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A Mask of Love by LongDarkRoad Chapter 6 Fate Has Given You One Face; You Make Yourself Another

A Mask of Love

By LongDarkRoad

Chapter 06

Fate Has Given You One Face; You Make Yourself Another   

The celebration was underway. It had begun with the “parade of Slaves”, as Jessica had laughingly announced it; Carol, Meg and Allie, in single file, coming to stand side by side in the living room, before undressing and then kneeling. After each had been spanked several times by their mistresses, collars were attached and the slaves were led downstairs.

Here, the mistresses could decide on what would happen and how much. Allie was tied to the x-cross, facing out. Carol was tied on the pad atop the cage, and Meg was placed inside the cage, but not before Mistress Jessica presented her pet with a gift.

“What the Hell is that, girl?” Lia had asked, as Jessica held up a furry object.

“This is a genuine fox tail, and this is how it works.” Jessica replied, placing Meg with her head down and her ass up. Applying gel generously to the round, metal end of the ‘tail’, Jessica inserted the bulb-like knob, being about two inches long, into Meg’s lubed anus. Once in, the tail, which was faux fur, hung down between Meg’s legs; just like a real tail.

Jessica walked her pet around a little before guiding her into the cage, with both Lia and Kendra making smart comments.

“Hope that bitch’s b’en fixed,” Lia mocked. Kendra laughed and lit three candles, handing Jessica and Lia one each. “Ok, Mistresses, let’s decorate our playthings; you’ll notice the candles are red and white, in honor of the day.” The ladies laughed, and then began dripping hot wax onto the nipples of their ‘guests’. Happy Canada Day indeed.


“It’s a holiday,” Dawn explained, “we have the Fourth coming up on Monday, this is Canada’s celebration.”

Cutter finished his scrambled eggs, while looking at his laptop, with one ear to his assistant. “But for what?” he asked, looking at some stock numbers on his screen.

“It’s, like the day the country was named, or something. I dunno, I just know it’s like a national holiday. Banks and shit are closed. That’s just the deal, boss.” Cutter remained focused on his screen, Dawn watching him. “You want me to get Lauren?”

Cutter sipped his espresso (he’d had his own unit shipped up from Cleveland) and searched for a moment on his screen. “No, emmm, not right now. Here.” He handed Dawn a piece of paper. “Text that number and have that girl, her name’s Cherry…” He chuckled darkly, “come over. Hire her for two hours. Of course, remind her it’s for a couple, man and woman.”

Dawn looked at the number and then texted it; she’d done this several times before. Cutter enjoyed watching her and other girls, besides Lauren, have sex; and then he would take part when he chose. “Make sure she does bareback bj.’s.” Cutter concluded, typing on his laptop as Dawn typed on her cell; she knew all this, but didn’t say anything in response. The boss liked to be the boss.

After a couple of reply texts, Dawn spoke, “It’s four hundred if you come in her mouth. She doesn’t swallow.” She said, in a business-like manner.

“Canadian dollars?” Cutter snorted, “Deal.” He turned to face Dawn, “Tell her to be here for two.”

Dawn nodded.


Lauren walked around the large home in her socks; the house was quiet, the two regular staff that looked after her mother and the place having been given the day off.

After grabbing some yogurt from the large, impressive refrigerator (it seemed everything in this house was large and impressive, from the front doors to the winding staircase, to the wall-mounted televisions to the appliances) Lauren headed to the den. Something worth watching might be on television, although Lauren didn’t watch a lot of regular t.v.; she wondered if her mother had packages like HBO or Netflix. Where was her mother, by the way?

And it was odd she hadn’t heard anything from Cutter or Dawn. Hmmmm, she thought, settling herself into a (surprise) large leather chair; it was odd.


Late afternoon and the Mistresses were feeling satisfied; they now lay or sat around in the living room. After having the slave-girls together in the open shower, using soft brushes to scrub each other’s intimate places as their overseers looked on, commenting and directing (and laughing) the women had been placed in one of the large dog crates, huddled naked, bound and gagged together.

Although it was a little early for drinking, the mistresses felt, it being a holiday and all, that they could celebrate. Kendra and Jessica were sipping their wine as Lia nursed her scotch. “So, girls, what do you think?” Kendra asked with a huge grin on her face.

“I think slaves are exhausting,” Jessica announced, as she lay full out on a couch. Lia and Kendra chuckled in response as Jessica added, “but in a good way, right. A very good way, so cool it’s fucking ice-cold, sisters.”

“What’s the deal with, um, Allie, um, Slave?” Lia asked and Jessica swung her legs around and sat up. All three women had used the girl hard and she had responded.

“Hey, she’s, you know, evolving as a whaddya-call-it?”

“Submissive.” Kendra said.

“Yeah, one of those, evolving, you know, just like us. Queen Kendra here probably gets this more than either of us, ‘cuz of her experience, right KC?” Jessica looked at her housemate and arched her eyebrows.

Kendra pursed up her lips, “Yep, I think she is a closet submissive who is just discovering herself. But it’s different strokes for different folks, eh ladies?”

“Meaning what?” Lia looked up.

Kendra folded her hands and looked like a professor about to give a lecture. “Meaning, you’ve got your pain, you’ve got your humiliation, you’ve got your desire to give up control, to belong to someone; lots of, um, variation. And then you’ve got different actual fetishes, you know, like clothing, certain objects, certain roles, like nurses or nannies, whatever; you never know what will trigger a response. And make no mistake, fellow Queens of Malice (Jessica snorted) there always needs to be reward. For the slave that likes you to piss in her mouth, you’ve got to put aside your bias and accept that, for them, that’s a reward.”

“Gross,” Lia remarked.

“Whatever,” Kendra replied. “But with our little slave, I think we’re pushing some buttons with Allie-Cat and she’s like, I don’t know, a freebie. Now, when you get your sweet piece Lillian in here, Lia, Allie might become a house slave or some such thing. Who knows? We are kind of making this up as we go along, right?”

Her housemates nodded, then Jessica asked, “How long we gonna’ keep ‘em down in the cages?”

“Ummmm, a little while longer, eh? They need a break,” Kendra chuckled.

“And so do we.” Jessica murmured, stretching back out on the couch. “So do we.”


Cherry’s lips moved up and down Simon Cutter’s glistening erection; they were, not surprising given her name, bright red. She was certainly skillful, one hand effectively massaging Cutter’s shaved testicles while the other furiously pumped his shaft as she sucked.

While she worked, Cherry herself was being stimulated orally (in fact, Dawn was so successfully doing her job that Cherry had needed to pause once and ask Dawn to slow down; she was finding it difficult to concentrate on her own task). Dawn at that moment was lying beneath the slim, young woman and had her face buried between the shapely, tanned legs, sucking the remarkably large labia found there, lost momentarily in the scene.

Cherry could now sense Cutter getting close and she became very focused. A few moments later everything worked out, with Cutter groaning loudly and bucking as Cherry took his ejaculate into her mouth, paused for a moment, then headed for the bathroom with her handbag, which held a container of extra-strength, antibacterial mouth wash.

It’s the only way she would ever consider a bbbj, even for someone as apparently upscale as Simon Cutter.

However, she did return to Dawn quickly and sat on the willing girl’s eager mouth. “Oh, God, Hun, you need to finish me,” Cherry commanded and Dawn responded, giving the girl a nice release. A few minutes later, Cherry and Dawn lay together, relaxing as Cutter remained, eyes closed, lying quietly on his own; his choice.

“He’s particular that way,” Dawn remarked quietly as Cherry kissed the side of her face, being just as happy with this arrangement, even okay with Sonny Rollins’s sweet sax playing on the sound surround in the background.


Meg was kneeling by her mistress’s feet, as Jessica gently stroked her. She was wearing the pink collar and nothing else. The tail, which had been removed for a couple of hours, was back in place. Jessica brought Meg’s face up and directed the girl’s mouth to her left breast and nipple, and Meg sucked contentedly like a babe, with Jessica still stroking the soft, auburn hair.

“Is, Cindy-Lou a happy, pet?” Jessica murmured.

“Ummmm, hmmmm,” Meg murmured in response, heat spreading to her loins at this question, her mouth remaining fixed on her mistress’s nipple, as contented as she could ever remember being.

Jessica felt a pleasant surge as well, swelling within her at this response; she considered her next question, then asked it; one might as well know. “Does, Cindy-Lou…want to live with her mistress?” Jessica asked quietly.

Meg moaned and pressed her face into Jessica’s armpit, “Ummmm, oh, uh, mmmmm, ye-yes, Mistress.”

“You would be, my pet.” Jessica murmured, and Meg made a sound comprised of a moan and a cry, while desperately wanting to grasp between her legs, but prevented from doing this as her hands were tied behind her.

Jessica swung around and lifted Meg’s face up to her, hungrily kissing the mouth as Meg responded in kind, the two women sucking and licking each other’s lips and faces. Jessica then held Meg tightly, whispering fiercely into her ear. “I want you. I want you here with me. Ummmmm, fuck. Ohhhh, fuck, fuck, FUCK, I want you!”

Jessica slowly became aware that Meg was crying, and she held the girl away and looked at her; Meg’s eyes were closed and tears were running down her face; she began sobbing.

It took her a few moments to regain composure and then Meg looked up at Jessica, who smiled, looking back with a sort of wonder at this display. “What is it my, mmm, girl?” she asked gently.

Meg responded by lifting up and kissing Jessica’s face, several times, before now whispering in her turn. “I, uh, I love you, ummmmm, oh jeez. Uhhhmm. Ohhh, God. I love you. That, that’s what it is. I fucking love you; I want to be yours, oh fuck….” Meg was breathing hard, her face pressed against Jessica’s throat.

The two women were silent now, with Jessica reaching around and untying Meg’s bonds. “Do you want to be my pet?” Jessica asked, and Meg began to cry again. She didn’t answer, just nodded her head up and down several times emphatically, smiling even as the tears ran down her cheeks, bewildered by her feelings.


“So, you don’t want Lauren over today?” Dawn asked Cutter as he sat watching a movie on his laptop, Cherry long gone.

“No, that’s fine. We’ll have her over tomorrow, and see where she is with our, plans.”

“Ok, boss, see you tomorrow.” Dawn replied, heading for the door herself.

“Right.” Cutter acknowledged without looking up.

On her way down to her car, Dawn texted Lauren, who replied and asked Dawn if she wanted to come by. Dawn had heard about Douglas’s home and was interested, so in a few minutes she was headed over there.

Lauren put down her cell; it was kind of creepy being in the large house alone; she was happy at the thought of company. And she still hadn’t heard from her mother.

What the fuck could she be doing? She thought again.

It would of course have blown her mind to know that, that, was exactly what she had been doing.


“So you think I should do what?” Jessica asked, looking over at Kendra. They were both lying on couches now, so she could not see her friend’s face. They had been chatting about ‘the girls’ some more and Jessica had shared the exchange she had had with Meg.

“Ok, let me work through this, because it’s just an idea that came to me. So,” Kendra paused and then sat up, “Jess, sit up, I want to look at you as I say this, because I’m still working things out, ok?”

“Sure.” Jessica replied, sitting and looking with interest across to the other couch.

“Ok, so, I’m thinking with your sweet Cindy-Lou a.k.a.

Meg, she needs to have more than one, um, personality.” Jessica just looked at her friend so Kendra continued. “You can’t have her as uh, a dog, you know, all the time.”

“Why?” Jessica asked simply.

“You’re not going to kiss her? Screw her? How can you screw um, a dog?” Jessica stared now in thought; this idea, more a problem really, had been sliding around in her mind, but she had managed to elude facing it; until now.

Jessica nodded slowly, “Yeah, I get that. So, um, where are you going with this?”

Kendra made a face and shrugged her shoulders. “So remember, this is something different for me, but it’s really all about role-playing. I thought of it after my first, uh, session with Carol-Slave. She went from licking my shoes and prostrating herself before me, to a board meeting. Goddamn! A board meeting with stuffy folks in suits and she sat there all prim. That’s some serious role-playing, girl. If Meg can slide into this, you know, ‘Pet’ role, and she looked pretty comfortable walking beside you on a leash, today; Christ, who says she can’t, you know, change roles?” Kendra paused, out of breath.

Jessica continued to nod her head slowly, a smile spreading across her pretty face. She looked into Kendra’s eyes, “I’m guessing, oh Queen of Ideas, that you’ve got more?”

Kendra chuckled, and took a breath. “Yeah, well, sex is kinda’ my thang; I can say that ‘cause Lia ain’t around,” she grinned. “Anyway, yeah, I have thought a little. Mostly ‘cause when I saw cute Cindy-Lou’s sweet ass strutting around today I wanted some of that, but I’m not into, uh, dogs, ok? Plus, how can you share your girl, if that’s, like, the deal, right?”

Jessica nodded again, looking a little like the person with the light bulb over their head.


“AAAAaaahhhh,” Dawn cried out, her hands in Lauren’s soft, brown hair.

Lauren looked up from her place between Dawn’s thighs, her face wet. “That was good?” she asked, her eyes bright. She liked pleasing Dawn, more than she did Cutter, actually. Well, a lot more really. Even when you pleased him, there was a coldness.

“Jee-zus girl, you need to ask!?” Dawn purred, gently stroking Lauren’s head, eyes closed, “get up here, little ho’?” she said, and Lauren clambered up to lay against the soft, brown body.

“I love your skin,” Lauren murmured, running her fingers gently up one leg and then an arm.

“MMmmmm, that’s good, sugar, just lie still by me now, momma needs to sleep.” Dawn smiled, her eyes still closed.

Lauren snuggled in, kissing Dawn’s face. “Happy Canada Day,” she whispered.

“What?” Dawn said, quietly. “What do I care about that shit?”

“You’re here, aren’t you? In Canada, I mean? Might as well enjoy.”

Dawn smiled, “Lie still, little one. I’m enjoying just fine, thanks,” she murmured.


“So,” Jessica summarized, “my girl is Cindy-Lou when she’s my pet, Meg the Maid when she’s available to us all, doing stuff around here, serving us, like that, and then she’s, uh, Sapphire, when we want her to get sexy and be our, like, fuck-toy. Hmmmm. It all seems possible, if my Meg is cool with it. If she looks at me like I’m crazy, then what?”

Kendra spread her hands, “It is what it is, but you need to try, right? She said she wants to move in, so that’s a pretty major statement, Jess.”

“Yeah.” Jessica pondered for a minute. “So what are you doing about your Mommy-Slave?”

“Well, she’s staying tonight, which is something. She didn’t flinch at being used by you and Lia, and our big girl used her pretty hard….”

“I noticed,” Jessica added.

“But she was good with everything. When I finally let her come she just, um, gushed,” Kendra chuckled softly, remembering, “then she lay like a fish on the dock, dazed; smiling like a motherf….”

“She is a mother,” Jessica snorted.

“Yeah, yeah, right. You know what I mean. I’m back to rewards. Everybody needs to get something outta’ the deal for it to work; we don’t need to know all the psycho-babble about what turns your crank. Mommy-Slave got her big ‘O’ and was like a kitten with a saucer of milk, just lappin’ it up. She digs it, who cares why.” Kendra paused and considered, then continued, “She, um, wants me to start selling stuff off and managing her financials for her.”

Jessica looked at her friend. “I thought she had, like, accountants for that shit?”

“She does. Only like a legion of ‘em. But she trusts me, who knows?”

“And where does her daughter fit into all this?” Jessica asked.

Kendra looked back at her with an odd expression. “Damned if I know.”


Lauren looked at the text message; stared at it, really. It was from her mom announcing she was out somewhere and would be back in the morning. What was going on? Cutter would not be happy with where things were at. Shit, Lauren thought, why wasn’t this easier?


Kendra came bustling in the door, followed by Allie, both carrying bags and boxes. Kendra had been out as early as the stores were open and had taken Allie along “as my mule”, she had laughed. Now they moved into the living room and began spreading the boxes out on the couches, Lia and Jessica coming to watch.

“Where are the other two?” Kendra asked.

“Downstairs, waiting. We were not sure how you wanted to do this. We had them shower together.”

“And piss,” Lia added with a grin. “That was fun. We made them spread their legs as they went and then wipe each other. They were embarrassed, but turned on. Fuck. You could tell,” Lia said and Jessica nodded in agreement.

Jessica added, “They are kneeling downstairs, with dildos in them; waiting for the queen.”

Kendra did a little bow and held up a skimpy skirt, “We have maid costumes. Hot ones. I think a woman wearing a little, uh, revealing clothing is sexier than a naked one. Anyway, we’ll have them serve us this morning as maids. C’mon Allie-Cat, get everything out and then get undressed.” 

Allie sped up her unpacking as Jessica and Lia stood with grins on their faces.

“Nothing like a slave that’s keen to get down to business,” Jessica laughed.


Marissa knocked gently on Lauren’s door. She had already checked with Mrs. Douglas and was surprised to find the woman was not home. “Ms. Douglas, would you like breakfast?” She asked in her respectful manner.

Lauren and Dawn both sat up in the large bed and Dawn spoke quietly into the side of Lauren’s face, “Tell her to make pancakes.” Lauren nodded and called out that request. “Very good, Miss.” Came the reply, followed by, “Any word on, um, Mrs. Douglas please?”

“No, sorry, Marissa,” the younger Douglas replied. That was still a mystery.


The three maids came in wearing their new outfits. They were strapless, sleeveless corset-style black and white garments with dark nylons attached to black garter belts, completed with black micro thongs visible from the back anytime the ‘maid’ bent forward, even slightly. An added feature at the bust line of the corset was an opening for the wearer’s nipples, if desired. Mistress Kendra had desired this, and the feature was being used as all three maids had their nipples jutting out, with small, black, modest strength clamps attached to them.

As well, each maid wore a wide, black, leather slave collar, fastened by a padlock. They were shoeless; “I don’t want them clacking around right now,” Mistress Kendra had decided. The maids carried trays with drinks of juice and coffee and plates of buttered toast. After serving their mistresses, the maids knelt by each of them, eyes averted as they had been instructed.

“Ain’t ‘dis loverly, li-dies?” Kendra asked in a decent British accent that caused everyone, maids included, to snicker.

Kendra then spoke in a mock stern voice, reprimanding the maids for making sounds without permission, “There will be punishment, disobedient sluts,“ she warned.

“I’m pretty sure there’s gonna’ be punishment anyway, there kids.” Jessica added, with Kendra and Lia laughing out loud and the maids suppressing their giggles.


Carol Douglas had finally headed for home, as had Allie. Lia was scheduled for a weekend shift and Kendra had joined Jessica as they took Meg home to gather up some things; she was moving in. Once in Meg’s tiny place, it had not taken them long to pack. Within an hour they were leaving with two boxes and one suitcase; Meg would not be needing much. Four other boxes sat taped and waiting for some movers. Jessica was going to have the boxes and Meg’s furniture put into storage. Six months from now the picture should be clearer.

At the Douglas home, Lauren heard Marissa greet her mother and waited until she heard the woman coming down the hall. She gave her a few minutes and then headed to the bedroom, knocking gently on the door.

“Come in, dear,” Carol said and Lauren entered and looked at her mother. She had changed somehow. She wasn’t the driven business woman, so focused on making money, that Lauren had left. She seemed…calmer? What had happened?

“Hey, uh, Mom. So, where’ve you b’in?”

Carol smiled at her daughter; she still wasn’t really comfortable with her or this relationship; yet. She wasn’t sure why Lauren had returned; she was willing to give the girl a chance but something was ‘niggling’ away at the back of her mind. “Oh, I was just with friends, dear,” she replied, noncommittedly.

“That’s, um, different, hey?”

“Emmm, what do you mean?”

Lauren paused, “Well, I just don’t remember you doing much with anyone before; it seemed like you were always about, you know, business.”

Carol considered this; it was true, for the most part. Before Lauren had left, Carol had spent more time on her projects and business in general, a little now and then with her husband, and then looking after her sexual needs, but that was a private thing. She had certainly never stayed away for a night when Lauren was around. “Well, yes, things can change, dear. Look at you, I would never have expected you to just, oh, return like this, out of the blue so to speak.”

They sat for a moment in silence, before Lauren replied. “Well, you can’t drift around for ever, hmmm? I need to do something with my life, and I needed to at least try to, like, connect with you. That’s something I have come to, um, appreciate like, you know, having someone that cares about you. Whatever, um, differences

we have had, you’re still…my mother.”

Yes, Carol thought, that was true.

(End of Chapter 06)

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