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A Castle of Sand by LongDarkRoad Chapter 7 This Magic Moment

A Castle of Sand by LongDarkRoad

Chapter 07 This Magic Moment

…sweeter than wine, softer than the summer night, everything I want I have, when I hold you tight…”

June 1950 Just north of the thirty-eighth parallel, North Korea.

A small group of four climbed out of a dusty truck and began to make their way south. The group was made up of a man and a woman, travelling as husband and wife, an eleven-year-old girl, who would be presented as their daughter, and a guide.

After walking for almost two hours, the guide checked his map and indicated they could rest. The two men smoked, the girl and the woman each took a small drink from the single flask they carried.

After about twenty minutes, a car came up the dirt road, stopped, and the couple and their ‘daughter’ climbed in, leaving the guide. The car continued south to Hwacheon, and a house that had been set up for them.

Ten days later the Korean War began, as forces from the north crossed the thirty-eighth parallel. The northern forces were supported by the Soviets and it was not long before American troops arrived, to aid the South.

* * * *

Christine, Dolly and Gerry were sitting in the living room of the house, watching Marcus Welby, M.D. on the small black and white television when the telephone in the hall rang. Dolly being the closest to the door jumped up and in a moment was calling, “Christine Callister’s answering service, is Miss Callister available…?”

Christine gave the smaller woman a gentle shove, saying “Smart apple,” then took the receiver, answering “Hello?”

It was Julia Sullivan and she was on her way to do the follow-up chat with Christine. Ten minutes later, Christine was heading off, but not in a large, dark government vehicle this time, but in Julia’s own car, a brown Ford Falcon.

“Yeah, it’s easier,” Julia commented, “I had my car, and so, well anyway, just easier.” They talked about the meeting with Hănescu. Christine could honestly say that not much of any importance was discussed, although she did mention Hănescu’s niece being there.

Julia snorted, glanced over at Christine, contemplated, then said, “You need to know delegates are rarely what they say they are, Miss Callister. Hănescu is not the wife of any delegate; we don’t believe she’s married at all, in fact. She’s high up in the Romanian Foreign Affairs department.” She chuckled. “And she doesn’t have any niece named Bianca. That girl was probably, a, um, companion.” Sullivan glanced at Christine again, who sat impassively, taking all this in, before continuing. “Madame Hănescu, it’s rumored, likes young women.”

They drove in silence for a few minutes, before Sullivan asked quietly, “Did she make a move on you?”

Christine pondered for a moment, then said, “Yes, she did.” Then considered, “You won’t tell Mr. Silverberg, will you?”

Julia smiled, “It doesn’t matter, kid. We know that all the women in the crew will be hit on, and we know sometimes they’ll be okay with it. We can’t advertise the fact, and no one will ever say anything to you. In fact…” She glanced over at the young woman again, “we’re on our way right now to have a doctor give you a physical. You need to be on the birth control pill; all the women in the crew are.”

Christine sat and mulled over this news, feeling alarmed, “But it’s evening,” was all she could come up with.

“Yeah,” Julia responded, turning into the underground parking of a nondescript brick building, “we have our own doctors, so it’s not a problem.”

* * * *

Anne had taken a taxi out to Great Falls, an exclusive Washington suburb. She had the address of Laverne May and she wanted to see the place herself, beforehand.

The home was a massive stone manor that could make you believe you were in England; the large lot was enclosed by a wall. Anne prowled around a bit but she didn’t want to bring any attention to herself. She had told the driver to come back in thirty minutes so she sat down and lit a smoke.

Looking at the massive house, which, according to her reports, had only Laverne living in it, there being no children, she shook her head in disgust. Ah, Anne ruminated darkly, there are of course the servants, who would be waiting on this individual, who was able to live in obscene luxury because her husband worked with someone who liked to kill people. Large numbers of people.

American society, Anne considered, where you could go to jail for years for selling drugs, but if you helped to plan napalm raids, leaving hundreds burned and dying, you were able to live in a place like this.

Anne’s negative thoughts were interrupted with the return of her ride. She would have fun with this Mrs. May, although she would rather put a bullet in the head of Mr. May, or better still, the general who was his boss.

Maybe they would all be at the Fourth of July party after all, and Anne could spike the punch.

* * * *

Sullivan stopped outside of ‘the house’. “Are you okay?” she asked Christine, who had been quiet after her appointment.

“Um, yes, just a little rattled, is all. I guess I should know more about the, um, pill, it’s been around for a while.”

Sullivan smiled sympathetically, “Well, I know you’ve had a lot sprung on you in a short bit, but we will monitor your response and if there are any issues, you will be taken off the medication.” They sat for a moment in silence. “Miss Dhang contacted us, by the way. She wants you to be involved whenever the Koreans have an event, even small ones. You have clearly made a big impression on people, Miss Callister.”

Christine looked at Sullivan, “M-, um, Miss Dhang asked for me?”

Sullivan nodded. “Yes, she’ll be calling you tomorrow but wanted to make us aware of their thoughts. Mr. Silverberg is excited by this; it is really important to a number of people that we get these trade deals moving. Keeping the Koreans happy is important, and Dhang, by herself, can make decisions.”

Christine smiled. “I didn’t think she was just, an interpreter.”

Sullivan nodded again.

* * * *

Margie came and lay beside Christine; she was wearing only panties. “I don’t want to fool around, okay, ‘cause I’m still wearing a tampon, hey, but I thought we could just, lie together.”

Christine turned to face the woman and kissed her gently several times, then held her. “Nice to have you back, sweetie,” she murmured, and they lay silently. After a few minutes Christine quietly asked, “How long have you been on the, um, pill?”

Margie looked into Christine’s eyes, “They’ve started you on it, have they?”

Christine nodded her head. “Well, I’ve had a physical and the doctor gave me a prescription; I haven’t actually started, officially.”

“Right, Well, I’ve been on them now for four years.”

Christine pondered, “No problems?”

“Not so far; in fact, my periods are better than before I started; not great, don’t think that can ever happen. But less cramping and more regular. It’s different for every woman; and it could change as I get older, hey.”

Christine gently stroked Margie’s face. “Thanks for all your help; with everything.” They now kissed a little more seriously, licking tongues; Margie gently squeezed one of Christine’s breasts, then took the woman’s hand and placed it on her own breast. Christine fondled it, then leaned forward and sucked first one, then the other, nipple.

Margie then studied her friend’s face, smiling. “What happened on Saturday?”

Christine chuckled, “What’s with you?” She now studied Margie’s face, “I could say you should take a chill pill, but I don’t say stuff like that.”

Margie snorted, “Yeah, yeah, I get it. But I know something went on.”

Christine lay still for a moment, then she had to ask, “Why do you think something went on?”

Margie considered, then began. “You disappeared for a bit, or at least, I couldn’t see you. Then I saw you coming back from the restroom. I know the look, my friend, of a woman who’s just had her ‘magic moment’; you can try to kid me, or you can just lay it on me. I’ll never judge, Chris.”

They lay in silence again, then Christine ventured, “If it was the restroom, then you’re suggesting I got it on with a woman; who could that be, kiddo?”

Margie looked now with a little smirk, “My bet is on that dark-haired Korean gal; she couldn’t keep her eyes off you.”

Christine had to laugh out loud; Margie was amazing, where she, herself, tended to be oblivious. “Don’t you think you’re jumping to conclusions there, Margie?”

“Am I?” Margie held the other’s gaze, then murmured, “Thought so.” Christine smiled and looked down. “So, what happened?”

Christine then gave a summary, leaving out the guys, but letting Margie know that Miss Dhang wanted to have

Christine work as a regular-sort-of host.

“Hey that’s great kid, I mean that. You know that we all earn extra when we do events, any event. It’s great bread, kid. Hey, lookit, let the dark-haired Dhang know you have a friend in the crew if she needs two gals for an event.”

“Really?” Christine asked.

“Ab-so-tootin-lutely,” Margie emphasized. They then lay quietly again in each other’s embrace as sleep came slowly over them.

* * * *

“Hello,” Christine answered.

Ahhhh, my American whore,” the sultry voice of Hie Dhang replied and Christine’s heart jumped.

“Mistress Dhang,” Christine murmured. She was in the crew’s room and although there was general chatter and office noise, she was conscious of her voice.

“Yes, can you go to a more private phone?”

Christine thought of the one in the library, “Yes, I can.”

“Good,” Dhang crooned, giving Christine a number. “Call me back quickly, whore, or there will be punishment.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Christine said, pulse racing. Then she stood and made her way to the library, praying that it was vacant. It was and she made her way quickly to the desk telephone in one corner and rapidly dialled. In a moment the accented voice returned, “Very good. Now, we begin with, what are you?”

Christine paused for a moment considering which word Dhang wanted, then said, “I am, a whore,” she managed, her throat constricting.

“You want to be, my whore?”

Christine fought to control her reaction, then murmured, “I, um, I d-do, but I wish I knew what you wanted.”

Dhang smiled and sighed softly. “You wish to be on your knees before me?”

“Y-yes, I do…” Christine said without hesitation; she wanted that very much, it didn’t matter why.

“You will follow my commands?”

“Yes, I will, as long as I don’t have to hurt anyone. I couldn’t do that.”

Dhang chuckled. “I have no plans for you to do anything but provide service and pleasure, although my pleasure includes punishing you. You will accept this?”

Christine could consider later why this comment aroused her. For now she said quietly, “I will.”

Dhang smiled again; she enjoyed punishing young women. “This Friday I will pick you up at seven, at the house. Dress casually in a pants suit or something; it is not important.”

Christine paused for a moment. “Um, is there any preparation, anything I should know?”

Dhang paused, “No, my girl, simply be ready. I will be with you.”

The line went dead and Christine sat with her heart pounding rapidly, her mind spinning. The words ‘my girl’ had cut through her like a blade. This was new; she had felt the desire to obey before, to please someone, but she had never experienced this…reaction to someone; this intense emotion that seemed to bore right into her.  

She wished to be with Dhang now, right now. How far would she be willing to go for the woman, for this feeling? You will follow my commands; how far, Christine wondered? And strangely, the image of Elizabeth Devers returned briefly, and Christine shook her head.

* * * *

“Oh fuckin’-A girl, those are fantastic. Where’d you find them?” Beverly enthused, looking at the pair of very tall (past the knee) black leather boots that Anne  was holding.

“Wouldn’t you like to know, hon?” Anne replied in her best seductive voice, then she laughed. “I have one friend who dabbles in the seamier side of life and knows where to find certain items that aren’t available at um, Sears, kid.”

“That’s just great.”

“So you need these again, why?”

Beverly laughed, “You’ll see, but it involves mommsy.”

Anne laughed now too.

* * * *

Christine looked at the clock and then scolded herself; it was ten forty-seven; the last time she checked, it was ten o-three. Thursday had dragged a little but today was unbearable. Christine decided to head to the washroom and give her face a cold-water treatment; she had to do something or she wouldn’t get any work done, and her assignment today was a little boring.

She of course could not stop thinking about what her mistress might have her do tonight; she had no idea what the event was or who would be there. She certainly had not been asked to dress for anything special.

She also pondered on the call she’d received from Julia Sullivan this morning, informing her that her birth control pills would be picked up Monday but she was not to start taking them until after her next period, which should, by Christine’s calculations, start next week.

Christine paused after dousing her face with cold water and looked at the reflection in the mirror. She knew the image she projected, and she valued it; efficient, responsible, cautious, innocent. She also knew that there was a side to her she had kept hidden from most everyone, and had all her young life.

Her mother, motivated more by her obsession with sin and a very strict adherence to scripture, had sought to control and punish Christine’s ‘impulses’, even though the girl had rarely acted on any of them; it was just the threat of what may happen, combined with Christine’s developing body, which her mother could not ignore.

But unwittingly, her mother had actually succeeded in showing Christine the first phase in her sexual awakening; and although it had taken until now to reach a second phase, what she had learned about herself from her mother, but mostly Elizabeth Devers’s ‘training’, now made this step possible.

* * * *

April, Glen Rock

Christine Callister again lay sideways on the bed in Elizabeth Devers’s spare bedroom. She had no top on today, and her hands were tied out to the bedposts. Her shorts as usual were pulled down, today right to her ankles. As well, for this session she was blindfolded. Her ass was again a bright pink.

Her mother had paused now and looked over at Miss Devers, who nodded.

Eleanor Callister’s own body, now at almost forty years of age and after bearing two children, was sturdy but not heavy, with larger than average breasts (just like what Christine’s would mature into) still sitting firm and round on her frame. Her hips were round as well and delightfully feminine.

Her body was completely visible now because she was naked; her own ass reddened, as it had been on a regular basis for the last year, by Devers’s wide paddle. “Come here, Eleanor, and kneel,” Devers commanded and Eleanor came quickly and fell to her knees.

Christine could not see, but she could hear, and she could imagine. “Your nakedness will be uncovered and your shame also will be exposed; I will take vengeance and will not spare a man,” Devers said, pushing Eleanor Callister’s face down to the floor. “Now lick my boots, sinning whore, and show your devotion. You are a disgusting wretch.”

As Callister senior moaned and licked, Devers moved the handle of the paddle between the woman’s thighs, and in moments Christine could hear the moaning of her mother that for some reason caused arousal within her own, developing body; even though she did not understand it.

When her mother cried out in ecstasy, Christine lifted her head; she desperately wished to witness what was happening; or to take her mother’s place.

* * * *

Frank May sipped his whiskey and ginger ale; it was his second and he was enjoying it. He and his companion, a major, part of the Administrative Group of Army Intelligence Service, were in the bar their close-knit group preferred.

The major however would normally be found with his division in Arizona, but he had been assigned to San Francisco as a liaison, which was how he came to work with Frank May, who, as a civilian military aide to the Army Joint Chiefs of Staff, provided liaison as well.

“So Frank, what news? What does the ‘old man’ say?”

May regarded Allan Reeves; he seemed too bookish to be in spy work, but that was often the way. May knew of no ‘James Bond’ types in his intelligence circles. It was all innocuous but determined and efficient men. They had their flaws, but audacious, attention-seeking behavior was not one of them.

“The old man,” May began, referring to the brutish general he served directly, “thinks we need to remind the world what America is; the heart of freedom.”

Reeves grunted and sipped his gin and tonic. “So he thinks, as I’m told, we should expand the war in Nam, not reduce what we’re doing?”

May nodded and lit one of his Winstons. “He doesn’t understand why we’re ‘pussy-footin’, as he calls it. He definitely thinks, for example, that we need to move into Cambodia; in a big way. It’s not like we don’t have a shit-load of equipment over there. We just need to find ways to get it into use.”

Reeves nodded his head, “Same deal with most of the brass on our end. We’re losing the war in Nam, and a grip on our own goddamn country. Look at the damn protests and riots…”

“Don’t get me started there,” May declared. “No, the talk is the same with us; we’re being eaten from within. The schools, the trade unions, the universities; loaded with agitators, spreading dissent, questioning what we are. I’m sure many thought with the Kennedys gone that liberal philosophy would fade too. But our enemies have been resourceful and determined.”

The men sipped their drinks in silence, before May continued. “Nixon made it clear, if we lose over there, the first defeat in our nation’s history, well, confidence in American leadership would collapse, throughout the world; a stab to the heart. That’s the fear.”

Reeves nodded his head slowly, the look on his face serious. “Well, let’s get off this gloomy topic. Say, how’s your wife doin’, looking after the ranch while you’re here, messing around, pretending to solve the world’s problems?”

May chuckled, “Laverne’s a good egg, really. Keeps things going in D.C. and never complains. She’s even looking after our annual celebration on July Fourth. It’s a big do, and I always enjoy it. A band, fireworks, the whole she-bang. I’ll miss it.”

“Yeah, and you’re stuck here, mopin’ about.”

They both laughed, and Reeves noted that May had glanced over to his left for the third time. “She’s with the governor’s office, if you need to know, and word is that she’s ambitious, has her eye on D.C.” Reeves winked. “Maybe you should go and offer some advice, you being so experienced with that part of the world and all.”

May looked over again at the young woman, sitting with three other likely government staffers. She smiled this time and May picked up his glass. “I may just do that. See you on Monday, Al.” He said, smiling. Then he headed over to the table where the woman sat.

* * * *

The large auto glided to a stop, the driver was there quickly to open the door and Christine slid in, feeling instant arousal and then desire as she looked up into the eyes of Hie Dhang. As the car pulled away, Dhang reached out and caressed Christine’s face. “Such a lovely face,” she murmured, and then kissed the soft, plump lips several times, before sighing and straightening up, then announcing in her brisk manner.

“Okay, take off those clothes.”

As if she had been doing it all her life, Christine stripped before a woman in a car, then sat naked and ready. Dhang fondled her breasts for a moment, sending a jolt through Christine’s body, before continuing. She handed Christine a simple cotton dress and a pair of red lace panties; no bra or stockings. The dress was unusual in that it buttoned up the front. She put on the low-heeled black shoes she had worn.

Christine now noted that this vehicle was different than the others, as it had two sets of seats in the back, facing each other; she and Dhang were sitting facing the driver.

Dhang now spoke in that decidedly seductive voice she possessed. “We will be going to a movie with your two, um, friends, Mr. Sohn and Mr. Gee.” She smiled. “In the theatre you are to let them do anything they wish to you, do you understand?”

Christine swallowed, feeling rising arousal and concern. “Will, um, pardon me, Mistress, but will you be there?”

“Yes, Whore, as I’ve said, I will always be with you, one way or another. I wish to see my girl serving and giving pleasure, being used like the whore you are; I enjoy that. And you like being watched, so this will work out.” She smiled again.

The car now rolled to a stop, the driver got out, opened the rear door and in a moment the two men from Saturday’s event climbed in and sat in the seat facing the women; there were brief greetings in Korean and then both men smiled at Christine.

Mr. Sohn said something and both men laughed, then Gee asked Dhang a question and she replied, then turned to Christine. “I told them it’s less than ten minutes to the theatre, and that they can use you as they wish.”

Sohn then again spoke to Dhang who again turned to Christine, “Undo the buttons of your dress and bring your tits out, to entertain these men.”

Smiling shyly, Christine did as directed and Sohn, staring intently, said something and both men laughed. Then Gee reached out and grabbed one of the exposed breasts, squeezing it.

* * * * 

April, Glen Rock

After Eleanor Callister had climaxed, things were quiet for a few minutes, then Christine heard Devers’s voice, a voice that always moved her, telling her mother to get the large rectal thermometer from the kitchen. She was to put it into her daughter, for proof of the girl’s wantonness.

“Yes, Miss Devers,” Christine heard her mother murmur, and then the footsteps as she went to the kitchen to get the instrument.

Devers had now come and was standing behind Christine, “It will be here soon, lovely whore; I know you cannot wait to be entered, can you?” She murmured.

“No, um, no, Miss Devers,” Christine whispered, her ‘wantonness’ clear as her beating heart.

Elizabeth Devers chuckled softly, “Let the wicked forsake their way, and the unrighteous their thoughts, and return to the Lord.”

 (End of Chapter 07)

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