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A House of Slaves by LongDarkRoad Chapter 26 A Confession of Pain

A House of Slaves 

Chapter 26 A Confession of Pain (Nice doing business with you)

In a few minutes Dzyuba noticed they had gotten into an argument, and, creep or not, he still had his cop instincts kick in. When the man grabbed the girl roughly by the shoulder, Dzyuba rose, towering above them.

“Hey, stay outta ‘dis, pops. Not your concern.”

“Take it easy fella, let’s yak.”

“Fuck yourself, buddy.” The man had pulled a blade, but Dzyuba was surprisingly quick, gripping the arm and slamming his elbow into the young man’s chest. The knife dropped and the man dashed out the door, Dzyuba following and yelling at him as he ran off.

The girl looked shaken but relieved, and Dzyuba played his advantage, buying her a drink. She smiled shyly, but ordered two Tequila shooters, with Dzyuba ‘manning up’ and downing his; it was okay with beer, he reasoned.

They talked for a few minutes until Dzyuba had to excuse himself and headed for the washroom. Coming out and doing up his fly, he was surprised to see the young woman waiting for him.

She placed a hand on his crotch, saying “That guy was going to give me fifty bucks I need badly. Maybe if I’m…nice to you, you might give me…something.”

Dzyuba’s craggy face produced his trademark goofy grin, as the young woman undid his pants and they fell around his knees. His smile changed quickly, however, as the girl nimbly reached around and grabbed his wallet, laughing at him and heading down a little hall to the back exit.

Dzyuba stumbled after her, pulling up his pants along the way. Barging out the back door he looked around the dim and dingy alley, and listened. Then he saw her come out from behind a dumpster, his wallet in one hand and cash from it in the other. She looked startled and turned, running to her right, Dzyuba in hot pursuit.

He rounded the back of a building and stood panting in the dark, clearly dead-end alley way.

“C’mon, Missy. I know you’re here. Come out an’ mebbe I go easy on ya’”

“Hey Asshole,” Dzyuba spun around to face the voice behind him.

“You…” he started, before a blade sliced into his kidneys from behind, courtesy of The Ghost. Dzyuba went down to his knees, just as Aquina reached him, grabbing a handful of his hair, and yanking his head back. He clawed the air with his long, bony fingers.

“Wha…” he began, before Aquina plunged a regular steak knife into his chest, memories of Jade Dawkins flooding back. She withdrew the knife and placed it in a baggie, then stared down at the man on his knees in the alley. Dzyuba had grabbed his chest, then tried to speak, but collapsed forward.

Aquina and The Ghost, who a few minutes earlier had been the young man in the bar, dragged the body behind the dumpster. “It’s appropriate,” Aquina said, taking the cell phone out of Dzyuba’s pocket before handing The Ghost an envelope with five thousand dollars in it.

“Nice doing business with you, Aquina…you ever decide to change your line of work…”

Aquina smiled, “Yeah, I know how to get a hold of you.” And then he was gone. Hmmm, like a ghost, Aquina thought. Just then the young woman approached her and the two began walking down the alley to the street. The girl handed Aquina Dzyuba’s money and wallet.

“Keep the cash,” Aquina said, removing two credit cards and tossing the wallet into another dumpster just before the alley’s end. It was dark here and both women were in shadow. Aquina handed the girl her envelope; this one holding $2500 and two bus tickets; one to Denver and a second from Denver to L.A.

“So you won’t be back?” Aquina asked the girl.

“No way, I’m gone.”

“That’s not your hair either, I take it?”

“Ha, nope. I have a change in my bag here. When I come out of the washroom in the depot I’ll be blonde and looking like a college preppie. And when I get off in L.A., I’ll be someone else again.”

“Good,” Aquina said, and watched as the girl moved quickly down the dark streets. She then did the same, reaching her car in five minutes. As she pulled away she noticed someone following; Garth. Aquina drove several blocks then went down another alley. Stopping and getting out, she crushed Dzyuba’s cell phone on the ground and stuffed it and the baggie with the knife into a garbage bag, then shoved the bag back into a container. She and Garth then drove across town and stopped at a bar. She needed a drink.

After the server had brought their second round, Garth raised his glass, but Aquina spoke, “Revenge…is a confession of pain.”

“Right,” Garth murmured, clinking her glass.


Meredith looked at the nurses scurrying around on her floor. ‘Master Jessie’ had tasked her with an assignment, and since she wanted to keep the gun a couple of extra days, she felt she needed to complete the task. The reason Meredith was eying the nurses was that she needed to find one and have her sign her name in black marker directly on her shaved pubic region, as per her ‘Master’s’ instructions; it looked like Jessie was making a point.

With her shift just coming to an end, Meredith needed to act. She and two other nurses or nurse’s assistants were heading into the staff area where the staff lounge and lockers were located. Once in the room and after taking a breath, Meredith announced to both women; one a fairly tall, more mature nurse (mid-thirties) and the other a probationary like Meredith, average height, a little on the chunky side and early twenties.

“Ladies, I have an embarrassing request and hopefully one of you can assist me.” They both turned to observe her, the taller woman with some alarm and the younger one with more interest. Meredith explained that she had lost a bet and needed to get a signature in “an intimate area”.

Both women laughed, blushed a little, looked down, then both responded, “I could help you,” at the same time. Each then looked at the other and both laughed.

“Vicki, you guard the door and I’ll go first, then you,” the taller one offered.

“Sure thing,” Vicki replied, smiling and taking a position near the door. One could wonder what she intended to do if someone entered but, whatever; she was ready.

The other woman now took Meredith by an arm and moved her over to a couch. “Lay down,” she instructed. “Now lift up your uniform.” Meredith did, and the woman, Sandy, smiled at the tattoo, then rubbed her hand over it, smiling directly at Meredith. She then bent down and gently kissed Meredith’s pussy, running her tongue up and down the slit.

Signing her name, she called, “Okay Vicki, your turn.”

Sandy went to guard and Vicki came to the couch, kneeling down right beside Meredith. She too touched the tattoo and then squeezed the pubic area, gently stroking Meredith’s labia, eliciting a low moan from her. “Oh, we like that do we, little lesbo? I think I may need to look at this again,” and Vicki also bent forward and kissed Meredith’s pussy, before signing her name.

Jessie should be happy with two signatures, Meredith mused, getting to her feet and thanking the two women. They both smiled at her, and one knew wheels, of one sort or another, were turning in their minds.


Saturday Aquina wanted for herself, and so she was meeting Claire. They were going to dinner and then back to Claire’s. The house could stay quiet this weekend, although the boys along with Kate, Adam and Anna were going to be there; and apparently Kevin had invited Mindi and, big news to everyone, especially Aquina, Brandon had a friend coming over; Lindsay(!).

So, the house would be far from empty; but it wouldn’t need Aquina.

With any luck, Dzyuba’s body would stay undiscovered for a few days anyway, making the trail colder. Aquina stepped into the shower; it was very nice to have an actual date to prepare for.


“Unh, Unh, Unh, Unh”, Mistress Jane was grunting as she drove her purple dildo into Meredith’s pussy. Meredith was grunting as well, but more quietly. Jessie watched from a nearby chair; when Jane was finished, she was going to take over.

A knock on the door summoned her and she went up the stairs to the rear entrance. It was her friend ‘Jo’; the most butch girl Jessie knew. With her ‘slave week’ ending (Meredith had begged for three more days with the gun), Jessie had countered with three more slave days; she wanted to give Meredith a real workout, and see if she genuinely wanted to continue as her sex slave.

Jo was going to use Meredith tonight, and she was not gentle. Large and aggressive, she was what Jessie wanted to test her ‘girl’; her plan was to use Meredith hard for several hours and see how she reacted.

Jessie watched with interest as Jo stripped down, revealing fairly large breasts (like Jane) and the hairiest bush Jessie had ever seen. “Don’t believe in trimmin’; like things natural,” Jo had remarked to Jessie’s look.

Jane paused for a moment, nodding to the new arrival, who sat on the couch. She then moved Meredith and positioned her with her face in Jo’s substantial patch. Once Meredith had begun eating her way through the ‘forest’, Jane slid her dildo back into the girl and began her steady rhythm once again. “Unh, Unh, Unh, Unh”.

Jessie sipped her beer, a smile on her face.


Aquina kissed Claire’s mouth, as softly as possible. She held her face so her nose and Claire’s nose were touching; Aquina wanted the two of them to breathe the same air, she wanted to draw Claire’s breath into herself. She then sucked Claire’s tongue, softly at first, then with more force, with Claire moving her body beside her in response, before she opened her eyes; such a beautiful face, Aquina thought.

She wanted to stop time and suck this moment, this tenderness, this feeling into herself; to force out the persistent shadows that were there. Maybe it was time; time to change all that she had been…or not. Did her feelings have that power? Harriet Smith’s face came to her mind and Aquina struggled with her emotions, thinking of her last exchange with Shareen.

But Aquina’s thoughts were interrupted by Bobbi, as she came and snuggled in to Claire from the other side.

“Ummmmmmnn”, Claire moaned, “This is nice, I am a sandwich.” Bobbi reached around and fondled a nipple.

“What kind?” she asked.

“Whatever kind you want,” Claire laughed, “Like I said, I’m a cooperative girl.” She looked into Aquina’s eyes.

After a few minutes of silently lying together, Claire turned gently and looked at Bobbi, noting the steady breathing of sleep, and decided to venture a question. “Why, did you want those women to do those things to you, A?” Claire asked softly.

Aquina lay in thought; this was why she hesitated letting Claire know of her…other life. “It’s  complicated, sweets, but it’s all about, um, need, I guess.”

Claire lay thinking of Aquina ordering her to lift her dress for Bobbi’s view, and how much it had aroused her. Would she like to be on her knees, as her ‘mistress’ punished her?

“You liked, um, drinking their…piss?” She asked quietly, keenly aware of her own feelings.

Aquina sighed in consideration. How much to say? “It’s, uh, very arousing to kneel before a woman you feel, um, something deeply for, and want her to piss on you. It’s not about drinking piss, it’s not that simple. It’s the submission.”

Claire considered. “And the submission turns you on?” She asked, bringing Aquina’s hand into her crotch.

“Yes, it’s the submission. The giving yourself completely to someone, giving them control over, well, everything.

Claire closed her eyes, then decided, and with a smile murmured, “I would like to do it, A. Be on my knees for a woman.” Aquina regarded her lover with a little surprise, also surprised that the woman’s pussy was very lubricated. Or should she really be surprised, she pondered?

She kissed Claire’s face one more time, images surging in her mind.


Sunday, eleven AM; Meredith was back in place outside of Jake’s house. She knew she needed to do something; she was being pressured from two sides. One side was her desire to retaliate against this despicable man who had done such horrible things to her family. Her father had not left the house since the incident; doing some work at home but mostly just drinking. Her mother seemed on the edge of madness. He deserved…punishment. Justice?

For her part, Meredith was feeling okay, although the other pressure she felt was coming from Jessie. Meredith knew what Jessie was doing, raising the stakes, forcing her to give in…or go away; for good.

Meredith had mixed feelings; she had actually enjoyed the days of servitude and sex; and it had excited her to humiliate herself at work. She knew Vicki and Sandy would both want to follow up with her; and that aroused her, a lot. Just thinking of that had her hand sliding between her legs; then she remembered her ‘Master’, and stopped herself. That wouldn’t have happened before.

And last night. Wow. Although her ass (both Jessie’s friends had gone to this hole eventually, and used it for a long while) was a little sensitive, last night had been an incredible night of sex. She had experienced three wonderful orgasms; the relentless fucking she had been subject to had taken her to another level. As the three women had used her, really used her, she had gone farther into submission than ever before…and been rewarded with ecstasy. It had really been…incredible and had driven away some of the darkness from…him. The bastard.

But what did she want??

At that moment however, her thoughts were interrupted by Jake Tucker, leaving his house.


Adam gently grabbed Anna around the waist, before digging his fingers into her sides. She squealed, then covered her mouth with a hand, laughing as quietly as she could. In a moment, Adam moved his hands from Anna’s waist to her breasts as he kissed the back of her neck. Anna pushed back into him, squeezing the hand that held her breast, a smile on her face, her eyes closed.


In the living room, Kevin turned on both T.V.s, and sat back on the couch, sipping his coffee, making up his mind.


In Lindsay’s apartment, the leggy, blonde woman was watching as Brandon devoured his bacon and eggs, leaning her tall frame against the cupboards. She loved watching a man eat, and after the night they had had, she knew why this man might be hungry. He looked up and smiled at her. This is…nice, he thought. She’s nice, and nice isn’t bad. He probably didn’t derive someone nice, like her.

“More coffee?” Lindsay asked.

“Absolutely,” Brandon replied, pushing his mug forward.


In the shower, Claire and Aquina slowly moved the soap suds around each other’s bodies, getting in all the crevices, taking their time. Claire was extra gentle on Aquina’s pubic area; although it had greatly improved, there was still bruising. Suddenly the shower door opened enough to allow a dark head to intrude. “Any room in here for me?”

Both women laughed, and opened their arms to welcome Bobbi in.


“I’m ready,” Kate whispered, eyes closed. She was naked, lying on Eric’s bed, her legs spread.

“Are you sure, Katie?” Eric spoke quietly into her ear, his face in her hair, drinking in her fragrance.

“Yes, I am sure, E. I want you inside me. I want you to …make love to me. I do.”


Just as Eric gently slid his erection into Kate’s dark-brown hair-covered vagina, Jake Tucker was closing the door to his house. Meredith was staring at him, and for good reason. He was dressed in a military camouflage outfit, an ammunition belt across his chest. His large hunting knife was in a sheath on his belt. He carried his shotgun in one hand as he headed for his jeep.


As Adam gently slid a hand under Anna’s bra and cupped her breast, Jake backed down his driveway and put the car in drive, heading down his alley.


Five minutes later, as Lindsay sat down on Brandon’s lap and put her arms around his shoulders, Jake took a gulp of vodka from the flask he had brought, and turned onto the expressway.


Five minutes after that, as Aquina, Claire and Bobbi all tumbled together onto the bed, drying each other with fluffy towels and laughing, Jake turned off the expressway onto the road that would lead to the house.


As Kevin changed the channel, settling on a golf program, Jake Tucker was pulling up, just down the street from the house, and Meredith Delmare, following, was slowing down and then parking several houses back, still unsure of what was happening.


In an alley by the waterfront, an employee of ABC Pawn, working a Sunday shift, was back there having a quick smoke when he noticed what looked like a man’s shoe, sticking out from behind a dumpster. He looked around the edge cautiously, stared for a moment, then threw up.


In her elegant home, Olivia Carruthers, ‘Mrs. Belvedere’, smiled at the news she had just received; her New York assistant was positive one of the men who had taken her shipment was a cop. She felt certain, in time, she would find justice for herself; she had connections everywhere, including the police department.


In his basement, Michael Delmare looked bleakly at the empty bottle in his hand; he and Jake Tucker, it turned out, were both drinking vodka. Now what? He wondered.


Jessie Torres was looking at the pictures she had taken last night. Fuck! She could not believe how hot they were. She wanted Meredith, she had to admit that to herself; but, would she have her? And where was her slave now?


Shareen Macgregor looked down at the head of the young intern she had brought home last night, as the girl worked diligently between her legs. It was nice, very nice actually, and she might even try a little discipline later. Her mind went however to the text exchanges with Aquina. She smiled.


Jake Tucker took one last swallow from his flask, took a moment to screw the top back on, and then eased his large frame out of his Jeep Cherokee and headed up the walk, shotgun crooked in his left arm, an odd smile on his face. Happy anniversary to me, he thought.

Meredith watched in disbelief. What was this asshole up to???

Without really considering her actions, she grabbed the handgun lying beside her and got out of her vehicle, stumbling briefly in her haste on the wet road, before crossing the street and heading to the house.


Meanwhile, Brad Smithfield’s home phone rang. “Hello?”

“Mr. Smithfield?”


“Sorry to call you at home, sir, but I have a note to inform you of anything to do with…Captain, um, D-zyuba.”

“Yeah, right, thanks. That’s Duh-zoo-buh. What is it?”

“Well, station got a call from his wife this morning, sounding very agitated. Seems he hasn’t come home, since Friday night.”

“No shit, that is strange. Okay, thanks again and keep me informed.” What the hell’s up now, Smithfield wondered, hanging up.


Bobbi had gone out to get some milk and Aquina looked at Claire’s face as the woman lay on her stomach on the bed, her lovely bare ass sitting so round and inviting.

Claire held the gaze, “Would you like to, spank me, A?” she asked, feeling a strange surge as she uttered these words, especially considering Aquina’s, history.

Aquina sighed, almost a moan. “Would you like me to, my love?” She asked, conflicted. Claire had such a beautiful ass.

Claire considered this, then said, “I would.” And for a fleeting moment imagined herself on her knees. Strange? “And you could tie my hands first. I, um, would like that.”

Aquina smiled and gently shook her head; she could never do that. Why? Why??


Jake tried the front door; unlocked as expected. He listened; no real noise; television on? He opened the door and entered quietly. Moving to his left, he entered the living room and saw Kevin’s head. Kevin, sensing something, turned around just as Jake brought the shotgun to his hip.

Due to inexperience or excitement, who knows, Jake’s shot sprayed the corner of the couch and took out a chuck of wall in a doorway, but Kevin, diving desperately from the couch, took the remaining pellets in one shoulder, hit the ground, and then began rising to his knees.

As he came up, Jake yelled “Son of a bitch”, and swung his shotgun, driving the butt hard into Kevin’s midsection. He then brought the barrel down across the man’s back.

Reaching for his knife, he heard a yell behind him and turned to see Adam, with Anna standing a couple of feet back, both looking terrified.

“AAAAhhh, you fuckers!” Jake roared and turned and stepped, catching Adam as he tried to block Anna from the man. Grabbing Adam by the throat with one of his massive hands, Jake lifted the slim man off the ground and hauled him into the bedroom Anna had just disappeared into.

At this moment, Meredith entered, pulse blasting and beginning to feel light-headed, but driven on by some inner force and the sudden explosion inside. She glanced over at the fallen figure of Kevin, but carried on down the hall after Jake.

In the bedroom there was much confusion.

Anna was screaming at Jake to leave Adam, Jake was simply roaring like a deranged animal, before he noticed something that made him stop and stare. Anna was holding a gun. Terrified, little, pathetic cunt Anna had a gun in her hands, he marvelled.

For her part, Anna was holding the ‘Deuce Deuce’ as her mistress had instructed her. Feet apart for balance, right hand holding the gun, left hand supporting.

Jake threw Adam down to the floor like a doll, where the man tried desperately to get some air down his damaged throat and into his lungs. Jake meanwhile was staring at Anna, then suddenly with a roar he started towards her.

“BANG!!” the shot was louder than Anna expected, and she closed her eyes briefly, but held the gun. When she looked up, she saw Jake standing, a look of surprise on his face. On his shirt, above his right nipple, a red stain had begun to spread. Looking down at it he shook his head, like his eyes were playing tricks. Then he looked up, and his face darkened into a menacing scowl, and he began to raise his shotgun.

“BANG!!!” This shot came from the doorway, where Meredith had now appeared. Since it was a larger caliber gun than Anna’s the sound was louder, almost deafening. Meredith had not expected the recoil and dropped the gun, bending now to retrieve it. The bullet though had struck Jake just under his left shoulder blade. The force of it had spun him and he dropped the shotgun to grab his shoulder, but then turned back, lunging toward Anna.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Click! Click! Click…


Click. Click…

Anna’s head was swimming, lights were flashing, there was a voice coming from somewhere.


Got to stop him, she thought. Got to stop him. Got to…

“Anna, let go of the gun. Anna. It’s okay. I’m here. It’s okay.” Anna turned to the voice; it was Adam, on his knees but with his hand on hers, now gently removing the gun from her grasp. He sat her on the bed and then went to the strange girl who had come in shooting, taking her gun from her clenched hand with some difficulty and gently placing a hand on her shoulder.

“Who, um, are you?” He asked, his mind struggling to remain coherent. She looked up at him, eyes unfocused, and then crawled to the corner and began throwing up.

Adam looked around the room, then sank to the floor, silently regarding the massive form lying beside him, before Anna came and put her arms around him.

(End of Chapter 26)

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