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A Castle of Sand by LongDarkRoad Chapter 8 Time of The Season

A Castle of Sand by LongDarkRoad

Chapter 08 Time Of The Season

…it’s the time, of the season, when the love runs high. In this time, give it to me easy, and let me try with pleasured hands…”

The car dropped the four of them off in front of the Naylor Theatre and they trooped in, Dhang buying the tickets for all. The feature playing was Goodbye, Columbus, and Christine pondered as they entered the darkened cinema that it was odd for two non-English people like Mr. Sohn and Mr. Gee to come to an American movie.

Gee led the way and they went to the far left section, back row and right to the end, with Gee sitting, then Christine, then Sohn and finally Dhang, who came in last after buying some things at the confectionary. She handed Christine several napkins and Sohn laughed.

It was only a few minutes after the credits rolled and the show began that both gentlemen placed their hands on Christine’s thighs, rubbing gently. Sohn then reached over and unbuttoned the dress again, before lifting Christine’s breasts out, twisting both nipples as he did this.

Sitting in a public space, darkened or otherwise, like this was affecting Christine strongly; she could sense the heat building in her loins, her breathing was increasing and her heart was beating madly. Both men were alternately rubbing thighs and squeezing breasts.

Then Sohn unzipped his trousers and pulled out his erection, taking Christine’s hand and placing her fingers around the shaft, and showing her how to jerk him. From the other side, Gee did the same, and Christine now sat, staring at the screen and pondering how beautiful Ali MacGraw was, while having both breasts massaged and pumping two erect penises.

After a few minutes, both men had Christine increase her speed, pumping rapidly. After another minute of this, Sohn placed his hand behind Christine’s head and brought it down to receive his cock in her mouth, as he now jerked himself. It was only a matter of moments before Sohn’s short, thick, brown erection erupted semen into Christine’s mouth, and with a vice-like grip on her neck, she had no choice but to accept all the spunk. Sohn sat breathing heavily, then chuckled and released his grip, taking one of the napkins from Christine and wiping her mouth, grinning broadly the whole while.

Next it was Gee’s turn, and the same process was repeated. After he had come, and Christine’s mouth was dabbed, Dhang leaned over and said, “감사합니다” to her and told her to say it to the men, which she did as well as possible, before looking at Dhang and raising her eyebrows.

“You just said, ‘thank you’,” Dhang smiled impishly and Christine nodded.

Sohn then directed her to pull off her panties, which he took from her, holding them to his nose, breathing deeply and laughing. He then grasped one of her legs with Gee taking the other, lifting them up onto their laps; Sohn then flipped up Christine’s cotton dress so she was now sitting in a public theatre naked with her legs spread wide.

Dhang now opened her bag and took out an Oh! Henry chocolate bar, one of the items purchased from the confectionary. Removing the wrapping, she handed the bar to Christine and whispered, “Lick this and put it in your pussy. These jackasses want to see you fuck yourself with this famous American candy.”

Still very aroused, Christine complied and was relieved that she was very wet and the bar went it, slowly but surely, for about four inches. She then began to pump it earnestly, leaning back and closing her eyes, the arousal building.

In assistance, Sohn had actually moved his hand over Christine’s clitoris and was rubbing it gently and effectively. After a few minutes, when it was clear her ‘girl’ was completely engaged, Dhang stood and made her way to the aisle, returning in a moment with a female usher; a young, colored woman.

Dhang gave the woman an American ten dollar bill and had her shine her flashlight onto Christine’s crotch. The woman stood frozen in place, eyes bugging, but with her light effectively showing the candy bar moving steadily in and out between the thickened labia.

Both Sohn and Gee laughed quietly and winked at each other, intently watching the ‘white whore’, and then both put their hands over Christine’s mouth when her orgasm hit. A couple of people a few rows down looked around but the muffled groans received little notice; the movie’s volume being high.

The usher went away, no doubt with a story no one would believe to tell, as Sohn carefully pulled the glistening bar from Christine’s hole and handed it to her, grinning and nodding his head, saying two of the few English words he knew; “You eat…”

Gee laughed and Dhang smiled.

* * * *

Douglas Silverberg took the call in his den/office at home; it was just after ten on a Saturday morning, yet Virginia and Beverly were already off somewhere; he was happy that they were at last getting along.

The call was from Julia Sullivan, who wanted to pass along the amazing news that the Koreans had called and would be proceeding with stage one of the plan; this stage was worth over thirty-five million dollars, with promises of more to come.

“Is the farm machinery part of the deal?” Silverberg asked; he was very happy, but this would make him happier.

“Yes, Sir, over twenty million of it. That should bring some smiles out.”

“I’ll say. So, any reason given for this decision, um, now?”

“Well,” Julia said, “this came directly from Dhang’s office, and she was with our gal Callister at a private event last night. I’m thinking things went…well.”

“Hmmmm,” Silverberg murmured, “that’s interesting; very interesting.” He made a note right then that Callister needed debriefing Monday.

* * * *

Christine was sitting out on the front porch, drinking tea; she was not home late at all from her event and she’d had a decent sleep last night, so she was rested. Despite this, she was agitated, with thoughts and images tumbling through her mind, as if three or four film projectors were going at the same time.

When she had awoken this morning, the first thing on her mind was Hie Dhang; her face, her eyes, her smile; her touch, even the memory of her scent came immediately to Christine’s mind. While there had been one other person in her life to date she had felt an intense attraction to, what she was feeling for Dhang, a woman she had known for a week, was almost overwhelming.

She tried to make sense of it, but it was feelings, and she had never been good with feelings. She knew the woman likely wouldn’t be calling today, which only heightened her desire. Without effort, the previous evening returned to her.

After she had eaten the chocolate bar, to the amusement and absolute delight of the two men, Sohn and Gee had left, apparently catching a ride on their own; Dhang and Christine stayed to watch the rest of the movie. Part-way through the film, Dhang removed her undergarments and placed Christine’s hand between her thighs, and the young woman felt Dhang’s thick, almost mink-like pubic patch. (when Christine was allowed to see it, it would turn out to be very thick indeed; very black and actually glossy.)

In the theatre, Christine had stroked and probed with abandon, before Dhang finally put her on her knees and Christine buried her tongue into the fragrant vagina. After twenty minutes of this, Dhang had experienced a mild but nonetheless pleasant climax, and lifted Christine up, then kissed ‘her girl’ in gratitude, holding hands while they watched the last of the movie.

When they reached ‘the house’, Dhang had looked deeply into Christine’s eyes and asked several questions. The answers were: that Christine was good with everything that had happened that evening; the orgasm was unbelievable (they still seemed almost a miracle); she was okay with blowjobs, but the stuff was bad tasting, a bummer. And, probably the most amazing thing, Christine was very aroused at being used in public.

They had sat for a minute before Dhang asked, “So, do you wish to be mine, to be my girl, for these events?”

Christine had hesitated, then asked, “Will you always be, involved?”

Dhang had smiled, her attractive, dark eyes animating her lovely face; “I may not always be right there, but I am always in charge and you are…always mine; I am making you available when I choose. And,” she stroked Christine’s face affectionately, “as I’ve said, I do like to watch my girl. I will always be informed of what you do.”

She had smiled, continuing, “The events will generally be on Fridays, and you will host, as with any event, but sometimes you will be used by men and, sometimes, even women, if I wish it. I will use you when I wish and I will have others use you, when I wish. You will be my personal whore, serving me without question. That is what I ask of you.”

Christine had sat, considering, more filled with desire than at any time in her young life (even those times with Miss Devers that became extremely intense) unconcerned with the finality of what Dhang was proposing; that she would be having sex with people as Dhang wished; she would be a true whore.

Christine had lifted Dhang’s hands and kissed them, then murmured, unable to look into the woman’s eyes,

“If you are involved, then I am, okay with whatever you order me to do. I t-trust you, and I want to please you.”

That last phrase was absolutely true; the desire to have this woman happy with her was bewildering but undeniable, even if that meant having sex with strange men, and women. And, bizarre but true, the men were not all that important to Christine, really. Or they didn’t mean anything. They were like Brian, just hard, insistent cocks, pushing inside her.

Even now she had trouble remembering Sohn and Gee’s faces, but Dhang’s came to her mind clearly and frequently.

As Dhang had stroked Christine’s hand thoughtfully, the young woman asked quietly, finally looking up, “Is that why I’m, going on the pill?”

“It’s one of the reasons.” Dhang had replied quietly. “Your bosses also want it,” she stated simply.

Christine had nodded her head, then remembered, and almost like coming out of a dream, she shook herself and said, “Oh, my roommate is very interested, if you need a second girl, you know, for these events.”

Dhang had regarded Christine, “That would be the reddish-blonde-haired girl?”

“Yes, Margie.”

“Hmmmm, that is very interesting. She is pretty.”

“Of course, all the girls in the crew are, pretty,” Christine had smiled.

Dhang had shook her head, “No, my girl is beautiful.” And she had lovingly stroked Christine’s face, causing a wonderful surge of emotion within ‘her girl’.

As Christine now finished her tea, a young man rode up on a bicycle, looked at her and came up the grassy slope. “Are you Miss Callister?”

When she nodded, he gave her an envelope; inside was a note saying, “Whore: Friday night and we need your friend. HD. Mistress.”

As always with correspondence from Dhang, Christine’s heart was pounding, as she went to give the news to Margie, with the word whore firmly in her mind.

She wanted to be Miss Dhang’s whore; that was no longer a question.

* * * *

“Okay, that’s good. Mommsy, arch your back a little more and look right up at me. There…” Beverly snapped another shot.

Douglas Silverberg had been correct; Virginia and Beverly were ‘off somewhere’; he would not ever have imagined where they were or what they were doing, although they were getting along. In a manner of speaking.

The three of them were in Anne’s small apartment, with Anne dressed in a Nazi officer’s hat and jacket, found and purchased by Beverly, along with the thigh-high, leather boots Anne herself had found; and nothing else. She was standing and holding a black, leather leash which was attached to a studded collar around the neck of Virginia, who was at that moment on her knees, naked of course, looking up somewhat dejectedly at her daughter.

“Okay, Mommsy, I want a smile this time or your ‘German Master’ there is going to use that belt on you again.”

A reluctant Virginia had been whipped four times with it, early on, (the welts were still faintly visible) when she protested at first. While Virginia liked servitude and humiliation, with some mild discipline, she didn’t really like pain, so she had become cooperative fairly quickly. So hence the ‘getting along’.

As her mother forced a smile, Beverly snapped another shot, then directed with a grin, “Okay slave, lick your master’s boots, from the ankle right on up, that’s it, come on, yes…”

Anne simply stood with a smile; as long as her face wasn’t in the shots, she was a happy camper. Although this was a little weird, especially her playing a German.

* * * *

At six o’clock, Lana’s voice summoned the crew, all except Dolly who wasn’t feeling well, to the main floor. “Okay, gals, it seems we have a bunch of very attractive women with no obligations on their time, and on a Saturday night of all things. So, Connie and I are proposing we all go out to a movie together; how’s that?”

There was a general murmur of consent and heads nodding all around. “Well, dinner’s over, the dishes are stacked, everyone is looking decent, I’ve called for the van and it will be here for six-thirty. The show starts at seven, so let’s get rolling!”

As the women headed up to their rooms, Christine asked Margie, “I didn’t even ask Lana what the feature was.”

Margie grinned, “Don’t sweat it, chickie-poo, it’s not some manly western or gross war movie. It’s that new Ali MacGraw film, Goodbye, Columbus.”

Christine laughed and Margie looked at her; she shook her head, muttering, “Nothing.”

At least this time she would watch the whole thing.

* * * *

On Sunday, Virginia was enjoying a late brunch, reading the morning paper, with her mind drifting relentlessly back to yesterday’s session. She struggled with her conflicting emotions; shame on one hand and concern as to where this might lead; and, desire on the other, as she remembered vividly the two orgasms that Anne and Beverly had brought her to. Virginia could not remember the last time she had climaxed twice in an encounter.

In fact, in the old days when she surreptitiously went out looking for meetings in a rare homosexual bar, if she had an encounter at all, she was happy; finding an orgasm later, on her own, if need be. Yesterday, without a doubt, had been incredible, really.

But now her mind was drawn to a story in the newspaper; a report on something they were calling ‘The Stonewall Riots’. Apparently, the day before in New York City, a series of spontaneous, violent demonstrations by members of what the paper was calling ‘the homosexual community’ had erupted in and around the Stonewall Inn, a homosexual bar located in Greenwich Village.

Homosexuals had risen up in anger after a police raid that took place in the early morning hours. The  ‘community’ and its supporters were tired of years of harassment and intimidation, including blackmail, practised by the police against the vulnerable people that gathered at a known, queer as they called it, establishment.

Virginia again struggled with conflicting emotions. She was impressed with and proud of people standing up against systematic abuse; for many, this was a bold and dangerous move. Virginia had learned years back that as long as she did her thing without a lot of public display, the authorities left her alone.

Male homosexuality was a different thing, homosexuality having been classified as a mental disorder for a while now. Males had long faced the threat of incarceration, let alone public exposure ending careers and ruining lives; males were also targeted for blackmail and assault.

And now here were people marching, protesting and even rioting, bringing attention to the issue.

Virginia’s fear was that shining a light on this might bring more retribution; it was often better to let sleeping dogs lie, in her mind anyway.

Her reverie was interrupted however with the sound of Beverly coming down the stairs. Virginia needed to be on her knees when her daughter came into the room; that had been the order; she certainly didn’t want any more of that belt.

* * * *

Monday morning at around nine-thirty, Arlene entered the crew’s office and smiled at Christine when she looked up, “Miss Gibbons wishes to see you, Miss Callister.”

Christine rose and headed out, with her other crew members chuckling and making ominous comments. Smiling, Christine just waved and smirked, although she was feeling nervous. She had expected a summons from Sullivan, not Gibbons.

Once in the room, Christine was startled when Gibbons said, “Close the door,” something she had never had to do, even when they were discussing her contract. Gibbons then stood and pushed against the edge of a wall panel, just behind her desk, and a section of the wall opened, with Gibbons waving to an astonished Christine to enter.

The opening led into a passage way, just wide enough for a single person to walk through and only an inch above Christine’s head. Reaching the end of the passage, about sixty feet in length, a square black button sat against the frame of that doorway, the word, ‘Push’ printed below. When Christine obediently pushed, this panel swung open, and she walked out into an office much like Gibbons, only without any clutter.

Sitting on a chair waiting for her with a smile on his face, was Douglas Silverberg.

* * * *

Cliff Eagleton looked over the list of some of the farm machinery that was included in the deal currently under discussion with the Koreans: sixteen Huey copters, twenty-four M-48 tanks, twelve armored personnel carriers and seventy M-60 machine guns.

His assistant Jerold was watching him. “Different kind of farmers over there, I’m thinkin’,” Jerold noted dryly.

Eagleton regarded the young man, then chuckled, “Yeah, well, the crop depends on the time of the season, kid.”

Jerold laughed and headed out to grab the morning mail.

* * * *

“Good morning, Miss Callister, sorry for the hanky-panky but now that you’re involved, we need to discuss things privately. Please don’t be alarmed.” Silverberg stated smoothly, indicating the only other chair in the room, a straight-backed wooden one.

Christine sat and smiled, thinking that Silverberg looked quite handsome today, in a white shirt with dark, navy tie. “No problem, Mr. Silverberg; the hidden passage was a little weird, but here I am.” She nodded.

“Now, I should remind you that nothing we discuss can be shared with your roommates, right? The others will be told what they need to know. Now, just following up with your…event…on Friday…” Christine’s heart leapt at the mention and she worked to remain calm and undisturbed, “You were in the company of Madame Dhang I believe?”

“Yes, sir, I was, and there were two other gentlemen as well.” Silverberg raised his eyebrows, so Christine continued, “Mr. Sohn and Mr. Gee, Sir.”

“Thank you, Miss Callister, and what was the, um, nature of the event Friday? It was, private, as we say, as you were the only employee.”

Christine swallowed, working harder to stay calm; she wasn’t a ‘cool cat’; emotions having always been difficult for her to hide. “We, um, went to a movie, sir.”

Silverberg’s eyebrows raised again, “A movie, the four of you?”

“Yes, sir. Goodbye, Columbus, at the umm, Naylor.”       

“Hmmmm,” Silverberg hummed, picking up his suit jacket and retrieving his pack of Pall Malls. He offered one to Christine, who declined, and lit his own, studying the young woman. “What has Dhang said to you, about your, um, role, in these private events?” Silverberg asked, careful to keep any emotion out of his voice.

Christine glanced down, in her mind the image of her mouth descending over Sohn’s erection coming clearly, as Silverberg hesitated, then added, “Um, I think I see.” He stood and picked up his jacket. “Please, just wait for a moment,” he said and then left the room, leaving the door open.

Christine could hear his voice in the hallway but could not make out the conversation. In a moment, Julia Sullivan’s sturdy frame appeared in the doorway. She entered, closed the door, and sat down.

“Hello again, Miss Callister,” she smiled, “you are a popular gal. But then, we aren’t surprised, are we?”

* * * *

1954 South Korea

The man, woman and child would eventually make their way to Seoul, the man in time coming to work for the government. When the Korean War ended in nineteen  fifty-three, the man assumed more responsibility, eventually working for the Ministry of Agriculture.

In nineteen fifty-four, the woman passed away, and within a week, the girl was taken to the man’s bed. By day, she would be a student; a very successful one. By night, she would be the man’s partner.

When she turned twenty-one, and was working for the government as well, the man and the Deputy Minister made a trade, and the girl went to live in a tiny apartment in Sejong City, spending most nights in the bed of the Deputy Minister. He had a wife and a family, but they were living in Seoul.

Within a year, the very pretty, dark-eyed, young woman had proven herself to the Deputy Minister, and she had also proven to be a rarity; a woman in the government who seemed destined for advancement.

When the Deputy Minister died two years later, the woman was moved into his role; a true rarity, although her placement was covered by her appointment to the trade committee, posing as an interpreter.

The young woman had begun learning English before she  had moved to Seoul, and she spoke it, like she seemed to do everything, extremely well. It was a clear choice that she would take over all the trade negotiations with the United States.

The woman’s name, or the name she had been given five years before her entry into South Korea, was, of course, Hie Dhang. And Dhang proved to be capable and the trade relationship with the U.S. grew into a positive one.

But Dhang never forgot her North Korean roots, and reported faithfully each month to her contacts.

She could, as she believed, have her cake and eat it too.

* * * *

“What’s your name? Who’s your daddy?

(Who’s your daddy? He rich?) Is he rich like me?”

Beverly Silverberg lay naked on Anne’s bed; the portable record player was playing a Zombies’ hit, Time of the Season, and Beverly was singing along.

“Who’s your daddy?” Anne murmured into Beverly’s ear, her fingers busy in the woman’s vagina.

Beverly laughed and took a long drag on her joint, before passing it to Anne. “Does it matter?” She smirked.

Anne laughed, then blew smoke in her lover’s face. 

(End of Chapter 08)

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