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A House of Slaves by LongDarkRoad Chapter 19 A Little Persuasion

A House of Slaves 

Chapter 19 A Little Persuasion (What was the harm?)

Jake saw the envelope on his desk when he entered. He noticed the return address and a scowl darkened his face. He hesitated to pick up the thing, as if it were contaminated or something. Reluctantly he took it from his desk, but he didn’t open it. He took it and another file and went back out to his car.

He’d read the Goddamn thing later. Or not. Maybe he’d just drive over to the house and put a bullet in that fucking lawyer’s head. He was always over there. He’d make Anna watch, and then he’d shoot her. Yeah, maybe that was what he should do.


Aquina was back at her computer screen, half her mind on what she was watching and half still on the conversation she’d had with Macgregor. What would happen next? What was she to do? What if Macgregor forced her to make a choice? She wanted to be with the woman, more than anything, but could she become her slave, giving up, well, everything else?

Claire’s face intruded briefly before she focused again on the screen as Kwong laid out some pictures; eleven young women who were either under her supervision or took daily directions from her. Even though there were eleven, Aquina did not see much to choose from; just the one, actually. She had Kwong hold the picture closer to the camera; Mary Johnson. What a plain name!

Still, she was young and pretty…

“Twenty-three,” Kwong responded to the question. “But she does look very young. She has only been here a few months and is very quiet. Never says a word at staff meetings.”

“Good. I’ve sent you something. On your desk.” Kwong then noticed the small box sitting off to one side. She opened it and found a small, circular plastic object.

“Put it in your ear,” the screen directed. When Kwong complied, Aquina tapped the device she was wearing and asked, “Can you hear me; you’ll need to type your response as this device right now is only one direction.” Kwong typed that, yes, she could hear her mistress.

“Good, this makes it easier. If you need something, you can type a question. With one more download you will be able to speak to me through your computer mic, but you have a firewall I need to deal with. For now, with what I want you to do with Mary Johnson, you will only need to hear and follow my directions. Nod your head if you get that?”

Kwong nodded and Aquina directed her to go and bring Mary to her office, but first she had her place an armless, straight-back chair in a certain spot; one she could observe from both her cameras. Kwong then set off.

In a moment she returned followed by the petit, young and innocent-looking Mary. Aquina directed Kwong to sit on the chair and ask Mary how she was doing so far. Aquina, with memories of Ms. Smith in her mind, directed the conversation around some small talk and eventually to how Pamela Kwong could be of help to Mary in her career, and did she realize that?

Mary looked a little confused when she answered in her very soft, almost child-like voice, “Yes. I know that you are my supervisor, my, uh, boss I guess. You will train me and…”

“And I will evaluate you; your first evaluation is coming up very soon. Do you know what happens if it is not good?”

Mary looked a little alarmed now, and just shook her head. Following Aquina’s lead, Kwong continued, “Well, we won’t need to worry about that, because I know you will do well with me. Now, I am going to ask you to kind of go outside your regular…duties, but I see on your resume that you have done some…physio?”

“Uh, yes, ma’am. Um, Ms. Kwong. I’ve had some training, but I decided to work for the city…”

“Oh well, no worries. Just come around behind me here and massage my neck a little, that’s a good girl. I have work to do and this will really help. Come on, don’t be shy. This is a very good way to make me happy with you.”

Mary got up and came around. She, slowly at first, and then as her training kicked in, with more assurance, began to squeeze and massage Kwong’s neck and shoulders. “You are very tense,” she offered in her quiet, little voice.

“Ummmn,” Kwong responded, “But that feels good. Very good. Just what I need.”

“Unbutton your blouse,” Aquina directed into her earpiece. Kwong hesitated for a moment, and then slowly unbuttoned one, then all four of her blouse buttons before pulling the garment open. Mary hesitated for a moment, distracted by this event, and then began to knead once more.

“I think it will be easier for you if this is…off,” Kwong stated, and then pulled her blouse off and let it fall to the floor. “Now dig deeper into my shoulders.” Mary did as instructed; her hands were small but they were strong and she was quite good at this. After a few moments, Kwong said in her soft voice, “Undo my bra, please Mary; it should be off too.”

“Um, b-but I don’t know…”

“Oh for heaven’s sake Mary, it’s just us girls here. Now if you’d like, you can just leave and I will have nothing more to do with you. Or you can help me and I will help you. What do you want?”

“Uh, I’m sorry, Ms. Kwong. I meant no disrespect.” And with trembling fingers Mary unhooked Kwong’s bra and removed it. Kwong took it and dropped it to the floor. The girl resumed her neck work, until Kwong took her hands and placed them directly on her breasts. “Massage here, Mary. Do a good job. Do not be too gentle.”

“I don’t…”

“Do it, please. Start.”

Mary gently squeezed the round, soft orbs with their moderately sized nipples, her hands working the flesh effectively. “Harder,” Kwong instructed, “Pull my nipples out. Squeeze them.” Mary did this and Kwong (and Aquina) noticed her breathing was louder and coming faster. This seemed to be arousing her, too.

“Tell her how nice it feels,” Aquina prodded.

“Ummm, Mary, that feels soooo good. Your hands are wonderful.”

“Uh, um, thank you, Ms. Kwong.”

“Please, call me Pamela when we are alone. It will be our little secret.”

“Uh, um…okay, em, Pamela. How, how is this?” Mary was getting into it somewhat, pulling more aggressively on the nipples, massaging the breasts with both hands. All the while Aquina was providing guidance.

“Come around here, Mary. There,” as the girl was now in front of her, “massage them here.” Mary pulled and squeezed. “Slap them.” Mary timidly struck one breast. “No, no. Much harder. Please. Do it.”

Mary began to slap them, and in a few moments was striking them with some authority. Kwong interjected, “Do you want to please me, Mary?”

“I, uh, um, well, yes. Ms., um, Pamela. I do. I just don’t know…”

“Say it…”


“Say you want to please me.”

“I uhh, um. I want to, um, please you. I want to, yes.”

“Take off your dress Mary, it will make things more comfortable.”

“I don’t know…I…” She stared at Kwong; this was the moment of truth. Something gave way, and Mary reached behind and pulled down her zipper, then stepped out of her dress, suddenly smiling like a young girl.

“The under thing and the slip too, Sweetie. Just down to your bra and panties.”

Mary took them off as well and stood in a simple white bra and panties combination. Not racy, but not too conservative either. Kwong stood and took off her skirt, then her crotch-less pantyhose and sat back down, naked. She reached forward and took Mary’s hands, rubbing them on her breasts and then pushing them down between her legs.

Mary followed obediently, almost trance-like, until Kwong leaned in and kissed her. There was a little hesitation, but Kwong pursued the kiss and soon was rewarded as Mary opened her mouth and accepted Kwong’s tongue.

At her computer, Aquina smiled in satisfaction. She had plans for these two, and this time, she too was actually aroused. A little.


Brandon and Alston met in a little, out-of-the-way park. No cameras anywhere. Alston passed him a duffle bag. Brandon put it beside him; he wasn’t going to count it here. Or now. He looked at Alston, “So, what are you going to do now?”

Alston lit up a cigarette, inhaling deeply. “Take off for a bit. Lay low. Stay out of the light for a while. Regan and I are heading to Honduras for a month. Off the beaten track; a quiet beach somewhere, just relaxin’ and drinkin’ beers.”

“Sounds okay. You, um; you don’t think you’re in any real danger right now, do you?”

Alston dragged again. “No, but we’re spooked. You never know, right? I’m sure there are people still looking for this dope, and us. You know they’d love to find us, and make an example out of us. Our heads on a couple of sticks.”

He stubbed the cigarette out on the bench. “Well, we’ll see. I want to keep my head on for a little longer.”

Brandon smiled. They shook hands and Alston ambled off.


“You have done well,” Aquina congratulated Kwong, as Mary Johnson got her things and made ready to leave. She was standing and looking uncertain, by the door.

“Tell her not to make plans for the weekend,” Aquina instructed.

“So Mary, I am hoping to see more of you.”

Mary blushed, “I…um. Thank you, Ms., err, Pamela. This was um…really something. What, uh, I’m not sure. Like, what happens…now?”

“We are friends. We will help each other as friends do. I will want to spend time with you. Is that…okay, with you?”

“Oh, ya’. Um, yes, really okay. I was afraid this was just, um, something, you know? I want to…spend time with you, as you say.” The young woman looked down.

“Well then, don’t make plans for the weekend.”

Mary blushed again, “Well, I usually don’t, but now for sure I won’t.” She paused, looking very young once again. “Um, see you…tomorrow?”

“Yes Mary. I will see you tomorrow, and I look forward to it.” Kwong got up from the chair and moved to the girl, hugging her and kissing her warmly, while moving a hand under her coat and skirt and between her legs. “I definitely want to see you tomorrow,” she murmured, squeezing Mary’s pussy, as the young woman giggled and hugged her back.   


Although it was a little past eight o’clock in the evening, this time of year there was still light.

Yet, ‘Mrs. Belvedere’ reached over and turned on one lamp. Then poured herself and her guest more of the excellent red wine they had opened. “There, that’s better, now I can really see you. Now, you wanted to talk about…slaves?”

Shareen Macgregor took a sip, then a mouthful, of her wine. “That is excellent, Olivia.” She put her glass down and looked at her old friend and mentor. “Ah, yes, the problems with…indulgences. Ever had a slave you couldn’t break?”

Belvedere sipped her wine thoughtfully. “Oh yes, if by break you mean fully commit. Why? What is your concern…or should I say…who?”

“You know her, well…” Macgregor spoke quietly.

“Ah, her. The dark beauty. Aquina, yes? Yes, a special one for sure. She won’t submit? She was very obedient with me, and thank you for that.”

“You’re welcome. My pleasure, and I mean that. Oh she  submits like a hot damn. Has done all that I have demanded. No, she is submissive to me to a fault.”

“Well then…?”

Macgregor looked at Belvedere for a long moment and the older woman spoke, “Ah, it is like that is it? You care for her more than a mistress should. Hmmm, what to do?”

“Yes, I’ve got to her, but she’s got to me, too. It’s a Mexican stand-off, or a duel to the death. I should cut her loose, I have doubts that I can win this, even though it seems so close…”


“Exactly; desire is a cruel mistress.”

“A bitch,” Belvedere laughed a throaty laugh. At that moment Maria appeared, bringing her employer a joint. Belvedere drew on it for several seconds, holding the smoke and then releasing it with a satisfied “Aaahhh”.

“Those things are going to kill you, Olivia.”

Belvedere smiled a contented smile back at Macgregor, “Yes, but I’ll go peacefully, good doctor,” and she laughed her throaty laugh again.

The two women sipped their wine, before Belvedere spoke, “You know, people are complex, that’s the challenge, Shareen. One size does not fit all. Does this woman give you pleasure?”

“Yes, absolutely.”

“Then what is it you want, my dear? Are you looking for a wife? You already have a husband.” She paused, a smile on her lips. “The short time I have spent with this lovely woman makes me think this. If you truly break her, you may no longer want her.”

Macgregor smiled ruefully.


Jake sat in his darkened, silent house. Only one light, in the hallway, broke through the gloom. He had his service pistol out as was his habit, loading and unloading it.

“I could just go over there right now. But…” He pondered. He decided he needed more firepower. “A shotgun, that’s the trick. I’ll get a shotgun tomorrow. And I have my combat knife. I’d stick Eric with that, cut him right up the middle. But I’d need to take out Brandon first…” He pointed his gun at the wall.

“Blammm!” he called, again into his empty room.


A few minutes after finishing their wine, Macgregor and Belvedere were walking down the hallway to the front door. Belvedere spoke, “Don’t let it be so long between visits, my dear.” They embraced and held each other for a few moments.

Macgregor broke gently saying, “I’m a little uneasy to ask this, but I must. How’s, uh, business?”

Belvedere laughed her throaty laugh once again. “I know you do not approve, my dear. But consider this. My, business as you call it, brought in twenty million last year. Twenty. My legit businesses, combined, brought in seven. So there you have it.”

“So things are good, I take it?”

“Wel-lll,” Belvedere stroked her nose. “I recently had

a bit of a bother. One of our shipments was actually hit, high-jacked, you see. Can you believe it? Masked men actually took one of my shipments; probably four million in street value. Goddamn I was annoyed.”

“Well, you can’t go to the police can you?”

“No,” Belvedere laughed. “Go ahead. Have your fun. I’m still looking for the scoundrels. This is personal…”

“And when…if, you find them?”

“They’ll wish they hadn’t crossed me.”

Macgregor looked at the woman, and thought that, no, I wouldn’t want to cross her.

As Macgregor opened the door and turned to leave, Belvedere took her elbow, “And about this other thing, we, I mean all of us, struggle with this. Nobody has the answer, but we all ask the question.”

“And that is…?”

“Simple, my dear. What is love?”

And she kissed Macgregor on the cheek.


Friday was usually busy, if there was a party on, but this Friday was more so. Aquina was meeting with Sanders for lunch, he had updates on their investments, plus she wanted to use his plane again as they had more cash for their account.

Also, with tomorrow being the ‘Fourth’, there was a buzz in the air and tonight’s gathering would undoubtedly be in a celebratory mood.

Tonight would also mark the debut of Mary Johnson as one of the ‘party girls’. The rapid success in acquiring the young woman had gone so well Aquina was amazed. After the initial session in Kwong’s office, where the older woman’s expert tongue had given Mary her first ‘outside’ orgasm in five years, each day since had seen a deeper involvement.

The next day progressed to Kwong having Mary give her oral sex; several times throughout the day actually, with the young woman showing enthusiasm throughout. Wednesday night Kwong had taken Mary shopping for clothes, buying some things to keep available in case they wanted to keep her out. They also shopped for some items she would need for her ‘party girl’ role.

Not surprisingly, Mary’s sexual experience was very limited. A high-school boyfriend for two years who had taken her virginity was just about it, and there had not been much intercourse between them even at that.

Complicating things was Mary having issues with birth control pills. As time went on she had simply avoided any male partners in the years after she and her ‘steady’ had broken up. She had not gone out with boys much at all, even just ‘dates’, the last couple of years.

But as Kwong found out, Mary was a very loving person who craved attention, even proposing the suggestion that maybe she could spend a night at Kwong’s. Pamela let her know that Friday night would be spent…together.


Jake had made his decision, buying the Ithaca Model 37 Homeland Security model shotgun and two boxes of ammo. His police credentials moved the process along quickly and he was now heading toward his car, shotgun in a leather case under his arm and a big grin on his face.

Homeland Security Model, he thought and laughed out loud. Perfect.


Sanders rose as Aquina arrived at the table. Claire sat with a large smile on her face as Aquina and Sanders embraced. Aquina then leaned over and kissed Claire’s cheek, while letting her hand rest on the blonde’s. As usual, Sanders had selected a high end restaurant and their lunch was excellent. The man was heading away again soon and wanted to let Aquina know that their investment deal was just about closed.

“I was thinking of offering youse two something before all the dust settled, but the deal has moved quickly and you’re better off just hanging in for a bit longer. You are going to do well.”

Aquina smiled. “How well?”

Sanders laughed out loud. “That’s my girl, always with the details. Hey, I told youse you’d double your dough and that’s for sure. In fact, you’ll do better, Don’t want to give any numbers yet, but soon, and I know you’ll be happy.”

The restaurant wasn’t far from their office, and Sanders had somewhere to be, so Aquina walked Claire back. Claire unlocked the large outer door and they entered into the part that was Claire’s reception area, with a door behind leading to Sanders’ office.

“Expecting anyone this afternoon?” Aquina inquired.

“No, it’s a light day really…”

“Well, then, just leave that ‘Out for Lunch’ sign up a little longer,” Aquina said, gripping Claire’s shoulders and pulling her in. Their lips were on each other in seconds and the clothes were soon flying in a wild scramble. They made love on the carpet right in Claire’s office, occasionally hushing each other’s moans and cries.

“People will think someone’s being murdered in here,” Claire whispered from her position on the floor. They were in a classic sixty-nine, Aquina on top and Claire on the bottom, and Aquina was responding to Claire  burying her face in her pussy.

“Ah God, Claire, what do you, ummmm, expect? Oh fuck that is incredible, what you’re doing back there. Oh God, just a little more, just AAHHHHummmnn…ah, fuuuuckkkk!”

With that, Aquina collapsed onto Claire’s abdomen, her face resting against the blonde girl’s soft and golden pubic hair, feeling intense affection for this woman, even as Shareen Macgregor’s face emerged in her mind.

A while later, resting side by side on the office couch, Aquina stroked her partner’s face, asking “Um, you like sucking Sanders, yes?”

Claire, looking very relaxed, smiled and said, “That’s an odd question or statement or you know, like….”

Aquina laughed, but she had an interest. “And, you seemed to like me watching you.” Claire laughed self-consciously, as Aquina added. “I’m just, learning about you, sweets. You were excited to have me display you to Bobbi, and you like being on your knees with Sanders. Have you ever thought about, I don’t know, anything, like, kinky?”

Claire laughed again, not sure why she didn’t tell Aquina about her…fantasies. It wasn’t like she really had anything to hide.

She remembered suddenly the summer before grade nine, when she and Cindy and Melissa were hanging at a park; Cindy being a true ‘top dog’ at her school. Claire hadn’t really blossomed yet physically, that would happen, and rapidly, in a few months, and she was just getting into tennis, which would become huge for her, so she was excited to be hanging with a very popular girl.

It was late afternoon and the little park they were in was empty but for them. Cindy was eyeing the slim, leggy girl, when she said, “We should have ol’ Claire here entertain us, hey Mel?”

Melissa sniggered, “What’cha thinking Cindy-O?”

“I think our new friend, if she really wants to be our friend, should like entertain us. M’ebbe do a little dance for us.”

Claire, feeling an odd rise of apprehension and excitement, simply sat silently.

“C’mon, Claire, get up and dance, or we’ll put some grass down your undies and wedge you.”

Claire was actually a very good dancer, and with a sigh, she stood and started doing a routine she’d seen on MTV.

“I think she needs those shorts off to get into it, don’t you, Mel.”

Melissa, who was very tall and dark, with her eastern European heritage, stood and looked down into Claire’s eyes. Slowly, feeling again nervous but excited, Claire slid her shorts down.

It was clear the two girls had this planned, as they methodically stripped Claire completely naked and watched as she fondled herself for their amusement, before having her do something she had never done, kiss and then lick a girl’s vagina, as both Cindy and Melissa had her pleasure them.

That night, in her bed, Claire did something else she rarely did; she masturbated.

The situation never went anywhere, Cindy actually ending up going to a different high school.

And now, over ten years later, that afternoon came back to Claire, as she sat looking at Aquina’s beautiful face, and listening as the woman asked her some personal and probing questions.

It was funny, Claire considered, how that day had been buried in her memories; how she hadn’t considered it as being ‘with a woman’. The first night with Aquina, was to her, her ‘first time’. The Cindy and Melissa thing, that was…something else, another part of her.  

“I guess I’m just a cooperative person,” Claire murmured, imagining Aquina tying her up and fucking her, as others watched.  

****                    ****

Aquina had directed Pamela Kwong to bring Mary and her clothes over a little early. They were in Aquina’s den now, both Kwong and Mary naked and on their knees. Aquina motioned them in and both women began to suck the fleshy and slightly swollen lips of Aquina’s pussy, still showing the after-effects of her time with Claire. Aquina did not really need this, but she wanted to establish roles, and to see for herself how compliant Mary Johnson was; she was very satisfied with what she witnessed (and felt).

Dismissing Kwong, who took her clothes, went out and began setting up things for the poker players, Aquina directed Mary in her dressing. She put the girl’s light brown hair in pigtails; gawwd, she looks younger than the others, for shit’s sake, she thought; and then she had the young woman walk around. Aquina explained that she would be fondled or groped a little tonight, but that she was not required to perform any actual sex acts. None.

Mary thanked her and then stood looking a little uncertain. Aquina had the girl come to her and sit on her knee and they kissed briefly. Mary was responsive and becoming aroused, when Aquina broke it off, saying they needed to eat something and that she had to go and get the other girls.

Adam and Anna were now in the kitchen and preparing something; Aquina headed off.


Jake stood in front of his hall mirror, shotgun in his hands. He motioned like he was striking someone with the butt end, then driving the weapon into them, before holding it at hip level, “Bang. Bang!” He shouted, then reached around behind him and grabbed his knife from his belt, striking forward with it, like he was plunging it into someone. “AAAaaaggg!”

He smiled at his reflection. “They’ll pay,” he said quietly.

(End of Chapter 19)

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