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A Mask of Love by LongDarkRoad Chapter 3 With Devotion’s Visage Evil Do We Mask

A Mask of Love

By LongDarkRoad

Chapter 03 With Devotion’s Visage Evil Do We Mask

“Hey, you two seem to be deep in thought?” Kendra commented, coming into the living room. Her house mates were sitting on opposite couches and the room was quiet. Lia had a coffee and Jessica was drinking a cup of tea.

Jessica looked up, “Hey there yourself. Can’t a gal just have some quiet every now and then?” She asked, a small smile playing on her plump, pink lips.

“Hmmmm,” Kendra noted; “No T.V., no games, no music, nobody wearing earplugs. Just a couple of zombies sitting here in silence.”

Lia grinned, “Yeah, we were enjoying the peace and quiet….”

Kendra chortled, “Well, good. I’ll be the one to change all that. Jess, did you get into town as you thought, and check out the, um, target?”

Jessica looked at Kendra and raised an eyebrow. “Maybe.”

Kendra laughed, “Ok, out with it. What’s the deal?”

Jessica lowered her feet to the carpet and sat up, then sipped some tea. “Well, you’ve done good, there Scout. Yep.” She said in her best southern drawl.

“What is this about?” Lia asked, and Kendra informed her of the lovely Meg, and their discussion. Kendra ended by asking Lia what had happened to her ‘girl’. “She’s safe, for now.” Lia said, “I’ll tell ya’ more in a week or so. See how the thing works out.” The other two did not press her further.

“So,” Kendra announced, “I am bringing in a couple of guys tomorrow to begin work downstairs. By the weekend we should have our special room. I also ordered a piece of ‘slave furniture’ from a company that produces everything from racks to special sawhorses. It’s called ‘A Trap’, and I get wet just thinking of having a sweet lovely enclosed by it; immobile and open to whatever we wish.”

Jessica looked at her house mate. “Fucking Hell, woman, you’re like the evil mistress. Damn, I don’t know that I can trust you with sweet Meg.”

Kendra laughed, “Oh, there, there, I won’t harm any of our…pets. Toys? Slaves? What will they be?”

“Slaves.” Lia said, quietly.

“Pets,” Jessica stated.

Kendra simply laughed.


At work on Wednesday, Meg found it surprising that Jessica’s face kept floating into her mind. Maybe Mary’s phone call had something to do with it; the fact that her friend would not be coming back for at least a few weeks, and so Meg would be on her own.

More than a couple of times, Meg found herself looking up sharply if a young woman came in; but Jessica Robb made no appearance.

At Kendra’s house, work had commenced on the basement room. Kendra now stood in the space that had been created that day; the walls were framed and ready for drywall and half the ceiling tiles were in. Plumbers had also installed a toilet and it looked odd, sitting out in one corner, no walls around it. Kendra smiled; she was happy with the progress.


Lia walked down the short alley and in through the back gate. Because she was in uniform she did not want to be seen going in the front door of this sketchy looking place. ‘Staf’, Stafford Loess, used this house to package grass and pills. Lia had loaned him Lillian, for a couple of weeks, anyway; it was the only place she could think of where there was round-the-clock supervision of the girl. Lia had come across Stafford Loess through a run-away at the detention centre who supplied his name as a person of interest to the police. Lia had deleted the name and followed up herself; it never hurt to have someone like Loess owe you.

Lia waited on the back step; she didn’t want to go inside the drug house, and Loess came out to chat. “She’s ok, does her work, keeps her head down. Yeah babe, everything’s cool, right.”

Lia nodded her head. “Good. You keep her safe and we’re even.”

“I feel ya’, sister,” Loess shrugged. “So we’re cool; you did me a solid and I repay my debts. When you comin’ for her?”

Lia studied the dark man cautiously; she was still uneasy about leaving her ‘girl’ with him, and didn’t want him knowing too much. “Two or three weeks, anyway. I’ll let you know. Here,” she handed him some bills, “for food and shit.”

“Cool.” Loess murmured.

“If she’s unharmed, we’re cool…” Lia looked hard at the Asian face; the man was unreadable.

Loess chuckled darkly, “Sounds sorta’ like a threat, there bitch.”

Lia stood and stared again into the inscrutable face, saw a tiny eye movement, and murmured “Take it how you want, Staf. This is personal for me. I may not be a cop but you wouldn’t want me pissed at you.”

Loess chuckled. “Cool.”


“Wow, can’t believe you got this done in three days, KC.” Jessica marvelled, looking at the clean drywall and new carpet; the room was done, mostly. “But the toilet and shower look a little, um, unfinished.” She smirked, looking at the two devices as they both sat exposed, no walls around them.

Kendra laughed, “Yeah, I had to string the crew along pretty good so they would leave this, but I want our, um, playthings to be vulnerable. Nothing says vulnerable like being made to do private things in front of others.”

“I get it, girl. Like how we had Allie piss outside as we watched.”

“Exactly, but I don’t think that will work in January in Ottawa.”

Jessica guffawed.


“Ok, pass it up.” Lia said, and Kendra passed her one of the large hooks which she had ordered online, (“You can buy Goddamn anything online”, she had marvelled). The hook was large, like a classic slaughter house meat hook, except it was shiny black. Lia had just drilled a hole into a ceiling stud and she now set to work, screwing the hook up into the beam.

“Hey, I like how you’re screwing there, Lia babe,” Jessica smirked and even Lia had to grin.

“I always said she could screw with the best of ‘em,” Kendra added and the group laughed.


“So tell me again why you need to go into the office on Saturday?” Jessica asked, as Kendra picked up her briefcase.

“Long-time client. Quite wealthy, probably my top client and she has slowly come around to me being almost exclusive for her, which I love. Today’s the only day she has time to meet, so off I go.”

“Well you have fun there, kiddo. I’ll be lounging on the couch, thinking of you,” Jessica smiled.

“You should give your, um, friend, Meg a visit. She has to work today, too.” Kendra added as she headed out.

Jessica nodded, and then thought about that. She (surprise) had no plans for tonight. Maybe she could set the next step of her big plan into motion. She started by calling Allie.


Mrs. Douglas smiled across the table at Kendra. She was an attractive woman, not beautiful, but someone who was attentive to her appearance; petite (five-three) and slim, even now at forty-five. She favored expensive tailored suits and distinctive jewellery; a whiff of Joy Parfum emanated from her as she passed the documents back to Kendra. “There you go, my dear, I believe that is all you’ll need.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Douglas….”

At this moment, Douglas reached a gloved hand across and gently gripped Kendra’s wrist. “Please, I would rather you call me Carol at this point in our, oh, relationship. I truly value how you look after me, Kendra.” She smiled.

“Oh, um, thank you, um, Carol. I appreciate your comments. I really enjoy working for you. This is my thing, you know. Corporate law.” Kendra smiled in turn.

Douglas sat for a moment, clearly thinking, before saying quietly. “Well, I have another, oh, assignment.” She said quietly. “I am aware you are not a divorce lawyer, but you are a lawyer, and I would like you to assist me in getting rid of…Allan.” She said, unemotionally.

Kendra blinked, “I, um, wow, that’s out of the blue.” She laughed self-consciously. “But, of course I will help you. But I have to advise that you would be in better hands with an experienced divorce lawyer.”

Douglas shook her head. “No, I like how you go about your work. This will not be a messy divorce. I’m the one with the money and I have these.” She took out some photos showing a man and a younger woman obviously engaged in something intimate. She was clearly naked and he was partly clad. Kendra regarded these, “I take it, that’s, um, Allan?”

“Correct.” Mrs. Douglas smiled, “And we have a fidelity clause in our ‘pre-nupts.’, so I know he will be happy to accept what I am proposing, as opposed to the nothing I could give him. I just need someone efficient, like you, my dear.” She smiled warmly across at Kendra.


Jessica stood outside the bookstore, feeling excited and apprehensive. It was one thing to hit on someone by chance; it was another thing entirely to plan out something, to think about something; to care about something. Then you had something to lose. She went inside and manoeuvered around so she could observe Meg Greenfield for a moment; the girl had a certain desirability, there was no doubt. It was a wonder both Kendra and Jessica saw this something; their tastes were different; or…maybe not.

Jessica sidled around and placed herself to the right of Meg, who was assisting a customer. After a moment, the person nodded and headed off to another shelf and Meg looked up to see Jessica smiling at her. The reaction was immediate and apparent, she smiled and blushed and looked away, all in a blink, and then looked back. Jessica moved beside the girl and then motioned toward some shelves off to one side and a little out of the way. This was where the more ‘adult’ material resided.

Jessica picked up a book called ‘She Loves Me’, with the silhouettes of two naked women on the cover. “Interest you?” She asked Meg, who grinned and looked down. Jessica leaned forward and sucked Meg’s lips into her mouth, holding them for several seconds. She then held Meg’s face in one hand and looked into the grey/green eyes. “I want to go for a drink with you tonight.”

Meg, who suddenly discovered she could not speak, simply nodded, feeling foolish and aroused. “What time are you off work?” she asked.

“Ay, um, eight, eight o’clock.” Meg managed to stammer out.

“Good. See you then.” Jessica kissed Meg lightly on one cheek, and then left, with Meg standing and staring in a sort of stupor.


The server moved unobtrusively to the side of the table, topping up the excellent coffee. Carol Douglas smiled across this table. They were at Bekta’s on Elgin Street and the quiet elegance appealed to Kendra. This was where she wanted to be, but being early in her career, dining very often at places like this was just a fantasy. For Douglas on the other hand, this was the only sort of place she had ever dined in.

Her family had been prominent in Montreal and Ottawa since the turn of the nineteenth century, her grandfather successful in mining and with the Canadian Pacific Railroad. Her husband had come with a name of some value, but not much in the way of capital, but her fortune made up for that. She had lived a privileged life, yet her family had also acquired a certain sense of civic responsibility, and Douglas, despite or due to her advantages, was a thoughtful and considerate person.

She could also be determined, as Kendra had seen as they had sat and planned out the woman’s divorce. Now they were simply sitting and chatting, like friends more so than lawyer and client. Carol Douglas had consumed two glasses of wine which also contributed to the relaxed atmosphere.

“Oh, no; no need to call a taxi, my dear.” Douglas had murmured as Kendra remarked on how much wine she also had consumed and how she shouldn’t drive. “I’ll drop you off. I have a car…and driver of course.”

Of course.


Meg was seated in the back of the cab between Allie and Jessica. She was wearing her ‘work outfit’ while the other two were wearing dresses. Jessica held up a bag, “We’ve brought your outfit, Meg, so be cool.”

Meg just shook her head, “You guys are crazy.”

An hour later they had all had a couple of drinks and Jessica had managed to slip a single Melantonin II pill into Meg’s last glass of ginger ale. As Meg finished the glass, Jessica announced, “Ok, time to get this party moving. C’mon, Meggo, let’s get you changed.”

“Um, it’s not really nec…” Meg began, but Allie and Jessica took the girl, each with an arm, into the washroom. The bar they were at, considering itself progressive, had four no-distinction washrooms that each locked, giving the inhabitants some privacy. Ignoring Meg’s protests, the two women undressed her until she was standing naked and shivering, wearing only her shoes.

Laughing, Jessica told Allie they needed some shots and held Meg’s arms behind her back as Allie snapped away with Jessica’s cell phone, Meg mildly protesting to no avail the whole time. They took ten pictures, including a couple with Meg’s legs spread.

The clothes she was given to wear included: black shoes, a fairly short black party dress, a matching black micro thong and…no bra. “But guys, I can’t go anywhere like this.” Meg had complained when ‘dressed’, but this was ignored and she was hustled out of the washroom and the restaurant and into a cab; and then they were on their way to Spangles, a popular lesbian and bi-bar.


“Ok, cough.” Holly barked, as the girl, panties down to her ankles and bent over, complied, one of Holly’s index fingers embedded deeply in her anus. “Good, whore. Now, Officer ‘Smith’ is going to check you,” she smirked. The new detainee remained in place, a look of anguish on her face, as the imposing Lia Robinson rose and went to stand behind her, then forced a glove-covered finger into the girl’s now lubricated anal passage, before beginning a steady rhythm, pumping the digit into the dark hole, as her hand lightly slapped against the round buttocks.

“Arch your back,” Lia instructed, as she now slapped the brown cheeks hard, her partner taking a cell photo of the action. The girl was another Indigenous runaway with no identification.

An easy target, controlled by an Edmonton street gang from age fourteen before eventually heading east two years ago, the girl had now ended up at the centre and would go into the detention files as a Jane Doe, with the date and nothing else.

Then in a couple of days, she would be back out on the street, left only with the unpleasant memories of what the two women had done to her.

Lia paused for a moment as she looked at the file sheet. Maybe this was an opportunity she should not pass up, as this one was legal?


Kendra and Carol Douglas were sitting close together in the back of Douglas’s limo, the tinted glass partition giving them privacy from the uniformed driver. Cautiously but playing a hunch, Kendra took one of Douglas’s gloved hands into her own, the woman responding by squeezing the hand and turning her face to look up at the younger woman. Kendra leaned over slightly and kissed the reddened lips, Douglas moaning audibly and rubbing her hand along Kendra’s arm.


Jessica and Meg were on Spangles’s crowded dance floor; the loud, pulsating electro dance music making it impossible to talk, the bass feeling like it was right inside your chest. Meg and Jessica were surrounded by other young women, swaying, writhing, shaking, shimmying, clutching each other as the bodies banged into one another. “It’s Funky Town.” Jessica had yelled above the music. The drugs had kicked in for Meg and she was laughing and dancing, every now and then coming in for a hug or a kiss with Jessica.

Suddenly the dance song ended and a much slower ballad came on, with all the bodies on the floor pairing up. Jessica held Meg close and the two kissed feverishly, forgetting about the dance, as Jessica lifted up the back of Meg’s dress and gripped her now exposed buttocks, with Meg furiously sucking Jessica’s tongue.

With only a slight protestation, Meg’s thong was slipped down over her legs and Jessica placed it into Meg’s mouth. Releasing Meg’s ass for a moment, Jessica led the girl, panties in place, from the floor and over to the side table where Allie was sitting. Jessica then placed Meg on the cushioned sear beside Allie, sliding in beside her. She removed the panties from Meg’s mouth, and then proceeded to kiss her hungrily, before turning Meg’s face to Allie, who then took over.

As Allie was keeping Meg’s mouth occupied, Jessica brought Meg’s hands behind her and tied them at the wrists. Together, the women pulled the top of Meg’s dress down so her small, pert breasts were exposed, the nipples so erect they looked about to explode. As Allie then sucked the nipples agressively, Jessica took more photos. Leaning Meg back against the cushion, they lifted her dress and spread her legs, both marvelling again at the curling, auburn locks growing wild between the girl’s thighs.

“Spread her pussy,” Jessica directed as she took more shots. “Ok, keep her legs open and suck her tongue right out of her face, great. Oh fuck that is hot,” Jessica directed, as Allie assaulted Meg’s mouth and pussy at the same time. “Ok, get her down on her knees and lean her against the cushion. I want some shots of her ass.” Allie positioned the compliant Meg as Jessica directed. “Spread her ass, oh, yeah, like that. Fuck. Finger her Allie.” Several onlookers had gathered to watch the action.

Meg protested this intrusion a little; she had done very little in the way of anal in her life, but Allie was persistent and fingered both Meg’s holes as Jessica took more photos. “Fuck.” Jessica commented. “Hot damn.”

Several of the onlookers applauded.


“How long you been on the street?” Lia asked the girl, who still looked thirteen or fourteen but was actually several years older; almost twenty, amazingly. The street life had not aged her, yet.

“Six years, I guess,” the girl answered.

“You were the property of a gang?” Lia asked again. The girl silently nodded her head. “Whadja’ do for them?” Lia was pretty sure she knew the answer; she wanted to hear it from the girl.

In a monotone the girl replied, “I used’a d’liver crack for them for a coupla’ years, and then they got me doing hand-jobs and bj’s….”

“With condoms?” Lia asked. The girl shook her head ‘no’. “Fuck,” Lia added. “Go on.”

“After that, they’d have me do, like, ‘full serv’ on dudes, eh, right there behind the strip club on Whyte, eh.”

“In the alley?” Lia asked with interest.

“In the alley.” The girl replied without emotion. “It was, yuh’know, summer, eh, so they had like a mattress out there, eh? And I’d do like three or four dicks a night, right. Did that shit for like three weeks and then one day I just fucked off. Hitchhiked east, eh, made it to T’ranna, got picked up by some dude, eh, who brought me here and fuckin’ sold me to some other cunt, eh?”

The girl was still wearing only her panties, sitting on the cot in the officers’ back room. “When’s the last time you got tested, um, ok, what’s your real name? Don’t fuck around.”

“Natalie.” The girl said quietly, as if saying her name had some secret meaning.

“When’s the last time you were tested, Natalie, for STDs?”

The girl sat for a moment. “The dude in T’ranna had me

done by some doc he knew, on the side, eh?”

“And you were clean?” Lia asked in amazement. The girl nodded her head.

“Hot damn.” Lia murmured, shaking her head.


In the end, Mrs. Douglas and Kendra travelled to a condo the woman owned; one which her company used for any business people who might come into town. It was, as Kendra noted, much nicer than her own house. Mrs. Douglas had sent her driver away and now the two were seated on a soft, white leather couch, kissing gently but in earnest, Kendra unsure where this would lead.

When they separated, Douglas looked down and was quiet.

“What is it, Mrs. um, Carol?” she asked quietly.

Douglas bit her lip. “I, oh, I really want to be open with you, Kendra. I feel very close to you, very attracted to you. I feel I can trust you….”

“You can…Carol.” Kendra said, gently stroking the woman’s arm; heart beating with anticipation.

“Ummmmm.” Douglas murmured. “This is, a little scary.” She chuckled. “Ah, I have only opened up to, oh, shall we say, professionals.” She was speaking in a low, quiet voice.

Kendra was extremely interested, but still cautious about jumping to any conclusions and making a mess of things. “By, professionals, I’m guessing we’re not talking, say, psychologists?” Douglas smiled a self-conscious smile and shook her head of light brown hair. “Are we, um, talking people that can help someone with…special, like needs?”

Douglas blushed and covered her mouth with one gloved hand, then nodded yes. Kendra sat in thought for a moment, considering.

“Get on your knees.” She said, her voice now authoritative. Douglas looked up briefly, her eyes showing excitement, desire and a hint of fear, then she went down to her knees on the plush carpet.

Kendra stood and walked behind the kneeling woman,  gently pushing her down to all fours. From behind Douglas, Kendra flipped up the woman’s tailored skirt, revealing a black, lace garter belt attached to dark nylons; and, surprising, no panties. The woman’s sex, thick with brown hair curling up between her buttocks, was completely open to Kendra, beads of moisture visible on the thick pussy lips.

“Get your head down on the floor, Slut.” Kendra directed and with an audible moan, Douglas bent forward and placed her head on the carpet, her ass rising and sitting invitingly. Kendra leaned close to the woman’s ear, “When you are given an order, you reply, yes, Miss Kendra.”

Douglas moaned again and croaked out, “Yes, M-miss Kendra,” with Kendra then responding by slapping the exposed flesh with a resounding ‘thwack!’

Kendra then moved a short distance and sat on the chair directly in front of the prone figure, then placed her feet and her black shoes by the woman’s face, saying quietly, “My shoes need cleaning, Bitch.”

Douglas groaned, “Yes, Mistress,” before laying her pink tongue along the side of Kendra’s shoe; and so she began.


Loess met Lia near an abandoned warehouse on a deserted street. Sitting on the curb, blindfolded, was Natalie. Loess looked the girl over and smiled. “Looks like now I owe you again, girl,” he said, flashing white teeth.

“Just keep Lillian safe,” Lia said, unsmiling, before climbing back into her car and heading off.


Jessica and Meg were back now in Meg’s tiny apartment. It had been quite the night. Meg’s pussy had not ever seen that much activity in a month, well, several months; with seven or eight different women eating or fingering her ass and vagina before Jessica figured the girl had had enough.

Right now, Meg was kneeling naked on the floor of her living room, hands clasped behind her neck; her mind a confused jumble of drugs, emotion and desire.

Jessica handed Meg a glass of water and two Tylenol. “Take these,” she commanded, turning to leave.

Meg blurted out, “Please, will I see you soon?” She looked up with pleading eyes, swaying slightly.

“What did you forget, my pet?” Jessica said quietly, then turned back to look down at the figure.

Meg in turn looked down, saying quietly. “I’m sorry. Will I see you soon, M-mistress Jessica?”

“That’s better…my pet. Yes, I will see you; soon.”

There was silence, and then the door closed. Meg continued to kneel, hands still in place, a flood of images and emotions crashing through her mind like a tsunami.

(End of Chapter 03)

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