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A Mask of Love by LongDarkRoad Chapter 15 I Shall Go To Her

A Mask of Love

By LongDarkRoad

Chapter 15

I Shall Go To Her, But She Shall Not Return To Me   

Saturday evening’s show was over and Meg and Mary accepted the enthusiastic applause and bowed. They had just done a second encore so they would hold firm and leave their guitars sitting on their stands.

As the crowd realized that was it, the conversations picked up and several members of the audience ventured forward to offer their comments, all positive, and the two young women smiled broadly at their reception.

Meg quickly glanced over at her father, sitting and literally beaming against one wall; she smiled and waved. She had already spoken with him, thanking him for the gift of money and watching him squirm awkwardly in her gratitude. Now she headed toward the bar.

Marcy looked up and smiled as Meg approached her; what a difference having these talented artists had made to their business, yet she was not satisfied. She had felt something deep for Meg, but now felt a growing sense of betrayal. To her, she had been used, played and manipulated, and it had rankled her.

“They love you,” she remarked to Meg, handing her a small pot of green tea and keeping her emotions in check.

Meg smiled and looked around, and then back at Marcy. “And what about you, Marce, how do you feel?”

For some reason, this comment annoyed her, and Marcy looked down at the glass she was drying, then placed it on the counter, before looking into Meg’s face. “I like you, a lot. I told you that. I don’t know what I wanted or what I expected, I just enjoyed being, with you, doing all, uh, you know…” her voice trailed off and she picked up another glass.

Meg looked around; her father had gone, so she reached over and stroked Marcy’s hand. “I wasn’t pretending to like being with you, Marce, believe that. I’m not like that.”

Marcy regarded the lovely, haunting face silently, feeling a stab within her chest. “But that’s just it Meg, I don’t know who you are. Or what…”


Kendra looked up as Lillian glided into the room. The girl came and sat beside her, and then snuggled up, which was amusing given the difference in size. Kendra did not mind at all, however, and stretched her arm around Lillian’s broad shoulders.

“How you doing, Kid?” she asked.

“Mmmmm,” Lillian murmured, pressing her face into Kendra’s neck, “I’m doin’ okay, Boss. Why?”

Kendra paused for a moment, but before she could answer, Lia came in, beer in hand, and sat on the opposite couch. This was odd in that Lia had maintained her distance from Lillian steadfastly since the shouting match. With Lia’s entrance, Lillian withdrew her arms and sat back against the couch, crossing them. There was an awkward pause.

Lia sipped her beer, then spoke quietly, “We need to sort some things out, Lillian,” she said, and everyone sat still.


Lauren, her hands tied behind her, accepted the spoonful of peas that Madera offered up. After being denied both food and water for a long stretch of time, the woman had begun feeding her this morning. It was humiliating being fed like a baby but Lauren, already naturally submissive, was hungry and thirsty enough to bury her pride and accept this.

“Mmmmm, that’s a good girl. All the peas are gone, now you can have some more chocolate milk,” Madera purred in a compelling way. Her methods were not difficult to grasp; alternating between very harsh and very caring; like finding out that Lauren loved chocolate milk.

Certain personalities responded quickly to the carrot and the stick approach; and even the strong did not relish Madera’s stick.


“Really?” Mary said, looking at Meg with an eyebrow raised.

“Please Mary, can’t we just go back to your place, have some wine and chill. I really want to talk to you.”

“Why?” Mary asked, a small smile on her lips.

“Mary…” Meg implored.


Lia had been working up to this, finding the courage, finding the words, but now she just froze. Work brain, she yelled in her mind.

“It’s okay, Lia. Everyone makes mistakes. What are you thinking?” Kendra asked, and that got the ball rolling. Kendra could be so diplomatic; Lillian on the other hand had put her mask back on and sat in silence.

Lia sipped some beer and began, not looking at anyone, “I just wanted to say to Lillian that, uh, fuck, this is harder than I thought. Um, damn. Uh, I was wrong, Lillian, with you, and the others. I should’a thought more an’ not just gone along. Holly started stuff but I should’a been stronger; I was weak and I liked it, you know, the power. But now I look at you, Lillian, I see a person. A girl. It was wrong. I can’t take it back, but I can say that I’m sorry, like real fucking sorry, an’ I wish I could take it back. I do, um…”

The room was silent again, with Lia looking intently at her bottle, Kendra smiling and Lillian relaxing a little, her face softening.

A little.


Mary brought a glass of wine to Meg and then collapsed on the couch beside her, with Meg sitting on the floor. Mary sighed; where to begin? “So, I think people are good with our stuff, eh?” She commented, looking down onto Meg’s thick, auburn hair, feeling that familiar desire whenever she looked at the girl.

Meg turned and looked up. “Well, first time I went in there, at night, like, there might have been twenty people sittin’ around. Tonight there were seventy-seven paid cover charges. Yow. Everybody’s happy I think. I’m lovin’ the music, Mare.” Meg sipped her wine.

Mary considered for a moment and decided to get down to business. “So, what’s the deal, Meg? Your, um, mistress wants you to do some more research?” Mary chuckled, but her voice held a definite tightness.

Meg got up and moved to sit beside her friend so she could look at her. “I’ve talked with, uh, her, about you and stuff, and that I like you, a lot. She wants me to be with other women; I know that’s weird, but I want to be with you, um, like anyways, eh?” Meg looked at Mary with that totally innocent face she possessed, a face that could melt butter as they say. Mary had remarked this to herself, taking the comparison for her own use.

“So, you’re here ‘cuz you wanna’ be or ‘cuz she…”

“Both,” Meg interjected. “I won’t pretend. She suggested this, but I wanted it. I want to be with you, Mary, um, for me. I feel good when I’m with you. I’m confused, yeah, a little. This is all new to me, eh. All of it. What I’m feeling; what I want, why I want it. What I am. I don’t know; I just know I like being with you.”

Mary sat in thought, then put down her glass and placed a hand under Meg’s jaw; she then leaned in and kissed the full, pink lips, holding the kiss, before Meg opened her mouth and accepted Mary’s tongue. This too was held, until Mary drew back and smiled. “I can’t resist you, Meggo, even though I don’t trust this but…” She reached over and unbuttoned Meg’s blouse, removing it and then the thin bra. The pants, pantyhose and thong followed quickly and soon Meg was sitting naked.

“Do you want me as your mistress?” Mary asked.

Meg shook her head, “Mm-mmmn, I want you just with me as your, um, partner, I guess. I don’t want to be your, like, slave.”

Mary smiled and stood, sliding her jeans down. In a moment she too was naked. She handed Meg’s glass to her and took her hand, leading her into the bedroom.


“Well, I think that was the first step, Lia. Now just give her time,” Kendra said. Lillian hadn’t jumped up and hugged Lia, or anything close, but she had acknowledged, in her usual blunt way, that it was a start. She had then retreated to her room, leaving the two women there talking.

“Yeah, I get that. First steps, little steps, you gotta start somewhere, eh?” Lia replied and Kendra nodded. “So, what have you been workin’ on so much on your freakin’ laptop; it’s somethin’ doin’ with the girl, right?”

Kendra nodded again and then gave Lia a Cole’s notes summary of Lillian’s history, focusing on the time with the creeps in Kenora. She had planned to share this anyway, so the talk worked out.

“Fuck, that’s nasty.” Lia paused. “Ok, you know who they are. You know where they are. Wha’ddya goin’ to do?” she asked.

Kendra shook her head. “Not completely sure, but I’m thinking I need to confront them. And I’d need you there with me,” she stated, and Lia did not flinch, looking on and taking this in. In fact, she nodded her head. Kendra heard someone in the kitchen so she paused, then got up to check it out. She didn’t want Lillian knowing anything of her ‘plans’.

But it wasn’t Lillian rooting around, it was Jessica. What had she been doing in her room? Where was Meg? Kendra asked this and then waited as Lia passed through, saying goodnight to them both, before heading upstairs.

Jessica took her bag of chips and went to the living room, taking the spot where Lia had been, with Kendra returning to her place. “Meg’s off with Mary. I wanted her to hook up tonight.”

Kendra studied her housemate. “What’s going on, Jess?”

Jessica looked down, and when she looked up she wiped away a tear with a quick, almost angry swipe. “I don’t know. I’m afraid. There.”

Kendra looked on now with concern. Jessica had a façade, her flippancy covered up who knows what, but underneath there was a vulnerability that she worked hard to keep hidden. Kendra knew this was there, but in their time together had never actually witnessed it. “What are you afraid of, Kid?” She asked gently.

Jessica snorted and looked away. “Okay, you got me Dr. Chand. Jessica Robb is not the confident Bitch Queen she pretends to be.” She wiped away another tear.

Kendra moved over to sit beside her friend, gently stroking her arm. “I never believed you to be a bitch-queen, Jess. But I did see a mask. You’ve talked about it yourself, what we pretend, what is real. So come on, there’s no Dr. Chand here, just your friend. What are you afraid of?”

Jessica looked up now with sadness in her eyes. She snorted again, before saying “Everything. Being alone. Being with someone. Having something. Losing something. I don’t trust, uh, things. People. Shit, everything. It’s all an act, but it’s hard to keep it together, you know?”

Kendra didn’t really know, but she got the idea. “And so what does this have to do with…Meg?”

Jessica produced a tissue from somewhere and dabbed her eyes. “I don’t like to have you see me cry, Kend-o. If you tell anyone I’ll have to kill you, eh?” She chuckled darkly.

Kendra chuckled too, and continued to gently stroke one arm. “Your secrets are safe with me, Kid. Get it out. It’s okay; really. I’m like the in-house Mother Teresa.”

Jessica looked up and smiled a wan smile. “I can’t do it. I can’t keep it up with her. What she wants I can’t be, yet I care for her so much.” She stopped and looked down. Kendra moved in, putting her arm around the slim girl. They sat now quietly, with Jessica finally adding, “And I feel, um, a lot for Lillian, too, Kend. I’m having a hard time keeping her out of my mind. I can’t figure it all out; I’m sorry.”

Kendra did not reply, just stroked Jessica’s hair in a motherly way.


“Ummmmm, that’s nice,” Mary murmured. She and Meg were in the shower, had been for twenty minutes, but now Meg was on her knees, sucking gently on Mary’s pussy. Mary shuddered and leaned back against the shower wall, letting the water continue to wash over her along with her pleasure; whatever else she might feel, her doubts etcetera, she had no doubt about this; Meg made her feel good. Very good.

Ten minutes later they were in Mary’s tiny apartment kitchen, with Mary boiling water for tea and Meg sitting at the also tiny, two-person table.

“I would have thought you’d had enough of my vjj yesterday,” Mary remarked over her shoulder.

Hmmmm,” Meg responded. “I like, um, that. Who knew, all those years? Evidently not me.” She took out her cell; she needed to touch base with her mistress.


“UHHHHnng!!” Lauren cried out, as the whip left a nasty red welt from her right shoulder to her left hip. There were now three such marks on her back, to go along with the four on her front. Lauren, never the bravest anyway, was sobbing uncontrollably, tears and mucous running down her face, her dirty hair wild and dishevelled. Whatever make-up she once had on was now just dark streaks here and there on her face, like angry decorations.

“Please! Please, stop. Ah, God. Please. I’ll do better. I WILL!” she yelled.

Madera had been training her, giving her commands and then timing responses. The woman had not been satisfied with Lauren’s efforts and the whip now made that point. The tall figure came to tower over the shaking form tied again to the pipes. Lauren seemed somehow to have shrunk; she appeared almost child-like before the dark figure.

“You promise to be better?” Madera said in a quiet, calm voice; remarkably, the southern accent was now gone.

“Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Pleasssse!” Lauren begged, and Madera untied her bonds and lowered her to the concrete. “Okay, then, let’s try again. Pre-sent!”

At this command, Lauren quickly sat down and spread her legs as wide as possible, with her hands under her thighs. “Use me,” she said in a thick voice.

“Display!” With this, Lauren swiveled around onto her hands and knees and arched her back, reaching behind her to spread her buttocks and anus open. “Please use me,” she cried this time.

“Very good, my girl. Now, Serve!”

With this last command, Lauren knelt tall with her hands behind her back, her eyes closed and her mouth opened in an ‘O’ shape, ready to receive the erection that would be entering, some other time, some other place. “Let me suck your cock, please,” she uttered, her voice breaking, before resuming the shape.

Madera gently caressed Lauren’s face, then took out a large hanky and wiped the face, quite lovingly, until it was dry, if not clean. She then held Lauren like a baby, with Lauren’s soft sobs muffled against Madera’s tailored jacket, as the girl buried herself there.


Lia had her uniform on and she was heading for the door, when she paused and looked at Kendra coming down the stairs. “Whatever you plan for those two assholes, I’ve got your back, right?”

Kendra smiled down at her; “Counting on it. You’re my muscle.” She smirked, as Lia made a ‘muscle pose’ and laughed.

They could joke about it now, but both knew that what they were thinking about doing was very dangerous. “I’m doing it,” Kendra said to herself, heading for the kitchen; she needed coffee.

“I’m doing it.”

It would become her slogan.


Carol Douglas had made a decision. She was now in her penthouse condo, right on the Pacific Ocean, in Puerto Vallarta. She had come here to sell it, but decided instead that she and her mistress could use a place to come for sunshine and warmth; certainly there would not be so much of that at her English property.

She looked over the document before her; it would allow the luxurious unit to be rented for eight months of the year, leaving four for their pleasure. She signed the document with a smile on her face; she would enjoy introducing her mistress to these, her, their, homes.


Meg had her head on Jessica’s shoulder; they were not talking, just sitting, both feeling tension, a sense of unease. Meg pushed it from her mind; Jessica let it swirl around and ebb and flow. At times she was convinced of her plans, at other times totally shaken. To hold on to or to let go; both options caused her worry.

After Meg had arrived home from her time with Mary, Jessica had made her review everything they had done and how Meg had felt. At times it was a challenge, as Meg, while wanting to comply, felt almost a sense of betrayal when sharing her passion; but she couldn’t lie to her mistress. Even little hesitations brought Jessica’s unerring inquisition. In the end, Meg felt she had detailed every kiss and touch between her and Mary, and her mistress seemed strangely satisfied.

Getting up, Jessica now took Meg by the hand and led her downstairs. They paused outside Lillian’s room and then entered, the tall girl stretched out on her bed as usual, a television show with the sound off playing on her set. “Hey, if it’s not the pussy sisters,” Lillian grinned.

“Feel like some company there, beautiful?” Jessica asked, Meg standing obediently and waiting. Lillian simply smiled in response. A few minutes later, Jessica, sitting on the one chair, felt the rising arousal as a naked Meg was fucked by a strap-on wearing Lillian, the accessory a gift from Jessica herself. The dildo that was attached to the harness was possibly six inches and dark brown.

From her vantage point, Jessica stared in fascination as Lillian’s powerful hips thrust the rubber object into Meg’s vagina in a machine-like way, both women grunting. Jessica got up and stood by the bed, then ran her hand up one of Lillian’s legs as her hips rose and fell in a steady rhythm. Jessica moved her hand up farther until she was able to ride Lillian’s hips, before dipping two fingers into the now very wet vagina, even as it pounded Meg beneath her.

Lillian turned her head to look at Jessica before closing her eyes and shouting out, as amazing ecstasy surged within her for what seemed like forever.

Upstairs in her room, Kendra, with Allie and a vibrator busy between her legs, looked up. That was a call she knew; she smiled and shook her head. What was Jessica up to?


Dawn entered the dark apartment and switched on a light, expecting to see Lauren in bed, but the bed lay unmade. Feeling a presence, she turned and looked to her right, almost jumping at what she saw. Simon Cutter was there, sitting in the dark, on her couch.


Jessica, for the first time in a while, had a job to do, and she was good with that. Grabbing her briefcase, she accepted a kiss from Meg and was out the door. Meg went to the window and watched Jessica get in her car and drive away. The sad lump in her chest would not go away, not with the pleasure she received from Mary or the passion from Lillian; the thought that Jessica was drifting away from her overwhelmed everything else.

She went over to her case and took out her guitar. She sat on the couch and began moving through some chords. She felt the need to write; no doubt it would be a love song. Of sorts.


Dawn sat at her desk and moved papers around. She looked at her computer screen, answered a question from one of the associates who appeared at her door, but her mind was elsewhere. The visit the night before from Cutter had jolted her and what he had told her affected her even more.

He had Lauren, that was the bottom line, and Dawn would be unable to assist. She would need to sit and wait. Somehow Cutter had found out about her past, her real past, not the one she had shared with him, the made-up one. Her real past that included skipping bail and changing her name. All Cutter needed to do was make a call and the Sheriffs would be over the border and seizing her, Canada be damned.

“Oh, your little pet is safe,” Cutter had droned, a sick smile on his sinister face.

She had no choice right now but to accept that. And wait.


Her work day over, and successful; she was very good with technical support, as today she had designed a website using Word Press for a long-time client; Jessica sat now in The Brown Jug, a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon before her, waiting for her guest. She glanced at her watch; it was almost seven, their appointed hour. And, as she expected, coming across the lounge floor was the woman.

“Thank you, Mary, for coming,” Jessica said, standing and extending her hand.

Mary took it, cautiously, saying, “Well, I am interested in what you might have to say.”

Sitting down and awaiting the server, then ordering a glass of house white, Mary now regarded Jessica. “You’ve changed your look; a lot,” she noted, thinking to herself that Jessica was a very attractive woman, and her new cut gave her an edgy vibe.

Jessica chuckled, “Yeah, out with the old I guess. I like your look, Mary. Kinda’ retro but it suits you. But I didn’t ask you here to compare ‘doos’.” She smiled now as Mary’s drink arrived. Then the two women sat, regarding each other.


A few blocks away, Meg was seated in the Purple Barista. Her mistress had given her an assignment; make an effort to re-connect with Marcy. Try hard. If nothing comes of it, oh well. So she sat, and waited for a chance to talk with the older woman, who seemed distracted by Meg’s appearance on a day she was not to be in.

The place was not very crowded, and Meg just sat, nursing her tea. Maybe she should have a drink; her mistress had not said anything.


Lauren finished urinating and looked up at Madera, then looked away in embarrassment.

“Look at me,” the woman commanded and Lauren looked.

“You are disgusting,” Madera droned and Lauren looked away and then quickly back; Madera still held the riding crop in her right hand. She had used it earlier; four solid strikes on Lauren’s ass that had burned like fire, leaving narrow welts on her buttocks; it had been the most painful device so far.

“I am, dis-um-disgusting,” Lauren agreed, shaking with cold. She was naked, of course, and had been since her capture; and she was dirty.

Madera regarded the pitiful creature in her care. She was broken, no doubt; perhaps it was time to take her out. Apparently her friend had been dealt with.

“Lick my boots, disgusting piece of shit,” Madera commanded in a calm voice.

“Y-yes, um, Mistress,” Lauren stammered, and crawled to the black boots and began to lick them; she knew exactly how it was to be done. She was determined to lick the boots perfectly this time; she did not want any more punishment, and maybe she would earn a drink. Of water.


Jessica watched the trim figure of Mary Chapman head back across the floor. She had needed to talk with the woman, even if the woman had not really wanted to talk with her; and was satisfied, for now.

She texted Meg with some instructions, then finished her wine. Glancing around, she noted the early-thirties redhead in the corner booth, who smiled at her for the second time. Should she?

Not tonight.

No, tonight she wanted something with more…bite. She paid her tab and left; the place she was headed to was a popular spot for young women who wanted to hook up with other young women. Tonight, she wanted someone young.

She didn’t know why.

It didn’t matter.

(End of Chapter 15)

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