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A House of Slaves by LongDarkRoad Chapter 18 What Is Love?

A House of Slaves By LongDarkRoad

Chapter 18 What is Love? ( But I Want to Please You)

As Aquina turned into the driveway of Arlana Jarvais`s property, she needed to pull over for a moment to collect herself. She could not believe how excited she was; she thought to herself, you’re getting worse. After a few moments she put the car in gear and moved forward. She had been instructed to park in a specific spot; a little way away from the house in an area reserved for service people.

She was also to go to the side door. She had been instructed not to use the washroom for at least an hour before arrival. As she approached the side door, it opened and Bella Traynor came out, looking scholarly with her large glasses and hair (on the one side anyway) combed back into a tail. She was wearing very conservative make-up and a loose blouse and white pants.

She greeted Aquina with a smile and her hand raised in a stopping gesture. “Have you come to serve your Mistress Arlana?”

Aquina fixed her gaze down to Bella’s shoes, “Yes I have.”

“And what are you?”

It started now, the pounding in her chest, with those simple words, knowing that soon she would be serving a dominating, compelling woman. She shook her head to clear the feeling and spoke with a steady voice, “I am a slut and a slave.”

“Very good. Take off your clothes, slave.”

Aquina removed her dress, nylons and panties. She was not wearing a bra. Bella handed her a red collar that said ‘My Pet’ on the side, and Aquina placed it around her neck. Bella handed her a leash, which Aquina clipped onto her collar and then handed the looped end back to the young woman, who stood with a look of fascination on her face. Bella stepped down to the grass and motioned for Aquina to kneel down. “Arch your back, slave, I wish to see your ass.” Aquina responded and Bella ran her hand along the supple back and down the rump. She spread the ass and looked at it, before slapping each cheek several times.

“Stay on your knees,” Bella commanded, moving forward and holding the leash, forcing Aquina to walk on all fours. They stopped by some bushes, “Little doggie slave needs to do her wee-wee.” She said in a sing-song voice. Aquina rubbed her pussy lips; she’d urinated in front of people before, but it had been awhile. Now, since she hadn’t gone in well over an hour, she just cleared her mind and focused on going. Soon a gentle stream began flowing out and onto the grass.

“Open your legs more,” Bella commanded, and Aquina saw she was being recorded. She spread her legs more as Bella knelt down and focused the phone-camera directly at her pussy. “Uhmmm, that’s very nice. Very nice. Our ladies will like this.”

Aquina had finished and looked at Bella for direction. “Rub yourself on the grass like a good little bitch,” she was told and she did; also something she had done before, although back then she had been in her teens.

Bella now led her back toward the house and ordered her to stand when they reached the steps. They proceeded inside to where the taciturn Jamaican girl waited for them. Taking Aquina’s leash she led her to another room and administered enemas once again as she had before; two this time.

When they were finished, the girl then led Aquina back down the hall to where she had been for her last visit; Bella was waiting at the door.

“She’s clean,” the girl stated with no emotion.

“Thank you, Treena. That will be all.” Bella then led Aquina into the room where an attractive, forty-ish woman was sitting on an armchair. Brown/blonde hair done in a medium-length cut, bangs sweeping away from her face. She was dressed in an expensive sweater/skirt outfit and was sipping a glass of wine. Aquina, who recognized her from the ‘sex-lunch’, was brought to her  and placed on her knees.

“Your Mistress, Arlana,” Bella announced. “Mistress, your pathetic slave.”

Jarvais placed an expensive Christian Louboutin pointy-toe pump before Aquina’s face, and she began to lick. Both Jarvais and Bella watched as this beautiful woman, her head of dark, glossy, brown curls moving gently, cleaned first one and then the other shoe.

Jarvais then raised one leg up to the couch, lifting her dress to reveal she was wearing no panties; now before Aquina’s face was presented a distinctly hairy crotch.

The hair began around Jarvais’s pink asshole and spread out and up around her generous outer labia, before continuing up her belly. The hair was dark and thick but had been trimmed, it looked like by a razor, so it was short. Aquina moved in and a pleasant smell of cinnamon (and woman) greeted her.

She began to lick and suck hungrily; she wanted this sex. She wanted to feast on this beautiful…cunt. She wanted to please this attractive, wealthy, powerful woman. In her passionate nuzzling and licking, she emitted a low moan that was heard by both watching women, who then shared a look and a smile.

Ten minutes later Jarvais had experienced a mild but satisfying orgasm, with Aquina now in aftermath gently licking and kissing the soft folds of the woman’s outer labia.

“Let us dress the whore,” Jarvais announced.

Appearing quickly from somewhere, the assistant brought out a white cotton dress and a pair of sandals. The dress was thin and Aquina’s body showed through the fabric, with the hem reaching barely half an inch below her crotch. If she bent forward at all, her ass was easily seen.

Jarvais led the way out, with Bella holding Aquina’s leash and Aquina following behind. They went out a different door and walked to a waiting SUV. The rear door was opened and Aquina climbed inside, positioning herself on hands and knees as directed.

Jarvais and Bella climbed into the front and they drove off. The drive was about twenty minutes and they arrived at a small strip mall on the edge of a residential area. Taking Aquina from the back, they walked toward a store called ‘Pole Positions’; a sex shop.


The Alston brothers had reached a decision; to offer ‘the boys’ a buy-out for the remainder of the drugs, and then deal them off later. The last episode had definitely rattled them. They’d made enough so far to take a break, and Ed wanted to actually get away for a bit, and had taken an unpaid leave for sixty days.

Ed was writing a note for Brandon; he would drop it off that night.


Inside the store, Jarvais led the trio to a wall that was completely covered in the store’s specialty; dildos and ‘personal insertion devices’. Aquina noticed there was one man and two women customers present, as well as two clerks. Aquina knelt in submission beside her mistress, her gaze downward. As they were checking things, one of the clerks, very tall and slim with her head shaved, leaving a strip down the middle dyed blonde, approached. She had full arm tat-sleeves and was wearing a thin black dress that was only a smidge longer than Aquina’s. Her small breasts showed clearly with nipples standing out. Both nipples had rings in them that pushed against the fabric of the dress.

“Hi, I’m Ashley. How may I help you?” she asked, with a distinct British accent and a long, lingering look down at Aquina.

“We-lll,” Jarvais began, “We’re looking for something to use on our disgusting bitch-slave. Anal. Something

that will produce…a reaction…”

Ashley surveyed the assortments. “Are you preferring deep or wide?”

“Uhmmmn. Both kind of, but wide first. We just want the pathetic whore to be well-fucked.”

Ashley smiled, “Of course. Here are a couple.” She took down a blue item that featured a realistic looking circumcised penis head, and then about four inches of shaft. Halfway along the shaft knobs and ridges had been placed on a section that bulged out a little. The second one was short and stout but at the base there were nodules that would cause the anus to stretch wider if the shaft was pushed all the way in.

Jarvais looked these over. “Is there anyway to test these out on our bitch here. I would like to see them in action, and the slut needs it frequently, kind of like a nympho, you understand.”

Ashley’s smile grew a little wider and her eyes twinkled. “Well, that shouldn’t be a problem, did you…”

“I would like to observe. I think I would enjoy seeing you and the other clerk give the slut what she needs.”

“Absolutely,” Ashley agreed. “Step this way.” And she led the group to a curtained entrance and then into the back, nodding to the other clerk as they proceeded.

Ashley wasted no time, hiking up her dress to reveal a tiny strip of black cloth hardly worthy of the name ‘thong’, pulling it aside and aggressively forcing Aquina’s face into her crotch. If Jarvais’s pussy was pleasant, this one was pungent, smelling of body odor and urine, but Aquina sucked without prompting.

As she was receiving her pleasure, Ashley reached around to a shelf behind her and brought out a harness; “never hurts to have one handy”, she laughed, and strapped it around herself. Bella had removed the dildos from their packages and handed the blue one over. Ashley roughly spun Aquina around and shoved her face to the floor, saying “You are disgusting,” which brought a smile to Jarvais’s lips.

The clerk then removed a tube of lubricant from a nearby drawer and spread a copious amount around and into Aquina’s dark asshole, pushing in one, two and then three fingers, stretching the creased hole.

Attaching the blue cock to her harness, Ashley pushed the penis head into Aquina’s anus and felt her jerk a little. Ashley slapped one buttock soundly, and it reddened quickly beneath the caramel-colored skin. Placing her hands on Aquina’s shoulders, Ashley gave one push, then slowly forced the cock all the way in, enjoying how the brown, creased circle spread to accept the intrusion, with Aquina grunting in response.

Jarvais leaned over and down to Aquina’s ear, “The little piggy-bitch is grunting. Very good. I want you to grunt like a pig each time this attractive girl shoves the cock in your filthy ass. Understand?”

”Y-yes-ss, mistress,” Aquina answered between thrusts.” Uh. Uhng. Ummm…”

Ashley was thin but athletic, and she fucked Aquina with enthusiasm. As she was thrusting, Bella removed the woman’s dress, and she and Jarvais fondled the small but firm, round tits, playing with the nipple rings and assisting the young woman in her arousal.

After Ashley was satisfied, she and the other clerk traded places. The second girl was quite different from Ashley. Small and petit, she looked like a child; although when Bella asked she surprisingly answered, “Twenty-four”. She tried the second dildo, one that required the wearer to use short, quick thrusts, or the insertion would come out. ‘Rhoda’ used the strap-on very effectively, her hips tapping out a quick, steady rhythm on Aquina’s round ass.

Aquina had an orgasm just before Rhoda, and then both slouched to the floor, Bella’s phone recording all the action and Jarvais laughing at the sight. She found submissive women pathetic, truly, it wasn’t simply a term for her. She considered them almost sub-human and enjoyed the abuse of them more than the actual sex.

“You need to be pissed on,” she murmured into Aquina’s ear, and she meant it.

“Yes, Mistress,” the slave replied, her face resting on the tiled floor.


Adam Abrahmson slid the last of the papers into the file folder. Everything he would need was done. Now all that was left was to get Jake Tucker’s signature on the documents, and Anna’s divorce would proceed. It was mostly in Jake’s interest; Anna was asking for very little, including no alimony. She just wanted to be free of him.

He should agree; but with Jake Tucker you didn’t know.

Because, of course, Jake was an asshole, and also a true psychopath.


Aquina was now on her way home, a feeling of contentment within her which she acknowledged. And now, for the first time in a long while, both her pussy and anus were tender. Both had been used a lot today.

After Ashley and Rhoda had fucked her, Jarvais had them bring in some customers (female) and three more women had used her, before Jarvais herself, selecting an even larger dildo than the two being used, gave her a pounding, while tongue sucking with Rhoda, whom she had taken a liking to. Bella was the last, using a double dildo to penetrate both holes simultaneously.

To end their session, after Aquina had kissed each woman’s feet and thanked them, she sat on the floor with her legs spread, her pussy lips or ass cheeks pulled as far apart as she could or fingering herself as directed, while all the women took pictures of her with their cell phones.

“Can we rent the whore?” Someone had asked, and Bella had taken her cell number down. The trio then departed, with Jarvais also getting Rhoda’s numbers and Facebook address.

Back at their house, Aquina had knelt and eagerly accepted Arlana’s piss, depositing it in the toilet and then cleaning the woman thoroughly and thanking her, as Arlana regarded her with a look of pure disdain. Aquina was then forced to beg for her clothes, only to find they (minus, as usual, her thong) had been left in her car.

As she now drove home, she wondered if Macgregor would be checking in with Jarvais. She really hoped so, and again shook her head in wonder of what she was; a sex-slut, a piss-slut; someone who relished being degraded. She’d enjoyed being used by Jarvais at the end, although she hadn’t been made to drink the liquid. The kneeling, the opening of her mouth and the acceptance, the look of pure disgust on Jarvais’s face, all were delicious. How to understand that? She’d wished she’d asked Ms. Smith, years ago, the why of it.

She was indeed all these things with the right woman, she told herself, and she was a slave. Why deny? She really should call her mistress and agree to her request now; how long could she play this game?

Instead of this indecision, she could wake each day knowing what was expected of her, and could look up into a face she worshipped, to feel the wonderful sting of her mistress’s whip; to be what she was meant to be…


Brandon was reading the note Alston had given him early this morning. For Brandon, six-thirty was way too early for any deep thought, but this was important, so…

He had read the note twice; Aquina had read it and now Kevin came in to the kitchen and was given the note.

“We’ll ask Eric, but I think we go for it.”

Kevin nodded, “Yeah, we’ve already got some cash and who knows how long this will take to dribble in? What do you think Aquina?”

Aquina looked from one to the other. “I was actually going to suggest something like this. I think what he is offering is fair. You took a huge risk, but it’s a pretty good pay out for a…day’s work.”

Brandon nodded his head. He looked again at the note. One hundred and twenty thousand and they were paid out. He couldn’t see how Eric would object.

“Naw, he’ll be good,” Kevin offered, “Our new Foosball game is arriving today; that will take his mind off everything,” he chuckled.

At that point Adam came down the hall and joined them. He handed Kevin a large envelope. “I know Jake isn’t at your station anymore, but could you get that to him?”

Kevin looked at the large envelope, raising an eyebrow. “Is this what I think it is?”

Adam paused, a lawyerly trait, and smiled, “Well, that depends on what you’re thinking.”

“Right,” Kevin concluded. “Yeah, I’ll take it to his new station. Hopefully, he won’t be there.”

Heads nodded all around.


Aquina was seated at her computer, considering her… situation. Could she truly be a slave (the word sending a shiver down her spine once again) full-time?

But what of Claire? The woman had moved her, strongly, without a hint, really, of anything beyond…affection. They made love, like two normal lesbians. Okay, Claire had hinted at her enjoyment of Aquina ordering her to dress a certain way. And, okay, she enjoyed watching Claire pleasure Sanders on her knees and the woman was clearly comfortable being there. Meaning?

But she felt deep affection for them both, and Sanders simply expected blow-jobs from his women.  

But Aquina now shook her head, unable to deny the complete passion she had felt yesterday at the hands of Arlana Jarvais. She had wallowed in the abuse, lapping it up and wanting more; she wished she was going to them today. She had licked out woman’s assholes and then thanked them as they looked down on her; then kissed their feet as they spanked her.

When Arlana had gripped her hair and told her she was truly a disgusting whore, it was just before her second climax shook her, amusing all. It had turned her on greatly to pose for them as they took pictures of her, making it clear they would share them.

Yet now here she was, at her computer screen at nine-thirty AM and very interested to try out her new…slave-toy. She focused on this; explanations, and decisions were pushed away, for now.

She typed in a command and the screen showed an office. In a moment, Pamela Kwong sat down and stared at the screen, before typing, “Are you there, Mistress?”

Aquina smiled at that; she had sent the woman a file that placed a camera on her computer, allowing Aquina to see the woman and her office.

“Yes, Slut.”

Kwong’s face blushed immediately at the response and she became flustered. “Welcome, Mistress. I’m glad this works.”

“Lift up your dress and show me you have obeyed me,” Aquina commanded, thinking of herself on display.

Kwong shyly lifted the front of her dress revealing pantyhose with the crotch removed and no panties. She turned and showed her backside as well.

A message appeared on her screen, “I am pleased, Slut. Sit in your chair and spread your legs; I want to see you.” Pamela did that, showing her newly shaved pussy, and then waited.

“Play with yourself.”

Kwong did not need a lot of encouragement for this, as she groped and rubbed her pussy lips and clit.

“Stop!” the screen commanded.

Aquina then gave the woman a few rules and commands.

She was not to touch herself without permission. When she was alone in her office she was to sit with her legs open so her mistress could see her if she happened to be watching. And she was to provide Aquina with a list of the young women who worked directly with (or under) her.

“Good-bye for now, Slut. I am watching.” As well as the computer, Aquina had sent Kwong a camera that looked just like an air freshener. It sat on a desk and gave a view of the couch in the office. With these two cameras Aquina felt she would see any exchange that happened in the room; business and fun combined!


Kevin parked his patrol car; Kate was riding with him today, and they exchanged a glance. He exited and went quickly up the stairs and through the glass doors of the building and down the hall. He had been in this station before and knew which room Jake would have a desk in. When he entered to a nod or two from cops at their desks, he was relieved to see Jake was not around.

“Jake Tucker’s desk?” he called out.

Two guys indicated a desk back against the wall. Kevin put the envelope on the desk and left. He really didn’t want to see the large man. He had never really liked him, he didn’t know anyone who did, but Jake was always Brandon’s good buddy, so that was that.

Well, fuck him, Kevin thought as he headed back to his car. Jake was, all agreed, an asshole, and you never knew how he would react. To anything.


Aquina had been surprised by the text from Shareen Macgregor, inviting her for a coffee; non-slave-master; just a chat, which she quickly accepted.

She sat now, despite this condition, and still felt a need to assume the submissive role, allowing Macgregor the lead.

“I want us to just visit…Aquina. Two women having a coffee and talking, right?”

Aquina smiled, looking down. “It’s not so easy as that, though, um,” she laughed softly, “Mistress.”

Macgregor too had a smile on her face, “Why?”

Aquina looked up and then back down; old instincts kicked in and she could not look into this woman’s face; she sighed. “Because I want, I need, to be on my knees for you,” she said simply, sipping her coffee, and then looking up again, briefly.

Macgregor paused; that beautiful face had always had that effect on her; long before this amazing development. She had seen the video from the sex store (Bella had sent it) and was more convinced that Aquina was close to agreeing to what Macgregor knew to be true; that she was a true slave and her place was with her mistress; Shareen Macgregor.

“Hmmmm. I like that; it pleases me; you please me; but we are in public, and I wanted a real conversation.”

Aquina glanced around, considering her words. “I, um, am flexible, but my…mmm, devotion, is not just something that I can turn off and on. Mistress.” She had whispered the last word.

Macgregor paused. The coffee shop chatter surrounded them. She folded her slender hands with their long, elegant fingers, and looked directly at Aquina, who struggled to maintain eye contact. “Do you love me?”

Macgregor saw Aquina wince, as if slapped. She opened her mouth, then closed it. Finally she spoke, “We would need to agree on what…love is…”

Macgregor laughed. “Very nice. You are slippery in more ways than one.” She chuckled again and then sipped more coffee, before asking quietly. “Do you feel for me what you feel for…Claire?”

Aquina inhaled sharply; the question had surprised her, but she then considered it; it was a fair question. “No, the two…things, feelings, are…very different.”

“Go on,” Macgregor prompted.

Aquina struggled with putting the thoughts into words. “Well, with you, I want to serve you; to be on my knees, to bury my face in your sex. I want you to whip me, and punish me. I…I want you to. I…need that from…you. I want you to hurt me, to use me, to abuse me. I want others to see my devotion to you. I…love being your toy and your, um, slut, being degraded by you. It’s, God, it’s like a drug, almost.” Aquina said this, in a mostly calm and even voice, but in one long rush and looking down.

She paused now, then began again, heart pounding as usual, fighting the urge to just go to this woman.

“Um, with Claire, I love being with her, lying with her, making love to her. I care for her more than anyone I can remember. But I have no desire to submit to her and I really do not want her to submit to me, for whatever reason. We are equals, I guess. She paused, then sighed. “There, I think that is the best…I can do to explain something that I am not completely sure of…myself.” Aquina now looked up, her eyes were bright and there was a glow beneath her caramel skin, then she looked away.

Macgregor observed this beautiful woman, that small, odd smile on her face again.

Things needed to come to a conclusion, she considered, for her own sanity, if nothing else. Now?

(End of Chapter 18)

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