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A House of Slaves by LongDarkRoad Chapter 24 An Act Of Passion

A House of Slaves 

Chapter 24 

An Act of Passion (Revenge and or retaliation)

Meredith parked her car on one side of the drive-way and hurried into the house.

“Hi you guys, I’m home. Where are you, Mom and Da…” She stopped in her tracks and stared up at the large man blocking her way. Thinking back later, she wondered why she didn’t scream, like they always do in the movies; it was probably because she simply froze, and the next thing she knew a very large hand had closed around her neck and was directing her into the living room.

She stared transfixed and bewildered at the scene before her; both her parents, tied naked, one sitting on a chair, the other tied to the couch. The room swam, she felt the vomit rising in her throat, and then the large hand actually lifted her up and behind a chair where she threw up and then knelt, completely dazed, for a long moment. Then the large hand, holding her by her bunched-up shirt, carried her to the bathroom. A voice then ordered her to clean herself up.

She was next carried/dragged by her shirt again to the living-room doorway and the voice spoke again, telling her to “Get a fucking grip.” At which point she began to wail; but a single stinging, stunning slap brought her back around. The situation was calmly explained to her, as were all the consequences of disobedience, and then she was brought back into the room and she undressed, tears streaming down her face, but complying.

She then stood still, allowing Jake the opportunity to ‘examine’ her; her small, firm tits with large, dark brown areolas; her slim frame with pleasantly rounded buttocks; the dark, brown and thick pubic patch, standing out surprisingly from her crotch. Meredith was unable to face her parents; and they were unable to look at her.

Next thing she knew, she had been forced down before her mother’s spread legs, and was now licking her mother’s vagina. It was not her first vagina, or even her second; Meredith did not make a big deal about her relationships, either with boys or girls, to her parents, who simply would be bewildered by them. But still, this was devastating, especially feeling her mother’s sobs as she was being licked.

Meredith simply focused on giving pleasure, as she had before, and tried desperately not to think of who she was pleasuring. But then, to her horror, the large man who was controlling her, lifted her by her long pony-tail, saying, “Enough of that, now it’s his turn,” and placed her in front of her father. Meredith stared in disbelief at the semi-erect cock inches from her and began to sob, because her father was sobbing, soundlessly as he was gagged, yet his body was moving, throbbing with his sorrow.

The large man grabbed her pony-tail and placed her mouth on the penis and began to move her head up and down, hissing in her ear, “Start sucking or I’ll cut it off and make you eat it.” Shutting out everything, Meredith just focused on the act of sucking, up and down, up and down, and imagined the cock was Drayton’s, the last boy she had had oral sex with.

That young man was very cute, and bi, and Meredith, her friend Jessie, Drayton and his friend Clay had spent one Friday night into Saturday morning having sex in all variations. Slim, young-looking Meredith surprising everyone with her willingness to do anything. She thought of him, his cock, his face, and just sucked and pumped. Her father, however, had his testicles tied off by Jake and was unable to ejaculate, much to Jake’s amusement.

“Okay, you are good at that,” Jake commented. “Looks like you enjoy eating your mom’s pussy and sucking your dad’s cock. That’s good, now c’mon over here.” Jake placed Meredith kneeling before him and she began to now suck his cock. “Are you on the pill?” He asked, and she nodded, without breaking stride in her sucking. “Good.” Jake pulled his cock from her mouth and then positioned Meredith on all fours so her parents could see her and then entered her dog-style as he had her mother.

As he was pounding her, Meredith focused again on the night with Drayton, the most ‘adventurous’ sex night of her young life so far; but, to her growing alarm, she realized she was becoming aroused.

“NO!” she screamed into her mind, and tried to think of other things, anything. Her nursing classes, the fact her car needed service, anything. But then Jake unexpectedly pulled out, much to her relief. It wasn’t for her, though; Jake was saving his orgasm for later.

Jake undid the mom’s hands and re-tied them in front so she could hold his cell phone, which he now gave her, showing her how to take photos and warning her not to mess up. He then explained to Meredith what he wanted from her and what would happen to everyone if he was not happy with her. He then positioned her on his knee and, forcing down the disgust and focusing on the task, Meredith ‘made-out’ with her captor, kissing him, smiling at the camera, opening her legs.

When Jake was satisfied, he dumped the girl on the ground and she sat, body sagged, head down. Jake looked at his cell and was delighted with the pictures. He ungagged the mom and took some photos of her and Meredith kissing and licking each other’s tongues and faces; he had already taken shots of Meredith between her mother’s legs earlier, but he decided he also wanted a couple with the mom actually holding her daughter’s head as she did her thing.

Once that was done he had the mom and daughter both stand as he tied their hands behind them. Bringing out two kitchen chairs, he had the mother and daughter stand on them. He had enough rope left that he was able to tie a loop around the mother’s neck and toss it over one of the beams that ran across their open ceiling, before fastening an end to a large china cabinet.

He then untied the father, goading him into defending his family. The man valiantly tried to attack Jake, but he was so much smaller it was absurd. Jake simply slapped the man’s face, again and again. It is very humiliating to be slapped by another man, especially in front of your wife and daughter, and not be able to do anything. After a couple of minutes, the man simply stayed down, slouching on his knees, blood and spit oozing from his mouth. Jake looked at the mother (both she and Meredith were sobbing again) and asked his name.

“Ah, um…M…Mick-Michael,” The woman stammered.

“Well, well, Mikey, looks like you’re pretty pathetic, doesn’t it, sitting there while your daughter sucks your cock. Watching as another man fucks your wife. Well, let’s see if you’re good for anything. Get on your knees.”

Michael struggled to his knees, his eyes blurry and his face etched in agony. Jake’s cock was hard again, and he placed it against Michael’s lips. “Suck, sissy boy. Let’s see if you’re as good as your daughter.”

With a roar, Michael tried to rise for one last assault, only to be slapped down hard. As Michael looked up from the ground, Jake kicked the chair out from beneath the mother, and she began to swing by her neck.

“NOOooo!!” Meredith screamed.

“No, no, no, God please. No!” Michael bellowed.

Jake easily cradled the woman with one arm, retrieved the chair with his other hand, and placed the woman back.

“One last chance,” Jake warned, grabbing Michael by his hair and squeezing his nose, forcing his still hard cock into Michael’s mouth. He pumped energetically for a few moments, but with all the stimulation he’d had, he was ready, and came fairly quickly.

“Don’t swallow, bitch.” He yelled at Michael, then turned his face and open mouth so the two women could see the white goo laying on Michael’s tongue. “Now swallow, useless slut. At least you’re good at something. Oh look,” Jake pointed, laughing and holding Michael by his hair as he gagged on the semen. “Mikey has another good boner going, he likes it, being my little bitch.”

When Jake let go, Michael simply collapsed on the floor sobbing and completely defeated.


Aquina was watching her computer screen; on it was Pamela and Mary, sitting naked on Pamela’s couch; her home computer now having a camera transmitting back to Aquina just like her office.

“We have missed serving you, Mistress,” Pamela was saying. This time the computer’s mic was working, relaying the audio. Pamela’s earpiece received Aquina’s reply.

“I have been busy, my lovely slaves. But soon I will enjoy you again. I am glad to see you together.”

Both women smiled.


Jake was heading back to his house. He had called in and left a message at his station that he would be away tomorrow; a touch of the ‘flu’; and he had a lot of sick days piled up anyway. He didn’t want to have to rush off to work in the morning.

Sitting in his Jeep, and staring straight ahead, her body rigid with fear, was Meredith.

The final act for the evening saw Jake put both Meredith and (he eventually learned) mom ‘Charlotte’ Delmare, on their knees to suck Michael’s cock one last time. Despite his humiliation and anger, he responded to the two mouths kissing, licking and sucking his battered cock, and when Jake had Charlotte untie the thin rope binding his balls, Michael came with a long, anguished cry; Jake holding Meredith’s head so the entire ejaculation was contained in her mouth.

He held her head in place for over a minute, and then forced her and Charlotte to kiss deeply, before having the women kneel before him. He explained to the three that he would be taking Meredith ‘as insurance’ to make sure they did not do anything foolish, like call the police. He told them he was an officer and flashed his badge, telling them that he would hear if they reported anything, but that Meredith would be returned safely the next day ‘if they were smart’. They both sobbed silently, Charlotte simply sinking to the floor and lying arms clasped around her knees.

Jake had Meredith dress in sweat pants, Tee shirt and sneakers; no panties, bra or socks, and then, with both the parents’ cell phones in his pocket, he directed Meredith out the door and to his Jeep.

“You’d like to kill me, wouldn’t you?” Jake asked with a smirk as they drove.

Meredith did not answer right away. Fighting emotion and the urge to scream at her captor or claw his eyes, she finally replied, “What do you think?” She continued to stare straight ahead.

Jake chuckled, and coming from him, it sounded sinister. “Hey, I wouldn’t blame you. If I were you I’d want to kill me, big time.”

There was a pause before Meredith exploded, “Yes, all right. Yes! I’d love to kill you, fucking right.” She glared at him briefly, then returned to facing forward.

“Ahhh, that’s the spirit,” Jake laughed. “So, what would it be? A knife in my chest? A bullet? Maybe drive your car over me?”

She sat silently, not wanting to take his bait. What was the point? Finally she muttered, “I’d shoot you; in your fat guts, so you’d die slowly.”

Jake laughed, then suddenly pulled over and parked. He un-holstered his Glock, and handed the weapon to Meredith, placing it in her hands and pointing the gun directly back at him. “Go on, then. Do it. Pull the trigger. Blow my fucking brains out. Come On!”

Meredith held the gun, her finger on the trigger. She wanted to. She really wanted to. Her hands began to shake and then tears began running from her eyes once again. Jake took the gun from her hands.

“Didn’t think so,” he grunted, and they drove off. He had never felt more alive.


Friday was busy as usual. Aquina was preparing as tonight there would be seven guests, plus Kate and Anna and the four party girls. Pamela was working out now as someone who could transport the girls, so one less job to worry about. Aquina could now focus with Anna on making sure the food and beverages were well stocked and ready, something Anna enjoyed doing. And today, after a little bit of rearranging, the new seven foot San Fernando Pool table stood awaiting its first players. Kevin and Eric had messed around with it, but tonight would see the first real game, to go along with the poker and the baseball games.

The boys would be in for a surprise if they played her, because Aquina was a very skilled pool player, who might have followed her ability if she hadn’t become close to Sanders, who dissuaded her. She smiled to herself imagining taking them for some dough.


Jake sat in his Jeep, watching the bench at the corner of Clark and Polk streets. Before he released Meredith Wednesday morning, he had made her watch parts of the video and photos he had shot of her ‘in action’, including some he took when he got her back to his place. She hung her head in defeat as image after image showed her doing one graphic sex act after another. Then Jake had made her a deal; meet him Friday and he would not email her college’s website with some of the ‘better action’.

He had watched after he dropped her off at the corner of her block and she walked and then ran to her house, thinking it was fifty/fifty she would show; and then asking himself if he would really publish the photos etcetera. Probably not; too much work.

So today he sat and waited and then just laughed, as the slim figure of Meredith came down the sidewalk, dressed the way he had instructed her; skirt and white blouse. He remembered Jayla and Wanda, and how much more he enjoyed Jayla because he knew how difficult it was for her to submit. Wanda was easy, just like Anna, who he had tired of really after a few months, and why he had to do progressively disgusting things to her; she was so easy.

Meredith had some fire, and it was arousing for Jake to see this girl give in. He honked and rolled down the window, motioning the girl over. He wanted her to come to him, which she did; looking sick. He opened the door and she hesitated, then got in. He drove away before he spoke.

“Good decision…”

“I didn’t have much choice,” she said between gritted teeth.

Jake grinned and they drove in silence for a few blocks, then he asked, “Did you get it?”

Without saying anything she slipped a credit card out of a side pocket. It was her father’s. When she went looking for him, she found him passed out downstairs, an empty bottle of Vodka beside him, so she had had no trouble getting the card. His wallet was still on the table where ‘the monster’ had left it Tuesday night. She had used it before and already knew the pass code.

Jake smiled again. “That’s good. You’ll be done with me soon.”

Meredith stared straight ahead.


Dzyuba was not happy, and he sat in his office, stewing. He had helped the boys, a lot, and now it seemed like he was being shoved off to the sidelines. ‘Don’t touch this girl; don’t do that with that girl; Kate is no longer available. Christ!’ Tonight he planned to do his own thing, and they be damned.    ****          

Jake pulled up outside of a small store in a somewhat shady looking strip mall. The sign said it all, “Tats and Piercings – No Appt.”

“In you go,” Jake pointed.

Meredith looked even more uncomfortable than before, if possible. “Plea-ssee, no…” she begged.

“Hey, this is it. After this I leave you alone. There are lots of other things I could do to you…” Jake warned, and Meredith considered that and believed it to be true.

“So, this is it, for sure?” She looked at him suspiciously.

“Hey, I’m lots of things, but I’m not a liar. This is it. Go in, ask for Della, get your tat and do what she says and then you’re free.”

“And the credit card?”

“Well, someone has to pay for this, and it ain’t going to be me.” Jake grinned again, looking reptilian.

Meredith hesitated, sighed, took a breath, and climbed out, walking quickly to the shop before her nerves gave out. Inside it was dark but not as dingy as she had feared. Two women were there, and one, late forties, looked up and asked, “You…Meredith?”

“Um, y-yes,” she replied.

“This way.” The woman spoke in a monotone and led the way. She was wearing very tight pants that showed off her ample ass, and her tight shirt held two 38C breasts. They went down a short hallway and into a small room with a chair, sort of like a dentist’s, and two kitchen chairs, as well as a sink and cupboards. The woman sat on one chair and indicated Meredith sit on the floor, which she did, hesitantly.

“Okay, Mr. Tucker said you would do a little favor here for me, and then I’ll do your tat at a discount. Get your clothes off.”

Meredith undressed, feeling exposed and vulnerable, and sat back on the floor as the woman tugged down her own pants, revealing a very hairy pussy. The hair was long and black, with hints of grey beginning.

The woman pushed Meredith down so she was lying on the tiled floor and then spread her labia and sucked the folds noisily, before fingering the girl aggressively, and slapping her breasts.

After a few minutes of this, Della murmured, “Okay, slut,” and grabbed Meredith’s head, pushing it down into her crotch where Meredith began to lick, by habit, her tongue going into the crevices and her lips sucking on the woman’s nether lips effectively, if not as loudly.

Della’s pussy had large inner labia that poked out and Meredith focused on these at first, sucking and pulling them, noting Della’s response. Meredith then shifted to the clitoris, which was not much more than a button but was clearly sensitive as Della began to moan and jerk her hips.

If asked, Meredith would likely admit to preferring cock-sucking, because of the sense of ‘success’ when you got a guy to blow; women could have several little orgasms, and sometimes it was uncertain if things were over, but not this time. Della actually gushed, Meredith thinking the woman had urinated, but it was just a lot of ‘pussy juice’ as Meredith and her friends called it, and then Della sighed and closed her eyes for a moment.

She recovered quickly, sitting up and kissing Meredith several times, before sighing and saying, “Okay, down to business.”

She had Meredith lie on the ‘operating chair’ as she prepared her, shaving her pubic region completely. In twenty minutes Meredith was running the credit card and heading out the door, her pubic region now adorned with the word ‘SLAVE’ in Gothic font. Right now her crotch was numbed, but the woman had given her six pain killers for later, saying it usually wasn’t too bad.

Meredith climbed into the car but did not look at the leering face of her nemesis.

“So, let’s see.”

Goddamn, Meredith thought in rage, as tears began leaking from her eyes; Stop Crying!

She lifted her skirt and Jake looked over the work.

“Very nice,” he murmured, “Very, very nice. Now you have something to remember me by.” He took a shot with his cell, “And I have one more shot of you, to go with all the others.”

He laughed and then they drove off.

****      ****

Meredith sat on her bed in just her Tee shirt. Her tattoo was beginning to cause her discomfort, so it was probably time for a pill, but it wasn’t terrible. She held a mirror and looked at the markings from different angles. She actually didn’t mind the ‘branding’, just who had made her do it. Could she live with that? She had learned the asshole’s name: Jake Tucker. She was going to track him, he needed…retaliation, she needed revenge; but he was a cop, so it would be hard. She had to think.

As she sat, she realized that the house was very quiet. She knew her mother and father were here; they had just disappeared into themselves for now. Her mom had come to her for a bit, but even just being together was hard.

The memories were too fresh.

Meredith picked up her cell and called her friend and sometime lover Jessie. After some idle chat, Meredith announced, “I got a tattoo for you.”

“Say whaaaat?” Jessie asked.

“I said, I’ve tattooed myself for you.” Pause.

“Sweet. Does that mean you’ve like, reconsidered?” Jessie asked, caution in her voice.

There was another pause, longer; then Meredith spoke quietly, “Yes.”


The evening was winding down. The poker had been civilized and pleasant, the baseball games essentially ignored, no one played darts but the new pool table was popular, as was the pinball machine. And Dzyuba had stayed low key throughout the evening, only groping a girl a couple of times.

“Not stripping tonight, Heath?” Mindi asked.

“Nah, Aquina said it wasn’t necessary; this group is really more, um, business-like, like.”

“Yeah,” Mindi agreed, “my ass is in good shape,” she grinned.

“Keep your eye on Ol’ Creepy,” Heather warned, nodding at Dzyuba. “The night’s not over yet.”

Mindi nodded in agreement, and the two young women got busy putting away what they could.


“So you need to get your sweet ass over here, lover,” Jessie said.

“My tattoo’s sore, J. Doesn’t tomorrow work?”

“No, Meredith. See, that’s the problem. If you are serious about serving me, and it was your idea, remember, to begin with, then you can’t keep fucking around.” Jessie paused. “It won’t work, so I’m not gonna believe you.”

“Okay, okay…I’m sorry. I actually do want to be with you.” Another pause. “What do you want me to wear?”


Jake sat watching his latest videos; they were unbelievable. His only regret was that he didn’t have someone recording him all the time. He would have loved to have had all the stuff with him and sissy boy Mikey.

Oh well, it probably didn’t matter. He looked up at his calendar; he had circled Sunday the twentieth; his wedding day. Ha! Too fuckin’ crazy. He aimed his shotgun at the T.V. “Ka-Pow,” he said quietly. “A toast for the bride.”

Just a few more days.


“So what are you wearing?” Aquina asked, in a voice barely above a whisper, even though around her was the chatter of the group getting things together and heading off. Claire had called and she wanted to speak with her for a moment, and no one else needed to hear.

Interestingly, after meeting her, Brandon had asked Aquina straight out, “Is Claire, I dunno, your girlfriend or something?” He wasn’t snotty or anything, he just seemed genuinely curious.

Aquina had smiled, mysteriously she imagined, before replying, “Well, she’s a girl…and she’s my friend…”

“Funny,” Brandon had mocked. “Very funny.”

Aquina’s attention was brought back to her conversation. “I’m lying on my bed, alone, so…I’m not wearing…anything,” Claire chuckled.

“I like the sound of that,” Aquina commented, “maybe I will come over and make sure everything is…okay?”

“Would you like me to touch myself, A?” It was Claire’s turn to mock, although she actually was serious.

Aquina needed to control her reaction. “I’m thinking you will anyway,” she chuckled, “and we’ll see, my sweet, if I can get away from here.”

Meanwhile, as the group thinned out, Dzyuba angled himself behind the slim form of Heather Barr. “Your boss sez I get a night cap tonight, baby-girl. C’mon.” And he began herding her toward the nearest bedroom, a hand on her rump.

Because of where they were standing, no one else had noticed.

(End of Chapter 24)

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