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A House of Slaves by LongDarkRoad Chapter 14 Hope & Opportunity

A House of Slaves 

Chapter 14

Hope & Opportunity (But In Life There Is Change)

(Buffalo, March 2005)

The most striking aspect of Aquina Morez’s early life, apart from the rape, brutality and poverty, was that she had never gone to school; yet had learned to read, and later to write, very well. Always on the move, Angelina Morez had had no time for what her daughter might need; it was enough that she could keep her clothed and fed.

Aquina had taught herself to read, from newspapers and other things, and it was really quite remarkable.

Even more remarkable was, when she accepted (grudgingly) Sanders’s help to pursue her high school diploma as an adult student, that she also took to math and science with ability and success; and a passion.

It took her eighteen months to finish grades nine through twelve, going to day and evening classes.

In March of 2005, at eighteen years of age, she was close to completion and spending extra time in preparation for exams, etcetera.

One teacher who stood out, helping her with extra tutoring and advice, was…Ms. Smith. Ms. H. Smith, actually (Aquina would learn the ‘H’ stood for Harriet). Aquina had Smith to acknowledge for much in her life, and not all of it was math and science success.

Late one afternoon Aquina was wrapping up some extra work with Ms. Smith; there had been a small group of only four students that day; and she was the last to leave. As she stood, Smith spoke to her, in a way that even then seemed a little odd or out of character.

“You do appreciate my help, don’t you my dear?”

“Absolutely, Ms. Smith. I don’t know how I would have managed…”

“Right. And you know I intend to help you with college applications and all that?”

Aquina had smiled; she had hoped, maybe prayed, that Smith would assist her. “Thank you, Ms. Smith. I would be so grateful…”

“I know my dear, I know. And you can show your gratitude to me, and ensure my help. Starting today, as it were.”

Aquina had stood, unmoving, uncertain of where this conversation was headed. “I’m not sure…”

“Sshushh, my dear. I want you to do two things. One, go and close that door. And two, undo the top button of your jeans.”

Aquina was now frozen in place. It wasn’t that anything sexual was new to her, quite the contrary. She had experienced more sex in her time than most would in a life. It was this situation; this, middle-aged academic lady talking like this to her. What on earth did this mean?

“Now, you don’t have to do that. You can just turn and go. But then we are done; I will be of no help to you. Also, I believe that this, what could happen with…us, with you, serving me…is something you want. (For the first time that she could remember, Aquina had felt a stab, a real jolt of…arousal; pure desire? at the word ‘serve’). Now, close the door and undo your button.”

It was then as if Aquina was again watching a movie. In this one, she saw this girl go and close the door, and then return and unbutton her jeans, then stand and wait. The girl then continued to follow instructions, removing her top, and pulling her zipper down all the way, before pulling her pants down to her ankles.

Ms. Smith had stood and moved very close to the girl. She was almost as tall as her; she removed her large framed glasses and suddenly looked younger, even with the hint of grey at her temples. She reached out and stroked the girl’s arm, and Aquina saw the girl close her eyes and heard a moan escape her lips.  

“Take off that bra, my dear. I want to see those lovely breasts.”

And Aquina knew she was the girl, and she took off her bra and felt a wave of desire sweep over her as Ms. Smith hungrily took Aquina’s breast into her mouth.


Sanders sighed and relaxed back into his chair. Claire Daniels smiled up at him from her position on her knees. (Funny, she thought, if he knew I was just thinking of Aquina). She was getting very proficient with her oral sex, and Sanders thought, with a smile, how nice a ‘welcome back’ this was. “Would you like your coffee now, sir.” Daniels asked, gently zipping up his pants, and tossing the tissues into a garbage can.

“Yes, Doll, That would be just super. Super.”


Why Aquina was remembering Ms. Smith today, right at this moment, she was not sure. It was close to the end of her ninety minute session with Macgregor, and she like Claire was on her knees, but engrossed in her Mistress’s pussy as opposed to serving a cock. Her tongue was active, seeking all the fleshy folds of this opening.

Macgregor had whipped her for over twenty minutes using all her implements, before aggressively fucking her with a good-sized strap-on dildo. The woman especially enjoyed fucking her slaves anally, and had given Aquina a thorough reaming; but also three orgasms, the second one being unbelievable.

And so it was that Aquina now was deliciously content, sucking her mistress in an almost euphoric state, feeling completely comfortable and safe; almost floating; and with visions of Ms. Smith, her first Mistress, flooding back.

“There, that is my sweet slave. Time to stop now, I’m afraid,” Macgregor purred.

“Ummm, oh, mistress, just a little longer. Please.

Mmmmmm. Just a little longer.” Aquina buried her face into the warmth of Macgregor’s crotch.

The doctor lifted Aquina’s face up, “Time to go. I have things to do.”

A wave of sadness, unexpectantly, spread through Aquina, briefly; she sat, looking at the floor.

“Come my slave, you must be off.”

Without hesitation, and no longer considering how easily she had reverted to the role of slave, Aquina looked up, asking anxiously, “Does my mistress…wish to see me, next week?” Her heart was pounding again.

Macgregor came down, kneeling beside Aquina who remained on her knees. She removed the collar and cuffs and then lifted Aquina’s head to her breast. “Suckle, my slave.” Aquina sucked at the breast, images of Ms. Smith’s lips engulfing her own nipples flooded back again. Macgregor then pulled her away. “Does my slave really wish to come back to me?”

Aquina tried to get back to the breast, just inches from her, but Macgregor held her back. “Oh, yes, yes mistress. Please, I want…I need to see you again.” Macgregor studied her for a moment, as if deciding something, then spoke.

“Okay, Whore, here are my conditions. You may return to serve me next Monday again; Mondays suit me. But you must shave this (she then stood, and pressed her boot into Aquina’s crotch), I want your pussy and around your dirty asshole to be completely hairless for my use, and my friends of course, always. Then you must get a tattoo in this area (with her boot tip she indicated an area a few inches above Aquina’s slit), far enough from your dirty hole that I can still use it and punish it. The tattoo should say something that will make me smile.”

She then turned and left; there was apparently another entrance besides the front. Aquina made her way back the way she had come and retrieved her clothes, her mind full of memories and conflicting desires, with both contentment and anxiety battling for recognition.

What was she to do? Why did she need this, so badly?


Ed and Regan Alston made Buffalo in good time. Since he was now only working part time, no one was interested that he had taken Tuesday off ‘for personal reasons’. He had seen enough dope in custody to know how to package his; and he had measured the parcel to the absolute gram. And now he had a buyer, who he was meeting in a sketchy part of town, to sell his two kilos to (Regan was along as ‘shotgun’; both men brought their guns and dressed as unlike police as they could.)

It was two-thirty AM and they saw the lights of a car approaching. Ed held up his gloved hand; it was vibrating like mad, “Look at that,” Ed mused. Regan held up his hand, it was shaking noticeably as well.

Both men laughed like crazy.


At the house, there was the usual activity going on Tuesday morning as everyone got ready for work; when Brandon’s burner phone vibrated. It was another message from Alston that said simply, “Check your mailbox”. It was six-thirty AM, certainly an odd time for a delivery of anything, but Brandon went out and looked.

In the box was an envelope stuffed with hundreds; seven thousand worth, and a note saying: “Sold two Kilos for twenty-four k. Gave my bro three thou for helping me and here’s your cut, one third as discussed. Also sent some green to the captain. Cheers.”

Brandon gave the cash to Aquina, who would be heading to the Cayman Islands soon, with cash to deposit in an offshore financial account.

Both were smiling; this was definitely a nice start to the day.


Aquina was in her office/den, at work, or trying to; visions of her mistress’s pussy kept crowding into her thoughts. She had mulled in her mind again and settled on the fact that nothing explained desire; why she wanted to grovel and serve, why this gave her intense pleasure, was a mystery, but there was no point debating it. The chime of her doorbell interrupted her thoughts.

Glancing at the clock and noting nine-thirty, she confirmed in her mind that she was definitely not expecting anyone; and it was very early for company, on a Tuesday morning. She went downstairs not sure what to expect.

When she opened the door she had a surprise; Shareen Macgregor was standing there, a smile on her very attractive face. Aquina was momentarily conflicted before Macgregor spoke, “It’s okay. You are Aquina and I am Dr. Macgregor, at this moment, no need for anything… special.” As Aquina was still just looking at her, the doctor asked politely, still smiling, “May I come in?”

Aquina came out of her trance and smiled, “Yes, uh, sorry. Please, come in.”

They went to the living room and sat, with Macgregor waving a file at Aquina, “I have the test results back for ‘the girls’.”

Aquina nodded, “Oh, good. No…um, surprises I hope?”

Macgregor shook her red head, “No. Nothing like that. Everything is good. You realize one of your group has, um, given birth?”

Aquina nodded. “Yes, Heather, several years ago. She told me. Oh, and we have another girl that will need testing when you have time.”

“Is she staying at…”

“…that apartment, yes. Her, Mindi and Heather are there together.”

“Give me the address. Would she be there this morning?

I can swing by; I have my kit with me.”

“Oh, that would be so helpful. I will text her; I’m sure she is home (she was, and the doctor made a note).

The two women then studied each other for a moment, before Aquina looked down.

“Where is everyone?” Macgregor asked.

“At work, mostly. I have to go and pick up one of our slaves, Melissa. She is the one with…”

“Mrs. B.”

“Yes, and Anna is the only slave here, and she is in her crate.”

“Like a dog…” Macgregor smiled and Aquina laughed.

“Yes, I always think that, too.”

“So you are alone?”

“Yes,” Aquina spoke, in a soft, almost shy voice; for such an imposing woman.

“Remove your clothes and kneel by me.”

Aquina stripped rapidly and was by the doctor’s feet in a moment. She was then directed to undress the doctor, at least the bottom part, by removing her shoes, pantyhose and panties. Macgregor then spread her legs and pulled Aquina’s face down to her crotch. Aquina went to work quickly, and soon Macgregor was moaning softly, a smile across her face. But instead of an orgasm, she spoke.

“Why didn’t we find each other earlier? Hmmmnn?” She held Aquina’s head in place so she was clearly not wanting an answer. “I think it was timing; and stuff in our lives then. Me and Bernie for example…” Aquina looked up quickly and briefly. “Oh, yes. I’m still married to Bernie. We’ve worked things out. He has his boys and I have my…girls.” Macgregor smiled broadly again and closed her eyes. Aquina’s tongue was working its magic.

It wasn’t until the magic had once again brought the good doctor off the couch with a cry, and then a quiet after-moment, that Macgregor noticed Aquina’s pubic area. Yesterday, the woman had not even debated the issue, but had gone directly to a tat artist after leaving the doctor, and now to the right of her freshly shaved crotch was the word, ‘slave’ in a cursive script.

“Is that for me?” Macgregor smiled, and Aquina felt a warm glow spread through her; and there was nothing to be gained in trying to analyze why, as she nodded and looked down.

“I hope it pleases you, Mistress,” she murmured, emotions welling within her like water in a heated kettle.

Macgregor laughed softly, regarding the woman on her knees. “Crawl to the nearest bathroom, dirty slave, I wish to use you as my toilet.”

Aquina moaned and led the way on her knees down the hall to the main floor bathroom, where Macgregor had her straddle the toilet facing the wall with her ass to the doctor.

“Spread your asshole, slave, wider, I’m going to piss in it.”

Aquina next felt both the warmth of her mistress’s urine entering and running down her body, as well as the incredible rush of arousal at being used like this. When the doctor was finished, Aquina knelt and cleaned her again, before sitting on the toilet and masturbating as Macgregor commanded and then watched, taking some shots with her cell, “to share” with friends.

At the woman’s climax, the doctor chuckled and told her slave to stay seated until she heard the front door close; then the woman was gone, and Aquina sat, in a daze, lost in her submission, and wanting more.

****          ****

Before Macgregor left, Aquina did ask her about speaking to Mrs. ‘Belvedere’ about a possible potential owner for Melissa. Macgregor had placed a call and said there was definite interest and that Aquina should speak with Mrs. B. today when she collected her slave.

Considering all this, Aquina was deep in thought when Maria opened the door to her, and as she followed her down the familiar hallway. Olivia was seated and waiting her arrival and indicated a chair beside her. Aquina forced herself to focus on the woman before her as she spoke.

“Today, we will talk as associates,” she said to Aquina as she settled in her seat. Aquina thought briefly of her last visit, when they were anything but… ‘associates’.

The conversation today was direct and to the point as both women were of that nature. Olivia indicated that she knew of a woman she respected greatly and who she was convinced would definitely have an interest in someone as young, attractive and submissive as Melissa had turned out to be. They talked figures and Aquina agreed to leave Melissa for another day, allowing the discussion to evolve.

Now going home alone, she had a thought and pulled over. She took out her cell and punched in a number. In a moment a familiar voice answered and Aquina spoke.

“Hey, beautiful. I’m thinking about you.”

Claire Daniel’s laugh sounded once again like a young girl, and she was clearly happy. “This is crazy. I was just thinking about you. Right this minute…but then, I’m thinking about you a lot.”

Now it was Aquina’s turn to laugh; she’d sort out her conflicting interests later; she needed Claire and she needed her mistress, for very different reasons. And Melissa? The girl was special, no doubt, but Aquina was content to see her off to a ‘safe home’; in some ways it was necessary.

She smiled at that as well.


Ed Alston had also been thinking, as he stuffed some

stacks of money into a space in his wall, accessed by moving two bricks. Since one of the drug shipments was going to New York City, obviously this particular load of coke and heroin would be on the streets there; so, if he could get some of his stash to New York, that would be a way to start moving things.

And he had connections in New York City; but who could he truly trust?


(Buffalo, April 2005)

Harriet Smith climbed out of the shower, wrapping a towel around her hair. She towelled her firm, slim body briefly, then draped a fresh towel over her shoulders and went out into the cozy space that served as both living and dining room in her modest two-storey. She lit one of her long, thin cigars (a bad habit she had picked up travelling through Europe) before pouring a glass of wine and heading over to the couch.

She glanced over at the girl tied naked in the corner. She had probably left her there long enough; let’s see how responsive she is, Harriet thought to herself.

Aquina was on her side, ankles and knees tied together, her hands bound tightly in front. The collar around her neck was attached to the railing by the stairs leading up to Harriet Smith’s bedroom. Aquina had a pair of Smith’s recently-worn underwear in her mouth and cords tied around her breasts.

“MMmmm, these are lovely,” Smith spoke to the girl as she untied and fondled each breast, one at a time. “Let’s see what you have to say for yourself.” Smith pulled the panties from Aquina’s mouth and asked a question, “What do you wish to say to me, my lovely pussy girl?”

Aquina moistened her lips and adjusted her tired jaws, “Please, my mistress, let me serve you.”

“Do you need any more punishment?”

“Thank you mistress for your thoughtfulness. I do not

need any punishment but I would like my mistress to whip me some more, for her pleasure,” Aquina said, in a low, soft voice, heart pounding.

Smith smiled. “Uhmmmn, that is very nice. Yes, I do enjoy punishing that ass of yours. What did I use last?”

“Your cane, mistress.”

“Yes, yes of course. I think it is time for the wooden paddle. Then I think we will have you on your knees.” As Smith was saying this, she was positioning Aquina over a footstool. She then went to find that paddle.


Aquina was again on her way to Mrs. B.; talks had progressed since yesterday and the buyer was evidently flying in today.

For this trip, Aquina had decided to try something, since it was just the two of them at the house. She had dressed Anna and brought her along. For Anna, it was only the second time she had been out in public in over two years (technically third, as she had been out when they brought her to the slave house, but she had been hidden in the back of Jake’s car, so that didn’t really count). But this time she was allowed to sit up front and look outside.

As a precaution though, Aquina had fastened cuffs around Anna’s ankles; she really didn’t think the submissive woman would try to get away; she was more concerned that she’d freak out and do something impulsive.

When they parked near ‘Belvedere’s’ imposing house, Aquina told the woman she was going to go inside and Anna needed to just sit quietly and enjoy the view.

“Yes, Mistress,” Anna replied, a large grin on her face. “This is wonderful. Thank you, thank you.” And she bent over and kissed Aquina’s hands. 


Seated once again in the elegant room Mrs. B. preferred for guests, Aquina was more nervous than she had anticipated. Was she really prepared to sell Melissa to a stranger? Belvedere had gone to meet her guest, and the two women now returned together.  Belvedere’s guest was a very tall and striking silver-haired woman, likely early fifties.

“Aquina, may I introduce my dear friend, Cynthia Scheffley.”

Aquina did not look up to many women, especially when she was wearing heels, but she did need to raise her gaze slightly to Cynthia Scheffley. The name, Scheffley, definitely rang a bell, but for the moment she couldn’t place the connection.

Cynthia’s gaze took in Aquina quickly and expertly; she always had an eye for attractive young women. Her and her husband, Donald, were wealthy and connected and sex, all aspects of it, were their, pun intended, passion.

The conversation was cordial and direct. The price and consideration was agreed to without a lot of negotiation. Aquina then asked to speak with Melissa privately for a moment. The two older women departed and Maria then brought in Melissa, wearing a light summer dress and obviously nothing else.

Aquina stood and the two women embraced; it had been such a short time yet they felt like long-time friends.

“Wh-what’s happening, Mistress. Um, Aquina?”

Aquina sat on her chair and Melissa knelt beside her, apprehension in her eyes, listening. “I am doing something that I believe will keep you safe,” Aquina began, “to keep you away from Jake, anyway. He is erratic and none of us know what he is planning; I cannot keep him away from you for certain while you are here.” She paused to stroke Melissa’s face.

“I am…letting someone…have you. You are justified to feel all this is unfair; but it is what it is. Jake has kidnapped you. The boys see you as an asset. I cannot let you just walk away; I know Jake would not just sit back and do nothing.” There were tears in Melissa’s eyes, but she nodded her head; what Aquina was saying was true.

Aquina continued. “So I am letting someone far more powerful, wealthy and connected than me have you. She is a fair woman. She is asking for six months of service to her, just what you have been doing with Belvedere and the others, and then…you will be free. Completely. She will help you to relocate if you wish. There are no strings. I can do nothing more. And, with you away, I will be able to work on freeing Anna, instead of worrying about Jake using each of you to control the other.”

Melissa nodded her head again, and then put her arms around Aquina. She spoke just above a whisper. “I have no anger for you, believe me. In a crazy way you have already freed me, from my…past, from…myself. You have shown me things about myself that I would not have seen. I will not forget you. Mistress.” The last word was whispered.

Aquina loosened the arms and looked at Melissa. “Hey, in six months we can meet for coffee or something, my treat.” They kissed, warmly and deeply.

Aquina noticed movement peripherally and gently broke off the kiss, saying softly, “Go now with your new mistress. Serve her well and earn your reward. I will see you again.”

Scheffley, an imposing woman, was then by their side. She gently but authoritatively raised Melissa to her feet, saying. “We have a plane to catch my child. A new life awaits you, one I believe you will appreciate.”

On her way out, she and Belvedere shared a full mouth on mouth kiss, Belvedere on her toes. After they had left by a side door and climbed into a waiting cab, Aquina thanked Mrs. B. and took the envelope she offered, remarking, “I’m thinking Melissa is going to cause quite the stir at the airport dressed as she is.”

“Oh,” Belvedere said, smiling, “They have their own jet. Airport departure lounges are not part of  their…life style.”

“I’m trying to place the name Scheffley. They are quite wealthy, I’m thinking.”

Belvedere continued to smile, “We are quite wealthy, my dear, my family that is; but Donald Scheffley could buy and sell us without calling his banker. Now, do come back. I believe your mistress will tell you that you owe me a…little, for my part in this.” Her smile was broader.

“I will come back when you wish, Mrs. Belvedere. I am indebted to you, anyway.” Aquina returned the smile and then left. In the car, Anna was still sitting quietly; her face brightened when she saw Aquina, who was quickly adding up the cash in her hand; eleven thousand, five hundred dollars.

It might not always be a wonderful world, but it was a crazy one, she considered, climbing into her car.

(End of Chapter 14)

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