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A House of Slaves by LongDarkRoad Chapter 30 A World of Slaves

A House of Slaves 

Chapter 30 A World of Slaves (It’s my home)

…the hourglass is but a thing, it is we who are of sand. Yet, we toil and grind upon this barren land; while above us there is sky…if you have wings, then fly…


“I want you inside me, I know that. I want to please you, mmm, I need to please you. I’ve missed that, I really have. This is not about anything else, or…anyone else, anymore; this is about…me with you.”

They kissed gently again.

Hollins nodded, considering; no, it wasn’t about Aquina anymore, and hadn’t been in a while, but that relationship had needed to run its course.

“Well, you were a good slave to send the texts as directed. You’ve considered, as I advised before you left, about my thoughts to you earlier,” Hollins said, looking into Claire’s eyes.

Claire paused. “I have done what you’ve said. It was the right thing for me to come and decide on things, and I’ve, um, thought about you every day. Every freakin’ day, no lie, Mistress. That’s why I begged you to come down. It’s so crazy, what I feel. I can’t go on like…this.”

She paused to reach up and suck one of Hollins’s large, brown nipples, then sighed, saying “I need to be with you, I …ooooohhh.”

Hollins, wearing a medium-sized phallus, had entered her easily, Claire’s pussy actually oozing ‘juices’. “Ooooohhhh, God, yes, yes, yes, fuck me Mistress, fuck your slave please, oh Jesus, Jesus, I’ve missed having you inside me.” And Claire wrapped her legs around the woman.

A door had been opened for her, surprisingly by her lovely partner as it turned out, and Claire had passed through it and was now somewhere else.

It’s all about needs in the end, and maybe we’re all slaves, to something or someone.


Twenty minutes later the two women lay contented, side by side. Claire pressed her face against Hollins’s ample breast, emotions surging within her. “I don’t know, exactly, what to do next, Mistress, but I know what I want. I think, every day, about you fucking me as people watch us, knowing I’m your slave. I dream about you taking me out, on my leash. I…need it.” She paused, kissing the woman’s face. “Why is love so messed up?”

Hollins smiled, kissing Claire’s mouth in return. “Well, it’s really more about desire than love, to me, my slave, but we’ll clear things up today. I want you as my slave; it’s as simple as that. I too know what I want,” she smiled. “But do you want to be my slave, full-time? To live with me?”

Claire grimaced and then hugged the woman, burying her face in the warmth of her neck, murmuring, “Oh God yes, more than anything. I can’t believe it. I need to be with you,” she repeated, pressing herself against the voluptuous body.

Hollins smiled. “Good. You’ll come back with me now to my hotel. I think your…roommate, mentioned to me she has someone to meet tonight.” She paused and gently stroked the lovely face. “But right now, we should go and unhook that friend of yours. I want to see her eating your pussy, then mine, like the slave she is, before we go.” Claire smiled, as they stood. “But first, slave, we need to do this,” Hollins nodded toward the bathroom, removing her harness.

They went into the ensuite and then into the shower stall, Claire immediately going to her knees, hands behind her back. “What do you need, Slave?” Hollins asked, softly.

Claire shook her head in wonder; if someone had said, even a year ago that this would be happening, she would have called them crazy. “Please, mmm, oh fuck, please mistress, please piss on your s-slave.”


Claire bent down so her face was on the tiles, moaning softly. “I need to serve you, oh Jesus, Jesus. I am your dirty slave.” She looked up, “I just wish there were people here to see this, to see me serving you, Mistress.”

Hollins reached out and squeezed a nipple, then slapped each breast hard. “You are my bitch?”

“I am your bitch, totally.”

Hollins sighed. “You know, I will put my name on you? I’ll have you marked, probably some rings as well, although your pussy pleases me as is.” She rubbed her toes against the puffy labia. “But there will be no doubt you are my property.”

Claire smiled and murmured, “I want your name on me, Mistress. I do.”

“Do you deserve this?” Hollins asked quietly.

“Yes, I do,” Claire whispered, closing her eyes and smiling, secure in her identity.

Hollins then squatted down and covered her slave’s breasts with her urine.

****               ****               ****

It was now past noon and Aquina and Claire, who had just returned from Candace Hollins and was still wearing her slave collar, sat in silence at their kitchen table. The night with her mistress had been satisfying once again and left no doubts in Claire’s mind as to what she wanted; but there was still this quiet sadness at the end.

Claire dabbed her eyes with a tissue and then got up and moved away to the window; a slice of ocean could be seen beyond the high-rises. She just stood looking out at it, as the unhappiness drifted over her, with her knowing it would soon pass. Her mistress had plans for her tonight.

Quietly, Aquina came to stand behind her and hold her. “It is what it is, love, for both of us,” she murmured.

Claire turned and hugged her friend. “God, A, this is crazy. I still care for you, you know that. It’s just that I, um, belong to Miss Hollins now. I can’t explain it. I’m hers, I’m like her possession. I want to be with her, no, I need to be with her…”

Aquina chuckled softly, “Listen to me, kid. Don’t try to understand it or explain it. I get it.” She paused. “You know, I was with, um, Mistress Shareen last night,” Aquina murmured, remembering the emotional reunion, still so fresh in her mind; she had in fact only returned herself half an hour before Claire.

Claire nodded, somehow Miss Hollins had known that, and had told her as they lay in bed, which made this parting slightly easier. “So, even after what she did to you, A?”

Aquina shrugged. “That really wasn’t her; we both wanted something, it just turned out to be more extreme  than what we were expecting. We’ve learned.” She smiled, “So, you and I will be with who we need to be with. It’s just the way things are; I’m not what you need and you’re not what I need, in the end, no matter what we feel for each other.”

Claire kissed the woman tenderly, if briefly. Aquina took the lovely face in her hands, “You are, you’ll always be, the most lovely thing in my life.” They embraced for a moment, Aquina murmuring, “It’s funny, but my mistress and Miss Hollins know each other. They’ve both been invited to a private slave event in Washington, in a few weeks. So we’ll be seeing each other again, but on our knees.”

Claire smiled at that, then looked at her…friend. “I’ve signed a thirty-day slave contract, right. We’ll stay here, I’ll finish up with Sanders, and then the plan is for Miss Hollins to move to New York, with um, Grant and uh, me.” She looked away.

Aquina nodded. “Grant’s her black, male lover, the man whose cock you were serving regularly before we left?” Aquina smiled.

“How’d you…?” Claire asked then nodded. Of course Aquina and her mistress had been in touch. “Yeah, I have sex with him when Miss Hollins tells me to, usually when he’s having sex with her, too. He’s not too big and he feels really good inside me, no porn dicks,” she made a face, then said quietly, “And I love her watching me with him.”

“Yeah, I can tell you like it, from the shots Hollins sent me,” Aquina murmured, amazed how even this conversation still caused her some mild arousal.

Claire nodded and sighed, “I’m good with it, A, more than good, really.” She reached up and touched her collar, smiled and continued, “Her friends like to watch him fuck me and I like them to watch.” She looked at Aquina and grinned, the shy, uncertain Claire now long and forever gone.

She thought then of the last time with Grant, when Hollins and her group of women had ordered her to stand naked in front of the large, main window that faced the road in front of Hollins’s apartment. Grant then fucked her from behind, with her pressed against the glass. Several people passing by had actually stopped to watch them, the unit being on the third floor. Claire had come ‘like an explosion’ she’d said to her mistress, ‘it was so hot’.

“And I um, swallow for him, something I never did for Sanders,” she murmured, amazed at her memory of the first time, and how erotically disgusting it was. She looked into Aquina’s eyes, “And of course, there’s anal. It’s, um, well…” She paused, considering, “You did pretty much push me into…all this, hey? There was a time, you know, when I didn’t do any sex, and I didn’t know a mistress from a minister. Sanders had to instruct me on how to suck a cock properly, remember,” she snuffed.

Aquina sighed and looked away. “Maybe. Well, yes, although I had no idea how you’d react, sweets; then things, mmm, happened.”

She reached over and caressed the lovely face. “But I’ve known in the back of my mind, Claire, that you’d need to leave.”

She smiled in memory. “Ever since that morning in the restaurant, as you sat with your coat open and your lovely tits exposed; I saw the way you looked at Hollins with, devotion. I knew that look. I’ve had it on my own face, but, we needed to come here, for us, well, for me certainly, to be sure.”

She gently shook her head, “But I think it was actually Sanders who started you on this path. He was the one who got you watching porn, girl, like you said,” she smiled.

They looked at each other for a long moment. “So what was all that, A, with you watching? Why didn’t you try to just be my mistress?”

Aquina sighed again. “I, um, it’s weird,” she chuckled. “That first time in the restaurant, with Bobbi, was cool, having you dress that way and everything. But, I don’t know, I just didn’t want that with you. It was great, just bitchin’ great, to be with you as two loving women, no master, no slave, just the two of us…”


Aquina looked into Claire’s eyes, “I was fighting it, my, um, need. So, you were kind of being me, a slave, when I couldn’t, like, commit again to being one.”

She sighed and shook her head. “Before I had come to a decision, about what I really wanted, I needed to use you, to have you be abused. I care for you so much, God. I felt what you felt, or at least, I was being tortured, abused in a way, and it showed me, clearly, that I was in…denial.”

She paused again and sighed deeply, then chuckled, “And then I could see how you actually wanted it, everything that was being done to you. Jesus, Claire, I had thought you were a submissive, but you are way more than that. Damn. And the thing with Hollins…”

Aquina looked off, considering. “She kept me informed, of course, sent me shots of everything. It was so fucking hot, and I kinda knew there would be no us long-term, hey. But I had to bring you here, then contact my…mistress. I needed to come right to the edge of the cliff, to have the decision staring me in the face, to know, for both of us; that this was the way it had to be.”

Claire nodded her head gently and sighed herself. “I need to go,” she said quietly, “my mistress is waiting.”

Aquina nodded, touching Claire’s hand, and then the woman left.


In Denver, Cynthia Scheffley lifted Melissa’s face up from between her thighs. “This is interesting,” she murmured to her slave, who had the day before agreed to a new six-month slave contract. “We’re going to a mistress event late next month, some of my friends and their slaves, and it looks like…Aquina will be there.”

She smiled and Melissa smiled too. “And I’m sure you’ll get a chance to spend some time with each other’s pussies, because she’ll be there as a slave, too.”

Melissa grinned; life was strange…but cool.


Kate and Anna were sitting in the living room; it was a quiet Sunday. Mindi was working now at a restaurant, and Eric had taken Kevin for some physio. The man was much improved, though still on desk duty. Adam had decided to go in to finish off some things and be ready for Monday.

So the two women had some time, together, which happened rarely. “I, mmm, saw Aquina a while back,” Kate said quietly.

Anna came and sat beside her, touching Kate’s face. “When?” she asked, excitement showing, and Kate told her about her ‘session’. Neither woman had ever spoken of either Brandon or Jake, even after Kate had made her prison visit; in fact their names were never mentioned in the house, even by Brandon’s brother. Aquina’s name, however, had come up several times.

“It was weird, but I needed to see her, and, like be with her. And it was, good. Um, really good,” Kate smiled. It had been, and she felt no guilt afterwards.

Anna sighed, “I would love to see…her again. Is that, um, bad, ‘cuz of what I have with Adam?”

Kate sighed, “Our, um, mistress, will always be a part of my life, and yours, I’m guessing. I don’t think it has anything to do with Eric or Adam or anything; it’s just us.”

Anna smiled, considering what her life now was and might have been.

It would be a couple of hours before ‘the boys’ or Adam would return. She leaned forward and kissed Kate softly, then more deeply. Kate stood and held out her hand, then led Anna upstairs.


In Miami, after Claire had left, Aquina went to the bureau and took out a document; it was also a slave contract; hers, and it was for one full year, signed last night as she kissed her mistress’s feet, after several hours of punishment and pleasure, including time with a young woman Macgregor had with her.

Aquina read the document again and touched her shaved labia; while Hollins had done this on their first session, Aquina had kept it clear, knowing Macgregor’s preference.

They had reached an agreement where Aquina kept her savings in her Cayman accounts, but gave up her identification, credit cards and daily banking to her mistress, for the year, being totally under the woman’s control. And since Aquina actually had few personal possessions besides clothes (no furniture at all, not even her own bed, for example) moving in with her mistress would be easy (and she wouldn’t, as her mistress noted, be needing many of her clothes).

She had agreed to being loaned out, or rented as her mistress wished. The name ‘Shareen’ would be added to her other tattoo, and a second nipple ring would be added, as well as a labia ring. One year as a slave, and then they would decide about the future. But the present was clear; being here with Claire had been the final, necessary step.

“I love you,” Aquina had whispered, her voice choked, against the side of Shareen’s face, “and I belong to you, completely.”

It was true, and once she had uttered those words, she felt an amazing sense of peace descend upon her.


Aquina’s cell now chimed a message, and when she looked at the sender, that old, familiar surge rose within her, her own amazing ‘Old Faithful’, and there was no need to fight it.

“Slave,” it said, simply.

With a soft groan Aquina sank to her knees, and as she replied “Yes Mistress”, her world, once again, was complete; Harriett Smith’s face came to her mind, so clearly. She had indeed come home.

She stood and headed for the door; like Hollins, Macgregor had plans for her slave.

****               ****               ****

Six weeks later; Washington D.C.

The evening was winding down; it had been a success.

Cynthia Scheffley, Shareen Macgregor and Candace Hollins all sat relaxed, drinking wine, watching their slaves perform.

The slave event had seen sixteen owners (six couples and four singles) and twelve slaves enjoy an evening of sexual entertainment and participation, including bondage and discipline, with of course plenty in the way of quality food and drink.

Macgregor and Hollins, with a knowing exchange of glances, had had their slaves make love to each other for their amusement early on, before going off on their own. “It’s so good to see you,” Aquina had whispered to Claire, as they shared a two-headed dildo.

After several minutes of that, they were allowed to kiss gently for a few moments, and Claire looked at Aquina’s new tat, a quarter-sized heart with ‘SM’ in the middle, an inch from her right labia. Aquina then noted that Claire had a ‘Slave Registration’ number tattooed on her throat and a small, silver labia ring.

“I’ve signed a one year slave contract,” Claire had replied quietly as Aquina checked out the other two tattoos Claire now sported; a ‘CH’ directly above the tip of her labia, and ‘SLAVE’ on one breast. “My mistress also has planted a chip in me, so I won’t get lost,” she smiled and Aquina sighed at her loveliness, then pushed Claire flat and lowered her torso down to the waiting mouth, her eyes on her mistress’s smiling face.

Aquina had also spent some time with a happy Melissa, with Scheffley making a point by having her girl aggressively fuck Aquina anally while spanking her ass with a hair brush as the group watched. It was fitting and ironic, and turned Aquina on.

But now things were winding down. “I would say our girls are the most beautiful of the bunch, wouldn’t you?” Scheffley murmured now, smiling as her Chardonnay was topped up by a naked server.

Hollins nodded, “They’ve received the most attention, Cynthia,” she said with a nod.

All three slaves were at that moment kneeling, heads close to each other, and being fucked dog-style by men. The three owners had asked for the interested masters to wait until the end as a ‘closing’ treat for themselves. This would be the final sex activity of the night and they would all soon be heading back to their hotels.

“What say we swap for tonight, ladies, I’ll take Candace’s girl, you Shareen take mine and Candace can have yours?” Scheffley suggested.

The ladies nodded, “I’m good with that, Cynthia,” Macgregor said, “We can meet up in the morning before we head off, and reclaim our…property.”

Everyone chuckled and Hollins added, “I’m thinking it’s mostly just sleeping anyway for us, after tonight,” she winked. She was feeling satisfied, although she would likely punish Aquina a little; she enjoyed that for whatever reason, likely because of Claire.

They watched now as the man with Claire stood, removed his condom and ejaculated into her open mouth and on her face, with the slave then sharing this gooey gift with Melissa beside her. Melissa’s man had just pulled out as well, without leaving a gift, apparently ‘running out of steam’ but smiling none-the-less, as his female partner came to him and they both wandered off to find his clothes.

Aquina’s man then pulled out and came on her round ass, with her two slave companions cleaning her off, their eyes on their mistress’s, who smiled in return.

After that man left, the three slaves simply lay together, stroking each other and awaiting commands.

“What are your plans, going forward, for your slaves, ladies?” Hollins asked quietly.

“What do you mean?” Scheffley replied and Macgregor looked at the woman with curiosity.

“Wellll, I’ve never kept anyone for too, too long; I don’t know. Is this a happily-ever-after thing for you gals?”

Macgregor shrugged, considering her house-keeper slave, then Deirdre, who had worked out very well, and of course, Aquina, “Well, I’ve got three slaves right now, but my main girl here is working with a pro stripper, and I’m going to have her in a Miami club soon, earning me some dough for a while. How far down the road you lookin’, girl? Remember, we do have our contracts.” She paused, thoughtfully, “And, well, I’ll admit that this one’s special, for me.”

Scheffley smiled, “I’m a little like you, Candace, use ‘em hard and turn ‘em loose, but I’m also like Shareen, as Melissa is special, to me, I will admit that to you.” She paused, “I know I’ve broken the mistress’s command, thou shalt not care too deeply. I do. You don’t?”

Hollins sipped some wine and then paused as the last of the finger foods made a round; bacon-wrapped chestnuts this time. She savored one as she considered. “Don’t get me wrong, I am moved by Claire. She is such a rare combination of beauty and submission. It’s amazing. And she does everything I tell her to do, no doubt. Everything. But, I know, mmm, myself. Everything has a shelf life with me, contract or not. I try not to dwell on it too much, but it’s there, back of my mind.”

Scheffley spoke briefly with one of the event assistants and the girl then went to the three slave women and had them kneel, facing away with their backs arched so their asses were on display. She then began to whip them with a leather flogger.

“I like to end things with some discipline,” Scheffley said, “reminds ‘em of their place,” she added.

The three mistresses then sat and watched as their slaves accepted their punishment. Scheffley then spoke, “I know what you mean Candace, but what would you do with your girl? You can’t just turn her out on the street.”

Hollins sighed. “Well, I could,” she smiled, “but, I’d sell her, most likely. Well, very likely.” The two women turned to her and she laughed. “Don’t give me that look, like the two of you have never sold anyone.” The two women exchanged a look. Hollins continued. “No, I know a man, Doukas, you’ve heard of him?”

“Louis Doukas, of course I’ve heard of him,” Scheffley smiled. “He’s been to our acreage. He and my Donald have done business. But why him?”

Hollins shrugged, “Not totally sure, but he has connections in Europe, the more unpleasant parts. I bought a trafficked girl from him two years ago. White and beautiful and very young. I used her so hard I amazed myself. But, I just like the idea of my lovely blonde being sold to some sketchy gun lord in Eastern Europe. Croatia, I’m thinking, and I know Doukas could do that. Maybe even an exchange, one for one.”

“What the hell?” Macgregor asked, eyebrows raised. “Why go that route?”

Hollins nodded to the assistant as she looked over and then the woman left, the three slaves and their asses still on display and now well-reddened. “Mmmm, not sure, I just wouldn’t want some comfy, little, old, lady lesbian in Newark to own her. I’d want it to be far less pleasant than with me, so she’d think back with fondness of our time.”

She looked at her companions and laughed again at the looks on their faces. “C’mon, ladies. They are slaves, after all.”

Scheffley tilted her head, “Call me first, Candace, before you do anything. Please. I mean that; it will be worth your while. I wouldn’t want your beautiful blonde tossed to some Eastern European wolves.”

Hollins nodded, a smirk on her attractive face. “Hey, I’ve got no plans for right now, so no worries. I intend to use my lovely slave lots more, believe me. Lots. My group of gal pals would shoot me; they can’t get enough of her. Or Grant. I think he’s fallen for her, actually. Men.” She shook her dark tresses.

They all smiled then as ‘What A Wonderful World’ began playing through the speakers, signalling the official end of the evening. The three slave women turned on their hands and knees and began their crawl to where Hollins, Macgregor and Scheffley sat.

…skies of blue and clouds of white, the bright blessed day, the dark sacred night…

“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for being part of this event. Good night, and Madame White will be in touch.”

…what a wonderful world.

(End of Chapter 30)

End of Book II

A House of Slaves

From The Chronicles of LongDarkRoad by

(Lawrence W Taylor)

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