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A House of Slaves by LongDarkRoad Chapter 20 To Be A Slave

A House of Slaves By LongDarkRoad

Chapter 20 To Be A Slave (A Good and Lovely Girl)

“Macgregor here.”

“Hi. It’s Arlana. Just updating you for Monday. I think I have everything we talked about, it’s going to be very…complete.”

“You’ve got those fellows I suggested.”

“Yes, booked all of them, my lord,” she chuckled. “So, there will be eight ladies, counting us, from our group. I suggest we come here, at my place, downstairs. That will be the most convenient I think. Everything we need is here.”

“Excellent. Sounds great. Call if anything comes up, otherwise I’ll see you Monday afternoon.”

“Fine, see you then.”

After ending that call, Macgregor texted Aquina. “Slut-Slave. Be at Arlana Jarvais’s house Monday at one PM. Do not be late. Mistress S.”

Aquina registered the familiar jolt of excitement as she read this, before texting, ‘Yes, Mistress. I will be there. Your Slut-Slave.’


It was quite the full house Friday night, now with four party girls, as well as Kate, in her much more limited role, and Anna (who was essentially Adam’s). One poker game occupied five players, Ed Alston and his brother alternated between the Foosball and darts, Kevin had brought in a keg, so they had draft. The pinball machine was popular again, and Heather did her strip routine to warm applause, even from the girls.

By one AM, everything was wrapped up. Kevin had gone downstairs and Mindi had followed him. Adam and Anna were in one main floor bedroom, and Aquina had Kwong and Mary stay in the other. Eric and Kate took Heather and Bobbi back to ‘the apartment’; and then they went back to Kevin’s old place, now Eric’s. Brandon of course had his own room.

A full house and a good night, with several interesting bits of gossip popping up: a DA with a gambling problem, and an ADA with a preference for ‘professional discipline’; a discussion about redevelopment in a part of the city many had thought was dead; apparently (Pam’s insiders insisted) not; all good stuff.

As Aquina turned off the lights, she felt that things were coming together. Next week she’d make another Cayman Islands’ run and maybe Sanders would know then what their investment with him was worth. And Jake was just about gone; he had told Brandon that he had signed the papers.

Yes, it seemed to be all coming together. And Monday, her Mistress had a special session planned for her.


(Northville, late May 2010)

Brandon Park and Jake Tucker were driving around the streets of Northville, looking for action, or trouble, or whatever. Their senior year was winding down and they both knew they would be leaving their ‘school days’ behind soon in a few weeks.

Tonight they had Mr. Park’s BMW (his older one, 2008) and they were having fun gunning it up and down the main drags. They were not too concerned about cops; Park’s dad had a lot of influence in this place.

Talk turned, as it did with them, to the night they had assaulted the quarterback of their rival football team; the talk then continued, as it often did, to how great that had been and wouldn’t that be great to do again; but this time with a girl (or girls).

They had no particular girl in mind, and secretly they both were very uneasy about jail; which had halted their plans a couple of times; but the tantalizing prospect drew them back again and again. Tonight, they had had just enough to drink to make them braver and more reckless.

Turning off a main road and heading briefly down a residential street, Tucker tapped Park’s arm and motioned down the street. Park saw them, two girls, seniors from their school, walking along side by side. They drove past and Tucker looked back. “It’s Wanda Banik and Jayla Uba,” he announced.

“How do you know their names?” Brandon asked, turning the car around.

Jake laughed. “I know stuff. They’re in our grade, for fuck’s sake, Brand. You should maybe check out our girls a little, rather than hanging out with your ‘older’ friends.” They both laughed, Jake continued as they approached the two. “That Jayla is a cock-tease. Thinks she’s super-hot; we should have some fun with them.”

Park smiled. He knew it was not a good idea; and he never had any problems getting girls for himself; but the idea of forcing one had intrigued him for a long time. He still masturbated to images of him and Jake fucking that black guy’s ass and making him beg.

Park pulled over and waited. “Let them get past the houses to that little park area,” he said, and Jake nodded, quietly exiting the car. As the two girls walked along talking, they didn’t notice Tucker coming silently behind them, but they did see Brandon Park heading toward them.

Park was a very big deal in their high school; sports and everything; his parents had money, and he somehow seemed older. In his hand, Park carried the bottle of bourbon he and Tucker had been drinking; there was a little more than a third left. He stopped in front of the two girls, Wanda was the shorter of the two, maybe five-three; a little stocky with ample hips and substantial breasts.

Jayla was a taller (five-eight) ‘black’ (they called her, although she was actually mixed race) athletic girl with long legs and a slim body, that included attractive perky breasts and a beautiful round ass, displayed magnificently now in tight blue jogging pants.

“Good evening, ladies,” Brandon announced, bowing before them. Both girls giggled and bumped into each other. “So where are you off to?” Just then they noticed Tucker behind them, and a sliver of concern ran down the backs of both girls. 

“Oh, nowhere, really,” Wanda answered looking from one to the other, a smile still on her face.

“Yeah,” Jayla chimed in, “just going back to Wanda’s.”

“Very good, very good,” Brandon responded in a bad French accent, and then he laughed. “Come and join us then, your reserved seating is over here.” Brandon waved his arm and the bottle toward a bench in the park, maybe twenty yards away.

“Thanks, but I think we should be…” Jayla began, but Brandon cut her off, and Jake assisted by nudging them toward the spot from behind.

“Nonsense, nonsense. We need a couple of beautiful girls to share our drink with. Come on, come on.”

Both girls felt uneasy about this but with Brandon encouraging and Jake herding them they made their way to the bench; Wanda, Jayla and Jake sitting, Brandon standing, his large, imposing frame shielding them from view.

“Okay, a toast to our new friendship.” And Brandon held the bottle to Wanda’s lips.

“I don’t think…”

“Hey,” And Brandon’s tone changed. “We’re being nice to a couple of young ladies, and you’re being annoying. Now, get fucking with it…before we get…annoyed,” he chuckled.

Both girls were now officially scared, and not wanting to provoke these two large boys, well, men. Playing along seemed the best option, so Wanda opened her mouth and Brandon poured in some of the golden brown liquid.

Not used to straight alcohol, Wanda choked and Brandon warned her, “Hey, don’t waste any of that; it’s expensive stuff.” He placed the bottle under Jayla’s soft, full lips. Fuck they look nice, he thought to himself. For her part, Jayla looked like she might cry, but she wasn’t going to let these two bullies see that.

Reluctantly she opened her mouth a bit. Jake put a large thumb on her jaw, and pried her mouth open wider, as Brandon poured in a stiff shot. Jayla choked too, but kept the liquor down. Brandon put the bottle back to Wanda, who shook her head.

“One more drink and I won’t bother you.”

“Okay,” she said in a small voice, surprised that the first large swallow was already hitting her. She took another, coughed slightly and then sat up. Jayla took her second swallow.

“Good,” Brandon said in a soothing voice. “Now, let’s have a little fun.”

With that, Brandon turned Wanda and Jayla so they were facing each other, one foot on the bench, one foot on the ground. “Okay, you two are friends, we want to see you being friendly.”

“Wh–what do you, uh, mean?”

“He means, Wanda, give Jayla a kiss and get fucking going,” Jake snarled, taking out a hunting knife from inside his jacket.

Now both girls looked like they might cry. Brandon continued, his voice calm in contrast with Jake’s threats. “Now, now girls. We could make you do things, we could hurt you, a lot. We could make one of you watch while we hurt the other one, real bad. But we’re nice guys; we don’t do things that way. So just go along and everyone will go home…nice and safe.”

Jayla was staring at the ground; Wanda was pondering. What was the harm? She didn’t want these guys to decide to hurt them. Wanda’s parents were barely middle-class; immigrants trying to make it in America. Her mom spoke little English, her dad worked long hours to get by. Jayla’s mom was a single parent who worked double shifts, as a waitress and in a warehouse. What could they do against Brandon’s dad? And what if these guys actually decided to hurt them…or…kill them??

Wanda leaned over and lifted Jayla’s face, kissing her on her lips. It was, strangely to her mind, not gross at all but very pleasant. Jayla’s lips were lovely, she smelled nice, she was her friend and she liked her. This doesn’t make me a lesbian, Wanda told herself as she leaned in for a second kiss, Jayla responding this time.

“All right! Dat’s what we’re talkin’ ‘bout.” Brandon said, this time in a ‘black’ street accent as he strutted back and forth.

“Yeah baby,” Jake laughed, then focused back on the girls. “Take off your fucking hoodies, it’s warm. You don’t need them,” Jake ordered. Wanda and Jayla looked at each other, fear showing clearly in their eyes. Wanda nodded, and both girls pulled their hoodies over their heads.

Brandon put the bottle back to Wanda’s lips, “You said only one more,” she protested.

“Yeah, well I changed my mind, the party’s just gettin’ going and you two need to loosen up. Drink.”

Wanda swallowed down another mouthful, as did Jayla in her turn. Both girls had only Tee shirts on and the cool night air was causing their nipples to quickly jut out against their bras. Brandon moved his hand under the back of Wanda’s shirt and she gasped, “Please…” she said in a small voice.

“Settle down Wanda-girl, you’re not being hurt,” Brandon cautioned her as he unhooked her bra.

Jake’s hand went up Jayla’s shirt and she brought her hands together in front of her saying, “No, please…don’t do this.”

Jake leaned in close to her and she shut her eyes. “Shut up,” he said simply, then looked at Brandon, who nodded. Jake now held his knife under Jayla’s chin.

“Oh, please, please…” She pleaded and Wanda put her hands in front of her face.

“Okay Wanda, do you want that knife to go away?”

“Oh, yes, yes. Please.”

“Okay, take off your bra and Jayla’s and the knife is gone.”

Tears had begun leaking from the corners of Jayla’s eyes as Wanda pulled first her bra and then Jayla’s out from under their shirts.

Both girls were trembling, and their heads were spinning. It was like they were watching a movie. Brandon placed Wanda’s hands behind her head telling her to keep them there, and slowly lifted up her shirt, exposing her plump round breasts, their pink nipples poking out emphatically.

“Well, lookit’ that ol’ Jaker. Them titties is all excited,” Brandon joked in a hillbilly accent. Jake just laughed, throwing his head back. Jayla had her eyes screwed tightly shut.

“Open your eyes, Jayla,” Brandon spoke softly, stroking her face, and then holding his hand out to Jake, who handed him the knife. “Okay, time for a decision. One, you can suck your friend’s lovely, hard nipples or,” and he held the knife blade directly beneath one nipple, Wanda shaking now like the proverbial leaf, “I can cut it off. What’s it to be?”

“Pl-please…” Jayla said in a voice just barely above a whisper.

“What’s it to be, Jayla?” Jake gave her head a nudge from behind, and she moved forward and began to cautiously suck one nipple. Jake slipped his hand under her shirt and around, gripping one of her nipples, and Jayla jumped.

“Start licking like you mean it or I’ll squeeze this one ‘til you scream.” Jayla now leaned in and began sucking in earnest. With Brandon directing her, she thoroughly licked and sucked both breasts, Brandon taking shots of the action on his cell phone.

Jake then roughly lifted Jayla’s shirt off, and she covered her breasts with her arms. Brandon pulled Wanda’s off as well and had her stand up.

As she whimpered, he then unzipped her jeans and pulled them down and off, along with her panties, which Wanda tried in vain to hold on to, until Brandon slapped her hand. Jake meanwhile had pushed Jayla down onto the grass and had her on her hands and knees, tears now running from her face and falling to the grass. He pulled her stretch pants off and then she curled up in a fetal position, hands on her panties. Jake slipped the knife under one side and slit the material, rolled Jayla over and slit the other, and then pulled the cut garment off the girl.

Lifting her by her hair, Jake positioned Jayla beside Wanda and both girls were made to stand with their feet apart and their hands behind their heads as both Jake and Brandon took photos with their cell phones.

Wanda was put on all fours, and then with her head down to the grass while Jayla was positioned at her hips and made to spread Wanda’s ass cheeks wide apart. Wanda then was forced to do the same to Jayla. The two girls were then placed in a sixty-nine position, Wanda on the bottom. Some threats with the knife and some sharp, hard slaps had the two girls licking each other’s vaginas, Jake and Brandon now recording all this on both their phones.

Then both girls were placed on their knees and Brandon forced his cock into Wanda’s mouth while Jake did the same to Jayla. After four or five minutes, they traded girls. Next they had both girls lick and suck Brandon’s cock at the same time; and then give the same treatment to Jake.

Brandon rummaged through Wanda’s little hand bag and found her birth control pills. Jayla carried no purse or bag. When Brandon held the plastic holder up to Jayla she whimpered. “I–I’m a virgin.”

They made Jayla watch while first Brandon then Jake fucked Wanda. On the ground, legs spread wide; on her knees doggy style; lying on the bench and then cowgirl style as Wanda rode first one then the other’s cocks. Neither came in this girl however, they had other plans.

Jayla was now placed on her knees with Wanda stretching her asshole as wide as possible. Jake, who had the smaller of the two cocks, forced his member into Jayla’s ass, pounding her savagely and coming in her within a couple of minutes.

Brandon then put his slightly larger erection into her now lubricated back entrance. As he was fucking Jayla, he instructed Wanda to hold Jayla’s leg up so Jake could get a shot of his cock in her tight brown hole.

After coming in her ass, Brandon forced Jayla’s head around and had her suck his cock clean.

Both girls, now looking bewildered, were allowed to dress and sit on the bench, as they were showed all the photos and video that had been made. Both girls were then given a choice; beg on their knees or have the images put on the internet.

Their pleas were to be spoken in a certain way.

It took a couple of tries, but first one, then the other girl, went to her knees and said, “Please, my master, do not show the world what a fucking slut I am. I promise to do as you wish.”

The girls were then taken back to Brandon’s place (his parents being in Europe) and made to shower completely. More nude photos were taken of them, now in a different setting. The girls were then driven back to the park and told not to make any plans for next Friday night.


Brandon didn’t know why that particular memory came back to him tonight, as he lay on his bed. Maybe it was the exchange he had had with Jake earlier in the day.

Jake; that nasty, old son of a bitch.

But was he really any better?


Most days start with a similarity, nothing to distinguish them from others. But there are some days that, when you look back on them, you know that after that day, things were not the same.

Aquina rose on Monday, looking forward to her session and making plans for her trip. She checked her video feed from Kwong’s office and smiled as both women displayed themselves for her. Kwong had thanked her profusely Saturday morning for having her and Mary spend the night together. Despite the age difference, they were very compatible sexually, and Kwong asked if Aquina would allow Mary to move in with her.

“Perhaps,” Aquina had replied, thinking that could work. Then she got busy with planning for her trip.


Brad Smithfield waited in his unmarked car near the ‘Fat Boys’ restaurant. His long-time informant ‘Mark’ had offered some info he had been holding in exchange for helping him with a little problem with an unregistered handgun.

Smithfield had worked in vice and homicide over the years before going over to IA two years ago. He didn’t like the idea of making life more difficult for officers, but he knew the force had its share of bad apples, and that hurt everyone. He’d been watching Dzyuba’s squad for eight months now and knew there was rot in there; probably starting with Dzyuba himself, although so far there was nothing concrete. Maybe today. Maybe Mark, who was coming up the street toward him, would actually have something useful.


One o’clock, and Aquina, who had been waiting in her car for ten minutes, paced up the walk to Jarvais’s front door (not the side this time, she had been instructed). Bella welcomed her in; she stripped as required and Treena, cold as ever, took her away, giving her three enemas today. “’Dey want you nice and clean, beetch,” she had purred into Aquina’s ear.

Treena handed her a new collar that read, ‘Slave – Slut – Bitch’. She put it on and waited. Treena fastened her hands behind her and attached a leach, leading her outside onto the grassy back area. “Piss,” Treena commanded her, an odd smirk on her face. Aquina squatted down on the grass; the area was surrounded by trees, etcetera but it was still strange to be urinating in the open, in front of this girl.

After a few moments a flow started, watched by Treena who, when Aquina finished, then led her over to a large metal dog crate, which she was put into; the young, unpleasant woman then left.


‘Mark’ and Smithfield both leaned against the bricks of the building in the alley. They had agreed that if Mark’s info was of value, the possession charge would go away for good.

“So, what is it?” Smithfield asked, putting a stick of gum in his mouth.

“Well, it was a couple of months back. We were busted by some cops. Three of them. They took some of our cash, I know ‘cause I saw them. They didn’t take it all. They took some, and some of the dope, and then they called it in. One dude was passed out in a chair, so they let the rest of us go and held him.

“Did any of these cops have names?” Smithfield asked, thinking this could just be the usual run-around.

“I didn’t hear names.” Smithfield smiled and thought, Surprise, surprise. “But I got better.”

“Yeah?” Smithfield looked at Mark, “Like…?”

“Like a picture.” Mark produced his cell phone. The picture was dark, and taken pointing up, but there was clearly a cop, badge visible in the picture. And most of his face was visible, too.

Hmmmm, Smithfield considered, I think I know that guy.

The face was definitely familiar.                    ****

It was a long while before Aquina, her arms now stiff from confinement, her knees tired of kneeling, saw the form of the assistant returning. Treena opened the crate and let Aquina out. After untying her hands and tying them in front this time, she led the captive across the yard and into the house.

Aquina managed to catch a glimpse of a hall clock as she was led down a hallway (it was three) and then down a flight of stairs. As they moved farther in, the sound of voices drifted to them.

Aquina was led into a room with wood panelling on all the walls. There was a wet bar at one end, and in the middle a group of chairs had been arranged in a circle; eight chairs and eight women, among them Shareen Macgregor and Alana Jarvais.

The ‘B & D Group’, as they jokingly referred to themselves; a group of successful and (mostly) wealthy women. Macgregor made the group because of her connections and background. She had been a dominatrix for several years and was initially a consultant for the group. Now she was a member; and today her slave would be the show.

As Aquina was led in there were shouts and comments directed her way. The women were all drinking something; and it appeared they had been for a little while. They were in a festive mood. Aquina was led around the circle by Treena, and as she moved the women took the opportunity to slap her ass or grab and twist a breast. They were not gentle.

After making a round that gave every woman a chance to strike her, Aquina was brought to the center of the circle and put on her knees. Arlana Jarvais rose and approached the kneeling woman to shouts of encouragement, like she was going into battle or something. Jarvais produced, with a flourish, a black marker, which she held up, greeted by cheers. She turned and wrote the word ‘SLUT’ across Aquina’s forehead; more cheers.

She pulled Aquina down to all fours and wrote ‘BITCH’ on her back. Still more cheering; Aquina heard someone comment, “Very appropriate,” to laughter. Jarvais forced Aquina’s head down to the tiled floor, then wrote ‘USE ME’ across her ass, which prompted even more cheers, several saying “We will, no worries,” to more laughter.

Aquina was then brought back to a kneeling positions and Treena forced a rubber-bound frame into her mouth, which prevented it from closing. Jarvais then dropped her dress (more cheers of course) and squatted over Aquina; holding her by her glossy curls, she urinated directly into Aquina’s mouth. She had clearly done this before, as she knew how to adjust the angle of the flow so that Aquina would be forced to drink some.

When she finished, Jarvais roughly rubbed her crotch into Aquina’s face, using both hands and actually banging the face into her crotch. Another woman, early forties (the women were all white, early forties to mid-fifties, dressed in expensive clothes, coiffed and well-manicured) came to Jarvais and together they lifted Aquina up, again untying and re-tying her hands so that she was now hanging from a ceiling hook, stretched tall, standing on her toes.

To cheers, Aquina now saw a very large and naked black man enter. His penis was not erect, but it hung, a chrome-ring around its base, in a threatening manner below a chiselled set of stomach abs and massive pectoral muscles. The man’s skin had been oiled and he glistened in the light. In one hand he carried a leather flogger and in the other a paddle.

He walked slowly around Aquina, sizing her up, and then he struck. Using both implements, one after the other, over the next fifteen minutes (to the rousing cheers of the group) the man whipped Aquina from her shoulders to her calves on the back and all across her front and paddled her buttocks.

It was not particularly painful, as whippings go (Aquina had had worse), but it was thorough and covered Aquina’s entire body, with special attention of course to her ass, breasts and pubic area.

Once finished the whipping, the man lowered his victim down and placed his semi-erect penis in her mouth. Working Aquina’s head back and forth on his cock, it soon hardened and grew to a substantial nine inches, making Aquina gag as he stabbed it to her throat.

The woman were into it now, chanting in unison.

It could have been a football game, except for the nature of the cheer.

“Fuck the Whore. Fuck the Whore. Fuck, fuck, fuck, the whore…”

(End of Chapter 20)  

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A House of Slaves by LongDarkRoad Chapter 19 A Little Persuasion

A House of Slaves 

Chapter 19 A Little Persuasion (What was the harm?)

Jake saw the envelope on his desk when he entered. He noticed the return address and a scowl darkened his face. He hesitated to pick up the thing, as if it were contaminated or something. Reluctantly he took it from his desk, but he didn’t open it. He took it and another file and went back out to his car.

He’d read the Goddamn thing later. Or not. Maybe he’d just drive over to the house and put a bullet in that fucking lawyer’s head. He was always over there. He’d make Anna watch, and then he’d shoot her. Yeah, maybe that was what he should do.


Aquina was back at her computer screen, half her mind on what she was watching and half still on the conversation she’d had with Macgregor. What would happen next? What was she to do? What if Macgregor forced her to make a choice? She wanted to be with the woman, more than anything, but could she become her slave, giving up, well, everything else?

Claire’s face intruded briefly before she focused again on the screen as Kwong laid out some pictures; eleven young women who were either under her supervision or took daily directions from her. Even though there were eleven, Aquina did not see much to choose from; just the one, actually. She had Kwong hold the picture closer to the camera; Mary Johnson. What a plain name!

Still, she was young and pretty…

“Twenty-three,” Kwong responded to the question. “But she does look very young. She has only been here a few months and is very quiet. Never says a word at staff meetings.”

“Good. I’ve sent you something. On your desk.” Kwong then noticed the small box sitting off to one side. She opened it and found a small, circular plastic object.

“Put it in your ear,” the screen directed. When Kwong complied, Aquina tapped the device she was wearing and asked, “Can you hear me; you’ll need to type your response as this device right now is only one direction.” Kwong typed that, yes, she could hear her mistress.

“Good, this makes it easier. If you need something, you can type a question. With one more download you will be able to speak to me through your computer mic, but you have a firewall I need to deal with. For now, with what I want you to do with Mary Johnson, you will only need to hear and follow my directions. Nod your head if you get that?”

Kwong nodded and Aquina directed her to go and bring Mary to her office, but first she had her place an armless, straight-back chair in a certain spot; one she could observe from both her cameras. Kwong then set off.

In a moment she returned followed by the petit, young and innocent-looking Mary. Aquina directed Kwong to sit on the chair and ask Mary how she was doing so far. Aquina, with memories of Ms. Smith in her mind, directed the conversation around some small talk and eventually to how Pamela Kwong could be of help to Mary in her career, and did she realize that?

Mary looked a little confused when she answered in her very soft, almost child-like voice, “Yes. I know that you are my supervisor, my, uh, boss I guess. You will train me and…”

“And I will evaluate you; your first evaluation is coming up very soon. Do you know what happens if it is not good?”

Mary looked a little alarmed now, and just shook her head. Following Aquina’s lead, Kwong continued, “Well, we won’t need to worry about that, because I know you will do well with me. Now, I am going to ask you to kind of go outside your regular…duties, but I see on your resume that you have done some…physio?”

“Uh, yes, ma’am. Um, Ms. Kwong. I’ve had some training, but I decided to work for the city…”

“Oh well, no worries. Just come around behind me here and massage my neck a little, that’s a good girl. I have work to do and this will really help. Come on, don’t be shy. This is a very good way to make me happy with you.”

Mary got up and came around. She, slowly at first, and then as her training kicked in, with more assurance, began to squeeze and massage Kwong’s neck and shoulders. “You are very tense,” she offered in her quiet, little voice.

“Ummmn,” Kwong responded, “But that feels good. Very good. Just what I need.”

“Unbutton your blouse,” Aquina directed into her earpiece. Kwong hesitated for a moment, and then slowly unbuttoned one, then all four of her blouse buttons before pulling the garment open. Mary hesitated for a moment, distracted by this event, and then began to knead once more.

“I think it will be easier for you if this is…off,” Kwong stated, and then pulled her blouse off and let it fall to the floor. “Now dig deeper into my shoulders.” Mary did as instructed; her hands were small but they were strong and she was quite good at this. After a few moments, Kwong said in her soft voice, “Undo my bra, please Mary; it should be off too.”

“Um, b-but I don’t know…”

“Oh for heaven’s sake Mary, it’s just us girls here. Now if you’d like, you can just leave and I will have nothing more to do with you. Or you can help me and I will help you. What do you want?”

“Uh, I’m sorry, Ms. Kwong. I meant no disrespect.” And with trembling fingers Mary unhooked Kwong’s bra and removed it. Kwong took it and dropped it to the floor. The girl resumed her neck work, until Kwong took her hands and placed them directly on her breasts. “Massage here, Mary. Do a good job. Do not be too gentle.”

“I don’t…”

“Do it, please. Start.”

Mary gently squeezed the round, soft orbs with their moderately sized nipples, her hands working the flesh effectively. “Harder,” Kwong instructed, “Pull my nipples out. Squeeze them.” Mary did this and Kwong (and Aquina) noticed her breathing was louder and coming faster. This seemed to be arousing her, too.

“Tell her how nice it feels,” Aquina prodded.

“Ummm, Mary, that feels soooo good. Your hands are wonderful.”

“Uh, um, thank you, Ms. Kwong.”

“Please, call me Pamela when we are alone. It will be our little secret.”

“Uh, um…okay, em, Pamela. How, how is this?” Mary was getting into it somewhat, pulling more aggressively on the nipples, massaging the breasts with both hands. All the while Aquina was providing guidance.

“Come around here, Mary. There,” as the girl was now in front of her, “massage them here.” Mary pulled and squeezed. “Slap them.” Mary timidly struck one breast. “No, no. Much harder. Please. Do it.”

Mary began to slap them, and in a few moments was striking them with some authority. Kwong interjected, “Do you want to please me, Mary?”

“I, uh, um, well, yes. Ms., um, Pamela. I do. I just don’t know…”

“Say it…”


“Say you want to please me.”

“I uhh, um. I want to, um, please you. I want to, yes.”

“Take off your dress Mary, it will make things more comfortable.”

“I don’t know…I…” She stared at Kwong; this was the moment of truth. Something gave way, and Mary reached behind and pulled down her zipper, then stepped out of her dress, suddenly smiling like a young girl.

“The under thing and the slip too, Sweetie. Just down to your bra and panties.”

Mary took them off as well and stood in a simple white bra and panties combination. Not racy, but not too conservative either. Kwong stood and took off her skirt, then her crotch-less pantyhose and sat back down, naked. She reached forward and took Mary’s hands, rubbing them on her breasts and then pushing them down between her legs.

Mary followed obediently, almost trance-like, until Kwong leaned in and kissed her. There was a little hesitation, but Kwong pursued the kiss and soon was rewarded as Mary opened her mouth and accepted Kwong’s tongue.

At her computer, Aquina smiled in satisfaction. She had plans for these two, and this time, she too was actually aroused. A little.


Brandon and Alston met in a little, out-of-the-way park. No cameras anywhere. Alston passed him a duffle bag. Brandon put it beside him; he wasn’t going to count it here. Or now. He looked at Alston, “So, what are you going to do now?”

Alston lit up a cigarette, inhaling deeply. “Take off for a bit. Lay low. Stay out of the light for a while. Regan and I are heading to Honduras for a month. Off the beaten track; a quiet beach somewhere, just relaxin’ and drinkin’ beers.”

“Sounds okay. You, um; you don’t think you’re in any real danger right now, do you?”

Alston dragged again. “No, but we’re spooked. You never know, right? I’m sure there are people still looking for this dope, and us. You know they’d love to find us, and make an example out of us. Our heads on a couple of sticks.”

He stubbed the cigarette out on the bench. “Well, we’ll see. I want to keep my head on for a little longer.”

Brandon smiled. They shook hands and Alston ambled off.


“You have done well,” Aquina congratulated Kwong, as Mary Johnson got her things and made ready to leave. She was standing and looking uncertain, by the door.

“Tell her not to make plans for the weekend,” Aquina instructed.

“So Mary, I am hoping to see more of you.”

Mary blushed, “I…um. Thank you, Ms., err, Pamela. This was um…really something. What, uh, I’m not sure. Like, what happens…now?”

“We are friends. We will help each other as friends do. I will want to spend time with you. Is that…okay, with you?”

“Oh, ya’. Um, yes, really okay. I was afraid this was just, um, something, you know? I want to…spend time with you, as you say.” The young woman looked down.

“Well then, don’t make plans for the weekend.”

Mary blushed again, “Well, I usually don’t, but now for sure I won’t.” She paused, looking very young once again. “Um, see you…tomorrow?”

“Yes Mary. I will see you tomorrow, and I look forward to it.” Kwong got up from the chair and moved to the girl, hugging her and kissing her warmly, while moving a hand under her coat and skirt and between her legs. “I definitely want to see you tomorrow,” she murmured, squeezing Mary’s pussy, as the young woman giggled and hugged her back.   


Although it was a little past eight o’clock in the evening, this time of year there was still light.

Yet, ‘Mrs. Belvedere’ reached over and turned on one lamp. Then poured herself and her guest more of the excellent red wine they had opened. “There, that’s better, now I can really see you. Now, you wanted to talk about…slaves?”

Shareen Macgregor took a sip, then a mouthful, of her wine. “That is excellent, Olivia.” She put her glass down and looked at her old friend and mentor. “Ah, yes, the problems with…indulgences. Ever had a slave you couldn’t break?”

Belvedere sipped her wine thoughtfully. “Oh yes, if by break you mean fully commit. Why? What is your concern…or should I say…who?”

“You know her, well…” Macgregor spoke quietly.

“Ah, her. The dark beauty. Aquina, yes? Yes, a special one for sure. She won’t submit? She was very obedient with me, and thank you for that.”

“You’re welcome. My pleasure, and I mean that. Oh she  submits like a hot damn. Has done all that I have demanded. No, she is submissive to me to a fault.”

“Well then…?”

Macgregor looked at Belvedere for a long moment and the older woman spoke, “Ah, it is like that is it? You care for her more than a mistress should. Hmmm, what to do?”

“Yes, I’ve got to her, but she’s got to me, too. It’s a Mexican stand-off, or a duel to the death. I should cut her loose, I have doubts that I can win this, even though it seems so close…”


“Exactly; desire is a cruel mistress.”

“A bitch,” Belvedere laughed a throaty laugh. At that moment Maria appeared, bringing her employer a joint. Belvedere drew on it for several seconds, holding the smoke and then releasing it with a satisfied “Aaahhh”.

“Those things are going to kill you, Olivia.”

Belvedere smiled a contented smile back at Macgregor, “Yes, but I’ll go peacefully, good doctor,” and she laughed her throaty laugh again.

The two women sipped their wine, before Belvedere spoke, “You know, people are complex, that’s the challenge, Shareen. One size does not fit all. Does this woman give you pleasure?”

“Yes, absolutely.”

“Then what is it you want, my dear? Are you looking for a wife? You already have a husband.” She paused, a smile on her lips. “The short time I have spent with this lovely woman makes me think this. If you truly break her, you may no longer want her.”

Macgregor smiled ruefully.


Jake sat in his darkened, silent house. Only one light, in the hallway, broke through the gloom. He had his service pistol out as was his habit, loading and unloading it.

“I could just go over there right now. But…” He pondered. He decided he needed more firepower. “A shotgun, that’s the trick. I’ll get a shotgun tomorrow. And I have my combat knife. I’d stick Eric with that, cut him right up the middle. But I’d need to take out Brandon first…” He pointed his gun at the wall.

“Blammm!” he called, again into his empty room.


A few minutes after finishing their wine, Macgregor and Belvedere were walking down the hallway to the front door. Belvedere spoke, “Don’t let it be so long between visits, my dear.” They embraced and held each other for a few moments.

Macgregor broke gently saying, “I’m a little uneasy to ask this, but I must. How’s, uh, business?”

Belvedere laughed her throaty laugh once again. “I know you do not approve, my dear. But consider this. My, business as you call it, brought in twenty million last year. Twenty. My legit businesses, combined, brought in seven. So there you have it.”

“So things are good, I take it?”

“Wel-lll,” Belvedere stroked her nose. “I recently had

a bit of a bother. One of our shipments was actually hit, high-jacked, you see. Can you believe it? Masked men actually took one of my shipments; probably four million in street value. Goddamn I was annoyed.”

“Well, you can’t go to the police can you?”

“No,” Belvedere laughed. “Go ahead. Have your fun. I’m still looking for the scoundrels. This is personal…”

“And when…if, you find them?”

“They’ll wish they hadn’t crossed me.”

Macgregor looked at the woman, and thought that, no, I wouldn’t want to cross her.

As Macgregor opened the door and turned to leave, Belvedere took her elbow, “And about this other thing, we, I mean all of us, struggle with this. Nobody has the answer, but we all ask the question.”

“And that is…?”

“Simple, my dear. What is love?”

And she kissed Macgregor on the cheek.


Friday was usually busy, if there was a party on, but this Friday was more so. Aquina was meeting with Sanders for lunch, he had updates on their investments, plus she wanted to use his plane again as they had more cash for their account.

Also, with tomorrow being the ‘Fourth’, there was a buzz in the air and tonight’s gathering would undoubtedly be in a celebratory mood.

Tonight would also mark the debut of Mary Johnson as one of the ‘party girls’. The rapid success in acquiring the young woman had gone so well Aquina was amazed. After the initial session in Kwong’s office, where the older woman’s expert tongue had given Mary her first ‘outside’ orgasm in five years, each day since had seen a deeper involvement.

The next day progressed to Kwong having Mary give her oral sex; several times throughout the day actually, with the young woman showing enthusiasm throughout. Wednesday night Kwong had taken Mary shopping for clothes, buying some things to keep available in case they wanted to keep her out. They also shopped for some items she would need for her ‘party girl’ role.

Not surprisingly, Mary’s sexual experience was very limited. A high-school boyfriend for two years who had taken her virginity was just about it, and there had not been much intercourse between them even at that.

Complicating things was Mary having issues with birth control pills. As time went on she had simply avoided any male partners in the years after she and her ‘steady’ had broken up. She had not gone out with boys much at all, even just ‘dates’, the last couple of years.

But as Kwong found out, Mary was a very loving person who craved attention, even proposing the suggestion that maybe she could spend a night at Kwong’s. Pamela let her know that Friday night would be spent…together.


Jake had made his decision, buying the Ithaca Model 37 Homeland Security model shotgun and two boxes of ammo. His police credentials moved the process along quickly and he was now heading toward his car, shotgun in a leather case under his arm and a big grin on his face.

Homeland Security Model, he thought and laughed out loud. Perfect.


Sanders rose as Aquina arrived at the table. Claire sat with a large smile on her face as Aquina and Sanders embraced. Aquina then leaned over and kissed Claire’s cheek, while letting her hand rest on the blonde’s. As usual, Sanders had selected a high end restaurant and their lunch was excellent. The man was heading away again soon and wanted to let Aquina know that their investment deal was just about closed.

“I was thinking of offering youse two something before all the dust settled, but the deal has moved quickly and you’re better off just hanging in for a bit longer. You are going to do well.”

Aquina smiled. “How well?”

Sanders laughed out loud. “That’s my girl, always with the details. Hey, I told youse you’d double your dough and that’s for sure. In fact, you’ll do better, Don’t want to give any numbers yet, but soon, and I know you’ll be happy.”

The restaurant wasn’t far from their office, and Sanders had somewhere to be, so Aquina walked Claire back. Claire unlocked the large outer door and they entered into the part that was Claire’s reception area, with a door behind leading to Sanders’ office.

“Expecting anyone this afternoon?” Aquina inquired.

“No, it’s a light day really…”

“Well, then, just leave that ‘Out for Lunch’ sign up a little longer,” Aquina said, gripping Claire’s shoulders and pulling her in. Their lips were on each other in seconds and the clothes were soon flying in a wild scramble. They made love on the carpet right in Claire’s office, occasionally hushing each other’s moans and cries.

“People will think someone’s being murdered in here,” Claire whispered from her position on the floor. They were in a classic sixty-nine, Aquina on top and Claire on the bottom, and Aquina was responding to Claire  burying her face in her pussy.

“Ah God, Claire, what do you, ummmm, expect? Oh fuck that is incredible, what you’re doing back there. Oh God, just a little more, just AAHHHHummmnn…ah, fuuuuckkkk!”

With that, Aquina collapsed onto Claire’s abdomen, her face resting against the blonde girl’s soft and golden pubic hair, feeling intense affection for this woman, even as Shareen Macgregor’s face emerged in her mind.

A while later, resting side by side on the office couch, Aquina stroked her partner’s face, asking “Um, you like sucking Sanders, yes?”

Claire, looking very relaxed, smiled and said, “That’s an odd question or statement or you know, like….”

Aquina laughed, but she had an interest. “And, you seemed to like me watching you.” Claire laughed self-consciously, as Aquina added. “I’m just, learning about you, sweets. You were excited to have me display you to Bobbi, and you like being on your knees with Sanders. Have you ever thought about, I don’t know, anything, like, kinky?”

Claire laughed again, not sure why she didn’t tell Aquina about her…fantasies. It wasn’t like she really had anything to hide.

She remembered suddenly the summer before grade nine, when she and Cindy and Melissa were hanging at a park; Cindy being a true ‘top dog’ at her school. Claire hadn’t really blossomed yet physically, that would happen, and rapidly, in a few months, and she was just getting into tennis, which would become huge for her, so she was excited to be hanging with a very popular girl.

It was late afternoon and the little park they were in was empty but for them. Cindy was eyeing the slim, leggy girl, when she said, “We should have ol’ Claire here entertain us, hey Mel?”

Melissa sniggered, “What’cha thinking Cindy-O?”

“I think our new friend, if she really wants to be our friend, should like entertain us. M’ebbe do a little dance for us.”

Claire, feeling an odd rise of apprehension and excitement, simply sat silently.

“C’mon, Claire, get up and dance, or we’ll put some grass down your undies and wedge you.”

Claire was actually a very good dancer, and with a sigh, she stood and started doing a routine she’d seen on MTV.

“I think she needs those shorts off to get into it, don’t you, Mel.”

Melissa, who was very tall and dark, with her eastern European heritage, stood and looked down into Claire’s eyes. Slowly, feeling again nervous but excited, Claire slid her shorts down.

It was clear the two girls had this planned, as they methodically stripped Claire completely naked and watched as she fondled herself for their amusement, before having her do something she had never done, kiss and then lick a girl’s vagina, as both Cindy and Melissa had her pleasure them.

That night, in her bed, Claire did something else she rarely did; she masturbated.

The situation never went anywhere, Cindy actually ending up going to a different high school.

And now, over ten years later, that afternoon came back to Claire, as she sat looking at Aquina’s beautiful face, and listening as the woman asked her some personal and probing questions.

It was funny, Claire considered, how that day had been buried in her memories; how she hadn’t considered it as being ‘with a woman’. The first night with Aquina, was to her, her ‘first time’. The Cindy and Melissa thing, that was…something else, another part of her.  

“I guess I’m just a cooperative person,” Claire murmured, imagining Aquina tying her up and fucking her, as others watched.  

****                    ****

Aquina had directed Pamela Kwong to bring Mary and her clothes over a little early. They were in Aquina’s den now, both Kwong and Mary naked and on their knees. Aquina motioned them in and both women began to suck the fleshy and slightly swollen lips of Aquina’s pussy, still showing the after-effects of her time with Claire. Aquina did not really need this, but she wanted to establish roles, and to see for herself how compliant Mary Johnson was; she was very satisfied with what she witnessed (and felt).

Dismissing Kwong, who took her clothes, went out and began setting up things for the poker players, Aquina directed Mary in her dressing. She put the girl’s light brown hair in pigtails; gawwd, she looks younger than the others, for shit’s sake, she thought; and then she had the young woman walk around. Aquina explained that she would be fondled or groped a little tonight, but that she was not required to perform any actual sex acts. None.

Mary thanked her and then stood looking a little uncertain. Aquina had the girl come to her and sit on her knee and they kissed briefly. Mary was responsive and becoming aroused, when Aquina broke it off, saying they needed to eat something and that she had to go and get the other girls.

Adam and Anna were now in the kitchen and preparing something; Aquina headed off.


Jake stood in front of his hall mirror, shotgun in his hands. He motioned like he was striking someone with the butt end, then driving the weapon into them, before holding it at hip level, “Bang. Bang!” He shouted, then reached around behind him and grabbed his knife from his belt, striking forward with it, like he was plunging it into someone. “AAAaaaggg!”

He smiled at his reflection. “They’ll pay,” he said quietly.

(End of Chapter 19)

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A House of Slaves by LongDarkRoad Chapter 18 What Is Love?

A House of Slaves By LongDarkRoad

Chapter 18 What is Love? ( But I Want to Please You)

As Aquina turned into the driveway of Arlana Jarvais`s property, she needed to pull over for a moment to collect herself. She could not believe how excited she was; she thought to herself, you’re getting worse. After a few moments she put the car in gear and moved forward. She had been instructed to park in a specific spot; a little way away from the house in an area reserved for service people.

She was also to go to the side door. She had been instructed not to use the washroom for at least an hour before arrival. As she approached the side door, it opened and Bella Traynor came out, looking scholarly with her large glasses and hair (on the one side anyway) combed back into a tail. She was wearing very conservative make-up and a loose blouse and white pants.

She greeted Aquina with a smile and her hand raised in a stopping gesture. “Have you come to serve your Mistress Arlana?”

Aquina fixed her gaze down to Bella’s shoes, “Yes I have.”

“And what are you?”

It started now, the pounding in her chest, with those simple words, knowing that soon she would be serving a dominating, compelling woman. She shook her head to clear the feeling and spoke with a steady voice, “I am a slut and a slave.”

“Very good. Take off your clothes, slave.”

Aquina removed her dress, nylons and panties. She was not wearing a bra. Bella handed her a red collar that said ‘My Pet’ on the side, and Aquina placed it around her neck. Bella handed her a leash, which Aquina clipped onto her collar and then handed the looped end back to the young woman, who stood with a look of fascination on her face. Bella stepped down to the grass and motioned for Aquina to kneel down. “Arch your back, slave, I wish to see your ass.” Aquina responded and Bella ran her hand along the supple back and down the rump. She spread the ass and looked at it, before slapping each cheek several times.

“Stay on your knees,” Bella commanded, moving forward and holding the leash, forcing Aquina to walk on all fours. They stopped by some bushes, “Little doggie slave needs to do her wee-wee.” She said in a sing-song voice. Aquina rubbed her pussy lips; she’d urinated in front of people before, but it had been awhile. Now, since she hadn’t gone in well over an hour, she just cleared her mind and focused on going. Soon a gentle stream began flowing out and onto the grass.

“Open your legs more,” Bella commanded, and Aquina saw she was being recorded. She spread her legs more as Bella knelt down and focused the phone-camera directly at her pussy. “Uhmmm, that’s very nice. Very nice. Our ladies will like this.”

Aquina had finished and looked at Bella for direction. “Rub yourself on the grass like a good little bitch,” she was told and she did; also something she had done before, although back then she had been in her teens.

Bella now led her back toward the house and ordered her to stand when they reached the steps. They proceeded inside to where the taciturn Jamaican girl waited for them. Taking Aquina’s leash she led her to another room and administered enemas once again as she had before; two this time.

When they were finished, the girl then led Aquina back down the hall to where she had been for her last visit; Bella was waiting at the door.

“She’s clean,” the girl stated with no emotion.

“Thank you, Treena. That will be all.” Bella then led Aquina into the room where an attractive, forty-ish woman was sitting on an armchair. Brown/blonde hair done in a medium-length cut, bangs sweeping away from her face. She was dressed in an expensive sweater/skirt outfit and was sipping a glass of wine. Aquina, who recognized her from the ‘sex-lunch’, was brought to her  and placed on her knees.

“Your Mistress, Arlana,” Bella announced. “Mistress, your pathetic slave.”

Jarvais placed an expensive Christian Louboutin pointy-toe pump before Aquina’s face, and she began to lick. Both Jarvais and Bella watched as this beautiful woman, her head of dark, glossy, brown curls moving gently, cleaned first one and then the other shoe.

Jarvais then raised one leg up to the couch, lifting her dress to reveal she was wearing no panties; now before Aquina’s face was presented a distinctly hairy crotch.

The hair began around Jarvais’s pink asshole and spread out and up around her generous outer labia, before continuing up her belly. The hair was dark and thick but had been trimmed, it looked like by a razor, so it was short. Aquina moved in and a pleasant smell of cinnamon (and woman) greeted her.

She began to lick and suck hungrily; she wanted this sex. She wanted to feast on this beautiful…cunt. She wanted to please this attractive, wealthy, powerful woman. In her passionate nuzzling and licking, she emitted a low moan that was heard by both watching women, who then shared a look and a smile.

Ten minutes later Jarvais had experienced a mild but satisfying orgasm, with Aquina now in aftermath gently licking and kissing the soft folds of the woman’s outer labia.

“Let us dress the whore,” Jarvais announced.

Appearing quickly from somewhere, the assistant brought out a white cotton dress and a pair of sandals. The dress was thin and Aquina’s body showed through the fabric, with the hem reaching barely half an inch below her crotch. If she bent forward at all, her ass was easily seen.

Jarvais led the way out, with Bella holding Aquina’s leash and Aquina following behind. They went out a different door and walked to a waiting SUV. The rear door was opened and Aquina climbed inside, positioning herself on hands and knees as directed.

Jarvais and Bella climbed into the front and they drove off. The drive was about twenty minutes and they arrived at a small strip mall on the edge of a residential area. Taking Aquina from the back, they walked toward a store called ‘Pole Positions’; a sex shop.


The Alston brothers had reached a decision; to offer ‘the boys’ a buy-out for the remainder of the drugs, and then deal them off later. The last episode had definitely rattled them. They’d made enough so far to take a break, and Ed wanted to actually get away for a bit, and had taken an unpaid leave for sixty days.

Ed was writing a note for Brandon; he would drop it off that night.


Inside the store, Jarvais led the trio to a wall that was completely covered in the store’s specialty; dildos and ‘personal insertion devices’. Aquina noticed there was one man and two women customers present, as well as two clerks. Aquina knelt in submission beside her mistress, her gaze downward. As they were checking things, one of the clerks, very tall and slim with her head shaved, leaving a strip down the middle dyed blonde, approached. She had full arm tat-sleeves and was wearing a thin black dress that was only a smidge longer than Aquina’s. Her small breasts showed clearly with nipples standing out. Both nipples had rings in them that pushed against the fabric of the dress.

“Hi, I’m Ashley. How may I help you?” she asked, with a distinct British accent and a long, lingering look down at Aquina.

“We-lll,” Jarvais began, “We’re looking for something to use on our disgusting bitch-slave. Anal. Something

that will produce…a reaction…”

Ashley surveyed the assortments. “Are you preferring deep or wide?”

“Uhmmmn. Both kind of, but wide first. We just want the pathetic whore to be well-fucked.”

Ashley smiled, “Of course. Here are a couple.” She took down a blue item that featured a realistic looking circumcised penis head, and then about four inches of shaft. Halfway along the shaft knobs and ridges had been placed on a section that bulged out a little. The second one was short and stout but at the base there were nodules that would cause the anus to stretch wider if the shaft was pushed all the way in.

Jarvais looked these over. “Is there anyway to test these out on our bitch here. I would like to see them in action, and the slut needs it frequently, kind of like a nympho, you understand.”

Ashley’s smile grew a little wider and her eyes twinkled. “Well, that shouldn’t be a problem, did you…”

“I would like to observe. I think I would enjoy seeing you and the other clerk give the slut what she needs.”

“Absolutely,” Ashley agreed. “Step this way.” And she led the group to a curtained entrance and then into the back, nodding to the other clerk as they proceeded.

Ashley wasted no time, hiking up her dress to reveal a tiny strip of black cloth hardly worthy of the name ‘thong’, pulling it aside and aggressively forcing Aquina’s face into her crotch. If Jarvais’s pussy was pleasant, this one was pungent, smelling of body odor and urine, but Aquina sucked without prompting.

As she was receiving her pleasure, Ashley reached around to a shelf behind her and brought out a harness; “never hurts to have one handy”, she laughed, and strapped it around herself. Bella had removed the dildos from their packages and handed the blue one over. Ashley roughly spun Aquina around and shoved her face to the floor, saying “You are disgusting,” which brought a smile to Jarvais’s lips.

The clerk then removed a tube of lubricant from a nearby drawer and spread a copious amount around and into Aquina’s dark asshole, pushing in one, two and then three fingers, stretching the creased hole.

Attaching the blue cock to her harness, Ashley pushed the penis head into Aquina’s anus and felt her jerk a little. Ashley slapped one buttock soundly, and it reddened quickly beneath the caramel-colored skin. Placing her hands on Aquina’s shoulders, Ashley gave one push, then slowly forced the cock all the way in, enjoying how the brown, creased circle spread to accept the intrusion, with Aquina grunting in response.

Jarvais leaned over and down to Aquina’s ear, “The little piggy-bitch is grunting. Very good. I want you to grunt like a pig each time this attractive girl shoves the cock in your filthy ass. Understand?”

”Y-yes-ss, mistress,” Aquina answered between thrusts.” Uh. Uhng. Ummm…”

Ashley was thin but athletic, and she fucked Aquina with enthusiasm. As she was thrusting, Bella removed the woman’s dress, and she and Jarvais fondled the small but firm, round tits, playing with the nipple rings and assisting the young woman in her arousal.

After Ashley was satisfied, she and the other clerk traded places. The second girl was quite different from Ashley. Small and petit, she looked like a child; although when Bella asked she surprisingly answered, “Twenty-four”. She tried the second dildo, one that required the wearer to use short, quick thrusts, or the insertion would come out. ‘Rhoda’ used the strap-on very effectively, her hips tapping out a quick, steady rhythm on Aquina’s round ass.

Aquina had an orgasm just before Rhoda, and then both slouched to the floor, Bella’s phone recording all the action and Jarvais laughing at the sight. She found submissive women pathetic, truly, it wasn’t simply a term for her. She considered them almost sub-human and enjoyed the abuse of them more than the actual sex.

“You need to be pissed on,” she murmured into Aquina’s ear, and she meant it.

“Yes, Mistress,” the slave replied, her face resting on the tiled floor.


Adam Abrahmson slid the last of the papers into the file folder. Everything he would need was done. Now all that was left was to get Jake Tucker’s signature on the documents, and Anna’s divorce would proceed. It was mostly in Jake’s interest; Anna was asking for very little, including no alimony. She just wanted to be free of him.

He should agree; but with Jake Tucker you didn’t know.

Because, of course, Jake was an asshole, and also a true psychopath.


Aquina was now on her way home, a feeling of contentment within her which she acknowledged. And now, for the first time in a long while, both her pussy and anus were tender. Both had been used a lot today.

After Ashley and Rhoda had fucked her, Jarvais had them bring in some customers (female) and three more women had used her, before Jarvais herself, selecting an even larger dildo than the two being used, gave her a pounding, while tongue sucking with Rhoda, whom she had taken a liking to. Bella was the last, using a double dildo to penetrate both holes simultaneously.

To end their session, after Aquina had kissed each woman’s feet and thanked them, she sat on the floor with her legs spread, her pussy lips or ass cheeks pulled as far apart as she could or fingering herself as directed, while all the women took pictures of her with their cell phones.

“Can we rent the whore?” Someone had asked, and Bella had taken her cell number down. The trio then departed, with Jarvais also getting Rhoda’s numbers and Facebook address.

Back at their house, Aquina had knelt and eagerly accepted Arlana’s piss, depositing it in the toilet and then cleaning the woman thoroughly and thanking her, as Arlana regarded her with a look of pure disdain. Aquina was then forced to beg for her clothes, only to find they (minus, as usual, her thong) had been left in her car.

As she now drove home, she wondered if Macgregor would be checking in with Jarvais. She really hoped so, and again shook her head in wonder of what she was; a sex-slut, a piss-slut; someone who relished being degraded. She’d enjoyed being used by Jarvais at the end, although she hadn’t been made to drink the liquid. The kneeling, the opening of her mouth and the acceptance, the look of pure disgust on Jarvais’s face, all were delicious. How to understand that? She’d wished she’d asked Ms. Smith, years ago, the why of it.

She was indeed all these things with the right woman, she told herself, and she was a slave. Why deny? She really should call her mistress and agree to her request now; how long could she play this game?

Instead of this indecision, she could wake each day knowing what was expected of her, and could look up into a face she worshipped, to feel the wonderful sting of her mistress’s whip; to be what she was meant to be…


Brandon was reading the note Alston had given him early this morning. For Brandon, six-thirty was way too early for any deep thought, but this was important, so…

He had read the note twice; Aquina had read it and now Kevin came in to the kitchen and was given the note.

“We’ll ask Eric, but I think we go for it.”

Kevin nodded, “Yeah, we’ve already got some cash and who knows how long this will take to dribble in? What do you think Aquina?”

Aquina looked from one to the other. “I was actually going to suggest something like this. I think what he is offering is fair. You took a huge risk, but it’s a pretty good pay out for a…day’s work.”

Brandon nodded his head. He looked again at the note. One hundred and twenty thousand and they were paid out. He couldn’t see how Eric would object.

“Naw, he’ll be good,” Kevin offered, “Our new Foosball game is arriving today; that will take his mind off everything,” he chuckled.

At that point Adam came down the hall and joined them. He handed Kevin a large envelope. “I know Jake isn’t at your station anymore, but could you get that to him?”

Kevin looked at the large envelope, raising an eyebrow. “Is this what I think it is?”

Adam paused, a lawyerly trait, and smiled, “Well, that depends on what you’re thinking.”

“Right,” Kevin concluded. “Yeah, I’ll take it to his new station. Hopefully, he won’t be there.”

Heads nodded all around.


Aquina was seated at her computer, considering her… situation. Could she truly be a slave (the word sending a shiver down her spine once again) full-time?

But what of Claire? The woman had moved her, strongly, without a hint, really, of anything beyond…affection. They made love, like two normal lesbians. Okay, Claire had hinted at her enjoyment of Aquina ordering her to dress a certain way. And, okay, she enjoyed watching Claire pleasure Sanders on her knees and the woman was clearly comfortable being there. Meaning?

But she felt deep affection for them both, and Sanders simply expected blow-jobs from his women.  

But Aquina now shook her head, unable to deny the complete passion she had felt yesterday at the hands of Arlana Jarvais. She had wallowed in the abuse, lapping it up and wanting more; she wished she was going to them today. She had licked out woman’s assholes and then thanked them as they looked down on her; then kissed their feet as they spanked her.

When Arlana had gripped her hair and told her she was truly a disgusting whore, it was just before her second climax shook her, amusing all. It had turned her on greatly to pose for them as they took pictures of her, making it clear they would share them.

Yet now here she was, at her computer screen at nine-thirty AM and very interested to try out her new…slave-toy. She focused on this; explanations, and decisions were pushed away, for now.

She typed in a command and the screen showed an office. In a moment, Pamela Kwong sat down and stared at the screen, before typing, “Are you there, Mistress?”

Aquina smiled at that; she had sent the woman a file that placed a camera on her computer, allowing Aquina to see the woman and her office.

“Yes, Slut.”

Kwong’s face blushed immediately at the response and she became flustered. “Welcome, Mistress. I’m glad this works.”

“Lift up your dress and show me you have obeyed me,” Aquina commanded, thinking of herself on display.

Kwong shyly lifted the front of her dress revealing pantyhose with the crotch removed and no panties. She turned and showed her backside as well.

A message appeared on her screen, “I am pleased, Slut. Sit in your chair and spread your legs; I want to see you.” Pamela did that, showing her newly shaved pussy, and then waited.

“Play with yourself.”

Kwong did not need a lot of encouragement for this, as she groped and rubbed her pussy lips and clit.

“Stop!” the screen commanded.

Aquina then gave the woman a few rules and commands.

She was not to touch herself without permission. When she was alone in her office she was to sit with her legs open so her mistress could see her if she happened to be watching. And she was to provide Aquina with a list of the young women who worked directly with (or under) her.

“Good-bye for now, Slut. I am watching.” As well as the computer, Aquina had sent Kwong a camera that looked just like an air freshener. It sat on a desk and gave a view of the couch in the office. With these two cameras Aquina felt she would see any exchange that happened in the room; business and fun combined!


Kevin parked his patrol car; Kate was riding with him today, and they exchanged a glance. He exited and went quickly up the stairs and through the glass doors of the building and down the hall. He had been in this station before and knew which room Jake would have a desk in. When he entered to a nod or two from cops at their desks, he was relieved to see Jake was not around.

“Jake Tucker’s desk?” he called out.

Two guys indicated a desk back against the wall. Kevin put the envelope on the desk and left. He really didn’t want to see the large man. He had never really liked him, he didn’t know anyone who did, but Jake was always Brandon’s good buddy, so that was that.

Well, fuck him, Kevin thought as he headed back to his car. Jake was, all agreed, an asshole, and you never knew how he would react. To anything.


Aquina had been surprised by the text from Shareen Macgregor, inviting her for a coffee; non-slave-master; just a chat, which she quickly accepted.

She sat now, despite this condition, and still felt a need to assume the submissive role, allowing Macgregor the lead.

“I want us to just visit…Aquina. Two women having a coffee and talking, right?”

Aquina smiled, looking down. “It’s not so easy as that, though, um,” she laughed softly, “Mistress.”

Macgregor too had a smile on her face, “Why?”

Aquina looked up and then back down; old instincts kicked in and she could not look into this woman’s face; she sighed. “Because I want, I need, to be on my knees for you,” she said simply, sipping her coffee, and then looking up again, briefly.

Macgregor paused; that beautiful face had always had that effect on her; long before this amazing development. She had seen the video from the sex store (Bella had sent it) and was more convinced that Aquina was close to agreeing to what Macgregor knew to be true; that she was a true slave and her place was with her mistress; Shareen Macgregor.

“Hmmmm. I like that; it pleases me; you please me; but we are in public, and I wanted a real conversation.”

Aquina glanced around, considering her words. “I, um, am flexible, but my…mmm, devotion, is not just something that I can turn off and on. Mistress.” She had whispered the last word.

Macgregor paused. The coffee shop chatter surrounded them. She folded her slender hands with their long, elegant fingers, and looked directly at Aquina, who struggled to maintain eye contact. “Do you love me?”

Macgregor saw Aquina wince, as if slapped. She opened her mouth, then closed it. Finally she spoke, “We would need to agree on what…love is…”

Macgregor laughed. “Very nice. You are slippery in more ways than one.” She chuckled again and then sipped more coffee, before asking quietly. “Do you feel for me what you feel for…Claire?”

Aquina inhaled sharply; the question had surprised her, but she then considered it; it was a fair question. “No, the two…things, feelings, are…very different.”

“Go on,” Macgregor prompted.

Aquina struggled with putting the thoughts into words. “Well, with you, I want to serve you; to be on my knees, to bury my face in your sex. I want you to whip me, and punish me. I…I want you to. I…need that from…you. I want you to hurt me, to use me, to abuse me. I want others to see my devotion to you. I…love being your toy and your, um, slut, being degraded by you. It’s, God, it’s like a drug, almost.” Aquina said this, in a mostly calm and even voice, but in one long rush and looking down.

She paused now, then began again, heart pounding as usual, fighting the urge to just go to this woman.

“Um, with Claire, I love being with her, lying with her, making love to her. I care for her more than anyone I can remember. But I have no desire to submit to her and I really do not want her to submit to me, for whatever reason. We are equals, I guess. She paused, then sighed. “There, I think that is the best…I can do to explain something that I am not completely sure of…myself.” Aquina now looked up, her eyes were bright and there was a glow beneath her caramel skin, then she looked away.

Macgregor observed this beautiful woman, that small, odd smile on her face again.

Things needed to come to a conclusion, she considered, for her own sanity, if nothing else. Now?

(End of Chapter 18)

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A House of Slaves by LongDarkRoad Chapter 17 Understanding & Forgiveness

A House of Slaves 

Chapter 17

Understanding & Forgiveness (She was a Chameleon)

Ed Alston swung by the nicely-maintained house on the quiet street; being very early Monday morning the streets were almost deserted. As he walked up to the house, he wondered what people would say if they knew young, naked women were held there and used sexually. He made a note to contact Brandon; he felt like a good game of darts; then left another envelope in the mailbox; nine thousand this time. It was going more slowly than he had anticipated, but so far so good.

****          ****

Jake was sitting in Captain Dzyuba’s office. He had just signed all the necessary paperwork (Dzyuba had been warned and had everything ready). The station he would be moving to had two vacancies so Jake was able to head over once everything had been signed off. Dzyuba told him to clear out his locker and go have lunch, then head over to his new place. After they shook hands, Dzyuba had left with the paperwork.

Jake had peeked out and noticed a couple of people near the lockers; he wanted to wait until it was clear; he didn’t like talking to people at the best of times. Brandon, Eric, Kevin and the bitch were all out on patrol, so he didn’t need to deal with them. Well, fuck them all, Jake thought. Just fuck them. Even Brandon. Especially Brandon. Well, especially Aquina. Fuck that whore right to hell.

But fuck Brandon the traitor too.


Monday afternoon’s session with Macgregor was coming to a close. Today the good doctor had hung Aquina from the ceiling hook and whipped her entire body, paying special attention to her breasts and buttocks, although the nipple with the new gold ring was left alone.

After the thorough and extensive punishment that had

Aquina crying out and begging, Macgregor had taken her down and placed her on a massage table where a pretty young Filipino girl had given her a deep massage, as the doctor watched, bringing Aquina to an intense and satisfying orgasm, from which she was now recovering, still lying on the table. The doctor sat beside her and gently stroked her face.

“Have you thought any more of what I asked you last week?” Macgregor spoke softly, face close to Aquina’s.

“Yes, Mistress. It’s been on my mind…a lot,” Aquina answered honestly.

Macgregor paused, then began stroking Aquina’s face again. “You like serving me?”

“I love serving you…”

“You like being on your knees before me.”

“I love being on my knees for you. I…“

“Yes, slave?”

“Nothing, please carry on Mistress…”

“You like being whipped by me, you like when I use your body, you are aroused and climax strongly after my …attention.”

“All…all of that is true, Mistress.” Aquina was breathing harder, the questions and Macgregor’s soft touch arousing her, even after her recent climax.

(Buffalo, June 2005)

Harriet Smith sat on one of the chairs from her dining set. She surveyed herself in the mirror on the table; satisfied, she turned to look at the young woman kneeling obediently and silently to her right. Knees together, head tilted down, hands placed on either thigh just above the knee. Aquina had absorbed much in her three months with Smith, who, although she had always believed the girl to be very suitable, never-the-less was extremely pleased with just how completely suitable she was.

Very attractive, smart, capable, adaptable and resilient; who would have thought her to be so absolutely submissive, given the right circumstances?

Smith had questioned Aquina at length about her childhood; had listened with horror (and interest) of the abuse from her mother and her pimp and the scores of tricks she had been forced to service.

Yet it wasn’t there that the submissive nature revealed itself; no, Aquina could be very tough and defiant if one came right at her; and there were many (many) women whom she did not, would not respond to; as she did so easily, to Smith. And that was the key; with the right woman, the right race, the right age but most especially, the right attitude, Aquina became…a puppy, prepared to roll on the floor and beg, or whatever else it might be that her mistress desired.

And not just prepared to, but wanting to; that was the thing.

Smith knew this the first time she had had Aquina kneel beneath her crotch and wait with her mouth open. “I am going to urinate; you are my slave and will receive it; in your mouth. If you drop or spill any you will be whipped and then sent to your blanket by the door; alone. You will have displeased me greatly. Do you understand?”

The look on Aquina’s face said something (horror? disgust?) but her voice said, “Yes, M-Mistress. I understand.”

“Do you want to please me, slave?”

The look on Aquina’s face then was one of absolute devotion. “Yes, yes Mistress. I do so want to please you.”

And she did.

Aquina did not know that Smith only used her mouth this way during the day, when the woman knew her urine would contain less waste, and that she limited how much the slave actually consumed; it wasn’t the urine that mattered, it was the act and the submission.

In that act, of kneeling and accepting, Aquina became Smith’s possession, a relationship that both desired.


Yes, all of what Macgregor asked was true, and yes, Aquina had felt so good, so…complete, when serving Harriet Smith. But she was a different person now. She could still feel great arousal with the right woman, and Shareen Macgregor was the right woman; but Aquina did not know if she was ready to give up everything and become someone who wasn’t Harriet Smith’s possession, no matter the sexual rewards.

“I love submitting to you Mistress. I love licking your shoes…and your pussy, and your ass. I love giving myself to you, completely. But at the end of our time, I can still go home to what I have. To what I am. I am not ready to let go of…that. Not, yet.”

Macgregor stroked Aquina’s face, a small, odd smile on hers. She was quiet for a while. When she spoke it was, “Oh my…the time. Ours is up.”


The game on T.V. had just ended and Brandon, Eric and Kevin were just sitting around talking. Eric was going to finish his beer and head off. Aquina thought this was a good time to raise the next question; what to do with the final ‘slave’. She came and stood by one of the leather armchairs.

“Okay, boys. More business. I think we need to do something with Kate. Thoughts?”

Eric jumped in. As someone who had been very aggressive with Kate at first, his attitude had changed a lot in a month. He and Kate had actually become friendly, in an odd way, Eric finding the guilt of what they had done weighing on him. (It was hard to be sure when someone was being held against their will; but they had shared some thoughts and Eric had stopped ‘using’ her.) “I think we should work out some deal with her; release her for, I don’t know, her silence?”

“That could be risky,” Kevin murmured, stroking his chin.

“Brandon?” Aquina asked.

As usual, Brandon considered his response for a moment. ”Kidnapping Kate was kind of a cool idea when we first thought of it, and it was actually the captain’s fantasy. She was kind of stuck up and stand-offish; we all thought. When Dzyuba thought someone should teach her a lesson, it all kind of happened. But like you point out Aquina, slaves, or hostages, whatever, are work. You need to watch ‘em and look after them. Kate is kind of a ticking bomb as you’ve said. Say something happens to Dzyuba and the new captain is someone Kate could turn to. There could be hell to pay. What do we do, kill her to keep her quiet?”

They all sat in silence, considering for a moment. “Yeah, I see that. But how do we stop her from screaming bloody murder then, if we do release her?” Kevin persisted. “And what about her place and the money we’ve taken…?”

Aquina nodded and joined in, “We have lots of video of her participating in all kinds of sex stuff. We all know the context, but I have edited it and it looks like she is quite willing and open to everything. She would have a hard time with this if it was released. I think she would be grateful, not vengeful, but we have the video as leverage. We just need to help her get her life back, and she can still stay here, for now.”

The group sat and pondered. Eric spoke again, “I could talk to her, kind of get a feel for where she’s at.”

Everyone nodded. Just then there was a knock on the door. Everyone looked at each other, and Aquina went to check it out. When she opened the door no one was there, but she checked the mailbox and there was another fat envelope. She came in counting it and stood facing the boys, “Seventy-two hundred,” she said.

So the cash wasn’t flooding in, but Alston clearly was trying.


Ed Alston and his brother sat in their car, comparing notes. They were parked on York St. in Jersey City. Alston had taken some holiday time to concentrate on moving a good chunk of their stash.

“You’re sure it was the same car?”

Regan rubbed his forehead, something he did when he was agitated. “Yeah, I’m sure. Black, Ford Escape with the same three letters to start. And I’m sure it was the same black guy behind the wheel.”

“And he was watching you?”

“He was watching us, Ed.”


Kate and Eric entered the house together; Eric had driven her home today. Once inside, as she had been trained, she immediately stripped, taking her clothes to the wardrobe in one of the spare bedrooms where her uniforms were kept. Her underclothes went into a hamper, and she put on her collar and knelt in her assigned spot.

Eric took her hand and led her to the couch, having her sit beside him, which was unusual. “Look at me, em, Kate,” he instructed, and she did, dark eyes flicking from his face back down to her folded hands, breasts rising and falling. “We’ve been talking.”

She looked at him with a mixture of interest and alarm, but remained silent.

“We’re trying to find a way to…release you.”


Kate sat blinking as she stared at Eric; when Aquina walked in the two of them were just doing that, sitting and staring. Kate looked up at Aquina with a stunned look on her face, and Aquina sat to her other side and placed a hand on her shoulder. She spoke in that calm, reassuring way she used with skitter-ish people (and animals).

“Yes, it’s true. We need to come to some agreement with you. We don’t want you in this slave position any longer.”

“So…” Kate began, and then fought to control her emotions, “…so what happens. Like, what will you do to me, um…with me?”

Aquina and Eric exchanged a look.

“We-lllll,” Aquina continued, “it’s a bit like the old ‘tiger-by-the-tail-thing’, where we want to let go, but are afraid of what might happen…”

“I won’t be telling anyone…” Kate blurted out, her face a mixture of excitement and anxiety.

Eric and Aquina exchanged another look, “That’s good. But it is easy to say…”

“No. NO! I mean it, I’ll swear on my sainted mother’s grave, I will not, will not, will not cause any scenes. …I still need your help, right?”

At that, Kate threw her arms around Aquina and began sobbing. Eric was affected by this and got up and walked away, looking at something out the front window. As Kate gradually regained control, she lessened her grip slightly, and spoke into Aquina’s ear.

“This was you. You said you would save me. You said you would look after me, and you have. Thank you, Aquina.” And Kate kissed the side of Aquina’s face, and Aquina took Kate’s hands from around her neck and moved her back so she could look at her before speaking.

“Yes, you still need our help, and I will help you. I know you won’t be a problem because I will continue to look after you. Oh, and Eric was also responsible for this decision.”

Kate got a small smile on her face. “Yeah, we’ve kind of become, well, friends like; as well as you can when you are a…s-slave, being held against your will.”

They sat quietly for a moment. Eric had wandered off somewhere. “So, what will happen to my bank and my place and…” Kate paused, looking hard into Aquina’s eyes.

The woman stroked Kate’s face, nodding. “We need to work all that out, but you need to stay here, for now. Um, we’re working on something for Anna too. If you cooperate…”

“I will!” Kate exploded and Aquina smiled.

“This is kind of taking it a day at a time, right?”

They sat in silence again. Kate looked at Aquina, then looked away, “I…um; I want…”

“Yes?” Aquina added encouragingly.

Kate focused on her clasped hands. “I know I got down, and was a problem for you, but, it wasn’t that I didn’t, like, still feel things, for you, I mean. In, um, all of this, I still felt so much for you…”

Aquina gently stroked the woman’s face, wiping away some tears; “What’s important is that you survived, you got through this. What I did I did, I’m not proud of it, but now we need to work together.”

Kate nodded her head. “Can I still, be, um, with you, sometimes, like my choice? Does that even make sense?” Kate looked up with wonder.

It did make sense, at least to Aquina.


The Alston brothers climbed out of their rental vehicle and looked around. Their cop instincts were on high alert, so they were extra cautious; Regan turned to start toward the decaying structure that they had been told to meet in, when a loud explosion shattered the calm. It was quickly followed by another; they were gun shots and the second one hit their car.

The two men scrambled back to the vehicle and started it up, driving straight ahead, not sure if that was the best route but knowing the shots were coming from behind them.


Wednesday afternoon Aquina’s phone vibrated with a message from Macgregor. It was direct and succinct. “Dirty pussy-serving slave, be at Arlana Jarvais’s house Monday at 2:00. Or not. Your Mistress.”

Aquina typed her reply promptly, “Yes, my Mistress. Your slave will be there.”

That was it, no further replies or info. Yet even with that brief exchange, Aquina’s pussy moistened. She regarded her face in the mirror, wished it was Monday, and shook her head at her response, still uncertain of what she really wanted.


The Friday party was a little different in that Anna and Kate were dressed as the other two, meaning no intercourse. Dzyuba, Gusbertson, Garrett and Abrahmson were all there, as well as the remaining three ‘boys’, and a woman; forty-eight year-old-planning department associate, Pamela Kwong, who despite her Asian-sounding surname, was actually Eastern European heritage.

Pam was known as a feisty-no-nonsense gal who liked cards and drinking, and who sat on enough important committees to be of interest to the boys and Aquina.

Dzyuba was not happy at all with the latest developments, starting with the transfer of Jake (although even he could see the potential problems with him) and now the release of Kate; someone he enjoyed fucking. Aquina pointed out to him all the free sex he had enjoyed so far, and that there would be more, just not with these girls. Then Aquina gave him $2500 for ‘helping the boys.’ Dzyuba slouched off with a small smile creasing his wrinkled face.

As the party wound down, Pam (who turned out to be a hell of a poker player) was the big winner; and feeling pretty good. As she brought some things into the kitchen, she saw Aquina at the sink and slapped her ass in greeting. “Congratulate me, honey; I kicked those guys’ balls tonight!”

“Well, congratulations,” Aquina said. Leaning over and kissing the shorter woman, who had allowed her hand to rest on Aquina’s rump after the slap. They kissed for longer than a ‘congratulatory’ smooch would call for, and Aquina then took in the slim and not unattractive older woman, who now was gently squeezing the right cheek of her ass. Aquina recognized something in this woman’s eyes. “Would you like to go someplace a little more, private, to celebrate?”

Pam’s eyes widened but a grin spread on her face, as Aquina then turned her and marched her down the hall to the first ‘guest’ bedroom. Having sized-up the woman, Aquina shoved her roughly face down onto the bed. “Stay,” she commanded, and Pam froze. “Lift up your dress, Whore.” Pam lifted her dress just to her ass. “Higher, worthless slut before I get my paddle out.”

There was an audible gasp from Pam as she lifted her dress clear to her waist. Aquina quickly and roughly tugged the woman’s pantyhose and (surprising) red thong down. Pulling Pam’s arms behind her, she tied them with the pantyhose and then held the red thong up to the woman’s nose, before shoving them into her mouth.

Aquina then proceeded to deliver stinging slaps to the round buttocks before her. Once they were reddened, she shoved three fingers into Pam’s wet pussy and then, with only a little effort, forced her entire slender hand in. As the woman bucked and humped this intrusion, Aquina made sure the cameras got a good view of the action, while keeping up a steady stream of verbal abuse, telling Pam as completely as possible what a nasty, fucking whore she was.

An hour later a satiated Pam Kwong lay completely naked on the bed, eyes closed, mouth open, legs spread and the red, swollen labia of her pussy ample proof of her pleasure. She had experienced three orgasms, the last one leaving her babbling on the bed. “Oh my God, oh my God. Oh…my. Oh. Oh my fucking, fucking, fuck fuck…”

Aquina smiled; it was babbling after all; it didn’t need to make sense. And then she thought of her mistress.


The Alstons pulled into the driveway of Ed’s place, an orange glow just beginning to lighten the eastern horizon. They had driven through the night from New York, following a crazy time that left them contemplating their next move, if not their lives. In the duffle bag they now hauled into Ed’s living room was the largest pay-out so far, one hundred and forty thousand.

They would give fifty G.’s to ‘the boys’ but that still left a sizeable lump of cash. But this money had not come easily. The guys who had shot at them were actually not after them, but the people they were selling to. After some serious cloak and dagger stuff involving switching cars and taking the subway ending in a rat-infested, condemned building, they had made the exchange and got the hell out of town, fearful for their lives.

As Regan had noted dryly, “Money is great, but you can’t spend it if you’re dead.”


For now, Kate and Anna were still making breakfast for any ‘guests’, and Saturday morning was no exception. All three of Bobbi, Mandi and Heather had stayed over, as had Eric. Kevin, Aquina and Brandon were living there, and Adam was there almost all the time. As well, today there was an extra guest; Pamela Kwong. Anna and Kate, with help from Bobbi, prepared food for almost an hour and everyone was finally satisfied.

Aquina took Pam back into the guest room. There was a little awkwardness until Aquina said, “On your knees, Whore.” And with a low groan, Pam sank to her knees, face red and flushed, but in a position of submission. “Does my little slut want to come back and play?”

Pam’s voice was barely a croak as she uttered, “Y-yes, yes I, uhhh. I do. Um. Ma’am?”



“You will need to be punished…”

The low groan again, “Ye-yes, um, Mistress.”

“But then, I think you like to be punished…”

“Oooohhhmmm,” came from the woman’s lips as she pressed her face into Aquina’s shoes.

Aquina smiled, at herself as much as the behavior of this woman, who held a job of importance and would meet regularly with people like the mayor. This woman was, her; and she was this woman; one day with the whip and the next day on her knees. She enjoyed using this woman, being the mistress as she had many times before. How was it that she enjoyed this so much, yet was transported to another level when becoming the slave?

Clearly she could be both; the hammer and the nail. The good citizen, organized and responsible, and the criminal, helping people do illegal things. She could help enslave Kate, then work to free her. She could make love to women, she could make love to men (on occasion).

She was a chameleon. Aquina thought all this as she looked down at Pamela Kwong, licking and sucking her shoes; while imagining herself doing that very thing for Shareen Macgregor, and wanting Monday to come.

She went to find her cell, quickly typing “I wish I was on my knees with you, licking your pussy, Mistress. You might let me put my tongue into your asshole. I love serving you.” She sent that off and steadied herself with a hand on a chair.

The reply came when she was driving with Bobbi to get groceries. “You are disgusting, slave. Pathetic. You should be here, sleeping on my bed like a dog, ready in the morning to kneel and accept my piss, which is all that you are good for. Admit it, it is what you are. Slave.”

Aquina needed all her will power to maintain her grip on the wheel and her eyes on the road.


Sunday morning brought the arrival of a box on their doorstep; with the money from Ed totalling forty-eight thousand, five hundred. Aquina gathered the boys together with her after breakfast and laid the cash on the coffee table. She took her fifteen percent and divided the rest into three piles. The guys just looked at it.

“Shit,” said Eric. “You got any more suggestions, A?” Kevin and Brandon murmured their assent.

“I could take another run to our offshore account,” She replied. Eric took a thousand out of his pile, and Kevin and Brandon took some of theirs as well and then everyone pushed their dough into a large pile.

“Sounds good to me,” Kevin said. “We should get that Foosball table, Eric.”

“Hey, yeah. Forgot about that. It could go right there.”

Brandon laughed, “You guys and your games.”

“Yeah, well we’re not as old as you, Dad.” Kevin, a year younger, mocked.

There was some yapping back and forth until Aquina interrupted, “Eric, could you take Kate with you? I’d like to see how she reacts to being out.”

“Sure, no problem,” he replied, smiling nervously.


Around one Aquina got a call from Pamela Kwong and made her beg, which the woman did readily, and then Aquina told her she could come over.

Aquina gave the woman a thorough workout; leash training, nipple clips, paddling and then a little caning. She was at the moment allowing the slave to lick her pussy, which the woman did eagerly and effectively.

All the while the dark brown head was gently moving up and down between her legs, and the tongue was twisting and exploring the crevices of her pussy, Aquina was imagining tomorrow, and what Macgregor`s friend might have in store for her, even as a very mild orgasm quickly came and went.

Afterwards, at the door, Aquina paused while Pam looked down. “Thank you, Mistress,” Kwong uttered in a quiet voice. “That was wonderful. Wonderful. I…um, your slave, would dearly love to…return to you.”

“That could be arranged, my little slut. I might want to use you with some friends.” She saw the woman quiver. “What do you think of that?”

“I…um, I would love to please you. And your friends, if you, wish. Maybe you could even give me some…um, instructions for when I am at work…as well.”

Aquina chuckled, “I will see to that. Maybe we can put that worthless pussy of yours to good use around your office.”

Kwong slowly sank down to her knees, “Oh my God.” She murmured from her position. “I have travelled all over and snuck around, in secret, to find people to…um, help me. And now I have found you, right here. Oh my God.  Pl-please tell me what you would like me to do.”

Aquina let the woman kneel in submission a few moments. It felt good, it made her smile; but she noted, she wasn’t wet.

For that, she seemed to need a mistress.

Or possibly Claire, but that still wasn’t the same.

(End of Chapter 17)

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A House of Slaves by LongDarkRoad Chapter 16 Roles We Play

A House of Slaves 

Chapter 16 Roles We Play (You got your deal)

The draw was for the opportunity to piss on a slave, something the ladies of this group delighted in. ‘Golden showers’ were always part of any slave event for them, as Shareen Macgregor had discovered when she became involved. It was something she had done to her submissives from the start.

After the announcement of the ‘winners’, the women had returned to the tables, and working together, released the table legs and lowered the tables down to the floor, with the three sluts still bound on them in place.

The three winning women then came and crouched, each one over one of the sluts’ faces. Timing their release as well as possible, the three began to urinate into the open, waiting mouth of a slut, who, with head held in place and mouth agape, had no choice but to accept the yellow, odorous liquid, whether this was their thing or not.

Ms. Smith had used Aquina in this way early on, training her in their first week together to actually drink her piss, in limited amounts. Like Macgregor, the act was the important thing. However, since Smith’s death and until last week when she had cleaned Macgregor, Aquina had not tasted the salty, murky fluid since; but she remembered. The trick was not to fight it, to let it hit your throat and go down and to hold your breath. It was the smell that got to you.

Evidently, the blonde to Aquina’s left had not learned this, and began to wretch. As a punishment, she was dragged to her feet and one of the other remaining four women squatted above her as others forced the blonde’s head and mouth directly beneath the woman’s quite hairy pussy, and then a generous stream of yellow poured forth, much of it bubbling out of the blonde’s mouth and down her face and neck. The blonde then had to clean this woman and the other three as well.

The women then stood around and chatted as the assistant un-tied Aquina and the black girl and took them off down a side hall (the blonde had been taken somewhere else) and into an open shower. Aquina and the other girl were instructed to wash quickly; the assistant returned in a minute with towels, turning the water off saying “You have one minute, Sluts.”

When she returned next, she tied their hands behind them again and sat them on a bench where she began to lick and suck their pussies, first with the black girl and then Aquina. She had marvellous skills and each woman in turn, in spite of the odd scene, had a climax, albeit a mild one, and fairly quickly. She turned and instructed them as she untied them once more.

“Your clothes are on the stage. You are to leave now,” the assistant spoke matter-of-factly, and then she headed off. There was a pause. Aquina and the other woman looked at each other.

“I’m Aquina.”

“Dayo,” the woman replied, holding out her hand. Aquina took it, but pulled the woman close and kissed her, Dayo responding warmly. Aquina touched her face. Dayo stroked her arm.

“You are very beautiful,” Aquina said, and the girl smiled, and perhaps blushed, but one could not tell.

“Thank you. You too are so beautiful. I was hoping they would make us have love to each other.”

Aquina smiled. “I would have liked that.” Then there was an awkward pause, before Aquina added, “I guess we should be going.”

Out in the main room, all was quiet, everyone had left. Aquina felt a surge of sadness again with Macgregor gone, leaving no word. She dressed quickly and followed Dayo out into the sunshine that seemed strangely incongruous; it should really be night time, Aquina thought.

When she got to her car, she noticed a message on her cell. It was from Macgregor. “Slave; that was excellent. Several of my friends want you. Should I rent you out?? See you soon. Btw, the new girl (Bobbi?) is clean. Ta.”

Aquina smiled at this; it made her feel a little better.

Would she like to be rented out, just like Melissa? The irony was not lost on her.

She thought about that as she drove off, considering that if her mistress ordered her, she would obey.


Friday afternoon Aquina got the text from Jake with an address and a time; seven PM. Aquina looked at the address; she was sure it was the same warehouse Brandon had taken her to the day he had raided the stash house and detained her. This was good, it was very suitable. She called Garth with the news.

She then looked at the envelope on the counter; Alston had dropped it off early this morning with seventeen thousand in it; it was nice (quite nice), but at this rate it would be years before they had anything substantial.

Tonight was to be a bit of a party with Gusbertson, Dzyuba (Old Creepy, the girls called him) Adam as usual and the new guy Garrett again. That was promising because the state staffer moved in a bigger pond, and that meant bigger fish.

Aquina’s phone buzzed with a text; “Slave –r u at home?” She did not need to look to know who it was from; she quickly texted back. “Yes!”

As she waited, the doorbell chimed and Aquina hurried to let Shareen Macgregor in. A few minutes later Aquina was lying on the floor, completely naked, with the doctor standing beside her. Macgregor nudged Aquina’s legs apart with her shoe and then pushed it against Aquina’s sex. “Hump yourself, slave.”

Aquina began to undulate her hips and rub herself hard against Macgregor’s patent leather shoes. The doctor then slapped the inviting ass beneath her with both hands. “On your knees.” Aquina moved to that position and waited.

Macgregor moved to the couch and sat down. “Lie by my feet and clean my shoes.”

Aquina moved by the couch and began to drag her tongue in long, sensuous strokes along the side of Macgregor’s shoes. “Do you want to be my slave?” Macgregor suddenly asked.

Aquina paused, “I’m sorry, mmm, Mistress, but I am being that now, aren’t I?”

Macgregor chuckled. “I mean permanently.”

Aquina paused again. Her heart was now beating furiously, and there was a ringing in her ears; why did this woman have this effect on her? “What, um, what exactly does that mean…to you Mistress. Just so I am clear about, um, it….”

“About what I would expect? Yes. I know you have been in other…relationships. My slaves, and I have had several and currently have one (not you) are, well, mine…completely. They have no possessions or identification. They live under my roof; eat what and when I tell them; are punished by me as I choose; can be loaned or rented or even sold by me if I choose. I mark them and brand them. They are, well, things of mine, like my car or my artwork. But, unlike inanimate objects, they are content and fulfilled.”

She paused and Aquina was certain that her breathing was now loud enough to reveal her excitement.

“Are…um, are you asking me…today…to commit to you, as your slave?” Aquina had stopped licking the shoe but remained lying face down by Macgregor’s feet. Seconds ticked by. Macgregor sat, Aquina lay.

“No, I do not expect a decision today. But I do need you to think. Do you want to come to me again next Monday?”

“Yes, Mistress, I do. Very much.”

“Good. The women enjoyed you, and I know now that you belong, as you were, serving on your knees. You are a whore and need a firm hand, and the thing is, you know this, in your heart.” Macgregor stood. “So, my conditions are that you must go and service my friend, Arlana Jarvais, on Sunday. I will text you her address. She wants total freedom with you and I’ve assured her that if you show up she can do whatever she wants to you. The second condition is that you need to have a gold ring put in your left nipple. Any questions?”

Aquina lay, considering all that she had just heard, when the doctor stepped over her and paused, “Do you still wish to serve me Monday?”

“Yes, Mistress, I do. Very much.”

“Good.” And then Aquina heard the footsteps as Macgregor walked to the door. Fifteen minutes later she texted Aquina her friend’s address.


Aquina sat in her car. She could not see Garth or his friend, but she knew they were there. She was early and there was no sign of Jake. She waited, the tension building; but then, she liked tension. Her mind began to drift to her mistress, when suddenly she saw lights approaching and Jake’s Cherokee pulled up across and a little down from her. He climbed out and without looking in her direction, ambled toward the low attached building that at one time had been an office. He unlocked it and went in.

Aquina got out of her vehicle and moved quickly to the door, entering with some caution. Jake came out from behind some crates. His face carried its usual scowl, his hand was on his gun.

“You wanted to talk to me?”

“Yes, I did,” Aquina kept her voice even and controlled, even as Jake reached to draw his weapon. Before he had cleared his holster, the massive frame of Garth Clarke materialized from behind Aquina, a large gun in one hand. Buddy came in just behind him, his gun drawn as well. Jake’s face went from surprise to anger, as he drew his gun and tried to smash it down on Garth.

But, not only was Garth larger than Jake and in better shape despite his age, he was also trained; he deflected Jake’s thrust and took out his left knee with a kick, just as he drove his elbow into Jake’s exposed throat.

Buddy stepped up, pinning Jake’s arms as Garth smashed his enormous fist into Jake’s paunchy midsection. Buddy pulled Jake’s jacket off him, before pounding his own large fist into Jake’s kidneys.

As Jake lay on the ground in agony, Garth and Buddy quickly plastic-tied his feet and wrists. They slipped a hood over his head and heaved him up and carried him out, tossing him into the back of Garth’s truck before pulling a tarp over him.

Buddy retrieved Jake’s keys from his jacket and climbed into the Jeep. Aquina got into her car and they all headed out; soon they were on a road leading out of town.

****      ****

The cars travelled south on the expressway in a convoy, finally crossing a bridge near one of the city’s sanitation works close by a cemetery. It was wooded and quite deserted; they drove down a small service road and parked. It was dark and secluded.

Jake was hauled out of the trunk and punched twice more in his stomach before Garth drove his knee hard into Jake’s groin, doubling the man up into a ball. Jake was like a lot of large bullies; he had never needed to learn to fight or how to take and block blows; although in this case he was defenseless anyway. Garth, on the other hand, knew how to give and receive blows; both very well.

Pulling off his hood, Aquina looked into Jake’s beady eyes (they really are beady, she thought to herself) and spoke in a calm, businesslike manner.

“Here’s the deal. You get to live. You get one hundred grand for your troubles. You ask Dzyuba for a transfer. You divorce Anna. And you fuck off.” She paused looking at him. He sat silently, scowling as always, but despite his effort to look tough, Aquina could see there was no fight left in him. Jake was a coward; she had believed that from the start, but it was of value to actually see it.

Aquina calmly lit one of her slim cigars and blew smoke at her captive. “The option behind door B is that we shoot you, cut off your head and hands, and bury you out here.” She looked around. “The ground is soft and mushy in places, but no one does anything out here; you would rest in peace, for sure. Now, give us your answer.”

Jake looked down. He knew there wasn’t going to be any other offer; and this one actually wasn’t bad, all things considered, although he wouldn’t admit that to this ‘cunt’. He also believed Aquina would have him killed. She was a bitch and a whore; but she didn’t mess around.

“Yeah, sure…. You got your deal,” he spat out, looking at her. He hated her, Aquina could see that, but she was pretty sure he hated most women…or despised them.

“Okay. But, you don’t get the money until you are transferred and the divorce papers are signed; Brandon gives his word and we will honor that. So get busy and you get your dough.”

They put the hood back on and hauled him to the truck, then drove back into the city, stopping in another secluded industrial area, where they dumped him on the ground, tossed his keys beside him, and drove off. His bonds had been loosened and he would get out of them in a minute or two.

It wasn’t over, Aquina considered, but this was done.


The boys were silent and thoughtful when they got the news of Jake’s decision (Aquina left out some details, like about how exactly she got him to decide). And for now, that was that. They had an evening to enjoy and Aquina was off to get the girls.


The night, as had been the case so far, went well; some card playing, some sports watching, lots of girl groping. Aquina had Bobbi and Heather give Garrett a blow-job, sparing Kate’s ass. Oral sex was as far as she was prepared to make these girls go. And it didn’t hurt that she had video of the married state staffer fucking one girl’s ass and getting blown by two other girls who looked to be fifteen.

During the evening she also took the chance to speak privately with Adam about how to begin the process of extracting Anna from her marriage. Aquina noted with interest that Adam’s eyes literally lit up.

And she was able to give Kate a little more hope. “It’s coming together, Kate. Jake’s out of the picture, you and Anna are next. Hold on.”

Kate nodded and looked down; she would hold on, and in some ways things had gotten easier. She no longer had rage; she just wanted her life back.


Sunday around eleven Aquina’s phone buzzed with the message from Macgregor that her friend Arlana wanted her slave there at one this afternoon. Aquina felt that familiar jolt run through her; the thought of a new, unknown woman dominating her was electric. Two hours until then and she had things she needed to do, including a talk with the guys.

She did text back, “Thank you, Mistress. A huge part of me wants to belong to you, completely. Please give me a little more time. I look forward to serving your friend and you. Your slave.”


So the situation with Jake had caused several changes. Kevin had supervised a crew for two days as they built him a nice room downstairs. He then moved out of his apartment and Eric left Jake’s place and moved into Kevin’s, although he had stayed in the main house last night.

This morning, the guys had finished their breakfast and Aquina had herded them into the living room, taking Kate downstairs. Anna, after helping with breakfast, had taken Adam’s food to him and was still with him.  The three men slouched into spots and looked up expectantly at Aquina, who began.

“Okay, so the Jake thing is waiting on him applying for a transfer, but in the meantime, I think we need to look at cutting Anna free. When I came in the plan was for a party house; we have that with the three girls, and I will look for more. What we are doing here is pretty close to a brothel, which is very risky and I question the reward, especially with state and city officials involved. If we need to compromise someone, okay, that can be done. We don’t need to imprison women to do that. A House of Slaves may be a nice fantasy, but it’s Jake’s fantasy and a bad idea.”

All three heads, including Brandon’s, nodded slowly in agreement. They had known that in the backs of their minds all along.


Aquina pulled into the driveway and saw that it wound its way past lush lawns and attractive flower beds before stopping in front of another imposing and elegant home. The wealthy could always satisfy their appetites, whatever they might be, she thought.

She parked her car where she had been instructed and walked to the front entrance with its imposing twin oak doors surrounded by marble. Before she could ring, the door opened; apparently they were waiting for her, and Aquina was surprised to see the same young woman who had assisted at the ‘sex-lunch’ on Monday (Aquina had wondered if Arlana had been present, this seemed to indicate yes), but the woman looked very different today. For one thing, she had clothes on; a uniform of sorts. It was what a girl would wear if she attended one of those private academies: grey pleated skirt, white blouse, blue tie, dark grey vest, white knee-high stockings and saddle shoes.

The young woman looked at Aquina and opened the door wider, but there was no greeting of any kind. It was hard for Aquina to appreciate that less than a week ago this girl had knelt between her legs and eaten her pussy to orgasm, for now there was no sign of awareness or even recognition.

The girl headed down the hall and Aquina followed. They entered a room that reminded the woman of Belvedere’s place; the same feel; ornate furniture, paintings on the walls, thick carpeting. With an almost bored tone, the girl told Aquina to undress, handing her a plastic bag, “Your clothes go in there…except those,” she said as Aquina was down to her thong. “Give me…that.”

The girl placed Aquina’s shoes against a wall and her thong on an end table, then took the bag of clothes. “Sit here,” she instructed, indicating a love seat. When Aquina sat, the girl stretched her legs out and tied cuffs around her wrists and ankles. She then attached the ankle cuffs to the wooden frame of the loveseat, spreading Aquina open. Aquina’s hands were brought forward and put in a ‘prayer’ position and the cuffs were then attached to each other allowing a separation of maybe half an inch.

As usual, a collar was now placed around Aquina’s neck and the wrist cuffs were attached to this so Aquina did look like she was praying. Two straps were also attached to the collar that extended down and looped around Aquina’s breasts. The girl tightened these so that the breasts were lifted and held.

Then without a word, the girl took the bag of clothes and left; Aquina sat in the elegant room, listening to the tick of the clock on the mantel of an impressive stone fireplace, her heart, as was its way, beating madly and her mind feverishly exploring fantasies.


Adam and Anna were lying side by side on the bed in the room that had pretty much become his. He had even offered to throw some money in for rent, but Brandon had said to forget that, they would be needing legal advice and they hoped for his…discount. Adam had laughed and replied, “no problem”.

As they lay contentedly, Adam spoke quietly, asking Anna how she would feel if he could help her divorce Jake. She stiffened noticeably, then turned and grabbed him around the neck, murmuring. “Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes.”

Seems she likes the idea, Adam chuckled to himself.


Jake sat in the living room of his house, alone, as Eric had moved his stuff out. The blinds and curtains were drawn. Jake had his service weapon out; he was imagining putting it in Aquina’s mouth and pulling the trigger. He’d make Brandon watch. Anna too. He’d give her a divorce; sure, why not? He’d been bored with the bitch for a long while. But there would be a price. He pointed his gun at the wall; “Blammm!” he said out loud to the empty room.


Aquina’s muscles were beginning to complain; she had been in the stretched position for probably twenty minutes. Then she heard the sound of footsteps approaching. Turning her head, she saw a woman enter; but it couldn’t be Arlana Jarvais; this woman was maybe twenty-eight.

Medium height, slim build. She had hair dyed dark black, shaved on her left side and combed severely over. There was a ring in one eyebrow. Yet she was wearing what Aquina thought of as ‘librarian glasses’, very large which, apart from the shaved head and piercing, would have given the young woman a conservative look. Her dress was definitely conservative, buttoning high to her throat and reaching past her knees. The dress was well fitted, looked expensive and gave the woman a very feminine look.

She lifted a wooden chair from near the doorway and brought it over, setting it right beside the loveseat so her knees were actually touching the cushions.

“Hello, I’m Bella Traynor. I’m Arlana’s step-sister.”

She spoke this greeting in a calm and simple way, as if she talked with naked, bound women all the time. Her face held no signs of surprise or anything else; two women in the sitting room having a conversation.

Bella looked down from Aquina’s face, her eyes moving over Aquina’s body; then she looked up and smiled. “You are very beautiful; enchanting, really.” She reached over and fondled one raised breast, then traced a finger up Aquina’s neck, like she was a living piece of sculpture. She leaned forward and sniffed Aquina’s face and hair.

“Uuummmnn, you smell so good, too.” She murmured into Aquina’s ear, before kissing her on the mouth, holding the kiss for a long time, prying Aquina’s mouth open  and sucking on her tongue. “Put your tongue out,” she stated, and when Aquina did, Bella licked the tongue up and down, and then on the top, before sucking it into her mouth again. She ended by kissing Aquina’s mouth softly several times.

Then, with her face just inches away, and maintaining eye contact, Bella slid her hand down to Aquina’s sex, sliding two fingers into her moistened opening and exploring gently, before bringing the fingers up and sniffing them; then putting them into her mouth and sucking them off. Never once did she break eye contact. It’s almost hypnotic, Aquina thought.

Now Bella sat back and smiled. “Arlana likes me to check out her…women. It’s just a little…thing we have.” She smiled again; she had a very pleasant face; pretty, not beautiful. “Her husband owns many businesses and is away a lot; he’s been in China over a month this time; and Arlana gets…bored. David understands; but she never does anything with other men; only women.”

Bella must have noticed something in Aquina’s face, “Oh I’m sorry, and not thinking. You’ve been in this position for a while; I’ll bet your legs are getting numb. Here…” She undid the bonds and massaged each leg for a few moments. Aquina brought her legs down, but still kept them apart. Bella observed her, then asked abruptly “Why do you do…this?”

Aquina looked at her. This was not her kind of woman; she felt no deep response to her. But she liked her, so she answered with her own question. “Why do…you? Or your sister…? I guess we all have needs. We all play…roles…”

Bella looked at her for another moment, sighed and said, “Interesting…” Then in a more business-like way she added, “Well, I’m sorry to say Arlana has had something come up. She will be in touch with Shareen Macgregor. My…report to her will be…positive.”

She removed Aquina’s collar and remaining straps and caressed her face briefly, then stood and left. In a few moments the stoic form of the assistant appeared. She had changed, and was now wearing a tiny swimsuit that hid nothing and showed her lovely, slim body well. She handed Aquina her bag of clothes; they had actually been cleaned and pressed. Only her panties were missing; Aquina looked over to the end table, but they were gone. The girl gathered up the collar, cuffs and ties, then left.

Aquina dressed quickly and left too; she had an appointment with a tattoo gal she knew who did piercings.

 (End of Chapter 16) 

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A House of Slaves by LongDarkRoad Chapter 15 Threats & Actions

A House of Slaves 

Chapter 15 Threats & Actions (Only a Matter of Time)

(Columbus, Ohio, September 2005)

Aquina stood in the room that would be her home for the next few years; standing beside her was Harriet Smith, who had guided her and assisted her with applications and all the necessary paperwork needed to get her into Capital University.

Aquina’s S.A.T. scores were a tribute to her intelligence and effort, but Smith had been very important all along this path. And she had taken her down another road as well, as Aquina had been living with her as her sexual slave for the last several months. This moment was filled with emotion for them both.

“You will come down to…see me, my mistress?” Aquina asked, kneeling before the older woman and pressing her face into her shoes.

“I am tempted, my dear. But I would rather wait for your breaks, and have you return to my house, where we are…more comfortable.” She smiled; a small, sad smile.

“I will miss you…so, so much, Mistress,” Aquina murmured, pressure building in her chest.

“And I you, but in life there is change. You have a goal here, to graduate with a degree; it will take most of your time and attention. But I am only a call away if you need an ear to listen.”

Smith reached down and stroked the glossy, dark head. And then she left, quietly. Aquina stayed where she was for several moments, allowing the sadness to flood over her and flow on. She knew her life would never be the same, and so true it was.

A month later, Harriet Smith was dead from a brain aneurysm.


Aquina and Claire came out of the bedroom of Sanders McHugh’s lakeshore condo. They each were wearing a shirt, unbuttoned, and little else, although Aquina had put her panties on, conscious of her new tat, which her undies just covered. Claire had enquired with interest, but Aquina had not elaborated on the marking.

Their hair was a mess and they both looked very relaxed and content, an arm around each other. “Seems like youse-two had a good time,” Sanders noted from his chair, as he sipped his bourbon.

They both smiled at him and Aquina asked, “And why do you say that?”

“I got ears, Doll.”

They all laughed. Aquina then went and retrieved her clothes as she had some things to do before her trip tomorrow, and she wanted to talk with Sanders about it.

He poured her a drink as she settled across from him, asking, “I’m going to the Cayman’s tomorrow; business of course; who do you recommend I get a plane through? I may need some…um, soft security.”

“You’ve been there before?” Sanders noted.

“Yes, several times. I have an account at Alhambra Bank & Trust right in George Town. But I’ve never been carrying in cash, like this. I’ve actually never taken more than ten grand at a time. This is very different.”

“Hmmm,” Sanders murmured, “You should just use one of my company’s planes?”


“Absolutely, Doll. I’ll cover the flight, you need to pay for the pilot and you’ll need five G’s to make sure security is…nice to you; right?”

Aquina smiled. “Right. Thank you again.”

Claire now came and sat down, leaning against Sanders, as he added, “And youse don’t owe me A, I owe you. Right?”

Aquina smiled again, nodding her head.

“Someday, you two are going to have to tell me what the deal is between you,” Claire announced.

Sanders and Aquina looked at each other and smiled, then swallowed down their expensive bourbon.

Sanders then guided Claire’s blonde head down to his lap with one hand while unzipping his fly with the other; all that ‘listening’ had…consequences.


(Chicago, April, 2011)

Aquina Morez had been working on a contract basis, assisting individuals and some small companies with financial matters, since her graduation. She had been getting fairly steady work, and having some money of her own coming in was great; but she was restless. She probably, simply, had expected…more, youthful dreams being what they are.

Then, as Smith had noted, life changed.

Late one night she was doing some work at a client’s residence when ‘Mrs. Client’ sat down at the table and looked over her forms and notes. These clients owned a small enterprise offering carpets from ‘around the world’ and the books were straight forward, although Aquina had found several areas of deduction the clients weren’t using.

Mrs. Client spoke up, “You are very good. A, how you say you name?”

“A – kween’ – uh,” she had replied.

“Interesting. You are very, um…efficient I think, and you have already saved us some money.” The woman studied her for a moment. “We would like you to look at our…um, other books. You can of course say no and leave. We will pay you for what you’ve done…”

And so it had begun for the young accountant, helping people off record, payments under the table; and because she was good, people kept recommending her to friends. But the friends got progressively ‘sketchier’.

But Aquina was making a lot more money, and she was enjoying things a lot more. She even travelled for the first time…to the Caymans, and opened her own account.

She thought then that she was on top of the world.


Aquina was thinking back now on her first trip here as their plane circled for the descent into George Town. She had come back many times since, sometimes flying to Jamaica and coming in by boat; sometimes flying to Belize with a stop-over, and then flying to the Caymans later. She had never taken a lot of cash, preferring bank drafts and always as she said, less than ten k; but over time she had built up her ‘pension plan’ nicely.

For this trip, the first with partners involved, it had been a hectic couple of days leading up; starting with the disclosure to the group (minus Jake) that Melissa had been sold; the boys were pleasantly surprised by the money but concerned as always about Jake. Aquina went through it all again and finally the concept seemed to be sinking in; Jake was a major problem and they could not let him mess up their plans.

Aquina did not discuss any further the ideas about freeing Anna or Kate; one thing at a time. The boys were excited, and a little anxious, about their money flying off; but they understood that if they wanted to move away from nickel and dime stuff they needed to aim a lot higher, and an offshore bank account was essential.

With her loyal bodyguard Garth accompanying her, they had flown to Washington late Thursday night, then drove down to a private airstrip in Virginia where IAC (Illinois Action Consolidated, Sanders’s main company) kept their planes. Aquina and Garth were to fly in one of their smaller Cessnas; which was still much more convenient, and nicer, than flying commercial.

All the right people had been paid, and thus they checked only what was expected and the money was safe in Aquina and Garth’s Lueders leather briefcases, designed with their special compartments.

Although it was past regular ‘bank hours’, the manager of Alhambra was a personal friend of Aquina’s and had made arrangements. They would drive from the private landing strip to the bank and take care of business. Then they would spend a pleasant night at the Marriott on Seven Mile Beach, before flying back out in the morning.


Later, relaxing in the jet tub in her suite, her hand gently grazing her tattoo, Aquina thought to herself that it had been a pretty incredible six weeks.

I wonder how Melissa is doing, she pondered briefly, as the warmth of the tub caressed her, and she leaned back, completely relaxed, apart from the occasional vision of Shareen Macgregor that came, arousing her.

And also thoughts of lovely Claire, which caused her to smile; what a loving, and definitely compliant, woman.

She had things to sort out, for sure, on her return. She looked again at her marking; I am a slave, she said to herself and felt a surge of arousal. Macgregor was right, she was playing a role as a dom. She was more content on her knees, serving the right woman; it was what completed her.

She reached over and picked up her cell, her hand now trembling, then typed, “Let me serve you next week, Mistress. Please. Please. Your dirty whore.”

She sent that off and lay back, heart racing. Amazingly, a return text chirped in a few minutes. “You disgust me,” Macgregor had written. “and you deserve to be whipped. But you may be able to serve me again. Did you enjoy being used as my toilet?”

Aquina sighed and squeezed her labia hard, replying, “Yes Mistress, very much. I love when you piss on me.” As she sent that off she considered how pathetic that was, but it was true. Just thinking of it again heated her.

In a moment the reply arrived. “I knew that, and it is not a surprise. You belong on your knees, serving me, and my friends. Now, for my amusement, send me a shot of you lying naked on your bed, legs spread wide. Something I can share with those friends; all women whose shoes you are only fit to clean, on your knees of course, after they piss on you as I watch.”

Actually moaning at this message and imagining that scene, Aquina quickly climbed out of the tub and dried off, then placed her cell on the desk by her bed, before lying down as the device clicked its five seconds and snapped the shot, her legs wide and her pussy spread as she pulled back the labia. She sent it off with a message, “I hope this pleases you. And your friends. May I please touch myself, Mistress?” and waited, gently fondling her clit, ashamed with herself and amazed, once again, at her arousal.

In her home, Macgregor smiled at this; it was excellent, more than she hoped. She typed, “Call room service, whore, because you are a whore and need to have sex daily, and pleasure whoever brings your tray. Send me a shot of your face in a pussy or sucking cock. You may touch yourself once you send the shot.”

Aquina knelt by her bed, desperately wanting release, then called the front desk.

Twenty minutes later, a clearly startled young black man was taking a shot of a beautiful woman with his cock completely in her mouth.

After the bewildered but very satisfied employee had left and Aquina had sent the shot, she lay and stroked her labia, before savagely fingering herself, coming with a wonderful climax in less than a minute.

A text arrived shortly, “I’ve shared your photos with several of my friends, whore. They all agree that you are made to serve. You will be on your knees for me, and others, soon. S.”

Aquina got up to brush her teeth; a flood of emotions swirling through her mind, but wishing she was on her knees before Shareen Macgregor, her mistress, right then.


It was late Sunday before Aquina, forcing herself now to focus on her job not her desire, was able to meet with Brandon, Eric and Kevin to review things. She showed them the receipt indicating where their funds were and how much; and everyone had a big smile. The topic then moved to recent events.

Last night they’d had a poker game with Alderman Gusbertson, Adam, as usual, who was actually becoming a fair poker player, and Kevin, with the fourth being Daniel Garrett, a young man who worked in the governor’s office on one of the current initiatives; and he appeared to be someone who could become useful.

As the boys retold it, Garrett was clearly taken with the party girls, especially Bobbi, who he couldn’t keep his hands off of (she is a hot one, Eric added). At the end of the evening (Gusbertson again came out on top for winnings, but no one lost a lot) Garrett had his own ‘happy ending’ courtesy of Kate.

Aquina later pulled up the video from that room and saw a very enthusiastic Garrett pounding Kate’s ass. When he finally came and rolled over, Aquina noted that he had the biggest cock of any of them, so Kate did well to please him, anally, although when she looked up at the camera, she didn’t look pleased, causing Aquina to sigh.

Garrett did enthuse as he was lying and recovering, “the wife never lets me do that.” Aquina nodded; she was not surprised; that, after all, was what whores were for, or so someone had once told her.

Back to the present, the topic then shifted to Jake, and it was clear that the group was uneasy about him. He was a scary dude, and he had gone ballistic after learning about Melissa. The boys speculated about Jake’s next move with some concern.

Aquina quieted the discussion with the comment. “I’ve had it with Jake, so I will give you an option. Let me buy him out.” She paused and looked around the group. “Or let us end our partnership here, sell off and move on.”

Everyone sat in silence.

No one wanted to lose Aquina and Jake had become moody and unpredictable. The guys, even Brandon, did not even look forward to riding with him on patrol anymore. To be honest, what had he brought to the partnership? Anna, a petrified wife who needed to be cared for. Melissa; someone he lured and kidnapped, something that could land them all in prison. And while Melissa had brought in some serious cash in her short time, that was because of Aquina, not Jake. Who knew what Jake would have done with her if he’d been allowed?

Eric and Kevin both looked at Brandon; Eric spoke, “It’s your call bro’, he’s your old buddy.”

Brandon nodded his head; he and Jake had had some times together, but even he saw the problems. He turned to Aquina, “You think you can get him to agree?”

Aquina looked serious, and spoke quietly but with confidence. “He’ll agree.”


Springfield, January 2012

It was only a matter of time, Aquina reminded herself, for this to happen. As her clients had moved from sketchy to shady to criminal, she had told herself, this is the last one; then find some regular clients. Enticed by the money, she had been unable to resist; but the big problem, as she found out, was that criminals were…well, criminal.

They were by and large bad people who did bad things. Some white collar ones were not into assault or worse, but you never knew what you were dealing with until you were in the middle of it.

Which was where Aquina had found herself, standing in a warehouse in the cold of an Illinois January, staring down the muzzle of a thirty-eight caliber handgun. Holding the handgun was Elmo (don’t ever call me Elmo) ‘Bugsy’ French, lieutenant to Ronnie (The Needle, where did they get these names?) Dolan, who was in fact Aquina’s client.

Aquina knew that Ronnie was into serious shit; she had had a chance to walk away, but the fee he offered her to ‘review’ his books was forty grand; still quite significant to Aquina even with her current successful work.

Ronnie thought someone in his organization was skimming; he just couldn’t see how. Maybe a fresh set of eyes could; and he had heard very good things about Aquina Morez; could she see what he could not? Also, he really wanted the chance to screw her.

Turned out Ronnie was right on two counts; he had a thief in his employ and Aquina was able to sniff out the guy; Bugsy, who had been watching like the proverbial hawk from the moment Aquina was hired. He knew when she had found his slip-up, and using Ronnie’s cell, had lured her to this warehouse. Now, before he killed her, Bugsy wanted the details on how she had discovered what she knew.

Aquina could not believe she was about to be killed by some guy named Bugsy; it was surreal, things seemed to be moving in slow motion. Aquina began to explain what she had found (what was the point in not telling this jerk) when their conversation was suddenly interrupted and in a dramatic way. The body of Bugsy’s partner, Louie (the Loser, what else) fell from the walkway above them, landing with a thud to Bugsy’s right.

Bugsy looked down and knew Louie was dead; his twisted head was a give-away, and immediately raised his gun and began scanning the area above them.

But there was no point, the danger was now coming from behind. For a very large man, Garth Clarke came up rapidly and as Bugsy turned Garth grabbed his gun-arm and brought it down across his knee, breaking it.

Bugsy screamed out in agony, Aquina looked on in disbelief and Garth smiled up at her. “Thought you could use some help here, A.”


Since that night, Garth had been Aquina’s support whenever she needed ‘muscle’; although Garth was way more than simple muscle. But, it was not surprising that after the chat with the boys and the decision to confront Jake, Aquina’s next call was to her old friend.

Garth Clarke, forty-five years old; six-foot-six, three hundred and twenty pounds, former British special forces; forced to take early retirement and disappear after the wrong man died in an operation, had then left for America, settling in Illinois and gravitating to protection and private investigations, until the day  someone named Sanders McHugh approached him with a request; check up on an old friend for him.

That someone was the attractive and fiery young woman who was into some treacherous business. Garth had liked Aquina from the moment he set eyes on her. Even though she seemed capable of looking after herself, Garth felt a desire to protect her.

As Aquina would attest, Garth had never been more than her friend and protector, had never so much as tried to kiss her cheek. But he would always be there if she needed someone. Garth would help her with Jake, and he had a trusted pal to assist him; with Jake it might be necessary.


However, the ‘Jake problem’ could now be pushed to the back of her mind, Aquina thought as she drove to the warehouse and her next session with Macgregor; this being (finally) Monday; it had seemed to take forever to arrive.

In the meanwhile, she had been ordered to send several more shots of herself, masturbating, urinating, one with a sign reading how disgusting she was. All had been sent and her mistress had told her that all had been shared. “Whores are public, you would agree?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Aquina had texted back, excited by the idea of strange eyes seeing her in intimate situations.

And now she was very aroused again as she drove along, conscious of not speeding; she would likely arrive early as it was. As for Jake, Brandon had spoken with him indicating Aquina wished to meet and Jake had countered with Friday, and he would text the location.

Brandon was concerned about that, but Aquina, with Garth’s (and a friend’s) support, was very comfortable about the meet. Jake might have plans; but so did she, and her plans would most likely win out.

She now pulled into the parking area and noticed there seemed to be more cars than the previous time; maybe some of the women ‘her mistress’ had sent photos too were here, which added to Aquina’s arousal.

The clock read one fifty-three so she just sat and listened to music. When the clock read one fifty-seven she got out, aware again of how wet she was. Her panties were clinging to her; Macgregor would definitely notice; did Aquina like that or not? What she did like was the thought that in a few moments she would be on her knees before a powerful woman who could control and arouse her. She would be free to be a…whore, a slut and especially, a slave; Shareen Macgregor’s slave.

She pondered no more because she had arrived at the entrance and two other women were already waiting. They were both around her height and age; one was blonde with long hair down her back, the other was dark; central African dark, and with an amazingly beautiful face. Both women had good figures with full but not large breasts and round asses, currently displayed nicely in super-tight pants.

Suddenly the door was opened but not by Macgregor; it was a woman of probably forty-five or so, impeccably dressed and looking elegant. She sized up the three waiting women with a glance and with a grin invited them in. When they arrived at the entrance to the room Macgregor had used, with the stage etcetera, the woman paused and told them to undress completely, as per the warning on the floor.

She then had them stand side by side in a row; the dark woman first, then Aquina and then the blonde. The woman then attached collars to them that read simply: “Slut #1; Slut #2 and Slut #3. Aquina being number two. The woman then attached leashes to the collars and led the three naked women into the room.

Waiting for them on the stage were six women and one empty chair, with Shareen Macgregor sitting on the second chair from the left. All the women were over thirty, very well dressed in skirts and dresses and everyone had a martini in their hand. The three ‘sluts’ were paraded in front of the group of women to some ‘unlady-like’ hoots and comments. The naked women were made to bend forward and sway their ‘tits’ and then turn around and bend over so their asses could be seen, before one woman spoke, “Prepare the sluts for our service.”

A naked young woman came from the side; an assistant apparently. She appeared to be in her early twenties and looked Jamaican. She sported a slim, youthful body with a dense but cropped pubic bush and pert round breasts, each adorned with a silver ring.

The young woman put each slut on her knees, with their collars attached to a ring in the floor so their heads were just an inch or so above the tiled surface. Their hands were then bound behind them and their asses were displayed, high and prominently for the women.

There was movement beside her Aquina noted, the assistant was with Slut One, with the audience now yelling out things like, “Do it harder”, and “pump faster”. In a moment Aquina felt the girl’s fingers now spreading her ass, to the loud approval of the ‘audience’. She then felt cool gel being applied and inserted into her anus. The girl fingered her hole aggressively, as various women yelled out to “put four fingers in”, and “give the slut a good finger-hump”, etcetera.

After a few moments, the girl moved on to the third ass, prepared it as she had Aquina’s and then left the room. Aquina heard the quiet chatter of the women; it was like they were at a cocktail party, then she heard the soft pad of the girl’s feet as she returned. A bag of sorts was placed beside Aquina and then she felt something being pushed into her asshole; a moment later she felt the surge of warm water being released into her bowels; she was receiving an enema.

Each ‘slut’ received the same treatment and then all three were unhooked and made to crouch over buckets and the seated women watched as their ‘performers’ eliminated the water. The watching women howled their amusement, threatening the sluts with forcing their faces into the buckets and worse. The process was repeated three times for each woman and then their anuses were pronounced clean.

Aquina and the other two were then marched onto the stage, hands still bound behind them, and placed on their knees in front of a woman, who raised her skirt or dress to reveal a naked pussy, into which each slut’s face was pressed and which they began to lick and suck. Aquina felt a pang of jealously when she realized the blonde girl beside her had her face between Macgregor’s thighs.

Each slut serviced two women, and then all three were put to work on the lady who appeared to be the leader, licking her ass and pussy together until she shuddered, and the group applauded. At that point, the naked assistant took the three women down from the stage to where tables had been set up in front, and the three slaves were tied down on these: arms, legs, heads and waists, bound tightly to the tables, in extreme spread positions; Aquina actually thought her hamstrings might give.

Once the three were thus prepared, various finger foods were then placed and arranged on their naked bodies, with sauce placed into their vaginas (all three being completely shaved) that the elegant women could dip crackers and vegetables into.

Oval rubber frames were then inserted into each bound woman’s mouth, forcing them to remain open. As the party ladies moved around, sampling the snacks, they also enjoyed shoving vegetables into the ‘sluts’ holes and then into their mouths, or simply spitting into their mouths, as the mood struck them.

Aquina’s nipples and pussy lips were being relentlessly pulled and twisted, or slapped. All the sauce that had been placed in her pussy was gone but one woman was now voraciously licking out with a long tongue what little was left.

Eventually the women had their fill and gathered together to one side.

Some sort of draw seemed to be happening.

 (End of Chapter 15)

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A House of Slaves by LongDarkRoad Chapter 14 Hope & Opportunity

A House of Slaves 

Chapter 14

Hope & Opportunity (But In Life There Is Change)

(Buffalo, March 2005)

The most striking aspect of Aquina Morez’s early life, apart from the rape, brutality and poverty, was that she had never gone to school; yet had learned to read, and later to write, very well. Always on the move, Angelina Morez had had no time for what her daughter might need; it was enough that she could keep her clothed and fed.

Aquina had taught herself to read, from newspapers and other things, and it was really quite remarkable.

Even more remarkable was, when she accepted (grudgingly) Sanders’s help to pursue her high school diploma as an adult student, that she also took to math and science with ability and success; and a passion.

It took her eighteen months to finish grades nine through twelve, going to day and evening classes.

In March of 2005, at eighteen years of age, she was close to completion and spending extra time in preparation for exams, etcetera.

One teacher who stood out, helping her with extra tutoring and advice, was…Ms. Smith. Ms. H. Smith, actually (Aquina would learn the ‘H’ stood for Harriet). Aquina had Smith to acknowledge for much in her life, and not all of it was math and science success.

Late one afternoon Aquina was wrapping up some extra work with Ms. Smith; there had been a small group of only four students that day; and she was the last to leave. As she stood, Smith spoke to her, in a way that even then seemed a little odd or out of character.

“You do appreciate my help, don’t you my dear?”

“Absolutely, Ms. Smith. I don’t know how I would have managed…”

“Right. And you know I intend to help you with college applications and all that?”

Aquina had smiled; she had hoped, maybe prayed, that Smith would assist her. “Thank you, Ms. Smith. I would be so grateful…”

“I know my dear, I know. And you can show your gratitude to me, and ensure my help. Starting today, as it were.”

Aquina had stood, unmoving, uncertain of where this conversation was headed. “I’m not sure…”

“Sshushh, my dear. I want you to do two things. One, go and close that door. And two, undo the top button of your jeans.”

Aquina was now frozen in place. It wasn’t that anything sexual was new to her, quite the contrary. She had experienced more sex in her time than most would in a life. It was this situation; this, middle-aged academic lady talking like this to her. What on earth did this mean?

“Now, you don’t have to do that. You can just turn and go. But then we are done; I will be of no help to you. Also, I believe that this, what could happen with…us, with you, serving me…is something you want. (For the first time that she could remember, Aquina had felt a stab, a real jolt of…arousal; pure desire? at the word ‘serve’). Now, close the door and undo your button.”

It was then as if Aquina was again watching a movie. In this one, she saw this girl go and close the door, and then return and unbutton her jeans, then stand and wait. The girl then continued to follow instructions, removing her top, and pulling her zipper down all the way, before pulling her pants down to her ankles.

Ms. Smith had stood and moved very close to the girl. She was almost as tall as her; she removed her large framed glasses and suddenly looked younger, even with the hint of grey at her temples. She reached out and stroked the girl’s arm, and Aquina saw the girl close her eyes and heard a moan escape her lips.  

“Take off that bra, my dear. I want to see those lovely breasts.”

And Aquina knew she was the girl, and she took off her bra and felt a wave of desire sweep over her as Ms. Smith hungrily took Aquina’s breast into her mouth.


Sanders sighed and relaxed back into his chair. Claire Daniels smiled up at him from her position on her knees. (Funny, she thought, if he knew I was just thinking of Aquina). She was getting very proficient with her oral sex, and Sanders thought, with a smile, how nice a ‘welcome back’ this was. “Would you like your coffee now, sir.” Daniels asked, gently zipping up his pants, and tossing the tissues into a garbage can.

“Yes, Doll, That would be just super. Super.”


Why Aquina was remembering Ms. Smith today, right at this moment, she was not sure. It was close to the end of her ninety minute session with Macgregor, and she like Claire was on her knees, but engrossed in her Mistress’s pussy as opposed to serving a cock. Her tongue was active, seeking all the fleshy folds of this opening.

Macgregor had whipped her for over twenty minutes using all her implements, before aggressively fucking her with a good-sized strap-on dildo. The woman especially enjoyed fucking her slaves anally, and had given Aquina a thorough reaming; but also three orgasms, the second one being unbelievable.

And so it was that Aquina now was deliciously content, sucking her mistress in an almost euphoric state, feeling completely comfortable and safe; almost floating; and with visions of Ms. Smith, her first Mistress, flooding back.

“There, that is my sweet slave. Time to stop now, I’m afraid,” Macgregor purred.

“Ummm, oh, mistress, just a little longer. Please.

Mmmmmm. Just a little longer.” Aquina buried her face into the warmth of Macgregor’s crotch.

The doctor lifted Aquina’s face up, “Time to go. I have things to do.”

A wave of sadness, unexpectantly, spread through Aquina, briefly; she sat, looking at the floor.

“Come my slave, you must be off.”

Without hesitation, and no longer considering how easily she had reverted to the role of slave, Aquina looked up, asking anxiously, “Does my mistress…wish to see me, next week?” Her heart was pounding again.

Macgregor came down, kneeling beside Aquina who remained on her knees. She removed the collar and cuffs and then lifted Aquina’s head to her breast. “Suckle, my slave.” Aquina sucked at the breast, images of Ms. Smith’s lips engulfing her own nipples flooded back again. Macgregor then pulled her away. “Does my slave really wish to come back to me?”

Aquina tried to get back to the breast, just inches from her, but Macgregor held her back. “Oh, yes, yes mistress. Please, I want…I need to see you again.” Macgregor studied her for a moment, as if deciding something, then spoke.

“Okay, Whore, here are my conditions. You may return to serve me next Monday again; Mondays suit me. But you must shave this (she then stood, and pressed her boot into Aquina’s crotch), I want your pussy and around your dirty asshole to be completely hairless for my use, and my friends of course, always. Then you must get a tattoo in this area (with her boot tip she indicated an area a few inches above Aquina’s slit), far enough from your dirty hole that I can still use it and punish it. The tattoo should say something that will make me smile.”

She then turned and left; there was apparently another entrance besides the front. Aquina made her way back the way she had come and retrieved her clothes, her mind full of memories and conflicting desires, with both contentment and anxiety battling for recognition.

What was she to do? Why did she need this, so badly?


Ed and Regan Alston made Buffalo in good time. Since he was now only working part time, no one was interested that he had taken Tuesday off ‘for personal reasons’. He had seen enough dope in custody to know how to package his; and he had measured the parcel to the absolute gram. And now he had a buyer, who he was meeting in a sketchy part of town, to sell his two kilos to (Regan was along as ‘shotgun’; both men brought their guns and dressed as unlike police as they could.)

It was two-thirty AM and they saw the lights of a car approaching. Ed held up his gloved hand; it was vibrating like mad, “Look at that,” Ed mused. Regan held up his hand, it was shaking noticeably as well.

Both men laughed like crazy.


At the house, there was the usual activity going on Tuesday morning as everyone got ready for work; when Brandon’s burner phone vibrated. It was another message from Alston that said simply, “Check your mailbox”. It was six-thirty AM, certainly an odd time for a delivery of anything, but Brandon went out and looked.

In the box was an envelope stuffed with hundreds; seven thousand worth, and a note saying: “Sold two Kilos for twenty-four k. Gave my bro three thou for helping me and here’s your cut, one third as discussed. Also sent some green to the captain. Cheers.”

Brandon gave the cash to Aquina, who would be heading to the Cayman Islands soon, with cash to deposit in an offshore financial account.

Both were smiling; this was definitely a nice start to the day.


Aquina was in her office/den, at work, or trying to; visions of her mistress’s pussy kept crowding into her thoughts. She had mulled in her mind again and settled on the fact that nothing explained desire; why she wanted to grovel and serve, why this gave her intense pleasure, was a mystery, but there was no point debating it. The chime of her doorbell interrupted her thoughts.

Glancing at the clock and noting nine-thirty, she confirmed in her mind that she was definitely not expecting anyone; and it was very early for company, on a Tuesday morning. She went downstairs not sure what to expect.

When she opened the door she had a surprise; Shareen Macgregor was standing there, a smile on her very attractive face. Aquina was momentarily conflicted before Macgregor spoke, “It’s okay. You are Aquina and I am Dr. Macgregor, at this moment, no need for anything… special.” As Aquina was still just looking at her, the doctor asked politely, still smiling, “May I come in?”

Aquina came out of her trance and smiled, “Yes, uh, sorry. Please, come in.”

They went to the living room and sat, with Macgregor waving a file at Aquina, “I have the test results back for ‘the girls’.”

Aquina nodded, “Oh, good. No…um, surprises I hope?”

Macgregor shook her red head, “No. Nothing like that. Everything is good. You realize one of your group has, um, given birth?”

Aquina nodded. “Yes, Heather, several years ago. She told me. Oh, and we have another girl that will need testing when you have time.”

“Is she staying at…”

“…that apartment, yes. Her, Mindi and Heather are there together.”

“Give me the address. Would she be there this morning?

I can swing by; I have my kit with me.”

“Oh, that would be so helpful. I will text her; I’m sure she is home (she was, and the doctor made a note).

The two women then studied each other for a moment, before Aquina looked down.

“Where is everyone?” Macgregor asked.

“At work, mostly. I have to go and pick up one of our slaves, Melissa. She is the one with…”

“Mrs. B.”

“Yes, and Anna is the only slave here, and she is in her crate.”

“Like a dog…” Macgregor smiled and Aquina laughed.

“Yes, I always think that, too.”

“So you are alone?”

“Yes,” Aquina spoke, in a soft, almost shy voice; for such an imposing woman.

“Remove your clothes and kneel by me.”

Aquina stripped rapidly and was by the doctor’s feet in a moment. She was then directed to undress the doctor, at least the bottom part, by removing her shoes, pantyhose and panties. Macgregor then spread her legs and pulled Aquina’s face down to her crotch. Aquina went to work quickly, and soon Macgregor was moaning softly, a smile across her face. But instead of an orgasm, she spoke.

“Why didn’t we find each other earlier? Hmmmnn?” She held Aquina’s head in place so she was clearly not wanting an answer. “I think it was timing; and stuff in our lives then. Me and Bernie for example…” Aquina looked up quickly and briefly. “Oh, yes. I’m still married to Bernie. We’ve worked things out. He has his boys and I have my…girls.” Macgregor smiled broadly again and closed her eyes. Aquina’s tongue was working its magic.

It wasn’t until the magic had once again brought the good doctor off the couch with a cry, and then a quiet after-moment, that Macgregor noticed Aquina’s pubic area. Yesterday, the woman had not even debated the issue, but had gone directly to a tat artist after leaving the doctor, and now to the right of her freshly shaved crotch was the word, ‘slave’ in a cursive script.

“Is that for me?” Macgregor smiled, and Aquina felt a warm glow spread through her; and there was nothing to be gained in trying to analyze why, as she nodded and looked down.

“I hope it pleases you, Mistress,” she murmured, emotions welling within her like water in a heated kettle.

Macgregor laughed softly, regarding the woman on her knees. “Crawl to the nearest bathroom, dirty slave, I wish to use you as my toilet.”

Aquina moaned and led the way on her knees down the hall to the main floor bathroom, where Macgregor had her straddle the toilet facing the wall with her ass to the doctor.

“Spread your asshole, slave, wider, I’m going to piss in it.”

Aquina next felt both the warmth of her mistress’s urine entering and running down her body, as well as the incredible rush of arousal at being used like this. When the doctor was finished, Aquina knelt and cleaned her again, before sitting on the toilet and masturbating as Macgregor commanded and then watched, taking some shots with her cell, “to share” with friends.

At the woman’s climax, the doctor chuckled and told her slave to stay seated until she heard the front door close; then the woman was gone, and Aquina sat, in a daze, lost in her submission, and wanting more.

****          ****

Before Macgregor left, Aquina did ask her about speaking to Mrs. ‘Belvedere’ about a possible potential owner for Melissa. Macgregor had placed a call and said there was definite interest and that Aquina should speak with Mrs. B. today when she collected her slave.

Considering all this, Aquina was deep in thought when Maria opened the door to her, and as she followed her down the familiar hallway. Olivia was seated and waiting her arrival and indicated a chair beside her. Aquina forced herself to focus on the woman before her as she spoke.

“Today, we will talk as associates,” she said to Aquina as she settled in her seat. Aquina thought briefly of her last visit, when they were anything but… ‘associates’.

The conversation today was direct and to the point as both women were of that nature. Olivia indicated that she knew of a woman she respected greatly and who she was convinced would definitely have an interest in someone as young, attractive and submissive as Melissa had turned out to be. They talked figures and Aquina agreed to leave Melissa for another day, allowing the discussion to evolve.

Now going home alone, she had a thought and pulled over. She took out her cell and punched in a number. In a moment a familiar voice answered and Aquina spoke.

“Hey, beautiful. I’m thinking about you.”

Claire Daniel’s laugh sounded once again like a young girl, and she was clearly happy. “This is crazy. I was just thinking about you. Right this minute…but then, I’m thinking about you a lot.”

Now it was Aquina’s turn to laugh; she’d sort out her conflicting interests later; she needed Claire and she needed her mistress, for very different reasons. And Melissa? The girl was special, no doubt, but Aquina was content to see her off to a ‘safe home’; in some ways it was necessary.

She smiled at that as well.


Ed Alston had also been thinking, as he stuffed some

stacks of money into a space in his wall, accessed by moving two bricks. Since one of the drug shipments was going to New York City, obviously this particular load of coke and heroin would be on the streets there; so, if he could get some of his stash to New York, that would be a way to start moving things.

And he had connections in New York City; but who could he truly trust?


(Buffalo, April 2005)

Harriet Smith climbed out of the shower, wrapping a towel around her hair. She towelled her firm, slim body briefly, then draped a fresh towel over her shoulders and went out into the cozy space that served as both living and dining room in her modest two-storey. She lit one of her long, thin cigars (a bad habit she had picked up travelling through Europe) before pouring a glass of wine and heading over to the couch.

She glanced over at the girl tied naked in the corner. She had probably left her there long enough; let’s see how responsive she is, Harriet thought to herself.

Aquina was on her side, ankles and knees tied together, her hands bound tightly in front. The collar around her neck was attached to the railing by the stairs leading up to Harriet Smith’s bedroom. Aquina had a pair of Smith’s recently-worn underwear in her mouth and cords tied around her breasts.

“MMmmm, these are lovely,” Smith spoke to the girl as she untied and fondled each breast, one at a time. “Let’s see what you have to say for yourself.” Smith pulled the panties from Aquina’s mouth and asked a question, “What do you wish to say to me, my lovely pussy girl?”

Aquina moistened her lips and adjusted her tired jaws, “Please, my mistress, let me serve you.”

“Do you need any more punishment?”

“Thank you mistress for your thoughtfulness. I do not

need any punishment but I would like my mistress to whip me some more, for her pleasure,” Aquina said, in a low, soft voice, heart pounding.

Smith smiled. “Uhmmmn, that is very nice. Yes, I do enjoy punishing that ass of yours. What did I use last?”

“Your cane, mistress.”

“Yes, yes of course. I think it is time for the wooden paddle. Then I think we will have you on your knees.” As Smith was saying this, she was positioning Aquina over a footstool. She then went to find that paddle.


Aquina was again on her way to Mrs. B.; talks had progressed since yesterday and the buyer was evidently flying in today.

For this trip, Aquina had decided to try something, since it was just the two of them at the house. She had dressed Anna and brought her along. For Anna, it was only the second time she had been out in public in over two years (technically third, as she had been out when they brought her to the slave house, but she had been hidden in the back of Jake’s car, so that didn’t really count). But this time she was allowed to sit up front and look outside.

As a precaution though, Aquina had fastened cuffs around Anna’s ankles; she really didn’t think the submissive woman would try to get away; she was more concerned that she’d freak out and do something impulsive.

When they parked near ‘Belvedere’s’ imposing house, Aquina told the woman she was going to go inside and Anna needed to just sit quietly and enjoy the view.

“Yes, Mistress,” Anna replied, a large grin on her face. “This is wonderful. Thank you, thank you.” And she bent over and kissed Aquina’s hands. 


Seated once again in the elegant room Mrs. B. preferred for guests, Aquina was more nervous than she had anticipated. Was she really prepared to sell Melissa to a stranger? Belvedere had gone to meet her guest, and the two women now returned together.  Belvedere’s guest was a very tall and striking silver-haired woman, likely early fifties.

“Aquina, may I introduce my dear friend, Cynthia Scheffley.”

Aquina did not look up to many women, especially when she was wearing heels, but she did need to raise her gaze slightly to Cynthia Scheffley. The name, Scheffley, definitely rang a bell, but for the moment she couldn’t place the connection.

Cynthia’s gaze took in Aquina quickly and expertly; she always had an eye for attractive young women. Her and her husband, Donald, were wealthy and connected and sex, all aspects of it, were their, pun intended, passion.

The conversation was cordial and direct. The price and consideration was agreed to without a lot of negotiation. Aquina then asked to speak with Melissa privately for a moment. The two older women departed and Maria then brought in Melissa, wearing a light summer dress and obviously nothing else.

Aquina stood and the two women embraced; it had been such a short time yet they felt like long-time friends.

“Wh-what’s happening, Mistress. Um, Aquina?”

Aquina sat on her chair and Melissa knelt beside her, apprehension in her eyes, listening. “I am doing something that I believe will keep you safe,” Aquina began, “to keep you away from Jake, anyway. He is erratic and none of us know what he is planning; I cannot keep him away from you for certain while you are here.” She paused to stroke Melissa’s face.

“I am…letting someone…have you. You are justified to feel all this is unfair; but it is what it is. Jake has kidnapped you. The boys see you as an asset. I cannot let you just walk away; I know Jake would not just sit back and do nothing.” There were tears in Melissa’s eyes, but she nodded her head; what Aquina was saying was true.

Aquina continued. “So I am letting someone far more powerful, wealthy and connected than me have you. She is a fair woman. She is asking for six months of service to her, just what you have been doing with Belvedere and the others, and then…you will be free. Completely. She will help you to relocate if you wish. There are no strings. I can do nothing more. And, with you away, I will be able to work on freeing Anna, instead of worrying about Jake using each of you to control the other.”

Melissa nodded her head again, and then put her arms around Aquina. She spoke just above a whisper. “I have no anger for you, believe me. In a crazy way you have already freed me, from my…past, from…myself. You have shown me things about myself that I would not have seen. I will not forget you. Mistress.” The last word was whispered.

Aquina loosened the arms and looked at Melissa. “Hey, in six months we can meet for coffee or something, my treat.” They kissed, warmly and deeply.

Aquina noticed movement peripherally and gently broke off the kiss, saying softly, “Go now with your new mistress. Serve her well and earn your reward. I will see you again.”

Scheffley, an imposing woman, was then by their side. She gently but authoritatively raised Melissa to her feet, saying. “We have a plane to catch my child. A new life awaits you, one I believe you will appreciate.”

On her way out, she and Belvedere shared a full mouth on mouth kiss, Belvedere on her toes. After they had left by a side door and climbed into a waiting cab, Aquina thanked Mrs. B. and took the envelope she offered, remarking, “I’m thinking Melissa is going to cause quite the stir at the airport dressed as she is.”

“Oh,” Belvedere said, smiling, “They have their own jet. Airport departure lounges are not part of  their…life style.”

“I’m trying to place the name Scheffley. They are quite wealthy, I’m thinking.”

Belvedere continued to smile, “We are quite wealthy, my dear, my family that is; but Donald Scheffley could buy and sell us without calling his banker. Now, do come back. I believe your mistress will tell you that you owe me a…little, for my part in this.” Her smile was broader.

“I will come back when you wish, Mrs. Belvedere. I am indebted to you, anyway.” Aquina returned the smile and then left. In the car, Anna was still sitting quietly; her face brightened when she saw Aquina, who was quickly adding up the cash in her hand; eleven thousand, five hundred dollars.

It might not always be a wonderful world, but it was a crazy one, she considered, climbing into her car.

(End of Chapter 14)

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A House of Slaves by LongDarkRoad Chapter 13 Past, Present, Future

A House of Slaves 

Chapter 13 Past, Present, Future

(Desperately wanting to get out)

Kevin and Brandon looked over at Eric. He had been the lookout so wasn’t even part of the actual hold-up, yet there he was retching his guts out by the side of the road.

“Make sure he buries all that,” Brandon yelled at Kevin.

All the drugs (mostly parcels of cocaine and heroin, as expected) had been transferred to their truck. By inspecting the parcels they had found three tracking devices and tossed them into the back of the transport, where the two drivers lay trussed up.

The men would eventually be able to wiggle free, but it would take an hour or two, and by then the boys would be long gone.

It was agreed that Alston and his brother would take the dope and stash it. Everyone had seen how much was there so there was no debate.

The five-ton now turned and headed back down the highway, and the boys followed in two separate cars. Part way along, Eric had to get out and throw up again. No one harassed him; they were all still highly agitated, even though things had gone letter perfect to now.

Brandon texted Aquina with a simple, “A-Ok. See u soon.” And they drove at a safe and non-attention- seeking speed back to the city.

That evening was almost as stressful as the day; waiting. Waiting. Waiting for a phone call or a knock on the door from someone who had found out. Cops. The guys they had hit. But nothing.

Still, the boys, even Jake, all agreed it was way too early to do any celebrating. They needed to play it very cool and just lay low. It would be a while, maybe months, before Alston could start moving the dope without drawing attention.

For now, the haul was like dinner in the oven; it would need time.


Aquina was sitting at ‘Mullens’, a trendy bar for under thirty-somethings, feeling just a tiny bit old, as she observed the people around her. Oh well, Claire had picked this place and she was, well, younger, by four or five years.

Claire arrived then and as Aquina was known to do, caused some heads to swivel as she crossed the floor in her tight, purple dress.

Greeting Aquina warmly they hugged, each kissing the other on the cheek. “You look lovely,” Aquina said, sitting down.

Claire smiled and blushed, before adding, “You look gorgeous too. You notice how many people are looking at you?”

“Us, my sweet. Us. You are getting some attention with that dress.” Aquina smiled, “And I can tell you accepted my condition. Your nipples are trying to break out.” Claire laughed, covering her mouth with her hand, before Aquina added, “But lift up your dress so I can see if you followed all my directions.”

Claire shyly but with a smile and feeling arousal, raised her hem, and Aquina could clearly see the soft, blonde coating of pubic hair covering her mound. Aquina licked her lips, “Hmmm, that is making me hungry.”

Claire laughed again, saying, “Stop it. You’re making me crazy. Let’s order before we totally lose it,” while secretly wanting this beautiful, exotic woman to give her some more ‘directions’, right here in the restaurant.

At this point a server appeared bringing menus,  filling glasses and taking drink orders. Both women ordered a glass of house white and then studied the menu.

A few moments later the server, ‘Bobbi’, returned. She was cute, possibly eighteen or nineteen, petit (five- three) with short, obviously died black, (black) hair,  a nose ring and a tattoo peeking out from the cuff of her shirt.

After a couple of menu comments, Aquina spoke, “Claire, lift your dress and show Bobbi your underwear; see what she thinks.”

Claire looked startled but was obviously excited; Bobbi looked amused and a little puzzled, but then Claire lifted her dress, showing Bobbi her naked sex. Bobbi stared with obvious interest, before Aquina added, “That could be your tip if we are happy with the service.”

“Absolutely,” Bobbi enthused, smiling broadly from one lovely woman to the other, as Claire lowered her dress.

“You are crazy!” Claire whispered fiercely across the table at Aquina, who simply laughed. She could tell by the broad smile on Claire’s face that this action was definitely okay; possibly more than okay, which was interesting.

Their lunch proved very enjoyable. The two women found much to talk about. Aquina was quite interested to learn that Claire had been a very promising tennis player in her late teens, before a serious thigh injury ended that. Claire for her part listened with rapt attention to some of Aquina’s stories about her street life.

Bobbi had hovered nearby and was intensely attentive until at last she brought the bill. The restaurant was quite quiet now, approaching two-thirty, and they were seated to one side. Aquina, considering her lovely blonde companion, directed Bobbi to kneel in front of her. Claire looked at her lunch partner with some alarm but also, again, arousal.

Aquina smiled and nodded her head, saying, “Just stay with me, girl.” Aquina then had Claire lift her dress up and lean back a little, saying “Ok, Bobbi, have a taste.”

Bobbi stared for only a moment before bending forward and burying her round face between Claire’s legs.

Aquina allowed this for almost a minute, before she pulled a very reluctant Bobbi back from her sucking and asked, “What time are you off, sweets?”

Bobbi blinked a couple of times, getting herself settled, “Uhm, nine. I’m off at nine, uh, ma’am.”

“Don’t call me ma’am,” Aquina said. “I’ll be waiting out front for you later. Okay, here you go.” And she handed Bobbi the bill and her credit card. Bobbi stared for a moment, until Aquina said, “Get going, Bobbi. We need to be off.”

“Oh,” Bobbi blurted, looking back from Claire to Aquina and then Claire again. “Right. Be back in a sec.”

Aquina then said softly, “You may lower your dress, my good girl.”

As they were leaving, Claire slipped her arm through Aquina’s, “I can see life with you is never dull.” She whispered into one ear. Aquina laughed, thinking of the slave girls and the drug heist.

“You don’t know the half of it, sweets,” she murmured, wondering just what she had with this beautiful blonde bombshell.

They walked a few paces before Claire spoke again. “Oh, I just remembered. Sanders left a briefcase for you at the office.”

****      ****

Aquina sat in a chair near Claire’s bed. They had brought Bobbi back here as Aquina did not want to deal with the boys or the slaves or any of that. She had already tired of slave-management and was working on a plan to deal with that. Part of that included Bobbi, who was now lying naked on Claire’s bed, with Claire stretched out beside her, gently kissing her face and breasts; toying with the silver bars that pierced her nipples.

It was eleven-thirty; they had, in pairs and all together, been making love for over two hours and were mellow and satisfied.

Aquina had quickly sized up Bobbi as a potential third party girl for the house, and nothing that had happened had changed her mind. She now climbed up on the bed to lie against Bobbi’s other side. The young woman turned and kissed her, sucking Aquina’s tired tongue into her mouth briefly, before saying quietly, with her eyes closed, “I could die right now. Just die. Let a fucking meteorite hit the earth, right mother-fucking now; I’m ready.”

Claire and Aquina both laughed and kissed their new, petite, youthful, willing, tattooed and pierced toy.


Saturday morning, eight-thirty; Aquina had called all the boys together. Kate and Anna had prepared and served breakfast to those who wanted it, and then Anna went to join Adam ‘in his room’ (we need to start charging that guy rent (Eric); wait until you see the cash he brought in (Aquina), while Kate was placed back in her crate. Melissa of course was still with Mrs. B.

The lads were still subdued following their event; not a lot of joking had been heard the last day or so; in fact, everyone had pretty much kept to themselves. Jake, who had shown up, was looking his usual annoyed self, but Aquina did not bother with that.

When the four of them were seated and waiting, she left. When she returned in a few seconds she carried a box, which was placed on the floor. She then hauled out three cloth bags from it and dumped some of the contents on the large coffee table; stacks of cash.

“Holy Fuck…”


“Wow, how much we lookin’, at A.?”

Jake just grunted.

“Okay boys, I worked out something with Sanders. The

three of you, Brandon and I have a separate deal, put in eighty grand in total and Sanders has paid you off at three hundred. Minus my twelve percent, you are looking at eighty-eight large, each.”

The boys just stared. Even Jake.

Discussion ensued for a bit until Jake announced that he was good and he would take his share and leave.

“Lookit’,” he said, standing and holding the box. “I haven’t always seen eye to eye with you Aquina; and I’m still not happy about my bitch sister-in-law; but this is good work. I know all about a low profile with cash. I’m not going to do anything stupid or fuck things with you guys. But I am going to do my own thing. No worries. Thanks. I mean that.”

And then he left, with what was the closest thing to a smile Aquina had seen on his round, glum face.

The discussion then turned to what to do with this cash, which Aquina pointed out, had resulted from: first, Adam locating Sanders McHugh’s daughter, which then led to the deal which now showed stacks of cash.

Everyone agreed that they would ease up on Adam and his staying there; his services were not just inexpensive, they actually brought in cash.

As for the present and the dough, Eric and Kevin eventually took five thousand each and agreed that Aquina would find them a real estate deal with the rest, keeping the money away from the eyes of the I.R.S. and into more future investments. Kevin also added he wanted to put another room in downstairs in the empty space beside the furnace, for him to use.

The burner phone Alston had given Brandon now lit up. It was a text message from him saying the dope was all stashed securely and that he had been monitoring informant and wiretap chatter and nothing was being said about the heist. Certainly the syndicate who owned the dope would have begun their own investigation, but for now all was silent on the street.

The boys all nodded, but became quiet once again. No one said it but they all thought it; if a trail ever led back to Alston, then they were all in danger.

Aquina decided this was a good time to bring up another topic: the slave girls, but she began it by mentioning Bobbi, who Aquina would be going to retrieve from Claire in a little while. Aquina had spoken with Bobbi, (real name Roberta; but, only my mom calls me that) as Claire listened; Aquina had let out little bits of info about the ‘slave House’ or ‘Man-cave’ (as she preferred) before, but some of the revelations were new to Claire’s ears.

Bobbi was down with it all; she desperately wanted to get out of the tiny apartment she shared with her mother. She was not getting a lot of shifts from ‘Mullens’ and could use some extra cash. She was okay with being fondled by older guys…if she could continue to see Claire and Aquina.

It was all good, and Aquina would move her into the apartment with Mindi and Heather today.


(Miami, 1997)

It was Aquina Morez’s twelfth birthday, and in celebration her mother had forced her first act of oral sex on her, servicing her latest boyfriend. With hints of ‘more to come’ to help with the finances, Aquina took what she could carry and left.

She managed on the streets for almost a month until one night she was hanging out in Brickell Park when a woman approached her. Aquina was quick with possible dangerous situations and ran, right into the waiting fist of Jade Dawkins. It was his girlfriend Sharize who had spooked Aquina.

They took the girl to their place a few blocks away, but still near the water, and for the next ten days Dawkins raped and beat her daily. Between the rapes and the beatings, Sharize would comfort her, look after her cuts and bruises and counsel her.

She also began to show Aquina some tools of the sex trade. Sharize’s pussy was the first that Aquina tasted, and she came to know it well.

Things then carried on for almost two years, with Dawkins pimping Aquina out to both male and female clients, until Sharize died of either bad drugs or an overdose. Things went downhill for Dawkins after that and his drinking became excessive; and he took his anger out on Aquina.

That is, until the day she plunged the steak knife into his chest.


Aquina knocked on the apartment door and then took out her key, but the door was opened first by Mindi. As Aquina and Bobbi entered, Heather came out of one of the bedrooms to greet them.

Bobbi was introduced and a discussion quickly followed regarding the sleeping arrangements. The two bedroom apartment had a double bed in each room, so both Heather and Mindi had their own bed if they chose, which often they did, but they had also slept together. It was decided that each day the three would pick numbers and two would share and one would be solo.

To speed up the acquainting process, Aquina had Bobbi strip and stand before the other two. For a girl who had only recently turned nineteen, Bobbi had many tattoos and piercings, and all the women were interested, but even with the artwork the girl appeared young.

Her smallish breasts, B-cup at best, had the silver bars through nipples that were surrounded by huge areolas. As well as the nose-ring, Bobbi had several rings on each ear, but most noticeable (or interesting) were the two gold rings on her outer labia, one each side. Bobbi had done the full Brazilian; she had no hair what-so-ever from her navel down.

Along with the labia rings, she also had two belly-button studs and a vertical silver bar through her clit. As Bobbi explained it, her best friend’s step-dad had a tat parlor, and he had agreed to do work on them in exchange for sex from them both.

“A class act,” Heather murmured.

As well as the piercings, Bobbi also had a cat’s face tattoo just above her pubic mound and a butterfly on her back, its tail ending just at her butt crack; and an intricate jungle-themed tat sleeve (that Bobbi said took over a month of work and had her agree to anal sex, with both the step-dad and a buddy, in order to complete) on one arm.

It certainly made her ‘older’ for the men, but she was so youthful in appearance otherwise and the piercings and tats were kind of exotic that Aquina thought it would be enticing, somewhat.

Heather and Mindi took Bobbi into one bedroom to examine her more closely. Aquina took that opportunity to make her exit.


That night Aquina had Bobbi, together with Heather and Mindi, make her appearance. It was only the boys (minus Jake; what the hell he did with himself no one knew.) and Adam (their resident lawyer) with of course Kate and Anna. Bobbi was a hit, with both Eric and Kevin giving her lots of attention.

Everyone ending up staying, so for the first time all the bedrooms were filled. Before everyone crashed, Aquina told the boys that she was going to see about a buyer for Melissa, and she would deal with any fall-out from Jake.

“The point,” Aquina said, “was that they were moving into bigger deals, and having to deal with these women, held against their will, would be more and more of a problem.” Aquina declared that she did not want to spend the time that she was spending in looking after them; it was counter-productive and unnecessary, as they could get party girls; as she had.

And it did not improve their financial situation. And, most importantly, the slave girls were a liability, a giant problem in the making. Kidnapping was a life sentence crime, as the officers knew.

So, this would not be Jake’s call. While Aquina did not just come out and say ‘Jake could go fuck himself’, that was the essence of her message. No one offered any opposition. What really could they say?

“And we need to deal with Kate.” She paused. “I should have pushed back harder on that, right from the start, but that’s on me, but we can’t continue with her like this.”

The little group sat silently; all of them, even Brandon, had thought the same thing, at one point or another. Being male, they had enjoyed the free sex, but they knew in the backs of their minds how reckless it was. Both Kevin and Eric had even admitted to each other that they were struggling with conflict whenever they looked at the woman, now that the novelty had worn off.    


Aquina sat in her car in the parking area beside some warehouses that were going through a rebirth. Several had been converted already to condos and offices. The one she was parked beside, the address that Macgregor had directed her to, had seen substantial change.

She looked at her watch; one-fifty; she was early, but had still needed to fight the impulse to go in. She wanted to be inside; she fought her anxiety, but it was no use. She forced herself to slow her breathing, to close her eyes and wait. Checking her watch again, it was one fifty-four. She would wait two more minutes….

Shareen Macgregor was dressed today in her ‘Mistress outfit’: black leather dress, black stockings, thigh-high black leather boots. Her dress had zippers on the top that allowed her to display her breasts, which she was now doing. They were held in place by a leather harness and jutted out white and enticing, pink nipples erect.

This section of the building had been converted by Macgregor and ‘friends’ to function as a dungeon for slave work or parties. There was a stage, a wet bar and numerous hooks and stands for attaching slaves to in a variety of positions, for punishment or display. As Aquina entered the room Macgregor was in, she saw painted on the floor a simple command: all slaves naked from this point.

She undressed quickly leaving her clothes in a pile and resisting the urge to grasp and stroke her sex: once entered, she knew she was to do only as directed.

“Come, Slave.” Macgregor called from the stage.

Aquina hurried to her, kneeling before her with eyes down.

“On all fours, slave-slut.” Macgregor came down from the small stage to walk around Aquina who was on hands and knees as directed. “Today I am Mistress Shareen.” She stood beside Aquina, whose breath was coming rapidly through her flared nostrils. Macgregor began running her new black cane gently down Aquina’s side and back. “Spread your legs farther, slave. Good. Now, are you a filthy slut?”

“I…I am a filthy slut, Mistress Shareen.”

“Do you belong on your knees?”

“I belong on my knees, before my Mistress.”

“Do you need punishment, pathetic, boot-licking slave?”

For the first time that afternoon, Aquina choked a little in reply, “Ye-yes, my sweet Mistress. I need punishment.”

“Beg, pussy-loving whore. Be specific.”

“Ummmm, please, dear mistress, please whip your slave’s ass. Please whip my breasts and punish them…as you d-decide. Pl-please whip my…cunt.” 

Macgregor smiled; this was as good as she had hoped for. “Ahhh, very good. You please me. You are a cunt-licking whore, but we knew that. Now, be on your knees, with your hands behind your head.” Aquina assumed this stance and Macgregor, wearing black, silk gloves,  reached around from behind and gripped Aquina’s breasts, yanking on them before slapping them, and pulling the nipples savagely.

She repeated this action a number of times before putting her index fingers in Aquina’s mouth, pulling it wide open, and then leaning forward and allowing a glob of spit to fall from her lips onto Aquina’s tongue. The next glob landed on Aquina’s cheek, and the doctor massaged it into her face, before plugging Aquina’s nose and covering her mouth, establishing that as mistress she even had control over whether her slave could breathe or not.

After releasing her grip, Macgregor walked away a few steps and returned with a collar; wide, black leather decorated with several metal spikes. On it was the single word, ‘Slave’. Macgregor fastened this roughly around her slave’s neck, jerking her head back and forth. She then attached two cuffs around her slave’s wrists and linked them to the collar. Lifting Aquina by her hair she pulled her over to the corner where a toilet sat open, no walls or enclosure providing any privacy.

Roughly forcing her slave to her knees, Macgregor lifted her leather dress revealing she wore no panties. She then squatted and urinated into the toilet, keeping Aquina’s head close by the bowl. When she finished she stood and pulled Aquina’s face to her crotch.

“Clean me filthy slut, that’s all you’re good for, really,” was the instruction, which Aquina responded to quickly, running her tongue up and down Macgregor’s slit, sucking on the lips and tasting and cleaning off the remaining drops of urine.

“What does my slave say?” Macgregor demanded.

Aquina gently kissed the tight, pink lips a couple more times. “Thank you Mistress, for you thoughtfulness.”

“I am indeed kind, to allow a worthless street whore like you between my legs. Come here, on your feet.”

Aquina was then hauled over to a hook hanging from the rafters. The cuffs were released from her collar and attached to the hook, with Aquina, even at five-nine, needing now to stand on her tiptoes, swaying as she did.

Macgregor then retrieved several punishment devices from a near-by locker; paddles, canes, floggers and a small hand whip.

“Now, whore (Slap!). Slut (Slap!). Cunt(Slap!). I will give you the punishment you deserve, and then you will show your appreciation.” The next strike was from the leather paddle, and landed with a satisfying ‘whommp!’ on Aquina’s lovely ass.

Macgregor smiled; this was going to be very satisfying, and she had waited a long time for it.


Ed Alston was not going to let on to Dzyuba, or his men, but he was pretty much scared shitless through the whole drug high-jack; but he was desperate; which was why he needed to bring in his older brother Regan for support. His brother had been a detective for twenty-nine years, retiring just last year.

Alston had feared that Regan would try to talk him out of the very dangerous and reckless venture, but his brother had been surprisingly supportive. He recognized the financial bind that many of his friends were in; a big score would take care of all that, dangers aside.

Alston was relieved that the young men who helped him were not pushing right away for money. It was very important to play things out carefully. Certain dope had certain traits; who knew about this particular shipment? There was no way he wanted to give the ‘drug guys’ any hints as to his existence.

Now, an opportunity to move a little of the product had popped up. He was to be part of a sting and they would need to borrow two kilos of coke for the deal. At his station, Alston had worked his way into the role of ‘drug mule’ of sorts; he would sign out the dope for stings, and he would return it.

The only thing being that the dope he signed out this time would be police issue and the dope he returned would be from the high-jack. The only question to Alston was, if his nerve would hold.

(End of Chapter 13)

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A House of Slaves by LongDarkRoad Chapter 12 Now Or Never

A House of Slaves 

Chapter 12 Now or Never (Will you come to me)

Monday mornings were usually hectic anyway, but today with the doctor coming and getting all the girls together it was even more so. Sunday was a bit of a blur; after getting Melissa (and her plump envelope of four grand!!) Aquina was informed by Brandon that the truck heist would be this coming Thursday. Things were moving very quickly, and Sanders had also called to say he would have some cash for them.

This was all running through her mind as Aquina picked up Heather and Mindi and headed back to the house. Anna of course was already here and Kevin would be bringing Kate back.

As well as the kissing and fondling, the two had talked during the night. Kate was unhappy with Anna being punished, and said she didn’t know how much longer she could deal with Dzyuba.

“He makes me physically sick,” she’d sighed; she really didn’t know how much longer she could go on. But their time together seemed to lift her spirits, a little. Aquina had again reinforced to the woman that she was working on ‘things’.

“Please give me time, Kate, as I’ve asked, please; Brandon has already warned me that he’ll take you to that place he showed you, if you cause any problems.” Aquina wasn’t certain if he really would; it would be a serious step and not one she would go along with, but it did act as a warning.

Kate had sighed and nestled into the warmth of her mistress-partner and the pleasure of being in a bed. Despite everything, she did trust Aquina, and when the woman had held her and gently kissed her, Kate had responded, like someone in deep water grabs a rope.

And in spite of how preoccupied she was, occasionally Aquina would feel a little jolt of anxiety when she remembered her deal with Macgregor. Was it apprehension or excitement? Aquina wasn’t sure. She knew her own sexuality was…flexible, especially with the whole dominance and submission thing. Aquina was a very confident ‘dom’ when needed; but she was very conscious of her other, more hidden, side.


Doctor Macgregor was professional and efficient. She had all her samples in the case and it was only a quarter to eleven. Kevin left with Kate, and since they had an unmarked car for their patrol today, he was okay with taking Mindi and Heather and dropping them off downtown, with Mindi throwing Kevin a smile as she closed the back door.

“What was that about?” Heather asked as they started down the street.

“What?” Mindi replied. “I can’t like somebody without there being big questions?”

“Oh, girl, you watch yourself. You start feeling something and things change.”

“Hey, don’t worry ‘bout me, I’m good.”

And they both laughed.


Aquina meanwhile was taking Melissa and Anna downstairs and placing them in their crates. When she came back up to the kitchen, Macgregor was putting her container in the refrigerator. She turned to look at Aquina, who indicated the stairs and headed toward them, the good doctor following, carrying an ominous looking black bag.

Just outside of Aquina’s room. Macgregor gripped Aquina by the elbow. “When we enter, the hour begins, and you are my slave, doing all I ask. Are we agreed?”

“Yes, mmm, Mistress,” Aquina murmured, memories soaring through her mind and her heart beating more rapidly than she expected.



Aquina Morez had begun her first period. Her mother greeted this event with a slap across Aquina’s face that sent her stumbling across the tiny bedroom they shared.

“Now I’m gonna have to buy rags for you, too. Fuckin’ God-damn Christ. You’re gonna start earning some bread you useless…”

The tirade was interrupted by a loud banging on the door. Angelina Morez, with most of a bottle of wine in her already and it wasn’t even noon, staggered to answer it. Aquina listened silently from the closet, watching through the crack between the door and the wall. It was the landlord; money, as always, was due; Morez, as usual, had none. 

Aquina watched in amazement as her mother wrestled her clothes off and got to her knees, taking the, what seemed huge, landlord’s cock in her mouth (gross!).

After a few minutes of this, the landlord changed plans and spun Morez around, putting her on her knees and ramming his cock into her from behind, a handful of her dark hair in one of his fists.

Aquina sat silently watching, for the first time, a woman, on her knees, sexually serving someone. In this case it was a man, but that wasn’t the point for Aquina; it was the look on her mother’s face.  


When they entered, Macgregor crossed the neat, sparsely furnished room, to sit on a small armchair. She stared at Aquina, who returned the stare for a moment before looking down.

“That’s a good girl my beauty, remember your place and avoid…discipline. For our hour today you will call me, ‘Mistress’ and you are simply, ‘Slave’ or ‘Slut’ or whatever degrading name suits you. Any direction I give you, unless you are gagged, must immediately be responded to by, ‘Yes, Mistress’. Are we clear?”

Aquina’s husky voice was barely above a whisper, “Yes… Mistress.”

“Good. Strip off everything except your panties. When you get to them, turn and face away from me.”

Aquina swallowed. “Yes, Mistress.”

She removed her clothes quickly and efficiently, placing them on her bed. When she was down to her black, lace thong she turned as directed. She could barely control her hand that desperately wanted to plunge its fingers between her now swollen pussy lips; Melissa had provoked a strong arousal, but this was different, like scotch is different from bourbon. This was more…primitive to Aquina, more basic.

“Very nice, that’s my good little slut. I know you like being a good slave and pleasing me. Don’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Aquina murmured, feeling the old desire as the heat rose within her; the dominant role slipping away, the submissive rising, no conflict at all. It was true, she wanted to please this woman.

“Say it, pathetic Slut,” Macgregor demanded, her own arousal rising. She had long wanted this woman.

“I want to…please my Mistress. Oh, ummmnn,” Aquina raked her nails up and down her thighs to stay focused. 

Macgregor smiled a knowing smile; she had known this of Aquina almost from the start; but there had always been something to block them from hooking up; but she had filed away the knowledge. And now here they were again.

“Okay Whore, there is no need to pretend with me. I know what you are, and it’s not this fancy Madame shit you’ve got goin’ on. You are a disgusting, dirty, fuck slut who belongs on her knees and you know it.”

Aquina heard the throaty chuckle and wanted nothing more than to be that, on her knees; she had always wanted to serve Macgregor, had even fantasized about it; things hadn’t worked out. She struggled to stay on her feet and await her commands.

“Now my sweet bitch, slowly strip that thong off, and then place it between your nasty pussy lips and hump yourself with it for my amusement. Go.”

Breathing hard, Aquina slowly peeled the tiny garment down her legs, bending forward so Macgregor got a good view of her ass. She then turned sideways and held the panties between her legs and began to move her hips in a thrusting motion, meanwhile slowly pulling the thong into herself. She noticed Macgregor’s hand had moved under her skirt and between her thighs.

“Good girl. That pleases me, Bitch, even though you repulse me,” the woman crooned. “Now, on your knees, put your dirty panties in your mouth and crawl to your Mistress.”

Aquina did this, stopping at Macgregor’s feet, and looking down submissively. Macgregor took the panties from Aquina’s mouth, “You do disgust me,” she said quietly, “but my shoes need cleaning, Slave. Ask.”

Aquina tried to speak but her throat would not respond, which Macgregor found amusing. Gripping Aquina’s thick hair, Macgregor tilted the lovely face up and then leaned forward and spit on her, then scooped the saliva off with a finger, “Open.”

Aquina opened her mouth and Macgregor placed the goo on the waiting tongue, smiling, then placed the submissive face by her shoe.

Aquina began licking the black leather with long, sensuous strokes. Although this was a game she knew inside out, slave and master, Aquina could not deny what this was doing to her. What it had always done to her, although it had needed a certain kind of woman. Macgregor was right, that she knew what Aquina was. A low moan escaped her lips now as she submitted herself to just that kind of dominating woman, cleaning her shoes with devotion.

The doctor removed her shoes and pantyhose, and Aquina then licked and kissed her bare feet, wanting even more desperately to shove her fingers into her throbbing pussy; but she had not been given permission, so she continued to worship Macgregor’s feet. The doctor gently stroked the curls on Aquina’s head and then leaned forward to softly kiss her face, before whispering in her ear.

“Let’s see if our slut-slave is wet, shall we.” With this, she ran a hand down Aquina’s back and then over her round buttocks, before coming to rest on her pussy lips, where she slipped one finger easily into the opening.

“Oh, my, my; what’s this? My slave is nice and …dripping down there; here, taste.” At this point Macgregor placed the finger that had just been inside the pussy into Aquina’s mouth. Her own musky scent aroused her, and Aquina licked the finger aggressively, her hips moving gently. Macgregor now pushed Aquina’s head down to the carpet, leaving her ass high. “Slave knows this is where she belongs?”

“Ye-yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress,” Aquina murmured, heart pounding.

“And you realize how pathetic you are, don’t you?”

Aquina cried out softly, the words stinging deliciously, like a whip. Macgregor then slapped one ass cheek smartly, then the other, and then four more times each side in quick succession, before grasping Aquina’s buttocks in both hands and spreading them as wide as possible, and then pushing a moistened finger tentatively into Aquina’s puckered and dark brown asshole, causing her to jump.

“Oh, this doesn’t get used much these days, does it slave; that will change today.” And she slapped Aquina’s ass several more times to emphasize her point.

Slipping off her chair, Macgregor pulled Aquina’s hands around behind her back and bound her wrists with handcuffs from her black bag, which she had opened beside her captive. She then began pulling things from it. Aquina recognized everything, even when only catching a quick glance. 

“I’ve brought lots of toys for my slut-slave,” Macgregor noted, “especially this, for your ass.” She held up a short but thick, black dildo.

****      ****

Macgregor was now lying on her side, Aquina’s face wedged between her thighs. A quick glance at her watch told her she had twelve minutes left in her hour, and she was a punctual person. Having expertly brought Aquina to the edge of orgasm four times, she had now tasked her beautiful slave with satisfying her mistress first; and then the doctor would grant her captive’s desire and allow her to climax.

Aquina was using all her skill and experience as she licked and sucked on Macgregor’s pussy with its tight labia, and little nub of a clitoris. Macgregor’s breathing and hip movements told her the woman was close. Aquina now bit down, gently, on the clit bud before sucking the pussy lips into her mouth. The doctor let out a satisfying cry and held Aquina’s face as she ground out her orgasm, before collapsing on the pillow, and lying still, chuckling softly.

After a few moments and aware of the time, and wanting to bring her slave release, Macgregor got to work rubbing and working Aquina’s generous folds, fleshy labia and hooded clit. As Aquina began to approach her peak, the doctor asked. “Does my slave wish to cum?”

Aquina, despite her need, still had to smile, thinking how often she herself had demanded that. “Oh, yes Mistress, please…please…aaawwwh. Oh, oh…MMMmmmmnnn.”

Macgregor whispered into Aquina’s ear. “I want my slave to come to me, next week. Will you obey?”

“Aaaa, oh please Mistress. Oh, God please let me cum….”

The voice was soft and seductive, sliding into Aquina’s mind like a warm knife through butter. “Will you come to me?”

Aquina wanted this release desperately; and, she knew, with no explanation available, that she wanted to return to this woman. She had long ago stopped analyzing any desire; what was the point? She had sucked cocks and licked pussies with her mind miles away, on whatever; but she had also experienced desire. A gnawing hunger that could not be ignored, or explained. It was there and would not be denied.

Aquina was a seductive and dominating woman, yet being on her knees before Macgregor thrilled her, aroused her, drove her on. She wanted it. She wanted it.

“Aaaahhhh, oh, please…yes. Yes, Mistress I will come to you.”

The fingers in her pussy sawed back and forth relentlessly, the thumb on her clit was insistent, the voice was compelling, “You will serve me?”

“Uh, ummm, uh, oh, oh. Aaaaah. Yes. Yes. Yes. I will serve you…I will worship you. Oh God, please…plea…umm.”

Macgregor now pushed her entire, slim hand into Aquina’s sopping hole, while at the same time squeezing her clit hard. For Aquina, despite the wonderful releases Melissa, Anna and Kate had given her, and the lovely orgasm she had experienced recently with Claire, what happened in her brain now was exceptional. Waves of pleasure rolled through her, her body heaved and lifted with spasm after spasm; her cry was one long, continuous “Aaaaahhh.”

She then lay, exhausted, as Macgregor gathered her things, pausing to write on a card, which she gave to Aquina as she turned her over and slapped her ass. “This is the address for next Monday, when I’ll allow you to serve me again. Be there at two. I’ll get my container and let myself out.” She paused, “You’ve pleased me very much, even as disgusting as you are.”

And then she was gone, and Aquina had a few moments to lay still and to ponder, allowing her emotions to quiet. Would she go next week? The practical part of her mind was screaming, “No”, but her emotional side, where desire and need lay, as insistent as the first voice, murmured, “You must, and you will.”

And there really was little doubt.


Alston and Brandon were in Dzyuba’s ‘workshop’, a map spread out on his work table. They had studied it and discussed it and settled on three possible intercept points for Thursday’s truck; Brandon would drive out tomorrow and check each spot personally.

Alston wiped some beads of sweat from his forehead.

“Getting a little antsy, Ed?” Brandon asked.

“Yeah, kid. I’d be lyin’ if I said I wasn’t. This could be the big one for me, for us. But with you guys, you still have time if things go south. For me, it’s now or, you know, never.


Tuesday; time seemed to be moving in slow motion. The ‘boys’ tried putting the looming affair out of their minds, but it was impossible. Even acting ‘normal’ seemed hard. Eric said he felt like he was being watched. Kevin said he thought people were looking at him ‘funny’, like they all knew. Brandon returned from his scouting trip and reported that the hit spots were good, and he ranked them one to three. Only Jake, who agreed readily to the venture, seemed undisturbed, laughing at the other ‘pussies’ for their nerves.


Aquina’s cell buzzed and she glanced at the clock; two PM. Who would be calling? She didn’t recognize the number, but as soon as she heard the voice, a smile spread across her face, “Hello Claire, and before you say anything, I was going to call you. I was. It has been a crazy week. How are you?”

“I’m good; it’s busy here too; Sanders has a bunch of things on the go. He’s going away to South America in a few days and I’m busy with that…I, uhmmm, I wanted to call you, like the, well, the very next day after…you know…”

There was a pause and Aquina could hear Claire’s breathing through the phone.

“After our time, together?” Aquina assisted.

“Yeah. Um, that.” Aquina heard a deep sigh, then Claire resumed. ”I was afraid, no anxious, I guess. I am unsure, of what happens, next, with…um, us? Is there an us? Oh Christ, Aquina. I’m being stupid, sorry, I shouldn’t have called…”

“Claire, take a breath, I mean that, just breathe and relax. There, that’s it. Now, I’m glad you called. I want to talk with you, I want to see you. There is, an …us, or at least, a…something…with us.”

“Thanks, I just feel stupid. This is new to me, it’s always been mostly about guys chasing me and trying to reach me or trap me and everything. I’ve never really cared enough about anyone, except now with Sanders, to think about, oh what it means…and even that isn’t, like, the same as what I’m…Oh, Christ why is this so hard to say?”

Claire paused, and Aquina laughed gently into the space. “It’s okay, Claire. Just say what you want to say.”

Claire hesitated, then began, sounding very young, “I really…like you, Aquina. I want to see you. This is crazy, can you believe, but I’ve never said that to anyone before?”

There was another pause as both women collected their thoughts and managed their emotions, with Aquina then speaking.

“Okay, how about this. Let’s have lunch this Friday. I’ll buy. You pick a restaurant near you and we’ll go.”

Another pause, then Claire spoke, more relaxed now, “Aquina…I don’t even know your last name…”


“Aquina Morez, are you asking me out?”

“Yes I am.” Aquina smiled.

Claire exhaled into the phone, “Well, Ms. Morez, I accept. Friday, what time?”

“One; you text me the restaurant.”

“Thanks. Friday should work well, Sanders leaves Thursday, and it will be quiet around here.”

“See you sweets,” Aquina replied.


“Yes,” Aquina smiled, finding Claire’s ‘innocence’ pleasant.

“Did you, like, enjoy watching me, with, mmm, Sanders?” She asked quietly.

Aquina chuckled, “Loved it, especially the view of your perfect butt.” She paused, a thought coming to mind. “And I have a, mmm, condition for our…date.”

“Oh. A condition? Um, like what? I’m not sure…”

“No bra or panties for you, I’m serious.”

Claire paused, feeling a definite rush, then snickered, sounding young again. “Oh my God. That’s a, like, hoot. Okay, um, I’m down with that. It’ll be weird but kind of, uh, exciting. But, ya, weird.” She laughed again.


For Thursday, Dzyuba, who would score a little cash for his help, had worked the schedule so that the boys did not have to show up to the station.

Aquina took Kate to work, hushing her few questions; the woman seemed finally to be resolved to getting through this.

And ‘Mrs. Belvedere’ wanted Melissa back…for five days, a party of some kind, so Aquina would take her there once she was finished with Kate.

The organized woman was glad she had things to do, because even she was filled with tension. The boys, none of whom, with the possible exception of Jake, had slept much, and they were on the road at five heading for their rendezvous point. The target was to pass there around nine, according to Alston.

The plan was not complicated; it just took daring and timing. The primary hit spot was a winding stretch of road through a small, sparsely wooded area with no buildings or habitation. Since it was a secondary road, there was much less traffic. Two days earlier, Alston and his brother, whom he had brought in at the last minute, had cut down a tree that was large enough to block the road.

Hooking it to an SUV with chains, they would be able to quickly drag it onto the highway, once they had the go-ahead via two-way-radio from their lookout (Eric) half a mile south. The transport truck would have to stop and they would be ready; four masked men heavily armed. The drivers would not risk their lives for somebody’s shipment, no matter what it was.

Their rented five-ton was parked behind a small grove of beech trees, and would be brought up quickly once the drivers were subdued.

But now was the hard part…waiting, and trying not to think of everything that could go wrong.


Maria greeted Aquina and Melissa at the door of the stately home. A sly smile quickly passed between Maria and the young woman, and then the maid led Melissa down the hall. Before leaving, Maria indicated to Aquina the room to her right, saying, “Mrs. Olivia is expecting you.”

Aquina walked the few steps and turned into the elegant, if somewhat overly decorated, for her tastes, room. Mrs. Belvedere was sitting on the rose sofa, dressed impeccably as always. She motioned to Aquina and spoke, “Ah, Aquina, as lovely as ever. Do come in and sit with me here.”

Aquina headed for the armchair beside ‘Mrs. B.’, but was halted by the woman’s small, perfectly manicured hand.

“No, dear. You need to be here, on the floor, beside me.”

Aquina looked at the woman with genuine puzzlement. “I’m afraid I don’t understand, Mrs…” Belvedere halted her again.

“Kneel. I will explain. I think you are forgetting…obedience.” Belvedere’s tone had an edge and there was a small smile on her pleasant face. Aquina, feeling a familiar, growing twinge, knelt on the floor. And without being directed, cast her gaze downward.

“That’s my good girl. I have been speaking, oddly enough, with your…mistress. (Aquina felt a stab-like jolt in her guts). She has informed me that you are to obey me for a little while if, that is, you wish to continue seeing her.”

Aquina’s breath became more rapid and shallow; her heart was beating so loudly again she was certain Belvedere could actually hear it. In her gentle voice, Belvedere asked, “So what is it to be, Slave?”

That jolt again. There was a ringing in her ears now and Aquina felt that she could not speak. How was this happening? How did these women know? Why didn’t she simply get up and walk out; no one could stop her. Why?

She didn’t know why. She had never known why. All she knew was that if she put her hand between her legs right now her sex would be wet. She could already tell her thong was clinging to her pussy like cellophane on a package. Without saying anything, she leaned forward and began to lick Belvedere’s polished and expensive shoes.

“Now that is a good girl,” Belvedere purred, stroking the glossy head. “You are a little old for my tastes, my dear, but I will do your mistress a favor and give you what you deserve. You do deserve it, don’t you, you worthless piece of trash?”

A stabbing jolt hit, from her guts to her brain, yet she forced words from her mouth. “Yes, Mistress Belvedere. I want whatever you think I deserve. Should I…undress?”

“Yes, my dear, everything. Hand me your panties and kneel over the footstool when you are naked.”

Aquina quickly undressed, handed her (wet as she guessed) panties and knelt over the footstool with her ass on display. As Macgregor had, Belvedere bound Aquina’s wrists together behind her back.

For the next twenty minutes, Belvedere alternately fondled, squeezed, fingered and whipped Aquina’s wonderful ass, using a leather flogger, a bamboo cane and a riding crop.

Then using the handle of the crop, she expertly brought Aquina to orgasm at the session’s end. Belvedere permitted Aquina to kiss her and thank her before she was released (leaving her panties behind at Belvedere’s request).

Once in her car, Aquina drove a couple of blocks and then parked. It was a side street; very quiet. Aquina slid her hand between her legs and masturbated almost savagely, visions of Belvedere’s ‘discipline’ in her head, until the end, when she thought of Shareen Macgregor, and burying her face in the woman’s pussy. Aquina’s second orgasm was sublime, delicious, intensely satisfying.

It took her a few moments to collect herself. Looking around she was glad that she had not attracted any attention.

She looked at her watch. It was nine-forty. And she had heard nothing from Brandon.

(End of Chapter 12)

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A House of Slaves by LongDarkRoad Chapter 11 Needs & Wants

A House of Slaves

Chapter 11 Needs & Wants (A profitable evening.)

Aquina and Sanders had finished their dinner, which was exceptional from the Chardonnay Batar wine to start to the selection of Italian pastries to conclude. Now they sat with glasses of Jim Beam Single barrel bourbon, relaxed in each other’s company and feeling mellow.

“So, everything’s good between us again, Doll,” Sanders looked across at Aquina.

“It’s good. It will always be good, Sanders; you rescued me, I saved you. You’re one of, oh, like I say, two people I trust…” Aquina laughed softly.

“I like that, Baby-Girl, I like hearing you laugh,” Sanders said finishing his whiskey. “So, you wanna come up to my room for some coffee?”

Aquina tilted her head slightly, “You have a room; here?”

Sanders laughed out loud now, and several people turned their heads. “No, no…not here. Across the street. I got a room at the Hyatt Regency. I like staying there every now and then.”

“And your wife…”


“…is good with that?”

“Charlene’s got no say in what I do, Doll. You should know that.”

“And your other…friend…”


“Frances…how many years?”

“Eight, Christ…that’s a record.”

“Frances is…okay?”

“Doll, Frances’s got no say with what I do, either. Hey, I’m a bastard. I know that. But I don’t lie to nobody. That’s the deal.”

“The coffee…is good?” Aquina smiled.

“They make great coffee. I mean that. Great. No shit, that’s why I stay there. And the view; I like the view.”

Ten minutes later the elevator doors opened on the thirty-second floor of the hotel and the two started a walk down the luxurious hallway. As they approached his room, Sanders murmured, “Oh, I should mention, Ms. Daniels, uh, Claire, is, like staying with me.”

Aquina looked at him but then she was guided into the suite, Sander’s large hand on her elbow. “Hey, Doll, Daddy’s home,” Sanders spoke, and the attractive blonde on the sofa rose, her sheer negligee almost transparent, her full, round breasts showing clearly as she turned to face them. “Oh, and I’ve invited a friend. Maybe you could ring room service for some coffee?”

Aquina and Claire stood for a moment, eying each other, before Claire smiled and said, “Welcome…Aquina…right? I’ll call for the coffee”; and she reached for the phone.


At two-thirty AM Aquina’s wrist watch beeped quietly, but it was enough to wake her. She slid off the bed and began looking for her clothes; finding everything, she moved quietly to the bathroom, glancing back over her shoulder at the twin beds, the one she had just left with the blonde head of Claire on one pillow, and the bed beside it, where the large mass that was Sanders was breathing gently.

After dressing, Aquina took out a brush and began to fix her hair when she was aware of movement behind her. Turning, she looked into the lovely, and sleepy, face of Claire Daniels, who spoke.

“Why are you going?” she whispered.

“I, um, I’ve got people I need to look after. It’s, uh, complicated.” Aquina smiled, and reached out to caress the face before her. Claire took that opportunity to move in and wrap her arms around the slightly taller woman.

“I don’t want you to go.” The two shared a deep kiss, Aquina wondering at the softness of the full lips pressed against hers.

After breaking apart, Claire looked into Aquina’s eyes and then pressed her face against her cheek. “I, well; um, last night was my first time, with a woman, an adult woman, I mean. I can’t believe it. It was…well, mmm, I can’t believe it.” She looked into Aquina’s eyes again. “Please, I must see you…again. I must.”

The night had featured Aquina making love to Claire as Sanders watched, and then watching herself as the blonde, clearly comfortable on her knees, her lovely ass and pussy open to Aquina’s view, pleasured her boss. As had been their history, Sanders and Aquina had no actual sexual or even intimate contact; and no discussion about it.

Aquina now tilted forward slightly and kissed Claire’s mouth deeply, searchingly, before kissing up and down her face. “I would like that…very much.”

They held each other for a few moments, before Aquina broke away saying, “I need to go now or I will not be able to…I will contact you. I will.”

And then she was gone, and Claire made her way back to her bed, sitting on it and running her hands through her long, blond hair, considering.

“She’s somethin’, isn’t she?” Sanders grunted from his bed.


It was good that Aquina had learned over the years to function at times without a lot of sleep, as she needed, after her late night, to be up at eight to get the slave girls ready and engaged. They needed to prepare the man-cave for another Saturday night. This included extracting Anna from Adam’s grasp, and then getting her and an unsmiling Kate showered and fed and beginning the cleaning.

At some point Heather and Mindi would need to be picked up, and with Kate looking more each day like a time-bomb, she would need to be resolved sooner rather than later. Today the woman had responded listlessly to her mistress’s commands, and Aquina had punished her and, as warned, Anna as well, and then felt anger and sadness; she could not do this forever.

And of course, soon Brandon, Kevin and Adam Abrahmson would need breakfasts prepared; whenever they arose, so Aquina set the slaves to cleaning bathrooms now while things were quiet. She was also expecting company.


Dale Dzyuba was down in his ‘workshop’ early this Saturday morning. Although he did actually do some projects here, it was mostly a place he could watch ‘nasty stuff’ on his computer away from the eyes of his wife. Today however, he had another purpose. He was waiting for a call from his friend in Vice, Ed Alston.

On his computer he was watching, with that goofy crooked grin plastered on his craggy mug, a dark-skinned young woman with a horse. This had become his latest interest, girls with animals. He was going to talk to ‘the boys’ about the possibilities at ‘the house’…he had a friend with a male Alsatian….

His thoughts were interrupted by his cell phone.

“Yal-lo,” he answered.

“’Zuba?” the voice inquired, and the captain recognized Alston.

“Yeah, Boss. What’s ‘hup’?”

“We need to meet somewhere, with some privacy.”

“Sure, c’mon over to the boys’ place, we’ll have some priv-acy, for sure and then some sweet ass. You bet.”

“This is not something we want a whole load of people knowing about, Zubes; ‘specially some whores.”

“Not a problem, Boss. You’ll see. We can talk, private- like for sure. Then have a drink and everyt’ing. You bet.”

So the plan was made and Alston would be at ‘the house’ around eight. Dzyuba went back to his screen. A slightly chubby, young Latin-looking woman was on her knees and an older woman entered the room leading a boxer dog and parading it around in a circle. Dzyuba grinned and nodded his head, like an eight-year-old in a candy store.

“Yeaaaahh, doggy! Go…” He cheered.


Nine o’clock and only Abrahmson was up, being served scrambled eggs, bacon and coffee by Anna, with a disgruntled Kate locked away. The doorbell chimed and Aquina went to answer it, assured of who it was. Opening the door she gazed upon the face of someone she had not seen in almost four years, Doctor Shareen Macgregor, or the ‘whitest woman I know’ as Aquina would describe her.

Macgregor, as well as being a very competent physician, was also known to be connected and discreet; have a need to resolve some troubling issue, then call Dr. ‘M’; for the right price, of course.

After entering, Macgregor stood and looked at Aquina, slowly shaking her head. “My God, time goes by and you just get lovelier,” she finally said, looking up at Aquina, who moved forward and grasped the slightly shorter woman in a hug.

After breaking the embrace, Aquina invited Macgregor into the living room and they settled on the sofa, the doctor giving the place the once over.

“Care for something?” she inquired.

“Coffee would be fine, it is very early.”

“Anna,” Aquina called, choosing to use the non-slave name. A naked Anna, wearing only a harness, quickly entered, kneeling near the two women. Dr. Macgregor had a bemused look on her face, but she did not appear startled, considering the unclothed woman before her.

“Coffee, please, slave. Bring milk and sugar as well. And advise Mr. Abrahmson that this room is, being used and he could crash in the bedroom for a while.”

“Yes, Mistress,” was the reply, and Anna scurried off.

“Well, well, now my curiosity is clearly peaked; what goes on here?” Macgregor smirked.

Aquina quickly and concisely explained the scenario, Macgregor nodding in understanding, before adding, “So, I’m guessing you are looking to me for…exams? tests? Something to keep your…assets, in shape?”

At that moment, Anna returned with a carafe, two cups and milk and sugar, setting them down on the coffee table.

“Slave, kneel before our guest,” Aquina directed.

Anna knelt in front of the red-haired woman. “Rub your face on her legs, show her affection,” Aquina continued, and Anna immediately began to nuzzle the nylon-stocking-clad legs of Shareen Macgregor, slowly moving from the calves, to the knees and then the thighs. Macgregor watched the advance with interest, one hand gently stroking Anna’s hair.

With a quick move, Anna slid the doctor’s skirt up past her hips so her midsection was visible, dark panties showing through the pantyhose. Anna now moved her face between Macgregor’s thighs and began sucking at her crotch through both layers of garment. Macgregor spread her legs, clearly experienced with what was happening, and leaned back, closing her eyes.

After a moment, Anna cast a quick glance back at Aquina (who nodded) and then reached up, grasping the elastic band of the pantyhose, pulling it down and off of Macgregor’s feet, which Anna then kissed, before moving her face directly back into the woman’s crotch. After suckling there for a few moments, Anna pulled the panties over, exposing two tight, pink pussy lips covered by a light coating of reddish-blonde pubic hair.

Anna’s now-experienced tongue began exploring and sucking these lips as Macgregor moaned softly and spread her legs wider. Anna then adroitly pulled the wet panties off and dove into the waiting valley framed by now puffier labia, licking and sucking, pushing her tongue as far into the opening as possible, now lubricated with a coating of ooze.

Macgregor clasped Anna’s head with both hands and began to face-fuck her with quick, steady thrusts of her hips. Aquina moved beside Macgregor on the sofa and nuzzled the woman’s neck before covering and sucking her mouth, both women’s tongues darting and exploring in each other’s willing orifices.

With a moan, Macgregor shifted and uttered a soft cry, murmuring, “Oh, Christ,” a broad smile on her lips, her eyes closed. “Mmmmm, your…slave is fantastic…oh, dear me.”

Aquina gently stroked Anna’s head, “You may pour the coffee, little slave.”

****      ****

Drinking their coffee, they caught each other up on things. As she finished her cup, Macgregor stood, with a small smile on her face, and a decided twinkle in her eye. “Okay, so I will agree to help you. I will come by Monday, so have all your girls available for ten AM and I will take blood and run the tests myself. But I’ll want something in return.”

Aquina looked up at her quizzically, a small smile on her face. “I’m assuming we aren’t talking, money?”

“No,” Macgregor straightened up and collected her things. “Do you, like, live here?”

“Um, yes. Why?”

Macgregor paused, then said quietly. “My payment will be…you, Aquina. For one hour Monday. In your room; you will be my slave, do what I ask, no questions. If you agree to that, I’ll be your doctor, no charge, no hassle.”

Aquina smiled and looked down. “Well, that puts me in a

spot, hmmm?” She looked at the other woman, who was wearing her ‘poker face’. After a moment, she said quietly, “Okay. Yes. I agree.”

“I want you on your knees when you say it,” Macgregor was smiling too, but Aquina could tell she was serious.

“Really?” she asked.

“Absolutely. Just a warm-up, you see. A teaser for Monday. Just to see how…dedicated a bitch you are.”

Aquina knelt, emptions rising. She looked up at Macgregor, “I will be your slave…Mistress Shareen.”

Macgregor came to stand beside her, stroking her hair and lifting her chin, she smiled down at Aquina. “That’s a good girl, but then, you know how this works, bitch. You are a bitch, aren’t you?” Aquina looked up at the face smiling down, amazed at her reaction, after all these years. “I’ll let myself out. Thanks for the coffee and…the service,” Macgregor murmured and was gone, leaving Aquina on her knees.


If things were interesting back at the house, they were equally so for Melissa. She now understood the relationship between the two Forsythe women. Daughter was a master and the mother, a submissive, and they found having another participant arousing, for whatever reason.

Friday night, after their initial time together, Melissa had been allowed a regular and uninterrupted sleep, waking for a shower (supervised by Amanda with Sally obediently scrubbing Melissa down, spending extra care on her ‘naughty parts’, as she called them).

They then had a rather unique breakfast, Melissa having toast and cereal in a normal way, before being tied with her legs spread as wide as possible. Cheerios and milk were then placed, by the spoonful, into her vagina. Sally was then made to eat the cereal out, hands tied behind her back. This was a slow process, made longer by Amanda frequently pausing to spank Sally for one issue or another, mostly for being too slow. By the end of the session, the Cheerios were all gone and Sally’s ass was a lovely red.


“Okay, watch your end,” Kevin called as he lifted from the back. Eric was carrying the front of the load and they had just managed to squeeze through the front door and were now heading for the corner of the living room.

Once there, they plugged in their burden, and it immediately lit up, to their shouts of joy. Even Brandon was impressed, yelling out. “Holy Fuck!”

In their possession, they now had a Vintage, 1978 Stern Wild Fyre Pinball Machine; fully reconditioned and in working order.

Brandon continued, “Now that is a great addition to the man-house, boys; where the hell did you find that?” With a round of beers, Eric and Kevin explained their search and purchase of this machine, something both of them had wanted for years.

“And it still works on quarters; who wants to race some chariots?” Eric enthused, pulling a key from his pocket that opened the machine’s back. “Now, we just need to get this thing happening,” Eric indicated the stripper’s stage, “and we’re good.”

“Yeah,” Brandon added, “Aquina said Heather is stripping tonight. We have a special guest, Ed Alston, from Vice and Narcotics, and it could be a profitable evening. We want him entertained and he’s not a big poker guy.”

“Is our little lawyer buddy going to be here too?” Kevin asked.

“Yeah,” Brandon took a drink from his beer, “I think he wants to move in.”

“I think he already has,” Kevin chirped, and they all laughed.    


The night had gone well. There had been two baseball, one basketball and one hockey game to choose from, both hockey and basketball being in the play-offs. As well, the pinball machine was a huge hit, and it turned out Alston loved darts and was very impressed with the set-up, challenging people to games for a couple of hours.

Now, as promised, Heather was doing her routine on the stripper stage. It was the first time it had been used, and the lights and sound were outstanding, as was Heather. She was incredibly flexible and her routine was met with much whistling and hooting, as she stretched and spread her legs, making sure her pussy and ass got lots of exposure.

Alston was also enjoying Mindi’s charms, as she sat on his knees, kissing the side of his face while he squeezed her nether cheeks. Dzyuba was like a kid at a ball game, hooting at the stage while he energetically fingered Kate’s pussy, as she looked up at the ceiling. He had her hands tied behind her, lying ‘tits up’, as he commented, across him.

Adam Abrahmson, after playing some cards and trying ‘Wild Fyre’, had taken Anna to the room the boys now jokingly referred to as ‘Adam’s’. Looking around, Brandon had to admit, he did not miss the hulking form of Jake, who had stayed away from the house after their last discussion.

Eventually things quieted. Mindi and Heather were put in one room, Kate serviced Dzyuba orally and then was placed in her crate, once again ignoring Aquina’s comments to her. Eric and Kevin had headed off, and Brandon, Alston and the captain settled around the table in the kitchen.

Alston then explained his ‘little idea’. One that he had nurtured for almost five years, waiting for the best situation.

It could be said that most law enforcement working drugs, at one time or another, had pondered the wealth lying just beyond their grasp. Shutting down an operation was rewarding, but then there you were, staring at millions in bust money, knowing it would just go somewhere and probably be burned or held in evidence for years; if the people above you didn’t help themselves along the way.

The bust was almost always more money than an honest cop would make, likely, in their entire career, and it was just sitting there, often unguarded, and sometimes before it was even officially counted and recorded. The temptation was always there, and if you got into money problems, maybe medical bills or whatever, the want could become a need.

Alston had pondered all of this in his twenty-seven years on the force. He was twice-divorced and had one daughter in college. He had been shot twice, the second in the leg that had left him with a limp. When he finally retired he knew his pension would not cover his expenses; so he had sat and watched and waited, and the right situation had now come up. He just needed some help; and he didn’t want it to be any of his cronies or from his department.

He had known Dzyuba for his whole career, and while he thought the man was…strange, he knew that he could be trusted. Dzyuba had his fingers (when not wrapped around his Johnson or in some hooker’s pussy) in lots of pies; but he had known over the years when to pull out and always to keep his mouth shut; and, he wouldn’t run at the first sign of trouble.

For the present, Alston secretly had his eye on a very large shipment of drugs coming into Miami in a few days. It held a substantial amount of cocaine, but also heroin and meth, so his informant had said. The numbers he had heard were seven to nine million on the street, with the cargo to be divided into three; one shipment to L.A.; one to New York and one to St. Louis. Even a third of this haul would be significant. His plan was to intercept the St. Louis truck.

In order to avoid attention, he’d heard the trucks would be general use, with two, average-looking drivers sharing the cab. That would be it; two guys. Alston had checked the route and found several points where the trucks could be hit. They would be using the secondary highways, again to avoid attention; and that would work well for Alston’s plan.

“So boys,” Alston said, putting down his glass, “Whaddya think?”

“It sounds, very…interesting,” Brandon purred, “but why us? You don’t even know us.”

“That’s the point, I don’t know you, and you don’t know me, we have no connection except the captain, but he trusts you; supports you. I need some young guys that can handle themselves and don’t look like a bunch of middle-aged cops. Guys that can unload heavy stuff and be ready to move. Guys that are lookin’ to score and not spend their whole fucking lives in service. Does that sound like you and your guys?”

Brandon nodded his head. It did sound like them.


Sally Forsythe was bound, spread-eagle on the floor of what looked to be a den. Her pert breasts were tied savagely with ropes causing them to bulge out grotesquely and turn a dark purple color.

Both nipples had gold rings piercing them, and cords ran through these rings to hooks in the ceiling; cords which Amanda had pulled tight, stretching the nipples painfully. Melissa had been tasked with forcing a large, flesh-colored dildo into Sally’s anus, and despite the copious lubrication, the imposing hard rubber phallus was proving a challenge.

Melissa had about three inches in but was at the widest part, with another inch still to insert. Sally was moving her hips, but a band across her waist and tied to the floor was keeping her in place.

Meanwhile, Amanda was crouching over her step-mother, her crotch directly above the woman’s face. As she removed the panties from Sally’s mouth, she lowered her asshole onto it, with the clear instruction, “Lick that hole, slut, or I’ll pull these cords tighter.”

Sally needed no further encouragement; she began to lick rapidly, pausing for a brief grunt as the dildo was finally pushed in to its full length, Melissa grinning up at Amanda.


Aquina had always been a light sleeper; at times, her life had depended on it. She looked at her clock now: three AM; but she was certain she had heard someone moving around. She got up and moved cautiously to the hallway, opening her door and moving silently out and to the top of the stairs. A light was shining from the main floor, and then she saw Brandon go into the living area. He was carrying…a glass of milk.

“So what’s going on?” Aquina asked, as Brandon settled onto the couch.

“Couldn’t sleep. Too much stuff runnin’ through my head.”

Aquina moved beside the man, “Having second thoughts?”

Brandon drank some milk and considered. “Not exactly, it’s just so much is riding on these two deals; the one with McHugh and now this drug thing. They’re both big. Both dangerous. This could be a huge start to a new life; or you know, like the end…” He chuckled darkly.

Aquina nodded and grimaced; Brandon was right. “All in or go home, right? The McHugh thing is done, we’ll see some money real soon and then lots more. I have no doubts. This truck high-jack is serious stuff; but a huge reward. I notice Jake wasn’t part of the, emm, discussion.”

Brandon sighed. “No, but I’m going to talk with him tomorrow…er, today I guess. We need him there.”

“Yeah, I get it.” She got up to leave, but Brandon grasped her hand.

“So, any chance of you, um, comforting me tonight in my time of need?” He asked, a small smile on his face.

Aquina laughed softly and looked down. “Hey, forget the puppy-dog eyes; I want to keep things business-like between us right now; there’s too much at stake now to have, distractions…”

She turned to head upstairs, but paused, looking back at him, “I’m not going anywhere, B. We’re partners.”

Brandon raised his glass in salute, “I’ll drink to that, even milk.”

In her room Aquina paused on the edge of her bed to ponder all that she was into, including emotionally. Her feelings for Melissa encouraged and concerned her; like Bob Dylan sang, when you got nothin’, you got nothin’ to lose. Aquina had been guarded with her affections over the years; she didn’t like being vulnerable. Yet she could not deny what she felt for the lovely captive; was it simply desire?

And now she had agreed to Shareen’s…demand; where would that go? Aquina was aware of her own…needs. Shareen had always had a strange effect on her which, to now, had not been acted upon. She had to admit the encounter with the woman had greatly excited her; more than she would have thought. And then there was the lovely Claire…

Aquina sighed and lay her head down. Both Garth and Sanders appeared in her mind, their voices carrying warnings; but one couldn’t always just play safe.

Acting on impulse, she then got up again and went down to the basement, returning in a moment with Kate. She’d have the woman stay with her tonight, and see if she could maybe help her see some hope on the horizon.

(End of Chapter 11)