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A Mask of Love by LongDarkRoad Chapter 4 No Sooner Sighed But Asked The Reason Why

A Mask of Love

By LongDarkRoad

Chapter 04 No Sooner Sighed But Asked The Reason   

Sunday morning saw an interesting scene at Kendra’s house, as the three women were all sitting in silence and looking at photos on their cell phones. Kendra looked up and realized the coincidence and laughed, ”Ok, everybody stop.” Lia and Jessica both glanced up, quizzical looks on their faces.

“What are you lookin’ at, Jess?”

Jessica grinned broadly and flashed her phone, showing a naked Meg on her knees. Kendra chortled, “and you Lia?” Looking a little sheepish, Lia showed the shot of her partner Holly ‘examining’ Natalie’s anal ‘cavity’. Both Kendra and Jessica snorted, Kendra remarking, “Our tax dollars at work.”

“Ok, sweet KC, your turn.”

When Kendra showed the picture of Carol Douglas, naked except for her garter belt and nylons, sitting on a chair with her legs spread and holding her pussy open with two hands, Jessica reacted, “Who the Hell is that?”

Kendra filled the other two in on the previous night’s surprising, well, unbelievable really, developments.

Jessica and Lia then followed with stories of Meg’s adventure and the situation with the runaway Natalie. Kendra sat with an odd look on her face, “Holy shit, guys, as they say, we batted, like, a thousand.” The other two simply nodded their heads.


At the same time, in her luxurious Rockcliffe Park home, Carol Douglas sat out by her pool; it was going to be a warm one today, late June being more like mid-summer. But then again, for Carol, it had been quite the hot one the night before. She smiled in remembrance; she had experienced two orgasms, first time in years she’d had two in one night. As Marissa came out bringing her coffee, Douglas picked up the fat envelope from the table and gave it to the woman.

“See that Harris gets this, please Marissa,” the woman said, picking up her coffee and sipping. It was delicious. Douglas smiled; she hadn’t felt this good in a long while. She wanted to call Kendra, but wasn’t sure of the protocol with her new…mistress. The sound of that word in her mind made her smile again.

Life was sweet.


Meg stepped out of the shower and, wrapping a large towel around herself, crossed into her living room and slumped down onto the couch.

Her genitals were a little tender this morning, she had noticed as she washed. While last night’s activities still tended to be a blur, with many details still remaining hazy, she was aware of one thing; she’d had a lot of sex. An astounding amount, really, compared to her sex life thus far. And she had experienced multiple orgasms. The thoughts of those came flooding back now, filling her with delight, and amazement.

What did this mean, she asked herself? She knew, or at least admitted in a vague way to herself, that she had fantasized certain sexual scenarios that, at first, years ago, had concerned her. Why did the thought of being spanked arouse her? Why did she sometimes fantasize about being someone’s (usually, oddly enough, a woman) sexual, mmm, entertainment? Why?

She pondered, looking back. One of her earliest, true sexual fantasies remained clearly in her mind, as she had re-enacted the imaginary scene countless times over the years. It was her, being in her school gym change room and being ordered to strip by the teacher (for some unexplained reason) as her classmates watched her, before being forced to go around the group, as each of them abused her in a different way.

Her first, brief orgasm from self-pleasure had come via this fantasy, and it still never failed to arouse her.

She shook her head slowly. A number of things from the previous night’s action were in sync with these sexual-fantasy, daydreams. What did all this mean?


A little later, Jessica was rinsing dishes at the sink when Kendra came quietly up to her. “Hey, kid.” She greeted her housemate, who tossed a dish towel at her.

“I didn’t feel like getting the dishwasher going for just a couple of things; so, here, you can dry.”

Kendra chuckled and picked up a cup, “Right, hey, I wanted to talk to you, without Lia.”

Jessica glanced over her shoulder, “Why? What’s up?”

Kendra pondered for a moment. “Does it concern you that Lia does stuff to these, young women, in her um, care, I guess it would be.”

Jessica now pondered for a moment herself. “Ummm, not really; ok, maybe just a little, ‘cuz it could backfire, right? But I know Lia’s cautious and picks her spots. And her partner, who’s way more experienced, is not only in on this, but is the one who got things going, eh. Lia just followed her lead, you know.”

Jessica looked at Kendra for a moment, studying her; she didn’t feel she needed to defend Lia, the woman could look after herself, but she did feel this concern was leading…somewhere. “What’s your take, lawyer-girl?” She smiled.

Kendra put two cups in the cupboard and paused. “I just think it’s a little reckless, I guess, you know, like bringing that cute seventeen-year-old into the house. That’s like, dynamite; and yeah, it could backfire, and we all catch the blast.” Jessica nodded her head.

Kendra continued, “So, you about ready to bring your girl home to the Evil Mistress’s Den of, um, Stuff? I’m putting my torture device together today,” Kendra smirked.

Jessica laughed, “Pretty close, babe, pretty close. I’m going to call her to see how she’s doing after last night. We gave her a, like, heavy work out and she came through it; I need to see now if she has any, you know, regrets. What about your gal-pal, Mommy Big Bucks?”

It was Kendra’s turn to laugh. “Yeah, Wow. Talk about out of the blue. Sheesh. I’m phoning her too. We’ll compare notes. I’d love to try out ‘The Trap’ on her.”

“Check, sister.” Jessica laughed again and gave a thumbs-up. ”You need to get yourself a black, spandex outfit.”

“Who says I don’t already have one,” Kendra said, as she wiggled her hips on her way out of the room. She needed to check on her, girl.


The afternoon sun was streaming in, giving the room a nice, warm feeling. They were in the ‘den’ of the Douglas home; a room, despite its name, with very feminine overtones, from the salmon colored walls, to the white leather couches. At this moment however, Douglas and Kendra were not on the couches.

Carol Douglas was on the floor and had the entire thin, three inch heel of Kendra’s black shoe in her mouth. She was sucking it slowly and deliberately. Douglas was on her knees and naked again, except for the garter belt and dark nylons; the belt was red this time, with Kendra happy to hear Douglas owned several garters in different colors. She liked the way the thing looked on the woman.

“That’s very nice, my slave.” Kendra crooned, gently stroking the wavy, light brown hair. “You are a good little bitch.” Kendra smiled as she saw Douglas’s body jerk in response to the verbal abuse. “Sit up and show your mistress how you play with your tits,” Kendra continued. Douglas had a nice, firm body, just showing the first hints of a middle age spread; but her breasts were round and firm, and not overly large.

Douglas sat up and begin stoking and pulling her breasts, especially the light pink nipples that sat on areolas that were almost colorless. The nipples themselves were remarkably long, and with her teasing, they now stood at attention. “Have you ever been …spanked?” Kendra asked.

Douglas sighed audibly. “Yes, Mistress, but really only in, oh, fun.”

“By a man or woman?”

“A, mmmm, woman.”

“Did you like it?”

“Mmmm, um, yes, I, um, loved it.”

“Why do you say that?” Kendra was interested.

“It, oh, it turned me on, in-incredibly. We weren’t able to continue because someone came over, and I kept hoping we would, oh, continue. I, um, I had another woman spank me with her hand one night, in a hotel, when I was at a conference, but it wasn’t the same….”

“Hmmmm,” Kendra whispered, taking off her shoe and putting her toes into Douglas’s mouth, “I’m going to spank that sweet ass of yours; you’re going to be an obedient little bitch for your mistress. I have a special treat waiting for you, back at my house, so we need to go.”

“Ummmmm,” Douglas moaned, her nipples looking like little rockets that might soon explode.


Meg’s cell chimed and she jumped; looking down she saw it was Jessica and her heart accelerated.

“H-Hello.” She said, her throat constricting.

Jessica waited a moment, before saying, “Hello, who?”

“Um, sorry, hello, M-Mistress.”

Jessica had to control a chuckle; this was sweet indeed. “How is my little, pet, this afternoon?” she asked in a soft voice.

“Ummm, I’m good, Mistress. I’m, uh, a little sore, but, um, very good.”

“So, you liked, last night?”

Meg paused, emotion rising. “Yes, um, yes I did, Mistress. Um, yeah.” Meg struggled to keep her breathing calm.

Jessica paused, suppressing a chuckle again. “Good. Ok, put on a dress, with nothing underneath and be outside your place in twenty minutes,” Jessica purred.

Meg’s heart leapt into her mouth. “Uhhmm, y-yes, um, Mistress.” Meg managed to get out before the call ended.


Late afternoon and Natalie came out of the alley, wiping her mouth, then got into the black Range Rover; KK, Stafford’s main girl, was in the driver’s seat; the man himself was in the back. Natalie passed sixty dollars to KK and sat, staring. KK turned and gave the money to Loess, then smiled. It was small change, but it was all good.


Meg stood, waiting outside her apartment, shivering despite the warm day. A gentle breeze would occasionally lift her cotton dress, reminding her of her nakedness beneath. Meg looked up as a car slid in by the curb, Jessica at the wheel.

Meg climbed in the back seat, following Jessica’s head nod, and settled herself. “Good afternoon, Mistress.” She said in what she felt was her most obedient, if somewhat breathless, voice; her heart beating with anticipation.

Jessica smiled into the rear view mirror, “Good day, my pet. Lift your dress and show your mistress how well you follow instructions.” Meg complied, a small smile on her face; “Very good. Open your legs wider and keep your dress up like that.” Meg nodded. “What was that, Pet?” Jessica persisted.

“Yes, Mistress.” Meg murmured, and remained in this position for the remainder of the almost twenty minute drive.

Upon arriving at the house, Meg was instructed to lower her dress and follow her mistress. They entered through the back gate, and once in the yard, Jessica had Meg remove her dress and go down on all fours.

Kendra had made a trip to a local sex shop and bought some items, including knee pads for slaves. Meg attached two now, and then fastened the dog collar that Jessica handed her, around her neck; she then attached the leash, handing the loop end back to her mistress. Jessica led her pet, walking on all fours, into the house.


Lia and Lillian were sitting in the back of Lia’s car. The girl’s jeans were down to her knees, but Lia was not doing anything besides looking and talking. “I see they’ve shaved you.” Lia remarked, looking at the dark patch of very short hair showing through the thin fabric.

Lillian nodded, saying nothing, staring down. Lia lifted the girl’s head up, looking into the dark, almost black, eyes, feeling that pull of attraction once again. “Have they, done anything else to you?” she asked quietly. Lillian shook her head. “Tell me what happens.”

In a halting, almost staccato manner, Lillian related her average day, which varied little. Wake; eat; shower with two or three other girls; spend a few minutes shaving each other, Loess demanding total bareness, even arms, apart from the small patch of pubic hair; go into the drug packaging room wearing only a tiny thong; weigh and pack blow and weed into bags; have a break with some weed; weigh and pack for another hour; go outside for 30 minutes of sun; have a meager lunch, return and do some paper work or maybe count money; then maybe a little more packing or watching television or playing video games.

At night, the two twenty-something girls would sometimes be taken to work in a strip club, or the  girls would have sex with each other as Stafford and K.K. watched, sometimes joining in.

“You don’t take part, do you?” Lia asked with concern. Lillian said that there was another seventeen-year-old and she would ‘make-out’ with her, but neither K.K. or Loess had touched her, apart from a whipping the first day; just because.

“Good,” Lia murmured. “Soon you’ll be out of here.” Lillian nodded her head, her face a mask of concealment.


Kendra looked down at the wooden and steel device, ‘The Trap’, and smiled. It was a sort of rack with the section that restrained a body able to be moved into several positions, so that the body was facing up or down, legs spread or not; whatever a creative master or mistress desired for their slave.

Carol Douglas was in the device now, with the platform section tilted so that Douglas’s hips and ass were slanted dramatically upwards and her legs spread obscenely wide.

Kendra had placed a ball-gag labelled ‘Bitch’ in Douglas’s mouth, and had just finished forcing a thick, short dildo into the woman’s lubricated vagina. She now held up a tube of gel, smiling, before spreading a generous glob on the waiting anus, placed so invitingly before her. Once the pink, puckered opening was slick, Kendra slowly introduced one of her new anal toys; a black, rubber bulb, the kind that started with a tapered point before flaring into a golf-ball sized bulge.

Douglas moaned as Kendra pushed the device up to its hilt, before bending down and licking the skin just outside the puffy labia. Douglas moaned and twisted in her rack, then looked up with eyes suppliant with desire.

Kendra paused; someone had come in upstairs, probably Jessica.


Kevin Greenfield closed up the file and sat back in his chair. It was evening, on a weekend, and he was working; but he was also making progress. At the rate he was wrapping things up, in a week or so he could likely move to Ottawa, and start trying to rebuild a life with his daughter.

When he thought of Meg, he remembered her sitting on the stool on the bar stage, her eyes closed, singing and playing, her beautiful auburn hair catching the lights from above; her face like that of an angel.

He wondered what she might be up to right now; accepting the warm applause of an appreciative audience, perhaps?


“Very good,” Jessica crooned, enjoying the show as Meg performed for her. She had just forced a third finger into her pussy from the front, to join the two fingers that were pumping her anus from behind. “Show your mistress what a good little whore-slut you are. Show her that you’re a bitch in heat, wanting her cunt jammed with anything.” Meg groaned in response to the abuse and the pleasure and pumped harder. As Jessica watched, she could sense the arousal building in her ‘pet’; she smiled. “Ok, stop.”

With a louder groan, Meg halted, mouth open; then she slowly withdrew her wet fingers from her openings. “Ok, pet, lick those fingers off like a good little she-dog; and look at me as you do it.” Meg looked up, her appearance like that of someone drugged. “That’s good. Now crawl over to me. I have something for you.” Meg crawled and came to rest on her knees at Jessica’s feet, looking up with what could only be described as devotion. She remained still as Jessica removed the brown leather collar and replaced it with a pink one. This one had a name on it: Cindy-Lou.

“My name for my pet is Cindy-Lou. That is what I will call you when we are together. You can be Meg out there, but in here, as my pet, you are Cindy-Lou. Ok?” Meg smiled, an odd feeling flowing through her.

She bent and kissed each of Jessica’s bare feet, one after the other. “Thank you, Mistress,” she murmured, still looking down.

“You’re very welcome my pet, my Cindy-Lou. Now we need to learn…some tricks.”

Meg/Cindy-Lou looked up with her grey/green eyes and smiled, just as Kendra came into the room.


Lauren Douglas picked up her cell for the third time that hour. Damn it, she thought, just make the call. She pondered, how hard would it be? It had been a little over two years since the argument with her mother and her decision to leave. Since then, a lot had happened. A lot.

But now she was coming home, whatever that meant, and she needed to be the one to reach out; she had been the one to shut things down. Simon’s voice came to her mind clearly; she needed to act.

Just as she was reaching again for the phone, it chimed, and like he was reading her mind, which he seemed to be able to do, it was him. Simon.

They spoke briefly and when the call ended Lauren slowly punched in the numbers for her mother, and listened to the phone ringing.


“Well, well,” Kendra commented, “I see your, um, pet, is all dressed up,” she smirked, regarding the naked girl wearing only a pink dog collar.

Jessica laughed. “What’s happening with your, um, what are you calling her?”

Kendra laughed again. “Slave will work, for now. She’s, um, marinating.” Kendra chortled. “Have you eaten, it’s getting late. I’m taking my girl home soon, what about you?”

“Well, let’s see, I have forgotten the time, funny how a pet will distract you.” They both laughed. “Hmmmm, I’ll just finish up here, then take Cindy-Lou…” Kendra looked at Jessica. “That’s her pet name.” Kendra nodded at that. “I’ll take her home and maybe pick up something on my way back.”

“Sure. I think that Thai place is open Sundays.”

“Got that.”


Mary listened to the greeting and ended the call. There was no point in leaving another message, she had already left two that Meg had not responded to. Maybe the girl was busy; maybe she had picked up some solo gigs. It was odd though that she had not been able to reach her for a couple of days.


Meg stood, staring into the mirror, touching the place where the collar had been on her throat. She looked at her face; it was hers, Meg Greenfield was still there, no doubt, but who was she, now? Had this person always been there, denied? This Meg had just been naked, on her knees, performing for another woman; performing for her mistress. Why did that word thrill her, when she repeated it in her mind?

“My mistress,” she said out loud. Meg closed her eyes, remembering the orgasm her…mistress, had given her, as she lay on the carpet of the living room; begging. She remembered then the flood of the release, the aching pleasure, the wondrous relief and the sense of belonging.

Did she love this woman, Jessica? Meg touched her face; to find truth in physical contact. She didn’t know if this was love, but she knew how much she wanted it.


Carol and Kendra sat in Kendra’s car, parked in front of the woman’s splendid home. Carol looked over, smiling, “So, what now…Mistress?”

Kendra smiled in response, gently touching the older woman’s face. “That, really depends on you. We’ve both, well, had other, um, encounters.” Carol chuckled and nodded her head, looking down, Kendra continued. “But, this seems, mmmm, different, at least to me. But it still comes down to what you are, um, prepared to do.”

Carol sat, thinking. “Well, on one hand, I want to, simply, be with you. I feel such desire for you, such, oh, completeness when I’m with you. Our time together has certainly proven to me that you are what I’ve been searching for, gee, years, really. It’s been years. It scares the beejeezus out of me to imagine losing you.” Kendra smiled at this; it was certainly as much as she hoped for, and more than what she expected.

“But, I’m still a business woman, with a public profile. I need to be careful, on several levels.”

Kendra reached over and gently stroked the woman’s arm. “I understand that, completely, and we will move as far and as fast as you wish. Now, look at me….” Kendra looked deeply into the blue/grey eyes that were now raised to her. “Do you wish to be my slave?” Carol nodded, and Kendra smiled. “You need to speak, Slave.”

Carol smiled self-consciously. “Yes, Mistress, I do.”

“When we are alone, you will obey me?”


“I will punish you for whatever reason I chose, including my own amusement.”

“Y-yes, Mistress.”

“Very good. We can carry on like this for a while, see how we feel. I want you at my home every night, for a few hours anyway. Have your driver drop you off and I will see you get home.”

Carol nodded, “Thank you, Mistress. I want to serve you as often as possible.” Kendra brought Carol close and kissed her; the two held the kiss for several seconds, before exchanging several more kisses. Finally Kendra gave her slave permission to leave.

As Carol walked to her front door, she looked at her cell phone which had been ignored for several hours. She was surprised; no, astonished, to see she had missed several calls from…her daughter. She stood on her step for a moment, standing before the massive wooden doors with the gleaming brass fixtures. Her mind was a whirl of thoughts.


Late Sunday, and it had been quite the weekend. The three housemates sat in a darkened living room, two drinking wine and one, scotch. “So things are, progressing.” Kendra murmured, to nods from Jessica and grunts from Lia.

“I’m not progressing.” Lia noted.

“Soon,” Kendra replied, “Not long now before you can bring that sweet thang into our den of frick-frackin’ um…, whatever,” Kendra laughed, then held up a piece of paper.

“That looks like a cheque, sister.” Jessica noted.

“It is, sweet thang,” Kendra drawled.

“Stop that,” Lia said, “you sound lame.”

“Yeah, whatever. Hey, you’ll feel better when you have a new pussy to munch. Just hang on, mama.”

Lia smiled and Jessica laughed, then asked, “Ok, so what’s with the cheque. I know you want us to ask.” She sat up smiling.

Kendra stood and did a few hip thrusts, saying, “It’s twenty grand from Mommy-Big-Bucks.” She announced, both her housemates now sitting up and looking interested.

“Twenty K, you’re shittin’ me girl,” Lia said. Kendra shook her head, smiling, then passed Lia the cheque.”

“Holy shit, KC, this is the bitch.” She looked over at Jessica. “Twenty big ones, Jesus.”

Jessica spread her hands, “What the fuck…?”

“What can I say, kids. When you got the moves.” Kendra smirked before Jessica leaped over and began tickling her, with Kendra now howling and thrashing. “Alright, alright, stop, maniac. Stop!” Jessica paused in her assault and eyed the other woman, who continued. “She liked our, um, den, ok. She wants me to buy some more stuff. She like wants a table that we can tie her down on.”

Jessica just shook her head slowly in amazement. “Holy shit, KC. You grab a slave who wants to pay you to abuse them. Ok, fine, I bow to your greatness, and call you here-after, KC, the great. You are Mistress Numero Uno, sweets.” Jessica climbed off her friend.

Kendra now stood and bowed in reply, then laughed. “I’ll put this baby in the bank tomorrow and we’ll go shopping, kids. It’ll be just like Christmas.”

“Sure.” Jessica nodded. “If Santa’s into whips and chains. And slave tables.”

They all laughed.

(End of Chapter 04)

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