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A House of Slaves by LongDarkRoad Chapter 28 One Has To Laugh

A House of Slaves 

Chapter 28 One Has To Laugh (Life being so weird)

Eric and Kate came through the front door, removing coats and shoes. The house had remained in their possession, thanks to some quick work by Aquina, and, strangely, Brandon.

With Aquina and Adam putting aside the turmoil of Tucker’s death and Brandon’s arrest to focus on other things, the deed to the house, originally held by a numbered company, was transferred to Kevin, Eric, Kate, Aquina and Alderman Gusbertson. It was a good move.

Brandon’s part was that he had headed over to Jake’s house on hearing of the tragedy and found the box of money and was able to turn that over with his surrender. The DA was happy with his confession and the dough, and the house was left alone.

“Hey Kev, Mindi,” Eric called from the door. Kevin sat up; things were slowly improving, and some days were better than others. Today had been okay and he got up carefully from the couch to greet his friends.

Anna came down the stairs (she and Adam had moved into Aquina’s old room; Aquina actually, once she cleared out her stuff, had never returned to the house).

Anna and Kate hugged, they would always be sisters-at-heart, and then the two police officers went to change out of their uniforms. Adam would be home soon as well. It was still, in many ways, a full house, and they had actually started having poker games again, with no party girls, of course. Well, not ‘slave’ ones.

Mindi now stood and moved protectively over to Kevin, sliding an arm around his waist in support.

No word had ever come to them of Heather of course; Kevin had maintained his silence. Perhaps someday, a word maybe to Mindi; if the relationship held.


Now that Claire and Sanders were no longer involved intimately, the woman was free and eager to do whatever Aquina suggested…and more.

She was relishing her new sexual awareness, and had in fact met again on her own with Helen, the woman bringing another friend along and both using Claire aggressively and as a…slave; calling her that and writing it on her forehead with a marker. They fucked her spit-roast and pig-roast style and then double-penetration, with lots of cell phone shots.

They had made her beg them, and Claire had admitted, naked and on her knees as they recorded her, that she was a dirty piss-slut and a slave who needed to be fucked and punished. It had excited her so much she had no problem coming when the women allowed her to. They recorded that action as well.  

And now this newest scenario, which both Claire and Aquina were blown away by…


Aquina was watching as a woman; tall, demanding, attractive and expensively dressed, marched down the street, long brunette hair flowing behind her, followed by Claire. The impressive woman was holding a leash attached to Claire’s collar and the agreement between them was that after spending the night as her slave, the lovely blonde would have breakfast with her and then have her clothes and wallet returned.

The catch was that breakfast would be in a restaurant and Claire would still be a slave, hence the collar and leash. Aquina watched from her car, again feeling an overwhelming rush of desire, her mind in turmoil.

The previous evening had been memorable, to say the least.

Aquina had suggested they try something more…dangerous?  Claire, with the times with Helen fresh and compelling in her mind, readily agreed to this. It was another hook-up, but this time for both of them, and they would each try to meet someone and spend the night with them as their sex slave, not their partner.

Claire was not sure why Aquina needed this hook-up thing, but it didn’t matter anymore. She had enjoyed being used by Helen so much that she jumped on this proposal quickly; she had already decided to return to the woman at some point soon, with Helen having suggested some things to do to ‘the slave’ that Claire found tremendously exciting; the why didn’t matter.

Aquina would have found that fact very interesting, if Claire had shared.

So last night for Claire, being targeted in a bar, picked up and taken to this unknown woman’s place to serve her, had actually been the most erotic and exciting sexual thing in her life so far, which said a lot after Helen and being Aquina’s partner.

For even with all that, last night had been memorable.


Now as she walked along behind ‘her mistress’, which she had called this woman with no hesitation, Claire was still in something of an aroused sexual daze, finding being like this almost overwhelming.

The woman was Candace Hollins. Unlike Helen who was just a forceful lesbian, she was as skilled a dom as Aquina, if not quite as beautiful (who was). Claire had found the attractive woman compelling and so incredibly easy to submit to. And she had accepted everything, including bondage, discipline and degradation, even toilet humiliation, that this woman had demanded; devouring it, wanting more. When she uttered ‘mistress’, it was real.

And since neither she nor Aquina knew where this might end, Claire was simply enjoying it, for as long as it lasted. 

Even this, right now, being led by a leash in public while feeling a strong desire to please this woman, was amazing to her. She knew just how wet this action was making her, even if she wasn’t wearing panties to gauge by.

If Claire didn’t have someone essentially waiting for her, she knew she would willingly spend another day and night with Miss Hollins; maybe more. Things had changed for her so much in the last month.

As for Aquina, the evening had been the first night in a long while that she had been with a woman other than  Claire, having resisted Shareen (in person) so far. But with her lover being picked up and taken home by a stranger for the night, Aquina had to find someone for herself or go mad.

The evening and the woman she met had in the end filled a void for her, but had not been completely satisfying. She still needed more; it was not a question at this point.

And now she got out of her car and followed these two into a restaurant; they had gone to a corner booth and Aquina was able to take a table nearby with a view. The place, as it was now past ten-thirty, had cleared out with only a handful of people remaining, scattered about.

In the booth, Claire as ordered opened the coat she was wearing to reveal she was completely naked; she had been from the moment she was in Miss Hollins’s car, going up in the elevator with only her coat on. From where she sat, Aquina could clearly see Claire’s lovely breasts and the word ‘slut’ written on her chest, as Claire threw her a quick glance and a grin. For the most part however, she remained focused on the woman before her, so submissive it was unbelievable.

The server who arrived at Claire’s table was clearly startled at the sight, and stood nervously glancing from one person to the other, but Hollins talked quietly with the girl (who looked to be college-aged) and in a moment she cautiously reached out and fondled one of Claire’s plump breasts, then the other. The woman handed the server two clamps and, with a little hesitation, she clipped them onto Claire’s puffy nipples and then attached them to the collar with small chains.

With another quick chat, the server took out her cell and snapped a picture. Claire then spread her legs as the girl took another shot, before leaning forward and kissing the slave, oblivious to anyone’s eyes. The server then smiled down at the women and began taking their order, Claire still sitting with her legs and coat open. She remained that way, and not looking at Aquina, until the server returned with their food.

The young woman then fed the cut up waffle pieces to the slave, putting some in her own mouth first as directed, until, after a brief chat with Hollins, she led Claire by her leash to the washroom.

For her part, Aquina felt like a volcano, ready to erupt; it was unbelievable what this was doing to her. Her thoughts actually turned to how she would look on her knees before Hollins.

And tomorrow and the day after that? And what of Shareen? Aquina would deal with all that later, although she knew she would be contacting her…mistress.

For now, acting on impulse, she went over and introduced herself to a surprised Candace Hollins.

By the time Claire returned, Aquina was gone, and Hollins informed her slave she was to spend the rest of the day with her. “Are you good with that?” Hollins asked with a smirk.

“I am, Mistress,” Claire replied obediently, aware of her arousal and not concerned with how this had come about.

“What did that young woman order you to do, slave?” the woman asked.

Claire looked down, then said, “I ate her pussy, and then she had me lick her um, anus.”

“Did she take more shots of you?”

Claire nodded. Hollins smiled. “And you liked it, you liked being ordered to lick a woman’s asshole, didn’t you, slave?”

Claire snorted softly and nodded, and it was amazing; she had loved being on her knees in a bathroom stall,

having oral sex with a stranger. She wanted to do it again.

The server came to them then with the bill, smiling at Claire, and Hollins asked her what time she was off, then gave the girl her address. “We’re only a block away. Come over when you’re finished, my slave would like to serve you some more and you can punish her as well. She especially likes licking your ass.”

The girl grinned, “Uh, that’s like awesome. I’m, um, meeting a friend, can I like bring her along?”

“You can, and you can take a lot more shots later too, making the slave do lots more stuff,” Hollins smiled, as Claire sat, wanting it to happen right then.

“Cool,” the server grinned.

And the only condition Aquina had made was she wanted photos too.


Shareen Macgregor saw the name on the call display and answered with surprise, as it was a dominatrix she had known for years. “Candace? Candace Hollins? It’s been ages.”

Hollins chuckled, “It has, but time flies, doesn’t it? Anyway, I have a question from out of the blue.”

“Shoot woman.”

“Do you know a Aquina Morez?”

Macgregor had to laugh, life being so weird.


Aquina felt a confused mix of emotions as she walked up the sidewalk leading to the ‘slave-house’. She had been surprised by the text from Kate, whom she had not spoken with for weeks.

The dark-haired woman smiled up at Aquina as she entered. She walked around for a few minutes just looking and remembering. A few things had changed, but the place was much the same as when she was last in it.

Looking down at Kate, the two then embraced and held each other for a while, Aquina finally asking gently, “How’s it going with…Eric?”

Kate sighed, “So good, really. Sometimes it just makes me laugh, but we’re bonded together by what happened, in a weird way, and our feelings for each other. It’s great for me, right, ‘cuz it’s like he tries every day to make up for what he did to me. I’ve told him he’s forgiven, it’s over, but it really is awesome.”

They held a little longer, then Kate asked about Aquina’s life and they shared some small talk. “You’ve been to see Brandon?” Aquina murmured.

“Hmmm-mmmm,” Kate replied. “I needed to wrap that up, the last piece. It was, strange. But now it’s done; it’s all done.”

They gently parted; Aquina looked at the woman. “So why the call, kid?” she smiled.

Quietly, and surprisingly to Aquina, Kate undressed and went to her knees, bending forward to kiss Aquina’s shoes. “I need you, Mistress. I’ve thought about this, a lot, for weeks. I’m happy with Eric, very happy, but he can’t do, um, this. I know how weird it is. I do. That’s why it’s, like, taken me so long, to reach out.”

Aquina watched in amazement as Kate crawled to a wardrobe and then returned with a table tennis paddle in her mouth, and dragging a pair of hand-cuffs.

“Please,” she said, looking up, her eyes filled with desire.

Aquina smiled and gently shook her head in wonder.


Claire was smiling too, as she looked at the text; it was from Candace Hollins. It had been a week since their encounter, a week today actually since Claire had sat on their couch and looked at Aquina, after spending two days and two nights with the woman. “You’re, um, good with all this, A?” she’d asked quietly, thinking of all that had been done to her and how she had…responded.

Aquina had sighed, “I don’t know what I need, lover, but Miss Hollins sent me a lot of shots of you, and I can’t believe what I feel. If you’re good with this, I am.”

Claire had gently shaken her blonde locks, some confusion and definitely arousal clouding her mind. She didn’t know what was going on in Aquina’s head but she knew what she wanted; to see Miss Hollins again, to do more of what she’d done, and so the excitement now with this text.

“What are you doing, dirty slave?” It read, and Claire felt a delicious jolt of desire.

“Not much today, Mistress. What are you thinking your slave should be doing?” She quickly replied, imagining herself with the woman.

“I’m thinking you need to be on your knees before me, your face in my pussy again, yes? Or maybe we can invite those two young ladies back, you enjoyed that, I could tell.”

Claire stifled a moan, remembering the server and her young friend and what they had done to her. The whole thing had been almost like a dream, and she had left Hollins very reluctantly after the weekend.

“I would love to be with you, Mistress; I should be with you, serving you, licking you; having you spank my ass.” Claire paused, arousal rising and images filling her mind. “You could have others there as well, if you wish,” she typed rapidly, adding, “I’ll do whatever you want.” Too much? It didn’t matter.

As she sent this off, she considered that this was not something she had planned, any of it. She had done this, initially, to please Aquina. But now things had changed, so very, very much. Or maybe she had just come to terms with herself.

Hollins replied, “I want you here now slave, and yes I’ll have some people watching, seeing what an obedient pussy slave you are, and using you as well. You need to be used a lot; it’s what you were made for.”

Claire moaned softly, feeling again a mix of guilt and immense desire, with wanting this. “I love being watched as I serve you.” That was true; she didn’t know why. “I want to be with you. I want to be used by you, every way.” she typed, sliding her hand inside her pants and remembering the two young women sitting and observing her as she knelt naked, licking her mistress.

There was a pause. “I’ll send a taxi for you, and invite some friends. Wear a coat and nothing else. I may even have you suck some cock this time, as we all see what a dirty slut you are. And I think I’ll piss on you again, now that I know how much you like it. And of course deserve it.”

Feeling an incredible rush and going to her knees, Claire typed, “I’ll be ready, Mistress.”


Smithfield closed his file. So that was that. Brandon Park had gotten the whole indictment, confessed to everything; he and Jake Tucker being guilty, with neither Eric Park nor Kevin Riggs having anything to do with anything.

Smithfield didn’t believe it; but, with the shit storm over Dzyuba and the death of Jake Tucker, and pressure from all sorts of sources, the DA was more than happy to wrap things up with a confession. Even just one.

Yesterday, Park was transferred to Hillsboro, the Grantham Correctional Center, a Level Four medium-security state prison, where he would begin serving his seven year sentence.  

Maybe it was for the best, Smithfield mused, scratching his nose with a pencil; Tucker and Dzyuba dead and Park in prison; that was something. And Kevin Riggs was still in recovery after suffering extensive and serious internal injuries. The afternoon of the attack saw him in serious and extensive surgery; liver, gall bladder, spleen, pancreas; all kinds of internal stuff was damaged by Tucker’s shotgun butt assault, as well as back and shoulder injuries.

Once Riggs recovered more or less fully, he would be on desk duty for a long while, maybe forever, so he had certainly paid a price. As for Eric Park, Smithfield wasn’t even convinced as to how involved he was, so, that was that.

For Smithfield, this was over.


“Slave,” the message came. Aquina had not been in touch today, but it would not really have mattered if she had.

Claire replied quickly, “Mistress.”

“Did you enjoy Thursday?”

Claire thought with a smile of her most recent session, two days ago with a woman she not only called, but now thought of, as mistress. She had arrived at the woman’s apartment wearing her coat and nothing else as ordered. There had been three women and one man sitting and smiling on the two facing couches as she entered, and was told to take off the coat and stand before them.

She remembered the sense of sublime purpose she felt as she stood naked and was regarded, posed and discussed, all four people plus Hollins commenting on her breasts, ass and shaved pussy as they took turns ‘examining’ her, which brought her close to an orgasm. She had easily and willingly gone to her knees and admitted she was a slut and a slave and would serve them all.

One woman then wrote ‘slut’ across her breasts, as Hollins had done on their first meeting, and then everyone took a cell phone shot of her, before having her pose with her legs spread and her labia pulled back. (Aquina had smiled when Hollins sent her this shot, remembering.)

The group had then sat, drinking wine, talking and watching as Claire thoroughly licked her mistress’s pussy and ass, before going around to each woman in turn, doing what they ordered. She had found each vagina and anus unique, in appearance and odor, but all had aroused her, as had the breast and ass slaps she received along the way.

She had ended with the man, sucking his black cock (her first) enthusiastically, before he fucked her and then fucked her mistress as she knelt below them, sucking the man’s cock whenever he removed it from her mistress’s pussy, until he came on Hollins’s spread ass to the cheers of the group.

Claire had dutifully cleaned this up as her mistress and the others made remarks to her about her place in the world, which was on her knees and ready to serve. She finally looked up at Hollins with contentment when her task was finished.

Her reward was a final shared paddling, all the women taking turns as the man observed, until her cheeks burned with a red glow. This was followed by a  wonderful orgasm, courtesy Hollins, before the woman took her into the bathroom and urinated on her, including directly into her mouth for the first time, as two of the others watched, one making a video before taking Hollins’s place and covering the slave from her head down with her ‘golden shower’.

It had been amazing, if still a little bewildering; and Claire had thought of the afternoon several times a day since.

It was also confusing to her that she and Aquina had not discussed this…transformation; it had been a strange few weeks, but at this point Claire was acting strictly on emotion and desire; her ‘lover’ clearly had her own plans.

“I loved Thursday Mistress, everything; I’m pretty sure you could tell. When can I serve you and your friends again?” She asked, Aquina not even entering her mind at this point.


As she walked down one long hallway in the Grantham Correctional Center, Aquina pondered. She had seen Brandon, briefly, several times after his arrest and during his detainment, but this was her first time with him in a couple of weeks and since he had been sentenced.

In all this time, she had not been able to let him know how much the two of them had stashed away in their off-shore account; they were never sure who was listening or monitoring and they didn’t want a whisper of their cache to get out. A cache they had set up so it would take both of them, together in person, to access the funds.

Aquina was going today to make sure Brandon knew that: she would be there for him during parole hearings and when he was released, and their money would be safe and waiting. They were partners, and Aquina took that seriously.

As she waited at the gated inner entrance, she noticed Lindsay leaving. The woman had, amazingly really, stuck with Brandon through this as well.

Aquina was happy for him for that.

She approached the last gate. Past here was the prisoner’s access point. When she passed through and the gate clanged shut behind her, it was hard not to have a feeling of dread at being here. She thought to herself, how would I do in a place like this? She didn’t think she’d do very well.

After sitting down on the plastic chair she waited a moment before a door opened in the room on the other side of the Plexiglas. Brandon was brought in wearing his orange suit and wrists bound by cuffs. He actually looked to be in good shape and spirits. Aquina picked up one phone while Brandon picked up his.

“Hey,” she began.

“Hey yourself,” he smiled at her.

“You’re looking pretty good for a cop behind bars,” she smiled back.

Brandon chuckled. “Well, I’m using the equipment room every day. There are only three of us who aren’t  in gen-pop, so we’ve got the place to ourselves.”

“Okay. Um, how’s the food?”

“Pretty good too, considering. But I don’t think I’ll be gaining a lot of weight.”

They chatted around, Aquina bringing Brandon up to date on the ‘gang’, although Lindsay had already given him some info.

Aquina looked at Brandon now, before speaking. She wanted to look right into his eyes. “I’m here mostly to tell you, we are partners. I will be here for any hearings and for your release. Then we can go, together, to check our…little bundle of joy.”

They both laughed, and Aquina held her left hand up to the Plexiglas. Brandon did the same with his right, covering hers, but before he did, he saw clearly the number she had written in black marker on her palm; $722,000.

Brandon smiled.


Shareen Macgregor had felt her cell vibrate, and when she took it out and looked at the photos just sent and read the text, she had to laugh.

Life was weird. Some things take time, some never happen.

Who knows? Certainly not her; she was just taking it a day at a time. But she felt relieved that she had, at last, made up her own mind about some things.

And the photo, from Aquina of course, showing her newly shaved pubic area with the word slave now clearly visible again, made her smile.

At the apartment, Aquina lay and considered. She too needed to decide; on a couple of things.

 (End of Chapter 28)

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