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A Mask of Love by LongDarkRoad Chapter 5 A False Face And A Good Lie May Well Succeed

A Mask of Love

By LongDarkRoad

Chapter 05

A False Face And A Good Lie May Well Succeed   

“Hello, dear,” Carol Douglas said quietly, and cautiously.

There was a pause at the other end, as Lauren Douglas gathered herself. “Hey, mom. Thanks for, uh, getting back to me.”

It was Carol’s turn to pause, as a flood of emotions flowed through her. Memories of Lauren as a child; as a troublesome teen, and as an angry young woman, storming out. Lauren’s father, Carol’s first husband, had died when the girl was eleven. Two years later, Carol had married Allan, and Lauren and Allan had never gotten on. To be honest, when Lauren had headed off two years ago, a large part of Carol was relieved.

They had not actually spoken since; there had been a card at Christmas and Carol had sent money on Lauren’s birthday, but this moment was the first time the two had exchanged words since the day Lauren left. Carol really had no idea even where her daughter had been.

“No worries, as they say.” Carol continued to speak quietly, as if afraid of breaking some spell. “How are you, Lauren. There is so much…” Carol paused here, unable for a moment to speak.


Meg looked at her phone and considered; what should she say to Mary? It was such an odd feeling when she thought of the girl, who she had clearly been attracted to, but who had now been pushed to the back of her mind by the emotions she felt for; her mistress. Mistress. That word again, and the effect it had on her.

Meg could not refute the arousal, the desire she felt at the thought of Mistress Jessica; it was unexplainable but undeniable; was there any room for Mary? Her messages were simply non-committal updates, she was not on her way back. That would be something to deal with, when it happened. If it happened.


Kendra and Jessica sat side by side on the couch, Lia was still at work; they had given their ‘girls’ a night off. Before them on the coffee table was spread a ‘BDSM’ catalog; they were looking at ways to spend their unexpected windfall.

“There’s a table like you were discussing,” Jessica pointed out. “Or this one; it’s cool.”

“Yes!” Kendra responded. “And look at these special saw-horsey things.”

Jessica snickered. “Saw-horsey doesn’t sound very, um, dungeon-like, oh Queen of Darkness,” she added.

“You know what I mean.” Kendra paused. “Do we really want the, um, dungeon feel?”

Jessica shrugged, “We’re tyin’ people up and spankin’ them; that kinda sounds like a dungeon to me, Mistress K.”

Kendra chuckled, “Yeah, but it’s not dark and dank. You know, we need to get a couple of couches in there, to keep it cozy, before we get too crazy with the room. The delivery guys might freak.”

Jessica smirked and nodded. “Hey, don’t forget, we need a couple of large dog crates, too.”

Kendra nodded her head. “Right.”


Tuesday after her shift ended, Meg headed out to Jessica’s car, sitting in the back as directed. Part way on the journey back to the house, Meg went on to all fours as directed, and maintained this position, for several blocks, her butt level with the rear window, before her mistress ordered her to lift her dress and lower her panties, so that for the final few blocks, Meg’s bare ass was clearly visible through the window.

Upon arriving, Jessica went inside, leaving her pet in this exposed position for several minutes. The house was near the top of a cul-de-sac and it was doubtful anyone would come by or look inside. Still, both women were aroused by the scenario. When Jessica finally brought her pet inside, Meg was pleading to serve.

“My wittle Cindy-Woo wants some wovin’, hmmm?” Jessica crooned, as she placed the pink collar around the neck of her now naked pet. Jessica then spent a moment examining “Cindy’; pleased that the girl had followed directions and stopped shaving under her arms or under her crotch. Jessica wanted her pet to be as hairy as possible, for now. Like a real dog, she thought with a snicker.


“What is it, my slave?” Kendra asked as Carol was busy licking her bare feet.

Carol looked up with concern, “Why does my mistress ask that?” she spoke quietly.

Kendra stroked the soft, brown hair, and gently pulled a nipple, as her slave of course was performing her tasks naked. “I can see something is on your mind. You are, well, kind of transparent, Carol-Slave. Don’t ever play cards.”

Carol nodded and looked down. “My mistress is observant and correct. I, oh, I am, well, distracted. My, mmmm, daughter arrived home last night, unexpectedly. It has alarmed me. I am sorry, Mistress.”

A daughter, Kendra pondered, that is interesting.


When Kendra brought Carol into their house, the first thing she noticed was Meg kneeling in the living room, wearing a blindfold, her collar and nothing else. Jessica was sitting on one couch, a glass of wine in her hand.

Kendra, after talking for a while with Carol about her situation, had told her that they would follow this up more later, but for now she wanted to have a little fun. She knew for the next couple of days she would be busy with a complicated business take-over, and would be working late and bringing work home. She would not have time for her slave; so, tonight would be the night and it would be back at her place, since Jessica and Kendra had also decided they wanted their two ‘girls’ to be used together.

On Thursday the new slave-room equipment would arrive and, if everything worked out, Friday, a holiday, would see some serious fun and games.

Now, upon entering the living room, Carol was ordered to undress and stand with her hands behind her head as Mistresses Kendra and Jessica enjoyed viewing her. After a few moments, they had the woman masturbate for a while, as they commented on her technique.

Carol was then made to kneel behind Meg and directed to lick the girl’s genitals and ass, which she did quite enthusiastically, Meg’s attractive rear being quite tempting.

Then, after blindfolding Carol, both pet and slave were directed to make out with each other, as enthusiastically as possible. Once again, the two women needed little encouragement.

Eventually, Meg and Carol were brought to the carpet, kneeling before Jessica and Kendra, and providing oral sex for each mistress, before going down on each other. By eleven o’clock, all four women were satisfied and relaxed, with Carol now paired up with Jessica and Meg snuggled against Kendra, just for a change of pace.

It was decided that both pet and slave should go home tonight, as both mistresses needed to be at work relatively early on Wednesday, so a taxi was called and the two sent off.

Around midnight, Jessica and Kendra were just vegging out on the couches when Lia came home.

“You know, Jess, at some point it makes sense to have the, uh, girls, just stay here.” Kendra proposed.

Jessica nodded her head. “Meg would love that, but do you think Mrs. Moneypenny wants to give up her mansion for…this. No disrespect, but…?”

Kendra pondered this. “Well, Slave would still own her place; but, you know, it would be a good test, just to see if her, uh, devotion is a deep as she says.”

Both Lia and Jessica agreed. Carol Douglas was a special case; and her money was a bonus. A big bonus.

“She has a daughter.” Kendra announced.

“Really?” Jessica asked. “Details, lady. Details.”

Kendra smiled. “Don’t have much, toots.” Jessica snorted and Kendra continued. “Twenty-one. Took off a couple of years ago. Seems to have her shit together now and has returned.”

“How’s your, em, slave, handling that? She seemed pretty focused tonight.”

“Yeah, she’s into this, that’s for sure. But this daughter thing is bothering her. I’m sure of that, too.” Kendra remarked.

Everyone nodded their heads.


Cleveland, Ohio, March 2015

Lauren Douglas huddled under her coat, the cold creeping in as the night deepened. She wished she had more wine, but it was gone. She wasn’t sure what tomorrow would bring; maybe it was time to give in, and call her mother.

A car’s headlights illuminated the small, huddled figure as a silver Lexus moved slowly up the darkened street.

“There she is.” The woman in the passenger’s seat announced to Simon Cutter, driver of the car. Simon eased his vehicle to a stop near the bench the girl was occupying. His passenger, Dawn Haynes, an attractive, caramel-colored thirty-five year old who was also his assistant, got out and made her way to the figure.

In a few minutes the Lexus pulled away from the curb and headed for Cutter’s upscale condo, the young woman now sitting in the back.


Simon Cutter grunted and thrust hard. He was a slim, wiry man, and although he wasn’t bulky or particularly athletic-looking, he did jog and exercise and had muscled legs and abs, which he used now to drive his body forward and his cock deep into Lauren Douglas’s vagina; until he shook with his ejaculation.

He lay, covering the slim, petite woman, and breathing hard. Lauren held him gently, with caution as always, waiting for his next move. After a moment, Cutter extricated himself, cautiously as well, but still dripping a little on the sheets and cursing quietly.

He then sat on the edge of the bed and ran a slender hand through his short, flaxen hair. “That was great, Lore; fab. Pull the sheets off the bed after you clean yourself up, will ya’, babe? That’s a dear,” he said in his clipped way, as he stood and retrieved his jockeys.

Lauren proceeded to the ensuite in Simon’s bedroom and washed herself. Since ‘saving her‘ that cold night in Cleveland fifteen months ago, Lauren had become a sort of assistant/maid/girl Friday for Simon, as well as a sexual partner for both him and Dawn, and occasionally others that Simon needed to pander to.

After cleaning, Lauren pulled on her clothes and stripped the bed, then went into the room where Simon and Dawn now sat.

Dawn stood and grabbed her thin jacket, which she didn’t really need as it was still warm out, even this late. “C’mon, Lauren, I’ll take you home.”

Home, Lauren thought, such an odd concept. Where was her home, really?


Carol Douglas washed her face and then paused as she was drying it to look at her reflection. She smiled not knowing why, and then allowed memories to flow. She was a successful business woman; she had parlayed her family’s financial support into a personal fortune north of fifty million, yet her personal life had been decidedly disappointing. Until now.

One mediocre marriage that had ended with her husband’s death; a second marriage even less compelling than the first, ending now in divorce. One child who had run off and basically disappeared. And now, Carol had fallen into this bizarre, that was the only word, relationship that would curl the toes of any board member on any of her companies; yet the fact was, it was an incredibly satisfying relationship to her; both sexually and emotionally.

And now Lauren had returned, the prodigal daughter?

What did any of this mean? Where would any of this lead? “What do you want?” she asked the reflection in her mirror. It didn’t answer, but she knew, for one thing, that she was prepared to give herself to her …mistress. This was a dangerous and scary proposition, yet one that somehow gave her life some, meaning. Could she give all she had away? For pleasure?

She would talk at length with Kendra Chand, as her lawyer, then as her mistress. She needed to settle some issues.


Dawn pulled the car up outside the imposing Douglas home. “This is some place, Lore,” she murmured.

Lauren shrugged; it didn’t mean much to her. Dawn turned Lauren’s face to hers and kissed her, Lauren opening her mouth and accepting the woman’s tongue, knowing what was expected. She actually sort of liked being fucked by Cutter and was ok with the sex with Dawn, but tonight she was tired.

“Put your tongue out,” Dawn crooned.

“Dawn, I’m kinda’ tired, right?”

Haynes looked at her. “Yeah, sure, but tomorrow I have you first,” she said.

Lauren shrugged again. “Whatever; it’s not like it’s anything you haven’t had before,” Lauren noted.

Haynes chuckled, “True ‘dat, girl. But I still like the taste.” She regarded the young woman for a moment. “Now, you best get busy doin’ what the man wants, right?” Lauren nodded silently, slid out and closed the door; then looked in, waved briefly and headed up the walk toward the impressive front doors. She’d start digging into her mother’s affairs tomorrow.


Kendra looked across at Carol and smiled. They were at her firm’s office’s, sitting in a small meeting room. They wanted privacy, or at least, Carol wanted privacy; Kendra wasn’t sure what this was about, but when she got the call that morning she managed to squeeze her ‘client’ in.

“This is funny, eh, now that our, oh, relationship has changed…so much,” Carol smiled. “But I am here today as your client, so thank you for making time.”

“Absolutely, Mrs. Douglas.” Kendra smiled as well, “I can wear different, hats, as it were. What do you need?”

Carol paused. “Well, I need to talk asset management. I want to free myself of some of my companies and create some trust funds.”

Kendra considered for a moment, “Would this, may I ask, have anything to do with your, daughter?” She looked up and noted that Douglas did not seem bothered by her question.

“You are astute as always, Ms. Chand. Yes, it does. But it also has to do with someone you, know well.”

Kendra looked closely at the woman. “Yes? Um, her, uh, name, if again I may be so bold.”

Douglas looked down and smiled. “I know her as Mistress Kendra, but that would be her, professional name.” Both women smiled.


Lia’s late shift allowed her to be home when the special ‘furniture’ arrived. She unpacked it and managed to put together the two wooden ‘ponies’; one a large wedge of wood that someone, usually female, sat on, with the wedge being forced between her labia by the pulling down of her legs; or by attaching weights to the outer lips. It was uncomfortable rather than painful; also humiliating and, remarkably, arousing.

The other wooden pony was actually a bar rather than a wedge, with the same idea, but it had a beam support system that saw one segment extend out from the post at the back of the device to sit above the bar, so that a victim’s hands could be tied up to it. It also featured two short, three or four inch stubs, welded onto the bar that a victim could be forced onto, by ramming the posts into the orifice of choice.

The other furniture pieces, a table and a large wooden cross, would need two people to erect. Lia smiled looking at the room. Two leather couches had also been delivered and looked like comfortable spots to witness the show. Damn. This was hot; she couldn’t wait to get Lillian down here.


Simon Cutter’s only negative habit, at least to his mind, was drinking whiskey. He had discovered Jack Daniels in his twenties and it was all he ever drank. Now approaching forty, he had become fixated on his health, working out daily, watching his diet; everything but the whiskey.

He was lean and sinewy, and being a smallish man, driven to succeed. He had never taken losing lightly, which was one reason that he was relatively wealthy and successful for his age; but of course, there is always more.

A year ago, he had become interested in an emerging video-streaming company, HeyThere!, based in Montreal, Canada. But he had become really interested when he realized that the girl he had rescued earlier was the daughter of the company’s major shareholder, Carol Douglas.

It was why he had since moved to Ottawa from Cleveland and leased this condo. It was why Lauren Douglas was now reuniting with her mother. Cutter saw an opportunity, and with his obsessive nature, that had now become a dedicated goal; he wanted this company to be part of his enterprise, and he believed Douglas likely didn’t realize what she had; Lauren would help him find out what she knew and what it would take to relieve her of this asset.

So it was that Cutter was now sitting, after finishing a forty-minute workout, and sipping his Jack Daniels as Dawn Haynes entered the condo and came up the winding staircase to where the man sat, Lauren Douglas close behind her.

Once in the bright open living space, floor to ceiling windows along one entire wall giving the room a wonderful view, Dawn got busy. She undressed Lauren, which she always enjoyed doing, and then took out her hash pipe, firing up the Moroccan hash she preferred, taking a deep hit on the pipe before passing it to Lauren. Cutter simply watched; he did no drugs of any sort (besides caffeine), including nicotine.

As Lauren took her drag, Dawn undressed. The next twenty minutes saw the two women, one white but tanned, the other caramel-colored, love-making and smoking, as Cutter watched from his chair, enjoying the performance and his whiskey.

Both women were slim with decent breasts that stood out more because of their builds. Dawn was not tall, only a couple of inches taller than the five-three Lauren, and both were noisy love-makers, something that Cutter always found amusing. He liked action and he liked the slap of flesh on flesh; he loved the grunts and the groans.

Dawn had now recovered from her climax and poked her head up, asking, “How do you want her today?”

“On her knees. Here.” Cutter announced, touching the carpet near him with his foot.

Dawn brought Lauren over and placed her, head on the carpet, hips in the air, spreading her legs, before Cutter. She looked up at her boss, “Pussy or ass?”

“Pussy”, Cutter declared as he discarded his robe and knelt naked behind Lauren, his cock hard and ready. Dawn hesitated; Cutter rarely had sex with her but she was always prepared. This time he simply ignored her and grasped Lauren’s hair with his left hand before driving his erection into her waiting opening, lifting her body up and causing her to cry out.

Cutter’s love-making style could be called simply the ‘jack-hammer’. With one hand in her hair and one hand gripping a hip, Cutter pounded away rhythmically and steadily, Lauren’s petite body bouncing, breasts swinging, in response.

Watching the women make out never failed to arouse him and it wasn’t long before Cutter emptied his seed into Lauren’s cavity and slouched over her, breathing heavily through his nose while absent-mindedly kneading a breast with one hand; his other hand remaining in the slim woman’s hair.

As always, Lauren waited motionless until Cutter was completely done.


Kendra, Jessica and Lia were in their special room, (Kendra’s Kave; Lia’s Lair, Jess’s House of Worship; had all been offered up and guffawed over) resting after a good three hours of effort; but it had been worthwhile.

The ‘table’ turned out to actually be a steel cage with a padded top, allowing a mistress to keep one slave imprisoned below and another tied up on top. (“For the multi-tasking Dom,” Jessica had smirked. “That’s me, kid,” Kendra had replied.) They had laughed loudly over that.

The large (padded) wooden x-cross was as its name would suggest; victims were bound to its seven-foot frame, upright and spread-eagle, ready for whipping or… whatever.

As well as the furniture, the women had put up several mirrors and decorated with several ‘naughty’ paintings, as well as adding lighting. Two large, red-metal dog crates were standing together in one corner with shiny metal dog dishes, labelled ‘Bitch’ and ‘Slave’, awaiting the first occupants.

“I can’t wait to get down to it, oh, my, God,” Kendra exclaimed, relaxing on one couch.

“Let’s talk over our plans, kids.” Jessica offered.

“Like what?” Lia replied.

“Wellll,” Jessica began, “like what we can or can’t do to our, um, guests.”

“What are your thoughts, Jess?” Kendra asked.

“Um, well, with Meg, Cindy-Lou as I’m calling her, she is not a regular paddle-my-butt slave; I want to train her to be a, um, pet. Or, I dunno’, some sort of pet-slave combo. Shit, this is all new to me, this whole organizational thing, like. I’ve been good with bringing girls home and having them serve me, spanking them and whatever, but this is, like different. Right?”

Both her housemates nodded. This was different, to everyone. As they sat and talked, Kendra was running her last discussion with Carol through her mind, wondering how much she should, could, share with her pals. For now she decided to share nothing; that time would come.

In the end, they decided that for Canada day, which was tomorrow and a national holiday, they would have Carol-Slave, Cindy-Lou and Allie over to try out the new equipment, but that each ‘Mistress’ (they assigned Allie to Lia for now) could decide how the slave would be used and, of course, abused.

When the three trooped off to their beds, it certainly wasn’t with visions of sugar plums, whatever they are, dancing in their heads.


Dawn handed Cutter another whiskey, then ran her hand up his right leg, only to be stopped by Cutter placing the glass like a barrier, “It’s ok, Dawn. I’m good,” he said evenly. “Just sit and enjoy your Moscato.”

“No problems, Boss. I’ll just relax.” The girl replied, sitting in a chair diagonal from the man. They drank and sat in silence for a moment. “What’s our play with Lore? Anything I should know?” She asked, keeping her voice calm; odd things could set Simon Cutter off.

Cutter moved slightly on the couch. Haynes had been loyal to him for almost three years, more than loyal really, but he wasn’t someone who liked to share anything, especially information. But he did always seem to need help from this girl; he had in fact come to depend on her and she was truly part of his organization; the only one he really trusted at all, even more than his lawyer.

He sighed. “She needs to find out what’s on with her mother. What her plans are. What her goals are.”

“Why do you care about this, ummm, one company so much?” Haynes persisted, gently.

Cutter regarded the woman. He knew she was nosey; that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, but there was always that saying about the cat and curiosity. Sometimes it was dangerous. He smiled; it softened his Eastern-European features and made him look younger.

“I feel it’s a good fit. I saw it, almost from the beginning as a start-up and it appealed to me. Then we find Lauren and her mother turns out to be a major shareholder. I’m not superstitious, but sometimes there is, em, karma, I guess is the best word. I’m goin’ with my gut on this one and I intend to push hard. But I want to know what I’m dealing with here. That’s the girl’s part.”

Haynes didn’t ask, but she did wonder what Cutter’s plans for the girl were after he had achieved his…goal. He was a very practical businessman, and businessmen, and women, knew how to divorce themselves from anything once it had served its purpose. Haynes knew that about herself, which was why she had learned to be very useful.


In her room in her mother’s home, Lauren was watching the movie V for Vendetta, thinking as the action unfolded how easier it was oftentimes to act when one was wearing a mask. She smiled, thinking of how she acted with that self-centered prick Simon Cutter. Although she did enjoy fucking with him, she often thought about stabbing him with a knife. Or maybe cutting off his cock, then smiling at him. “How was that, Simon?” she would ask. “Boss.”

She laughed softly.

But then it was time to put on another mask, as the gentle knock on her door told her that her mother had come to say ‘Good night’, or to possibly chat.

She didn’t really want to chat with her mother, but she knew she had to give Cutter something soon.

He could be a very unpleasant man when he was annoyed.

(End of Chapter 5)    

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