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A Sanctuary of One by LongDarkRoad Chapter 8 There Is No Good Nor Evil

A Sanctuary of One

By LongDarkRoad

Chapter 8 There Is No Good Nor Evil

As Christopher joined her on their couches, Julie considered that they hadn’t really talked since the weekend; they hadn’t discussed, for example, the pictures he had sent. Their time in bed these days was mostly just sleeping, with barely any talk.

But now it was late and the kids were asleep and Friday was looming so they really needed to talk. “So, will you share with me who you are…seeing?” Christopher asked quietly, sipping something, likely whiskey.

Julie looked up and worked to keep her tone even. “What makes you think I’m…seeing someone?” She replied.

Christopher smiled and snorted softly. “We may not talk, but we do communicate, my dear. Something is happening, you are distracted and thoughtful; that says to me…some man.”

Julie sat in thought. “We could instead talk about the pictures you sent me; who was that woman? I recognized Claire’s, um, mouth.”

Her husband smiled. “That was just someone at the conference. She lives in Atlanta so not much chance of bumping into her. It was, um, arousing. It’s strange, for me anyway, to be involved in, I don’t know, a sex romp? Just doing it. The woman’s name was Alanna, but it doesn’t matter.”

Julie regarded him. “But Claire matters,” she said quietly.

Christopher nodded his head. “Yes, she does. I like her; well, I care for her. And she is completely focused on my, um, sexual needs. I don’t think about it at all. But, I don’t love her, Julie. You hear about friends with benefits, well, that’s it.” He looked at her, making up his mind. “She’s coming tomorrow night.”

Julie sat and stared; that disclosure affected her, but neither good nor bad; just a jolt. “I’m okay with that, but she can’t sleep in our bed,” she murmured.

“That’s fair,” Christopher said, “And, where will you be?”

Julie sighed; this couldn’t be avoided any longer. “With my…friend, but, this will surprise you, Love. It’s not a man; it’s a woman.”


Noah and Abigail climbed into the van Mr. and Mrs. White had recently bought (it seemed like a practical purchase with two growing grand kids) followed by Angel. “Yea!” Abigail cheered. “We’re goin’ to the farm.”

Mr. White cast a glance at his wife. They were actually going to their estate north of New York City in Prattsville, but they did have horses there, so Abigail was not corrected.

“Okay, everyone buckled in?” Mrs. White asked, returning the glance to her husband, and with the eager response, off they went on their two hour drive; and the weekend for all the Whites began.


Julie picked Courtney up outside a Tribeca coffee bar just after four thirty; she was wearing her lingerie under her office wear as directed. As if Julie was her driver, Courtney got into the back of Julie’s SUV, commenting, “My shelter is just a block that way,” she pointed, then directed Julie to a location back in Midtown.

They drove in silence and Julie felt, weird; but Courtney was clearly making a point; this was not two gal pals; Julie was there to serve.

After about twenty minutes, Courtney had Julie pull into an underground parking entrance, saying, “Miss Gena doesn’t have a car but she has a parking spot and we can use it tonight.” Courtney looked at her notes as Julie drove slowly; they had gone down a level when Courtney pointed out the spot and Julie parked; her heart again pounding furiously.

When they got out and stood by the side of the vehicle, Courtney had Julie take off her shoes; since Courtney had changed out of her ‘work’ clothes and was wearing a dress and heels, Julie needed to look up several inches when Miss Courtney directed her.

“Okay, my doobie, I have some friends with me tonight and you are going to serve us; we are going to use you for our pleasure. You will be spanked and humiliated. Now is the time to get back into your car if this isn’t what you uh, signed up for.” She smiled.

Julie looked up into the soft, green-blue eyes, into the lovely and compelling face. What were her options? Leave now and spend the weekend in a hotel, as Christopher had his…plans. And surely that would be the end of…this; and the thought of that filled Julie with despair. And, in amazement, she was aroused by the thought of what was going to be done to her. “I wish to, um, serve you, Miss Courtney,” she said, her voice suddenly hoarse.

“And my friends.”

“And your…friends…”

Courtney smiled down at her. “Take off your dress.”

Julie stood frozen for a moment, then removed her dress and handed it to the young woman towering above her. Courtney tossed the dress, to lay on top of Julie’s purse on the floor of the back seat. She then took the wide, black, satin choker from her purse and placed it around Julie’s neck, again handing her the padlock.

“When you give this to me Slave, say; I am your property, Miss Courtney.”

After Julie had repeated the words in a voice thick with emotion, Courtney clipped a leash to a ring beside the padlock. From her bag, she also took out a pair of flat sandals and handed them to Julie, and when the sandals were on, Miss Courtney started across the concrete floor to the elevator, leading her ‘property’.


“This is nice,” Claire said, looking around the open, bright restaurant. They had chosen a steak place in Midtown (I feel like red meat, White had said) and had settled on American Cut.

“Steak and oysters?” Claire had replied to White’s statement on what he would order. “Maybe I should go for that, too?” Claire smiled.

“You can have whatever you like, my dear.” White smiled, “Was that forty-K in billing I saw you sending out today?”

“It was, Sir,” Claire replied with a grin.

“Well, order away, I say.”

“Aye, aye, Captain,” Claire said as their server approached them.


The walk from the elevator to Miss Gena’s unit was harrowing but…thrilling, Julie acknowledged, almost overwhelmed by arousal. When they arrived, the door opened to reveal a slim, young woman of modest height greeting them with a wide smile.

What surprised Julie, and she wasn’t sure why she was surprised, was that the woman was ‘a woman of color’, as some like to say; Gena Padilla was a twenty-eight year-old who had emigrated from the Philippines to New York at the age of two.

Her mop of shaggy black hair was cut in what Julie called a ‘spikey’ style and she was dressed like she would be attending a cocktail party; classic black evening dress and heels. She smiled up at Miss Courtney and laughingly embraced her, before looking with interest at Julie, who instinctively lowered her eyes.

“Oh, so this is your new one?” Gena asked, in a ‘happy’ voice, and with a decided twinkle in her eye. Julie felt conflicting emotions; an unsettled feeling at the term ‘new one’ and arousal at being discussed this way. “You always take her out in public dressed like this?” Gena laughed and Courtney led her ‘pet’ by her leash into the spacious, airy and sunlit unit.

“God, every time I see your place I feel like a rat in a cage thinking of my dump,” Courtney complained, putting Julie on her hands and knees.

“You wanna move in?” Gena asked cheerily, a twinkle in her eye.

Courtney looked at the perky girl to see if she was teasing, but Gena really wasn’t a tease. “I couldn’t even afford to share rent here,” she murmured, pulling on the leash to bring Julie along to a spot in front of one white leather couch.

“May I?” Gena asked, pointing to Julie’s rear while also considering that Courtney looked particularly attractive tonight.

“Do whatever you like,” Courtney said in that velvet voice, and Gena proceeded to unclip Julie’s nylons and pull down her lace panties, before clipping the nylons back in place. She ran her small hand over Julie’s round ass, eliciting a quiver. “Emmmmm, she likes that,” Gena murmured and as Courtney chuckled she continued, “I have tequila”. To Courtney’s nod, Gena rose and headed to the kitchen.

Miss Courtney pressed Julie’s head down so it was resting on the expensive, pale, green carpet; she then spread the knees wide apart.

“Ooooh, nice lookin’ pussy,” Gena exclaimed, coming back with a large bottle of Hornitos and four shot glasses. She zipped back to the kitchen and next returned with a cutting board with two sectioned limes and a couple of salt shakers.

Pouring four glasses, Gena raised one but Courtney interrupted her. “I was going to toast this lovely brown ass,” Gena smirked.

Courtney grinned. “That’s great, but I think we need to give our toy a couple of shots before we start.” Gina nodded and lifted Julie to a sitting position, handing her a shot glass. Julie poured a little salt on her wrist, downed the glass and sucked a lime. Courtney filled the glass again and Julie repeated and then was placed back with her hips high and her head down.

Gena and Courtney swallowed their shots and sucked a lime, just as the intercom announced someone in the lobby. It turned out to be Dakota, followed a few minutes later by Hannah.

Soon all four women were seated, with their ‘entertainment’ still crouched in submission before them. They shared a toast and downed their shots.

“Okay,” said Hannah. “Let the fucking fun begin.”


Claire gazed across the table at Dr. White; she’d had one nine-ounce glass of wine and a shooter of liqueur with her coffee; she was feeling quite mellow. She smiled at him, “So, I still can’t believe this…arrangement, you and your wife now have?”

White smiled too; he had a hard time believing it himself. “Well, I guess that there’s more to marriage than well, sex, as long as everyone is on the same, um, page.”

Claire thoughtfully sipped her coffee. “So, does she have her own…friend?”

White softly drummed his fingers on the white tablecloth; he actually found sharing this information with Claire pleasant, like sharing a naughty secret. He smiled, “She has begun a relationship with another… woman; it intrigues me and doesn’t upset me at all.” He looked up with his blue eyes and saw Claire sitting Sphinx-like.

“I think it’s different for women,” she said quietly. “I certainly enjoyed my time with Alanna; I even enjoyed watching her with you.”

White nodded. “As long as there’s no jealousy, it just comes down to pleasure, I guess.” They both sipped their coffee; their server came around to warm up their drinks. The room was now about half full; people were sitting and talking; there was a very nice vibe. “What will happen with you and…?”

“George?” Claire replied, evenly. She shrugged. “Our son has settled into his job in Baltimore so I don’t need to worry about his return. I don’t know. I have so little to do with my husband; we live in separate worlds in many ways. I know he spends money on massages and strippers and escorts. He sometimes tries to get a rise out of me by telling me stuff, but I really could care less what he does and with uh, who. He could be dating an orangutan for all I care.”

They both smiled. “You’d care if he brought it home,” White smirked.


Julie was hanging suspended by her wrists. It turned out that, despite her youthful and happy outward demeanor, Gena was heavily into bondage and discipline and had lots of actual bondage equipment, including the standing wood structure Julie was now attached to. She was blind-folded and had a small ball gag in her mouth; her brown ass reddened from an extended session of spanking and, occasionally, even whipping. (Miss Hannah had been allowed three strikes with her riding crop). The rest of the punishment had come from two different paddles, one wooden, one leather covered, that all the women had used on their helpless, squirming and at times, begging, victim.

Various clips had also been attached to Julie’s nipples and labia, with her puffy, nether lips receiving measured strokes from a thick, rubber strap as well.

Throughout the evening though, pain had been expertly mixed with pleasure. Miss Gena owned several vibrating wands including one on an adjustable rod, and a wand had been applied to Julie’s clitoris at various times, with the speed set anywhere from mild-stim to ‘volcano’. These wands, as well as insertions of fingers, dildos and other vibrating objects, had combined to produce two orgasms for the bound woman; but always with punishment and degradation as steady companions. And even as she hung naked, Julie could not believe how incredible it had been.


Dr. White and Claire lay together on the bed in the spare room; having four bedrooms in their home had its benefits. This relationship continued to amaze the good doctor, how he was able to ‘perform’ so well with Claire, when he had always struggled with Julie. In his mind he now remembered the shapely round ass of his assistant moving in perfect time with his thrusts until she turned and took him in her mouth.

“I want to taste,” she said, also amazingly. White remembered one time, early in their relationship, when he was pressuring Julie to let him come in her mouth, and she had asked him if he would accept the gooey ejaculation in his mouth. The thought, of course, was revolting to him.

Yet Claire seemed to like it. Amazing.


Even though Courtney had dominated several women over the last few years, Gena was still far (far) more experienced at this whole mistress / slave thing; it was in fact how the two women had become friends of sorts; at a bondage party.

Gena’s story was one of immigrant success; her parents, talented cooks slash chefs, had opened a restaurant upon arrival in New York. Hard work combined with their talent saw the one store expand to two, then three.

At age forty-two, Gena’s father was able to sell his business and retire to a life of ‘leisure’, but this included writing cook books and even doing a cooking show on television. Through it all the money rolled in, and at age twenty-one, Gena was given access to her trust fund; at one million dollars it allowed her to do as she wished.

Her talents were not culinary, however; they were in management, and one of her interests was the music business. The agency she had started did very well, just as her father’s business had; the Padilla’s it turned out knew how to make and manage money. Even her uncle, who joined the family a year after their arrival, had the touch. Gena’s condo, valued currently at four million, belonged to his company, with Gena currently paying only a (very) modest monthly rent.

And there was another bonus. The business that Gena had established also allowed her time to indulge in her other main interest; BDS & M. In Gena’s case, different from Courtney who had come into this pleasure/pain world though a submissive older woman, the person who introduced her to it was a true dominant, many years her senior; Madame z.

The older woman had instantly recognized in Gena a kindred spirt, a protégé even, hidden beneath the bubbly personality, and for the next five years Gena experienced New York’s active ‘pain and pleasure’ scene. It was at such an ‘event’, two or so years ago, that she had met the vivacious red head who was now her friend, even trying early on to get Courtney to work for her.

The young, reserved woman however had other thoughts; but the two stayed in touch as time passed, sometimes even sharing the same ‘slave’. Through Gena, Courtney met first Hannah and then Dakota.

This slave-girl group thing was new, however, developing just in the last year. It started one night with Gena inviting them over to use her newest girl, and all had enjoyed the experience; it had gone from there, with Gena providing a new ‘treat’ every couple of months, from where no one cared to ask.

Courtney was now returning the favor, and sitting relaxed and contented; she’d done well.

“So,” Gena murmured, reaching up to forcefully squeeze the ‘slave’s’ still puffy pussy lips, causing a groan and then some moaning; “I think our slave-girl needs to come down and take a final turn around the room; the hour’s getting late, as they say.”

Courtney watched with a smile on her beautiful face as Gena untied Julie and put her on her knees, removing the blind-fold and gag, and leading her to Dakota, who languidly spread her slim legs as Julie began to trace with her tongue a path from Dakota’s tattooed ankle (a hawk) up her legs to her completely shaved pussy.

All four women were by this point completely naked and lounging on the two couches. The bottle of tequila was gone, everyone but Courtney had done a line of coke and all had experienced at least one strong climax, courtesy of their submissive slave’s tongue.

As Julie now eagerly explored the folds of pink flesh, she thought about the group she had been serving, starting with the woman she was now pleasuring. Dakota was the youngest at twenty-four, with Hannah and Gena the oldest, both twenty-eight.

All four women, Courtney included, had navel piercings; bar-bell studs with some sort of decorative attachment. For Courtney, apart from a couple of ear rings, that was it for her piercings, but the others were an interesting collection.

Dakota was the most pierced and tattooed; she had a labia gem-stud, which Julie was currently licking around, as well as a series of ear-rings around the helix of one ear; also a nose ring, an eye-brow ring and a dimple stud. This complimented her complete arm sleeve tattoos (roses; red, pink, white and blue) on both arms and extending up one of her shoulders.

Dakota’s brown/blonde hair was dyed pink-ish, cut very short on one side while hanging long down the other. She was Julie’s height but very slender, with pert, small breasts topped with large nipples, one of which had a stud through it. At least the woman didn’t have a tongue-stud, Julie thought, as Dakota had lifted Julie up and was now kissing her passionately; tongue-studs truly grossed her out.

“Hey, lovely slut-slave,” Gena murmured as Julie was passed to her. Gena did not have the amount of body-work as Dakota, but she did sport one arm sleeve and a large tattoo of a dove on her lower back, as well as a nose stud.

Gina now turned on the couch and presented her round, brown ass to the slave-girl, who did not hesitate, spreading the cheeks and inserting her tongue into the dark, brown anus. Julie had already licked this particular area a couple of times tonight, so this wasn’t a huge surprise; both Hannah and Gena enjoyed having their asses lovingly ‘serviced’.

As she licked, Julie inserted two fingers into the dark vagina, the heavy brown/black labia hanging down as Gena crouched. Julie gently pulled on these as the woman began to moan again.

“Fuck my ass with your tongue, Slave.” Gena commanded and Julie began to rapidly move her head back and forth; the word ‘slave’ still arousing her; but at this point in the evening, she wasn’t thinking at all about names or labels. She was simply complying and existing, her body a vessel for pleasure; both hers and others, with the lovely face of Miss Courtney never far from her view and an incredible feeling of being where she belonged, within her; whatever else she might be from business innovator to wife to mother, right now Julie White was a slave.


Why are you still awake?” Angel asked quietly, crouching by Noah’s bed.

“I just woke up,” Noah replied. He was a serious boy, and completely honest. “I didn’t know where I was, but then I did,” he said. “Would you stay with me?”

“Of course, sweetie. You just close your eyes and think of nice things. Tomorrow you get to ride the pony.”

Noah smiled and, unusual for him, gripped a stuffed tiger to him. He was quiet for several minutes and Angel thought he was asleep. Until he said quietly. “What do you think Mommy and Daddy are doing.”

Angel pondered several things for a moment, then offered, “I’ll bet they’re watching tv.” She stroked Noah’s blonde hair, so like his father’s. She smiled; his even breathing told her he was off to dream land. ****
Julie and Courtney had just finished a long, intimate shower together and Julie was now lying on the bed in Gena’s spare room as Courtney gently applied some salve to the three welts on her buttocks and upper thigh.

“How do you feel?” Courtney asked quietly.

How do I feel, Julie wondered? She had drank more tequila than she had for a long time, she had experienced three orgasms, the most recent courtesy of Miss Courtney who went down on her after she had made the rounds through Dakota, Gena and Hannah. While Miss Gena gently sucked her nipples, Courtney had licked and sucked Julie to a leg-quivering climax that all four women applauded.

Dakota and Hannah had left not long after, with Hannah, surprisingly, kissing Courtney quite passionately before she smiled down at her and headed off. And then Courtney had accepted Gena’s invitation for her and her toy to spend the weekend here. The two women had then showered and now were together on the bed. “I feel…incredible,” Julie murmured.

Courtney looked down at her, gently stroking her face, and said, “You seemed to like this; it’s not for everybody, hey?”

Julie shook her head. No, it definitely would not be for everyone; what did it mean that it worked for her?

“You’re a, um, submissive, Doobie. A closet-submissive, I guess,” Courtney chuckled. “But now you’ve come out of that closet and you need to face this, hmmmmm?”

“I’m so confused,” Julie said quietly. “I’m older than you, yet you seem to know so much that I don’t.”

Courtney continued to gently stroke Julie’s arm before speaking, “I was away from, uh, everything for years. Then I woke up, and it was then that I realized I liked chicks. Not just realized, actually, accepted. That was it, accepting. Then, like shit happens, and I could like see myself. That’s what’s goin’ on here, sweets. I’m just holdin’ up the ol’ mirror. You’re the one finally seeing things.”

Julie lay in uneasy, conflicted thought; this was almost too much to comprehend.

(End of Chapter 08)

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