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A House of Slaves by LongDarkRoad Chapter 11 Needs & Wants

A House of Slaves

Chapter 11 Needs & Wants (A profitable evening.)

Aquina and Sanders had finished their dinner, which was exceptional from the Chardonnay Batar wine to start to the selection of Italian pastries to conclude. Now they sat with glasses of Jim Beam Single barrel bourbon, relaxed in each other’s company and feeling mellow.

“So, everything’s good between us again, Doll,” Sanders looked across at Aquina.

“It’s good. It will always be good, Sanders; you rescued me, I saved you. You’re one of, oh, like I say, two people I trust…” Aquina laughed softly.

“I like that, Baby-Girl, I like hearing you laugh,” Sanders said finishing his whiskey. “So, you wanna come up to my room for some coffee?”

Aquina tilted her head slightly, “You have a room; here?”

Sanders laughed out loud now, and several people turned their heads. “No, no…not here. Across the street. I got a room at the Hyatt Regency. I like staying there every now and then.”

“And your wife…”


“…is good with that?”

“Charlene’s got no say in what I do, Doll. You should know that.”

“And your other…friend…”


“Frances…how many years?”

“Eight, Christ…that’s a record.”

“Frances is…okay?”

“Doll, Frances’s got no say with what I do, either. Hey, I’m a bastard. I know that. But I don’t lie to nobody. That’s the deal.”

“The coffee…is good?” Aquina smiled.

“They make great coffee. I mean that. Great. No shit, that’s why I stay there. And the view; I like the view.”

Ten minutes later the elevator doors opened on the thirty-second floor of the hotel and the two started a walk down the luxurious hallway. As they approached his room, Sanders murmured, “Oh, I should mention, Ms. Daniels, uh, Claire, is, like staying with me.”

Aquina looked at him but then she was guided into the suite, Sander’s large hand on her elbow. “Hey, Doll, Daddy’s home,” Sanders spoke, and the attractive blonde on the sofa rose, her sheer negligee almost transparent, her full, round breasts showing clearly as she turned to face them. “Oh, and I’ve invited a friend. Maybe you could ring room service for some coffee?”

Aquina and Claire stood for a moment, eying each other, before Claire smiled and said, “Welcome…Aquina…right? I’ll call for the coffee”; and she reached for the phone.


At two-thirty AM Aquina’s wrist watch beeped quietly, but it was enough to wake her. She slid off the bed and began looking for her clothes; finding everything, she moved quietly to the bathroom, glancing back over her shoulder at the twin beds, the one she had just left with the blonde head of Claire on one pillow, and the bed beside it, where the large mass that was Sanders was breathing gently.

After dressing, Aquina took out a brush and began to fix her hair when she was aware of movement behind her. Turning, she looked into the lovely, and sleepy, face of Claire Daniels, who spoke.

“Why are you going?” she whispered.

“I, um, I’ve got people I need to look after. It’s, uh, complicated.” Aquina smiled, and reached out to caress the face before her. Claire took that opportunity to move in and wrap her arms around the slightly taller woman.

“I don’t want you to go.” The two shared a deep kiss, Aquina wondering at the softness of the full lips pressed against hers.

After breaking apart, Claire looked into Aquina’s eyes and then pressed her face against her cheek. “I, well; um, last night was my first time, with a woman, an adult woman, I mean. I can’t believe it. It was…well, mmm, I can’t believe it.” She looked into Aquina’s eyes again. “Please, I must see you…again. I must.”

The night had featured Aquina making love to Claire as Sanders watched, and then watching herself as the blonde, clearly comfortable on her knees, her lovely ass and pussy open to Aquina’s view, pleasured her boss. As had been their history, Sanders and Aquina had no actual sexual or even intimate contact; and no discussion about it.

Aquina now tilted forward slightly and kissed Claire’s mouth deeply, searchingly, before kissing up and down her face. “I would like that…very much.”

They held each other for a few moments, before Aquina broke away saying, “I need to go now or I will not be able to…I will contact you. I will.”

And then she was gone, and Claire made her way back to her bed, sitting on it and running her hands through her long, blond hair, considering.

“She’s somethin’, isn’t she?” Sanders grunted from his bed.


It was good that Aquina had learned over the years to function at times without a lot of sleep, as she needed, after her late night, to be up at eight to get the slave girls ready and engaged. They needed to prepare the man-cave for another Saturday night. This included extracting Anna from Adam’s grasp, and then getting her and an unsmiling Kate showered and fed and beginning the cleaning.

At some point Heather and Mindi would need to be picked up, and with Kate looking more each day like a time-bomb, she would need to be resolved sooner rather than later. Today the woman had responded listlessly to her mistress’s commands, and Aquina had punished her and, as warned, Anna as well, and then felt anger and sadness; she could not do this forever.

And of course, soon Brandon, Kevin and Adam Abrahmson would need breakfasts prepared; whenever they arose, so Aquina set the slaves to cleaning bathrooms now while things were quiet. She was also expecting company.


Dale Dzyuba was down in his ‘workshop’ early this Saturday morning. Although he did actually do some projects here, it was mostly a place he could watch ‘nasty stuff’ on his computer away from the eyes of his wife. Today however, he had another purpose. He was waiting for a call from his friend in Vice, Ed Alston.

On his computer he was watching, with that goofy crooked grin plastered on his craggy mug, a dark-skinned young woman with a horse. This had become his latest interest, girls with animals. He was going to talk to ‘the boys’ about the possibilities at ‘the house’…he had a friend with a male Alsatian….

His thoughts were interrupted by his cell phone.

“Yal-lo,” he answered.

“’Zuba?” the voice inquired, and the captain recognized Alston.

“Yeah, Boss. What’s ‘hup’?”

“We need to meet somewhere, with some privacy.”

“Sure, c’mon over to the boys’ place, we’ll have some priv-acy, for sure and then some sweet ass. You bet.”

“This is not something we want a whole load of people knowing about, Zubes; ‘specially some whores.”

“Not a problem, Boss. You’ll see. We can talk, private- like for sure. Then have a drink and everyt’ing. You bet.”

So the plan was made and Alston would be at ‘the house’ around eight. Dzyuba went back to his screen. A slightly chubby, young Latin-looking woman was on her knees and an older woman entered the room leading a boxer dog and parading it around in a circle. Dzyuba grinned and nodded his head, like an eight-year-old in a candy store.

“Yeaaaahh, doggy! Go…” He cheered.


Nine o’clock and only Abrahmson was up, being served scrambled eggs, bacon and coffee by Anna, with a disgruntled Kate locked away. The doorbell chimed and Aquina went to answer it, assured of who it was. Opening the door she gazed upon the face of someone she had not seen in almost four years, Doctor Shareen Macgregor, or the ‘whitest woman I know’ as Aquina would describe her.

Macgregor, as well as being a very competent physician, was also known to be connected and discreet; have a need to resolve some troubling issue, then call Dr. ‘M’; for the right price, of course.

After entering, Macgregor stood and looked at Aquina, slowly shaking her head. “My God, time goes by and you just get lovelier,” she finally said, looking up at Aquina, who moved forward and grasped the slightly shorter woman in a hug.

After breaking the embrace, Aquina invited Macgregor into the living room and they settled on the sofa, the doctor giving the place the once over.

“Care for something?” she inquired.

“Coffee would be fine, it is very early.”

“Anna,” Aquina called, choosing to use the non-slave name. A naked Anna, wearing only a harness, quickly entered, kneeling near the two women. Dr. Macgregor had a bemused look on her face, but she did not appear startled, considering the unclothed woman before her.

“Coffee, please, slave. Bring milk and sugar as well. And advise Mr. Abrahmson that this room is, being used and he could crash in the bedroom for a while.”

“Yes, Mistress,” was the reply, and Anna scurried off.

“Well, well, now my curiosity is clearly peaked; what goes on here?” Macgregor smirked.

Aquina quickly and concisely explained the scenario, Macgregor nodding in understanding, before adding, “So, I’m guessing you are looking to me for…exams? tests? Something to keep your…assets, in shape?”

At that moment, Anna returned with a carafe, two cups and milk and sugar, setting them down on the coffee table.

“Slave, kneel before our guest,” Aquina directed.

Anna knelt in front of the red-haired woman. “Rub your face on her legs, show her affection,” Aquina continued, and Anna immediately began to nuzzle the nylon-stocking-clad legs of Shareen Macgregor, slowly moving from the calves, to the knees and then the thighs. Macgregor watched the advance with interest, one hand gently stroking Anna’s hair.

With a quick move, Anna slid the doctor’s skirt up past her hips so her midsection was visible, dark panties showing through the pantyhose. Anna now moved her face between Macgregor’s thighs and began sucking at her crotch through both layers of garment. Macgregor spread her legs, clearly experienced with what was happening, and leaned back, closing her eyes.

After a moment, Anna cast a quick glance back at Aquina (who nodded) and then reached up, grasping the elastic band of the pantyhose, pulling it down and off of Macgregor’s feet, which Anna then kissed, before moving her face directly back into the woman’s crotch. After suckling there for a few moments, Anna pulled the panties over, exposing two tight, pink pussy lips covered by a light coating of reddish-blonde pubic hair.

Anna’s now-experienced tongue began exploring and sucking these lips as Macgregor moaned softly and spread her legs wider. Anna then adroitly pulled the wet panties off and dove into the waiting valley framed by now puffier labia, licking and sucking, pushing her tongue as far into the opening as possible, now lubricated with a coating of ooze.

Macgregor clasped Anna’s head with both hands and began to face-fuck her with quick, steady thrusts of her hips. Aquina moved beside Macgregor on the sofa and nuzzled the woman’s neck before covering and sucking her mouth, both women’s tongues darting and exploring in each other’s willing orifices.

With a moan, Macgregor shifted and uttered a soft cry, murmuring, “Oh, Christ,” a broad smile on her lips, her eyes closed. “Mmmmm, your…slave is fantastic…oh, dear me.”

Aquina gently stroked Anna’s head, “You may pour the coffee, little slave.”

****      ****

Drinking their coffee, they caught each other up on things. As she finished her cup, Macgregor stood, with a small smile on her face, and a decided twinkle in her eye. “Okay, so I will agree to help you. I will come by Monday, so have all your girls available for ten AM and I will take blood and run the tests myself. But I’ll want something in return.”

Aquina looked up at her quizzically, a small smile on her face. “I’m assuming we aren’t talking, money?”

“No,” Macgregor straightened up and collected her things. “Do you, like, live here?”

“Um, yes. Why?”

Macgregor paused, then said quietly. “My payment will be…you, Aquina. For one hour Monday. In your room; you will be my slave, do what I ask, no questions. If you agree to that, I’ll be your doctor, no charge, no hassle.”

Aquina smiled and looked down. “Well, that puts me in a

spot, hmmm?” She looked at the other woman, who was wearing her ‘poker face’. After a moment, she said quietly, “Okay. Yes. I agree.”

“I want you on your knees when you say it,” Macgregor was smiling too, but Aquina could tell she was serious.

“Really?” she asked.

“Absolutely. Just a warm-up, you see. A teaser for Monday. Just to see how…dedicated a bitch you are.”

Aquina knelt, emptions rising. She looked up at Macgregor, “I will be your slave…Mistress Shareen.”

Macgregor came to stand beside her, stroking her hair and lifting her chin, she smiled down at Aquina. “That’s a good girl, but then, you know how this works, bitch. You are a bitch, aren’t you?” Aquina looked up at the face smiling down, amazed at her reaction, after all these years. “I’ll let myself out. Thanks for the coffee and…the service,” Macgregor murmured and was gone, leaving Aquina on her knees.


If things were interesting back at the house, they were equally so for Melissa. She now understood the relationship between the two Forsythe women. Daughter was a master and the mother, a submissive, and they found having another participant arousing, for whatever reason.

Friday night, after their initial time together, Melissa had been allowed a regular and uninterrupted sleep, waking for a shower (supervised by Amanda with Sally obediently scrubbing Melissa down, spending extra care on her ‘naughty parts’, as she called them).

They then had a rather unique breakfast, Melissa having toast and cereal in a normal way, before being tied with her legs spread as wide as possible. Cheerios and milk were then placed, by the spoonful, into her vagina. Sally was then made to eat the cereal out, hands tied behind her back. This was a slow process, made longer by Amanda frequently pausing to spank Sally for one issue or another, mostly for being too slow. By the end of the session, the Cheerios were all gone and Sally’s ass was a lovely red.


“Okay, watch your end,” Kevin called as he lifted from the back. Eric was carrying the front of the load and they had just managed to squeeze through the front door and were now heading for the corner of the living room.

Once there, they plugged in their burden, and it immediately lit up, to their shouts of joy. Even Brandon was impressed, yelling out. “Holy Fuck!”

In their possession, they now had a Vintage, 1978 Stern Wild Fyre Pinball Machine; fully reconditioned and in working order.

Brandon continued, “Now that is a great addition to the man-house, boys; where the hell did you find that?” With a round of beers, Eric and Kevin explained their search and purchase of this machine, something both of them had wanted for years.

“And it still works on quarters; who wants to race some chariots?” Eric enthused, pulling a key from his pocket that opened the machine’s back. “Now, we just need to get this thing happening,” Eric indicated the stripper’s stage, “and we’re good.”

“Yeah,” Brandon added, “Aquina said Heather is stripping tonight. We have a special guest, Ed Alston, from Vice and Narcotics, and it could be a profitable evening. We want him entertained and he’s not a big poker guy.”

“Is our little lawyer buddy going to be here too?” Kevin asked.

“Yeah,” Brandon took a drink from his beer, “I think he wants to move in.”

“I think he already has,” Kevin chirped, and they all laughed.    


The night had gone well. There had been two baseball, one basketball and one hockey game to choose from, both hockey and basketball being in the play-offs. As well, the pinball machine was a huge hit, and it turned out Alston loved darts and was very impressed with the set-up, challenging people to games for a couple of hours.

Now, as promised, Heather was doing her routine on the stripper stage. It was the first time it had been used, and the lights and sound were outstanding, as was Heather. She was incredibly flexible and her routine was met with much whistling and hooting, as she stretched and spread her legs, making sure her pussy and ass got lots of exposure.

Alston was also enjoying Mindi’s charms, as she sat on his knees, kissing the side of his face while he squeezed her nether cheeks. Dzyuba was like a kid at a ball game, hooting at the stage while he energetically fingered Kate’s pussy, as she looked up at the ceiling. He had her hands tied behind her, lying ‘tits up’, as he commented, across him.

Adam Abrahmson, after playing some cards and trying ‘Wild Fyre’, had taken Anna to the room the boys now jokingly referred to as ‘Adam’s’. Looking around, Brandon had to admit, he did not miss the hulking form of Jake, who had stayed away from the house after their last discussion.

Eventually things quieted. Mindi and Heather were put in one room, Kate serviced Dzyuba orally and then was placed in her crate, once again ignoring Aquina’s comments to her. Eric and Kevin had headed off, and Brandon, Alston and the captain settled around the table in the kitchen.

Alston then explained his ‘little idea’. One that he had nurtured for almost five years, waiting for the best situation.

It could be said that most law enforcement working drugs, at one time or another, had pondered the wealth lying just beyond their grasp. Shutting down an operation was rewarding, but then there you were, staring at millions in bust money, knowing it would just go somewhere and probably be burned or held in evidence for years; if the people above you didn’t help themselves along the way.

The bust was almost always more money than an honest cop would make, likely, in their entire career, and it was just sitting there, often unguarded, and sometimes before it was even officially counted and recorded. The temptation was always there, and if you got into money problems, maybe medical bills or whatever, the want could become a need.

Alston had pondered all of this in his twenty-seven years on the force. He was twice-divorced and had one daughter in college. He had been shot twice, the second in the leg that had left him with a limp. When he finally retired he knew his pension would not cover his expenses; so he had sat and watched and waited, and the right situation had now come up. He just needed some help; and he didn’t want it to be any of his cronies or from his department.

He had known Dzyuba for his whole career, and while he thought the man was…strange, he knew that he could be trusted. Dzyuba had his fingers (when not wrapped around his Johnson or in some hooker’s pussy) in lots of pies; but he had known over the years when to pull out and always to keep his mouth shut; and, he wouldn’t run at the first sign of trouble.

For the present, Alston secretly had his eye on a very large shipment of drugs coming into Miami in a few days. It held a substantial amount of cocaine, but also heroin and meth, so his informant had said. The numbers he had heard were seven to nine million on the street, with the cargo to be divided into three; one shipment to L.A.; one to New York and one to St. Louis. Even a third of this haul would be significant. His plan was to intercept the St. Louis truck.

In order to avoid attention, he’d heard the trucks would be general use, with two, average-looking drivers sharing the cab. That would be it; two guys. Alston had checked the route and found several points where the trucks could be hit. They would be using the secondary highways, again to avoid attention; and that would work well for Alston’s plan.

“So boys,” Alston said, putting down his glass, “Whaddya think?”

“It sounds, very…interesting,” Brandon purred, “but why us? You don’t even know us.”

“That’s the point, I don’t know you, and you don’t know me, we have no connection except the captain, but he trusts you; supports you. I need some young guys that can handle themselves and don’t look like a bunch of middle-aged cops. Guys that can unload heavy stuff and be ready to move. Guys that are lookin’ to score and not spend their whole fucking lives in service. Does that sound like you and your guys?”

Brandon nodded his head. It did sound like them.


Sally Forsythe was bound, spread-eagle on the floor of what looked to be a den. Her pert breasts were tied savagely with ropes causing them to bulge out grotesquely and turn a dark purple color.

Both nipples had gold rings piercing them, and cords ran through these rings to hooks in the ceiling; cords which Amanda had pulled tight, stretching the nipples painfully. Melissa had been tasked with forcing a large, flesh-colored dildo into Sally’s anus, and despite the copious lubrication, the imposing hard rubber phallus was proving a challenge.

Melissa had about three inches in but was at the widest part, with another inch still to insert. Sally was moving her hips, but a band across her waist and tied to the floor was keeping her in place.

Meanwhile, Amanda was crouching over her step-mother, her crotch directly above the woman’s face. As she removed the panties from Sally’s mouth, she lowered her asshole onto it, with the clear instruction, “Lick that hole, slut, or I’ll pull these cords tighter.”

Sally needed no further encouragement; she began to lick rapidly, pausing for a brief grunt as the dildo was finally pushed in to its full length, Melissa grinning up at Amanda.


Aquina had always been a light sleeper; at times, her life had depended on it. She looked at her clock now: three AM; but she was certain she had heard someone moving around. She got up and moved cautiously to the hallway, opening her door and moving silently out and to the top of the stairs. A light was shining from the main floor, and then she saw Brandon go into the living area. He was carrying…a glass of milk.

“So what’s going on?” Aquina asked, as Brandon settled onto the couch.

“Couldn’t sleep. Too much stuff runnin’ through my head.”

Aquina moved beside the man, “Having second thoughts?”

Brandon drank some milk and considered. “Not exactly, it’s just so much is riding on these two deals; the one with McHugh and now this drug thing. They’re both big. Both dangerous. This could be a huge start to a new life; or you know, like the end…” He chuckled darkly.

Aquina nodded and grimaced; Brandon was right. “All in or go home, right? The McHugh thing is done, we’ll see some money real soon and then lots more. I have no doubts. This truck high-jack is serious stuff; but a huge reward. I notice Jake wasn’t part of the, emm, discussion.”

Brandon sighed. “No, but I’m going to talk with him tomorrow…er, today I guess. We need him there.”

“Yeah, I get it.” She got up to leave, but Brandon grasped her hand.

“So, any chance of you, um, comforting me tonight in my time of need?” He asked, a small smile on his face.

Aquina laughed softly and looked down. “Hey, forget the puppy-dog eyes; I want to keep things business-like between us right now; there’s too much at stake now to have, distractions…”

She turned to head upstairs, but paused, looking back at him, “I’m not going anywhere, B. We’re partners.”

Brandon raised his glass in salute, “I’ll drink to that, even milk.”

In her room Aquina paused on the edge of her bed to ponder all that she was into, including emotionally. Her feelings for Melissa encouraged and concerned her; like Bob Dylan sang, when you got nothin’, you got nothin’ to lose. Aquina had been guarded with her affections over the years; she didn’t like being vulnerable. Yet she could not deny what she felt for the lovely captive; was it simply desire?

And now she had agreed to Shareen’s…demand; where would that go? Aquina was aware of her own…needs. Shareen had always had a strange effect on her which, to now, had not been acted upon. She had to admit the encounter with the woman had greatly excited her; more than she would have thought. And then there was the lovely Claire…

Aquina sighed and lay her head down. Both Garth and Sanders appeared in her mind, their voices carrying warnings; but one couldn’t always just play safe.

Acting on impulse, she then got up again and went down to the basement, returning in a moment with Kate. She’d have the woman stay with her tonight, and see if she could maybe help her see some hope on the horizon.

(End of Chapter 11)  

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