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A House of Slaves by LongDarkRoad Chapter 17 Understanding & Forgiveness

A House of Slaves 

Chapter 17

Understanding & Forgiveness (She was a Chameleon)

Ed Alston swung by the nicely-maintained house on the quiet street; being very early Monday morning the streets were almost deserted. As he walked up to the house, he wondered what people would say if they knew young, naked women were held there and used sexually. He made a note to contact Brandon; he felt like a good game of darts; then left another envelope in the mailbox; nine thousand this time. It was going more slowly than he had anticipated, but so far so good.

****          ****

Jake was sitting in Captain Dzyuba’s office. He had just signed all the necessary paperwork (Dzyuba had been warned and had everything ready). The station he would be moving to had two vacancies so Jake was able to head over once everything had been signed off. Dzyuba told him to clear out his locker and go have lunch, then head over to his new place. After they shook hands, Dzyuba had left with the paperwork.

Jake had peeked out and noticed a couple of people near the lockers; he wanted to wait until it was clear; he didn’t like talking to people at the best of times. Brandon, Eric, Kevin and the bitch were all out on patrol, so he didn’t need to deal with them. Well, fuck them all, Jake thought. Just fuck them. Even Brandon. Especially Brandon. Well, especially Aquina. Fuck that whore right to hell.

But fuck Brandon the traitor too.


Monday afternoon’s session with Macgregor was coming to a close. Today the good doctor had hung Aquina from the ceiling hook and whipped her entire body, paying special attention to her breasts and buttocks, although the nipple with the new gold ring was left alone.

After the thorough and extensive punishment that had

Aquina crying out and begging, Macgregor had taken her down and placed her on a massage table where a pretty young Filipino girl had given her a deep massage, as the doctor watched, bringing Aquina to an intense and satisfying orgasm, from which she was now recovering, still lying on the table. The doctor sat beside her and gently stroked her face.

“Have you thought any more of what I asked you last week?” Macgregor spoke softly, face close to Aquina’s.

“Yes, Mistress. It’s been on my mind…a lot,” Aquina answered honestly.

Macgregor paused, then began stroking Aquina’s face again. “You like serving me?”

“I love serving you…”

“You like being on your knees before me.”

“I love being on my knees for you. I…“

“Yes, slave?”

“Nothing, please carry on Mistress…”

“You like being whipped by me, you like when I use your body, you are aroused and climax strongly after my …attention.”

“All…all of that is true, Mistress.” Aquina was breathing harder, the questions and Macgregor’s soft touch arousing her, even after her recent climax.

(Buffalo, June 2005)

Harriet Smith sat on one of the chairs from her dining set. She surveyed herself in the mirror on the table; satisfied, she turned to look at the young woman kneeling obediently and silently to her right. Knees together, head tilted down, hands placed on either thigh just above the knee. Aquina had absorbed much in her three months with Smith, who, although she had always believed the girl to be very suitable, never-the-less was extremely pleased with just how completely suitable she was.

Very attractive, smart, capable, adaptable and resilient; who would have thought her to be so absolutely submissive, given the right circumstances?

Smith had questioned Aquina at length about her childhood; had listened with horror (and interest) of the abuse from her mother and her pimp and the scores of tricks she had been forced to service.

Yet it wasn’t there that the submissive nature revealed itself; no, Aquina could be very tough and defiant if one came right at her; and there were many (many) women whom she did not, would not respond to; as she did so easily, to Smith. And that was the key; with the right woman, the right race, the right age but most especially, the right attitude, Aquina became…a puppy, prepared to roll on the floor and beg, or whatever else it might be that her mistress desired.

And not just prepared to, but wanting to; that was the thing.

Smith knew this the first time she had had Aquina kneel beneath her crotch and wait with her mouth open. “I am going to urinate; you are my slave and will receive it; in your mouth. If you drop or spill any you will be whipped and then sent to your blanket by the door; alone. You will have displeased me greatly. Do you understand?”

The look on Aquina’s face said something (horror? disgust?) but her voice said, “Yes, M-Mistress. I understand.”

“Do you want to please me, slave?”

The look on Aquina’s face then was one of absolute devotion. “Yes, yes Mistress. I do so want to please you.”

And she did.

Aquina did not know that Smith only used her mouth this way during the day, when the woman knew her urine would contain less waste, and that she limited how much the slave actually consumed; it wasn’t the urine that mattered, it was the act and the submission.

In that act, of kneeling and accepting, Aquina became Smith’s possession, a relationship that both desired.


Yes, all of what Macgregor asked was true, and yes, Aquina had felt so good, so…complete, when serving Harriet Smith. But she was a different person now. She could still feel great arousal with the right woman, and Shareen Macgregor was the right woman; but Aquina did not know if she was ready to give up everything and become someone who wasn’t Harriet Smith’s possession, no matter the sexual rewards.

“I love submitting to you Mistress. I love licking your shoes…and your pussy, and your ass. I love giving myself to you, completely. But at the end of our time, I can still go home to what I have. To what I am. I am not ready to let go of…that. Not, yet.”

Macgregor stroked Aquina’s face, a small, odd smile on hers. She was quiet for a while. When she spoke it was, “Oh my…the time. Ours is up.”


The game on T.V. had just ended and Brandon, Eric and Kevin were just sitting around talking. Eric was going to finish his beer and head off. Aquina thought this was a good time to raise the next question; what to do with the final ‘slave’. She came and stood by one of the leather armchairs.

“Okay, boys. More business. I think we need to do something with Kate. Thoughts?”

Eric jumped in. As someone who had been very aggressive with Kate at first, his attitude had changed a lot in a month. He and Kate had actually become friendly, in an odd way, Eric finding the guilt of what they had done weighing on him. (It was hard to be sure when someone was being held against their will; but they had shared some thoughts and Eric had stopped ‘using’ her.) “I think we should work out some deal with her; release her for, I don’t know, her silence?”

“That could be risky,” Kevin murmured, stroking his chin.

“Brandon?” Aquina asked.

As usual, Brandon considered his response for a moment. ”Kidnapping Kate was kind of a cool idea when we first thought of it, and it was actually the captain’s fantasy. She was kind of stuck up and stand-offish; we all thought. When Dzyuba thought someone should teach her a lesson, it all kind of happened. But like you point out Aquina, slaves, or hostages, whatever, are work. You need to watch ‘em and look after them. Kate is kind of a ticking bomb as you’ve said. Say something happens to Dzyuba and the new captain is someone Kate could turn to. There could be hell to pay. What do we do, kill her to keep her quiet?”

They all sat in silence, considering for a moment. “Yeah, I see that. But how do we stop her from screaming bloody murder then, if we do release her?” Kevin persisted. “And what about her place and the money we’ve taken…?”

Aquina nodded and joined in, “We have lots of video of her participating in all kinds of sex stuff. We all know the context, but I have edited it and it looks like she is quite willing and open to everything. She would have a hard time with this if it was released. I think she would be grateful, not vengeful, but we have the video as leverage. We just need to help her get her life back, and she can still stay here, for now.”

The group sat and pondered. Eric spoke again, “I could talk to her, kind of get a feel for where she’s at.”

Everyone nodded. Just then there was a knock on the door. Everyone looked at each other, and Aquina went to check it out. When she opened the door no one was there, but she checked the mailbox and there was another fat envelope. She came in counting it and stood facing the boys, “Seventy-two hundred,” she said.

So the cash wasn’t flooding in, but Alston clearly was trying.


Ed Alston and his brother sat in their car, comparing notes. They were parked on York St. in Jersey City. Alston had taken some holiday time to concentrate on moving a good chunk of their stash.

“You’re sure it was the same car?”

Regan rubbed his forehead, something he did when he was agitated. “Yeah, I’m sure. Black, Ford Escape with the same three letters to start. And I’m sure it was the same black guy behind the wheel.”

“And he was watching you?”

“He was watching us, Ed.”


Kate and Eric entered the house together; Eric had driven her home today. Once inside, as she had been trained, she immediately stripped, taking her clothes to the wardrobe in one of the spare bedrooms where her uniforms were kept. Her underclothes went into a hamper, and she put on her collar and knelt in her assigned spot.

Eric took her hand and led her to the couch, having her sit beside him, which was unusual. “Look at me, em, Kate,” he instructed, and she did, dark eyes flicking from his face back down to her folded hands, breasts rising and falling. “We’ve been talking.”

She looked at him with a mixture of interest and alarm, but remained silent.

“We’re trying to find a way to…release you.”


Kate sat blinking as she stared at Eric; when Aquina walked in the two of them were just doing that, sitting and staring. Kate looked up at Aquina with a stunned look on her face, and Aquina sat to her other side and placed a hand on her shoulder. She spoke in that calm, reassuring way she used with skitter-ish people (and animals).

“Yes, it’s true. We need to come to some agreement with you. We don’t want you in this slave position any longer.”

“So…” Kate began, and then fought to control her emotions, “…so what happens. Like, what will you do to me, um…with me?”

Aquina and Eric exchanged a look.

“We-lllll,” Aquina continued, “it’s a bit like the old ‘tiger-by-the-tail-thing’, where we want to let go, but are afraid of what might happen…”

“I won’t be telling anyone…” Kate blurted out, her face a mixture of excitement and anxiety.

Eric and Aquina exchanged another look, “That’s good. But it is easy to say…”

“No. NO! I mean it, I’ll swear on my sainted mother’s grave, I will not, will not, will not cause any scenes. …I still need your help, right?”

At that, Kate threw her arms around Aquina and began sobbing. Eric was affected by this and got up and walked away, looking at something out the front window. As Kate gradually regained control, she lessened her grip slightly, and spoke into Aquina’s ear.

“This was you. You said you would save me. You said you would look after me, and you have. Thank you, Aquina.” And Kate kissed the side of Aquina’s face, and Aquina took Kate’s hands from around her neck and moved her back so she could look at her before speaking.

“Yes, you still need our help, and I will help you. I know you won’t be a problem because I will continue to look after you. Oh, and Eric was also responsible for this decision.”

Kate got a small smile on her face. “Yeah, we’ve kind of become, well, friends like; as well as you can when you are a…s-slave, being held against your will.”

They sat quietly for a moment. Eric had wandered off somewhere. “So, what will happen to my bank and my place and…” Kate paused, looking hard into Aquina’s eyes.

The woman stroked Kate’s face, nodding. “We need to work all that out, but you need to stay here, for now. Um, we’re working on something for Anna too. If you cooperate…”

“I will!” Kate exploded and Aquina smiled.

“This is kind of taking it a day at a time, right?”

They sat in silence again. Kate looked at Aquina, then looked away, “I…um; I want…”

“Yes?” Aquina added encouragingly.

Kate focused on her clasped hands. “I know I got down, and was a problem for you, but, it wasn’t that I didn’t, like, still feel things, for you, I mean. In, um, all of this, I still felt so much for you…”

Aquina gently stroked the woman’s face, wiping away some tears; “What’s important is that you survived, you got through this. What I did I did, I’m not proud of it, but now we need to work together.”

Kate nodded her head. “Can I still, be, um, with you, sometimes, like my choice? Does that even make sense?” Kate looked up with wonder.

It did make sense, at least to Aquina.


The Alston brothers climbed out of their rental vehicle and looked around. Their cop instincts were on high alert, so they were extra cautious; Regan turned to start toward the decaying structure that they had been told to meet in, when a loud explosion shattered the calm. It was quickly followed by another; they were gun shots and the second one hit their car.

The two men scrambled back to the vehicle and started it up, driving straight ahead, not sure if that was the best route but knowing the shots were coming from behind them.


Wednesday afternoon Aquina’s phone vibrated with a message from Macgregor. It was direct and succinct. “Dirty pussy-serving slave, be at Arlana Jarvais’s house Monday at 2:00. Or not. Your Mistress.”

Aquina typed her reply promptly, “Yes, my Mistress. Your slave will be there.”

That was it, no further replies or info. Yet even with that brief exchange, Aquina’s pussy moistened. She regarded her face in the mirror, wished it was Monday, and shook her head at her response, still uncertain of what she really wanted.


The Friday party was a little different in that Anna and Kate were dressed as the other two, meaning no intercourse. Dzyuba, Gusbertson, Garrett and Abrahmson were all there, as well as the remaining three ‘boys’, and a woman; forty-eight year-old-planning department associate, Pamela Kwong, who despite her Asian-sounding surname, was actually Eastern European heritage.

Pam was known as a feisty-no-nonsense gal who liked cards and drinking, and who sat on enough important committees to be of interest to the boys and Aquina.

Dzyuba was not happy at all with the latest developments, starting with the transfer of Jake (although even he could see the potential problems with him) and now the release of Kate; someone he enjoyed fucking. Aquina pointed out to him all the free sex he had enjoyed so far, and that there would be more, just not with these girls. Then Aquina gave him $2500 for ‘helping the boys.’ Dzyuba slouched off with a small smile creasing his wrinkled face.

As the party wound down, Pam (who turned out to be a hell of a poker player) was the big winner; and feeling pretty good. As she brought some things into the kitchen, she saw Aquina at the sink and slapped her ass in greeting. “Congratulate me, honey; I kicked those guys’ balls tonight!”

“Well, congratulations,” Aquina said. Leaning over and kissing the shorter woman, who had allowed her hand to rest on Aquina’s rump after the slap. They kissed for longer than a ‘congratulatory’ smooch would call for, and Aquina then took in the slim and not unattractive older woman, who now was gently squeezing the right cheek of her ass. Aquina recognized something in this woman’s eyes. “Would you like to go someplace a little more, private, to celebrate?”

Pam’s eyes widened but a grin spread on her face, as Aquina then turned her and marched her down the hall to the first ‘guest’ bedroom. Having sized-up the woman, Aquina shoved her roughly face down onto the bed. “Stay,” she commanded, and Pam froze. “Lift up your dress, Whore.” Pam lifted her dress just to her ass. “Higher, worthless slut before I get my paddle out.”

There was an audible gasp from Pam as she lifted her dress clear to her waist. Aquina quickly and roughly tugged the woman’s pantyhose and (surprising) red thong down. Pulling Pam’s arms behind her, she tied them with the pantyhose and then held the red thong up to the woman’s nose, before shoving them into her mouth.

Aquina then proceeded to deliver stinging slaps to the round buttocks before her. Once they were reddened, she shoved three fingers into Pam’s wet pussy and then, with only a little effort, forced her entire slender hand in. As the woman bucked and humped this intrusion, Aquina made sure the cameras got a good view of the action, while keeping up a steady stream of verbal abuse, telling Pam as completely as possible what a nasty, fucking whore she was.

An hour later a satiated Pam Kwong lay completely naked on the bed, eyes closed, mouth open, legs spread and the red, swollen labia of her pussy ample proof of her pleasure. She had experienced three orgasms, the last one leaving her babbling on the bed. “Oh my God, oh my God. Oh…my. Oh. Oh my fucking, fucking, fuck fuck…”

Aquina smiled; it was babbling after all; it didn’t need to make sense. And then she thought of her mistress.


The Alstons pulled into the driveway of Ed’s place, an orange glow just beginning to lighten the eastern horizon. They had driven through the night from New York, following a crazy time that left them contemplating their next move, if not their lives. In the duffle bag they now hauled into Ed’s living room was the largest pay-out so far, one hundred and forty thousand.

They would give fifty G.’s to ‘the boys’ but that still left a sizeable lump of cash. But this money had not come easily. The guys who had shot at them were actually not after them, but the people they were selling to. After some serious cloak and dagger stuff involving switching cars and taking the subway ending in a rat-infested, condemned building, they had made the exchange and got the hell out of town, fearful for their lives.

As Regan had noted dryly, “Money is great, but you can’t spend it if you’re dead.”


For now, Kate and Anna were still making breakfast for any ‘guests’, and Saturday morning was no exception. All three of Bobbi, Mandi and Heather had stayed over, as had Eric. Kevin, Aquina and Brandon were living there, and Adam was there almost all the time. As well, today there was an extra guest; Pamela Kwong. Anna and Kate, with help from Bobbi, prepared food for almost an hour and everyone was finally satisfied.

Aquina took Pam back into the guest room. There was a little awkwardness until Aquina said, “On your knees, Whore.” And with a low groan, Pam sank to her knees, face red and flushed, but in a position of submission. “Does my little slut want to come back and play?”

Pam’s voice was barely a croak as she uttered, “Y-yes, yes I, uhhh. I do. Um. Ma’am?”



“You will need to be punished…”

The low groan again, “Ye-yes, um, Mistress.”

“But then, I think you like to be punished…”

“Oooohhhmmm,” came from the woman’s lips as she pressed her face into Aquina’s shoes.

Aquina smiled, at herself as much as the behavior of this woman, who held a job of importance and would meet regularly with people like the mayor. This woman was, her; and she was this woman; one day with the whip and the next day on her knees. She enjoyed using this woman, being the mistress as she had many times before. How was it that she enjoyed this so much, yet was transported to another level when becoming the slave?

Clearly she could be both; the hammer and the nail. The good citizen, organized and responsible, and the criminal, helping people do illegal things. She could help enslave Kate, then work to free her. She could make love to women, she could make love to men (on occasion).

She was a chameleon. Aquina thought all this as she looked down at Pamela Kwong, licking and sucking her shoes; while imagining herself doing that very thing for Shareen Macgregor, and wanting Monday to come.

She went to find her cell, quickly typing “I wish I was on my knees with you, licking your pussy, Mistress. You might let me put my tongue into your asshole. I love serving you.” She sent that off and steadied herself with a hand on a chair.

The reply came when she was driving with Bobbi to get groceries. “You are disgusting, slave. Pathetic. You should be here, sleeping on my bed like a dog, ready in the morning to kneel and accept my piss, which is all that you are good for. Admit it, it is what you are. Slave.”

Aquina needed all her will power to maintain her grip on the wheel and her eyes on the road.


Sunday morning brought the arrival of a box on their doorstep; with the money from Ed totalling forty-eight thousand, five hundred. Aquina gathered the boys together with her after breakfast and laid the cash on the coffee table. She took her fifteen percent and divided the rest into three piles. The guys just looked at it.

“Shit,” said Eric. “You got any more suggestions, A?” Kevin and Brandon murmured their assent.

“I could take another run to our offshore account,” She replied. Eric took a thousand out of his pile, and Kevin and Brandon took some of theirs as well and then everyone pushed their dough into a large pile.

“Sounds good to me,” Kevin said. “We should get that Foosball table, Eric.”

“Hey, yeah. Forgot about that. It could go right there.”

Brandon laughed, “You guys and your games.”

“Yeah, well we’re not as old as you, Dad.” Kevin, a year younger, mocked.

There was some yapping back and forth until Aquina interrupted, “Eric, could you take Kate with you? I’d like to see how she reacts to being out.”

“Sure, no problem,” he replied, smiling nervously.


Around one Aquina got a call from Pamela Kwong and made her beg, which the woman did readily, and then Aquina told her she could come over.

Aquina gave the woman a thorough workout; leash training, nipple clips, paddling and then a little caning. She was at the moment allowing the slave to lick her pussy, which the woman did eagerly and effectively.

All the while the dark brown head was gently moving up and down between her legs, and the tongue was twisting and exploring the crevices of her pussy, Aquina was imagining tomorrow, and what Macgregor`s friend might have in store for her, even as a very mild orgasm quickly came and went.

Afterwards, at the door, Aquina paused while Pam looked down. “Thank you, Mistress,” Kwong uttered in a quiet voice. “That was wonderful. Wonderful. I…um, your slave, would dearly love to…return to you.”

“That could be arranged, my little slut. I might want to use you with some friends.” She saw the woman quiver. “What do you think of that?”

“I…um, I would love to please you. And your friends, if you, wish. Maybe you could even give me some…um, instructions for when I am at work…as well.”

Aquina chuckled, “I will see to that. Maybe we can put that worthless pussy of yours to good use around your office.”

Kwong slowly sank down to her knees, “Oh my God.” She murmured from her position. “I have travelled all over and snuck around, in secret, to find people to…um, help me. And now I have found you, right here. Oh my God.  Pl-please tell me what you would like me to do.”

Aquina let the woman kneel in submission a few moments. It felt good, it made her smile; but she noted, she wasn’t wet.

For that, she seemed to need a mistress.

Or possibly Claire, but that still wasn’t the same.

(End of Chapter 17)

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