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A House of Slaves by LongDarkRoad Chapter 12 Now Or Never

A House of Slaves 

Chapter 12 Now or Never (Will you come to me)

Monday mornings were usually hectic anyway, but today with the doctor coming and getting all the girls together it was even more so. Sunday was a bit of a blur; after getting Melissa (and her plump envelope of four grand!!) Aquina was informed by Brandon that the truck heist would be this coming Thursday. Things were moving very quickly, and Sanders had also called to say he would have some cash for them.

This was all running through her mind as Aquina picked up Heather and Mindi and headed back to the house. Anna of course was already here and Kevin would be bringing Kate back.

As well as the kissing and fondling, the two had talked during the night. Kate was unhappy with Anna being punished, and said she didn’t know how much longer she could deal with Dzyuba.

“He makes me physically sick,” she’d sighed; she really didn’t know how much longer she could go on. But their time together seemed to lift her spirits, a little. Aquina had again reinforced to the woman that she was working on ‘things’.

“Please give me time, Kate, as I’ve asked, please; Brandon has already warned me that he’ll take you to that place he showed you, if you cause any problems.” Aquina wasn’t certain if he really would; it would be a serious step and not one she would go along with, but it did act as a warning.

Kate had sighed and nestled into the warmth of her mistress-partner and the pleasure of being in a bed. Despite everything, she did trust Aquina, and when the woman had held her and gently kissed her, Kate had responded, like someone in deep water grabs a rope.

And in spite of how preoccupied she was, occasionally Aquina would feel a little jolt of anxiety when she remembered her deal with Macgregor. Was it apprehension or excitement? Aquina wasn’t sure. She knew her own sexuality was…flexible, especially with the whole dominance and submission thing. Aquina was a very confident ‘dom’ when needed; but she was very conscious of her other, more hidden, side.


Doctor Macgregor was professional and efficient. She had all her samples in the case and it was only a quarter to eleven. Kevin left with Kate, and since they had an unmarked car for their patrol today, he was okay with taking Mindi and Heather and dropping them off downtown, with Mindi throwing Kevin a smile as she closed the back door.

“What was that about?” Heather asked as they started down the street.

“What?” Mindi replied. “I can’t like somebody without there being big questions?”

“Oh, girl, you watch yourself. You start feeling something and things change.”

“Hey, don’t worry ‘bout me, I’m good.”

And they both laughed.


Aquina meanwhile was taking Melissa and Anna downstairs and placing them in their crates. When she came back up to the kitchen, Macgregor was putting her container in the refrigerator. She turned to look at Aquina, who indicated the stairs and headed toward them, the good doctor following, carrying an ominous looking black bag.

Just outside of Aquina’s room. Macgregor gripped Aquina by the elbow. “When we enter, the hour begins, and you are my slave, doing all I ask. Are we agreed?”

“Yes, mmm, Mistress,” Aquina murmured, memories soaring through her mind and her heart beating more rapidly than she expected.



Aquina Morez had begun her first period. Her mother greeted this event with a slap across Aquina’s face that sent her stumbling across the tiny bedroom they shared.

“Now I’m gonna have to buy rags for you, too. Fuckin’ God-damn Christ. You’re gonna start earning some bread you useless…”

The tirade was interrupted by a loud banging on the door. Angelina Morez, with most of a bottle of wine in her already and it wasn’t even noon, staggered to answer it. Aquina listened silently from the closet, watching through the crack between the door and the wall. It was the landlord; money, as always, was due; Morez, as usual, had none. 

Aquina watched in amazement as her mother wrestled her clothes off and got to her knees, taking the, what seemed huge, landlord’s cock in her mouth (gross!).

After a few minutes of this, the landlord changed plans and spun Morez around, putting her on her knees and ramming his cock into her from behind, a handful of her dark hair in one of his fists.

Aquina sat silently watching, for the first time, a woman, on her knees, sexually serving someone. In this case it was a man, but that wasn’t the point for Aquina; it was the look on her mother’s face.  


When they entered, Macgregor crossed the neat, sparsely furnished room, to sit on a small armchair. She stared at Aquina, who returned the stare for a moment before looking down.

“That’s a good girl my beauty, remember your place and avoid…discipline. For our hour today you will call me, ‘Mistress’ and you are simply, ‘Slave’ or ‘Slut’ or whatever degrading name suits you. Any direction I give you, unless you are gagged, must immediately be responded to by, ‘Yes, Mistress’. Are we clear?”

Aquina’s husky voice was barely above a whisper, “Yes… Mistress.”

“Good. Strip off everything except your panties. When you get to them, turn and face away from me.”

Aquina swallowed. “Yes, Mistress.”

She removed her clothes quickly and efficiently, placing them on her bed. When she was down to her black, lace thong she turned as directed. She could barely control her hand that desperately wanted to plunge its fingers between her now swollen pussy lips; Melissa had provoked a strong arousal, but this was different, like scotch is different from bourbon. This was more…primitive to Aquina, more basic.

“Very nice, that’s my good little slut. I know you like being a good slave and pleasing me. Don’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Aquina murmured, feeling the old desire as the heat rose within her; the dominant role slipping away, the submissive rising, no conflict at all. It was true, she wanted to please this woman.

“Say it, pathetic Slut,” Macgregor demanded, her own arousal rising. She had long wanted this woman.

“I want to…please my Mistress. Oh, ummmnn,” Aquina raked her nails up and down her thighs to stay focused. 

Macgregor smiled a knowing smile; she had known this of Aquina almost from the start; but there had always been something to block them from hooking up; but she had filed away the knowledge. And now here they were again.

“Okay Whore, there is no need to pretend with me. I know what you are, and it’s not this fancy Madame shit you’ve got goin’ on. You are a disgusting, dirty, fuck slut who belongs on her knees and you know it.”

Aquina heard the throaty chuckle and wanted nothing more than to be that, on her knees; she had always wanted to serve Macgregor, had even fantasized about it; things hadn’t worked out. She struggled to stay on her feet and await her commands.

“Now my sweet bitch, slowly strip that thong off, and then place it between your nasty pussy lips and hump yourself with it for my amusement. Go.”

Breathing hard, Aquina slowly peeled the tiny garment down her legs, bending forward so Macgregor got a good view of her ass. She then turned sideways and held the panties between her legs and began to move her hips in a thrusting motion, meanwhile slowly pulling the thong into herself. She noticed Macgregor’s hand had moved under her skirt and between her thighs.

“Good girl. That pleases me, Bitch, even though you repulse me,” the woman crooned. “Now, on your knees, put your dirty panties in your mouth and crawl to your Mistress.”

Aquina did this, stopping at Macgregor’s feet, and looking down submissively. Macgregor took the panties from Aquina’s mouth, “You do disgust me,” she said quietly, “but my shoes need cleaning, Slave. Ask.”

Aquina tried to speak but her throat would not respond, which Macgregor found amusing. Gripping Aquina’s thick hair, Macgregor tilted the lovely face up and then leaned forward and spit on her, then scooped the saliva off with a finger, “Open.”

Aquina opened her mouth and Macgregor placed the goo on the waiting tongue, smiling, then placed the submissive face by her shoe.

Aquina began licking the black leather with long, sensuous strokes. Although this was a game she knew inside out, slave and master, Aquina could not deny what this was doing to her. What it had always done to her, although it had needed a certain kind of woman. Macgregor was right, that she knew what Aquina was. A low moan escaped her lips now as she submitted herself to just that kind of dominating woman, cleaning her shoes with devotion.

The doctor removed her shoes and pantyhose, and Aquina then licked and kissed her bare feet, wanting even more desperately to shove her fingers into her throbbing pussy; but she had not been given permission, so she continued to worship Macgregor’s feet. The doctor gently stroked the curls on Aquina’s head and then leaned forward to softly kiss her face, before whispering in her ear.

“Let’s see if our slut-slave is wet, shall we.” With this, she ran a hand down Aquina’s back and then over her round buttocks, before coming to rest on her pussy lips, where she slipped one finger easily into the opening.

“Oh, my, my; what’s this? My slave is nice and …dripping down there; here, taste.” At this point Macgregor placed the finger that had just been inside the pussy into Aquina’s mouth. Her own musky scent aroused her, and Aquina licked the finger aggressively, her hips moving gently. Macgregor now pushed Aquina’s head down to the carpet, leaving her ass high. “Slave knows this is where she belongs?”

“Ye-yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress,” Aquina murmured, heart pounding.

“And you realize how pathetic you are, don’t you?”

Aquina cried out softly, the words stinging deliciously, like a whip. Macgregor then slapped one ass cheek smartly, then the other, and then four more times each side in quick succession, before grasping Aquina’s buttocks in both hands and spreading them as wide as possible, and then pushing a moistened finger tentatively into Aquina’s puckered and dark brown asshole, causing her to jump.

“Oh, this doesn’t get used much these days, does it slave; that will change today.” And she slapped Aquina’s ass several more times to emphasize her point.

Slipping off her chair, Macgregor pulled Aquina’s hands around behind her back and bound her wrists with handcuffs from her black bag, which she had opened beside her captive. She then began pulling things from it. Aquina recognized everything, even when only catching a quick glance. 

“I’ve brought lots of toys for my slut-slave,” Macgregor noted, “especially this, for your ass.” She held up a short but thick, black dildo.

****      ****

Macgregor was now lying on her side, Aquina’s face wedged between her thighs. A quick glance at her watch told her she had twelve minutes left in her hour, and she was a punctual person. Having expertly brought Aquina to the edge of orgasm four times, she had now tasked her beautiful slave with satisfying her mistress first; and then the doctor would grant her captive’s desire and allow her to climax.

Aquina was using all her skill and experience as she licked and sucked on Macgregor’s pussy with its tight labia, and little nub of a clitoris. Macgregor’s breathing and hip movements told her the woman was close. Aquina now bit down, gently, on the clit bud before sucking the pussy lips into her mouth. The doctor let out a satisfying cry and held Aquina’s face as she ground out her orgasm, before collapsing on the pillow, and lying still, chuckling softly.

After a few moments and aware of the time, and wanting to bring her slave release, Macgregor got to work rubbing and working Aquina’s generous folds, fleshy labia and hooded clit. As Aquina began to approach her peak, the doctor asked. “Does my slave wish to cum?”

Aquina, despite her need, still had to smile, thinking how often she herself had demanded that. “Oh, yes Mistress, please…please…aaawwwh. Oh, oh…MMMmmmmnnn.”

Macgregor whispered into Aquina’s ear. “I want my slave to come to me, next week. Will you obey?”

“Aaaa, oh please Mistress. Oh, God please let me cum….”

The voice was soft and seductive, sliding into Aquina’s mind like a warm knife through butter. “Will you come to me?”

Aquina wanted this release desperately; and, she knew, with no explanation available, that she wanted to return to this woman. She had long ago stopped analyzing any desire; what was the point? She had sucked cocks and licked pussies with her mind miles away, on whatever; but she had also experienced desire. A gnawing hunger that could not be ignored, or explained. It was there and would not be denied.

Aquina was a seductive and dominating woman, yet being on her knees before Macgregor thrilled her, aroused her, drove her on. She wanted it. She wanted it.

“Aaaahhhh, oh, please…yes. Yes, Mistress I will come to you.”

The fingers in her pussy sawed back and forth relentlessly, the thumb on her clit was insistent, the voice was compelling, “You will serve me?”

“Uh, ummm, uh, oh, oh. Aaaaah. Yes. Yes. Yes. I will serve you…I will worship you. Oh God, please…plea…umm.”

Macgregor now pushed her entire, slim hand into Aquina’s sopping hole, while at the same time squeezing her clit hard. For Aquina, despite the wonderful releases Melissa, Anna and Kate had given her, and the lovely orgasm she had experienced recently with Claire, what happened in her brain now was exceptional. Waves of pleasure rolled through her, her body heaved and lifted with spasm after spasm; her cry was one long, continuous “Aaaaahhh.”

She then lay, exhausted, as Macgregor gathered her things, pausing to write on a card, which she gave to Aquina as she turned her over and slapped her ass. “This is the address for next Monday, when I’ll allow you to serve me again. Be there at two. I’ll get my container and let myself out.” She paused, “You’ve pleased me very much, even as disgusting as you are.”

And then she was gone, and Aquina had a few moments to lay still and to ponder, allowing her emotions to quiet. Would she go next week? The practical part of her mind was screaming, “No”, but her emotional side, where desire and need lay, as insistent as the first voice, murmured, “You must, and you will.”

And there really was little doubt.


Alston and Brandon were in Dzyuba’s ‘workshop’, a map spread out on his work table. They had studied it and discussed it and settled on three possible intercept points for Thursday’s truck; Brandon would drive out tomorrow and check each spot personally.

Alston wiped some beads of sweat from his forehead.

“Getting a little antsy, Ed?” Brandon asked.

“Yeah, kid. I’d be lyin’ if I said I wasn’t. This could be the big one for me, for us. But with you guys, you still have time if things go south. For me, it’s now or, you know, never.


Tuesday; time seemed to be moving in slow motion. The ‘boys’ tried putting the looming affair out of their minds, but it was impossible. Even acting ‘normal’ seemed hard. Eric said he felt like he was being watched. Kevin said he thought people were looking at him ‘funny’, like they all knew. Brandon returned from his scouting trip and reported that the hit spots were good, and he ranked them one to three. Only Jake, who agreed readily to the venture, seemed undisturbed, laughing at the other ‘pussies’ for their nerves.


Aquina’s cell buzzed and she glanced at the clock; two PM. Who would be calling? She didn’t recognize the number, but as soon as she heard the voice, a smile spread across her face, “Hello Claire, and before you say anything, I was going to call you. I was. It has been a crazy week. How are you?”

“I’m good; it’s busy here too; Sanders has a bunch of things on the go. He’s going away to South America in a few days and I’m busy with that…I, uhmmm, I wanted to call you, like the, well, the very next day after…you know…”

There was a pause and Aquina could hear Claire’s breathing through the phone.

“After our time, together?” Aquina assisted.

“Yeah. Um, that.” Aquina heard a deep sigh, then Claire resumed. ”I was afraid, no anxious, I guess. I am unsure, of what happens, next, with…um, us? Is there an us? Oh Christ, Aquina. I’m being stupid, sorry, I shouldn’t have called…”

“Claire, take a breath, I mean that, just breathe and relax. There, that’s it. Now, I’m glad you called. I want to talk with you, I want to see you. There is, an …us, or at least, a…something…with us.”

“Thanks, I just feel stupid. This is new to me, it’s always been mostly about guys chasing me and trying to reach me or trap me and everything. I’ve never really cared enough about anyone, except now with Sanders, to think about, oh what it means…and even that isn’t, like, the same as what I’m…Oh, Christ why is this so hard to say?”

Claire paused, and Aquina laughed gently into the space. “It’s okay, Claire. Just say what you want to say.”

Claire hesitated, then began, sounding very young, “I really…like you, Aquina. I want to see you. This is crazy, can you believe, but I’ve never said that to anyone before?”

There was another pause as both women collected their thoughts and managed their emotions, with Aquina then speaking.

“Okay, how about this. Let’s have lunch this Friday. I’ll buy. You pick a restaurant near you and we’ll go.”

Another pause, then Claire spoke, more relaxed now, “Aquina…I don’t even know your last name…”


“Aquina Morez, are you asking me out?”

“Yes I am.” Aquina smiled.

Claire exhaled into the phone, “Well, Ms. Morez, I accept. Friday, what time?”

“One; you text me the restaurant.”

“Thanks. Friday should work well, Sanders leaves Thursday, and it will be quiet around here.”

“See you sweets,” Aquina replied.


“Yes,” Aquina smiled, finding Claire’s ‘innocence’ pleasant.

“Did you, like, enjoy watching me, with, mmm, Sanders?” She asked quietly.

Aquina chuckled, “Loved it, especially the view of your perfect butt.” She paused, a thought coming to mind. “And I have a, mmm, condition for our…date.”

“Oh. A condition? Um, like what? I’m not sure…”

“No bra or panties for you, I’m serious.”

Claire paused, feeling a definite rush, then snickered, sounding young again. “Oh my God. That’s a, like, hoot. Okay, um, I’m down with that. It’ll be weird but kind of, uh, exciting. But, ya, weird.” She laughed again.


For Thursday, Dzyuba, who would score a little cash for his help, had worked the schedule so that the boys did not have to show up to the station.

Aquina took Kate to work, hushing her few questions; the woman seemed finally to be resolved to getting through this.

And ‘Mrs. Belvedere’ wanted Melissa back…for five days, a party of some kind, so Aquina would take her there once she was finished with Kate.

The organized woman was glad she had things to do, because even she was filled with tension. The boys, none of whom, with the possible exception of Jake, had slept much, and they were on the road at five heading for their rendezvous point. The target was to pass there around nine, according to Alston.

The plan was not complicated; it just took daring and timing. The primary hit spot was a winding stretch of road through a small, sparsely wooded area with no buildings or habitation. Since it was a secondary road, there was much less traffic. Two days earlier, Alston and his brother, whom he had brought in at the last minute, had cut down a tree that was large enough to block the road.

Hooking it to an SUV with chains, they would be able to quickly drag it onto the highway, once they had the go-ahead via two-way-radio from their lookout (Eric) half a mile south. The transport truck would have to stop and they would be ready; four masked men heavily armed. The drivers would not risk their lives for somebody’s shipment, no matter what it was.

Their rented five-ton was parked behind a small grove of beech trees, and would be brought up quickly once the drivers were subdued.

But now was the hard part…waiting, and trying not to think of everything that could go wrong.


Maria greeted Aquina and Melissa at the door of the stately home. A sly smile quickly passed between Maria and the young woman, and then the maid led Melissa down the hall. Before leaving, Maria indicated to Aquina the room to her right, saying, “Mrs. Olivia is expecting you.”

Aquina walked the few steps and turned into the elegant, if somewhat overly decorated, for her tastes, room. Mrs. Belvedere was sitting on the rose sofa, dressed impeccably as always. She motioned to Aquina and spoke, “Ah, Aquina, as lovely as ever. Do come in and sit with me here.”

Aquina headed for the armchair beside ‘Mrs. B.’, but was halted by the woman’s small, perfectly manicured hand.

“No, dear. You need to be here, on the floor, beside me.”

Aquina looked at the woman with genuine puzzlement. “I’m afraid I don’t understand, Mrs…” Belvedere halted her again.

“Kneel. I will explain. I think you are forgetting…obedience.” Belvedere’s tone had an edge and there was a small smile on her pleasant face. Aquina, feeling a familiar, growing twinge, knelt on the floor. And without being directed, cast her gaze downward.

“That’s my good girl. I have been speaking, oddly enough, with your…mistress. (Aquina felt a stab-like jolt in her guts). She has informed me that you are to obey me for a little while if, that is, you wish to continue seeing her.”

Aquina’s breath became more rapid and shallow; her heart was beating so loudly again she was certain Belvedere could actually hear it. In her gentle voice, Belvedere asked, “So what is it to be, Slave?”

That jolt again. There was a ringing in her ears now and Aquina felt that she could not speak. How was this happening? How did these women know? Why didn’t she simply get up and walk out; no one could stop her. Why?

She didn’t know why. She had never known why. All she knew was that if she put her hand between her legs right now her sex would be wet. She could already tell her thong was clinging to her pussy like cellophane on a package. Without saying anything, she leaned forward and began to lick Belvedere’s polished and expensive shoes.

“Now that is a good girl,” Belvedere purred, stroking the glossy head. “You are a little old for my tastes, my dear, but I will do your mistress a favor and give you what you deserve. You do deserve it, don’t you, you worthless piece of trash?”

A stabbing jolt hit, from her guts to her brain, yet she forced words from her mouth. “Yes, Mistress Belvedere. I want whatever you think I deserve. Should I…undress?”

“Yes, my dear, everything. Hand me your panties and kneel over the footstool when you are naked.”

Aquina quickly undressed, handed her (wet as she guessed) panties and knelt over the footstool with her ass on display. As Macgregor had, Belvedere bound Aquina’s wrists together behind her back.

For the next twenty minutes, Belvedere alternately fondled, squeezed, fingered and whipped Aquina’s wonderful ass, using a leather flogger, a bamboo cane and a riding crop.

Then using the handle of the crop, she expertly brought Aquina to orgasm at the session’s end. Belvedere permitted Aquina to kiss her and thank her before she was released (leaving her panties behind at Belvedere’s request).

Once in her car, Aquina drove a couple of blocks and then parked. It was a side street; very quiet. Aquina slid her hand between her legs and masturbated almost savagely, visions of Belvedere’s ‘discipline’ in her head, until the end, when she thought of Shareen Macgregor, and burying her face in the woman’s pussy. Aquina’s second orgasm was sublime, delicious, intensely satisfying.

It took her a few moments to collect herself. Looking around she was glad that she had not attracted any attention.

She looked at her watch. It was nine-forty. And she had heard nothing from Brandon.

(End of Chapter 12)

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