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A Sanctuary of One by LongDarkRoad Chapter 3 Is To Surrender to Pleasure

A Sanctuary of One

By LongDarkRoad

Chapter 3 Is To Surrender To Pleasure To Accept Defeat?

Courtney was slowly working her way down Julie’s body, starting with the throat. She had just released one brown nipple and was moving to the other. Julie, her hands crossed at the wrists above her head, placed that way by Courtney, was slowly moving her pelvis, anticipating.

As Courtney’s soft lips travelled now down her belly and past her navel, Julie’s breath began to come in gasps, punctuated by moans. Courtney lifted her head and smiled; she was enjoying this immensely. She looked down at the dark tangle of curling, black hair that completely covered Julie’s crotch and spread upwards to her navel and back under her ass.

With a gentle hand she spread Julie’s legs farther apart and now placed her lips against the flesh of the woman’s inner thighs, her tongue tracing a delicious path upwards, until it ran along the moist inner pink of the dark, purple/brown labia, with Julie arching her back and crying out softly.

****      ****

Julie entered her home filled with strange emotions; coming home after her time with Courtney made every action seem…different somehow. She was actually dreading the thought of sliding in beside her husband, feeling the expected wave of shame, but even though it was again near midnight, he wasn’t home yet, which was strange.

Julie decided then to fill the tub, adding lots of bubble bath, something she had not done in a while. She placed her disc player to the side and put in the Spice Girls first album, Spice, then lowered her body into the steaming water. As she leaned her head back on the rubber pillow, she let her hands move between her thighs, her mind filled with images of Courtney.

The woman’s face, her lips; her tongue as it explored the crevices of Julie’s vagina; her long fingers as they probed and pulled; Courtney’s thumb circling the stub of the clitoris, and it rising with arousal.

Julie remembered the orgasm, the slow build, the unbelievable burst of pleasure. She remembered looking down at her hands that were lost in the mass of red hair of Courtney’s head, and then the woman’s face, coming up smiling. She remembered then how they had kissed; real kisses, deep, searching…wanton? Yes, wanton; a moment where time did not exist as she was lost in the body of another, surrendering absolutely to pleasure.

For it being her first time with another woman, it had been…spectacular; she still hadn’t really come down from it. Her player was now on the song ‘Naked’ when she heard Christopher’s steps and then the cautious opening of the door as he looked in. “Hi there,” he said.

“Hi there yourself,” she murmured.

After a moment he said, “I don’t suppose you want any company?”

She chuckled, “I have bath bubbles and the Spice Girls. I don’t think you’d be happy here.”

He chuckled from the hall, “No Jules, I can feel my testosterone draining from out here.”

They both chuckled and he headed off to the main floor and a shower.


Courtney took her morning tea from her tiny kitchen to her small living room and sat on her worn couch. It had been so pleasant in the hotel that she and Julie White had gone to last night. What would it be like to have lots of money, to have a large home and expensive cars, she wondered? Was there a way for her to continue with her ‘activities’ but maybe have a better quality of life? She picked up the business card sitting on an end table; FabModelsInc., it read.

She sat in thought, but her reverie was interrupted by a gentle knock on her door; one that brought a smile to her face as she knew who it would be.

She considered calling out, but stood instead and moved with a measured grace the short distance to her door. Opening it she saw her upstairs neighbor, Carolyn, an unassuming woman in her late thirties; soft, light brown hair tied back today in a ponytail; what she was wearing, however, was not what one would expect of a middle-aged house-wife mid-day. She had on a sexy, red lingerie set that featured a see-through bra, garter belt, tiny, red thong and dark nylons.

“Yes?” Courtney murmured, looking down slightly from her five-eight height advantage to the shorter woman. Carolyn did not look up into the lovely face that now held an almost haughty look, keeping her eyes cast downward instead.

“I saw you came in late, Miss Courtney. I’ve waited to come down. I hoped I might, s-serve you this morning, if you wish?” The woman spoke in a voice just above a whisper.

“Hmmmmm,” Courtney murmured, caressing the woman’s cheek with her delicate hand, sending a visible shiver down the woman’s body. “I see you’ve dressed the way I like you to.”

“Yes, Miss,” Carolyn said quietly, still focused on the floor.

“Well, I might have a job or two for you,” Courtney said quietly, allowing her housecoat to gape slightly, but enough to reveal the blonde/red patch of pubic hair. “You may come in, but you know how you should enter.”

“Y-yes,” Carolyn uttered, dropping to her knees.


Since they would be picking up the children this afternoon, Julie had been able to keep her mind off of Courtney, more or less. Even though Julie always had a feeling of tension when they visited, they had ended up staying for dinner with Christopher’s parents. It was always a feast, no matter what the occasion, so it was now almost eleven when she and Christopher had the chance to settle, with the children finally asleep.

They were lounging on couches, sipping whiskey; the lights low and the mood relaxing.

“How’d it go with your new, um, clients. I keep wanting to call them ‘pigeons’, but that wouldn’t be fair?” Julie smiled.

Christopher snorted, “Thank you for that. Yes, I don’t believe the Becks would appreciate the reference.” He sipped his drink. “It went well. We’re going to do the face work first, starting in ten days, and then the arms later. I also recommended a physical therapist to start with some light workouts, you know, part of the overall plan.”

Julie nodded, then lay back on the white, leather couch. ”So, I can get that new diamond necklace I want?” Julie smirked.

“Oh, absolutely, Dear. Get two.” They both smiled. “You’ve met some new…friends?” Christopher asked, mildly.

Julie hesitated, experiencing a response to Courtney’s face suddenly appearing in her mind. “What, you mean the drinks last night? Well, this group that meets has about twenty members, so I’m guessing I’ll be meeting many new, um, people. I don’t know that I would call them friends. It’s been, ummm, a long while since I had a woman I could girl-chat with.”

They sat in silence, before Christopher got up to put an album, a real vinyl album, on their turntable; a genuine turntable. In keeping with the whiskey and the mood, the album was Frank Sinatra. Not one of Julie’s favs, but she would put up with it because Christopher did not make a fuss over her choices; none of which he enjoyed. ‘Girl bands’, he had commented to Claire one day when she’d asked, and she had nodded with understanding. Returning to the couch, he felt his phone vibrate in his pant’s pocket. Glancing over at Julie, he noticed her eyes closed, so he cautiously withdrew his device and opened his message. It was from Claire, saying simply “I wish I was with you.” Sad faced emoji.

Smiling, he texted back, “Why??” Smiley face emoji.

In a moment the gentle buzz indicated her reply, “So I could make you feel good, Doctor White.” Two smiley face emojis.

Christopher glanced over again at Julie, who seemed to have drifted off. He typed, “And how would you possibly do that, Ms. Butler?” Surprised face emoji.

Three smiley faces preceded the responding message. “Oh, mostly by sucking your cock like a vacuum, then swallowing all your hot cum. Although I’m hoping some day other parts of my body might please you.” Face with eyes closed demurely.

As he read the message, and noted his growing arousal, he also noted movement from the other couch, and slipped his phone back into his pocket as Julie roused herself. “Mmmmmm, gawd, I dozed off. Wow. I think I’ll just crash,” Julie muttered, finishing her drink and standing.

“Good night, Dear. Sleep tight, although I’m not sure what that means,” Christopher murmured.

“It means I should have a couple more whiskies before I crash,” Julie said, chuckling, as she headed up the stairs.

Christopher retrieved his phone, feeling like a naughty school boy, and quickly typed, “What parts would that be, Ms. Butler? I am confused.” Smirk-y face.

In a moment a message with a photo came to his phone. It was clearly a woman’s vagina, with thick pink labia and a generous covering of light brown hair. Accompanying the picture was the message, “My pussy, for one.”

Winking face.


Sunday proved to be a difficult day for Julie; she did take Noah and Abigail to the park for an hour and then got some work done on an ad for Honda; two of their models were in the top twenty sellers and the feeling was that with the right push they could go higher. Julie’s problem with any vehicle was which way to go; environment or style…or both, and try to sit on the fence?

But her thoughts and her work were interrupted frequently by images of Courtney, and memories of her touch, her scent, her taste.

Julie had experienced some good sex in her life, or at least she had believed that she had; but she had not experienced this…feeling; this haunting. She had not been plagued by Aaron or her other two partners. It had happened; she’d got what she wanted and moved on, even if she did meet them later, they didn’t settle in her mind.

After dinner, as Christopher was going over information for a Monday morning consultation, and Angel was supervising bath times, she texted Courtney. “Hey there, just thinking of you,” was the message, with no emojis; she didn’t use them.

Then she sat, and as the minutes passed, she was reminded about the frustration with texting; waiting. She took her phone with her when she went to pour herself a glass of wine. The reply came back as she returned to her desk.

“Hi Julie. Tell me what you’re thinkin’.” Smiley face.

There’s a damn smiley face, Julie considered, now what; would she need to use one? But her excitement far outweighed any annoyance, as she typed, “Just thinking of how nice it was. Well, much more than nice.” She went with a winking smiley face.

It was again several minutes before the response came back, causing Julie to wonder if she was being played with, but when the message arrived, that was all that mattered.

“What part did you enjoy most, babe; me eating you or you eating me?” A blushing face.

Julie laughed in spite of herself. “Both. But I cannot believe how I enjoyed (she paused, for some reason finding it difficult to type this part; she took a breath and plowed ahead) eating you.” Regular smiley face.

Five minutes crawled by, and then, “So, what now, Julie White?”

That was the question, wasn’t it? What now? Did she even know? She felt excitement and anticipation whenever she thought of this young woman, who she knew so little about. She wasn’t even entirely sure where Courtney worked, although it was a woman’s shelter of some kind. Where did she live?

No, all she had right now were emotions and desire; she needed more. “Well, I would like to get to know you better?” She typed, with no faces.

To Julie’s surprise, her phone rang two minutes later, “Hey, Babe,” came the lovely voice.

Calming herself, and unconcerned about Christopher or anything else, Julie replied, “Hey yourself. Tired of texting?”

Courtney chuckled, “I thought this would be faster. And besides, I wanted to hear your voice.”

A warm feeling spread through her body at these simple words, the voice seeming to caress her, and Julie worked to keep her voice and breathing calm. This was completely new territory for her; was this what a crush was like, she wondered, partly in amazement? “Well, I love to hear your voice too, it’s just difficult here, at home”. Julie replied softly.

“I get that, so I’ll keep it quick. Wanna hook up this week, like for a coffee, or tea in my case?”

Julie did not need to ponder this, “Yes, ummmm, do you have a day in mind?” Julie’s mind began furiously considering her schedule.

“How about Wednesday after work; I can be off at four? You text me in the next day or two if that’s what you want.”

Julie smiled, “Sure, I’ll do that. Um, great to hear your voice, and I’ll, well, be back in touch.”

“Later, Babe”. Courtney murmured, and then the call ended. Julie sat, just staring at her laptop screen; then she brought up her schedule and put in the meeting. Wednesday, she thought, three days.

On her couch Courtney sat, a curious smile on her beautiful face, her hand between her thighs.


Claire brought in the files for the nine-thirty appointment and laid them on Dr. White’s desk and as she turned to leave the doctor’s door opened and he entered. The two stood looking at each other, smiles on their faces. “Who else is in?” White asked.

“Chelsea is in ops setting up the instruments. Danielle will be in at one.” Claire said succinctly, the smile remaining on her face. “You enjoyed the photos?” She asked, her smile broadening.

White moved a few steps to stand directly in front of his assistant. “I loved them. They brightened my evening and yesterday.”

“Would you like to take a few of your own?” Claire asked, raising her white uniform’s skirt to reveal crotch-less pantyhose.”

White leaned forward to plant a deep kiss on Claire’s mouth. He straightened up and smiled down at her, “We’re done today at three-thirty. If we can get everyone out promptly I would love to take some shots, my choice of poses.”

Claire lowered her skirt and grinned. “Wonderful. I look forward to it. You can pose me however you like, I won’t say no.”

White moved to the wardrobe to hang up his coat and retrieve his smock. “That’s wonderful…Ms. Butler. Now we need to focus and get ready for Mrs. R.”

“Absolutely, Doctor.”


Julie’s direct supervisor came into her office and placed a folder on her crowded desk. “Take a look at this and see what you think. It’s new territory for us.”

Julie opened the folder for a peek and saw some photos of naked or semi-naked girls. She looked up at Bryce and asked “Anal Minds?”

Bryce looked a little sheepish and shrugged, “The Porn biz is very competitive. They need promotion just like everyone else.”

“You’re comfortable with…this?” She asked raising her eyebrows.

Bryce shrugged again before he turned to leave, “Let’s talk; let Jasmine have a look, I’m keen on her take.”

Julie looked through the information and the photos, then turned to her computer and sought out the site. Most companies have a policy about employees accessing porn at work and here she was being encouraged to do that. She chuckled and shook her head. It might at least get her mind off Courtney. Or not, considering the subject matter.


Christopher White looked again at the woman as she turned ninety degrees one way and then the other. “And what is it that you are unhappy with, Ms. Ruska?”

The woman looked up at the doctor with her hazel eyes, which, like the rest of her face, Dr. White thought, were totally acceptable. Ruska grimaced slightly and said, “I just think I look, oh, hawkish. I think I need softening. Cost is not a factor, Dr. White.”

“Mmmmm, that’s fine, no need to talk costs just yet.

I’m just wondering about the need. I find your face symmetrical and without, mmm, issue. I would be reluctant to make any changes. Just my opinion.” The doctor smiled.

Ms. Ruska sighed, “People say you’re the best around. I really don’t want to go to someone else.”

“How long have you been considering…surgery?” White asked gently.

“Oh ages, simply ages, Doctor. This is not some impulsive decision.

White thought for a moment; this was not a new scenario, he had had other women come to him for unneeded alterations; he refused to do them. “Can I show you something?” He asked.

Ms. Ruska nodded, with slight hesitation. Dr. White stood and walked to a set of cupboards, opening them and taking something out. It was an instant digital camera, and he returned to Ms. Ruska and had her turn her head and pose for several shots, all of which he rapidly developed.

White then brought over a moveable chart board, placing the photos onto it. He then took a ruler and spent the next five minutes showing Ms. Ruska how almost perfect her face was. “It’s not just my opinion, Ms. Ruska; you can see for yourself. There is nothing for me to adjust or fix. Here…” He passed her a card. “Call her. She’s very good. But then kindly call me, I wish to follow up with you.”

Ms. Ruska slowly made her way to the door, turning when she reached it to smile up at the tall man. “Thank you. I, um, I will call you. I promise.” They shook hands and the woman left.

As White settled into his chair, Claire came to him and kissed his face several times. “Whose card was that?” She asked.

White looked at her mildly. “A therapist I use. This woman has a problem with her head, but it’s inside. Dr. Thorne can work wonders with that kind of deal, and it will be a lot less money.”

“You’re wonderful,” Claire murmured, gently squeezing between the doctor’s thighs. “Remember, you’ll need that camera for after work.”

White smiled. “No need to remind me, Ms. Butler. I’m looking forward to it.”


Julie lay the folder down on Jasmine’s desk, one of four in the large office used by the technical assistants. She could guess why her boss had made this suggestion, as Jasmine was young, opinionated and open about sexual things. Even someone Julie’s age would have a different view on what the public could tolerate today when it came to using sexuality in advertising.

Certainly this company, BTRflash, functioned differently than Julie’s own company had. She knew she had made the right move, selling out and now working for salary and watching her company stock rise. BTRflash was much more innovative; she certainly would have never considered a pornography site as a client.

“Naked women, yeah, that’s some mad shit right there and I like it so far,” Jasmine smirked, “so what am I looking for, Mom, besides my own, like, shit?”

“This is our new client,” Julie smiled.  

Jasmine looked up, her partly-shaved head and purple black hair making her look, to Julie, a little like a peacock. “You’re dead-ass on this, Mom?”

“Uh, yeah, definitely, like, dead-ass,” Julie chuckled. “Bryce wants your perspective on it; I’m guessing our aim is younger; using slang and a certain attitude?”

“Like me, yeah?” Jasmine grinned.

“Yeah, like you. Kid.” Julie grinned in response.

****      ****

Julie was upstairs reading to Noah; she had just started so he had some time, Christopher pondered, as he retrieved the envelope from his case and began looking through the shots of Claire. Her body was definitely heavier than Julie’s, Christopher considered, so he wasn’t sure why it aroused him more than hers. Maybe a matter of, well, time? Or his past?

They had been married more than ten years, and certainly familiarity had set in, but it was more than that. Claire’s heavier breasts and hips pleased him greatly for some reason, and he had taken several shots of Claire from behind. She had responded keenly, pleasuring herself with one hand as he watched and took photos.

He looked at one shot in particular; Claire on her knees, face turned against the off-white carpet and looking back, although at the moment of the shot her eyes were closed. She had most of her hand inside her vagina and her mouth was open. Christopher closed his eyes and remembered her moans and then her soft laughter.

After a few moments she had crawled over to him and sucked him to climax. It had been wonderful, and sadly he couldn’t recall the last time he could say that about Julie and him.



It was almost eleven and Christopher was in the shower, heading soon to bed. Julie was drinking some relaxation tea and trying to focus on Jasmine’s notes. It was hard first of all just to decipher the ‘writing’, as Jasmine used some sort of printing/cursive hybrid in a back-slanted style. Julie at times found herself turning the sheet to try to figure out a word; but at least the young woman had made some points about ways to separate one porn site from a thousand others.

Her suggestions involved the always essential increase of the site’s SEO, but being that it was intended for adults, that limited some of their options. “Look at,” Jasmine had suggested, naming a successful site. When she visited the site, Julie was astounded at how long it had been around and that she had never even heard of it. Amazing.

But, try as she might to focus, Courtney’s face kept forcing its way into her thoughts.

Impulsively putting down her notes and getting to her feet, Julie made her way upstairs to their bedroom, the sound of the shower still strong. She hadn’t checked in a while, she considered, as she picked up Christopher’s phone from the night stand. She opened the messages, checking to see what was happening between her husband and his buxom assistant. She thumbed through the explicit texts and then went to the photos, staring at the image of what had to be Claire’s vagina.

“Oh my God,” Julie whispered, noting subconsciously the water stopping, “Christopher is really into this…relationship.” She closed everything off and placed the phone back.

Heading back downstairs she decided she was still okay with things; her sexual interest in Christopher was almost nil these days and that wasn’t fair, and Claire was not really a threat to their marriage.

I wonder if he doesn’t delete his messages because he wants me to see them? She pondered. And then, I wonder if Claire’s going with him to New Orleans?

(End of Chapter 03)

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