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A Castle of Sand by LongDarkRoad Chapter 12 Things I’d Like To Say

A Castle of Sand by LongDarkRoad

Chapter 12 Things I’d Like To Say

…baby, baby, it’s you I’m thinking of, in the morning when I wake up, in the evening, it’s you that I dream of…”

Anne watched as Laverne backed down the drive and then headed south on the street. “I can drive, I just prefer not to,” she had said. This being Sunday, the cook wasn’t in and Laverne had announced that she could actually cook and wished to make dinner for Anne; and now she was off to buy specific groceries for the meal.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Anne now moved down the hall and tried the door to Frank May’s home office. She was a little surprised that it wasn’t locked, but when she entered she discovered why.

The room held three large filing cabinets, two wooden and one metal; a large desk with five drawers; a book shelf; a small cabinet that held booze; two lamps and two chairs. Two of the filing cabinets were locked and when Anne looked in the unlocked one she found nothing of interest. All the drawers of the desk were locked as well. She looked at a large painting, then swung it out from the wall to reveal a safe. No need to lock the door with all these other locks in place.

Slipping her miniature Minox camera out of her handbag, Anne photographed the desk and cabinet locks and then the safe. Her people would likely be able to find keys that worked; it just depended on how much time she had. She looked over the desk calendar, but there was nothing listed for July.

She’d need to pump Laverne tonight, in more ways than one.

* * * *

Monday morning and Christine sat at her desk in thought; in a few minutes she would be called to her meeting with Sullivan; Margie had just left for hers. Christine’s mind was still filled with the events of Saturday; she’d had no contact with Dhang yesterday but the images from the day before were still fresh, and compelling.

They had talked at length; Christine on her knees and Dhang sitting, before Christine was taken into a bedroom and the two then lay together. In time Dhang would undress and Christine would become lost in the woman’s body, but at first and for over an hour, they talked.

It was a wide-ranging discourse, beginning with the Hindu concepts and then moving out. Dhang, almost as a teacher to a pupil, discussed ‘self’, and one’s will and things that could control someone, things that influenced their decisions.

Christine, feeling arousal as usual, agreed with Dhang that she was someone who wished to be controlled and accepted without reservation that Dhang was someone who sought control. They agreed about how it was necessary, even vital that a person understood this and did not fight their nature; an idea that had been sitting in Christine’s sub-consciousness, without being acknowledged, for years.

“I speak of something called Moksha,” Dhang had said. “It is a part of the Hindu belief system that includes Kama Sutra. Moksha is about emancipation and liberation, and ultimately, release, which you desire.”

“Release from, what?” Christine had asked quietly, in one of the few gaps in the conversation, which was essentially Dhang talking and Christine listening.

“Release from the bonds of society, the expectations, but with one still being within the safety of a social network. We cannot exist as an outlaw; no one can.”

At one point, Dhang took Christine back into the living room and had Hyun bring a tub of water and a razor, and then watched as the young Korean completely shaved Christine’s pubic area, including underneath and between her buttocks. A collar was placed around Christine’s neck and she was ‘allowed’ to clean Dhang’s feet with her tongue, as many photographs were taken.

“Do you wish to commit yourself to me, to serve me?” Dhang had asked before shaving her, and Christine, in a voice choked with emotion, had said yes.

After this they had gone back to the bedroom and made love for an hour, until both lay sweaty and exhausted against one another.

Sitting at her desk now, Christine could picture the slim, light-brown body with the amazingly thick, black bush and the small but lovely breasts with their huge, brown areolas and thick, dark nipples. Christine had sucked these until Dhang laughingly complained she would get a blister.

Finally, before she was released to return home and while on her knees with her hands tied, (Hyun lying underneath her) Dhang had spanked Christine with a paddle as Hyun’s tongue worked vigorously and effectively on and in her sex. Christine’s third orgasm of the day came as her ass was warmed and reddened by her mistress’s paddle while Hyun sucked ferociously on her thick labia.

Christine now recalled that even as she was arching her back and crying out, the vision came to her of her  mother, her ass reddened, and Miss Devers standing over her, a look of triumph on her face.  “For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved,” Devers had declared.

* * * *

Anne had left Laverne with a promise to return; and she had meant it. Right now, however, she had business to take care of. After a phone call she headed to her favorite park (this would be the final time they would use this drop) and sat on bench one, furtively removing one envelope while leaving another; the one with film in it.

Back out on the street she read that there had been no fall-out from the July Fourth event, though the assistant had returned confused by the fact there had been no family emergency. Anne had to smile when she read that the crew had spoken highly of her, telling their manager she should be hired. Anne permitted herself a chuckle, and noted that she would in fact be working another event this coming Saturday, to maintain her cover. It was good to be appreciated, everywhere.

* * * *

Do you wish to commit yourself to me, to serve me, Christine was remembering that moment, as Arlene came into the room and announced that Miss Gibbons wished to see her now. She forced her thoughts away and prepared herself to face the debriefing; she needed to be focused.

As before, once in Gibbon’s office, the woman closed the door, the secret panel was opened and Christine went down the corridor (Margie, Christine had noted, had gone to the second floor for her meeting). Waiting for her again was the round, placid face of Julia Sullivan. “Good morning, Miss Callister,” the woman greeted her as Christine settled herself on the wooden chair.

“Good morning, Mrs. Sullivan,” Christine replied with that familiar feeling of anxiety again sweeping over her. She forced the feeling away by fantasizing about being across Sullivan’s sturdy frame and being spanked by her; this actually brought a faint smile to her lips, imaging Sullivan’s face if she were to suddenly blurt out her thoughts.

“So, I have the summary of Friday and since Miss Taylor and you were together the whole time, we needn’t go over that. Glad to hear you were, umm, taking precautions…” Christine smiled a self-conscious smile and Sullivan continued. “I’m more interested in your meeting on Saturday and how things are, um, progressing with you and Madame Dhang?”

Christine nodded and looked down; she would have been okay with sharing Friday, more or less, but she was glad that Margie had taken care of that. “Well, Madame Dhang has made it clear she wants the two of us to have, um, a sexual relationship.” Christine looked up at Sullivan. “I won’t pretend to not care for her, Mrs. Sullivan; I like her very, very much.”

The two women regarded each other now, Sullivan sitting with no expression showing on her face, as Christine continued. “She did ask me, though, to do some things for her.”

Sullivan sat up straighter; this was interesting, “Yes?”

Christine tilted her head to one side; she felt a pull of emotions, yet; she could still share this with no problem. “First, she would like me to get, um, closer to Mr. Silverberg.” Sullivan chuckled and nodded; this did not surprise her. “And, for the second thing, she wants me to start ‘snooping around,’ I guess would be the word. I don’t know what she thinks I might find out…”

“That’s good Miss Callister, don’t worry about the details, let us take care of that. Anything specific she might be looking for?”

“She, um, wants to know what I can find out about a Gary England; I don’t even know who that is…”

Sullivan chuckled, “Dhang is quick, that’s for sure. He’s a new hire, don’t worry about it. We’ll come up with some gossip that should satisfy the woman for now. Anything else coming up with events, etcetera? You know that delegation from Hungary is here, and we’ll likely have something Friday. Maybe also on Saturday, hmmmm, let me think.”

Christine nodded. “Well, there’s nothing with Miss Dhang this week, as they are leaving tomorrow for Los Angeles and won’t be back ‘til next Monday.”

“Thanks,” Sullivan said, standing, “we didn’t know where they were off to, so that’s good. Just keep it up, Miss Callister, and if it seems to be too much for you, please talk to me. Please. I mean that.”

For a brief second, Christine wanted to ask the woman

if she had ever spanked anyone, but common sense and a natural reserve held her back, but she did feel a jolt at the thought. “Thank you for that; I’ll wait to hear more about, um, this week.”

* * * *

Christine noticed it was two thirty and she was the only one working in the office; was she supposed to be somewhere?

But just then Lana walked in, throwing a bright smile at her and coming to sit beside her. “Hey, haven’t seen much of you, busy girl.” Lana teased.

Christine laughed and said she’d had an event Friday, and…

“Yes, I know, I know, and then Saturday off in a taxi.”

“Hey, you spying on me?” Christine chuckled.

“Yeah, that’s why I’m in your face like this; I’m new at this whole spy game.” They both laughed and Lana continued, “Seriously, I do want to know what you’re up to.”

“Why?” Christine smiled at the woman, thinking for the umpteenth time how beautiful she was.

Lana tilted her head to one side, “’Cause I like you,” she smiled, “but you know that ‘cause we’ve had some, fun.”

The chatter from the main office came to them as they sat quietly, regarding each other. “You are, ummm, incredibly beautiful, Lana, but I guess you um, know that, right?” Christine murmured.

Lana reached up and stroked the other’s face, “Looked in the mirror lately, love? You haven’t noticed how eyes follow you wherever you go?” Christine snorted. “Don’t be like that, kid. I’m being serious. You’re a heart-beaker, but you don’t seem to have a clue…”

Christine sat, confused but happy. “Hey, are you practising tonight?”

Lana smiled, as the door opened and Gerry cruised in,

“Do you want me to?”

“Yes,” Christine nodded.

* * * * 

“Yes?” Cliff Eagleton murmured into his receiver. “Mmm, hmmm. Right. That works well, really well. They leave when? Great, thanks for that.”

Putting down the receiver he pulled out a file folder and added a couple of names. Gary England and two assistants would be heading for Seoul before the end of the month; time to place his next asset.

* * * *

“Well, well, how-do stranger, long time no see, and right here on my doorstep,” Beverly greeted Anne, who was standing outside her door and smiling.

“Hey, I was working on the weekend, kid. We can’t all lie around and eat grapes, dig?”

Beverly laughed and stood aside to let her friend pass, “I was working too; with Paul, remember him. I have photos if you need a memory jog.”

“Yeah, yeah, some of us are busy, man, give me a break, Suzie Q.”

They had moved to the living room, “Wanna beer or somethin’? Coffee, water, my mom?” Beverly teased.

“Do you have beer? I’d have one if it’s cold.”

Once they were settled with their beers, Anne asked about Virginia and was told she was actually out. “Okay. I have a question for you. I heard, through the grapevine or whatever, sorry Marvin, that an interesting woman has started working for your dad?”

“Yeah so, what do I care? Like I talk to the old man about anything.”

“Yeah, yeah I know, rebel with a cause and all that. Maybe chill a touch and do this for me. Her name’s Christine Callister and I’ve heard she’s choice. Just snoop around and fill me in.”

Beverly looked at her friend, “Why do you give a shit about this particular chick?”

Anne was prepared. “Let’s just say it’s a favor for a friend.”

Beverly regarded the other woman for a moment before dead-panning. “I thought I was your only friend?”

Anne threw a pillow at her ‘friend’.

* * * *

Lana had played three pieces, with Christine sitting and listening, a smile on her face, thinking she would pay money for this.

Lana then announced, “And, for my final number, I present a Chopin selection, Cello Sonata.” And she did, Christine closing her eyes and just drifting.

When the music ended, Christine looked up into the smiling face of her private ‘Rooftop-Performer’, feeling as if her soul had been replenished. Lana stored her instrument away and then stood. “Come on,” she said, and they headed down the fire-escape and then to Lana and Gerry’s room. “Gerry won’t be home ‘til ten, so let’s talk here,” Lana said, pushing the large case into the wardrobe where it just fit.

She sat on her bed and held out her hands; when Christine came and held them, Lana stood up and turned Christine so her back was to her; she then began softly kissing the slender, shapely neck, before breathing into the delicate ears and nibbling on the earlobes, with Christine responding by pressing her back and hips against the slightly taller woman.

“You like that?” Lana murmured.

“Oh, jeez, mmmmmmm, aaahhh, God…”

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Lana chuckled, unbuttoning Christine’s blouse and then unzipping her skirt. She unhooked the bra next and dropped it to the floor, then turned Christine to the bed and lay her crossways and on her stomach, before pulling down the pantyhose and panties. Christine arched her back and Lana slapped her buttocks; noting the response, the cry of surprise /pleasure, the raising of the hips, the hand reaching down between her legs; Lana crooned, “Ummmmm, I think you like that, too.”

She turned Christine over and remarked on the shaved pubic area, “Oh my, what do we have here?” She asked, standing straight. Christine looked up at this incredibly beautiful woman and felt a mixed-up surge of affection, friendship and desire; it was wonderful, and she decided then and there to tell Lana the whole story; starting with the men at the dinner, and then Dhang’s washroom encounter, and then her commitment to Dhang and then the theatre adventure and the sex party with Margie, followed by her talk with her, now, mistress.

Through it all Lana, still fully clothed, simply listened as Christine, completely naked, talked. When she had finished, she sat, waiting, before Lana leaned over and kissed her, mouth open, sucking in her lips and then her tongue as her hand aggressively fondled Christine’s shaved labia.

“You are quite the paradox,” Lana murmured, looking into Christine’s eyes.

“I always have been,” Christine replied quietly. “Or maybe I’m the Sphinx.”

* * * *

“Okay,” Silverberg noted, reading over his notes, “so we’ll have the dinner for the Hungarians on Friday, with all the crew; then on Saturday, we’ll go down to Claire and Ted’s place in North Mt. Vernon; I know Claire’s away but Ted says the place is good to go. We’ll take four of the ladies, as you suggested, plus the head of the delegation, his assistant, a woman I take it, and the two fellows who seem to be the key players. And then there’s the one interpreter, the young man. That should work.”

“Right,” Sullivan agreed, “you’ll be able to discuss this New Economic policy they are keen to develop, as they crawl out from under the Soviets. And…” Sullivan paused, “we’ll be able to show Callister’s, um, friend, that maybe something is beginning with you, um, two.”

“Hmmm,” Silverberg noted, “I do always draw the tough assignments.”

Sullivan laughed, “Right.”

* * * *

As Christine was heading back to her room at nine-thirty, the phone rang and she hustled downstairs to get it. It seemed most of the incoming calls were for her; this one was as well.

“Hello, the house,” Christine said.

“Ahhh, it is good to hear your voice, my love,” Dhang’s words drifted from the receiver into her, and Christine, despite having spent a lovely hour with Lana that produced one pleasant orgasm, still responded to this.

“Mistress, it is so good to hear from you. I was afraid you would be gone.”

“We leave tomorrow, so you will be free to do other things, although I know you will work on the tasks I gave you.”

“I will, Mistress; there may be an event this coming weekend where I will be with Mr. Silverberg.”

“Very good. If you suck his cock I will be very pleased with you.”

Christine softened her gasp; Dhang commanding her in this profane manner lit a fire within her. “I will try my best, Mistress.”

“Try for what?” Dhang asked, softly.

Christine, “I will try to suck his cock, Mistress. For y-you…”

Dhang chuckled and then there was a pause now, Christine afraid that Dhang would just hang up. “I wish you to be my slave; do you know what that would mean?” Dhang purred in a seductive voice; if Christine had been a man her erection would have sprung to life.

Her heart now pounding, aroused and concerned at the same time, Christine murmured, “Um, I’m not sure how that w-works. What would you, mmm, want from me?

Dhang chuckled, “We will discuss that when I return, and you are on your knees, licking my ass, which is your place. But in the meantime, like an obedient slave, you will go out and buy a dog collar. You will wear it when you serve me, to show your place in our relationship to anyone who may see. You, like a dog at my feet.”

Instead of this offending her, Christine almost cried out with the rush of desire it produced. “Mmmm, yes, Mistress; any, um, anything in p-particular?” Christine struggled to get this out, her vagina again demanding attention, like it had a mind of its own.

“Ummmm, you will at times be wearing it in public, so choose something that you will be okay with, for now. When I want to humiliate you when we’re out, which I will because you deserve it, it will be my choice and not because of what you have around your neck…you understand this?”

“Y-yes, Mistress, I understand…”

“Now, on Thursday night you will have a date with a Korean friend of mine and his wife. They will pick you up at seven. I will send a cocktail dress for you to wear. I know they will give me a good report of your, service. You are good with both cocks and pussies, because you are a true whore.”

Christine’s mind was spinning and her heart was racing; the arousal was incredible. “I, um, I won’t disappoint you, Mistress, mmmmm.”

“I know…”

Then the line went dead and Christine leaned back against the wall, trying to control her breathing. How can words, just words, and that voice of course, do this to me? She asked herself, in bewildered excitement; the image of herself, naked in public wearing a dog collar attached to a leash Dhang was holding now was so clear in her mind, it was like it had already happened. Not only would she do it, but she wanted to do it.

Do you wish to commit yourself to me, to serve me;  those words returned as Christine went back up the stairs.

I wish you to be my slave…

* * * *

On Tuesday Anne was in a new park; this one only had four benches; and there would be other parks. Under bench two Anne found her envelope and headed off; inside were three keys and a note.

The note said that the safe would need someone onsite to open it, so they would need to plan. There was a question; any progress on Christine Callister? What was so important with this girl? Anne thought. The girl was new and inexperienced, but her people were being demanding so that usually meant a priority of sorts; she would have to pressure Beverly again.

* * * *

“C’mon, kid, let’s do our research together,” Lana said, waving some sheets at Christine. They walked down the hallway to their library.

“No one else is here,” Christine noted, as Lana took her by the hand and led her to a table. They kissed warmly, Lana squeezing Christine’s breasts, before pushing her down onto a wooden chair, as she sat on the adjacent one.

“Nope, the only other person who needs to do this is Dolly and she’s off doing some work for Aggy, so we have the room.”

Christine smiled, “Are we going to actually do some research?”

Lana laughed, “Yeah, eventually. But I want to follow up a little on that heavy story you laid on me, girl.” They both smiled. “So, you’ve been a pretty straight shooter until now, what’s the attraction with this Dhang?”

Christine thought for a moment about Miss Devers but decided that enough had been revealed for now, “I’m not sure why I have the response I do. Being with her, um, turns me on as they say…” She held out her hands, palms up, and shrugged.

Lana asked, “But, you do want to, serve her, do what she commands, allow her to use you?” Christine nodded, beginning to feel arousal just by discussing this. “You, um, like being used, publically?” Christine nodded again and Lana smiled. “How far could she go with you?”

Christine looked down; she had asked herself that question. Once again the image of herself naked, in public, on her knees, wearing a dog collar with Mistress Dhang holding the leash; people standing and staring, came to her along with a rush of emotion she fought to control.

“Well, so far, it has just been, you know, with strangers, no one that matters to me.” She paused. “But now, Madame Dhang has said she wants me to be her, slave. Her personal slave.”

Lana sighed and looked for a long while at this beautiful, young woman, but she said nothing, although there were some things she would like to say.

Just not yet.

(End of Chapter 12)   

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