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A House of Slaves by LongDarkRoad Chapter 23 So Much Older Then

A House of Slaves 

Chapter 23 So Much Older Then (Temptation is a bitch)

“Ah-hah,” Smithfield exclaimed, poring over one of the reports from the bust heists of the ‘Park Gang’, as he now called them. In an interview with a new recruit that had been buried and forgotten under other interviews, one of the two arrested men stated for the record that he thought they had about twenty-five thousand in cash and two boxes of pills, various.

The arrest record turned in by the boys was clear: eighteen thousand and one box of pills. But on closer examination, the pills weren’t ‘various’; they were very specific: Fentanyl and Rohypnol, in bags. The reason Smithfield remembered this was that the Fentanyl in pills was powerful and there were a couple of deaths which brought this particular situation to everyone’s attention.

Following up on a tip (everyone was working their sources like crazy) a low-level dealer was caught with; a box of pills; Fentanyl and Rohypnol. Now, if the dosages of the Fentanyl were the same as the Park bust, then things would get very interesting, especially if that busted dealer would talk.


Aquina had avoided seeing Claire (her trip explained some of her absence) for she had not wanted her to see her bruised condition. Aquina had been coming up with excuses, but tonight she decided it was time to bring her blonde lover farther into her world, and that included knowing Aquina’s…‘interests’. 

“Aquina!” Claire exclaimed, answering the call, her voice as always youthful-sounding and excited.

“Claire, I’ve missed your voice.”

And the two chatted amicably for several minutes, with it decided that Sunday they would get together and Aquina would bring her to the house. They said goodbyes with much fondness, although Claire hid her disappointment at not seeing Aquina tonight.


The party nights had been a hit from the first, and Saturday was no exception. People enjoyed themselves, no one lost a lot of dough, Kate and Anna had found roles as ‘hostesses’; the group of Heather, Mindi, Bobbi and now Mary were groped and fondled but no one got overly aggressive.

And no one missed Jake, or Dzyuba for that matter, although Brandon did make the point that he still had his uses and should likely be included next time. Aquina agreed, reluctantly.

The evening was ending, but Eric and Kevin were now debating the merits of buying a pool table; they had the space set aside after all, and that is where Aquina left them, to argue the pros and cons. Aquina then joined Adam and Anna as they made their way to ‘their’ room. She had something for Anna; Adam was a little concerned with it at first, but then saw the merit.

It was Aquina’s .22 caliber pistol, her ‘Deuce Deuce’ as she called it, and she wanted Anna to have it. She still didn’t trust Jake and believed protection was valuable. She spent a few minutes going over firing etcetera, but Jake had made Anna handle his service handgun so often she took to the little gun very well.

Aquina went to bed thinking of tomorrow’s visit with Claire. She regarded her bruised pubic area; she had allowed her dark, curly pubic hair to begin to grow back; but the bruises were still alarming. Oh well, she would give Claire the whole deal; she had had enough with secrets. As her fingers traced the tattoo word ‘slave’, she shook her head, memories rising like ghosts to haunt her.


Jake looked down at the terrified woman on the floor before him; a hooker he had picked up earlier that night. He had driven around for over an hour until he saw one that fit his needs; she looked a lot like Anna; short; dark.

Jake had been careful to pick her up in an isolated area; one with no cameras and not a lot of activity.

After having her clean his boots thoroughly for half an hour with her tongue, he now had her with her legs spread on the ground before him. His loaded Glock was pushed into her vagina, and he was making her beg for her life.

Jake sipped his beer, finished it and added it to the four empties on the table, as he opened another. He was pretty sure he was going to kill this woman, he just needed to decide on how. But for now, he needed to piss.

“Open your mouth, fucking whore,” he barked.

“P-pl-please, sir. Please. Don’t do this. I…”

Jake’s huge paw of a hand hit the woman and sent her sprawling. “I told you to fucking shut up; just how fucking stupid are you? Now open your Goddamn mouth and get on your knees.”

The woman opened her mouth and closed her eyes, as Jake unzipped his fly.


Claire and Aquina stood side by side in the living area of the house, surveying the ‘boy toys’. “Is that a…stripper’s stage?” Claire asked, with a nod and wonder in her voice. Stripping was actually one of her fantasies, but something else she had shared with no one. For a moment, pushing down her excitement, she remembered again that afternoon long ago with Cindy and Melissa. She imagined herself on the stage and smiled.

“Yep, it’s a big male fantasy, babe; and we have one party girl who has stripped professionally and is very good.”

Claire gave a thumbs-up. “Wow, this really is a man-cave. Although even I could go for those flat screens; they’d be great for movies.” Or watching porn; Claire pondered with a smile to herself, considering the whole new world of sexuality she hadn’t thought about before.

Why hadn’t she shared this, interest, with Aquina yet, she wondered? She really had no excuse now.

Aquina laughed, “I wouldn’t know about movies, all we’ve ever watched on these suckers is sports.”

They then sat in the kitchen nook area and had coffee as various residents arose, entered and were introduced. Brandon looked with great interest at Claire, and then back at Aquina, understanding showing in his face.

In time, the ‘traffic’ slowed and Aquina took Claire up to her den/bedroom. As Claire embraced her and began responding to the kisses, Aquina gently directed her to a chair, saying “I need to talk to you a little. There are some things I want to tell you, things I want you to know.”

Then, in a quiet and steady stream, Aquina related her relationship with Harriet Smith and the beginning of her need for submissiveness; and how she had played both roles effectively over the years, dominant and sub, depending on the situation; but that from time to time her desire had led her into mistress/slave pairings with her as the slave; it was a need. She then told Claire about Shareen Macgregor, ending with what had happened recently.

Claire’s face held emotions from wonder to concern to alarm to interest, sometimes great interest, as she listened.

“But now,” Aquina said, kneeling in front of Claire and holding her face in both hands, “Now, I want to work on being with you.”

They embraced for several minutes. With her face against the other’s, Claire asked quietly. “Is this why you never wanted to do anything else with like, me; I mean, after that first afternoon with Bobbi? Because you are a, um, what, a slave?”

Why the thought of dominating Claire bothered her, or why she resisted it, Aquina didn’t know. It was like two sides of a coin, only she was the coin.


Jake pressed the duct tape down over the woman’s mouth. He had brought her down to the basement, into the room he had used with Anna quite often. He had a mattress on the floor with hooks he had put in the corners, allowing him to tie Anna in a spread-eagle fashion, which was how he had tied the woman now. He regarded her slim body, tattooed and pierced in several places.

He gripped a small labia ring and pulled it, causing the woman to wince and move her hips, with Jake responding by slapping her face. She had two silver nipple rings as well. Jake tugged on these and the woman closed her eyes and lay still.

“You dumb bitches play right into our hands; rings through your tits; great. Love it. Look what I can do to you.” And Jake tugged the rings up, pulling the woman’s nipples and stretching them, causing much discomfort; the woman’s eyes popped open. Jake looked at them; they held fear…maybe even terror.

Good, Jake thought, she should be terrified.


An hour after Claire had left, ‘to think things over’, the doorbell chimed, and Aquina thought it was Claire returning, but was amazed to see Shareen Macgregor standing on the landing. Her initial response was surprise, and then, strangely, no dislike or awkwardness, as she forced down her desire to kneel.

She invited Macgregor in without any drama and they went up to her room as the living room was now crowded with ‘the boys and girls’. Macgregor sat again in the same chair she had sat in the day Aquina had promised her an hour of ‘service’. What has happened since then, Aquina pondered briefly, then forced herself to focus on the present.

“I see you are…moving around much better,” Macgregor remarked, conversationally.

Aquina, now feeling an odd mix of emotions, as that voice caressed her, smiled and replied cordially, “Yes, it’s much improved. Um, thank you for the pills, by the way. They really helped.”

Now an awkward pause finally emerged, the two women just sitting. Macgregor was fussing with her hands, a nervous habit, so Aquina spoke. “I am…surprised you have come to see me.”

Macgregor looked at her now with that same sad look she had before, the last time they spoke.

“I…um, I thought about coming to see you the next day, and the day after that; then I remembered you mentioning you were going away for a quick trip, and now…I needed to see you Aquina. I understand if you just tell me to…well, fuck off. I hope you won’t. I don’t think you will.” She paused now, perhaps watching for a reaction.

Aquina located her cigarillos and lit one; her own nervous habit. Macgregor smiled and mouthed ‘Tut tut’ as Aquina inhaled. The tension seemed to break.

“I don’t hate you, mmm, um, Shareen. I’m not even angry at you. That has all gone. I don’t know what there is, now, or what you want from me. Or what I want. I need…time, I guess,” she sighed, her gaze to the floor.

Macgregor studied the other, contemplating. “I felt guilt, you need to know that. I even had Mrs. B punish me, not for what was done to you but that I wasn’t strong enough to protect you. I should have intervened, at some point. I didn’t, and I was angry and disappointed in myself. I have left Jarvais’s group.”

They sat in silence for a long while. “And now you need to assess.” Aquina looked up, then down again. “You are a pathetic slave; I know you realize that.” Macgregor stood and regarded Aquina, who looked away again; that would likely never change; this woman was superior to her; that was her reality. “We are bound together, slave, but you need to decide, no one can do that for you. What happened to you was nasty, I admit that, but that really doesn’t change anything…important.”

Macgregor headed toward the door, stopping and bending down to kiss her slave. Aquina, her mind in turmoil, opened her mouth to accept the probing tongue, and then sat breathing heavily as Macgregor softly kissed her face and throat, then looked into her face.

Fingers trembling, Aquina slipped her blouse and bra off and lifted both breasts for Macgregor to kiss and suck, moaning softly. She then slid slowly down, and from her knees undid Macgregor’s slacks, and pulled them and the thong down as well, kissing the soft thighs before tenderly kissing the familiar, tight, pinkish labia, and moaning more, loving the woman’s scent, with Macgregor’s hands in her hair.

When Macgregor left fifteen minutes later, Aquina marvelled at the feeling of peace now within her, as she thought of both Macgregor and Claire. Was she a fool?

Or was she, she considered, actually a blessed woman?

In a moment her cell chimed a message. “Slave,” it read, “you belong to me and that is simply the way it is; but take your time. I am sorry for what happened to you. I am. But you are what you are. And you know how to find me.”

Aquina read the message and closed her eyes; life was never easy, she considered, as she sat, still naked.


It was nearly nine, but there was still light out, and Jake was able to make out the area he had selected quite well. It was off a minor road, and was not near any habitation of any kind; there was a grove of trees and some bush; it was very doubtful anyone would be nosing around here. He carried the body of the woman wrapped in a rug. There was no blood, so he would take the carpet back, he decided, as he tossed the body into the underbrush.

Just like garbage, he thought, trudging back to his Jeep.


It was now almost nine-thirty when Aquina’s phone lit up; a message from Claire. Aquina lifted the device up with both anticipation and trepidation.

“I’m outside. Didn’t want to ring your bell,” was the simple message, and Aquina slipped on her slacks and blouse and hurried down to open the door. Claire was standing, looking uncertain.

“Come in, come in, you.” When Claire entered, Aquina hustled here up to her room, tossing her light jacket on the bed and gripping her in a warm embrace. Then she covered Claire’s mouth completely, absolutely, with her own, sucking her lips and tongue into her mouth as if she wanted to devour them. In a few minutes she had her face buried between Claire’s thighs as the woman moaned softly.

For her part, Claire was remembering some of the things that Aquina had shared with her; the things she had done in submission. “Do you have any video of you being used as a slave?” She quietly asked later as they lay together.

Aquina raised her head and looked at her companion. “Why, sweets?”

Claire smiled, looking young. “I’d like to watch, A,” she said, simply and truthfully.  


Tuesday night, and Jake was reviewing his plans. In the front door and take out whomever he met first. It was important that he get Anna and Aquina alive; he wanted that traitor Brandon and that faggy, little, cunt lawyer to watch, so he would need to take out or control the others. He could wait until the weekend, and really have a turkey shoot, but that could be too many bodies to handle.

It wasn’t enough to kill these bitches, he needed to make a statement and he wanted an audience. He had enjoyed killing the hooker on Sunday, deciding in the end to strangle her, which allowed him the chance to actually watch her die. To see the life leave her eyes. He masturbated on her face afterwards, only to regret that because of possible DNA. He had poured some bleach on her then, which was not a bad idea anyway, he had reasoned.

Somewhere in his mind, Jake realized that his own death would likely be part of the equation, unless he eliminated every witness; but there was a good chance evidence would lead back to him. He was okay with dying, but he needed it to be right.

He could go over there right now; that thought actually got his heart racing, but he wasn’t ready. The woman on Sunday had whet his appetite; he had gloried in the control, the incredible thought of deciding on life or death. He wanted more of that, but not another hooker; that didn’t excite him anymore.

He did know what he wanted, however, even before he nabbed that woman off the street. Several days before he had seen a couple in the Walgren’s; he was a stupid little dink of a man but the woman was quite nice looking. They were holding hands as they shopped, and stopping every now and then for a kiss. Fuck!

Jake, thinking he might puke at the disgusting behavior, had followed them, got their licence number, ran it and got their address. He had actually driven there on Sunday but decided to try for an easier target, like a street walker, first. He took out his wallet and found the slip of paper with the address. Then he went and got his guns; he now took his shotgun with him everywhere. He went out to his Jeep.

He was ready.


Mrs. B. took the phone that Maria had answered. She still preferred land line phones over cells for ‘polite conversation’. However, after answering, her tone changed. She waited until Maria was down the hall, “Why are you calling me at this number?” she asked, her voice containing an unpleasant edge.

“Sorry,” the male voice on the other end replied, “just thought you’d want this info.”

“Yes, yes, go on, you have my attention now.”

“Yeah, well I think drugs from your shipment are turning up here in New York, but not with our regular dealers. Others. I gotta believe this extra is from our hi-jacked shipment. I’m following up some tips; we might still find those bastards.”

Belvedere smiled. She didn’t care so much about the lost money; she could handle that; she cared about the principle of the thing. You have to maintain control; that was the thing, always.

“Keep me informed, but send me another burner and use that. Are we clear?”

“We’re clear, Mrs. Carruthers.”  


The man was on his knees, fighting for his breath. The woman was on her knees too, crying and pleading. “Please, don’t hurt him, please stop. Wh-what do you want?”

“I want you to follow orders,” Jake said in a calm voice. He felt immense, towering over these two. It had been so easy coming in, taking over. He was in complete control. “Who’s that?” Jake asked, pointing to a picture on a table, showing the man and the woman and a girl.

“Th-that’s our, our d-daughter. She, she’s at college. P-please, tell us what you want.”

Jake picked the woman up by the hair and her husband made a desperate attempt to grab Jake’s leg. Only to receive a vicious kick in the ribs that left him rolling in agony.

“Are you going to do what you’re told?” Jake asked the woman.

“Ye-yes. Yes, please, stop.”

“Okay, but every time you are slow or make me wait, he gets hurt, and then you get hurt. Okay?”

The woman nodded her head and Jake instructed her to take off her husband’s clothes. She hesitated for a moment and Jake moved to deliver another kick and she sprang to action, stripping her husband, helping him into a chair and tying his hands as Jake watched.

Jake had had her find some rope and she had found some that was quite thin. He watched now as the woman tied off her husband’s testicles; to Jake’s specification, and then completely taped over his mouth.

She then began to suck her husband’s cock as Jake watched. When the husband finally sported an erection of sorts, his eyes filled with pain, hatred and tears, Jake had the woman undress and crawl back to him. He whispered in her ear, explaining what he would do if she did not follow his directions exactly.

With shaking hands and tears streaking down her face, the woman unzipped Jake’s pants and pulled out his cock and began sucking it, directly in front of her bound husband, who closed his eyes. Jake stood and leaned forward, then slapped the husband across the face, before putting his hands around the woman’s throat.

“You close your eyes again asshole and she pays. Got it.”

The man nodded his head, his face purple with rage, the veins standing out on his neck. Jake had the woman continue sucking him; he had gotten hard and felt confident. He turned the woman around and began vigorously fucking her dog-style, occasionally pulling her head back and slapping her ass. Then he paused, turning the woman so she looked at her husband.

“That’s quite the boner your hubby has there,” Jake noted with a laugh; the husband’s erection was now standing straight up. “I think he likes seeing you being fucked.” Jake leaned down and whispered to the woman, then began fucking her again.

“Oh, oh God. Fuck me, M-master. Fuck me like a hw-whore,” the woman whimpered, half-heartedly. Jake pounded her some more, then pulled out. He didn’t want this to end just now. He lifted the woman and made her lead him to the bedroom.

“Okay, tell me where you keep your sex toys,” Jake demanded.

“I–I don’t have…um, such things,” the woman stammered looking anywhere but at the hulking menace in front of her. Jake saw something in her face and persisted.

“Okay, I’ll look then, Sweetie, but if I find anything I am going to put a bullet in hubby, deal?”

The woman looked up, horror on her face. “Please, wait…”

“Okay then. Show me now, stupid bitch.”

The woman led him to a chest of drawers and directed him to one, which he opened. “At the bottom, under the s-sweaters,” she stammered, and Jake retrieved a smallish pink and a slightly larger flesh-colored dildo.

“Stupid hubby doesn’t know about these, does he?” Jake asked, a leer on his round face.

The woman just looked down, shaking and moving her head side to side.

“Perfect,” Jake declared, a large grin now on that face. He couldn’t remember the last time he had felt this good; maybe high school with the two girls.


Meredith Delmare looked at the text from home; now twenty-one, her parents didn’t usually contact her when she was out with friends. She checked the time; just after eleven; hmmm, odd. She had planned to stay at one of her friend’s, but if there was a problem at home she should get back there. She considered; she’d had two glasses of wine, but it had been over three hours and she had eaten something; so, she should be ‘okay’ to drive.

“Hey, sorry; gotta go,” she said, waving.

“What’s up now?” Jessie asked, looking at the slim, dark-haired girl, who was so unpredictable.

“Not sure, got a text from the parentos, so…anyway, call you later, for real.”

When Meredith got in her car she called home, but no answer. Now she was a little concerned. She pulled out of the parking lot and headed south.

Back at her house, Jake smiled when the wife’s phone chimed and the caller was ‘Meredith’, followed a couple of minutes later with a text saying she was on her way.

Jake looked down at the couple; the husband on his knees and the wife shoving the pink dildo in and out of the man’s ass; Jake had already forced the flesh-colored dildo up the woman’s ass. He had then gone through her cell phone and found the correspondence with Meredith and put two and two together, aware now she was the daughter. He had then sent her a text.

“Good,” Jake barked, “Put the thing in as far as you can and then get the cunt back on the chair.”

The woman did as directed and the husband was now back sitting up, although with some difficulty, as his ribs were still very sore. The woman’s eyes were red from crying and her eye shadow was a mess, as was her hair.

Jake had found some beer in the fridge and was now on his second, as he paused to tie the woman to the couch.

He fastened her ankles, with some of the rope she had found, to the feet at either end of the couch, so her legs were wide open. Jake stuffed the woman’s panties in her mouth and covered it with tape. He next took several photos with his cell, and then sat back with his beer to wait.


Brad Smithfield closed up the file and placed it on the desk in his home office. He got up to make some coffee and think over what he had found. He had located and interviewed the dealer who had been arrested with the ‘box of pills’; there was no doubt they were companions to the ones in the ‘Park’ bust, and the dealer related how ‘two big guys’ had sold him the box.

“Do you think they were cops?” Smithfield had asked, but the man looked at his shoes, fidgeted and said nothing. Smithfield had taken that as a ‘yes’.

Smithfield now looked at the files, including photos, for Park and his friends; certainly Jake Tucker and Brandon Park qualified as ‘two big guys’. Goddamn, he thought, temptation is a bitch and youth thinks they know all.

For some reason a snippet from a long-forgotten song flitted though Smithfield’s memory…‘for I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now’.

Too bad, thought Smithfield, too bloody bad.

(End of Chapter 23)

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