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A House of Slaves by LongDarkRoad Chapter 16 Roles We Play

A House of Slaves 

Chapter 16 Roles We Play (You got your deal)

The draw was for the opportunity to piss on a slave, something the ladies of this group delighted in. ‘Golden showers’ were always part of any slave event for them, as Shareen Macgregor had discovered when she became involved. It was something she had done to her submissives from the start.

After the announcement of the ‘winners’, the women had returned to the tables, and working together, released the table legs and lowered the tables down to the floor, with the three sluts still bound on them in place.

The three winning women then came and crouched, each one over one of the sluts’ faces. Timing their release as well as possible, the three began to urinate into the open, waiting mouth of a slut, who, with head held in place and mouth agape, had no choice but to accept the yellow, odorous liquid, whether this was their thing or not.

Ms. Smith had used Aquina in this way early on, training her in their first week together to actually drink her piss, in limited amounts. Like Macgregor, the act was the important thing. However, since Smith’s death and until last week when she had cleaned Macgregor, Aquina had not tasted the salty, murky fluid since; but she remembered. The trick was not to fight it, to let it hit your throat and go down and to hold your breath. It was the smell that got to you.

Evidently, the blonde to Aquina’s left had not learned this, and began to wretch. As a punishment, she was dragged to her feet and one of the other remaining four women squatted above her as others forced the blonde’s head and mouth directly beneath the woman’s quite hairy pussy, and then a generous stream of yellow poured forth, much of it bubbling out of the blonde’s mouth and down her face and neck. The blonde then had to clean this woman and the other three as well.

The women then stood around and chatted as the assistant un-tied Aquina and the black girl and took them off down a side hall (the blonde had been taken somewhere else) and into an open shower. Aquina and the other girl were instructed to wash quickly; the assistant returned in a minute with towels, turning the water off saying “You have one minute, Sluts.”

When she returned next, she tied their hands behind them again and sat them on a bench where she began to lick and suck their pussies, first with the black girl and then Aquina. She had marvellous skills and each woman in turn, in spite of the odd scene, had a climax, albeit a mild one, and fairly quickly. She turned and instructed them as she untied them once more.

“Your clothes are on the stage. You are to leave now,” the assistant spoke matter-of-factly, and then she headed off. There was a pause. Aquina and the other woman looked at each other.

“I’m Aquina.”

“Dayo,” the woman replied, holding out her hand. Aquina took it, but pulled the woman close and kissed her, Dayo responding warmly. Aquina touched her face. Dayo stroked her arm.

“You are very beautiful,” Aquina said, and the girl smiled, and perhaps blushed, but one could not tell.

“Thank you. You too are so beautiful. I was hoping they would make us have love to each other.”

Aquina smiled. “I would have liked that.” Then there was an awkward pause, before Aquina added, “I guess we should be going.”

Out in the main room, all was quiet, everyone had left. Aquina felt a surge of sadness again with Macgregor gone, leaving no word. She dressed quickly and followed Dayo out into the sunshine that seemed strangely incongruous; it should really be night time, Aquina thought.

When she got to her car, she noticed a message on her cell. It was from Macgregor. “Slave; that was excellent. Several of my friends want you. Should I rent you out?? See you soon. Btw, the new girl (Bobbi?) is clean. Ta.”

Aquina smiled at this; it made her feel a little better.

Would she like to be rented out, just like Melissa? The irony was not lost on her.

She thought about that as she drove off, considering that if her mistress ordered her, she would obey.


Friday afternoon Aquina got the text from Jake with an address and a time; seven PM. Aquina looked at the address; she was sure it was the same warehouse Brandon had taken her to the day he had raided the stash house and detained her. This was good, it was very suitable. She called Garth with the news.

She then looked at the envelope on the counter; Alston had dropped it off early this morning with seventeen thousand in it; it was nice (quite nice), but at this rate it would be years before they had anything substantial.

Tonight was to be a bit of a party with Gusbertson, Dzyuba (Old Creepy, the girls called him) Adam as usual and the new guy Garrett again. That was promising because the state staffer moved in a bigger pond, and that meant bigger fish.

Aquina’s phone buzzed with a text; “Slave –r u at home?” She did not need to look to know who it was from; she quickly texted back. “Yes!”

As she waited, the doorbell chimed and Aquina hurried to let Shareen Macgregor in. A few minutes later Aquina was lying on the floor, completely naked, with the doctor standing beside her. Macgregor nudged Aquina’s legs apart with her shoe and then pushed it against Aquina’s sex. “Hump yourself, slave.”

Aquina began to undulate her hips and rub herself hard against Macgregor’s patent leather shoes. The doctor then slapped the inviting ass beneath her with both hands. “On your knees.” Aquina moved to that position and waited.

Macgregor moved to the couch and sat down. “Lie by my feet and clean my shoes.”

Aquina moved by the couch and began to drag her tongue in long, sensuous strokes along the side of Macgregor’s shoes. “Do you want to be my slave?” Macgregor suddenly asked.

Aquina paused, “I’m sorry, mmm, Mistress, but I am being that now, aren’t I?”

Macgregor chuckled. “I mean permanently.”

Aquina paused again. Her heart was now beating furiously, and there was a ringing in her ears; why did this woman have this effect on her? “What, um, what exactly does that mean…to you Mistress. Just so I am clear about, um, it….”

“About what I would expect? Yes. I know you have been in other…relationships. My slaves, and I have had several and currently have one (not you) are, well, mine…completely. They have no possessions or identification. They live under my roof; eat what and when I tell them; are punished by me as I choose; can be loaned or rented or even sold by me if I choose. I mark them and brand them. They are, well, things of mine, like my car or my artwork. But, unlike inanimate objects, they are content and fulfilled.”

She paused and Aquina was certain that her breathing was now loud enough to reveal her excitement.

“Are…um, are you asking me…today…to commit to you, as your slave?” Aquina had stopped licking the shoe but remained lying face down by Macgregor’s feet. Seconds ticked by. Macgregor sat, Aquina lay.

“No, I do not expect a decision today. But I do need you to think. Do you want to come to me again next Monday?”

“Yes, Mistress, I do. Very much.”

“Good. The women enjoyed you, and I know now that you belong, as you were, serving on your knees. You are a whore and need a firm hand, and the thing is, you know this, in your heart.” Macgregor stood. “So, my conditions are that you must go and service my friend, Arlana Jarvais, on Sunday. I will text you her address. She wants total freedom with you and I’ve assured her that if you show up she can do whatever she wants to you. The second condition is that you need to have a gold ring put in your left nipple. Any questions?”

Aquina lay, considering all that she had just heard, when the doctor stepped over her and paused, “Do you still wish to serve me Monday?”

“Yes, Mistress, I do. Very much.”

“Good.” And then Aquina heard the footsteps as Macgregor walked to the door. Fifteen minutes later she texted Aquina her friend’s address.


Aquina sat in her car. She could not see Garth or his friend, but she knew they were there. She was early and there was no sign of Jake. She waited, the tension building; but then, she liked tension. Her mind began to drift to her mistress, when suddenly she saw lights approaching and Jake’s Cherokee pulled up across and a little down from her. He climbed out and without looking in her direction, ambled toward the low attached building that at one time had been an office. He unlocked it and went in.

Aquina got out of her vehicle and moved quickly to the door, entering with some caution. Jake came out from behind some crates. His face carried its usual scowl, his hand was on his gun.

“You wanted to talk to me?”

“Yes, I did,” Aquina kept her voice even and controlled, even as Jake reached to draw his weapon. Before he had cleared his holster, the massive frame of Garth Clarke materialized from behind Aquina, a large gun in one hand. Buddy came in just behind him, his gun drawn as well. Jake’s face went from surprise to anger, as he drew his gun and tried to smash it down on Garth.

But, not only was Garth larger than Jake and in better shape despite his age, he was also trained; he deflected Jake’s thrust and took out his left knee with a kick, just as he drove his elbow into Jake’s exposed throat.

Buddy stepped up, pinning Jake’s arms as Garth smashed his enormous fist into Jake’s paunchy midsection. Buddy pulled Jake’s jacket off him, before pounding his own large fist into Jake’s kidneys.

As Jake lay on the ground in agony, Garth and Buddy quickly plastic-tied his feet and wrists. They slipped a hood over his head and heaved him up and carried him out, tossing him into the back of Garth’s truck before pulling a tarp over him.

Buddy retrieved Jake’s keys from his jacket and climbed into the Jeep. Aquina got into her car and they all headed out; soon they were on a road leading out of town.

****      ****

The cars travelled south on the expressway in a convoy, finally crossing a bridge near one of the city’s sanitation works close by a cemetery. It was wooded and quite deserted; they drove down a small service road and parked. It was dark and secluded.

Jake was hauled out of the trunk and punched twice more in his stomach before Garth drove his knee hard into Jake’s groin, doubling the man up into a ball. Jake was like a lot of large bullies; he had never needed to learn to fight or how to take and block blows; although in this case he was defenseless anyway. Garth, on the other hand, knew how to give and receive blows; both very well.

Pulling off his hood, Aquina looked into Jake’s beady eyes (they really are beady, she thought to herself) and spoke in a calm, businesslike manner.

“Here’s the deal. You get to live. You get one hundred grand for your troubles. You ask Dzyuba for a transfer. You divorce Anna. And you fuck off.” She paused looking at him. He sat silently, scowling as always, but despite his effort to look tough, Aquina could see there was no fight left in him. Jake was a coward; she had believed that from the start, but it was of value to actually see it.

Aquina calmly lit one of her slim cigars and blew smoke at her captive. “The option behind door B is that we shoot you, cut off your head and hands, and bury you out here.” She looked around. “The ground is soft and mushy in places, but no one does anything out here; you would rest in peace, for sure. Now, give us your answer.”

Jake looked down. He knew there wasn’t going to be any other offer; and this one actually wasn’t bad, all things considered, although he wouldn’t admit that to this ‘cunt’. He also believed Aquina would have him killed. She was a bitch and a whore; but she didn’t mess around.

“Yeah, sure…. You got your deal,” he spat out, looking at her. He hated her, Aquina could see that, but she was pretty sure he hated most women…or despised them.

“Okay. But, you don’t get the money until you are transferred and the divorce papers are signed; Brandon gives his word and we will honor that. So get busy and you get your dough.”

They put the hood back on and hauled him to the truck, then drove back into the city, stopping in another secluded industrial area, where they dumped him on the ground, tossed his keys beside him, and drove off. His bonds had been loosened and he would get out of them in a minute or two.

It wasn’t over, Aquina considered, but this was done.


The boys were silent and thoughtful when they got the news of Jake’s decision (Aquina left out some details, like about how exactly she got him to decide). And for now, that was that. They had an evening to enjoy and Aquina was off to get the girls.


The night, as had been the case so far, went well; some card playing, some sports watching, lots of girl groping. Aquina had Bobbi and Heather give Garrett a blow-job, sparing Kate’s ass. Oral sex was as far as she was prepared to make these girls go. And it didn’t hurt that she had video of the married state staffer fucking one girl’s ass and getting blown by two other girls who looked to be fifteen.

During the evening she also took the chance to speak privately with Adam about how to begin the process of extracting Anna from her marriage. Aquina noted with interest that Adam’s eyes literally lit up.

And she was able to give Kate a little more hope. “It’s coming together, Kate. Jake’s out of the picture, you and Anna are next. Hold on.”

Kate nodded and looked down; she would hold on, and in some ways things had gotten easier. She no longer had rage; she just wanted her life back.


Sunday around eleven Aquina’s phone buzzed with the message from Macgregor that her friend Arlana wanted her slave there at one this afternoon. Aquina felt that familiar jolt run through her; the thought of a new, unknown woman dominating her was electric. Two hours until then and she had things she needed to do, including a talk with the guys.

She did text back, “Thank you, Mistress. A huge part of me wants to belong to you, completely. Please give me a little more time. I look forward to serving your friend and you. Your slave.”


So the situation with Jake had caused several changes. Kevin had supervised a crew for two days as they built him a nice room downstairs. He then moved out of his apartment and Eric left Jake’s place and moved into Kevin’s, although he had stayed in the main house last night.

This morning, the guys had finished their breakfast and Aquina had herded them into the living room, taking Kate downstairs. Anna, after helping with breakfast, had taken Adam’s food to him and was still with him.  The three men slouched into spots and looked up expectantly at Aquina, who began.

“Okay, so the Jake thing is waiting on him applying for a transfer, but in the meantime, I think we need to look at cutting Anna free. When I came in the plan was for a party house; we have that with the three girls, and I will look for more. What we are doing here is pretty close to a brothel, which is very risky and I question the reward, especially with state and city officials involved. If we need to compromise someone, okay, that can be done. We don’t need to imprison women to do that. A House of Slaves may be a nice fantasy, but it’s Jake’s fantasy and a bad idea.”

All three heads, including Brandon’s, nodded slowly in agreement. They had known that in the backs of their minds all along.


Aquina pulled into the driveway and saw that it wound its way past lush lawns and attractive flower beds before stopping in front of another imposing and elegant home. The wealthy could always satisfy their appetites, whatever they might be, she thought.

She parked her car where she had been instructed and walked to the front entrance with its imposing twin oak doors surrounded by marble. Before she could ring, the door opened; apparently they were waiting for her, and Aquina was surprised to see the same young woman who had assisted at the ‘sex-lunch’ on Monday (Aquina had wondered if Arlana had been present, this seemed to indicate yes), but the woman looked very different today. For one thing, she had clothes on; a uniform of sorts. It was what a girl would wear if she attended one of those private academies: grey pleated skirt, white blouse, blue tie, dark grey vest, white knee-high stockings and saddle shoes.

The young woman looked at Aquina and opened the door wider, but there was no greeting of any kind. It was hard for Aquina to appreciate that less than a week ago this girl had knelt between her legs and eaten her pussy to orgasm, for now there was no sign of awareness or even recognition.

The girl headed down the hall and Aquina followed. They entered a room that reminded the woman of Belvedere’s place; the same feel; ornate furniture, paintings on the walls, thick carpeting. With an almost bored tone, the girl told Aquina to undress, handing her a plastic bag, “Your clothes go in there…except those,” she said as Aquina was down to her thong. “Give me…that.”

The girl placed Aquina’s shoes against a wall and her thong on an end table, then took the bag of clothes. “Sit here,” she instructed, indicating a love seat. When Aquina sat, the girl stretched her legs out and tied cuffs around her wrists and ankles. She then attached the ankle cuffs to the wooden frame of the loveseat, spreading Aquina open. Aquina’s hands were brought forward and put in a ‘prayer’ position and the cuffs were then attached to each other allowing a separation of maybe half an inch.

As usual, a collar was now placed around Aquina’s neck and the wrist cuffs were attached to this so Aquina did look like she was praying. Two straps were also attached to the collar that extended down and looped around Aquina’s breasts. The girl tightened these so that the breasts were lifted and held.

Then without a word, the girl took the bag of clothes and left; Aquina sat in the elegant room, listening to the tick of the clock on the mantel of an impressive stone fireplace, her heart, as was its way, beating madly and her mind feverishly exploring fantasies.


Adam and Anna were lying side by side on the bed in the room that had pretty much become his. He had even offered to throw some money in for rent, but Brandon had said to forget that, they would be needing legal advice and they hoped for his…discount. Adam had laughed and replied, “no problem”.

As they lay contentedly, Adam spoke quietly, asking Anna how she would feel if he could help her divorce Jake. She stiffened noticeably, then turned and grabbed him around the neck, murmuring. “Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes.”

Seems she likes the idea, Adam chuckled to himself.


Jake sat in the living room of his house, alone, as Eric had moved his stuff out. The blinds and curtains were drawn. Jake had his service weapon out; he was imagining putting it in Aquina’s mouth and pulling the trigger. He’d make Brandon watch. Anna too. He’d give her a divorce; sure, why not? He’d been bored with the bitch for a long while. But there would be a price. He pointed his gun at the wall; “Blammm!” he said out loud to the empty room.


Aquina’s muscles were beginning to complain; she had been in the stretched position for probably twenty minutes. Then she heard the sound of footsteps approaching. Turning her head, she saw a woman enter; but it couldn’t be Arlana Jarvais; this woman was maybe twenty-eight.

Medium height, slim build. She had hair dyed dark black, shaved on her left side and combed severely over. There was a ring in one eyebrow. Yet she was wearing what Aquina thought of as ‘librarian glasses’, very large which, apart from the shaved head and piercing, would have given the young woman a conservative look. Her dress was definitely conservative, buttoning high to her throat and reaching past her knees. The dress was well fitted, looked expensive and gave the woman a very feminine look.

She lifted a wooden chair from near the doorway and brought it over, setting it right beside the loveseat so her knees were actually touching the cushions.

“Hello, I’m Bella Traynor. I’m Arlana’s step-sister.”

She spoke this greeting in a calm and simple way, as if she talked with naked, bound women all the time. Her face held no signs of surprise or anything else; two women in the sitting room having a conversation.

Bella looked down from Aquina’s face, her eyes moving over Aquina’s body; then she looked up and smiled. “You are very beautiful; enchanting, really.” She reached over and fondled one raised breast, then traced a finger up Aquina’s neck, like she was a living piece of sculpture. She leaned forward and sniffed Aquina’s face and hair.

“Uuummmnn, you smell so good, too.” She murmured into Aquina’s ear, before kissing her on the mouth, holding the kiss for a long time, prying Aquina’s mouth open  and sucking on her tongue. “Put your tongue out,” she stated, and when Aquina did, Bella licked the tongue up and down, and then on the top, before sucking it into her mouth again. She ended by kissing Aquina’s mouth softly several times.

Then, with her face just inches away, and maintaining eye contact, Bella slid her hand down to Aquina’s sex, sliding two fingers into her moistened opening and exploring gently, before bringing the fingers up and sniffing them; then putting them into her mouth and sucking them off. Never once did she break eye contact. It’s almost hypnotic, Aquina thought.

Now Bella sat back and smiled. “Arlana likes me to check out her…women. It’s just a little…thing we have.” She smiled again; she had a very pleasant face; pretty, not beautiful. “Her husband owns many businesses and is away a lot; he’s been in China over a month this time; and Arlana gets…bored. David understands; but she never does anything with other men; only women.”

Bella must have noticed something in Aquina’s face, “Oh I’m sorry, and not thinking. You’ve been in this position for a while; I’ll bet your legs are getting numb. Here…” She undid the bonds and massaged each leg for a few moments. Aquina brought her legs down, but still kept them apart. Bella observed her, then asked abruptly “Why do you do…this?”

Aquina looked at her. This was not her kind of woman; she felt no deep response to her. But she liked her, so she answered with her own question. “Why do…you? Or your sister…? I guess we all have needs. We all play…roles…”

Bella looked at her for another moment, sighed and said, “Interesting…” Then in a more business-like way she added, “Well, I’m sorry to say Arlana has had something come up. She will be in touch with Shareen Macgregor. My…report to her will be…positive.”

She removed Aquina’s collar and remaining straps and caressed her face briefly, then stood and left. In a few moments the stoic form of the assistant appeared. She had changed, and was now wearing a tiny swimsuit that hid nothing and showed her lovely, slim body well. She handed Aquina her bag of clothes; they had actually been cleaned and pressed. Only her panties were missing; Aquina looked over to the end table, but they were gone. The girl gathered up the collar, cuffs and ties, then left.

Aquina dressed quickly and left too; she had an appointment with a tattoo gal she knew who did piercings.

 (End of Chapter 16) 

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