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A House of Slaves by LongDarkRoad Chapter 25 If You Have Wings

A House of Slaves 

Chapter 25

If You Have Wings (Who Knows)

Aquina ended the call with thoughts of Claire in her mind, including the earlier request to see Aquina being punished; that was a little odd. Then she looked at her cell and brought up the last exchange from… Miss Shareen. Aquina considered why she had not deleted it, though the reason was obvious; she had just forced herself not to consider the why.

She did admit that she had really enjoyed going down on the woman. Lying to herself wouldn’t change anything. The action, the kissing and licking while on her knees, of this particular woman, still meant something. Well, more than something. Okay, a lot more; so what to do??

Shaking herself back to the present, she looked around to see what needed doing now, then headed to the kitchen.


Anna was holding her little gun and just looking at it. “That thing makes me nervous,” Adam complained.

“It’s from Aquina, so it’s okay,” Anna replied softly. “Besides, I know how to handle…guns. J- um, my husband, er, my ex-husband, made me play with his gun all the time; loading and unloading it, cleaning it. He made me stand, um, naked of course, and hold it and not move. He made me put it, inside myself, you know. Everything but shooting it.” She smiled.

Adam nodded and looked away.


Down the hall, Dzyuba was man-handling the petit Heather; he had her short dress bunched up above her waist and he was rubbing his erection between her thighs, with Heather protesting but still unsure of how to get him off. Although she didn’t want to, she offered to suck him.

“Sure, little ho’,” Dzyuba suddenly accepted, spinning

Heather around and forcing her to her knees before shoving his cock in her mouth.

In the kitchen, Pamela Kwong and Aquina had gotten into a discussion about zoning bylaws. With both Kevin and Eric looking to invest in real estate in their home city as their first option, getting info right from the source was very helpful.

As the two women chatted, Mary came over and kissed first one, then the other, before carrying on with picking up. The discussion ended minutes later with Pamela saying she would find out more. Then Mindi headed past them with some glasses, asking, “Anyone seen Heather?”

Aquina looked around, she hadn’t, where was she?


Meredith arrived at Jessie’s place, the young woman not living far from her. Jessie rented the lower level of a bungalow in a residential house near the University Hospital, where Meredith was working. She was wearing her nurse’s training uniform as instructed by Jessie, her ‘master’. She let herself in and proceeded downstairs. Jessie was waiting, standing in her tiny kitchen and holding a beer.

The young woman was several inches taller than Meredith, one of the things that had been an attraction for her, and she was slim, muscular and masculine, with short, dark brown, curly hair and olive-colored skin. Her parents had emigrated from Mexico shortly before Jessica was born.

In high school, Jessie had been the captain of the girl’s wrestling team. Most people would just assume she was a lesbian; she had, however, dated boys and had even had a steady. But, she also liked girls, in a certain way. She and Meredith had formed an unlikely friendship; their general interests were quite different; but it had been built around sex and role-playing.

After leaving high school, they had been an on-again off-again thing, with Meredith at one point living as Jessie’s ‘maid’ or servant. For whatever reason, that hadn’t worked out; partly because Meredith had met a guy she liked; but the two had always stayed in touch and would hang together.

Jessie found Meredith very irritating with her erratic changing of personal plans, but she seemed to always take her back; and the kinky sex was always very good.

Jessie stood now looking at Meredith, dressed in her  uniform as directed, and wondered, how serious is she this time? “Lift up your dress.”

“Yes, my master,” Meredith responded, lifting her uniform to reveal her naked body, and her new tattoo, which she had actually begun to like. But from a psychological point, Meredith desperately needed to take the meaning of this marking away from ‘the monster’ and place it with someone else.

She needed something, an act of passion, stronger than the humiliation she had endured, but she really didn’t know if Jessie was the one to perform it.

And she also had a request of her own; so, it might all work out.


Heather was now struggling desperately. She didn’t want Dzyuba to fuck her and that was clearly his plan. “Let me go, or I’ll scream,” she hissed back at the man as he pressed her down on the bed from behind, holding her with one large hand while he pulled her thong down with another.

“No, you won’t, Missy, no you won’t,” Dzyuba shushed back at her, pressing her face hard down into a pillow with his forearm as he positioned his cock behind her, surprising and alarming Heather by beginning to force himself up her ass. She struggled now, although her slim, small frame was no match for his, and she was also having a hard time breathing, as the man’s weight pressed her face deeper into the pillow.

Dzyuba had managed to force his cock into the tight opening and he became almost frenzied as he held her down; his large hand now holding her neck and head in place, as he bucked his hips.

* * * *

Not being able to spot Heather, Aquina had gone to her den/office and was now checking her camera feeds. When she saw what was happening in bedroom three, she froze and then turned and hurried downstairs.

“Aaaahhh, AAAhhhrrrg, Ah! AAAHHhhhh…” Dzyuba cried out and collapsed on top of Heather, pinning the girl beneath his lanky body. Suddenly the door burst open and Aquina charged in.

“Get off her, you fucking pig,” Aquina snarled, closing the door behind her.

Dzyuba slowly rolled over and looked through half-closed eyes at the fury that was addressing him. “Wh-what. Wha…no problem, Missy. No…”

Aquina roughly shoved him over and grabbed Heather by the shoulder, turning her face up. “Heather. Heather!” Aquina slapped the girl’s face, then pressed her fingers on her neck artery. She froze again.

Turning to glare at Dzyuba’s stunned face, venom in her eyes, rage and despair rising in her throat, she spat out. “She’s dead, you fucking, stupid, fucking asshole. You’ve killed her, you dumb, disgusting prick.”


“I like that.” Jessie crooned, regarding Meredith’s tattoo and thinking, fuck, that’s hot. “Take the dress right off.” She sipped her beer as she watched her slim playmate strip. She loved Meredith’s body, it was so different from her own. It was…feminine. And that tat, ‘SLAVE’, was sick.

Jessie moved languidly a couple of steps, it was a galley kitchen, nothing was far apart, and opened a drawer; this would be a test. She took the collar out and looked at Meredith standing, nipples jutting out, pussy shaved and tatted. She tossed her the collar.

“Put it on.”

Meredith paused; she didn’t like wearing this; it had been the cause of their argument before. It said ‘Doggy’ on it, which wasn’t the problem. She didn’t really know what the problem was, but it was odd, with what she had just gone through, putting on the collar was now no big deal; but she decided to try for some leverage.

“Okay, my master. I…um, I will put this on and I agree to be your servant…for a week. You can…um, use me and I will obey you. You can punish me and…sh-share me with your friends, but I have one simple request, apart from being gentle with my tat.”

Jessie sipped her beer. Her heart was beating rapidly; she had waited a long time to hear Meredith say what she just had. “Alright, let’s hear your…request, little slave girl.”

“I…need to borrow your gun. Just for a couple of days. Just for protection. I’ll bring it back at the end of the week.”

Jessie looked at the girl for a long while…what was up? Still, to have Meredith as her toy for a week, and all it would cost her was a gun she never used…shit.

“You’ll need to live here…to, uh…serve me.”

“Okay, I agree to that.” Meredith was working hard to control her breathing and to appear calm.

Jessie now strolled out of the room, returning in a moment with a handgun. “This is a Smith & Wesson .32 caliber semi-automatic pistol; you ever use a gun?”

“Ye-yes I have. The semi-autos load after each firing, correct?

Jessie regarded Meredith, “I thought you said you just needed protection?”

“I do, but I also need to be sure how things…work.”

“Okay, Slave, and that will be your name for this week, wherever we are, I don’t care who’s around, you will call me Master and I will call you Slave. Around here you will be naked at all times, no matter who comes over. You are not allowed to close any door here, especially the bathroom, and you will not touch your pussy without asking my permission.” Jessie regarded the other, “Do you agree?”

Meredith looked up at Jessie and smiled, “Yes, Master,” she said quietly, putting on the collar.

****          ****          ****

Aquina stood in the silent, wooded space. It was still dark and she held the flashlight for Garth and Buddy. Brandon was the first person she had spoken to once the shock of Heather’s death had registered and the need to respond had taken over. Brandon had hustled Dzyuba out the back and Aquina had then called Garth.

Leaving Heather wrapped in a sheet, and staying as ‘normal’ as possible, Aquina had directed Pamela to take Mindi, Bobbi and Mary home. No one asked about Heather, then, as one girl or another would sometimes stay. Or go somewhere else.

Kate and Eric, their odd relationship deepening, had already left. Aquina decided to tell Kevin later. When Garth arrived, he had carried Heather’s body easily and quietly to his truck, Aquina joining him and Buddy following in his own car.

They had decided on a place to bury the body and that’s where they were now. Aquina had begun the sad affair by stripping Heather completely and bagging her clothes. She had then walked away, not wanting to witness the next terrible and gruesome part, as Garth and Buddy cut off Heather’s hands and…head; Buddy would take the gruesome remains somewhere else for disposal.

They would bury the body in this lonely spot, and Aquina was now holding the light as Garth lowered it  into the quickly dug and shallow pit. They dumped in a fifty pound bag of lye, and then proceeded to shovel in dirt.

As they pulled the cut section of turf back into place and stepped down on its edge, Garth looked over at Aquina. “You want to, say something, A?”

Aquina walked over, and pulled out a piece of paper from a pocket. She looked at him; their faces hard, hiding the pain.

“This is a poem, well, part of a poem I found in a newspaper, long ago. My mom yelled at me for ‘reading that shit’, and then threw the paper away and I was only able to save the last part. I’ve kept it all these years. I don’t know why.”

She paused, Garth put his arm around her and Buddy looked away at the night sky and the stars that still shone. A gentle breeze blew, moving the branches of the nearby trees and there was a sliver of moon out as well.

“I got ya’ Aquina, you know that, I always got ya’,” Garth whispered against Aquina’s hair.

Aquina shuddered, briefly, “I know Garth. I’m so grateful. So, so bloody grateful for your friendship.” She hugged him for a moment and then they broke gently apart, walking to stand beside the grave, the three standing together in silence.  

Aquina paused, swallowed, and then read, in a quiet but steady voice “Heather…the hourglass is but a thing, it is we who are of sand. Yet, we toil and grind upon this barren land; while above us there is sky…if you have wings, then fly.”

Garth put a large hand on Aquina’s shoulder and Buddy picked up the bag, nodding to them as he headed for his car.

And for the second time in a short while, bitter tears streaked Aquina’s face.


Meredith was lying beside Jessie who, after her third orgasm, was feeling very (very) mellow. She was gently stroking Meredith’s long hair as her ‘slave’ lay cradled in her arm.

“So, tell me…Slave; why do you really need the gun?”

“It’s for protection, Jes; um, Master. I will be meeting someone who is a little scary and I want something, for my protection.”

Jessie considered this for a moment. “Hey, I could come with you.”

Meredith propped herself up on one elbow, “That’s…like really kind, Master.” Meredith smiled and kissed Jessie’s face. “But I don’t want to get anybody else involved. I need to do this; just me, and I’m not even sure of which day, so…thanks, but just lending me the gun is great. Really.”

Jessie looked at her friend and lover, who had always seemed young and innocent, even though Jessie knew she was anything but innocent. Still, a sliver of doubt ran through her for some reason.

“Yeah, well you’re gonna work for that gun, my little pussy pleaser. Come here.” And she pulled Meredith to her small breast.


Garth and Aquina sat on a bench; it would soon be light. They had grabbed coffees, but because Aquina wanted to smoke they got them to go. Garth pulled a flask from inside his jacket and dosed both cups with the amber fluid.

“Heather,” Garth murmured quietly.

“Heather,” Aquina replied, her voice husky, touching his cup. They drank and passed a moment of silence.

“So, what’s your plan, A?”

Aquina sat staring ahead, then spoke in the same calm voice. “I’m going to kill the bastard.”

Garth drank some coffee. “Figured. Don’t guess I could talk you out of it?”

“Not a chance. I’m already on it.”

Garth considered this comment for a moment. “You… planning to use, The Ghost.”

Aquina turned to look at her large friend. “You really do know me too well.” She paused, taking a long drag. “Yeah, I already made some calls. I’m meeting him tomorrow night.”

Garth finished his coffee. “If you’re meeting The Ghost, I’m comin’ too.”

“Figures,” Aquina nodded, smiling. “Don’t guess I can…talk you out of it?”

“Not a chance,” Garth smiled and gave Aquina’s arm a squeeze.


So the cover story was simple; only Brandon and Kevin were told the truth; not even Eric, yet.

‘Heather had doped Dzyuba and taken his wallet and was now on the run. Everybody needed to just stay normal; they would find her and…yadda yadda.’

The girls were upset, but the story held and things went on.

“What are you going to do, A?” Brandon had asked.

“Don’t worry, babe. Things are taken care of.”

“What…um, what did you do…with her? With…Heather?” Brandon persisted, quietly.

“Hey, you don’t need to know. No point in getting you into it. Stay clear and uninvolved. I will look after things, as always.”

Brandon sighed and nodded. “Um, so what about…Dzyuba?”

“Not your problem, Babe,” Aquina said, and headed for her office.

“Don’t do anything stupid, Aquina. Don’t…” But she had already gone into her room.


Brad Smithfield was just about ready to move; in his mind there was no doubt; Brandon Park, and likely his partners Eric Park, Kevin Riggs and Jake Tucker, were guilty of theft, extortion, and trafficking, at the very least; but he wanted more on Dzyuba; if he was involved. Taking down the four young officers and not him was pretty meaningless in Smithfield’s mind.

Just a few more days, the man told himself; just a few more days.


Meredith sat in her car just down from the modest bungalow on this quiet block. Who knew that a monster lived there, she thought? His Jeep was parked in the back, confirming what Meredith had discovered. Using her memory of being taken to his house and his licence plate number, she did not have a lot of trouble tracking him down; but now, could she do what she planned?

The gun was on the seat beside her; she took it with her every time she went out, even to the hospital, where she hid the gun under her seat. With her schedule, this week was eleven AM to eight PM, and with Jessie being a bartender, they actually hadn’t seen much of each other. So Meredith had been able to pursue her plans.

One scenario she considered was just waiting behind his car and shooting him as he approached; but that required a lot of, well, waiting. This was the second night Meredith had come by and his car was parked both times; so the man must be on day shift this week, she reasoned.

As she drove away, Meredith made plans to come by next morning. She only had the gun for a few more days.


Aquina had met The Ghost Monday night. Hers was a different relationship with him than many, as she had helped him several years ago, when he was just getting started on his assassin-for-hire career. He had made a mistake and been cornered, and Aquina had helped him get out, not even knowing who he was, but knowing the guys after him were people she didn’t like.

The Ghost had remembered and when Aquina put her name out to the very few who he might have contact with, he responded.

The Ghost had earned his name because he was a master at disguise; some said he was a make-up artist working in movies before he ‘crossed over’; whatever, he changed his appearance remarkably and stayed off anyone’s radar.

He had stopped doing hits in town several years ago, with travelling to other cities being the safer scenario; but for Aquina, he would make an exception. But interesting for him, Aquina wanted to be there, for the kill. He agreed, saying that would make them…even.

“When?” he asked simply.



Jake was growing antsy; since the night with the Delmares, he had just gone to work, done his patrolling and gone home. There had been no incidents this week, it had been quiet and the time was dragging by.

Three more days, he told himself. Three more days.


Jessie was a little annoyed that her ‘slave’s’ schedule and her own meant they had very little time together. Although they slept together, and Jessie made a point of waking Meredith and fucking her no matter what time she made it home. That still wasn’t the same as what she had in her mind.

So tonight, she had given Meredith instructions to meet her at ‘The Green Onion’, a fast-food place near her bar (Schnagel’s). Jessie had also invited one of her bi-gal pals; she wanted to show off her new/old toy.


With only one day to go, Aquina was looking after details. She had decided, for example, to remove the cameras and mics from the rooms and store them away. She had also contacted everyone and said this weekend was dark as they continued to search for Heather.

She had heard from The Ghost and he had an associate ready so they were ‘On Green’ for tomorrow, and just awaiting instructions.

She had only spoken with Claire once; it was hard to even think of her with what Aquina had in her mind. Oddly, though, she had texted…Miss Shareen, in the early morning after…Heather. She had needed to connect to someone, and it couldn’t be Claire.

“You think all I need is time,” Aquina had typed then paused, her mind in conflict, before sighing and typing ‘Mistress’, then sending off the message, aware of the jolt that produced. Shareen Macgregor would always be her mistress, whether she was serving her or not.

It was an hour before the reply came, as Aquina lay on her bed, unable to sleep. “You don’t need to decide, yet, but you do need to consider, so, yes, time.”

Aquina had pondered this, then replied. “Time doesn’t change what happened.”

The reply was much quicker this time. “No, but it softens the pangs of emotion. Now that you’ve had a little time, if you can honestly say you do not feel at home on your knees with me, then just delete this and have done with me. But even now I know you’re thinking of my pussy and how it tastes; how good, how complete, you feel serving it. Tell me I’m wrong.”

Aquina had then lay in confusion, the memory of Heather’s death suddenly rising within her; she had made it to the bathroom in time, and when she had finished retching, and brushed her teeth and calmed down, she had looked again at the message as she lay naked on her bed.

She sighed and typed “Please send me a shot of your pussy, Miss Shareen. Please.”

In a moment the image of the shaved, pink labia had arrived and Aquina had smiled, shook her head in wonder and drifted off to sleep, her hands between her thighs. ****

Meredith entered the restaurant and saw Jessie and another young woman sitting at a corner table. The woman looked to be mid-twenties, short straight brown hair combed in a masculine style, parted on the side. She had black-rimmed glasses and from the way her shirt swelled, fairly large breasts.

When Meredith reached the table, Jessie saluted her. “Ah, our slave has arrived. Kneel, Slave.”

Meredith knelt; she was wearing her nurse’s outfit, so a skirt and blouse. Jessie continued, “Mistress Jane, our slave.”

‘Mistress Jane’ acknowledged the arrival with a nod and a smile, then Meredith was directed to the back of their table, with the window behind her. “Raise your skirt to your waist and keep it there. Check out her tat, Jane.” Jessie directed.

Jane placed a hand on Meredith’s crotch and then ran a finger over her tattoo. “Wonderful,” she murmured, her voice having a hint of an accent. Boston? Jane then raised her hand to Meredith’s mouth and had her suck her index finger, which she then ran very gently along the cleft of Meredith’s sex. She lifted Meredith’s face by her chin and pulled her closer, kissing her warmly.

After the meal, Jessie went to Schnagel’s and Meredith took Jane back to the house. Jane had come prepared, bringing a strap-on harness and a collection of dildos which she put to good use, fucking all of Meredith’s holes energetically for the next two hours, before both women lay spent and satisfied on the bed, before drifting off to sleep.

When Jessie came in at three AM, Jane and Meredith were cuddled together, asleep, Jane’s purple dildo still embedded in the slave.



With the man-cave no longer available to him, Dzyuba would likely go to one of the two bars he favored. Both were in a sketchy part of town and Dzyuba preferred them because of the type of hooker who hung out there; rough trade girls who would do most anything, with most anyone, even a Dzyuba, if the money was okay.

Joe’s and Mickey Finn’s were the two most likely, and they were not far apart. Right now Aquina was parked outside of Dzyuba’s house; what she would do if he didn’t go out tonight she wasn’t sure. She’d deal with that if needed. She had had Dzyuba watched for a while after hooking up with Brandon, and his Friday and Saturday bar visits had been a constant if he wasn’t with ‘the boys’.

At around nine o’clock, Dzyuba emerged as a cab pulled up. When they drove off, Aquina was behind them, and Garth was a couple of blocks along; the plan was to alternate in case the paranoid Dzyuba thought he might be followed.

All went well, and as they approached the waterfront, Aquina placed a text to The Ghost.


The cab pulled over in front of ‘Joe’s’ and Dzyuba got out, walking in that peculiar slouch he used, his lanky frame bent forward. Aquina sat with Garth (they had left her car back a couple of blocks) and watched as Dzyuba paused outside to blow his nose.

“Classy as always,” Aquina remarked and Garth snorted.

Dzyuba entered and went to his usual spot at the bar, looking around. The place was still pretty empty and no hookers, yet. He ordered a beer and began sipping it.

A young couple came in, she white and petite with striking black hair and he a young-ish black guy. Dzyuba of course immediately noticed the super short skirt the girl wore and her very nice round ass, just an inch or so above the hem.

Hmmm, mmm, he thought to himself, exactly his piece of tail.

They ordered and sat one stool over.

(End of Chapter 25)

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