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A Sanctuary of One by LongDarkRoad Chapter 5 Failure Makes people Cruel And Bitter

A Sanctuary of One

By LongDarkRoad

Chapter 05 Failure Makes People Cruel And Bitter

White held the blonde/brown head beneath him, but he needn’t have, as Claire was once again not about to release his member until it had emptied its warm contents totally into her mouth. She remained in place until his erection had diminished completely, and then gently kissed the flaccid organ, before looking up with devotion.

“Did you get some nice shots?” She asked, smiling.

White chuckled, “Oh, absolutely, dear Claire. Some excellent shots. Thank you. Thank you for, uh, everything.” He suddenly laughed; the whole scenario was so bizarre but wonderful he had to laugh.


Courtney processed this exchange, the fact that Julie felt she needed to share this image, and then said with a smile, “She looks like she’s enjoying it, crazy girl,” the comment directed at the photo Julie had just shown her of Claire, busy with her task. “Better her than me,” Courtney added with a small shudder.

Julie put her phone down, feeling greatly aroused, and smiled across at the young woman. “I’m glad you agreed to meet again. I wanted to see you…again.” She said, also feeling anxious along with excited.

Courtney sipped some tea and smiled back, with some pieces falling into place. “I’m glad you reached out, too. I wanted to see you again.” She paused and looked across the table, those green-blue eyes seeming to twinkle. “Did you enjoy our sex; especially thinking it was your first time with a woman?”

Well, she gets straight to the point, Julie thought and sighed, considering that she would not be coy. She probably couldn’t with this woman, anyway. “I, um, loved it, Courtney. Simple as that. It was incredible.”

Courtney continued to smile as she murmured, “And you would like to get together, again?”

Julie cautioned herself to slow down and be in control, even though she wanted to jump up and yell, “Yes. Yes, yes, yes.” What she did say was, “I would love to get together with you, Courtney. Absolutely. And soon, I hope.” Too much? What did it matter

Courtney leaned back and studied Julie a little longer, making the woman feel uncomfortable but still aroused. It was like the younger woman was stripping her and appraising her. She then began, in a quiet, but persuasive voice that Julie continued to find irresistible. “I knew there was a connection, the first time we met. Our session in the hotel was what I, like, hoped for, hey.” She paused, clearly considering her next words. “I would love to see where this might lead, but I don’t know that you’re, uh…ready.”

Into the lump of arousal that had settled within her guts, Julie felt a nugget of concern. What was Courtney hinting at? There was doubt there, doubt about what exactly? “Why would you say I’m not, mmm, ready, Courtney? I will go to a hotel with you right now, if you want. I’m more than ready.”

To Julie’s dismay, Courtney now rose and placed a five-dollar bill on the table. “Sorry, but I need to meet someone, but I did want to see you again, Julie. When I say, um, ready, I’m thinking of what I want, I guess. I know I’m self-centered. I have, well, needs. You and I might work, but some things need to be, emmmm, discussed.”

Fighting panic; she didn’t want this woman to go like this; she didn’t know what this meant; this wasn’t the way she thought this meeting would go; Julie stood. Anxiety evident on her face, she asked, “What do you mean by ready? What kind of needs? Please don’t leave like this, tell me more. Please.”

Courtney smiled down kindly at the other woman, and Julie in that moment could not believe how lovely Courtney’s face was; as the sun high-lighted her hair and she seemed angelic. “You want to give it a try?”

“Yes!” Julie exclaimed, perhaps louder than she wished, “Give me a chance. Please.”

Courtney studied the woman before her one last time, feeling confident in where this was going, definitely feeling in control, which was necessary; she decided.

“Okay, here it is. If you wish to meet me again you must text me, but you must call me Miss Courtney, you must say please and you must sign the message with your name with a lower-case ‘j’. There, that’s it. Well, that’s the beginning, anyway.” She smiled, leaned forward and kissed Julie warmly on the cheek, her fragrance filling Julie’s nostrils, and then she was away, marching down the sidewalk, her long legs eating up the pavement, with Julie’s eyes watching her until she turned a corner and was gone.

Julie stood, feeling empty and uncertain but still aroused. What had just happened? Miss Courtney???


Dinner had been ‘normal’, if anything could be normal with the events of the last few days. Later, Julie had read to Abigail and Christopher to Noah. Angel had loaded the dishwasher and then headed home.

Christopher then brought a glass of Merlot to Julie who was sitting as usual on one of the two opposing couches; he sat on the other. They sipped their wine, before Christopher got up and put Canadian Sarah McLachlan’s Surfacing CD in the player.

They sat and listened to ‘Angel’, and after the line of ‘finding some comfort in the arms of an angel’, Julie said quietly, “I’m sorry for what I did; I didn’t intend for you to find out; to know. It wasn’t fair and I feel bad.”

Christopher looked across at her, “You’d like me to be mad? Maybe throw things? You don’t want me to rationalize it, do you?”

She considered, her head back against the couch. “The other night, when you told me, I was pissed, I’ll admit that, because I was ashamed. I know you, I can’t expect something from you that isn’t, well, you.”

“Thank you,” he said quietly. They sat, listening.

After a while he asked, “What did you think…of the, um, pictures today?”

She sat up, a crooked grin on her face. “They turned me on, a little anyway. It was cool, actually. She looks like she’s into it. That’s weird, hey, ‘cause I’ve never been, you know…”

He smiled, “I know. Yeah, Claire likes to do that, at least to me. I don’t think she and her husband do anything together, but share a house.”

Julie nodded her head. Christopher finished his wine and stood. “I have surgery tomorrow so I’ll hit the hay.” He came across and kissed her cheek and she kissed his.

“Good night,” she murmured.

After he was gone she brooded over Courtney’s comments. What did the woman want? What she had asked was not something challenging, just…odd. Well, quite odd, for her. What did it mean? Calling her Miss Courtney, did that have some special significance or meaning?

She pondered, feeling an odd arousal, like the first time one of her young men had made her beg on her knees; she hadn’t considered at the time why it turned her on, it was just part of the naughty sex.

Christopher was going away for the weekend and the kids would be with her parents; she had time to herself. She wanted to spend that time with Courtney. If she didn’t, she wasn’t sure what she would do.

Julie walked to the kitchen and retrieved her phone and sat on the couch, staring at it. Why was this so hard? Slowly, feeling once again anxiety, excitement and uncertainty, she typed, “Dear Miss Courtney,” then went back and deleted the ‘Dear’. “Please let me see you, julie.” She pressed send and sat back, letting the emotions flood through her.

Five minutes later she was startled when her phone rang. “H-hello?” she answered quickly and quietly.

The soft, and tonight it seemed languid, voice of Courtney Farrell said, “I’m glad you texted. I’d hoped you would. When would you like to get together?” Julie told her in a rush about the weekend. “You want to be with me the whole weekend?”

“Oh yes, Co, um Miss Courtney. Do you want me to say that, um…what do you want?”

Courtney laughed softly. “Let’s understand this, my sweet, you can hang up or walk out whenever you wish. I have no blackmail pictures or anything to hold over your head. But if you don’t want to do what I wish, then we say good-bye. That is the way it is. Can you live with that? And yes, it is always Miss Courtney, if you want to be with me.”

Julie felt as if the pressure in her chest would blow up, like the creature from Alien; she was finding it hard to speak. “I, um, I want to be with you, M-miss Courtney, so much. Mmmmm, so much. It’s crazy.”

“That’s good, Julie. And you want me to be…happy with you, don’t you?”

Sliding to her knees and resting her head on the couch, Julie whispered, “Yes, Miss Courtney. Oh, jeez, I want to make you happy. I do. Oh, Jesus.” Julie lay her head on the couch and smiled, eyes closed.

In her little basement suite, Courtney smiled too. She’d had a very good meeting with a woman who wanted her to model for her line of evening wear. And now she had a lovely woman wanting to please her.

Life could be good and bitterness could be washed away; at least for a while.


“She’s coming in at two,” Jasmine said, leaning on the door frame and looking at Julie. They had gone through a number of head shots of models and found one that Julie thought was perfect; the woman would come in and their photographer would take the shots. The Anal-minds site was happy with the concept and so it was a green light. The Honda ads were also being finalized, so Julie had a lot to keep herself occupied, but Courtney’s face and voice still intruded now and then.

At a little after eleven, a text message announced itself and Julie took her phone to her office.

“How is my girl feeling today?” It asked, and Julie felt an odd rush of emotions at the expression. She hadn’t been called a girl in a long time. From a man she would have found this offensive, but in this instance it quickened her heart beat.

“I am fine, Miss Courtney”. Julie typed, not sure what else she should say.

A minute later a second text arrived. It contained a photo of a woman in lingerie; garter-belt, black lace bra, tiny black thong and dark nylons; and the store where the items should be bought. “It would make me happy to see you wearing this Friday night when we go out for dinner,” the message said, followed by the name of a restaurant in Midtown. “See you at eight.” Bright smiley-face emoji.

Julie stared frozen for a moment, before typing, “Yes, Miss Courtney.” Friday, and she would be with her again, to have dinner and then the rest of the weekend; together.

Julie sat, forcing herself to calm down. She still needed to deal with today, and then the next day, before the night would arrive. She still had a life to lead. And she apparently needed some new lingerie. Now.


Friday morning Julie was meeting with Terry Wainwright who would be directing the Honda photo shoot. They had settled on New Mexico to film the commercial and the meeting would confirm all the details.

When he arrived with his cameraman, who was actually a woman, they had settled in one of the rooms with a table.

Julie was glad for this, and for the fact that this afternoon she would also be looking over the photo shoot for Anal-minds; yesterday’s model had been perfect and they had decided to shoot in Central park. The crew was there now. These activities took her mind off tonight, at least partly.

Images of herself in the lingerie she had purchased the evening before, and the details of her time in the store, kept forcing their way into her thoughts, so having something to focus on really helped to keep them at bay.

Last night had definitely been…strange and unnerving. Julie had certainly purchased lingerie before, but the fact that she was going to a specific store to buy specific items at the direction of another woman made the whole thing so…very strange. Very, very strange, but very erotic and in the end, ‘mind-blowing’.

Julie had felt decidedly naughty on entering the store with her quest, and she discovered early that the clerk had been informed of her arrival by…Miss Courtney; the darkly attractive young woman said as much.

When Julie had entered and began wandering around, a slip of paper in her hand, the tall, dark-haired woman had come straight to her, asking, “Julie White?”

“Ummm, yes,” she had replied, startled and looking up.

The woman had smiled and said, “Miss, mmm, Courtney notified me. I will take care of you.” She had then led Julie into a private area and instructed her to call Courtney. In the following conversation it became clear that if Julie wanted Friday night, and the weekend, to happen she needed to follow the clerk’s instructions faithfully and willingly and do exactly as directed.

“A good report will make me very happy, sweet Julie, and I’ll be sure to make my girl happy. Are we good?”

“Yes, M-miss Courtney,” Julie had murmured, unsure of what she was involved in exactly, disturbed by her compliance but excited by Courtney’s words; not being with her this weekend would now be a failure she did not want to consider. She wanted to please this woman.

The imposing assistant, Hannah, had returned and with a sly smile, directed Julie to undress completely. After reminding Julie of Miss Courtney’s expectations, the woman had, smile still in place, then examined Julie’s breasts and genitals, squeezing and prodding as Julie stood and accepted what should have been blatant intrusions; but the touches and explorations produced unexpected arousal, which Hannah noticed, smiling knowingly down at the older woman.

Hannah also measured Julie, her hips and breasts, intimately, taking her time. She then led her, still completely naked, into another area, where she was made to stand on a platform, clearly on display.

Two other assistants had then joined them and the three young women all had Julie pose in various ways as they discussed how the lingerie would look. It was an erotic game, and Julie was in the middle.

For a brief moment she had felt panic, exposed like this and she had considered just getting dressed and walking, or running, out; but she hadn’t, somehow couldn’t. She had complied with the young women’s instructions; all of them, no matter how humiliating, turned on enormously by complying.

And as time passed and her undeniable arousal grew, the women had Julie pose in more and more obscene ways, bent over, legs spread, touching herself; with all three women taking turns actually fondling her, sharing smiles. Twice in fact Julie had felt an orgasm building, but the young women just smiled among themselves and stopped.

Finally Hannah, who was clearly in charge, had Julie dress in the outfit Miss Courtney had asked for, and she was led back to the area they had been in before. Hannah asked Julie for her phone and then called Courtney, clearly so Julie could witness.

“Hello Miss Courtney, we have your girl dressed as you asked. Yes, she was a very good girl. You should be pleased with her, and reward her.”

Amazingly, at these words, rather than being offended, which would have been reasonable, Julie felt a surge of…pride? Relief? Happiness? Whatever it was it made her feel good and she pushed down her confusion. She actually wished the attractive Hannah would touch her more; she considered asking but refrained, intimidated.

“Ok, give me the lingerie and I’ll bag it up.”

When she was naked again, Hannah had reached out and played with Julie’s breasts. “You like this, Slut, don’t you?” The woman had asked with a smile, while Julie struggled to maintain her balance, her arousal building to near explosion, the word ‘slut’ piercing her like a needle. “Would you like me to touch your pussy?”

Julie remembered inhaling sharply. She had looked up with anguish, just nodding her head, unable to speak. In a moment, the woman had Julie on her knees and was aggressively fingering both Julie’s pussy and ass. She had called out and the other two girls then came to watch as Julie climaxed for their entertainment.

“Kiss our feet,” Hannah had ordered, “then you can get dressed.”

As if in a dream, Julie had gone from one young woman to the next, softly kissing their polished shoes. She then dressed in a fog and paid for the clothes, taking the bag, unable to look up into Hannah’s face, but certain it held a knowing smirk.

Julie’s memories had been interrupted, probably for the better as she was again becoming aroused, by the arrival of Wainwright and the woman, and now Julie was able to focus on a task and escape the persistent thoughts of Miss Courtney and all she was feeling.


“So, is she your new…toy?” Hannah asked, a smirk on her attractive face.

Courtney, now on her lunch break, smiled into her cell. She was surprised, a little, that the cool Hannah Yilmaz had agreed to help her. Although their tone was always ‘light’, Courtney found Hannah very attractive but intimidating. For now, she kept her tone playful, “Maybe, Miss Hannah; what’d you think of her?”

Hannah paused. Women older than she was were not her thing. Although she was not shy about making love to women, she actually preferred men for straight sex; but she had pondered often on Courtney, since their first meeting.

She smirked, saying. “It was kind of butter, hey, she seems like she could be some fun. She was very do as I say, master; I gave her the big ‘O’, right, she was so wet; shit. It was fun; we all watched. She’s a live one for sure.” Courtney smiled at that, and at Hannah’s voice; it was what she had hoped for. “So whad’r’you going to do with her?” Hannah found this scenario …interesting.

“Well, like you said, she’s my new, uh, toy. I intend to play with her.”

They both laughed. I’ll bet you do, Hannah smiled to herself.


“So, everything is good, then?” Julie asked with a touch of anxiousness.

“Oh yes, Mrs. J., don’t you worry, your mom and dad are already here, and just chompin’ at the bit for the bus to get here, and then they’re off with the kids. They’ve asked me to come along so I’ll be there too. It will be my first sleepover since I can’t remember.”

They both laughed.


“The taxi’s arriving at three, Dr. White,” Claire said with a smile, looking at her boss behind his desk.

White nodded, “Right, I have my bags down in my car. I’ll just get them out when we go down. Yours are here I take it?”

Claire nodded. She was really (really) looking forward to this trip. She had a bag in her checked luggage that contained nothing but lubricants and sex toys. She planned to use everything.


The afternoon had been hectic enough that Julie had not spent much time thinking about the evening, but now things had wrapped up and it was approaching five. She would have time to get home, get dressed and relax a bit before taking a taxi to the restaurant Courtney, Miss Courtney, had selected.

Julie took a deep breath to calm herself, then headed out.


The restaurant Courtney had chosen was not overly pricey; they hadn’t needed to dress up excessively, which was Courtney’s plan as she really didn’t have much in the way of evening wear. Julie had announced straight-away that tonight would be her treat; Jasmine had quietly informed Julie that Courtney’s job did not pay much and that the young woman lived in a tiny basement suite.

Julie was determined to make tonight great and cost was not a factor. They were seated by a window, the evening already darkening. Julie had ordered a good wine and they had just finished off some wonderful crab-cake appetizers. Julie was seated with her back to the window and with Courtney to her left, with the two chairs empty across from them.

There was a decorative wall beside Courtney and the table a few feet to her left was empty. The one directly in front of them had a couple seated; it looked like it might be an anniversary dinner for them.

“So, how do you like your…lingerie?” Courtney asked quietly.

Julie actually blushed a little; she felt quite sexy wearing the items and had stood gazing at herself in her mirror for several minutes as she dressed. “I like it very much, um, Miss Courtney,” she said, quietly as well. Amazed at how easily she had slipped into this new relationship; it felt…comfortable. Strange.

“Did you enjoy what the women did to you?” Courtney smiled.

The arousal was amazing; Julie simply nodded her head, feeling herself becoming wet. Courtney sipped her wine, then gently stroked Julie’s hand, “Lift your dress, I wish to see.” Julie glanced around and Courtney spoke, “Don’t look around, just follow my directions. That works best. You like being on display, so…”

Hesitating for a moment, Julie then lifted her dress and Courtney gazed at the garter belt and thongs. “Ummmm, I like how that looks on you. I can follow why Miss Hannah was impressed.” She reached over and gently caressed the flesh of Julie’s upper thigh, causing an immediate response. Courtney smiled. “You like me touching you, don’t you?”

Julie actually shuddered before responding, “Ohhh, jeez, yes.” She felt no shame at these words; it was simply the truth, acknowledged bluntly.

“Yes, what?” Courtney murmured, her fingers tracing a path from the nylon top to the edge of the thong, which some of Julie’s substantial pubic hair had escaped from, along the edge and the top. Courtney gently tugged some of this hair, causing Julie to gasp. “Ummmm, yessss, Miss Courtney, I, uhhh, l-like you touching me.” Julie whispered.

As their young, blonde server approached the table, Julie lowered her dress, with Courtney then directing in a melodious voice, “Keep it raised, sweet Julie, I didn’t tell you to lower it.”

With her heart beating madly and feeling an unbelievable rush of arousal, Julie sat with her undergarments exposed, although the server could not actually see anything from her position. Sara, the young woman, it turned out knew Courtney. They had exchanged greetings when first seated.

“I intended to contact you,” Courtney now said to the girl, who looked to be university-aged. The girl became flustered at this comment and glanced nervously at Julie. “It’s okay, she’s a…friend. We can talk,” Courtney said quietly.

“Yeah, thanks, it’s great to see you. It was weird, texting you like I did…” Sara replied, flustered.

“I enjoyed seeing your breasts,” Courtney smiled, as the girl literally turned beet-red. “Step over to this side.” Courtney directed and the girl moved to Courtney’s right, where she could now see Julie’s exposed underwear. “I would like to see you wearing this, what do you think?”

The girl tried to talk, but stood instead with her mouth opening and closing; Julie sat now, her dress raised and her eyes closed. Courtney’s lovely laugh broke the spell, with her then directing Julie to lower her dress. They ordered their meals and the server rushed off. Julie sat breathing hard, before Courtney reached over with her distinctive hand and lifted Julie’s face, one long finger beneath the chin.

“You’re very wet, aren’t you?” Julie didn’t speak, simply nodded her head and then looked into those green-blue eyes. “You want me to touch you, don’t you?” Julie moistened her lips and nodded again. “Say it.” Courtney murmured.

Fighting the urge to drop to her knees, right there in the restaurant, Julie said quietly, eyes now on the dinner ware, “I want you to touch me, M-miss Courtney.”

Courtney chuckled, “Close, but you can do better.”

Julie stared, then began again, and what she said was again true, as at that moment the thing she wanted most was to have that long, elegant hand caress and then probe her sex. “Please touch me, Miss Courtney. Please.”

Courtney gently stroked Julie’s face. “Time to go commando, Bitch. Take your thong off and pass it to me.”

Julie did this, fumbling to undo the garter clips, but eventually tugging the tiny garment off. When she handed the thong over, here in this public space, a strange feeling moved through her. She was unable to speak, there was the proverbial lump lodged in her throat. It was like she had moved through a doorway, into another room, one that she had known of but had never entered; not completely. Until this moment.

“Very good. You are a good girl, my good girl,” Courtney said, placing the thong on the white tablecloth in full view. “I will reward you later, but I’m thinking you feel pretty good right now, yes?”

Julie nodded, unable to speak.

In truth, what she was feeling, Julie White doubted she could put into words.

(End of Chapter 05)     

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