while.

“Yeah,” Mary continued, “Mom says it was a minor stroke, but Dad is having difficulty and won’t be released for a while, anyway, so I just want to be there and help.”

“Well, there’s only the one gig coming up, so I’m not going to have to replace you, girl. You go and look after things and keep me informed. Promise.”

“I promise. I’ll call you once I’m there.” There was a pause. “I, um, I’ll miss you Meg. I really, like really, really enjoyed our time the other night. Jeez, that felt so good. Leaving you now is so hard, but it won’t be long. You’ll miss me, won’t you?”

Meg was silent; the sex with Mary had been so wonderful that she was still pinching herself, and now the girl was taking off. “I can’t really say just how much I’ll miss you, Mar; it’s too much. I wish I was with you right now, but I know what you’ve got to do and I can’t be selfish. Now, I’m going to go before I start bawling.”


Saturday was fairly quiet at the Cambridge Correctional Centre. The facility could house up to one hundred girls and currently eighty-two beds were in use, with Lia and her partner just processing a new arrival. It had been the only action so far this evening and it was past eleven.

But just as Lia closed up that file on her computer, her partner Holly announced, “Oh, look. Another customer coming in.”

Lia looked up to see a tall, pretty (very pretty) native girl being brought in by two uniformed police officers. Possession and possession with intent to sell as well as theft over $500 were the charges. The girl’s name was Lillian Clark.


“So, we also never got around to discussin’ what kind of women you’re into,” Jessica noted, as she and Kendra lounged on their couches, both drinking wine.

Kendra raised an eyebrow. “It’s not just women, you know, kiddo,” she smirked.

“Oh, yeah, so I’ve, uh, I dunno’, heard. Somewhere. You’re good with the boys too, hmmm?”

Kendra regarded her housemate, “Well, I was married to one for two years, so I guess, yeah.” She smiled.

“No shit? This is news. What’s the story?”

Kendra then filled Jessica in on her early twenty’s marriage that ended ‘with a whimper’, as she put it, followed by eighteen months living in a lesbian relationship, followed by a stretch where, “I was screwing pretty much anything”; followed by a period of ”seclusion, or sexual hibernation, I don’t know,” she said.

“A close friend developed AIDS and I just lost it. Watching him die in a matter of months, from a sexually transmitted disease, shook me. Really shook me. I retreated into a shell, and when I came out of it I developed this interest in pain and pleasure, but with no dicks allowed inside me. Just because. But I can still spank a sweet man’s ass, or a regular dude’s sweet ass, if he’s the right type,” she chuckled.

Jessica needed to just sit for a moment and take this in. “Shit, that’s heavy, babe. Hmmmm. So, there’s no real type of woman, no look or, um, nature, like?”

“Well, there has to be some inclination to pain; everyone has a bit; some people have more; some have a lot. I get turned on when I make someone suffer, a little anyway, at my hand. I’m not turned on by stuff that happens to people out there, floods and fires and um, shit. That stuff bothers me, that kind of suffering. I’m talking about in my room, tied to my table, feeling my paddle or device. Under my control; that’s what I like.”

Jessica smiled at this disclosure. “Good thing you haven’t made any moves on me, there, Mistress Kendra.”

Kendra grinned. “Doesn’t mean I haven’t thought of it,” she chuckled. “Oh, and that would be Goddess Kendra to you mere mortals.”

Jessica laughed and poured some more wine.


The tall girl stood silently in the small, concrete room. Lia sat on a chair regarding her silently; her partner Holly had just spent some time with the ‘newbie’, and now it was Lia’s turn, as the other watched the front desk.

“What did officer Dunham do with you?” Lia asked in a quiet, but ominous voice.

Lillian stared straight ahead, her eyes cold and dark. She was acting defiant, and doing a pretty good job, but Lia wasn’t buying it; not yet anyway. “Officer who?” the girl asked, not looking over at her oppressor.

Lia chuckled. Standing, she noted that the girl was her height, maybe even a nudge taller, but much slimmer. In a move, Lia had pulled the girl’s arms behind her and fastened them with plastic ties. “You’re hurtin’ me,” she protested, “I’m gonna scream my face off and you’ll be in…shit.”

Lia came up behind the girl, leaning into her, letting the girl feel her mass, her presence. She spoke quietly into the back of the girl’s partially shaved head. “What tribe are you?” she asked.

“What ‘da fuck do you care?” Lillian responded, but Lia could see the breathing increase, she knew a sense of panic was not far off. She pulled the girl down to a chair, and then took a plastic bag from a shelf and deftly pulled it over the girl’s head, before pulling it tight and cutting off the oxygen. The girl struggled desperately, but Lia’s bulk was too much for her.

In a few moments, Lia took the bag off and let the girl’s breathing calm slightly before she began, a wetness already building between her thighs. “We haven’t processed you, you fucking, stupid bitch! You filthy, fucking whore. Right now you don’t exist. You’re in youth DT, those officers that brought you in aren’t going to check on you. Nobody cares, cunt. Fucking cunt.”

Lia paused, looking hard at the girl, considering. “I’m going to show you something, you stupid whore,” she said.

With that, Lia lifted the girl by the black hair of the unshaved part of her head. She pulled the girl out a side door and down a deserted hallway, and then down a flight of steps. As soon as they were on the lower floor, it was like a chill came over them; at least it came over Lillian.

This part of the building was seldom used; it contained four contain cells; basic, concrete bunkers with a drain in the floor for urination, a bucket in the corner for anything else, and a single tap that allowing nothing more than a dribble of water. Cells from another time.

A small, grated window that could be closed sat in the steel door, and was the only opening in the dreary room. A single light bulb twenty feet up was also the only light, and a metal, three-foot wide shelf, bare as the room, was what functioned as a bed.

Lia pushed the girl through the door and closed it, speaking through the grate. “Enjoy this. Scream your face off all you want. I’ll be back, oh, sometime, and you’ll be more cooperative, or this is where you’ll die, you Ojibwa whore. Yeah, I know your tribe. I know where you’re from.” Lia said as the girl looked up with fear.

“Wait!” Lillian screamed, as Lia closed the window.

The woman waited for thirty seconds, then drew the little door over. “What?” she asked gruffly.

“Wait, uh, I’m sorry, fuck. I, ummm, I’ll be better; I’ll, like, cooperate, ok. Please, don’t leave me here.” Lia regarded the girl with silence. “Please.” She repeated, her eyes holding fear…and something else.

Whatever she saw there, Lia opened the cell and entered, looking at the girl standing quietly on the concrete floor. She moved to her, and then tugged the girl, again by her hair, to sit before the metal bed/shelf, which Lia then sat on. “You’ll be, cooperative?” She asked quietly, looking down, and the girl nodded her head. “Say it, Lilli-bitch.” Lia commanded.

“I’ll, cooperate.” Lillian said quietly, tears beginning to slide down her brown cheeks, which was all the encouragement Lia needed.

“Good. We’ll see,” Lia said. “Show me some cooperation there, Lilli-girly, and I’ll make things so much better for you.”


“Ok, what’s the deal?” Kendra asked, standing in a night robe and looking at the near-naked girl kneeling in the center of their living room.

Lia rubbed a hand over her face; she was tired and uncertain. She had made a decision, her partner asking her to think twice about this, which she had and still made it anyway. She had snuck Lillian Clark out of the DT centre, avoiding cameras, and before she had been processed. At this point, the girl did not exist, as far as the corrections system was concerned.

The big problem, and what Lia was wrestling with, was the girl’s age. “I want this girl, Kend; but, she doesn’t turn eighteen for a few weeks, so I’m not sure what to do.” At this point Jessica came down to join them, wearing pajama bottoms and a T-shirt; it being two-thirty in the morning. She had heard the last part of the conversation.

“Well, I’m not touching her, Lia.” Kendra said, evenly. “Not at least for a few weeks; how many?” she asked.

Lia held up five fingers.

“Well, there you go, what the Hell you going to do with her for five weeks. I’m salivating just looking at her now.” Kendra complained.

“How come she’s so, uh, spaced, Lia?” Jessica asked.

“I needed her to be cool but still mobile, so I gave her some exotal and diazepam, so she’s very, um, relaxed and compliant.”

“She’s gotta’ be submissive, though, to start with, kids. Just look at her. Fuck, I love what’s showing under that thong; is she native?”

“Ojibwa; comes from around Thunder Bay, I think.”

Kendra nodded her head. “Man, she is hot. There’s no way I can have that around here without a taste. You’ve got to get her out of here, Lia. I’m serious.”

Jessica opened her legs and pajama fly opening, showing her shaved pubis; although, because she was sitting behind Lillian, the girl could not see her. “We can’t even have her do a test lick?” She asked, with ‘puppy eyes’.

“No,” Kendra spoke sharply and then laughed. “that’s just the problem. We’d all like this sweet piece to be eating us, which is why she needs to go; for a few weeks, and then bring her back for the fun and games. And I’m serious about that, too.”

Lia nodded her head slowly and picked up her cell.


Sunday morning when Lia came down to the kitchen, Jessica and Kendra had just finished their breakfast;

it was a late start following a very late night.

Lillian was gone; Jessica and Kendra weren’t sure where; they would wait for Lia to inform them. As Lia slouched into a chair with her coffee, Jessica asked, “You ok?”

“Sure. Why not?”

Jessica regarded her house mate; she seemed more tired than angry or upset. “Well, you had to make a decision that wasn’t easy. So, you good or do you need some love?”

Lia smiled. “Thanks, Jess. It was a dumb thing to do, I get that.”

“We all do stuff, kid.” Kendra added from the sink, then paused. “You going to tell us what you did, or, we just leave that alone?”

Lia looked at them, one to the other. “Probably best for now you aren’t involved. Sorry for dragging you in.”

“It’s ok, Lia. We are together on this. Will you be able to get her back in a few weeks?”

Lia pondered, “Yeah, I think it will work out. I think I’ll get her back.”

Everyone looked from one to the other. “Well,” Kendra exclaimed, “guess I need to get going on that basement room. Fun‘n games, right?”

Everyone chuckled, a little.


Late Monday afternoon Meg was doing some restocking in the store, when she noticed a slim, brown-haired girl, about her height and likely around her age, standing and…regarding her. The girl then approached her and said, “I have a friend who works in this building and mentioned you.”

“Me?” Meg asked, with bafflement.

“Yeah, the auburn hair, the slim build, a lot like mine, eh?” The girl smiled.

Meg blushed, unsure of this whole conversation and feeling a little overwhelmed by this attractive, confident young woman. “Okaaaay, um, how can I help you…?

“Jessica…” the girl held out her hand, “Jessica Robb.”

“Nice to meet you.” Meg said, blushing again, and not sure why.

(End of Chapter 02)

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