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A Mask of Love by LongDarkRoad Chapter 6 Fate Has Given You One Face; You Make Yourself Another

A Mask of Love

By LongDarkRoad

Chapter 06

Fate Has Given You One Face; You Make Yourself Another   

The celebration was underway. It had begun with the “parade of Slaves”, as Jessica had laughingly announced it; Carol, Meg and Allie, in single file, coming to stand side by side in the living room, before undressing and then kneeling. After each had been spanked several times by their mistresses, collars were attached and the slaves were led downstairs.

Here, the mistresses could decide on what would happen and how much. Allie was tied to the x-cross, facing out. Carol was tied on the pad atop the cage, and Meg was placed inside the cage, but not before Mistress Jessica presented her pet with a gift.

“What the Hell is that, girl?” Lia had asked, as Jessica held up a furry object.

“This is a genuine fox tail, and this is how it works.” Jessica replied, placing Meg with her head down and her ass up. Applying gel generously to the round, metal end of the ‘tail’, Jessica inserted the bulb-like knob, being about two inches long, into Meg’s lubed anus. Once in, the tail, which was faux fur, hung down between Meg’s legs; just like a real tail.

Jessica walked her pet around a little before guiding her into the cage, with both Lia and Kendra making smart comments.

“Hope that bitch’s b’en fixed,” Lia mocked. Kendra laughed and lit three candles, handing Jessica and Lia one each. “Ok, Mistresses, let’s decorate our playthings; you’ll notice the candles are red and white, in honor of the day.” The ladies laughed, and then began dripping hot wax onto the nipples of their ‘guests’. Happy Canada Day indeed.


“It’s a holiday,” Dawn explained, “we have the Fourth coming up on Monday, this is Canada’s celebration.”

Cutter finished his scrambled eggs, while looking at his laptop, with one ear to his assistant. “But for what?” he asked, looking at some stock numbers on his screen.

“It’s, like the day the country was named, or something. I dunno, I just know it’s like a national holiday. Banks and shit are closed. That’s just the deal, boss.” Cutter remained focused on his screen, Dawn watching him. “You want me to get Lauren?”

Cutter sipped his espresso (he’d had his own unit shipped up from Cleveland) and searched for a moment on his screen. “No, emmm, not right now. Here.” He handed Dawn a piece of paper. “Text that number and have that girl, her name’s Cherry…” He chuckled darkly, “come over. Hire her for two hours. Of course, remind her it’s for a couple, man and woman.”

Dawn looked at the number and then texted it; she’d done this several times before. Cutter enjoyed watching her and other girls, besides Lauren, have sex; and then he would take part when he chose. “Make sure she does bareback bj.’s.” Cutter concluded, typing on his laptop as Dawn typed on her cell; she knew all this, but didn’t say anything in response. The boss liked to be the boss.

After a couple of reply texts, Dawn spoke, “It’s four hundred if you come in her mouth. She doesn’t swallow.” She said, in a business-like manner.

“Canadian dollars?” Cutter snorted, “Deal.” He turned to face Dawn, “Tell her to be here for two.”

Dawn nodded.


Lauren walked around the large home in her socks; the house was quiet, the two regular staff that looked after her mother and the place having been given the day off.

After grabbing some yogurt from the large, impressive refrigerator (it seemed everything in this house was large and impressive, from the front doors to the winding staircase, to the wall-mounted televisions to the appliances) Lauren headed to the den. Something worth watching might be on television, although Lauren didn’t watch a lot of regular t.v.; she wondered if her mother had packages like HBO or Netflix. Where was her mother, by the way?

And it was odd she hadn’t heard anything from Cutter or Dawn. Hmmmm, she thought, settling herself into a (surprise) large leather chair; it was odd.


Late afternoon and the Mistresses were feeling satisfied; they now lay or sat around in the living room. After having the slave-girls together in the open shower, using soft brushes to scrub each other’s intimate places as their overseers looked on, commenting and directing (and laughing) the women had been placed in one of the large dog crates, huddled naked, bound and gagged together.

Although it was a little early for drinking, the mistresses felt, it being a holiday and all, that they could celebrate. Kendra and Jessica were sipping their wine as Lia nursed her scotch. “So, girls, what do you think?” Kendra asked with a huge grin on her face.

“I think slaves are exhausting,” Jessica announced, as she lay full out on a couch. Lia and Kendra chuckled in response as Jessica added, “but in a good way, right. A very good way, so cool it’s fucking ice-cold, sisters.”

“What’s the deal with, um, Allie, um, Slave?” Lia asked and Jessica swung her legs around and sat up. All three women had used the girl hard and she had responded.

“Hey, she’s, you know, evolving as a whaddya-call-it?”

“Submissive.” Kendra said.

“Yeah, one of those, evolving, you know, just like us. Queen Kendra here probably gets this more than either of us, ‘cuz of her experience, right KC?” Jessica looked at her housemate and arched her eyebrows.

Kendra pursed up her lips, “Yep, I think she is a closet submissive who is just discovering herself. But it’s different strokes for different folks, eh ladies?”

“Meaning what?” Lia looked up.

Kendra folded her hands and looked like a professor about to give a lecture. “Meaning, you’ve got your pain, you’ve got your humiliation, you’ve got your desire to give up control, to belong to someone; lots of, um, variation. And then you’ve got different actual fetishes, you know, like clothing, certain objects, certain roles, like nurses or nannies, whatever; you never know what will trigger a response. And make no mistake, fellow Queens of Malice (Jessica snorted) there always needs to be reward. For the slave that likes you to piss in her mouth, you’ve got to put aside your bias and accept that, for them, that’s a reward.”

“Gross,” Lia remarked.

“Whatever,” Kendra replied. “But with our little slave, I think we’re pushing some buttons with Allie-Cat and she’s like, I don’t know, a freebie. Now, when you get your sweet piece Lillian in here, Lia, Allie might become a house slave or some such thing. Who knows? We are kind of making this up as we go along, right?”

Her housemates nodded, then Jessica asked, “How long we gonna’ keep ‘em down in the cages?”

“Ummmm, a little while longer, eh? They need a break,” Kendra chuckled.

“And so do we.” Jessica murmured, stretching back out on the couch. “So do we.”


Cherry’s lips moved up and down Simon Cutter’s glistening erection; they were, not surprising given her name, bright red. She was certainly skillful, one hand effectively massaging Cutter’s shaved testicles while the other furiously pumped his shaft as she sucked.

While she worked, Cherry herself was being stimulated orally (in fact, Dawn was so successfully doing her job that Cherry had needed to pause once and ask Dawn to slow down; she was finding it difficult to concentrate on her own task). Dawn at that moment was lying beneath the slim, young woman and had her face buried between the shapely, tanned legs, sucking the remarkably large labia found there, lost momentarily in the scene.

Cherry could now sense Cutter getting close and she became very focused. A few moments later everything worked out, with Cutter groaning loudly and bucking as Cherry took his ejaculate into her mouth, paused for a moment, then headed for the bathroom with her handbag, which held a container of extra-strength, antibacterial mouth wash.

It’s the only way she would ever consider a bbbj, even for someone as apparently upscale as Simon Cutter.

However, she did return to Dawn quickly and sat on the willing girl’s eager mouth. “Oh, God, Hun, you need to finish me,” Cherry commanded and Dawn responded, giving the girl a nice release. A few minutes later, Cherry and Dawn lay together, relaxing as Cutter remained, eyes closed, lying quietly on his own; his choice.

“He’s particular that way,” Dawn remarked quietly as Cherry kissed the side of her face, being just as happy with this arrangement, even okay with Sonny Rollins’s sweet sax playing on the sound surround in the background.


Meg was kneeling by her mistress’s feet, as Jessica gently stroked her. She was wearing the pink collar and nothing else. The tail, which had been removed for a couple of hours, was back in place. Jessica brought Meg’s face up and directed the girl’s mouth to her left breast and nipple, and Meg sucked contentedly like a babe, with Jessica still stroking the soft, auburn hair.

“Is, Cindy-Lou a happy, pet?” Jessica murmured.

“Ummmm, hmmmm,” Meg murmured in response, heat spreading to her loins at this question, her mouth remaining fixed on her mistress’s nipple, as contented as she could ever remember being.

Jessica felt a pleasant surge as well, swelling within her at this response; she considered her next question, then asked it; one might as well know. “Does, Cindy-Lou…want to live with her mistress?” Jessica asked quietly.

Meg moaned and pressed her face into Jessica’s armpit, “Ummmm, oh, uh, mmmmm, ye-yes, Mistress.”

“You would be, my pet.” Jessica murmured, and Meg made a sound comprised of a moan and a cry, while desperately wanting to grasp between her legs, but prevented from doing this as her hands were tied behind her.

Jessica swung around and lifted Meg’s face up to her, hungrily kissing the mouth as Meg responded in kind, the two women sucking and licking each other’s lips and faces. Jessica then held Meg tightly, whispering fiercely into her ear. “I want you. I want you here with me. Ummmmm, fuck. Ohhhh, fuck, fuck, FUCK, I want you!”

Jessica slowly became aware that Meg was crying, and she held the girl away and looked at her; Meg’s eyes were closed and tears were running down her face; she began sobbing.

It took her a few moments to regain composure and then Meg looked up at Jessica, who smiled, looking back with a sort of wonder at this display. “What is it my, mmm, girl?” she asked gently.

Meg responded by lifting up and kissing Jessica’s face, several times, before now whispering in her turn. “I, uh, I love you, ummmmm, oh jeez. Uhhhmm. Ohhh, God. I love you. That, that’s what it is. I fucking love you; I want to be yours, oh fuck….” Meg was breathing hard, her face pressed against Jessica’s throat.

The two women were silent now, with Jessica reaching around and untying Meg’s bonds. “Do you want to be my pet?” Jessica asked, and Meg began to cry again. She didn’t answer, just nodded her head up and down several times emphatically, smiling even as the tears ran down her cheeks, bewildered by her feelings.


“So, you don’t want Lauren over today?” Dawn asked Cutter as he sat watching a movie on his laptop, Cherry long gone.

“No, that’s fine. We’ll have her over tomorrow, and see where she is with our, plans.”

“Ok, boss, see you tomorrow.” Dawn replied, heading for the door herself.

“Right.” Cutter acknowledged without looking up.

On her way down to her car, Dawn texted Lauren, who replied and asked Dawn if she wanted to come by. Dawn had heard about Douglas’s home and was interested, so in a few minutes she was headed over there.

Lauren put down her cell; it was kind of creepy being in the large house alone; she was happy at the thought of company. And she still hadn’t heard from her mother.

What the fuck could she be doing? She thought again.

It would of course have blown her mind to know that, that, was exactly what she had been doing.


“So you think I should do what?” Jessica asked, looking over at Kendra. They were both lying on couches now, so she could not see her friend’s face. They had been chatting about ‘the girls’ some more and Jessica had shared the exchange she had had with Meg.

“Ok, let me work through this, because it’s just an idea that came to me. So,” Kendra paused and then sat up, “Jess, sit up, I want to look at you as I say this, because I’m still working things out, ok?”

“Sure.” Jessica replied, sitting and looking with interest across to the other couch.

“Ok, so, I’m thinking with your sweet Cindy-Lou a.k.a.

Meg, she needs to have more than one, um, personality.” Jessica just looked at her friend so Kendra continued. “You can’t have her as uh, a dog, you know, all the time.”

“Why?” Jessica asked simply.

“You’re not going to kiss her? Screw her? How can you screw um, a dog?” Jessica stared now in thought; this idea, more a problem really, had been sliding around in her mind, but she had managed to elude facing it; until now.

Jessica nodded slowly, “Yeah, I get that. So, um, where are you going with this?”

Kendra made a face and shrugged her shoulders. “So remember, this is something different for me, but it’s really all about role-playing. I thought of it after my first, uh, session with Carol-Slave. She went from licking my shoes and prostrating herself before me, to a board meeting. Goddamn! A board meeting with stuffy folks in suits and she sat there all prim. That’s some serious role-playing, girl. If Meg can slide into this, you know, ‘Pet’ role, and she looked pretty comfortable walking beside you on a leash, today; Christ, who says she can’t, you know, change roles?” Kendra paused, out of breath.

Jessica continued to nod her head slowly, a smile spreading across her pretty face. She looked into Kendra’s eyes, “I’m guessing, oh Queen of Ideas, that you’ve got more?”

Kendra chuckled, and took a breath. “Yeah, well, sex is kinda’ my thang; I can say that ‘cause Lia ain’t around,” she grinned. “Anyway, yeah, I have thought a little. Mostly ‘cause when I saw cute Cindy-Lou’s sweet ass strutting around today I wanted some of that, but I’m not into, uh, dogs, ok? Plus, how can you share your girl, if that’s, like, the deal, right?”

Jessica nodded again, looking a little like the person with the light bulb over their head.


“AAAAaaahhhh,” Dawn cried out, her hands in Lauren’s soft, brown hair.

Lauren looked up from her place between Dawn’s thighs, her face wet. “That was good?” she asked, her eyes bright. She liked pleasing Dawn, more than she did Cutter, actually. Well, a lot more really. Even when you pleased him, there was a coldness.

“Jee-zus girl, you need to ask!?” Dawn purred, gently stroking Lauren’s head, eyes closed, “get up here, little ho’?” she said, and Lauren clambered up to lay against the soft, brown body.

“I love your skin,” Lauren murmured, running her fingers gently up one leg and then an arm.

“MMmmmm, that’s good, sugar, just lie still by me now, momma needs to sleep.” Dawn smiled, her eyes still closed.

Lauren snuggled in, kissing Dawn’s face. “Happy Canada Day,” she whispered.

“What?” Dawn said, quietly. “What do I care about that shit?”

“You’re here, aren’t you? In Canada, I mean? Might as well enjoy.”

Dawn smiled, “Lie still, little one. I’m enjoying just fine, thanks,” she murmured.


“So,” Jessica summarized, “my girl is Cindy-Lou when she’s my pet, Meg the Maid when she’s available to us all, doing stuff around here, serving us, like that, and then she’s, uh, Sapphire, when we want her to get sexy and be our, like, fuck-toy. Hmmmm. It all seems possible, if my Meg is cool with it. If she looks at me like I’m crazy, then what?”

Kendra spread her hands, “It is what it is, but you need to try, right? She said she wants to move in, so that’s a pretty major statement, Jess.”

“Yeah.” Jessica pondered for a minute. “So what are you doing about your Mommy-Slave?”

“Well, she’s staying tonight, which is something. She didn’t flinch at being used by you and Lia, and our big girl used her pretty hard….”

“I noticed,” Jessica added.

“But she was good with everything. When I finally let her come she just, um, gushed,” Kendra chuckled softly, remembering, “then she lay like a fish on the dock, dazed; smiling like a motherf….”

“She is a mother,” Jessica snorted.

“Yeah, yeah, right. You know what I mean. I’m back to rewards. Everybody needs to get something outta’ the deal for it to work; we don’t need to know all the psycho-babble about what turns your crank. Mommy-Slave got her big ‘O’ and was like a kitten with a saucer of milk, just lappin’ it up. She digs it, who cares why.” Kendra paused and considered, then continued, “She, um, wants me to start selling stuff off and managing her financials for her.”

Jessica looked at her friend. “I thought she had, like, accountants for that shit?”

“She does. Only like a legion of ‘em. But she trusts me, who knows?”

“And where does her daughter fit into all this?” Jessica asked.

Kendra looked back at her with an odd expression. “Damned if I know.”


Lauren looked at the text message; stared at it, really. It was from her mom announcing she was out somewhere and would be back in the morning. What was going on? Cutter would not be happy with where things were at. Shit, Lauren thought, why wasn’t this easier?


Kendra came bustling in the door, followed by Allie, both carrying bags and boxes. Kendra had been out as early as the stores were open and had taken Allie along “as my mule”, she had laughed. Now they moved into the living room and began spreading the boxes out on the couches, Lia and Jessica coming to watch.

“Where are the other two?” Kendra asked.

“Downstairs, waiting. We were not sure how you wanted to do this. We had them shower together.”

“And piss,” Lia added with a grin. “That was fun. We made them spread their legs as they went and then wipe each other. They were embarrassed, but turned on. Fuck. You could tell,” Lia said and Jessica nodded in agreement.

Jessica added, “They are kneeling downstairs, with dildos in them; waiting for the queen.”

Kendra did a little bow and held up a skimpy skirt, “We have maid costumes. Hot ones. I think a woman wearing a little, uh, revealing clothing is sexier than a naked one. Anyway, we’ll have them serve us this morning as maids. C’mon Allie-Cat, get everything out and then get undressed.” 

Allie sped up her unpacking as Jessica and Lia stood with grins on their faces.

“Nothing like a slave that’s keen to get down to business,” Jessica laughed.


Marissa knocked gently on Lauren’s door. She had already checked with Mrs. Douglas and was surprised to find the woman was not home. “Ms. Douglas, would you like breakfast?” She asked in her respectful manner.

Lauren and Dawn both sat up in the large bed and Dawn spoke quietly into the side of Lauren’s face, “Tell her to make pancakes.” Lauren nodded and called out that request. “Very good, Miss.” Came the reply, followed by, “Any word on, um, Mrs. Douglas please?”

“No, sorry, Marissa,” the younger Douglas replied. That was still a mystery.


The three maids came in wearing their new outfits. They were strapless, sleeveless corset-style black and white garments with dark nylons attached to black garter belts, completed with black micro thongs visible from the back anytime the ‘maid’ bent forward, even slightly. An added feature at the bust line of the corset was an opening for the wearer’s nipples, if desired. Mistress Kendra had desired this, and the feature was being used as all three maids had their nipples jutting out, with small, black, modest strength clamps attached to them.

As well, each maid wore a wide, black, leather slave collar, fastened by a padlock. They were shoeless; “I don’t want them clacking around right now,” Mistress Kendra had decided. The maids carried trays with drinks of juice and coffee and plates of buttered toast. After serving their mistresses, the maids knelt by each of them, eyes averted as they had been instructed.

“Ain’t ‘dis loverly, li-dies?” Kendra asked in a decent British accent that caused everyone, maids included, to snicker.

Kendra then spoke in a mock stern voice, reprimanding the maids for making sounds without permission, “There will be punishment, disobedient sluts,“ she warned.

“I’m pretty sure there’s gonna’ be punishment anyway, there kids.” Jessica added, with Kendra and Lia laughing out loud and the maids suppressing their giggles.


Carol Douglas had finally headed for home, as had Allie. Lia was scheduled for a weekend shift and Kendra had joined Jessica as they took Meg home to gather up some things; she was moving in. Once in Meg’s tiny place, it had not taken them long to pack. Within an hour they were leaving with two boxes and one suitcase; Meg would not be needing much. Four other boxes sat taped and waiting for some movers. Jessica was going to have the boxes and Meg’s furniture put into storage. Six months from now the picture should be clearer.

At the Douglas home, Lauren heard Marissa greet her mother and waited until she heard the woman coming down the hall. She gave her a few minutes and then headed to the bedroom, knocking gently on the door.

“Come in, dear,” Carol said and Lauren entered and looked at her mother. She had changed somehow. She wasn’t the driven business woman, so focused on making money, that Lauren had left. She seemed…calmer? What had happened?

“Hey, uh, Mom. So, where’ve you b’in?”

Carol smiled at her daughter; she still wasn’t really comfortable with her or this relationship; yet. She wasn’t sure why Lauren had returned; she was willing to give the girl a chance but something was ‘niggling’ away at the back of her mind. “Oh, I was just with friends, dear,” she replied, noncommittedly.

“That’s, um, different, hey?”

“Emmm, what do you mean?”

Lauren paused, “Well, I just don’t remember you doing much with anyone before; it seemed like you were always about, you know, business.”

Carol considered this; it was true, for the most part. Before Lauren had left, Carol had spent more time on her projects and business in general, a little now and then with her husband, and then looking after her sexual needs, but that was a private thing. She had certainly never stayed away for a night when Lauren was around. “Well, yes, things can change, dear. Look at you, I would never have expected you to just, oh, return like this, out of the blue so to speak.”

They sat for a moment in silence, before Lauren replied. “Well, you can’t drift around for ever, hmmm? I need to do something with my life, and I needed to at least try to, like, connect with you. That’s something I have come to, um, appreciate like, you know, having someone that cares about you. Whatever, um, differences

we have had, you’re still…my mother.”

Yes, Carol thought, that was true.

(End of Chapter 06)

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A Mask of Love by LongDarkRoad Chapter 5 A False Face And A Good Lie May Well Succeed

A Mask of Love

By LongDarkRoad

Chapter 05

A False Face And A Good Lie May Well Succeed   

“Hello, dear,” Carol Douglas said quietly, and cautiously.

There was a pause at the other end, as Lauren Douglas gathered herself. “Hey, mom. Thanks for, uh, getting back to me.”

It was Carol’s turn to pause, as a flood of emotions flowed through her. Memories of Lauren as a child; as a troublesome teen, and as an angry young woman, storming out. Lauren’s father, Carol’s first husband, had died when the girl was eleven. Two years later, Carol had married Allan, and Lauren and Allan had never gotten on. To be honest, when Lauren had headed off two years ago, a large part of Carol was relieved.

They had not actually spoken since; there had been a card at Christmas and Carol had sent money on Lauren’s birthday, but this moment was the first time the two had exchanged words since the day Lauren left. Carol really had no idea even where her daughter had been.

“No worries, as they say.” Carol continued to speak quietly, as if afraid of breaking some spell. “How are you, Lauren. There is so much…” Carol paused here, unable for a moment to speak.


Meg looked at her phone and considered; what should she say to Mary? It was such an odd feeling when she thought of the girl, who she had clearly been attracted to, but who had now been pushed to the back of her mind by the emotions she felt for; her mistress. Mistress. That word again, and the effect it had on her.

Meg could not refute the arousal, the desire she felt at the thought of Mistress Jessica; it was unexplainable but undeniable; was there any room for Mary? Her messages were simply non-committal updates, she was not on her way back. That would be something to deal with, when it happened. If it happened.


Kendra and Jessica sat side by side on the couch, Lia was still at work; they had given their ‘girls’ a night off. Before them on the coffee table was spread a ‘BDSM’ catalog; they were looking at ways to spend their unexpected windfall.

“There’s a table like you were discussing,” Jessica pointed out. “Or this one; it’s cool.”

“Yes!” Kendra responded. “And look at these special saw-horsey things.”

Jessica snickered. “Saw-horsey doesn’t sound very, um, dungeon-like, oh Queen of Darkness,” she added.

“You know what I mean.” Kendra paused. “Do we really want the, um, dungeon feel?”

Jessica shrugged, “We’re tyin’ people up and spankin’ them; that kinda sounds like a dungeon to me, Mistress K.”

Kendra chuckled, “Yeah, but it’s not dark and dank. You know, we need to get a couple of couches in there, to keep it cozy, before we get too crazy with the room. The delivery guys might freak.”

Jessica smirked and nodded. “Hey, don’t forget, we need a couple of large dog crates, too.”

Kendra nodded her head. “Right.”


Tuesday after her shift ended, Meg headed out to Jessica’s car, sitting in the back as directed. Part way on the journey back to the house, Meg went on to all fours as directed, and maintained this position, for several blocks, her butt level with the rear window, before her mistress ordered her to lift her dress and lower her panties, so that for the final few blocks, Meg’s bare ass was clearly visible through the window.

Upon arriving, Jessica went inside, leaving her pet in this exposed position for several minutes. The house was near the top of a cul-de-sac and it was doubtful anyone would come by or look inside. Still, both women were aroused by the scenario. When Jessica finally brought her pet inside, Meg was pleading to serve.

“My wittle Cindy-Woo wants some wovin’, hmmm?” Jessica crooned, as she placed the pink collar around the neck of her now naked pet. Jessica then spent a moment examining “Cindy’; pleased that the girl had followed directions and stopped shaving under her arms or under her crotch. Jessica wanted her pet to be as hairy as possible, for now. Like a real dog, she thought with a snicker.


“What is it, my slave?” Kendra asked as Carol was busy licking her bare feet.

Carol looked up with concern, “Why does my mistress ask that?” she spoke quietly.

Kendra stroked the soft, brown hair, and gently pulled a nipple, as her slave of course was performing her tasks naked. “I can see something is on your mind. You are, well, kind of transparent, Carol-Slave. Don’t ever play cards.”

Carol nodded and looked down. “My mistress is observant and correct. I, oh, I am, well, distracted. My, mmmm, daughter arrived home last night, unexpectedly. It has alarmed me. I am sorry, Mistress.”

A daughter, Kendra pondered, that is interesting.


When Kendra brought Carol into their house, the first thing she noticed was Meg kneeling in the living room, wearing a blindfold, her collar and nothing else. Jessica was sitting on one couch, a glass of wine in her hand.

Kendra, after talking for a while with Carol about her situation, had told her that they would follow this up more later, but for now she wanted to have a little fun. She knew for the next couple of days she would be busy with a complicated business take-over, and would be working late and bringing work home. She would not have time for her slave; so, tonight would be the night and it would be back at her place, since Jessica and Kendra had also decided they wanted their two ‘girls’ to be used together.

On Thursday the new slave-room equipment would arrive and, if everything worked out, Friday, a holiday, would see some serious fun and games.

Now, upon entering the living room, Carol was ordered to undress and stand with her hands behind her head as Mistresses Kendra and Jessica enjoyed viewing her. After a few moments, they had the woman masturbate for a while, as they commented on her technique.

Carol was then made to kneel behind Meg and directed to lick the girl’s genitals and ass, which she did quite enthusiastically, Meg’s attractive rear being quite tempting.

Then, after blindfolding Carol, both pet and slave were directed to make out with each other, as enthusiastically as possible. Once again, the two women needed little encouragement.

Eventually, Meg and Carol were brought to the carpet, kneeling before Jessica and Kendra, and providing oral sex for each mistress, before going down on each other. By eleven o’clock, all four women were satisfied and relaxed, with Carol now paired up with Jessica and Meg snuggled against Kendra, just for a change of pace.

It was decided that both pet and slave should go home tonight, as both mistresses needed to be at work relatively early on Wednesday, so a taxi was called and the two sent off.

Around midnight, Jessica and Kendra were just vegging out on the couches when Lia came home.

“You know, Jess, at some point it makes sense to have the, uh, girls, just stay here.” Kendra proposed.

Jessica nodded her head. “Meg would love that, but do you think Mrs. Moneypenny wants to give up her mansion for…this. No disrespect, but…?”

Kendra pondered this. “Well, Slave would still own her place; but, you know, it would be a good test, just to see if her, uh, devotion is a deep as she says.”

Both Lia and Jessica agreed. Carol Douglas was a special case; and her money was a bonus. A big bonus.

“She has a daughter.” Kendra announced.

“Really?” Jessica asked. “Details, lady. Details.”

Kendra smiled. “Don’t have much, toots.” Jessica snorted and Kendra continued. “Twenty-one. Took off a couple of years ago. Seems to have her shit together now and has returned.”

“How’s your, em, slave, handling that? She seemed pretty focused tonight.”

“Yeah, she’s into this, that’s for sure. But this daughter thing is bothering her. I’m sure of that, too.” Kendra remarked.

Everyone nodded their heads.


Cleveland, Ohio, March 2015

Lauren Douglas huddled under her coat, the cold creeping in as the night deepened. She wished she had more wine, but it was gone. She wasn’t sure what tomorrow would bring; maybe it was time to give in, and call her mother.

A car’s headlights illuminated the small, huddled figure as a silver Lexus moved slowly up the darkened street.

“There she is.” The woman in the passenger’s seat announced to Simon Cutter, driver of the car. Simon eased his vehicle to a stop near the bench the girl was occupying. His passenger, Dawn Haynes, an attractive, caramel-colored thirty-five year old who was also his assistant, got out and made her way to the figure.

In a few minutes the Lexus pulled away from the curb and headed for Cutter’s upscale condo, the young woman now sitting in the back.


Simon Cutter grunted and thrust hard. He was a slim, wiry man, and although he wasn’t bulky or particularly athletic-looking, he did jog and exercise and had muscled legs and abs, which he used now to drive his body forward and his cock deep into Lauren Douglas’s vagina; until he shook with his ejaculation.

He lay, covering the slim, petite woman, and breathing hard. Lauren held him gently, with caution as always, waiting for his next move. After a moment, Cutter extricated himself, cautiously as well, but still dripping a little on the sheets and cursing quietly.

He then sat on the edge of the bed and ran a slender hand through his short, flaxen hair. “That was great, Lore; fab. Pull the sheets off the bed after you clean yourself up, will ya’, babe? That’s a dear,” he said in his clipped way, as he stood and retrieved his jockeys.

Lauren proceeded to the ensuite in Simon’s bedroom and washed herself. Since ‘saving her‘ that cold night in Cleveland fifteen months ago, Lauren had become a sort of assistant/maid/girl Friday for Simon, as well as a sexual partner for both him and Dawn, and occasionally others that Simon needed to pander to.

After cleaning, Lauren pulled on her clothes and stripped the bed, then went into the room where Simon and Dawn now sat.

Dawn stood and grabbed her thin jacket, which she didn’t really need as it was still warm out, even this late. “C’mon, Lauren, I’ll take you home.”

Home, Lauren thought, such an odd concept. Where was her home, really?


Carol Douglas washed her face and then paused as she was drying it to look at her reflection. She smiled not knowing why, and then allowed memories to flow. She was a successful business woman; she had parlayed her family’s financial support into a personal fortune north of fifty million, yet her personal life had been decidedly disappointing. Until now.

One mediocre marriage that had ended with her husband’s death; a second marriage even less compelling than the first, ending now in divorce. One child who had run off and basically disappeared. And now, Carol had fallen into this bizarre, that was the only word, relationship that would curl the toes of any board member on any of her companies; yet the fact was, it was an incredibly satisfying relationship to her; both sexually and emotionally.

And now Lauren had returned, the prodigal daughter?

What did any of this mean? Where would any of this lead? “What do you want?” she asked the reflection in her mirror. It didn’t answer, but she knew, for one thing, that she was prepared to give herself to her …mistress. This was a dangerous and scary proposition, yet one that somehow gave her life some, meaning. Could she give all she had away? For pleasure?

She would talk at length with Kendra Chand, as her lawyer, then as her mistress. She needed to settle some issues.


Dawn pulled the car up outside the imposing Douglas home. “This is some place, Lore,” she murmured.

Lauren shrugged; it didn’t mean much to her. Dawn turned Lauren’s face to hers and kissed her, Lauren opening her mouth and accepting the woman’s tongue, knowing what was expected. She actually sort of liked being fucked by Cutter and was ok with the sex with Dawn, but tonight she was tired.

“Put your tongue out,” Dawn crooned.

“Dawn, I’m kinda’ tired, right?”

Haynes looked at her. “Yeah, sure, but tomorrow I have you first,” she said.

Lauren shrugged again. “Whatever; it’s not like it’s anything you haven’t had before,” Lauren noted.

Haynes chuckled, “True ‘dat, girl. But I still like the taste.” She regarded the young woman for a moment. “Now, you best get busy doin’ what the man wants, right?” Lauren nodded silently, slid out and closed the door; then looked in, waved briefly and headed up the walk toward the impressive front doors. She’d start digging into her mother’s affairs tomorrow.


Kendra looked across at Carol and smiled. They were at her firm’s office’s, sitting in a small meeting room. They wanted privacy, or at least, Carol wanted privacy; Kendra wasn’t sure what this was about, but when she got the call that morning she managed to squeeze her ‘client’ in.

“This is funny, eh, now that our, oh, relationship has changed…so much,” Carol smiled. “But I am here today as your client, so thank you for making time.”

“Absolutely, Mrs. Douglas.” Kendra smiled as well, “I can wear different, hats, as it were. What do you need?”

Carol paused. “Well, I need to talk asset management. I want to free myself of some of my companies and create some trust funds.”

Kendra considered for a moment, “Would this, may I ask, have anything to do with your, daughter?” She looked up and noted that Douglas did not seem bothered by her question.

“You are astute as always, Ms. Chand. Yes, it does. But it also has to do with someone you, know well.”

Kendra looked closely at the woman. “Yes? Um, her, uh, name, if again I may be so bold.”

Douglas looked down and smiled. “I know her as Mistress Kendra, but that would be her, professional name.” Both women smiled.


Lia’s late shift allowed her to be home when the special ‘furniture’ arrived. She unpacked it and managed to put together the two wooden ‘ponies’; one a large wedge of wood that someone, usually female, sat on, with the wedge being forced between her labia by the pulling down of her legs; or by attaching weights to the outer lips. It was uncomfortable rather than painful; also humiliating and, remarkably, arousing.

The other wooden pony was actually a bar rather than a wedge, with the same idea, but it had a beam support system that saw one segment extend out from the post at the back of the device to sit above the bar, so that a victim’s hands could be tied up to it. It also featured two short, three or four inch stubs, welded onto the bar that a victim could be forced onto, by ramming the posts into the orifice of choice.

The other furniture pieces, a table and a large wooden cross, would need two people to erect. Lia smiled looking at the room. Two leather couches had also been delivered and looked like comfortable spots to witness the show. Damn. This was hot; she couldn’t wait to get Lillian down here.


Simon Cutter’s only negative habit, at least to his mind, was drinking whiskey. He had discovered Jack Daniels in his twenties and it was all he ever drank. Now approaching forty, he had become fixated on his health, working out daily, watching his diet; everything but the whiskey.

He was lean and sinewy, and being a smallish man, driven to succeed. He had never taken losing lightly, which was one reason that he was relatively wealthy and successful for his age; but of course, there is always more.

A year ago, he had become interested in an emerging video-streaming company, HeyThere!, based in Montreal, Canada. But he had become really interested when he realized that the girl he had rescued earlier was the daughter of the company’s major shareholder, Carol Douglas.

It was why he had since moved to Ottawa from Cleveland and leased this condo. It was why Lauren Douglas was now reuniting with her mother. Cutter saw an opportunity, and with his obsessive nature, that had now become a dedicated goal; he wanted this company to be part of his enterprise, and he believed Douglas likely didn’t realize what she had; Lauren would help him find out what she knew and what it would take to relieve her of this asset.

So it was that Cutter was now sitting, after finishing a forty-minute workout, and sipping his Jack Daniels as Dawn Haynes entered the condo and came up the winding staircase to where the man sat, Lauren Douglas close behind her.

Once in the bright open living space, floor to ceiling windows along one entire wall giving the room a wonderful view, Dawn got busy. She undressed Lauren, which she always enjoyed doing, and then took out her hash pipe, firing up the Moroccan hash she preferred, taking a deep hit on the pipe before passing it to Lauren. Cutter simply watched; he did no drugs of any sort (besides caffeine), including nicotine.

As Lauren took her drag, Dawn undressed. The next twenty minutes saw the two women, one white but tanned, the other caramel-colored, love-making and smoking, as Cutter watched from his chair, enjoying the performance and his whiskey.

Both women were slim with decent breasts that stood out more because of their builds. Dawn was not tall, only a couple of inches taller than the five-three Lauren, and both were noisy love-makers, something that Cutter always found amusing. He liked action and he liked the slap of flesh on flesh; he loved the grunts and the groans.

Dawn had now recovered from her climax and poked her head up, asking, “How do you want her today?”

“On her knees. Here.” Cutter announced, touching the carpet near him with his foot.

Dawn brought Lauren over and placed her, head on the carpet, hips in the air, spreading her legs, before Cutter. She looked up at her boss, “Pussy or ass?”

“Pussy”, Cutter declared as he discarded his robe and knelt naked behind Lauren, his cock hard and ready. Dawn hesitated; Cutter rarely had sex with her but she was always prepared. This time he simply ignored her and grasped Lauren’s hair with his left hand before driving his erection into her waiting opening, lifting her body up and causing her to cry out.

Cutter’s love-making style could be called simply the ‘jack-hammer’. With one hand in her hair and one hand gripping a hip, Cutter pounded away rhythmically and steadily, Lauren’s petite body bouncing, breasts swinging, in response.

Watching the women make out never failed to arouse him and it wasn’t long before Cutter emptied his seed into Lauren’s cavity and slouched over her, breathing heavily through his nose while absent-mindedly kneading a breast with one hand; his other hand remaining in the slim woman’s hair.

As always, Lauren waited motionless until Cutter was completely done.


Kendra, Jessica and Lia were in their special room, (Kendra’s Kave; Lia’s Lair, Jess’s House of Worship; had all been offered up and guffawed over) resting after a good three hours of effort; but it had been worthwhile.

The ‘table’ turned out to actually be a steel cage with a padded top, allowing a mistress to keep one slave imprisoned below and another tied up on top. (“For the multi-tasking Dom,” Jessica had smirked. “That’s me, kid,” Kendra had replied.) They had laughed loudly over that.

The large (padded) wooden x-cross was as its name would suggest; victims were bound to its seven-foot frame, upright and spread-eagle, ready for whipping or… whatever.

As well as the furniture, the women had put up several mirrors and decorated with several ‘naughty’ paintings, as well as adding lighting. Two large, red-metal dog crates were standing together in one corner with shiny metal dog dishes, labelled ‘Bitch’ and ‘Slave’, awaiting the first occupants.

“I can’t wait to get down to it, oh, my, God,” Kendra exclaimed, relaxing on one couch.

“Let’s talk over our plans, kids.” Jessica offered.

“Like what?” Lia replied.

“Wellll,” Jessica began, “like what we can or can’t do to our, um, guests.”

“What are your thoughts, Jess?” Kendra asked.

“Um, well, with Meg, Cindy-Lou as I’m calling her, she is not a regular paddle-my-butt slave; I want to train her to be a, um, pet. Or, I dunno’, some sort of pet-slave combo. Shit, this is all new to me, this whole organizational thing, like. I’ve been good with bringing girls home and having them serve me, spanking them and whatever, but this is, like different. Right?”

Both her housemates nodded. This was different, to everyone. As they sat and talked, Kendra was running her last discussion with Carol through her mind, wondering how much she should, could, share with her pals. For now she decided to share nothing; that time would come.

In the end, they decided that for Canada day, which was tomorrow and a national holiday, they would have Carol-Slave, Cindy-Lou and Allie over to try out the new equipment, but that each ‘Mistress’ (they assigned Allie to Lia for now) could decide how the slave would be used and, of course, abused.

When the three trooped off to their beds, it certainly wasn’t with visions of sugar plums, whatever they are, dancing in their heads.


Dawn handed Cutter another whiskey, then ran her hand up his right leg, only to be stopped by Cutter placing the glass like a barrier, “It’s ok, Dawn. I’m good,” he said evenly. “Just sit and enjoy your Moscato.”

“No problems, Boss. I’ll just relax.” The girl replied, sitting in a chair diagonal from the man. They drank and sat in silence for a moment. “What’s our play with Lore? Anything I should know?” She asked, keeping her voice calm; odd things could set Simon Cutter off.

Cutter moved slightly on the couch. Haynes had been loyal to him for almost three years, more than loyal really, but he wasn’t someone who liked to share anything, especially information. But he did always seem to need help from this girl; he had in fact come to depend on her and she was truly part of his organization; the only one he really trusted at all, even more than his lawyer.

He sighed. “She needs to find out what’s on with her mother. What her plans are. What her goals are.”

“Why do you care about this, ummm, one company so much?” Haynes persisted, gently.

Cutter regarded the woman. He knew she was nosey; that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, but there was always that saying about the cat and curiosity. Sometimes it was dangerous. He smiled; it softened his Eastern-European features and made him look younger.

“I feel it’s a good fit. I saw it, almost from the beginning as a start-up and it appealed to me. Then we find Lauren and her mother turns out to be a major shareholder. I’m not superstitious, but sometimes there is, em, karma, I guess is the best word. I’m goin’ with my gut on this one and I intend to push hard. But I want to know what I’m dealing with here. That’s the girl’s part.”

Haynes didn’t ask, but she did wonder what Cutter’s plans for the girl were after he had achieved his…goal. He was a very practical businessman, and businessmen, and women, knew how to divorce themselves from anything once it had served its purpose. Haynes knew that about herself, which was why she had learned to be very useful.


In her room in her mother’s home, Lauren was watching the movie V for Vendetta, thinking as the action unfolded how easier it was oftentimes to act when one was wearing a mask. She smiled, thinking of how she acted with that self-centered prick Simon Cutter. Although she did enjoy fucking with him, she often thought about stabbing him with a knife. Or maybe cutting off his cock, then smiling at him. “How was that, Simon?” she would ask. “Boss.”

She laughed softly.

But then it was time to put on another mask, as the gentle knock on her door told her that her mother had come to say ‘Good night’, or to possibly chat.

She didn’t really want to chat with her mother, but she knew she had to give Cutter something soon.

He could be a very unpleasant man when he was annoyed.

(End of Chapter 5)    

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A Mask of Love by LongDarkRoad Chapter 4 No Sooner Sighed But Asked The Reason Why

A Mask of Love

By LongDarkRoad

Chapter 04 No Sooner Sighed But Asked The Reason   

Sunday morning saw an interesting scene at Kendra’s house, as the three women were all sitting in silence and looking at photos on their cell phones. Kendra looked up and realized the coincidence and laughed, ”Ok, everybody stop.” Lia and Jessica both glanced up, quizzical looks on their faces.

“What are you lookin’ at, Jess?”

Jessica grinned broadly and flashed her phone, showing a naked Meg on her knees. Kendra chortled, “and you Lia?” Looking a little sheepish, Lia showed the shot of her partner Holly ‘examining’ Natalie’s anal ‘cavity’. Both Kendra and Jessica snorted, Kendra remarking, “Our tax dollars at work.”

“Ok, sweet KC, your turn.”

When Kendra showed the picture of Carol Douglas, naked except for her garter belt and nylons, sitting on a chair with her legs spread and holding her pussy open with two hands, Jessica reacted, “Who the Hell is that?”

Kendra filled the other two in on the previous night’s surprising, well, unbelievable really, developments.

Jessica and Lia then followed with stories of Meg’s adventure and the situation with the runaway Natalie. Kendra sat with an odd look on her face, “Holy shit, guys, as they say, we batted, like, a thousand.” The other two simply nodded their heads.


At the same time, in her luxurious Rockcliffe Park home, Carol Douglas sat out by her pool; it was going to be a warm one today, late June being more like mid-summer. But then again, for Carol, it had been quite the hot one the night before. She smiled in remembrance; she had experienced two orgasms, first time in years she’d had two in one night. As Marissa came out bringing her coffee, Douglas picked up the fat envelope from the table and gave it to the woman.

“See that Harris gets this, please Marissa,” the woman said, picking up her coffee and sipping. It was delicious. Douglas smiled; she hadn’t felt this good in a long while. She wanted to call Kendra, but wasn’t sure of the protocol with her new…mistress. The sound of that word in her mind made her smile again.

Life was sweet.


Meg stepped out of the shower and, wrapping a large towel around herself, crossed into her living room and slumped down onto the couch.

Her genitals were a little tender this morning, she had noticed as she washed. While last night’s activities still tended to be a blur, with many details still remaining hazy, she was aware of one thing; she’d had a lot of sex. An astounding amount, really, compared to her sex life thus far. And she had experienced multiple orgasms. The thoughts of those came flooding back now, filling her with delight, and amazement.

What did this mean, she asked herself? She knew, or at least admitted in a vague way to herself, that she had fantasized certain sexual scenarios that, at first, years ago, had concerned her. Why did the thought of being spanked arouse her? Why did she sometimes fantasize about being someone’s (usually, oddly enough, a woman) sexual, mmm, entertainment? Why?

She pondered, looking back. One of her earliest, true sexual fantasies remained clearly in her mind, as she had re-enacted the imaginary scene countless times over the years. It was her, being in her school gym change room and being ordered to strip by the teacher (for some unexplained reason) as her classmates watched her, before being forced to go around the group, as each of them abused her in a different way.

Her first, brief orgasm from self-pleasure had come via this fantasy, and it still never failed to arouse her.

She shook her head slowly. A number of things from the previous night’s action were in sync with these sexual-fantasy, daydreams. What did all this mean?


A little later, Jessica was rinsing dishes at the sink when Kendra came quietly up to her. “Hey, kid.” She greeted her housemate, who tossed a dish towel at her.

“I didn’t feel like getting the dishwasher going for just a couple of things; so, here, you can dry.”

Kendra chuckled and picked up a cup, “Right, hey, I wanted to talk to you, without Lia.”

Jessica glanced over her shoulder, “Why? What’s up?”

Kendra pondered for a moment. “Does it concern you that Lia does stuff to these, young women, in her um, care, I guess it would be.”

Jessica now pondered for a moment herself. “Ummm, not really; ok, maybe just a little, ‘cuz it could backfire, right? But I know Lia’s cautious and picks her spots. And her partner, who’s way more experienced, is not only in on this, but is the one who got things going, eh. Lia just followed her lead, you know.”

Jessica looked at Kendra for a moment, studying her; she didn’t feel she needed to defend Lia, the woman could look after herself, but she did feel this concern was leading…somewhere. “What’s your take, lawyer-girl?” She smiled.

Kendra put two cups in the cupboard and paused. “I just think it’s a little reckless, I guess, you know, like bringing that cute seventeen-year-old into the house. That’s like, dynamite; and yeah, it could backfire, and we all catch the blast.” Jessica nodded her head.

Kendra continued, “So, you about ready to bring your girl home to the Evil Mistress’s Den of, um, Stuff? I’m putting my torture device together today,” Kendra smirked.

Jessica laughed, “Pretty close, babe, pretty close. I’m going to call her to see how she’s doing after last night. We gave her a, like, heavy work out and she came through it; I need to see now if she has any, you know, regrets. What about your gal-pal, Mommy Big Bucks?”

It was Kendra’s turn to laugh. “Yeah, Wow. Talk about out of the blue. Sheesh. I’m phoning her too. We’ll compare notes. I’d love to try out ‘The Trap’ on her.”

“Check, sister.” Jessica laughed again and gave a thumbs-up. ”You need to get yourself a black, spandex outfit.”

“Who says I don’t already have one,” Kendra said, as she wiggled her hips on her way out of the room. She needed to check on her, girl.


The afternoon sun was streaming in, giving the room a nice, warm feeling. They were in the ‘den’ of the Douglas home; a room, despite its name, with very feminine overtones, from the salmon colored walls, to the white leather couches. At this moment however, Douglas and Kendra were not on the couches.

Carol Douglas was on the floor and had the entire thin, three inch heel of Kendra’s black shoe in her mouth. She was sucking it slowly and deliberately. Douglas was on her knees and naked again, except for the garter belt and dark nylons; the belt was red this time, with Kendra happy to hear Douglas owned several garters in different colors. She liked the way the thing looked on the woman.

“That’s very nice, my slave.” Kendra crooned, gently stroking the wavy, light brown hair. “You are a good little bitch.” Kendra smiled as she saw Douglas’s body jerk in response to the verbal abuse. “Sit up and show your mistress how you play with your tits,” Kendra continued. Douglas had a nice, firm body, just showing the first hints of a middle age spread; but her breasts were round and firm, and not overly large.

Douglas sat up and begin stoking and pulling her breasts, especially the light pink nipples that sat on areolas that were almost colorless. The nipples themselves were remarkably long, and with her teasing, they now stood at attention. “Have you ever been …spanked?” Kendra asked.

Douglas sighed audibly. “Yes, Mistress, but really only in, oh, fun.”

“By a man or woman?”

“A, mmmm, woman.”

“Did you like it?”

“Mmmm, um, yes, I, um, loved it.”

“Why do you say that?” Kendra was interested.

“It, oh, it turned me on, in-incredibly. We weren’t able to continue because someone came over, and I kept hoping we would, oh, continue. I, um, I had another woman spank me with her hand one night, in a hotel, when I was at a conference, but it wasn’t the same….”

“Hmmmm,” Kendra whispered, taking off her shoe and putting her toes into Douglas’s mouth, “I’m going to spank that sweet ass of yours; you’re going to be an obedient little bitch for your mistress. I have a special treat waiting for you, back at my house, so we need to go.”

“Ummmmm,” Douglas moaned, her nipples looking like little rockets that might soon explode.


Meg’s cell chimed and she jumped; looking down she saw it was Jessica and her heart accelerated.

“H-Hello.” She said, her throat constricting.

Jessica waited a moment, before saying, “Hello, who?”

“Um, sorry, hello, M-Mistress.”

Jessica had to control a chuckle; this was sweet indeed. “How is my little, pet, this afternoon?” she asked in a soft voice.

“Ummm, I’m good, Mistress. I’m, uh, a little sore, but, um, very good.”

“So, you liked, last night?”

Meg paused, emotion rising. “Yes, um, yes I did, Mistress. Um, yeah.” Meg struggled to keep her breathing calm.

Jessica paused, suppressing a chuckle again. “Good. Ok, put on a dress, with nothing underneath and be outside your place in twenty minutes,” Jessica purred.

Meg’s heart leapt into her mouth. “Uhhmm, y-yes, um, Mistress.” Meg managed to get out before the call ended.


Late afternoon and Natalie came out of the alley, wiping her mouth, then got into the black Range Rover; KK, Stafford’s main girl, was in the driver’s seat; the man himself was in the back. Natalie passed sixty dollars to KK and sat, staring. KK turned and gave the money to Loess, then smiled. It was small change, but it was all good.


Meg stood, waiting outside her apartment, shivering despite the warm day. A gentle breeze would occasionally lift her cotton dress, reminding her of her nakedness beneath. Meg looked up as a car slid in by the curb, Jessica at the wheel.

Meg climbed in the back seat, following Jessica’s head nod, and settled herself. “Good afternoon, Mistress.” She said in what she felt was her most obedient, if somewhat breathless, voice; her heart beating with anticipation.

Jessica smiled into the rear view mirror, “Good day, my pet. Lift your dress and show your mistress how well you follow instructions.” Meg complied, a small smile on her face; “Very good. Open your legs wider and keep your dress up like that.” Meg nodded. “What was that, Pet?” Jessica persisted.

“Yes, Mistress.” Meg murmured, and remained in this position for the remainder of the almost twenty minute drive.

Upon arriving at the house, Meg was instructed to lower her dress and follow her mistress. They entered through the back gate, and once in the yard, Jessica had Meg remove her dress and go down on all fours.

Kendra had made a trip to a local sex shop and bought some items, including knee pads for slaves. Meg attached two now, and then fastened the dog collar that Jessica handed her, around her neck; she then attached the leash, handing the loop end back to her mistress. Jessica led her pet, walking on all fours, into the house.


Lia and Lillian were sitting in the back of Lia’s car. The girl’s jeans were down to her knees, but Lia was not doing anything besides looking and talking. “I see they’ve shaved you.” Lia remarked, looking at the dark patch of very short hair showing through the thin fabric.

Lillian nodded, saying nothing, staring down. Lia lifted the girl’s head up, looking into the dark, almost black, eyes, feeling that pull of attraction once again. “Have they, done anything else to you?” she asked quietly. Lillian shook her head. “Tell me what happens.”

In a halting, almost staccato manner, Lillian related her average day, which varied little. Wake; eat; shower with two or three other girls; spend a few minutes shaving each other, Loess demanding total bareness, even arms, apart from the small patch of pubic hair; go into the drug packaging room wearing only a tiny thong; weigh and pack blow and weed into bags; have a break with some weed; weigh and pack for another hour; go outside for 30 minutes of sun; have a meager lunch, return and do some paper work or maybe count money; then maybe a little more packing or watching television or playing video games.

At night, the two twenty-something girls would sometimes be taken to work in a strip club, or the  girls would have sex with each other as Stafford and K.K. watched, sometimes joining in.

“You don’t take part, do you?” Lia asked with concern. Lillian said that there was another seventeen-year-old and she would ‘make-out’ with her, but neither K.K. or Loess had touched her, apart from a whipping the first day; just because.

“Good,” Lia murmured. “Soon you’ll be out of here.” Lillian nodded her head, her face a mask of concealment.


Kendra looked down at the wooden and steel device, ‘The Trap’, and smiled. It was a sort of rack with the section that restrained a body able to be moved into several positions, so that the body was facing up or down, legs spread or not; whatever a creative master or mistress desired for their slave.

Carol Douglas was in the device now, with the platform section tilted so that Douglas’s hips and ass were slanted dramatically upwards and her legs spread obscenely wide.

Kendra had placed a ball-gag labelled ‘Bitch’ in Douglas’s mouth, and had just finished forcing a thick, short dildo into the woman’s lubricated vagina. She now held up a tube of gel, smiling, before spreading a generous glob on the waiting anus, placed so invitingly before her. Once the pink, puckered opening was slick, Kendra slowly introduced one of her new anal toys; a black, rubber bulb, the kind that started with a tapered point before flaring into a golf-ball sized bulge.

Douglas moaned as Kendra pushed the device up to its hilt, before bending down and licking the skin just outside the puffy labia. Douglas moaned and twisted in her rack, then looked up with eyes suppliant with desire.

Kendra paused; someone had come in upstairs, probably Jessica.


Kevin Greenfield closed up the file and sat back in his chair. It was evening, on a weekend, and he was working; but he was also making progress. At the rate he was wrapping things up, in a week or so he could likely move to Ottawa, and start trying to rebuild a life with his daughter.

When he thought of Meg, he remembered her sitting on the stool on the bar stage, her eyes closed, singing and playing, her beautiful auburn hair catching the lights from above; her face like that of an angel.

He wondered what she might be up to right now; accepting the warm applause of an appreciative audience, perhaps?


“Very good,” Jessica crooned, enjoying the show as Meg performed for her. She had just forced a third finger into her pussy from the front, to join the two fingers that were pumping her anus from behind. “Show your mistress what a good little whore-slut you are. Show her that you’re a bitch in heat, wanting her cunt jammed with anything.” Meg groaned in response to the abuse and the pleasure and pumped harder. As Jessica watched, she could sense the arousal building in her ‘pet’; she smiled. “Ok, stop.”

With a louder groan, Meg halted, mouth open; then she slowly withdrew her wet fingers from her openings. “Ok, pet, lick those fingers off like a good little she-dog; and look at me as you do it.” Meg looked up, her appearance like that of someone drugged. “That’s good. Now crawl over to me. I have something for you.” Meg crawled and came to rest on her knees at Jessica’s feet, looking up with what could only be described as devotion. She remained still as Jessica removed the brown leather collar and replaced it with a pink one. This one had a name on it: Cindy-Lou.

“My name for my pet is Cindy-Lou. That is what I will call you when we are together. You can be Meg out there, but in here, as my pet, you are Cindy-Lou. Ok?” Meg smiled, an odd feeling flowing through her.

She bent and kissed each of Jessica’s bare feet, one after the other. “Thank you, Mistress,” she murmured, still looking down.

“You’re very welcome my pet, my Cindy-Lou. Now we need to learn…some tricks.”

Meg/Cindy-Lou looked up with her grey/green eyes and smiled, just as Kendra came into the room.


Lauren Douglas picked up her cell for the third time that hour. Damn it, she thought, just make the call. She pondered, how hard would it be? It had been a little over two years since the argument with her mother and her decision to leave. Since then, a lot had happened. A lot.

But now she was coming home, whatever that meant, and she needed to be the one to reach out; she had been the one to shut things down. Simon’s voice came to her mind clearly; she needed to act.

Just as she was reaching again for the phone, it chimed, and like he was reading her mind, which he seemed to be able to do, it was him. Simon.

They spoke briefly and when the call ended Lauren slowly punched in the numbers for her mother, and listened to the phone ringing.


“Well, well,” Kendra commented, “I see your, um, pet, is all dressed up,” she smirked, regarding the naked girl wearing only a pink dog collar.

Jessica laughed. “What’s happening with your, um, what are you calling her?”

Kendra laughed again. “Slave will work, for now. She’s, um, marinating.” Kendra chortled. “Have you eaten, it’s getting late. I’m taking my girl home soon, what about you?”

“Well, let’s see, I have forgotten the time, funny how a pet will distract you.” They both laughed. “Hmmmm, I’ll just finish up here, then take Cindy-Lou…” Kendra looked at Jessica. “That’s her pet name.” Kendra nodded at that. “I’ll take her home and maybe pick up something on my way back.”

“Sure. I think that Thai place is open Sundays.”

“Got that.”


Mary listened to the greeting and ended the call. There was no point in leaving another message, she had already left two that Meg had not responded to. Maybe the girl was busy; maybe she had picked up some solo gigs. It was odd though that she had not been able to reach her for a couple of days.


Meg stood, staring into the mirror, touching the place where the collar had been on her throat. She looked at her face; it was hers, Meg Greenfield was still there, no doubt, but who was she, now? Had this person always been there, denied? This Meg had just been naked, on her knees, performing for another woman; performing for her mistress. Why did that word thrill her, when she repeated it in her mind?

“My mistress,” she said out loud. Meg closed her eyes, remembering the orgasm her…mistress, had given her, as she lay on the carpet of the living room; begging. She remembered then the flood of the release, the aching pleasure, the wondrous relief and the sense of belonging.

Did she love this woman, Jessica? Meg touched her face; to find truth in physical contact. She didn’t know if this was love, but she knew how much she wanted it.


Carol and Kendra sat in Kendra’s car, parked in front of the woman’s splendid home. Carol looked over, smiling, “So, what now…Mistress?”

Kendra smiled in response, gently touching the older woman’s face. “That, really depends on you. We’ve both, well, had other, um, encounters.” Carol chuckled and nodded her head, looking down, Kendra continued. “But, this seems, mmmm, different, at least to me. But it still comes down to what you are, um, prepared to do.”

Carol sat, thinking. “Well, on one hand, I want to, simply, be with you. I feel such desire for you, such, oh, completeness when I’m with you. Our time together has certainly proven to me that you are what I’ve been searching for, gee, years, really. It’s been years. It scares the beejeezus out of me to imagine losing you.” Kendra smiled at this; it was certainly as much as she hoped for, and more than what she expected.

“But, I’m still a business woman, with a public profile. I need to be careful, on several levels.”

Kendra reached over and gently stroked the woman’s arm. “I understand that, completely, and we will move as far and as fast as you wish. Now, look at me….” Kendra looked deeply into the blue/grey eyes that were now raised to her. “Do you wish to be my slave?” Carol nodded, and Kendra smiled. “You need to speak, Slave.”

Carol smiled self-consciously. “Yes, Mistress, I do.”

“When we are alone, you will obey me?”


“I will punish you for whatever reason I chose, including my own amusement.”

“Y-yes, Mistress.”

“Very good. We can carry on like this for a while, see how we feel. I want you at my home every night, for a few hours anyway. Have your driver drop you off and I will see you get home.”

Carol nodded, “Thank you, Mistress. I want to serve you as often as possible.” Kendra brought Carol close and kissed her; the two held the kiss for several seconds, before exchanging several more kisses. Finally Kendra gave her slave permission to leave.

As Carol walked to her front door, she looked at her cell phone which had been ignored for several hours. She was surprised; no, astonished, to see she had missed several calls from…her daughter. She stood on her step for a moment, standing before the massive wooden doors with the gleaming brass fixtures. Her mind was a whirl of thoughts.


Late Sunday, and it had been quite the weekend. The three housemates sat in a darkened living room, two drinking wine and one, scotch. “So things are, progressing.” Kendra murmured, to nods from Jessica and grunts from Lia.

“I’m not progressing.” Lia noted.

“Soon,” Kendra replied, “Not long now before you can bring that sweet thang into our den of frick-frackin’ um…, whatever,” Kendra laughed, then held up a piece of paper.

“That looks like a cheque, sister.” Jessica noted.

“It is, sweet thang,” Kendra drawled.

“Stop that,” Lia said, “you sound lame.”

“Yeah, whatever. Hey, you’ll feel better when you have a new pussy to munch. Just hang on, mama.”

Lia smiled and Jessica laughed, then asked, “Ok, so what’s with the cheque. I know you want us to ask.” She sat up smiling.

Kendra stood and did a few hip thrusts, saying, “It’s twenty grand from Mommy-Big-Bucks.” She announced, both her housemates now sitting up and looking interested.

“Twenty K, you’re shittin’ me girl,” Lia said. Kendra shook her head, smiling, then passed Lia the cheque.”

“Holy shit, KC, this is the bitch.” She looked over at Jessica. “Twenty big ones, Jesus.”

Jessica spread her hands, “What the fuck…?”

“What can I say, kids. When you got the moves.” Kendra smirked before Jessica leaped over and began tickling her, with Kendra now howling and thrashing. “Alright, alright, stop, maniac. Stop!” Jessica paused in her assault and eyed the other woman, who continued. “She liked our, um, den, ok. She wants me to buy some more stuff. She like wants a table that we can tie her down on.”

Jessica just shook her head slowly in amazement. “Holy shit, KC. You grab a slave who wants to pay you to abuse them. Ok, fine, I bow to your greatness, and call you here-after, KC, the great. You are Mistress Numero Uno, sweets.” Jessica climbed off her friend.

Kendra now stood and bowed in reply, then laughed. “I’ll put this baby in the bank tomorrow and we’ll go shopping, kids. It’ll be just like Christmas.”

“Sure.” Jessica nodded. “If Santa’s into whips and chains. And slave tables.”

They all laughed.

(End of Chapter 04)

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A Mask of Love by LongDarkRoad Chapter 3 With Devotion’s Visage Evil Do We Mask

A Mask of Love

By LongDarkRoad

Chapter 03 With Devotion’s Visage Evil Do We Mask

“Hey, you two seem to be deep in thought?” Kendra commented, coming into the living room. Her house mates were sitting on opposite couches and the room was quiet. Lia had a coffee and Jessica was drinking a cup of tea.

Jessica looked up, “Hey there yourself. Can’t a gal just have some quiet every now and then?” She asked, a small smile playing on her plump, pink lips.

“Hmmmm,” Kendra noted; “No T.V., no games, no music, nobody wearing earplugs. Just a couple of zombies sitting here in silence.”

Lia grinned, “Yeah, we were enjoying the peace and quiet….”

Kendra chortled, “Well, good. I’ll be the one to change all that. Jess, did you get into town as you thought, and check out the, um, target?”

Jessica looked at Kendra and raised an eyebrow. “Maybe.”

Kendra laughed, “Ok, out with it. What’s the deal?”

Jessica lowered her feet to the carpet and sat up, then sipped some tea. “Well, you’ve done good, there Scout. Yep.” She said in her best southern drawl.

“What is this about?” Lia asked, and Kendra informed her of the lovely Meg, and their discussion. Kendra ended by asking Lia what had happened to her ‘girl’. “She’s safe, for now.” Lia said, “I’ll tell ya’ more in a week or so. See how the thing works out.” The other two did not press her further.

“So,” Kendra announced, “I am bringing in a couple of guys tomorrow to begin work downstairs. By the weekend we should have our special room. I also ordered a piece of ‘slave furniture’ from a company that produces everything from racks to special sawhorses. It’s called ‘A Trap’, and I get wet just thinking of having a sweet lovely enclosed by it; immobile and open to whatever we wish.”

Jessica looked at her house mate. “Fucking Hell, woman, you’re like the evil mistress. Damn, I don’t know that I can trust you with sweet Meg.”

Kendra laughed, “Oh, there, there, I won’t harm any of our…pets. Toys? Slaves? What will they be?”

“Slaves.” Lia said, quietly.

“Pets,” Jessica stated.

Kendra simply laughed.


At work on Wednesday, Meg found it surprising that Jessica’s face kept floating into her mind. Maybe Mary’s phone call had something to do with it; the fact that her friend would not be coming back for at least a few weeks, and so Meg would be on her own.

More than a couple of times, Meg found herself looking up sharply if a young woman came in; but Jessica Robb made no appearance.

At Kendra’s house, work had commenced on the basement room. Kendra now stood in the space that had been created that day; the walls were framed and ready for drywall and half the ceiling tiles were in. Plumbers had also installed a toilet and it looked odd, sitting out in one corner, no walls around it. Kendra smiled; she was happy with the progress.


Lia walked down the short alley and in through the back gate. Because she was in uniform she did not want to be seen going in the front door of this sketchy looking place. ‘Staf’, Stafford Loess, used this house to package grass and pills. Lia had loaned him Lillian, for a couple of weeks, anyway; it was the only place she could think of where there was round-the-clock supervision of the girl. Lia had come across Stafford Loess through a run-away at the detention centre who supplied his name as a person of interest to the police. Lia had deleted the name and followed up herself; it never hurt to have someone like Loess owe you.

Lia waited on the back step; she didn’t want to go inside the drug house, and Loess came out to chat. “She’s ok, does her work, keeps her head down. Yeah babe, everything’s cool, right.”

Lia nodded her head. “Good. You keep her safe and we’re even.”

“I feel ya’, sister,” Loess shrugged. “So we’re cool; you did me a solid and I repay my debts. When you comin’ for her?”

Lia studied the dark man cautiously; she was still uneasy about leaving her ‘girl’ with him, and didn’t want him knowing too much. “Two or three weeks, anyway. I’ll let you know. Here,” she handed him some bills, “for food and shit.”

“Cool.” Loess murmured.

“If she’s unharmed, we’re cool…” Lia looked hard at the Asian face; the man was unreadable.

Loess chuckled darkly, “Sounds sorta’ like a threat, there bitch.”

Lia stood and stared again into the inscrutable face, saw a tiny eye movement, and murmured “Take it how you want, Staf. This is personal for me. I may not be a cop but you wouldn’t want me pissed at you.”

Loess chuckled. “Cool.”


“Wow, can’t believe you got this done in three days, KC.” Jessica marvelled, looking at the clean drywall and new carpet; the room was done, mostly. “But the toilet and shower look a little, um, unfinished.” She smirked, looking at the two devices as they both sat exposed, no walls around them.

Kendra laughed, “Yeah, I had to string the crew along pretty good so they would leave this, but I want our, um, playthings to be vulnerable. Nothing says vulnerable like being made to do private things in front of others.”

“I get it, girl. Like how we had Allie piss outside as we watched.”

“Exactly, but I don’t think that will work in January in Ottawa.”

Jessica guffawed.


“Ok, pass it up.” Lia said, and Kendra passed her one of the large hooks which she had ordered online, (“You can buy Goddamn anything online”, she had marvelled). The hook was large, like a classic slaughter house meat hook, except it was shiny black. Lia had just drilled a hole into a ceiling stud and she now set to work, screwing the hook up into the beam.

“Hey, I like how you’re screwing there, Lia babe,” Jessica smirked and even Lia had to grin.

“I always said she could screw with the best of ‘em,” Kendra added and the group laughed.


“So tell me again why you need to go into the office on Saturday?” Jessica asked, as Kendra picked up her briefcase.

“Long-time client. Quite wealthy, probably my top client and she has slowly come around to me being almost exclusive for her, which I love. Today’s the only day she has time to meet, so off I go.”

“Well you have fun there, kiddo. I’ll be lounging on the couch, thinking of you,” Jessica smiled.

“You should give your, um, friend, Meg a visit. She has to work today, too.” Kendra added as she headed out.

Jessica nodded, and then thought about that. She (surprise) had no plans for tonight. Maybe she could set the next step of her big plan into motion. She started by calling Allie.


Mrs. Douglas smiled across the table at Kendra. She was an attractive woman, not beautiful, but someone who was attentive to her appearance; petite (five-three) and slim, even now at forty-five. She favored expensive tailored suits and distinctive jewellery; a whiff of Joy Parfum emanated from her as she passed the documents back to Kendra. “There you go, my dear, I believe that is all you’ll need.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Douglas….”

At this moment, Douglas reached a gloved hand across and gently gripped Kendra’s wrist. “Please, I would rather you call me Carol at this point in our, oh, relationship. I truly value how you look after me, Kendra.” She smiled.

“Oh, um, thank you, um, Carol. I appreciate your comments. I really enjoy working for you. This is my thing, you know. Corporate law.” Kendra smiled in turn.

Douglas sat for a moment, clearly thinking, before saying quietly. “Well, I have another, oh, assignment.” She said quietly. “I am aware you are not a divorce lawyer, but you are a lawyer, and I would like you to assist me in getting rid of…Allan.” She said, unemotionally.

Kendra blinked, “I, um, wow, that’s out of the blue.” She laughed self-consciously. “But, of course I will help you. But I have to advise that you would be in better hands with an experienced divorce lawyer.”

Douglas shook her head. “No, I like how you go about your work. This will not be a messy divorce. I’m the one with the money and I have these.” She took out some photos showing a man and a younger woman obviously engaged in something intimate. She was clearly naked and he was partly clad. Kendra regarded these, “I take it, that’s, um, Allan?”

“Correct.” Mrs. Douglas smiled, “And we have a fidelity clause in our ‘pre-nupts.’, so I know he will be happy to accept what I am proposing, as opposed to the nothing I could give him. I just need someone efficient, like you, my dear.” She smiled warmly across at Kendra.


Jessica stood outside the bookstore, feeling excited and apprehensive. It was one thing to hit on someone by chance; it was another thing entirely to plan out something, to think about something; to care about something. Then you had something to lose. She went inside and manoeuvered around so she could observe Meg Greenfield for a moment; the girl had a certain desirability, there was no doubt. It was a wonder both Kendra and Jessica saw this something; their tastes were different; or…maybe not.

Jessica sidled around and placed herself to the right of Meg, who was assisting a customer. After a moment, the person nodded and headed off to another shelf and Meg looked up to see Jessica smiling at her. The reaction was immediate and apparent, she smiled and blushed and looked away, all in a blink, and then looked back. Jessica moved beside the girl and then motioned toward some shelves off to one side and a little out of the way. This was where the more ‘adult’ material resided.

Jessica picked up a book called ‘She Loves Me’, with the silhouettes of two naked women on the cover. “Interest you?” She asked Meg, who grinned and looked down. Jessica leaned forward and sucked Meg’s lips into her mouth, holding them for several seconds. She then held Meg’s face in one hand and looked into the grey/green eyes. “I want to go for a drink with you tonight.”

Meg, who suddenly discovered she could not speak, simply nodded, feeling foolish and aroused. “What time are you off work?” she asked.

“Ay, um, eight, eight o’clock.” Meg managed to stammer out.

“Good. See you then.” Jessica kissed Meg lightly on one cheek, and then left, with Meg standing and staring in a sort of stupor.


The server moved unobtrusively to the side of the table, topping up the excellent coffee. Carol Douglas smiled across this table. They were at Bekta’s on Elgin Street and the quiet elegance appealed to Kendra. This was where she wanted to be, but being early in her career, dining very often at places like this was just a fantasy. For Douglas on the other hand, this was the only sort of place she had ever dined in.

Her family had been prominent in Montreal and Ottawa since the turn of the nineteenth century, her grandfather successful in mining and with the Canadian Pacific Railroad. Her husband had come with a name of some value, but not much in the way of capital, but her fortune made up for that. She had lived a privileged life, yet her family had also acquired a certain sense of civic responsibility, and Douglas, despite or due to her advantages, was a thoughtful and considerate person.

She could also be determined, as Kendra had seen as they had sat and planned out the woman’s divorce. Now they were simply sitting and chatting, like friends more so than lawyer and client. Carol Douglas had consumed two glasses of wine which also contributed to the relaxed atmosphere.

“Oh, no; no need to call a taxi, my dear.” Douglas had murmured as Kendra remarked on how much wine she also had consumed and how she shouldn’t drive. “I’ll drop you off. I have a car…and driver of course.”

Of course.


Meg was seated in the back of the cab between Allie and Jessica. She was wearing her ‘work outfit’ while the other two were wearing dresses. Jessica held up a bag, “We’ve brought your outfit, Meg, so be cool.”

Meg just shook her head, “You guys are crazy.”

An hour later they had all had a couple of drinks and Jessica had managed to slip a single Melantonin II pill into Meg’s last glass of ginger ale. As Meg finished the glass, Jessica announced, “Ok, time to get this party moving. C’mon, Meggo, let’s get you changed.”

“Um, it’s not really nec…” Meg began, but Allie and Jessica took the girl, each with an arm, into the washroom. The bar they were at, considering itself progressive, had four no-distinction washrooms that each locked, giving the inhabitants some privacy. Ignoring Meg’s protests, the two women undressed her until she was standing naked and shivering, wearing only her shoes.

Laughing, Jessica told Allie they needed some shots and held Meg’s arms behind her back as Allie snapped away with Jessica’s cell phone, Meg mildly protesting to no avail the whole time. They took ten pictures, including a couple with Meg’s legs spread.

The clothes she was given to wear included: black shoes, a fairly short black party dress, a matching black micro thong and…no bra. “But guys, I can’t go anywhere like this.” Meg had complained when ‘dressed’, but this was ignored and she was hustled out of the washroom and the restaurant and into a cab; and then they were on their way to Spangles, a popular lesbian and bi-bar.


“Ok, cough.” Holly barked, as the girl, panties down to her ankles and bent over, complied, one of Holly’s index fingers embedded deeply in her anus. “Good, whore. Now, Officer ‘Smith’ is going to check you,” she smirked. The new detainee remained in place, a look of anguish on her face, as the imposing Lia Robinson rose and went to stand behind her, then forced a glove-covered finger into the girl’s now lubricated anal passage, before beginning a steady rhythm, pumping the digit into the dark hole, as her hand lightly slapped against the round buttocks.

“Arch your back,” Lia instructed, as she now slapped the brown cheeks hard, her partner taking a cell photo of the action. The girl was another Indigenous runaway with no identification.

An easy target, controlled by an Edmonton street gang from age fourteen before eventually heading east two years ago, the girl had now ended up at the centre and would go into the detention files as a Jane Doe, with the date and nothing else.

Then in a couple of days, she would be back out on the street, left only with the unpleasant memories of what the two women had done to her.

Lia paused for a moment as she looked at the file sheet. Maybe this was an opportunity she should not pass up, as this one was legal?


Kendra and Carol Douglas were sitting close together in the back of Douglas’s limo, the tinted glass partition giving them privacy from the uniformed driver. Cautiously but playing a hunch, Kendra took one of Douglas’s gloved hands into her own, the woman responding by squeezing the hand and turning her face to look up at the younger woman. Kendra leaned over slightly and kissed the reddened lips, Douglas moaning audibly and rubbing her hand along Kendra’s arm.


Jessica and Meg were on Spangles’s crowded dance floor; the loud, pulsating electro dance music making it impossible to talk, the bass feeling like it was right inside your chest. Meg and Jessica were surrounded by other young women, swaying, writhing, shaking, shimmying, clutching each other as the bodies banged into one another. “It’s Funky Town.” Jessica had yelled above the music. The drugs had kicked in for Meg and she was laughing and dancing, every now and then coming in for a hug or a kiss with Jessica.

Suddenly the dance song ended and a much slower ballad came on, with all the bodies on the floor pairing up. Jessica held Meg close and the two kissed feverishly, forgetting about the dance, as Jessica lifted up the back of Meg’s dress and gripped her now exposed buttocks, with Meg furiously sucking Jessica’s tongue.

With only a slight protestation, Meg’s thong was slipped down over her legs and Jessica placed it into Meg’s mouth. Releasing Meg’s ass for a moment, Jessica led the girl, panties in place, from the floor and over to the side table where Allie was sitting. Jessica then placed Meg on the cushioned sear beside Allie, sliding in beside her. She removed the panties from Meg’s mouth, and then proceeded to kiss her hungrily, before turning Meg’s face to Allie, who then took over.

As Allie was keeping Meg’s mouth occupied, Jessica brought Meg’s hands behind her and tied them at the wrists. Together, the women pulled the top of Meg’s dress down so her small, pert breasts were exposed, the nipples so erect they looked about to explode. As Allie then sucked the nipples agressively, Jessica took more photos. Leaning Meg back against the cushion, they lifted her dress and spread her legs, both marvelling again at the curling, auburn locks growing wild between the girl’s thighs.

“Spread her pussy,” Jessica directed as she took more shots. “Ok, keep her legs open and suck her tongue right out of her face, great. Oh fuck that is hot,” Jessica directed, as Allie assaulted Meg’s mouth and pussy at the same time. “Ok, get her down on her knees and lean her against the cushion. I want some shots of her ass.” Allie positioned the compliant Meg as Jessica directed. “Spread her ass, oh, yeah, like that. Fuck. Finger her Allie.” Several onlookers had gathered to watch the action.

Meg protested this intrusion a little; she had done very little in the way of anal in her life, but Allie was persistent and fingered both Meg’s holes as Jessica took more photos. “Fuck.” Jessica commented. “Hot damn.”

Several of the onlookers applauded.


“How long you been on the street?” Lia asked the girl, who still looked thirteen or fourteen but was actually several years older; almost twenty, amazingly. The street life had not aged her, yet.

“Six years, I guess,” the girl answered.

“You were the property of a gang?” Lia asked again. The girl silently nodded her head. “Whadja’ do for them?” Lia was pretty sure she knew the answer; she wanted to hear it from the girl.

In a monotone the girl replied, “I used’a d’liver crack for them for a coupla’ years, and then they got me doing hand-jobs and bj’s….”

“With condoms?” Lia asked. The girl shook her head ‘no’. “Fuck,” Lia added. “Go on.”

“After that, they’d have me do, like, ‘full serv’ on dudes, eh, right there behind the strip club on Whyte, eh.”

“In the alley?” Lia asked with interest.

“In the alley.” The girl replied without emotion. “It was, yuh’know, summer, eh, so they had like a mattress out there, eh? And I’d do like three or four dicks a night, right. Did that shit for like three weeks and then one day I just fucked off. Hitchhiked east, eh, made it to T’ranna, got picked up by some dude, eh, who brought me here and fuckin’ sold me to some other cunt, eh?”

The girl was still wearing only her panties, sitting on the cot in the officers’ back room. “When’s the last time you got tested, um, ok, what’s your real name? Don’t fuck around.”

“Natalie.” The girl said quietly, as if saying her name had some secret meaning.

“When’s the last time you were tested, Natalie, for STDs?”

The girl sat for a moment. “The dude in T’ranna had me

done by some doc he knew, on the side, eh?”

“And you were clean?” Lia asked in amazement. The girl nodded her head.

“Hot damn.” Lia murmured, shaking her head.


In the end, Mrs. Douglas and Kendra travelled to a condo the woman owned; one which her company used for any business people who might come into town. It was, as Kendra noted, much nicer than her own house. Mrs. Douglas had sent her driver away and now the two were seated on a soft, white leather couch, kissing gently but in earnest, Kendra unsure where this would lead.

When they separated, Douglas looked down and was quiet.

“What is it, Mrs. um, Carol?” she asked quietly.

Douglas bit her lip. “I, oh, I really want to be open with you, Kendra. I feel very close to you, very attracted to you. I feel I can trust you….”

“You can…Carol.” Kendra said, gently stroking the woman’s arm; heart beating with anticipation.

“Ummmmm.” Douglas murmured. “This is, a little scary.” She chuckled. “Ah, I have only opened up to, oh, shall we say, professionals.” She was speaking in a low, quiet voice.

Kendra was extremely interested, but still cautious about jumping to any conclusions and making a mess of things. “By, professionals, I’m guessing we’re not talking, say, psychologists?” Douglas smiled a self-conscious smile and shook her head of light brown hair. “Are we, um, talking people that can help someone with…special, like needs?”

Douglas blushed and covered her mouth with one gloved hand, then nodded yes. Kendra sat in thought for a moment, considering.

“Get on your knees.” She said, her voice now authoritative. Douglas looked up briefly, her eyes showing excitement, desire and a hint of fear, then she went down to her knees on the plush carpet.

Kendra stood and walked behind the kneeling woman,  gently pushing her down to all fours. From behind Douglas, Kendra flipped up the woman’s tailored skirt, revealing a black, lace garter belt attached to dark nylons; and, surprising, no panties. The woman’s sex, thick with brown hair curling up between her buttocks, was completely open to Kendra, beads of moisture visible on the thick pussy lips.

“Get your head down on the floor, Slut.” Kendra directed and with an audible moan, Douglas bent forward and placed her head on the carpet, her ass rising and sitting invitingly. Kendra leaned close to the woman’s ear, “When you are given an order, you reply, yes, Miss Kendra.”

Douglas moaned again and croaked out, “Yes, M-miss Kendra,” with Kendra then responding by slapping the exposed flesh with a resounding ‘thwack!’

Kendra then moved a short distance and sat on the chair directly in front of the prone figure, then placed her feet and her black shoes by the woman’s face, saying quietly, “My shoes need cleaning, Bitch.”

Douglas groaned, “Yes, Mistress,” before laying her pink tongue along the side of Kendra’s shoe; and so she began.


Loess met Lia near an abandoned warehouse on a deserted street. Sitting on the curb, blindfolded, was Natalie. Loess looked the girl over and smiled. “Looks like now I owe you again, girl,” he said, flashing white teeth.

“Just keep Lillian safe,” Lia said, unsmiling, before climbing back into her car and heading off.


Jessica and Meg were back now in Meg’s tiny apartment. It had been quite the night. Meg’s pussy had not ever seen that much activity in a month, well, several months; with seven or eight different women eating or fingering her ass and vagina before Jessica figured the girl had had enough.

Right now, Meg was kneeling naked on the floor of her living room, hands clasped behind her neck; her mind a confused jumble of drugs, emotion and desire.

Jessica handed Meg a glass of water and two Tylenol. “Take these,” she commanded, turning to leave.

Meg blurted out, “Please, will I see you soon?” She looked up with pleading eyes, swaying slightly.

“What did you forget, my pet?” Jessica said quietly, then turned back to look down at the figure.

Meg in turn looked down, saying quietly. “I’m sorry. Will I see you soon, M-mistress Jessica?”

“That’s better…my pet. Yes, I will see you; soon.”

There was silence, and then the door closed. Meg continued to kneel, hands still in place, a flood of images and emotions crashing through her mind like a tsunami.

(End of Chapter 03)

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A Mask of Love by LongDarkRoad Chapter 2 The Silence Often Of Pure Innocence Persuades

A Mask of Love

by LongDarkRoad

Chapter 02

The Silence Often of Pure Innocence Persuades

Sunday night and Kendra, Lia and Jessica sat in their living room with a drink (one only, what with work tomorrow) and chatted. Saturday night had been uneventful, which was okay with everyone; considering their late and eventful Friday night and early Saturday morning.

“So what’s your sked, there, Lia babe?” Kendra asked.

“This week eleven to nine, and I work this Saturday.”

“Bummer,” Jessica noted.

“Tell me about it,” Lia concurred, “but it’s only one weekend a month, and everyone has to do it.”

“What about you, kid?” Kendra looked at Jessica, who worked as a data analysist for a large, local communications company.

“I have to be in the office Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday is a flex day, can work from home or go in late, and Thursday is a ten o’clock start but later close, then Friday morning I have a job which I can do from here, but I need to be in the office in the afternoon.”

“How do you keep track of all that stuff?” Kendra asked with a puzzled look, but Jessica just laughed, and Kendra smiled. Her own schedule was busy but not so predictable. As a corporate lawyer, she needed to meet client’s needs and time schedules.

Everyone had a sip of their drinks and sat quietly. Lia spoke up, “Thought any more of what you have in mind, Jess, you know, for fun and games?” She winked.

“What’s this?” Kendra asked, having not been a party to the Friday discussions and no one had talked of anything in particular until now.

“Jess and I were just talking about finding certain, um, kinds of women, sorta’ like that girl on Friday….”

“Allie…” Jessica interjected.

“Yeah, her. We picked her up and used her and we all had some fun. So….”

“So?” Kendra asked, interested.

“So, wouldn’t it be fun to have some girls right here we could use. House girls.” Lia chortled and everyone smirked.

“Well,” Kendra offered, “that’s funny, because I was thinking about doing something down in the basement; you know, put in a room where we could have fun with these girls we bring home. Having that girl, um, Allie, here was good, but that bedroom isn’t really set up for um, you know, things.”

“What kind of things?” Jessica asked, a twinkle in her eye.

Kendra smirked, “Oh, yeah, like you have no ideas.” Everyone laughed at this. “What would you like, Lia? What kind of girl works for you?”

Lia regarded her glass for a moment. “Well, I like ‘em young, and pretty, and feminine.” She paused. “And I like them unconfident and manageable. The girls I’ve used at the centre, and, hmmmm, there have only been three, I was thinking about this today. Three girls in four years; but they all had the same, um, thing…”

“Characteristic?” Jessica offered quietly.

“Yeah, that’s it. A certain characteristic. They were all easily broken; they had fear in their eyes, and when I made them strip and do things, they were frightened. I seemed to feed off that; crazy hey?”

Both her housemates shrugged; who were they to judge, even if Lia was walking a dangerous line?


Back at his office on Monday, Kevin Greenfield threw himself into his projects. He wanted to wrap this stuff up and give himself some time without any responsibilities. Maybe he could even shorten his stay here to a month?

Should he contact Sue, his ex-wife? Probably not a good idea. Anyway, she had moved to Pittsburgh and would really be of no help. Greenfield’s phone rang and his mind went back to business.


Tuesday after work, Kendra had wrapped up things early enough to make a little stop at the book store on the ground floor of their building. The girl at the cash was someone she had noticed before; a very pretty girl with auburn hair and a manner that Kendra found, appealing. Kendra checked the nametag, ‘Meg’. Hmmmm, she thought, Meg; what is your story?


That night, after Mary and Meg had rehearsed for a couple of productive hours, they decided to relax with some wine on Meg’s couch.

“When you going to replace this old thing?” Mary asked, sitting down gingerly.

Meg laughed. “After my first hit song.”

“I’ll drink to that.” Mary announced, raising her glass and then taking a drink. The two young women chatted pleasantly as the first glass of wine went down, and then there was a pause, and suddenly Meg felt a little shy.

“What is it there, girl?” Mary asked, lifting Meg’s face.

Meg smiled, “I was just thinking about our, you know, goodbye the other night.”

“Our kiss, well, kisses?” Mary raised an eyebrow, and Meg nodded her head. “You liked them.”

Meg paused, before saying quietly, “I did.”

“And…?” Mary smiled a mischievous smile. Meg just laughed and got flustered, so Mary leaned in and kissed her. The two held the kiss for a long while, and then kissed again, Mary’s hand coming up to brush away some hair from Meg’s face, and then to gently hold it.

Meg reached her hand up and stroked Mary’s arm. Mary introduced her tongue into Meg’s mouth slowly, and then accepted Meg’s in return, sucking it gently, before reaching up and cradling one of Meg’s small breasts.

As Mary gently squeezed and caressed the flesh though shirt and bra, feeling the nipple harden to her touch, Meg murmured, “It’s not very big, eh?”

Mary placed Meg’s hand on her slightly larger breast saying, “It doesn’t matter. All that matters is it’s yours, and it feels wonderful.”

“Yours feels really nice, too.” Meg said quietly as her hand closed and opened on the soft mound. Silently, Mary lifted her top off and then unclasped her bra, letting it fall away and directing Meg’s mouth down to a swollen nipple. “Ummmm, oh jeez,” Meg murmured as she took in as much breast as possible, sucking hard on the nipples as Mary moaned in response.

“Oh fuck, Meg. You’re telling me you haven’t done this before, ummmmm?” Mary’s hands were now grasping masses of Meg’s lovely hair. Standing up, Mary undid her jeans and pulled them down, then turned and teasingly drew his panties down over her round hips, wiggling her ass as she did this dance. Turning back, she reached over and opened Meg’s mouth, putting her panties in. She then helped Meg to stand up and removed her pants and thong.

“Sexy!” She enthused and then added, “Oh, wow, your hair down here is something,” before burying her face in the dense tangle of reddish curls. Meg groaned in reply as Mary’s tongue had found her clit mound and was sucking and licking on and around it.

After some persistent oral, and believing that Meg was close to orgasm, Mary paused and stood, then took Meg by the hand and led the way to the bedroom.


“Hey, we never discussed your ‘girl’,” Kendra noted as she and Jessica ate together in their place, Lia as she had mentioned not coming home until later that night.

Jessica laughed, “Yeah, I don’t think I’m, like, as specific, you know, as Lia was. She’s put some thought into this. I have tended to kinda’ just go with what’s on tap, so to speak.”

Kendra chuckled as she finished her meal and stood, “Yeah, that’s kind of like me, but we both like different things. So, come on, you can at least say what sort of woman interests you.”

Jessica mulled this over for a minute; she had considered this, a little, but had never really nailed down a list of any sort; such as, I like red hair, or don’t like big time sports gals, whatever. There was, however, a certain scenario that did it for her, and it always related back to her childhood past. She liked submissive girls on their knees wearing a collar and being led on a leash.

Wellll, I am into, and I just a little while ago found out there’s a name for it, fuck, unreal; it’s called doggy girls.”

“I’ve heard of that.” Kendra interrupted. “There’s also doggy boys, right?”

“Makes sense, ‘cuz it’s what they do, right? It’s only doggy girls for me. But what’s weird with my um, thing, is that I want to break the girl down to this, make her accept it. I know there are girls out there, like Allie, who are closet-submissives and just really want that dominant one to take control. But I want to turn a regular, I guess, girl, into my own doggy girl. She would be my pet; she wouldn’t speak, she’d eat and drink out of her bowl, have a doggy tail jammed up her butt, sleep in her crate, pee outside….”

Kendra interrupted again, “Man, sounds like you’ve thought about this a whole lot more than you let on, kid.”

Jessica laughed, getting up from the table, “Yeah, I guess I have. You want coffee?”

“Yeah thanks.” As Kendra watched Jessica go about her task, she remembered a face, a manner. “Hey, you know what?”

Jessica made a face, “No. What?” Then laughed. 

Kendra chuckled as well; “I met a girl yesterday you should check out; in the bookstore of our building. There’s something about her that tells me she could be a candidate, for you, I mean, maybe.”

“Details, Kendy, details.”

The woman laughed, “Yeah, sure. Ok. Um, young, well, your age, and that’s young to me. About your height, slim, dark brown, actually, auburn hair; pretty with a um, shyness.”


“Two, I’m pretty sure,” Kendra winked.

“Ha, ha,” Jessica mocked, “Large or small?”

Kendra pondered, “Well, not large, because nothing is registering. Medium to small, I’m thinking.”

“And you really think I should check her out?”

“I do.”


Lillian Clark, tall, athletic; waited in the alley for her boyfriend. Part of her did not want to be waiting here; even now, after all these years, she still thought of home and her mother; although to be honest, what was in her mind was more hope than truth. Her mother…shit. Her mother’s boyfriends were the problem; or one of the problems.

Yeah, okay, her mother was also a big problem.

Now seventeen, almost eighteen actually, she had been on and off the streets for four years, in and out of homes and relationships, including one really bad time she didn’t like to think on. But Teri was different. He was a little older and he ran with a crowd that drove cool vehicles and lived in upscale condos.

And he had been good to her; hadn’t forced any bad drugs on her. There was always grass at his place, even if he didn’t always let her live there. With his black parents and her native background, she agreed they should break the news slowly. But tonight he needed her and she would not let him down; he was the best boyfriend she’d ever had. She repeated that phrase to herself like a chant.


“Oh, that’s not good,” Meg murmured into her cell to Mary. Her friend had just informed her that she would need to travel home to Toronto for a little while.

“Yeah,” Mary continued, “Mom says it was a minor stroke, but Dad is having difficulty and won’t be released for a while, anyway, so I just want to be there and help.”

“Well, there’s only the one gig coming up, so I’m not going to have to replace you, girl. You go and look after things and keep me informed. Promise.”

“I promise. I’ll call you once I’m there.” There was a pause. “I, um, I’ll miss you Meg. I really, like really, really enjoyed our time the other night. Jeez, that felt so good. Leaving you now is so hard, but it won’t be long. You’ll miss me, won’t you?”

Meg was silent; the sex with Mary had been so wonderful that she was still pinching herself, and now the girl was taking off. “I can’t really say just how much I’ll miss you, Mar; it’s too much. I wish I was with you right now, but I know what you’ve got to do and I can’t be selfish. Now, I’m going to go before I start bawling.”


Saturday was fairly quiet at the Cambridge Correctional Centre. The facility could house up to one hundred girls and currently eighty-two beds were in use, with Lia and her partner just processing a new arrival. It had been the only action so far this evening and it was past eleven.

But just as Lia closed up that file on her computer, her partner Holly announced, “Oh, look. Another customer coming in.”

Lia looked up to see a tall, pretty (very pretty) native girl being brought in by two uniformed police officers. Possession and possession with intent to sell as well as theft over $500 were the charges. The girl’s name was Lillian Clark.


“So, we also never got around to discussin’ what kind of women you’re into,” Jessica noted, as she and Kendra lounged on their couches, both drinking wine.

Kendra raised an eyebrow. “It’s not just women, you know, kiddo,” she smirked.

“Oh, yeah, so I’ve, uh, I dunno’, heard. Somewhere. You’re good with the boys too, hmmm?”

Kendra regarded her housemate, “Well, I was married to one for two years, so I guess, yeah.” She smiled.

“No shit? This is news. What’s the story?”

Kendra then filled Jessica in on her early twenty’s marriage that ended ‘with a whimper’, as she put it, followed by eighteen months living in a lesbian relationship, followed by a stretch where, “I was screwing pretty much anything”; followed by a period of ”seclusion, or sexual hibernation, I don’t know,” she said.

“A close friend developed AIDS and I just lost it. Watching him die in a matter of months, from a sexually transmitted disease, shook me. Really shook me. I retreated into a shell, and when I came out of it I developed this interest in pain and pleasure, but with no dicks allowed inside me. Just because. But I can still spank a sweet man’s ass, or a regular dude’s sweet ass, if he’s the right type,” she chuckled.

Jessica needed to just sit for a moment and take this in. “Shit, that’s heavy, babe. Hmmmm. So, there’s no real type of woman, no look or, um, nature, like?”

“Well, there has to be some inclination to pain; everyone has a bit; some people have more; some have a lot. I get turned on when I make someone suffer, a little anyway, at my hand. I’m not turned on by stuff that happens to people out there, floods and fires and um, shit. That stuff bothers me, that kind of suffering. I’m talking about in my room, tied to my table, feeling my paddle or device. Under my control; that’s what I like.”

Jessica smiled at this disclosure. “Good thing you haven’t made any moves on me, there, Mistress Kendra.”

Kendra grinned. “Doesn’t mean I haven’t thought of it,” she chuckled. “Oh, and that would be Goddess Kendra to you mere mortals.”

Jessica laughed and poured some more wine.


The tall girl stood silently in the small, concrete room. Lia sat on a chair regarding her silently; her partner Holly had just spent some time with the ‘newbie’, and now it was Lia’s turn, as the other watched the front desk.

“What did officer Dunham do with you?” Lia asked in a quiet, but ominous voice.

Lillian stared straight ahead, her eyes cold and dark. She was acting defiant, and doing a pretty good job, but Lia wasn’t buying it; not yet anyway. “Officer who?” the girl asked, not looking over at her oppressor.

Lia chuckled. Standing, she noted that the girl was her height, maybe even a nudge taller, but much slimmer. In a move, Lia had pulled the girl’s arms behind her and fastened them with plastic ties. “You’re hurtin’ me,” she protested, “I’m gonna scream my face off and you’ll be in…shit.”

Lia came up behind the girl, leaning into her, letting the girl feel her mass, her presence. She spoke quietly into the back of the girl’s partially shaved head. “What tribe are you?” she asked.

“What ‘da fuck do you care?” Lillian responded, but Lia could see the breathing increase, she knew a sense of panic was not far off. She pulled the girl down to a chair, and then took a plastic bag from a shelf and deftly pulled it over the girl’s head, before pulling it tight and cutting off the oxygen. The girl struggled desperately, but Lia’s bulk was too much for her.

In a few moments, Lia took the bag off and let the girl’s breathing calm slightly before she began, a wetness already building between her thighs. “We haven’t processed you, you fucking, stupid bitch! You filthy, fucking whore. Right now you don’t exist. You’re in youth DT, those officers that brought you in aren’t going to check on you. Nobody cares, cunt. Fucking cunt.”

Lia paused, looking hard at the girl, considering. “I’m going to show you something, you stupid whore,” she said.

With that, Lia lifted the girl by the black hair of the unshaved part of her head. She pulled the girl out a side door and down a deserted hallway, and then down a flight of steps. As soon as they were on the lower floor, it was like a chill came over them; at least it came over Lillian.

This part of the building was seldom used; it contained four contain cells; basic, concrete bunkers with a drain in the floor for urination, a bucket in the corner for anything else, and a single tap that allowing nothing more than a dribble of water. Cells from another time.

A small, grated window that could be closed sat in the steel door, and was the only opening in the dreary room. A single light bulb twenty feet up was also the only light, and a metal, three-foot wide shelf, bare as the room, was what functioned as a bed.

Lia pushed the girl through the door and closed it, speaking through the grate. “Enjoy this. Scream your face off all you want. I’ll be back, oh, sometime, and you’ll be more cooperative, or this is where you’ll die, you Ojibwa whore. Yeah, I know your tribe. I know where you’re from.” Lia said as the girl looked up with fear.

“Wait!” Lillian screamed, as Lia closed the window.

The woman waited for thirty seconds, then drew the little door over. “What?” she asked gruffly.

“Wait, uh, I’m sorry, fuck. I, ummm, I’ll be better; I’ll, like, cooperate, ok. Please, don’t leave me here.” Lia regarded the girl with silence. “Please.” She repeated, her eyes holding fear…and something else.

Whatever she saw there, Lia opened the cell and entered, looking at the girl standing quietly on the concrete floor. She moved to her, and then tugged the girl, again by her hair, to sit before the metal bed/shelf, which Lia then sat on. “You’ll be, cooperative?” She asked quietly, looking down, and the girl nodded her head. “Say it, Lilli-bitch.” Lia commanded.

“I’ll, cooperate.” Lillian said quietly, tears beginning to slide down her brown cheeks, which was all the encouragement Lia needed.

“Good. We’ll see,” Lia said. “Show me some cooperation there, Lilli-girly, and I’ll make things so much better for you.”


“Ok, what’s the deal?” Kendra asked, standing in a night robe and looking at the near-naked girl kneeling in the center of their living room.

Lia rubbed a hand over her face; she was tired and uncertain. She had made a decision, her partner asking her to think twice about this, which she had and still made it anyway. She had snuck Lillian Clark out of the DT centre, avoiding cameras, and before she had been processed. At this point, the girl did not exist, as far as the corrections system was concerned.

The big problem, and what Lia was wrestling with, was the girl’s age. “I want this girl, Kend; but, she doesn’t turn eighteen for a few weeks, so I’m not sure what to do.” At this point Jessica came down to join them, wearing pajama bottoms and a T-shirt; it being two-thirty in the morning. She had heard the last part of the conversation.

“Well, I’m not touching her, Lia.” Kendra said, evenly. “Not at least for a few weeks; how many?” she asked.

Lia held up five fingers.

“Well, there you go, what the Hell you going to do with her for five weeks. I’m salivating just looking at her now.” Kendra complained.

“How come she’s so, uh, spaced, Lia?” Jessica asked.

“I needed her to be cool but still mobile, so I gave her some exotal and diazepam, so she’s very, um, relaxed and compliant.”

“She’s gotta’ be submissive, though, to start with, kids. Just look at her. Fuck, I love what’s showing under that thong; is she native?”

“Ojibwa; comes from around Thunder Bay, I think.”

Kendra nodded her head. “Man, she is hot. There’s no way I can have that around here without a taste. You’ve got to get her out of here, Lia. I’m serious.”

Jessica opened her legs and pajama fly opening, showing her shaved pubis; although, because she was sitting behind Lillian, the girl could not see her. “We can’t even have her do a test lick?” She asked, with ‘puppy eyes’.

“No,” Kendra spoke sharply and then laughed. “that’s just the problem. We’d all like this sweet piece to be eating us, which is why she needs to go; for a few weeks, and then bring her back for the fun and games. And I’m serious about that, too.”

Lia nodded her head slowly and picked up her cell.


Sunday morning when Lia came down to the kitchen, Jessica and Kendra had just finished their breakfast;

it was a late start following a very late night.

Lillian was gone; Jessica and Kendra weren’t sure where; they would wait for Lia to inform them. As Lia slouched into a chair with her coffee, Jessica asked, “You ok?”

“Sure. Why not?”

Jessica regarded her house mate; she seemed more tired than angry or upset. “Well, you had to make a decision that wasn’t easy. So, you good or do you need some love?”

Lia smiled. “Thanks, Jess. It was a dumb thing to do, I get that.”

“We all do stuff, kid.” Kendra added from the sink, then paused. “You going to tell us what you did, or, we just leave that alone?”

Lia looked at them, one to the other. “Probably best for now you aren’t involved. Sorry for dragging you in.”

“It’s ok, Lia. We are together on this. Will you be able to get her back in a few weeks?”

Lia pondered, “Yeah, I think it will work out. I think I’ll get her back.”

Everyone looked from one to the other. “Well,” Kendra exclaimed, “guess I need to get going on that basement room. Fun‘n games, right?”

Everyone chuckled, a little.


Late Monday afternoon Meg was doing some restocking in the store, when she noticed a slim, brown-haired girl, about her height and likely around her age, standing and…regarding her. The girl then approached her and said, “I have a friend who works in this building and mentioned you.”

“Me?” Meg asked, with bafflement.

“Yeah, the auburn hair, the slim build, a lot like mine, eh?” The girl smiled.

Meg blushed, unsure of this whole conversation and feeling a little overwhelmed by this attractive, confident young woman. “Okaaaay, um, how can I help you…?

“Jessica…” the girl held out her hand, “Jessica Robb.”

“Nice to meet you.” Meg said, blushing again, and not sure why.

(End of Chapter 02)

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A Mask Of Love by LongDarkRoad Chapter 1 A Woman Is Not What She Thinks, But What She Hides

A Mask of Love

By LongDarkRoad

Chapter 01

A Woman Is Not What She Thinks, But What She Hides 

And still you come to me as I wait, disguised in my silence,

your memory still warm within; the dagger of jealous pity piercing my armor,

a mask of love placed so as to hide the truth;

It was the earliest sexual-based memory she had, and it involved her father. But not in the way most would immediately assume. Jessica Robb and her friend, and now housemate Lia Robinson, were having drinks and somehow the conversation had drifted here, to sexual memories.

“My first memory is, like, dark. I’m not kidding.” Jessica sipped her Merlot.

Lia studied her companion. Although she had known her, not closely but for several years; since high school in fact; it was only now with them sharing a house that she seemed to really regard the woman. At school they had chatted occasionally, but always about gossip or insignificant things. They had been in several classes together in their graduation year; but they had never gone out or shared anything remotely intimate in their chats. Both girls had been loners in their own way.

Lia, large and intimidating, but struggling with her sexuality. Jessica, attractive but inclined to not enhance it, preferring to stay on the sidelines, out of direct view. A few teachers had discovered one thing about Jessica which she tried to hide from classmates; she was amazingly intelligent; but the teachers had discovered this through the ‘back door’ as it were, as they dealt with Jessica’s plots and schemes. She would rarely train her mind on her studies.

“Hmmmm,” Lia grunted, “try being black in a white school for some dark memories, there bitch.” She grinned, sipping her scotch.

Jessica smiled at the woman across from her, the thick, black hair on her head cut short; she was not concerned with looking masculine now. Being five-nine and a little ‘beefy’ worked well in the juvenile detention center where she was a guard. “You’re not black, you’re beige, girl.” Jessica noted to her Jamaican partner. “And why the Hell do you drink scotch? Jeez.” They both laughed.

Lia continued. “Come on, out with it. You always talk around things, girl, give me some straight shit sometime. I will tell you stuff, but now you’ve got me interested with your hush hush bullshit.” She paused, “And I drink scotch ‘cuz I like to sip.”

Jessica smiled and ran a long, painted nail up the side of her wine glass. She had musician’s hands, with slender fingers; although she wasn’t a musician. She had found her calling with computers, a place she could lose herself in, become who she wished and ignore all the expectations and the insinuations of others.

Now twenty-two, she had evolved into a lovely and feminine woman, one who almost over-emphasized feminine traits; her walk, her hand gestures. Her long, light brown hair, so soft and alluring. She and Lia were strikingly opposite in appearance, which was one of the things that Jessica liked about their relationship. “I think we, at least I, need another drink, doll.” She smirked, signalling the server.

In a moment the short, slight and pretty girl made eye contact, noted Jessica’s signal and then, after a trip to the bar returned with scotch for one and wine for the other. Jessica nonchalantly ran her hand up the server’s leg, right up under her short black dress. The girl laughed and moved side-ways a step, but didn’t appear concerned. “Thanks cutie,” Jessica smiled up at the girl, “Tell me. Which one of us would you let go down on you?”

The girl laughed and placed her tray against her mid-section, almost as a shield. “Well, um, actually like I’ve got a boyfriend, right?” She smiled and moved off, but did look back to catch Jessica smirking at her.

Lia laughed, “You wouldn’t have done that back in high school.”

Jessica shook her head, “Nope, back then I was too busy figuring out what I was.”


In another bar, a few blocks away, Kevin Greenfield sipped his beer and listened with interest and wonder to the lovely young woman who was singing on the small stage. The room was at least two thirds full to see Meg and Mary, and they were appreciative of the girls’ harmonies and selection of covers and a few well-written originals. Kevin was more interested than most, however, as the Meg in Meg and Mary, was his daughter.

It had been years since the divorce, and Kevin had spent a lot of time and not a little money in tracking down his ex-wife and their daughter; but once he found her, living now in Ottawa, Canada, he was in no rush to meet her. He understood how disruptive it could be for the young woman he didn’t really know, and for now he simply wanted to learn more himself.

He sat and sipped his beer, amazed that an offspring of his could be so talented. He, himself, had no artistic ability of any kind; zero. He smiled a smile of pride.


“Ok, so I was, like, seven, so we’re talking like years ago.”

“Absolutely,” Lia nodded her head, a small grin on her face, “Um, decades, right? Centuries even?”

“Yeah, yeah, smart ass; you keep interrupting and we’ll start talking sports.” Jessica raised an eyebrow.

“Sorry, I was being a smart ass ‘cuz I know this is…awkward. I’ll keep my yap closed.”

“Good. Ok, so,” Jessica sipped some wine, aware that

the server had just been regarding her again. “So, it had been a couple of year since my mom had died, and my dad had married my dear old step-mom, the witch. It was maybe four or five months since she’d moved in. We were living in this old house in Vancouver, with the bedrooms upstairs, and it had these big grates in the floor, big black things. You could look right down and see the room below.

There were three bedrooms up and the spare one had this big grate and I used to, like, use it to spy on um, whoever. It was just fun. I wasn’t trying to learn anything.”

“Hey, you were a kid. Kids like to spy. I used to watch my older brother jerk off.”

Jessica grinned, “Gee, thanks for sharing.” They both laughed. “Too bad for you it was a skill you never needed to use.”

Jessica chuckled and Lia laughed out loud. “Yeah, it was even kinda’ boring then, but sorry, go on.”

Jessica started up again. “Yeah, um, well, one night I was just doin’ some spyin’ and I see my father, the step-bitch and a friend of hers down below; it was the living room, right? But I sat frozen, ‘cuz my dad was naked. I shoulda’ just run off, fuck, but I was, I don’t know, transfixed I guess. Anyway, I sat and watched.”

Lia did not interrupt here; she simply nodded her head and waited.


Mary gave Meg a little hug, “Man, that was cool. Gee, I saw some money go in the tip hat, eh?”

Meg waved an array of bills, before handing some to her partner, “With the door, we got two hundred and sixty-five bucks, kiddo. Our best night.”

“Cool,” Mary said, stuffing the cash in her pocket, “maybe you can quit your bookstore gig and do this full time?”

“And you’d leave your job and tour with me, hmmmm?” Meg replied. Mary looked up at her friend, the Irish in the girl’s heritage showing as the stage lights lit her auburn curls.

Shaking her head, Mary replied, “You’re right, we need to take things slower. But tonight was fun; performing is fun, even if it makes me think I’ll pee myself.” Both girls laughed and picked up their guitar cases, heading out. From his car, Kevin watched his daughter and her friend head down the street and then disappear behind the building by the parking lot.

Stopping by Meg’s old car, Mary said, “So, want to get together later this week or…?”

“I’ll call you; we don’t have another gig for two weeks, which is too bad ‘cuz I’m pumped.”

“Me too,” Mary agreed, then leaned up (Meg at five-six being a touch taller than she was) and kissed Meg on the mouth.

The girl stood looking puzzled. “What was that?” she asked, eyebrows raised.

“Hey, no big deal. I like you, we’re buds, and it was really good tonight. What’s wrong with expressing ourselves.”

“But, you’re not a….”

“Lesbian? Oh, please, Meg. Let’s cool it with the labels. I just kissed Meg Greenfield, a person I like. There, that’s it. I’m not going to run off and hump the first woman I see or anything.”

Meg suddenly felt sheepish, “Hey, look, I’m sorry. That was an over-reaction.”

“Good.” Mary said, and leaned up and kissed Meg again, holding it a little longer, then she smiled and waved. ”Call me, kid.”

Meg stood for a moment just watching her friend walk away. That kiss had felt very nice. Since her break-up with long-time boyfriend Derek five months ago, Meg had been reluctant about any sort of dating or, well, anything. She waved at Mary, “I will.”


“It is so crazy, now looking back, trying to get into my head what I thought when I was seven. I had never even seen a cock, well, I saw our neighbor boy’s little junk package when he was three and would run around naked. So I kinda’ knew the deal, but to see my father’s cock, a man’s cock; and it was hard; stickin’ out.”

Lia could not stay quiet, “What the Hell was goin’ on down there, girl?”

“Kinky shit.”

“No kiddin’.” They both sipped some more.

“So the step-bitch was wearin’ just her undies, and then the other lady came into view and she was totally naked and I saw my first bush. Neither of the gals were into shavin’ the pubes, obviously. One had black hair and one light brown; I saw the witch a little later. And both were hairy, right up their asses and bellies. I remember thinking there was an animal between their legs.”

Both women hooted at this, and then their server came over. “You ladies need a top up,” she said smiling, and then Jessica slid her hand up the woman’s leg again, but this time the girl did not move away.

“We’re good for a few minutes, give us ten maybe, but, you know, you didn’t answer our question last time.” Jessica was gently squeezing the woman’s left cheek as she asked this.

The server smiled, “But I told you, I have a boyfriend.”

“So, what’s that got to do with anything? He ain’t here now, is he? Do you guys even live together?”

The server looked a little uncomfortable with the question, but she still hadn’t moved, and Jessica’s fingers were now stroking her panty-covered vagina. “Well, still, you’ve gotta’ be faithful, eh?” The woman moved gently away and Jessica let her hand fall. “Be back in a few minutes.” Lia chuckled as the server moved off, Jessica’s eyes focused on the woman’s ass.

“Shit girl, you got balls; or somethin’. Ok, back to the story. What the Hell was goin’ down?”


Meg carefully drove her 2004 Focus west out of the downtown area, heading to the little rental condo she had moved into just three weeks earlier. She was always terrified the vehicle would suddenly die, and she would be stranded.

Recently graduated from business school, she had not found a real job, yet, working part time in a downtown bookstore while playing wherever she could. It was her dream to be a performer; likely why she had not really pursued any other job.

Once home, she lay on her worn, garage sale couch, covered with a blanket to improve its appearance, and thought, with a smile, of the night. It had been rewarding; but what of the kiss from Mary? She got up and made herself a cup of tea; she would think of Mary later.

Across town, in a much nicer condo, Kevin Greenfield also thought with fondness of the night; his daughter could clearly use his assistance and his means; but would she accept his help? And how would he go about approaching her and offering?

He got up and poured himself a glass of Jack Daniels.

He needed something stronger than beer.


“Ok, so to shorten this thing down, I watched what went down on that night, even though I didn’t understand it. And I saw more; my father’s, um, abuse I guess you could call it, would happen a couple of times a month. Sometimes he was too far over and I couldn’t see what was happening, through the grate, but I saw enough over time.”

Lia contemplated the young woman who now sat in thought. “Okay, good so far; but I want details; you’re not gonna’ start something’ like this and leave out the good parts, even if they’re about dear old papa, eh?”

Jessica snorted. “Ok, they did stuff to his cock; they had scarves or whatever tied around and they yanked him; they actually kicked his balls, both women took turns. When his erection faded, they would touch him and play with him and get it back, but they never let him come.

They made him lick their feet and grovel; they stuck things up his ass and he thanked them, on his knees. Shit. They led him around with a collar around his neck. They blindfolded him and had him lick their hairy pussies. And then one day, we moved out of that house and I couldn’t see what happened to him in our new place. I know stuff did; I could hear it, right; but I couldn’t see it.”

Lia finished her scotch. “Shit,” she replied.

Jessica sat in thought again, then blurted out, “I played with my little, tight pussy that first night, and every time after. I didn’t have a clue why; it just happened and felt good. But now, when I see someone on their knees with a collar, being led around naked, it all comes back, only now it really turns me on.”

At this point the server returned. “Ready for another now, ladies?” she asked, smiling broadly.

“What time do you get off?” Jessica asked; she was smiling sweetly; her winning smile; apparently it was effective.

The server hesitated for a moment, then said, “In half an hour.”

“We’ll meet you out back, ok? I’m driving a blue Prius. Bring the tab now, ok hon?” The girl swallowed and hurried off. Lia looked across the table and smiled, gently shaking her head.


At two in the morning, Kendra Chand came down the stairs into the pleasantly furnished living room of the house she shared with Lia Robinson and Jessica Robb. At thirty she was the oldest, and her career as a lawyer, now in its third year, meant she earned the most, which was why she put in half the down payment for the house while the other two split the remaining half. The same thing was in place with the monthly mortgage.

For this, she got to make decisions about furnishings, etcetera, the result being that the home was attractive and pleasant. “If it was my place, we’d be sitting on boxes.” Jessica had remarked. Lia had concurred, both agreeing that Kendra should be the one in charge.

Chand stood an average five-five, just like Jessica, but unlike the slim brown-haired girl, Kendra was stocky with generous hips and modest breasts (if I start going pear-shape, shoot me, she’d chortled to her housemates). Her dark, straight, short hair marking her father’s East Indian ancestry, but with a complexion looking like a good tan, showing her mother’s English heritage’s contribution to her DNA. She was a no-nonsense sort whose sexuality was flexible.

“Who’s the naked girl tied to the bed in the spare bedroom?” she asked Lia and Jessica, both lounging in on couches. She did not sound startled at this, just curious. Jessica, wearing just a T-shirt and her thong panties snorted and threw a cushion at Lia. “We didn’t even get the girl’s name, Boss,” she laughed.

Lia caught the cushion and added, “Ha ha; I guess we had other things on our mind.” Both young women laughed. Once they had her home, they had instructed the girl to strip as they watched, Lia then spanking her until she cried and agreed to do what they wished.

Jessica had then attached one of her dog collars on the girl and had Lia walk her around the living room as she watched and fondled herself. The girl’s hands were then tied behind her and she was made to lick and suck the two very different vaginas that her face had been pushed into; Lia’s dark, heavy ‘sausage-like’ labia, and Jessica’s shaved and tight pink pussy, with its single labia ring below a silver belly-button bar.

The girl was then tied to the bed in the upstairs room, with both Lia and Jessica riding the girl’s face to another orgasm before they took turns fucking her with an assortment of strap-ons.

They had left her blindfolded and with her panties stuffed into her mouth as they came downstairs to relax. Jessica in fact had just returned from a joint on the patio and they had just begun chatting about their captive minutes before Kendra’s arrival.

“So what’s the deal?” Kendra asked, “She anybody’s, um, property?”

Both of her housemates shook their heads, “She’s just fun and games, K. Go help yourself if you want.”

“How far can I go?” Kendra asked. Both Lia and Jessica knew Kendra’s interests were with BDSM; it was how Lia had met the woman two years ago.

“Just take it easy, Kend, ok? No harm. We’ve already spanked her ass and fucked her really hard. Have fun, just don’t break anything, all right?”

Kendra chuckled, “No worries, kids; she’ll still be in one piece for the morning. I’m thinking you’ll want to use her again?” Both women nodded their heads as Kendra made her way back upstairs.


Not feeling tired, and with her mind going around in circles, Meg got up and went to her computer. She checked a few emails, catching up for the last week. Then she did a search for ‘lesbian seduction’.

Half an hour later she shut things down; the girls in the videos were all so artificial that it really didn’t do much for her, although the more she thought of some soft womanly lips kissing her ‘naughty parts’, the more dedicated her fingers became as they pressed on her clit, circling the soft bud. “Uummmm,” she moaned, feeling a nice glow spread through her.

She then pictured Mary’s blond head between her thighs and her face looking up at her; this moved things along. She felt an orgasm was close, just needed a little more fantasy. Without any plan, her next thoughts were of herself, kneeling naked in front of Mary, as her friend spread her legs.

“Lick me, Meg bitch,” the Mary in her fantasy directed, and Meg saw in her mind a vagina, lightly covered in blond hair, open before her; and then her mouth descend on it with eagerness. “Uhhhh,” Meg cried, as this vision did the trick and her body responded with a quick series of spasms. “Mmmmmm,” She moaned softly, a smile on her face.


Eight AM Saturday morning and Lia and Jessica brought the server downstairs, her hands tied behind her. Some mild welts on her ass and a few bits of wax on her freshly shaved pussy were all the evidence of Kendra’s time with her. The girl mumbled something in protest but her mouth was still gagged. She still had her collar on and Jessica had the leash attached as they led the naked girl into their back yard.

One of the things they had liked about their property was the back yard’s orientation to its neighbors and its high fence. No one could see them and that was good because they planned to use this area for ‘fun’. Right now they asked the girl if she needed to pee and she nodded her head ‘yes’ and they pointed to the grass and she shook her head ‘no’.

“Ok, little cunt, we’re going inside. This is your only chance; if you pee inside we’ll make you lick it up,” Lia warned. They turned and started back inside and the girl pulled on her leash and made noises, then nodded her head ‘yes’.

They stood back as she squatted down and closed her eyes, before sending a yellow stream into the grass. Lia forced the girl’s eyes open, saying, “No hiding, little cunt.” When the girl finished she looked down at the grass. Lia tilted the girl’s face up and said,

“Wipe yourself, on the grass, like a dog.”

Both Jessica and Lia had to chuckle at the girl as she awkwardly cleaned herself. Lia didn’t help the situation by taking some pictures of this action with her cell.

They then had the girl pose in various positions with her legs spread wide as they both took some more shots.


Kevin Greenfield was having breakfast in a restaurant close to his condo. At some point he would have to decide what he wanted to do, but for now he knew he needed to head back to Toronto and deal with some business.

If all went well, in a few weeks he could move back here and settle in for a while, maybe for good; then he would be able to begin the process of meeting his daughter.

That was his plan.


Meg woke, showered, had some cereal and then thought of the evening before. She texted Mary to see if she could come over to rehearse on Tuesday and when the reply said, “Sure. What time?” she smiled.


Jessica dropped the girl, whose name they learned was Allie, in front of a nondescript brown townhouse. “So, you ok?” She asked.

The girl nodded her head, “That was some night,” she murmured.

“Yeah, it was probably more than what you thought,” Jessica smiled ruefully, not looking Allie in the eye.

Allie nodded. “Yeah, you got that right. I really, um, wanted to just be with you.”

Jessica looked up and they studied each other for a moment, “Do you really have a boyfriend?”

The girl grinned and nodded, “Yup again. Ragan. Five months now.”

“But you need…more?” Jessica asked quietly.

Allie shrugged her shoulders, “I guess, although I hadn’t thought of it. Until you started rubbing my leg and I wanted you to keep going.”

Jessica laughed, “Well, I did that for sure.” They sat in silence for a moment.

“Can I see you again?” Allie asked quietly.

Jessica wasn’t sure about this, but she smiled and said. “Sure. Let’s hook up again. Same deal?”

“I wish it was just you. I’d like to make love to you, just you. But if the others have to be involved, I’m ok I guess with that.”

“You had at least four orgasms, kid.”

Allie blushed, “I know, jeez, crazy eh? But I’ll leave it up to you.”

Jessica leaned over and kissed the girl, long and tenderly, licking her mouth when she pulled away. “Ok, I’ll be back at ya’. I saw you writing your cell down for Lia.”

Allie nodded. “Yeah, it’s hard to say no to her, she scares me.” She grinned and climbed out of the car, then stood watching as Jessica pulled out and headed down the road for home.

(End of Chapter 01)