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A Sanctuary of One by LongDarkRoad Chapter 6 Love, That Splendid Triggering Of Human Vitality

A Sanctuary of One

By LongDarkRoad

Chapter 06

Love, That Splendid Triggering Of Human Vitality

The taxi ride back to Julie’s place (she had decided to just go home rather than a hotel; no one else was there after all) found her sitting with her legs spread as Courtney lightly, enticingly, touched her labia. Never penetrating, just softly, teasingly, running her fingers up and down the fattened lips and between the moistened slit.

Miss Courtney had ordered her ‘toy’ to keep her hands behind her back as well. When they reached the building, the female driver, also someone Courtney knew, looked back to see a credit card nestled between the thickened labia. Julie was allowed to bring her arms around, but keep her legs spread, as the driver extracted the card and the fare was paid. With Courtney exchanging looks and smiles with the driver, she and Julie climbed out of the vehicle and proceeded up the stairs and into the three-storey home.

They moved up to the second floor living room and Julie removed her dress and, as directed, stood so Courtney could observe her.

“Sit on the couch and spread your legs again,” Courtney now directed and Julie complied, feeling as she had all evening; foolish, embarrassed and incredibly aroused. The ride over and Courtney’s tender touches had only inflamed her more; common sense had no place in this.

Courtney now stood and removed her blouse and dress, then her bra and pantyhose. She walked with a sinewy grace, like a jungle cat, Julie thought, to come and sit beside her host. She moved Julie’s legs together and kissed her warmly on the mouth, the two women sucking each other’s tongues once again with abandon.

Courtney then gently kissed down Julie’s throat before leaning back and cuddling the woman beside her. “I’m thinking you never imagined yourself, like this, hey, my doobie?” She asked quietly.

Julie had to chuckle, despite her aroused state. “You’ve got that right, mmmm, Miss Courtney,” she murmured, squeezing the taller woman.

“So, what do you think?” Courtney asked.

Julie pondered; what to say; how much to say; where to go with this? “I’m confused, I can say that much, um, Miss Courtney,” she responded.

The woman, confident and relaxed, turned Julie’s face to hers. “I get that.” She smiled, “You look a little, um, blitted, like we used to say, like you’re mmm, trippin’, babe.” She smiled and Julie shook her head, not understanding. “On drugs, doobers,” Courtney poked Julie in the ribs, still smiling.

“What, um, do you want from me?” Julie asked, after a moment, feeling like she was standing on a precipice.

Courtney considered. “I want you; I want to play with you, to have you, to use you, to wind you up and bring you down. I like you; you’re kind of off the chain like we used to say. I feel something for you, but I’m…” The woman paused, head to one side, “…a strange one, Julie-doobie. I hafta’ warn ya’, okay. That’s only fair.”

Julie moved up and kissed the soft, pink lips. “I’m afraid of, um, what I feel. What do you want me to do, specifically? Why are you having me do things with other women, humiliating things? Why can’t we just be together?”

The beautiful woman regarded her. “That’s not my thing, hey,” Courtney murmured. “It’s got to be a certain way or it won’t work. You’re in or you’re out with me, Julie White. Just say the word and I’ll get dressed and go, an’ I won’t bother you anymore. Is that what you want?”

Julie stared; she shook her head, anxiety building. “No, I don’t want that.”

Courtney sighed. “Good. Let’s start with you on your knees.”


Claire leaned forward and kissed Dr. White on the cheek. He was sitting in his hotel room’s armchair, feeling very relaxed. The evening had been everything Claire imagined; she had put on quite the show, using most of her toys. The conclusion found the good doctor pumping Claire from behind, anally, as she ground a vibrating wand against her clitoris from the front.

For his part, Christopher could not recall being so aroused; certainly close several times with Claire this last while, but tonight was amazing as he was able to force his erection into Claire’s tight butt hole and actually fuck; ‘like a wild man’, Claire had thought, briefly, before her orgasm, and then his, had taken her thoughts.

She had held the lanky man against her on the bed, his head on her breast, for a long while after, but now she was returning to her own room.

“See you for breakfast at eight?” She smiled.

“Absolutely,” the doctor replied, sitting with a silly grin on his face, as he watched her enticing, round figure depart.


It was approaching noon on Saturday as Courtney untied Julie’s wrists and removed the blindfold. The woman still lay with her eyes closed and a smile on her face; she had literally lost track of the number of orgasms she had experienced, the moments now folding one into another in her mind. She felt almost drugged, trippin’ as Miss Courtney had joked, and completely relaxed.

“I need to go,” Courtney said, quietly, stroking Julie’s face. “I have an, um, appointment, like.”

As if she’d been prodded by a hot iron, Julie sat up. “But why, what’s wrong? I thought we’d have the weekend together…”

Courtney chuckled, “Chill out, doobie. I have an appointment, that’s all.” Julie put her arms around the other woman and held her. Courtney spoke quietly into one ear. “So, does this mean you want me to come back?”

Julie smiled. “You like…torturing me, don’t you?” It was true that since dinner the night before, Courtney had introduced bondage and punishment into their relationship, mildly, with clothespins being placed on Julie’s nipples and labia and hot wax being dripped on her as she lay bound to the bed. But Julie was not referring to that; it was this game that Courtney was playing with her.

“You call it torture, I call it making up your mind,” Courtney smiled. “I’ve been straight with you, even though I’m queer,” Courtney laughed out loud at this. “Say what you want and say what you’ll do. It’s, like clear, hey?”

It wasn’t clear to Julie, not in the least, but she knew what she wanted, “I really need you to come back, after your, um, appointment.” Courtney cocked an eyebrow and Julie looked down and continued, “I’ll be your, ummm, toy, Miss Courtney.”

Courtney slowly nodded her head, “Do you need to be punished?” She had said this to several women over the years, but she still found it amusing, hearing herself say these words.

Julie shuddered and remained looking down. She said in a voice just above a whisper, “Yes, Miss Courtney, I, mmmmm, need to be punished.”

“Say you need to be punished,” Courtney demanded quietly.

Julie actually moaned aloud at this capitulation, “Oh God, I need to be punished. Mmmmm…”

“Very good,” Courtney smiled. “Before I get back you also need to take a trip and get some shit.”


Dr. White handed Claire a glass of vodka punch. They were at an afternoon reception hosted by several equipment suppliers, which followed the panel discussion and a workshop that took up the morning.

“Thank you, kind sir,” Claire murmured, looking up at the doctor, who had chosen a low alcohol beer for himself. They stood for a moment, watching the mob of strangers mill around them. “You should go speak to her,” Claire continued.

“Speak to whom?” White asked, looking around the crowded room.

Claire chuckled. “That dark-haired woman to our right, who keeps staring at you, like you don’t know.”

White nodded, “Yes, she’s a rep for Liabab Supplies, gave me her card earlier. I’ll give you the ones I’ve accepted later, you’re so efficient.” They stood for a moment, before White continued. “I think you’re wrong, Ms. Butler. I think it’s you she’s interested in.”

Claire looked over at the woman who smiled.


Courtney entered the somewhat shabby brick building from the back, and found that the interior had been modernised. It was bright and open and an efficient-looking woman at the front desk directed her to where Marcie Woodhouse was located. The room Courtney entered was a show area, with a stage and a run-way, chairs assembled along its sides.

Marcie came to her smiling broadly, “Ah my dear, here you are. Come with me, we’ll do the make-up and hair and then the outfits. I’ve got three gowns, some casual wear and outer wear. I’m delighted you’ve made this choice.” Courtney allowed herself to be swept along by this woman; if nothing else, the money would come in very handy.

For her part, Marcie Woodhouse considered that the tip she’d received about ‘a gorgeous red-head’ was certainly panning out.


Dr. White sat attentively again on the armchair, like a king on his throne, for on the king-sized bed before him, Alanna, the equipment supply rep, was removing Claire’s bra. She then fastened her lips over one pink nipple, then the other, before allowing Claire to remove her own blouse and bra.

When they were both naked, as if suddenly remembering that the king was there, they both looked over and smiled at the good doctor, who grinned back in response. Taking charge in her efficient way, Claire swung the younger woman around and lay beneath her in a classic sixty-nine position, with Alanna’s ass facing the doctor, who had the best seat in the house, one definitely fit for a king.

White felt like applauding but restrained himself, although he did slide his phone out to take a couple of shots; a modern, up-to-date-king to be sure.


Julie found a sex shop located not all that far from her; amazingly, she had never been in one, although she had thought about it; her vibrators had been ordered online. Feeling naughty once again, she went in and began searching around for the items Miss Courtney had listed for her. None of them were unusual, and in twenty minutes, Julie was returning with her bag and a feeling of excited apprehension once again.

As she drove, she considered what she was doing and how far she would go. If someone had told her six months ago that she would sit with her…pussy…exposed in a restaurant, because a young woman had told her to do that, she would have scoffed in derision. Yet now, thinking back on it, she was excited. She wanted to do more; she would have done more last night, if ordered. Especially if ordered, she considered with amazement.

She thought again of kissing the shoes of those smiling young women; it had been incredible.

But mostly, she wanted that enchanting face with the green-blue eyes to smile down upon her.

It was crystal clear. She wanted to please Miss Courtney, and that, really, was all that mattered.


“Here you go,” Marcie smiled, handing Courtney an envelope; in it was a check for seven hundred dollars, more than Courtney earned in a week at the shelter. “I knew you would be splendid. My God, don’t be surprised to get more calls. So, you are good with me representing you? I could draw up a contract.” The enthusiastic woman beamed up into Courtney’s face.

“Thanks, it was cool being, like dap, hey. I could never buy any of that shit,” Courtney answered bluntly, keeping most of her emotions in check; this was exciting but still uncertain. The money, though, was as stated, greatly appreciated. “I’m good with, what did you call it, a hand-shake deal?”

“Agreement,” Marcie smiled.

“Yeah, right, so, no worries, we’ll see where this goes, hey. I’m not like fronting being the next big run-way wonder or anything, right? And I like, well, the cabbage, Doh.” She smirked.

Marcie continued to grin, while navigating this conversation, “Whatever you say, Dear. I’ll stay in touch. Are your weekends always open?”

Courtney shook her head. “Every second weekend I pull a shift, but then I get Wednesday in the a.m., but, like gimme a shout and I have some, you know, options I guess.”

“I’ll give you a, shout, absolutely. Here’s Emma to show you out.” Marcie remarked, her large smile still in place.

On her way to the jitney, Courtney texted Julie with instructions.


Christopher White lay on his bed wearing only his light blue briefs and a smile; he looked up at the ceiling fan and thought about fate.

Claire and Alanna had both headed back to their rooms, but Christopher would not be surprised if the threesome got together again; it had been great. He needed to say that to himself; he had had sex with two women, in one afternoon, and it had been great. Great. Unbelievable. Unbelievably great. He smiled; grinned really.

Then he laughed out loud.


When the door chimed, Julie ran to get it, dressed as she had been directed. If it wasn’t Miss Courtney at the door, whoever it was were in for a big surprise, as Julie was wearing a breast harness, one of her afternoon purchases, and nothing else.

Courtney entered wearing her own large smile as Julie went to her knees and assumed the position she had been shown; palms flat against her thighs, eyes down. “Ah, I am pleased with my girl. Really pleased, yeah. Stand, let’s see those tits. Oh yeah, shit. That’s sweet. Up we go.” And Courtney followed Julie’s ‘juicy booty’, as she called it, up the stairs and into the living room. “Okay, get everything out; let’s have a look.”

On the couch, Julie spread out: nipple clips, labia clips, weights for the clips, wrist straps, three butt plugs, all black, progressing from small to large and a tube of flavored ‘anal lube’.

“I like it, well done doobie. And I have something for you. On your knees, but look up.” Julie knelt and Courtney placed a black, satin choker around the slim, brown throat. She handed Julie a tiny, silver padlock. “The collar says, ‘My Toy’,” Courtney murmured, “if you agree to wearing it, hand this lock to me.”

Julie cradled the tiny object in the palm of her hand, then, feeling a constriction in her throat, and it wasn’t caused by the choker, she handed the lock up to Miss Courtney, who locked the band in place. “When we are alone, this is all you will wear, agreed?”

Unable to speak, Julie nodded her head. Courtney then knelt and the two women kissed; a wonderful kiss, full of emotion and desire. Love? Julie forced that word from her mind; she could not deal with it right then.


“Okay,” Claire murmured, checking her booklet, “the trade show starts at eleven.”

“Yes, I have that checked; I’ve heard several doctors talking about some new anesthesiology equipment; ours is probably in need of an upgrade. Oh, and there are supposed to be some incredible new instruments coming out of Germany, with two companies here at the show.”

Claire nodded and then waved as she spotted Alanna, who smiled and came over.

Dr. White stood to gallantly pull out her chair, “Hope you’re okay with this?” He smiled.

“Oh, I never mind attention, Dr. White. Everyone have a good sleep?” She smiled and both heads nodded.

“I was all tuckered out for some reason,” White announced and both women chuckled.

“Your day full, Alanna?” Claire smiled.

“Oh, not so full that I can’t make room for a friend or two,” she winked.


Julie was on her knees, wearing only the choker, although the smallest butt plug had been inserted as well. Miss Courtney’s cup of herbal tea was resting on Julie’s back, as she was no longer just a toy.

The night had again been amazing, although the orgasms were reduced (two this time), they had been powerful and immensely satisfying.

In the morning the two women had showered and then Julie had made toast and scrambled eggs, bringing Miss Courtney hers as she waited at the kitchen nook table.

Julie had then crawled on hands and knees to the living room, to crouch as she was now, knees spread exposing her sex, as Courtney was busy with her cell phone.

The sounding of the chime startled Julie but she remained in place, heart now racing as Courtney stood and answered the door. Julie could hear a woman’s voice, one she recognized, and in a moment the two young women entered to stand, looking at the woman on the floor.

“Oh wow,” Hannah exclaimed, “this is sweet. My gawwwd, Miss Courtney for sure,” she smirked.

Courtney chuckled. “You want tea?” With Hannah responding yes, Courtney went to the kitchen and in a few moments, Julie felt a second cup being placed on her back as the two women settled on the couch.

“So, your new toy seems…fun,” Hannah gave the other woman a look.

Feeling an odd rush, as usual around the imposing, dark woman, Courtney gently ran her bare foot up Julie’s leg until it touched her labia, causing a shudder and a responding chuckle from the two women. “I like her, I like her very much. And she seems to like what I do with her, don’t you sweet-doobie,” Courtney murmured, gently rubbing Julie’s sex. It was all the woman could do to stay in place and not send the two cups flying. Both women sipped their teas and then placed their cups on the bare, quivering back.

Gawwwd, you tryin’ to make me come in my jeans, Miss Courtney? And you call her Doobie; that’s too real.” Hannah regarded the red-head with an amused look.

Courtney laughed, “No need to worry about takin’ care of biz-ness, girl. My sweet thang will look after you fine. Haul those jeans down and sit over there,” Courtney replied, wanting to impress her ‘friend’.

Hannah stood, the smirk still on her face, and Julie saw jeans fall to the woman’s feet and then get kicked to the side as Hannah moved to the armchair and sat with a thump. She then felt the cups being lifted off, and next, gently tugging her hair, Courtney led Julie to kneel in front of Hannah’s crotch, the woman’s long legs being spread wide.

Courtney looked at Hannah who nodded; she then pulled back the thin, black fabric covering Hannah’s shaved pussy, to reveal the woman’s thick, dark labia; the dark pubic hair had been shaved into a neat triangle resting just above the top of the cleft.

Courtney regarded the sight a moment longer and then had Julie lean in to inhale the wonderful aroma of this woman. Julie had, for some reason, always imagined vagina’s to be stinky. Likely some were, but so far both Courtney and now Hannah possessed musky-smelling but alluring vaginas, and Julie did not hesitate, plunging her face into the ‘v’ of the woman’s legs.

“Ummmmm,” Hannah moaned, closing her eyes and leaning her head back. “Oh, fuuuuuckkk, this is, mmmm, nice, Ooooohhh…” 

Courtney watched, aroused herself, before slipping her hand inside her own slacks, thinking briefly that she could take her toy’s place, Hannah’s sex looking so tempting.

But instead she moved over to the table, returning with the nipple clips, which she attached to Julie, eliciting moans. “That’s my sweet girl,” Courtney murmured, “you eat Miss Hannah, and then you can eat me.” As she said this, Courtney slid two fingers into Julie from behind, and began to slowly pump her hand.

Julie sucked ferociously, her mind on nothing but pleasure. Hannah opened her dark eyes and regarded Courtney, who was forced to look away.


Christopher White looked down, again in amazement, as the tongues of two women slithered up and down his erect shaft, which was sticking out like a bayonet on a rifle.

“Ummmm, ladies…” He murmured, and two sets of eyes looked up, even as the tongues continued their work, “ummmm, strange request, but I’d love to have a shot of this, um, this memorable moment.”

The women exchanged a glance, Claire smiling and raising her eyebrows and Alanna shrugging. White reached over and picked up his cell as the women went back to their work. He took a couple of shots and looked at them, even as he felt his climax building.

Ten minutes later as all three lay together on the bed, Claire and Alanna in each other’s arms, kissing gently, White looked at the two shots and chose one, sending it off to Julie. This was weird, he thought. Really weird.

But neat weird. Really neat.

But definitely weird.


Since Christopher would not return until Monday, it was Julie’s job to pick up the children; her parents of course expected her for dinner, meaning her time with Courtney ended around four thirty. After arriving at her parents, having dinner, exchanging small talk, listening to Noah and Abigail recount what they’d done, getting a report from Angel and now heading home, a feeling had been growing within her.

It was a conflicted feeling, or two feelings in conflict. Mixed with the arousal when remembering what the two women did to her that afternoon was a growing unease, heightened now as Julie drove along, her children’s voices drifting up to her.

How could she be a mother and yet do the things she did this weekend? How could she allow herself to be used, to grovel as she had, to be on her knees licking a woman’s ass? “Put your tongue all the way into my dirty hole, little slut-toy,” Miss Hannah had directed her, and Julie had responded eagerly; hungrily.

The orgasms she had experienced only made it worse now; being almost like a drug. They definitely produced a high, and she could see in her mind the laughing faces of the two women when she opened her eyes, after serving them and being rewarded.

But now, here with her children, she felt shame; anguish even. Like the old song, she suddenly felt ‘caught in a trap’. How could she give up this compelling and satisfying relationship? How could she accept what she was doing and still tuck her children into their beds at night, as if everything was…normal, with the images of her behavior in her mind?

No, she decided, pulling the vehicle into the underground garage; she would have to end this, as difficult as that would be. There was no argument, she had to be strong. This was a weakness and she needed to pull herself together. Not as a wife, but as a mother. “You’re in or you’re out,” Courtney had said; and so it was clear.


“Hannah? Thought we saw enough of each other already today?” Courtney murmured into her cell, ignoring the rise this woman produced in her.

Hannah chuckled softly, “Yaaas, got that, just lying her thinking over the afternoon. That was sweet, Bitch.”

Moved by her words and voice, Courtney worked to keep the tone light. “You like my…toy?”

Hannah considered for a moment. “Jeez, Bitch, how do you make this happen?” Hannah asked, like she didn’t know.

Courtney considered; but she really didn’t know. ”Can’t say, girl. I think they call it body language or somethin’. I just have a sense, right?”

Hannah lay on her bed, her fingers getting brushing her fattened labia. “So now what…Doobie?”

Courtney smiled and sighed. “Well, now, I’m guessing my girl is like having second thoughts. We used her pretty good; she’s a, like, decent woman right. That shit’ll come back to her. She might just fly; don’t know, right? I’ll give her a couple of days; if she comes back we level up.”

Moving to sit in her chair, Hannah shook her head in amazement, “You even have like a plan…fuck.”

Courtney smiled, “Well, I’m like a Miss Thang, right? It’s all about me, in this life. I go into the shelter tomorrow and do good and then I put on my black hat and whip my bitch.” She laughed.

“You’re like a skit-so,” Hannah murmured, thinking not for the first time how good Courtney had looked on her knees as their slave-toy had serviced her from behind.

“Oh yeah, sweet and sour.” Courtney laughed again.

In her room, the call ended, Hannah considered for a moment, that smirk still on her lips. Then she made another call.


It was close to eleven before Julie realized she had a message on her cell. Opening it she saw the image of two women, one obviously Claire, the other a stranger, licking and sucking an erection, obviously Christopher’s.

It gave her a jolt and a rush. She lay back and placed her hands between her thighs.

Oh dear God, she thought.

(End of Chapter 06)

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