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A Castle of Sand by LongDarkRoad Chapter 11 You’ve Made Me So Very Happy

A Castle of Sand by LongDarkRoad

Chapter 11 You’ve Made Me So Very Happy

…cause you came and you took control, you touch my very soul, you always show me that, lovin’ you is where it’s at…”

Anne came around a corner with some trays in her hand and almost collided with Laverne May. “You need traffic signals at some of these corners,” Anne commented and Laverne gently gripped one arm, “You folks are splendid, splendid; this is going marvellously.”

“We’re here for you, my sweet,” Anne said, quickly bending and planting a brief kiss on the woman’s cheek. They both then headed off smiling.

* * * *

About four o’clock, Christine had to go for a walk, she was too full of tension; Margie had disappeared off somewhere a while earlier. The two had almost tried to avoid being around each other, to lessen this tension.

Christine walked for almost twenty minutes and then headed back, thinking, that was about an hour she had taken care of. She had been back for about fifteen minutes when the phone rang and Gerry answered, bawling out, “Callister’s answering service.”

Christine took the phone, making a face at her housemate, but with her heart pounding. What if something had happened? What if all this was for nothing?

“Ah, sweet whore, how are you?”

Again, Christine had to steady herself as her entire body reacted to the seductive voice on the end of the line. “Mistress, so good to hear you. Is, is anything wrong?”

“No, no my little sweet bitch, absolutely nothing is wrong, everything is ready and soon we will be coming to get you.”

Christine moaned softly at this news and sank again to sit on the floor. “Um, that is wonderful, Mistress. We will be waiting.”

There was a pause. “Are you my obedient whore?”

Christine swallowed hard, not fighting the feeling, letting the desire rise. “I am your obedient whore, mm, Mistress.”

“Are you my dirty bitch?” Dhang crooned, before emphasizing the last word.

“Mmmm, oh, yes, I’m your dirty b-bitch.” Christine didn’t resist; she allowed her hand to squeeze her labia through the fabric of her slacks.

Dhang chuckled. “I am looking forward to my whore being used tonight. You will suck cocks, say that…”

Christine was breathing heavier now; she wanted to put her hand inside her slacks but was afraid of someone suddenly appearing, “I, ummmm, I will suck c-cocks…”

“No, say you want to suck cocks.”

“I, um, oh God, yes, I want to suck cocks, as you watch…”

Dhang smiled. “Men are going to fuck you tonight,” Dhang murmured, her voice soft as silk.

“Unnnnggg, ummmm, men are, oh God, mmmm, men are going to f-fuck me tonight, nnnnnggg…” Christine had to work to keep her moans low.

Dhang chuckled softly again, able to hear her girl and delighting in the response. “They’ll be no doubt tonight, that you are my whore…” Then the line went to dial tone; Dhang had hung up.

Christine sat immobile, her hand between her thighs. It took several seconds before she roused herself and stood, grateful that no one had come around. She headed upstairs; she needed to have a shower.

* * * *

Just after six, Anne and the crew started the steaks and ribs. Several salads had been laid out and the keg of beer was popular. Laverne came up to Anne who was minding one grill, “I know I’ve said it already, but this crew is outstanding; the salads are super and these steaks are mouth-watering. I‘m already composing the letter I’ll send to your manager.” The woman beamed up at Anne who smiled in return and held her gaze for a moment. “When do you guys take a break?” Laverne asked, gently squeezing Anne’s arm.

“When everything’s done, hon.” Anne grinned, and Laverne gave the arm a final squeeze.

* * * *

At seven o’clock the large, dark car pulled up in front of the house and Christine and Margie were waiting on the curb, dressed as directed. The car was the same one they had used to go to the theatre in, so it had the two seats facing each other in the back.

Dhang and her smaller assistant, Hyun, were on one seat so the two ‘party girls’ settled on the other. The ride to the hotel was less than ten minutes but young Hyun, to Dhang’s amusement, peppered the Americans with questions about movie stars and pop idols.

At the hotel they took the elevator to their suite, which was a room slightly larger than a regular hotel room and with two washrooms and a small kitchen. Christine was interested in the two gaming tables that were set up and Hyun commented that one was a card game and the other dice, and both were very popular is Southeast Asia, before Dhang with a smirk, instructed her slave to stop asking questions and focus on being a whore.

Christine and Margie were then told to strip completely before being directed into the shower where Hyun had them cover their heads and then wash each other very thoroughly, even though both had already showered. Hyun gave Margie a rubber penis-shaped tool which the women used, taking turns forcing it into each other’s anuses; and then the ‘Papa Bear’ plugs were re-inserted.

The ‘clothes’ they were then dressed in amounted to see-through bras and G-strings, with thigh-high elasticized nylons, and, their shoes. Their lips were colored with garish, red lipstick. Then Dhang brought out one bottle of Tequila, some salt and cut limes, and had each girl take a shot. Christine of course coughed; she had never sampled anything stronger than wine, apart from the cocktails at the bar recently, and they were drinks with mix.

At seven-thirty the two young women who would run the gaming tables came in and they were dressed like the Americans. Margie asked if those two girls would be part of the ‘entertainment’. Hyun giggled, saying “maybe, but later, after all the men have used you two sluts.”

* * * *

At nine o’clock the over fifty guests at the event began settling down with coffee and or cocktails, as the caterers brought out dessert. The fireworks guy began to set up, planning to start things in about forty-five minutes. Anne caught Laverne’s eye, and the woman gave a ‘thumbs up’ and a huge smile.

* * * *

At the hotel suite, the fireworks had already begun. The men, five in total, all Korean businessmen, all early forties, had begun arriving just after eight. While they were interested in the games, they were more interested in the ‘American Whores’, and after everyone had a drink, the action began.

Christine and Margie, on their knees, had been paraded around by Hyun, taking turns sucking the cocks of each man. As Dhang had instructed them, the men would have to use a condom when using their vaginas, but not in their asses or mouths. One of Hyun’s jobs was to make sure this rule was followed.

At this moment, Christine was being lowered down onto  gentleman two, who was lying on the floor. Once his condom-covered erection was in Christine’s vagina, Hyun bent her forward slightly, and spread her ass as gentleman five forced his modest erection into her lubricated anus, an act that required some agility from the men, but produced cheers.

Then, kneeling beside them, Hyun acted like a coxswain on a rowing crew, calling “Stroke, stroke…” as the two men began to synchronize their thrusts. Christine, who found this more arousing than she thought she would, glanced at her mistress, then closed her eyes and let the rhythm take her away.

Beside her, Margie was on her knees, gentleman three firmly in her ass, as she sucked gentleman one from the front. Gentleman four sat on a couch, jerking himself and waiting for an opening. Dhang, as she had most of the night, watched from the side with a bemused look on her face.

* * * *

The fireworks for Laverne’s event were not intimate, like at the hotel, but they were bright and colorful and received appreciative ‘ooohs and aaahs’ from the gathering.

Now past ten, and with the display over, the crowd had begun to leave, or relax with a final drink or coffee. Anne and the crew had begun to gather up supplies and bag garbage.

* * * *

In the hotel, things were beginning to wind down as well. Every man but number four had orgasmed once, and while number three and five were keen on a little more action, the other two had moved to the Sic Bo table and the lure of the dice. Gentleman four was jerking himself, his cock resting on Christine’s lips, her tongue snaking up and around the bullet-like head. Meanwhile, gentleman three was busy licking her vagina, as her own fingers circled her clitoris.

With a groan, four finally came, shooting some cum into Christine’s mouth, where it lay in a glob on her tongue, and then also spraying some streaks of the liquid on her cheek and nose as she now lay, commanded by Dhang, “Don’t swallow, leave your mouth open, filthy cum-whore”.

Dhang now personally led Margie over to lick the cum off her roommate’s face and then aggressively lick and suck the woman’s tongue and lips; then the two women opened their mouths wide, to show the group that all the goo was gone.

Gentleman five liked the scene so much he now pressed Christine’s shoulders back down and positioned his cock over the lovely brunette’s mouth, as Margie leaned forward and added her tongue as well.

Five said something in Korean, and Hyun translated to the women with a sneer. “He said he has died and is in heaven, more or less,” she snorted, looking disdainfully at the two white women.

* * * *

It was now past midnight and all the guests had departed. The catering crew was just finishing up, one truck already gone. As Anne was putting the last of the wine in a box, Laverne came to her and murmured, “Would you be able to close off things tonight; I could give you a check?”

“Sure,” Anne smiled, “I have my own vehicle. Let me just get rid of this and I’ll be right with you.”

Laverne looked at her for a moment, “Would you be able to have a glass of wine and finally relax for a minute?” She laughed.

“Absolutely,” Anne nodded, smiling inwardly, then taking the box and spending a moment with the other assistant, who drove away with the remaining crew members. Anne came into the kitchen with the receipt book and Laverne handed her a glass. “Let’s just sit in here, if that’s okay?”

Anne followed the slim woman into the living room and they both settled on a couch. After dealing with the bill, Anne looked at Laverne and asked innocently, “So what does your hubby do, that he’s away on the fourth like this?”

They then chatted for a few minutes about government responsibilities and the like, Laverne mentioning the general. “It must be tough, sounds like you’re alone quite a bit,” Anne said quietly, gently brushing some light brown hair from Laverne’s face.

The woman blushed and looked down. “Well, I won’t say I don’t get, lonely,” she said quietly, sipping her wine. Anne took the glass from her hand and laid it gently on the coffee table. She then turned Lavern’s face to her, kissing her softly on the cheek and then the mouth. 

“You know, you don’t have to always be lonely,” Anne purred, and Laverne moved her face into the space between Anne’s neck and her shoulder. Anne kissed the woman again and Laverne kissed her back with feeling. Anne smiled down into the face, eyes clearly showing desire; then unzipped and slowly removed the woman’s expensive Pucci dress.

* * * *

After the ‘event’, Hyun, with a nod from Dhang, had directed the two Americans again into the shower, where they scrubbed with a special soap the efficient woman provided.

When they were dressed, the car was brought around for them; but with no sign now of Dhang, and they were driven back to the house. They had been given small bottles of potent mouth wash and both women spent extra time on brushing their teeth and then aggressively rinsing.

“It’s hard getting the taste of jizz out,” Margie commented with a grimace and Christine agreed.

“I think that might be the worst part,” she added.


Now they were laying together on Margie’s bed. “You okay?” Margie asked quietly.

“Mmm-uhmmm,” Christine replied.

“Those fellows really, um, liked you.” Margie murmured.

Christine chuckled ruefully, “You looked pretty busy yourself, kid,” she replied. “And I think it was my vagina they liked, not me,” she added with a look.

Margie smirked, then asked, “Did you, um, come?”

Christine chuckled, “I pretended to, twice. Weird, huh?”

Margie smiled, “Me too. Not so weird. It wasn’t about us and our, um, pleasure, right.” She was quiet for a moment. “Are you okay with this, doing this?” Margie propped herself up on one elbow so she could look into Christine’s face.

Christine hesitated, then said, in the same quiet, even tone, “Yeah, I am. It’s uh, weird, hey?”

Margie nodded. “Weird. I’ll say. You know, we’re really just call girls. Selected call girls workin’ for the government.” She snorted.

“You think, they, um, Mr. Silverberg and everyone, knows what, goes on?”

Margie considered. “I think in their heart of hearts they know exactly what goes on, although tonight with five guys goin’ at us, that might have blown their sweet minds.” She chuckled. “They absolutely know there’s sex. That’s why we earn those bonuses; it’s not just for bein’ pleasant and chatting, hey.”

Christine considered, “I’ve heard that Connie doesn’t do, um, any of, well, any of it.”

Margie nodded her head, “Yeah, she’s kind of been a sort of management, but this is her last year, so they don’t seem to care. No one stays past thirty, hey.” They lay in silence for a moment before Margie murmured, “And what’s up with you and this Dhang?”

At just the woman’s name, Christine felt a jolt. “Why, what do you mean?” she replied, quietly.

Margie smiled, “Come on, Chris. The two of you can’t take your eyes off each other. Every time I looked at you tonight, even when you were riding that one guy and had a cock on either side of your face, taking turns sucking them, your eyes were on her. Christ,” she laughed.

Christine lay silently now, gently stoking Margie’s arm. “I don’t know what it is; I don’t know why. It’s like there’s, um, a switch in my brain and she’s able to flick it. I want to please her, that’s all I know. It doesn’t make sense to me and I don’t even try to figure it out. I’ve never been, um, good, at understanding why I feel things…”

They both lay in silence, before Margie gently kissed Christine’s mouth, whispering into her ear, “Do you, love her?”

Christine lay considering this; she struggled with an answer, finally saying, “I have no clue what love is, really, Margie. I, um, I’m not being shy or clueless or anything. I really don’t know what love should feel like. I know we’re all pushed to want love, be in love; find love. I don’t know anything, except that I want to make Madame Dhang smile at me.” They lay in silence, each listening to the other’s breathing. “Weird, huh?” Christine murmured.

* * * *

“Here you go,” Laverne said, propping a tray up on Anne’s lap as she lay under the covers.

“Oh man, Laverne, you didn’t need to do this,” Anne smiled.

Laverne sat on the edge of the bed and reached over to caress Anne’s face. “After what you did last night, taking me over the moon for Christ’s sake, it’s the least I can do.”

“Hey, it was fun for me to, lady.” Anne laughed, leaning over to kiss the woman’s mouth.

“I can’t remember the last time I felt this happy,” Laverne smiled, watching Anne scoop out some soft-boiled egg.

* * * *

The telephone in the hall rang at just after one-thirty. Christine happened to be in the kitchen and moved quickly to answer it.

“Aaaah, my sweet whore, how are you feeling today?” the compelling voice asked, and Christine stifled her gasp.

“I’m fine, Mistress. Are you happy, with me?” Christine felt foolish after blurting that out, but it was the first thing that came to her mind.

At the other end, Dhang smiled. She was in fact very happy with both ‘whores’; the five influential businessmen they had entertained were elated with the event, but now Dhang needed to move things along. “You did well my sweet bitch. I was happy to see your whore’s pussy, mouth and ass please so many men. You are a whore, made to serve. You need to accept that.”

Christine leaned against the wall to steady herself, but a soft moan still escaped her lips. She had no time to reply however as Dhang carried on. “Now, we have come to another decision. You have been used as the whore you are, on your knees for me as I watch. Now, I must have you decide to become mine, truly, or not. Do you remember my hotel?”

Christine had clearly seen the name as they entered and even had a good idea where the place was, even though she hadn’t travelled much on her own in the city. “Y-yes, Mistress, I…”

“Good. Come to me today if you want to serve me totally. I will be here until six, room seven-o-nine. I am hoping you will come; I care for you very much.” And with that she was gone, leaving Christine standing, bewildered and aroused as usual.

* * * *

“So,” Laverne looked up at Anne, with apprehension showing on her pleasant face, “will I see you again?”

Anne gently touched the woman’s face, “Do you want to see me again?” she asked quietly; this had gone well, her handlers would be happy; but it was more than that….

“Oh, God,” Laverne murmured, hugging the taller woman, “what do you want me to say, I want to see you tonight for crying out loud?”

Anne chuckled, “But you have your cleaning crew and your cook coming in; me kickin’ around would be hard to explain.”

Laverne looked up at Anne, “Do you want to come back, um, would you like to go out for dinner? I can deal with the staff; what about you, Anne?”

Anne smiled, “I would love to have dinner with you, babe. What’s your plan?”

Laverne walked away and then came back, handing Anne a twenty, “Take your car home and drop it off, and then take a cab back here, say for six, six-thirty. Then you can drive us in one of our cars, we have three in the garage, right. I’ll make reservations at some quiet spot that won’t be concerned with two women having a meal together. What do you say?”

“I’d say, I’ll see ya’ later, baby. Be back here a little after six and we have a date. How dressy we talkin’ here?”

“Oh, not too, just wear a pant suit, how’s that?”

“That’s fine,” Anne murmured, kissing the woman and heading off. When the door closed, Laverne leaned her back against it, a smile on her face. The devil be damned, she thought, this is for me.

* * * *

Christine climbed out of the taxi just before two, and entered Dhang’s hotel walking briskly. She marched to the elevator and it took her to the seventh floor, her heart in her throat once again.

Dhang’s door was three rooms to her left and Christine was soon knocking gently on it; Hyun opened and stood with a smirking grin on her face, wearing only a white garter belt and dark nylons. “Come,” she said, and Christine followed the round hips into the suite, to find Dhang sitting in an armchair; a smile on her face as well.

“Thank you, Hyun. Wait in the other room.” Dhang said, and then to Christine, “Kneel, my slave.”

When Christine was on her knees, Dhang walked in a circle around her, stopping and standing behind Christine’s back. The woman knelt and reached around to massage Christine’s breasts, eliciting moans. “Remove your blouse, bra and slacks,” was the next command.

Dhang then called for Hyun to bring a corset and the woman returned with the black garment, fitting it around the kneeling submissive. It was a tight fit, pushing Christine’s breasts up and out enticingly.

“Stand and remove your panties and hose.”

When Christine was on her feet, wearing only the corset, Hyun fastened two black, leather cuffs around her wrists and clipped them together behind her back. Then the woman placed Christine back on her knees, directly in front of Dhang, who was now seated again on her chair; then Hyun left.

“Are you a Christian, my sweet?” Dhang asked.

Christine was taken aback slightly; it was not the question she anticipated. “I, um, was raised by a very religious mother, a Baptist; I have certain, ideas, I guess, but I do not attend service.” Christine looked up at Dhang, who smiled benignly.

“I, personally, have no religious belief,” Dhang said quietly. “I did, however, come in contact with Hindu as a youngster and then discovered the Kama Sutra. Are you um, familiar with that, Whore?”  Christine shook her head. “I didn’t think so. The western belief is that the book just shows different sexual positions; which it does of course, which is one reason it is so popular,” Dhang chuckled.

“But it is about so much more. It is, mostly, about what triggers desire, what sustains it, and how and when it is good or bad.” The woman now looked intently at Christine, who felt a strong urge to bend forward and kiss the woman’s feet. “Which brings me, to you.”

* * * *

The restaurant Laverne had chosen was pleasant and off the beaten path. They had enjoyed small filet mignons and crab legs, a fine Riesling complementing the meal. They had chatted about all sorts of things from politics to the weather, touching briefly on each other’s past. Now they were sitting and waiting for their coffee. 

“Are you, um, a, lesbian,” Laverne asked quietly.

Anne smiled, “I’m me, Laverne. I like women but I also have a guy who fucks me. And that’s the thing, what Paul does is fuck, pardon my French, but what we did last night was make love. Which is why I prefer women, but I’m not burning my bra and marching in no parade.”

They both chuckled. Laverne looked again with apprehension in her face, “Will you, um, come back with me tonight?”

“You liked what we did last night?” Anne smiled.

“Like when I died and went to heaven?” Laverne smiled.

Anne chuckled, then quietly sang a snatch of the Blood, Sweat and Tears song, “You made me so, very happy; I’m so glad you, came into my life…”

Laverne smiled, “You have a lovely voice and such a pretty face, dear me…”

And then the coffee arrived.

(End of Chapter 11)

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