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A House of Slaves by LongDarkRoad Chapter 20 To Be A Slave

A House of Slaves By LongDarkRoad

Chapter 20 To Be A Slave (A Good and Lovely Girl)

“Macgregor here.”

“Hi. It’s Arlana. Just updating you for Monday. I think I have everything we talked about, it’s going to be very…complete.”

“You’ve got those fellows I suggested.”

“Yes, booked all of them, my lord,” she chuckled. “So, there will be eight ladies, counting us, from our group. I suggest we come here, at my place, downstairs. That will be the most convenient I think. Everything we need is here.”

“Excellent. Sounds great. Call if anything comes up, otherwise I’ll see you Monday afternoon.”

“Fine, see you then.”

After ending that call, Macgregor texted Aquina. “Slut-Slave. Be at Arlana Jarvais’s house Monday at one PM. Do not be late. Mistress S.”

Aquina registered the familiar jolt of excitement as she read this, before texting, ‘Yes, Mistress. I will be there. Your Slut-Slave.’


It was quite the full house Friday night, now with four party girls, as well as Kate, in her much more limited role, and Anna (who was essentially Adam’s). One poker game occupied five players, Ed Alston and his brother alternated between the Foosball and darts, Kevin had brought in a keg, so they had draft. The pinball machine was popular again, and Heather did her strip routine to warm applause, even from the girls.

By one AM, everything was wrapped up. Kevin had gone downstairs and Mindi had followed him. Adam and Anna were in one main floor bedroom, and Aquina had Kwong and Mary stay in the other. Eric and Kate took Heather and Bobbi back to ‘the apartment’; and then they went back to Kevin’s old place, now Eric’s. Brandon of course had his own room.

A full house and a good night, with several interesting bits of gossip popping up: a DA with a gambling problem, and an ADA with a preference for ‘professional discipline’; a discussion about redevelopment in a part of the city many had thought was dead; apparently (Pam’s insiders insisted) not; all good stuff.

As Aquina turned off the lights, she felt that things were coming together. Next week she’d make another Cayman Islands’ run and maybe Sanders would know then what their investment with him was worth. And Jake was just about gone; he had told Brandon that he had signed the papers.

Yes, it seemed to be all coming together. And Monday, her Mistress had a special session planned for her.


(Northville, late May 2010)

Brandon Park and Jake Tucker were driving around the streets of Northville, looking for action, or trouble, or whatever. Their senior year was winding down and they both knew they would be leaving their ‘school days’ behind soon in a few weeks.

Tonight they had Mr. Park’s BMW (his older one, 2008) and they were having fun gunning it up and down the main drags. They were not too concerned about cops; Park’s dad had a lot of influence in this place.

Talk turned, as it did with them, to the night they had assaulted the quarterback of their rival football team; the talk then continued, as it often did, to how great that had been and wouldn’t that be great to do again; but this time with a girl (or girls).

They had no particular girl in mind, and secretly they both were very uneasy about jail; which had halted their plans a couple of times; but the tantalizing prospect drew them back again and again. Tonight, they had had just enough to drink to make them braver and more reckless.

Turning off a main road and heading briefly down a residential street, Tucker tapped Park’s arm and motioned down the street. Park saw them, two girls, seniors from their school, walking along side by side. They drove past and Tucker looked back. “It’s Wanda Banik and Jayla Uba,” he announced.

“How do you know their names?” Brandon asked, turning the car around.

Jake laughed. “I know stuff. They’re in our grade, for fuck’s sake, Brand. You should maybe check out our girls a little, rather than hanging out with your ‘older’ friends.” They both laughed, Jake continued as they approached the two. “That Jayla is a cock-tease. Thinks she’s super-hot; we should have some fun with them.”

Park smiled. He knew it was not a good idea; and he never had any problems getting girls for himself; but the idea of forcing one had intrigued him for a long time. He still masturbated to images of him and Jake fucking that black guy’s ass and making him beg.

Park pulled over and waited. “Let them get past the houses to that little park area,” he said, and Jake nodded, quietly exiting the car. As the two girls walked along talking, they didn’t notice Tucker coming silently behind them, but they did see Brandon Park heading toward them.

Park was a very big deal in their high school; sports and everything; his parents had money, and he somehow seemed older. In his hand, Park carried the bottle of bourbon he and Tucker had been drinking; there was a little more than a third left. He stopped in front of the two girls, Wanda was the shorter of the two, maybe five-three; a little stocky with ample hips and substantial breasts.

Jayla was a taller (five-eight) ‘black’ (they called her, although she was actually mixed race) athletic girl with long legs and a slim body, that included attractive perky breasts and a beautiful round ass, displayed magnificently now in tight blue jogging pants.

“Good evening, ladies,” Brandon announced, bowing before them. Both girls giggled and bumped into each other. “So where are you off to?” Just then they noticed Tucker behind them, and a sliver of concern ran down the backs of both girls. 

“Oh, nowhere, really,” Wanda answered looking from one to the other, a smile still on her face.

“Yeah,” Jayla chimed in, “just going back to Wanda’s.”

“Very good, very good,” Brandon responded in a bad French accent, and then he laughed. “Come and join us then, your reserved seating is over here.” Brandon waved his arm and the bottle toward a bench in the park, maybe twenty yards away.

“Thanks, but I think we should be…” Jayla began, but Brandon cut her off, and Jake assisted by nudging them toward the spot from behind.

“Nonsense, nonsense. We need a couple of beautiful girls to share our drink with. Come on, come on.”

Both girls felt uneasy about this but with Brandon encouraging and Jake herding them they made their way to the bench; Wanda, Jayla and Jake sitting, Brandon standing, his large, imposing frame shielding them from view.

“Okay, a toast to our new friendship.” And Brandon held the bottle to Wanda’s lips.

“I don’t think…”

“Hey,” And Brandon’s tone changed. “We’re being nice to a couple of young ladies, and you’re being annoying. Now, get fucking with it…before we get…annoyed,” he chuckled.

Both girls were now officially scared, and not wanting to provoke these two large boys, well, men. Playing along seemed the best option, so Wanda opened her mouth and Brandon poured in some of the golden brown liquid.

Not used to straight alcohol, Wanda choked and Brandon warned her, “Hey, don’t waste any of that; it’s expensive stuff.” He placed the bottle under Jayla’s soft, full lips. Fuck they look nice, he thought to himself. For her part, Jayla looked like she might cry, but she wasn’t going to let these two bullies see that.

Reluctantly she opened her mouth a bit. Jake put a large thumb on her jaw, and pried her mouth open wider, as Brandon poured in a stiff shot. Jayla choked too, but kept the liquor down. Brandon put the bottle back to Wanda, who shook her head.

“One more drink and I won’t bother you.”

“Okay,” she said in a small voice, surprised that the first large swallow was already hitting her. She took another, coughed slightly and then sat up. Jayla took her second swallow.

“Good,” Brandon said in a soothing voice. “Now, let’s have a little fun.”

With that, Brandon turned Wanda and Jayla so they were facing each other, one foot on the bench, one foot on the ground. “Okay, you two are friends, we want to see you being friendly.”

“Wh–what do you, uh, mean?”

“He means, Wanda, give Jayla a kiss and get fucking going,” Jake snarled, taking out a hunting knife from inside his jacket.

Now both girls looked like they might cry. Brandon continued, his voice calm in contrast with Jake’s threats. “Now, now girls. We could make you do things, we could hurt you, a lot. We could make one of you watch while we hurt the other one, real bad. But we’re nice guys; we don’t do things that way. So just go along and everyone will go home…nice and safe.”

Jayla was staring at the ground; Wanda was pondering. What was the harm? She didn’t want these guys to decide to hurt them. Wanda’s parents were barely middle-class; immigrants trying to make it in America. Her mom spoke little English, her dad worked long hours to get by. Jayla’s mom was a single parent who worked double shifts, as a waitress and in a warehouse. What could they do against Brandon’s dad? And what if these guys actually decided to hurt them…or…kill them??

Wanda leaned over and lifted Jayla’s face, kissing her on her lips. It was, strangely to her mind, not gross at all but very pleasant. Jayla’s lips were lovely, she smelled nice, she was her friend and she liked her. This doesn’t make me a lesbian, Wanda told herself as she leaned in for a second kiss, Jayla responding this time.

“All right! Dat’s what we’re talkin’ ‘bout.” Brandon said, this time in a ‘black’ street accent as he strutted back and forth.

“Yeah baby,” Jake laughed, then focused back on the girls. “Take off your fucking hoodies, it’s warm. You don’t need them,” Jake ordered. Wanda and Jayla looked at each other, fear showing clearly in their eyes. Wanda nodded, and both girls pulled their hoodies over their heads.

Brandon put the bottle back to Wanda’s lips, “You said only one more,” she protested.

“Yeah, well I changed my mind, the party’s just gettin’ going and you two need to loosen up. Drink.”

Wanda swallowed down another mouthful, as did Jayla in her turn. Both girls had only Tee shirts on and the cool night air was causing their nipples to quickly jut out against their bras. Brandon moved his hand under the back of Wanda’s shirt and she gasped, “Please…” she said in a small voice.

“Settle down Wanda-girl, you’re not being hurt,” Brandon cautioned her as he unhooked her bra.

Jake’s hand went up Jayla’s shirt and she brought her hands together in front of her saying, “No, please…don’t do this.”

Jake leaned in close to her and she shut her eyes. “Shut up,” he said simply, then looked at Brandon, who nodded. Jake now held his knife under Jayla’s chin.

“Oh, please, please…” She pleaded and Wanda put her hands in front of her face.

“Okay Wanda, do you want that knife to go away?”

“Oh, yes, yes. Please.”

“Okay, take off your bra and Jayla’s and the knife is gone.”

Tears had begun leaking from the corners of Jayla’s eyes as Wanda pulled first her bra and then Jayla’s out from under their shirts.

Both girls were trembling, and their heads were spinning. It was like they were watching a movie. Brandon placed Wanda’s hands behind her head telling her to keep them there, and slowly lifted up her shirt, exposing her plump round breasts, their pink nipples poking out emphatically.

“Well, lookit’ that ol’ Jaker. Them titties is all excited,” Brandon joked in a hillbilly accent. Jake just laughed, throwing his head back. Jayla had her eyes screwed tightly shut.

“Open your eyes, Jayla,” Brandon spoke softly, stroking her face, and then holding his hand out to Jake, who handed him the knife. “Okay, time for a decision. One, you can suck your friend’s lovely, hard nipples or,” and he held the knife blade directly beneath one nipple, Wanda shaking now like the proverbial leaf, “I can cut it off. What’s it to be?”

“Pl-please…” Jayla said in a voice just barely above a whisper.

“What’s it to be, Jayla?” Jake gave her head a nudge from behind, and she moved forward and began to cautiously suck one nipple. Jake slipped his hand under her shirt and around, gripping one of her nipples, and Jayla jumped.

“Start licking like you mean it or I’ll squeeze this one ‘til you scream.” Jayla now leaned in and began sucking in earnest. With Brandon directing her, she thoroughly licked and sucked both breasts, Brandon taking shots of the action on his cell phone.

Jake then roughly lifted Jayla’s shirt off, and she covered her breasts with her arms. Brandon pulled Wanda’s off as well and had her stand up.

As she whimpered, he then unzipped her jeans and pulled them down and off, along with her panties, which Wanda tried in vain to hold on to, until Brandon slapped her hand. Jake meanwhile had pushed Jayla down onto the grass and had her on her hands and knees, tears now running from her face and falling to the grass. He pulled her stretch pants off and then she curled up in a fetal position, hands on her panties. Jake slipped the knife under one side and slit the material, rolled Jayla over and slit the other, and then pulled the cut garment off the girl.

Lifting her by her hair, Jake positioned Jayla beside Wanda and both girls were made to stand with their feet apart and their hands behind their heads as both Jake and Brandon took photos with their cell phones.

Wanda was put on all fours, and then with her head down to the grass while Jayla was positioned at her hips and made to spread Wanda’s ass cheeks wide apart. Wanda then was forced to do the same to Jayla. The two girls were then placed in a sixty-nine position, Wanda on the bottom. Some threats with the knife and some sharp, hard slaps had the two girls licking each other’s vaginas, Jake and Brandon now recording all this on both their phones.

Then both girls were placed on their knees and Brandon forced his cock into Wanda’s mouth while Jake did the same to Jayla. After four or five minutes, they traded girls. Next they had both girls lick and suck Brandon’s cock at the same time; and then give the same treatment to Jake.

Brandon rummaged through Wanda’s little hand bag and found her birth control pills. Jayla carried no purse or bag. When Brandon held the plastic holder up to Jayla she whimpered. “I–I’m a virgin.”

They made Jayla watch while first Brandon then Jake fucked Wanda. On the ground, legs spread wide; on her knees doggy style; lying on the bench and then cowgirl style as Wanda rode first one then the other’s cocks. Neither came in this girl however, they had other plans.

Jayla was now placed on her knees with Wanda stretching her asshole as wide as possible. Jake, who had the smaller of the two cocks, forced his member into Jayla’s ass, pounding her savagely and coming in her within a couple of minutes.

Brandon then put his slightly larger erection into her now lubricated back entrance. As he was fucking Jayla, he instructed Wanda to hold Jayla’s leg up so Jake could get a shot of his cock in her tight brown hole.

After coming in her ass, Brandon forced Jayla’s head around and had her suck his cock clean.

Both girls, now looking bewildered, were allowed to dress and sit on the bench, as they were showed all the photos and video that had been made. Both girls were then given a choice; beg on their knees or have the images put on the internet.

Their pleas were to be spoken in a certain way.

It took a couple of tries, but first one, then the other girl, went to her knees and said, “Please, my master, do not show the world what a fucking slut I am. I promise to do as you wish.”

The girls were then taken back to Brandon’s place (his parents being in Europe) and made to shower completely. More nude photos were taken of them, now in a different setting. The girls were then driven back to the park and told not to make any plans for next Friday night.


Brandon didn’t know why that particular memory came back to him tonight, as he lay on his bed. Maybe it was the exchange he had had with Jake earlier in the day.

Jake; that nasty, old son of a bitch.

But was he really any better?


Most days start with a similarity, nothing to distinguish them from others. But there are some days that, when you look back on them, you know that after that day, things were not the same.

Aquina rose on Monday, looking forward to her session and making plans for her trip. She checked her video feed from Kwong’s office and smiled as both women displayed themselves for her. Kwong had thanked her profusely Saturday morning for having her and Mary spend the night together. Despite the age difference, they were very compatible sexually, and Kwong asked if Aquina would allow Mary to move in with her.

“Perhaps,” Aquina had replied, thinking that could work. Then she got busy with planning for her trip.


Brad Smithfield waited in his unmarked car near the ‘Fat Boys’ restaurant. His long-time informant ‘Mark’ had offered some info he had been holding in exchange for helping him with a little problem with an unregistered handgun.

Smithfield had worked in vice and homicide over the years before going over to IA two years ago. He didn’t like the idea of making life more difficult for officers, but he knew the force had its share of bad apples, and that hurt everyone. He’d been watching Dzyuba’s squad for eight months now and knew there was rot in there; probably starting with Dzyuba himself, although so far there was nothing concrete. Maybe today. Maybe Mark, who was coming up the street toward him, would actually have something useful.


One o’clock, and Aquina, who had been waiting in her car for ten minutes, paced up the walk to Jarvais’s front door (not the side this time, she had been instructed). Bella welcomed her in; she stripped as required and Treena, cold as ever, took her away, giving her three enemas today. “’Dey want you nice and clean, beetch,” she had purred into Aquina’s ear.

Treena handed her a new collar that read, ‘Slave – Slut – Bitch’. She put it on and waited. Treena fastened her hands behind her and attached a leach, leading her outside onto the grassy back area. “Piss,” Treena commanded her, an odd smirk on her face. Aquina squatted down on the grass; the area was surrounded by trees, etcetera but it was still strange to be urinating in the open, in front of this girl.

After a few moments a flow started, watched by Treena who, when Aquina finished, then led her over to a large metal dog crate, which she was put into; the young, unpleasant woman then left.


‘Mark’ and Smithfield both leaned against the bricks of the building in the alley. They had agreed that if Mark’s info was of value, the possession charge would go away for good.

“So, what is it?” Smithfield asked, putting a stick of gum in his mouth.

“Well, it was a couple of months back. We were busted by some cops. Three of them. They took some of our cash, I know ‘cause I saw them. They didn’t take it all. They took some, and some of the dope, and then they called it in. One dude was passed out in a chair, so they let the rest of us go and held him.

“Did any of these cops have names?” Smithfield asked, thinking this could just be the usual run-around.

“I didn’t hear names.” Smithfield smiled and thought, Surprise, surprise. “But I got better.”

“Yeah?” Smithfield looked at Mark, “Like…?”

“Like a picture.” Mark produced his cell phone. The picture was dark, and taken pointing up, but there was clearly a cop, badge visible in the picture. And most of his face was visible, too.

Hmmmm, Smithfield considered, I think I know that guy.

The face was definitely familiar.                    ****

It was a long while before Aquina, her arms now stiff from confinement, her knees tired of kneeling, saw the form of the assistant returning. Treena opened the crate and let Aquina out. After untying her hands and tying them in front this time, she led the captive across the yard and into the house.

Aquina managed to catch a glimpse of a hall clock as she was led down a hallway (it was three) and then down a flight of stairs. As they moved farther in, the sound of voices drifted to them.

Aquina was led into a room with wood panelling on all the walls. There was a wet bar at one end, and in the middle a group of chairs had been arranged in a circle; eight chairs and eight women, among them Shareen Macgregor and Alana Jarvais.

The ‘B & D Group’, as they jokingly referred to themselves; a group of successful and (mostly) wealthy women. Macgregor made the group because of her connections and background. She had been a dominatrix for several years and was initially a consultant for the group. Now she was a member; and today her slave would be the show.

As Aquina was led in there were shouts and comments directed her way. The women were all drinking something; and it appeared they had been for a little while. They were in a festive mood. Aquina was led around the circle by Treena, and as she moved the women took the opportunity to slap her ass or grab and twist a breast. They were not gentle.

After making a round that gave every woman a chance to strike her, Aquina was brought to the center of the circle and put on her knees. Arlana Jarvais rose and approached the kneeling woman to shouts of encouragement, like she was going into battle or something. Jarvais produced, with a flourish, a black marker, which she held up, greeted by cheers. She turned and wrote the word ‘SLUT’ across Aquina’s forehead; more cheers.

She pulled Aquina down to all fours and wrote ‘BITCH’ on her back. Still more cheering; Aquina heard someone comment, “Very appropriate,” to laughter. Jarvais forced Aquina’s head down to the tiled floor, then wrote ‘USE ME’ across her ass, which prompted even more cheers, several saying “We will, no worries,” to more laughter.

Aquina was then brought back to a kneeling positions and Treena forced a rubber-bound frame into her mouth, which prevented it from closing. Jarvais then dropped her dress (more cheers of course) and squatted over Aquina; holding her by her glossy curls, she urinated directly into Aquina’s mouth. She had clearly done this before, as she knew how to adjust the angle of the flow so that Aquina would be forced to drink some.

When she finished, Jarvais roughly rubbed her crotch into Aquina’s face, using both hands and actually banging the face into her crotch. Another woman, early forties (the women were all white, early forties to mid-fifties, dressed in expensive clothes, coiffed and well-manicured) came to Jarvais and together they lifted Aquina up, again untying and re-tying her hands so that she was now hanging from a ceiling hook, stretched tall, standing on her toes.

To cheers, Aquina now saw a very large and naked black man enter. His penis was not erect, but it hung, a chrome-ring around its base, in a threatening manner below a chiselled set of stomach abs and massive pectoral muscles. The man’s skin had been oiled and he glistened in the light. In one hand he carried a leather flogger and in the other a paddle.

He walked slowly around Aquina, sizing her up, and then he struck. Using both implements, one after the other, over the next fifteen minutes (to the rousing cheers of the group) the man whipped Aquina from her shoulders to her calves on the back and all across her front and paddled her buttocks.

It was not particularly painful, as whippings go (Aquina had had worse), but it was thorough and covered Aquina’s entire body, with special attention of course to her ass, breasts and pubic area.

Once finished the whipping, the man lowered his victim down and placed his semi-erect penis in her mouth. Working Aquina’s head back and forth on his cock, it soon hardened and grew to a substantial nine inches, making Aquina gag as he stabbed it to her throat.

The woman were into it now, chanting in unison.

It could have been a football game, except for the nature of the cheer.

“Fuck the Whore. Fuck the Whore. Fuck, fuck, fuck, the whore…”

(End of Chapter 20)  

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