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A House of Slaves by LongDarkRoad Chapter 5 Desires

A House of Slaves 

Chapter 05 Desires (A Matter of Survival)

Brandon moved quietly back to the doorway, and watched as the two women were now kissing. Pausing, Aquina spoke softly to Melissa again, explaining how she needed to be strong for her sister, and cooperate.

“Will you cooperate, Melissa, or will Anna be punished some more.”

Melissa finally spoke, her mind confused, as much by the emotions this woman was producing as by the assault. Her voice was subdued but clear. “I will cooperate…if…Anna is not harmed.”

“Good. That’s the only way it will work. Now, you need to take off those clothes. This is not negotiable. They need to all come off.” Melissa looked down, it seemed she might start crying again, her face was reddening, but instead she began to undress, slowly, like a robot, but self-consciously,.

When she got to her bra and panties she hesitated. Aquina leaned forward, kissing Melissa’s neck, while at the same time reaching around and unclasping the bra. Aquina pulled it away to reveal two wonderful, firm, plump breasts topped with large dark areolas and huge nipples. Melissa moved to cover her breasts, but Aquina held her arms by her sides.

“We need to have them out. Your breasts are beautiful, incredible really. They should be out so people can see them, enjoy them, even worship them.” Aquina leaned forward and gripped a nipple between her teeth. She then sucked, drawing an “AAAAhhhhh!” from Melissa, who closed her eyes while Aquina then gently licked the nipple, which amazingly grew even larger.

“Open your mouth,” Aquina commanded. Melissa hesitated, considered, then complied, “Put out your tongue.” When she did, Aquina took it into her own mouth and sucked it.

Melissa’s mind a-whirl, with equal parts terror, arousal and revulsion, confused at her response with what this woman, Aquina (what a lovely name) was doing to her.

The young woman had an almost obsessive resistance to being touched; even doctor’s visits had caused her some anxiety. Yet Aquina was somehow drawing her in. Melissa found the woman’s smell…lovely, no…intoxicating. Her taste, her breath were delightful.

She was so incredibly beautiful Melissa was almost transfixed, especially since she almost always ignored people, not really even looking at them. It wasn’t rudeness, it was a compulsion. She’d been this way since childhood, and was the reason she had had no real relationships, sexual or, really, otherwise. She had friends, but they were always kept at a distance.

No one, except Anna, had ever been let in.

So what was she now doing, kissing and holding someone, like this…passionately?? Why did she feel a jolt of excitement course right through her, right down to her…thingee, when…Aquina, kissed her nipple. Maybe this was…desire, something she had never looked for, or even thought about. She had certainly never experienced it.

And what was happening now; the woman was, sucking…on her tongue??? Her tongue was in another person’s mouth. A woman’s mouth.

But it was undeniable that her heart was now pounding, and with her own sister chained naked before her, and her psychopathic brother-in-law waiting somewhere in the shadows, still; she was reluctant to let go of …Aquina.

She did not want this, this feeling…to end, an amazing thought to her, an incredible thought really. If someone had said something like this could happen to her, she would not have believed them.

So what exactly had she stumbled into, in this…house of horrors, that held this enchanting woman?


Brandon had needed to get back to work, so Aquina was left with the two women. Melissa had calmed down, and

Aquina had taken the now naked woman to her room and tied her to the bed. Melissa had resisted but Aquina had left her with a ball gag in her mouth, the early stages of having her accept her fate, or….

Or what? Now she had two kidnapped women under her care. Jake was irrational if he thought they could just do this, without any end plan, but Brandon should have more sense.

Aquina took a despairing Anna down stairs. She had calmed somewhat but looked horrified. The thought of letting Jake have access to Melissa upset her more than anything about her own situation. She wanted to beseech Aquina, to beg her for help; instead she simply stared at the floor, tears falling on the concrete.

Aquina broke the silence; cupping Anna’s chin she sighed and looked into the woman’s sad eyes, “I will look out for Melissa; I don’t want her hurt, trust me.” Anna nodded her head and Aquina used a tissue to clean her face. “I need time, Anna. And I need you to be the strong one, to lead by example, to show Melissa what she needs to do to make it. I need you to be the best possible slave there is. Can you do that?”

Rather than being offended or defensive about this suggestion, Anna nodded her head, and when allowed to speak vowed to Aquina to work with her to keep Melissa safe, even if that meant her sister was to be enslaved. But she must be protected from Jake.

Aquina returned to her room and stood for a moment looking at the beautiful body tied helpless before her, and felt a rise of unmistakable arousal. She wanted this woman, but not like this; forcing someone produced nothing for her. Any bully, even someone like Jake, especially someone like him, could force someone. Aquina wanted to take this exquisite beauty for her own, to have her crawl on her stomach to her and lick her feet, and then whip her beautiful ass with her flogger…but of her own free will, not like this.

But for now, however, she needed to get Melissa’s (her slave name was to be ‘Whore’, Aquina shook her head at that) head in a certain place, and then Aquina needed to get out and follow up on Heather Barr.

She now ran her slender fingers up the lovely body and felt muscles tighten beneath her touch, saw the rapid intake of breath.

Melissa’s pubic area was clearly untouched; it didn’t even look ‘bikini’ trimmed, and so it was obvious that the blond hair on her head was dyed. But, sadly, this was not the time to explore this body.

She removed the ball-gag from Melissa’s mouth and then spoke quietly to her, “I am going to untie you, are you going to try anything foolish?”

Melissa closed her eyes, breathing hard, then she blurted out, “No, no. Okay. N-no. I won’t try anything. Please untie me, being…restrained is torture to me. Please.” Aquina noted the anguish in the voice, but reached over and gave one nipple a twist and a pull.

“UUNng-uh-oww!” came the immediate response.

Aquina’s voice was calm but firm, “You will address me as Mistress, understand?”

There was a pause, as if this required an effort, and then Melissa said, softly, “Um, Y-yes-um-yes. M-mistress.” Her breath was still coming hard.

Aquina regarded the bound woman, imagining for a moment her anguish. “There, that wasn’t so hard,” said Aquina, smiling and then untying the four cords. “Kneel down by me now.”

Melissa lay for a moment, then slowly slipped off the bed, hesitating, then slid down to her knees. She was trembling, but nothing like before.

“Hands behind your back.” Melissa looked up, fear in her eyes; it affected Aquina, but she continued and when Melissa slowly complied, Aquina tied her hands, had her stand, and then led her downstairs. Both sisters cried out when they saw each other, and then Aquina unlocked Anna’s crate and guided Melissa into it.

“I am letting you two lie together for a while,  remember this. You are to stay side by side until I return.”

“Yes, Mistress. Thank you Mistress.” Anna spoke quickly.

Melissa took a moment longer before adding. “Thank you.” She paused, ”and…th-thank you for your…kindness.”

Aquina regarded the woman for a moment longer and then locked the crate and headed back up the stairs,  turning off the light on her way.

She now needed to refocus and track down, then check out, Heather Barr. Melissa’s face, however, lingered in her mind.


“Oh God, Melissa,” Anna sobbed and then the tears flowed again.

“Oh Anna, Anna, Anna…,” and Melissa in turn sobbed into Anna’s shoulder. Anna’s hands were tied in front, but she was able to clasp Melissa’s face in the darkness and see a shape. They kissed each other’s cheeks, tasting each other’s tears, and then just lay pressed together.


Aquina waited in her parked car. She was waiting for Garth, an associate she had worked with for several years and one she trusted absolutely. With none of the boys available, she wanted his support before entering a strip-club in this part of town. She saw a cab pull up across from her, and Garth’s very large frame slowly exited the back door. Getting out she waved at him and began walking toward ‘The Jungle’, a bar with a, yes, tropical theme, and a large dancers’ area with four stages.

Inside she found ‘Sal’, someone she had known years ago on the street. First thing Aquina noticed was the scar running from Sal’s left eye down to her jawbone. After embracing, Aquina touched the scar and looked in Sal’s eyes. “A disagreement over money,” Sal said in her husky voice. Aquina then showed her a photo of Heather. Sal turned and motioned for them to follow. She went behind the stage area to where a number of back, private ‘rooms’ were situated.

They went to the last one; which in reality was so small as to be just a booth; and Sal knocked.

“Yeah?” came the response, and Sal opened the door. Heather, a very young-looking woman was as advertised; reddish-blond hair (now short and spikey) small and slim. She was sitting on a chair beside a hole in the wall. This was a glory-hole booth. Being late afternoon, things were still very quiet.

Aquina looked at the girl as Garth waited, completely blocking the door.

“Something…I can help you with?” Barr asked, looking nervous.

“Maybe,” Aquina looked again, and the girl began to fidget under the scrutiny. “You like sucking cocks for a living?”

“You a cop…or something?” Barr replied.

“Nope. I know a lot of cops, but I’m more interested in you. Maybe offer you some work that’s better than… this.” Aquina looked around the tiny room.

“Yeah? And why would you want to do that?”

“First tell me, what are you using?”

Barr looked away. “I thought you said you weren’t a cop?”

“I’m not…”

“Then what the fuck do you care?”

“If I’m going to offer you…a job…then I need to know a couple of things. That’s one.”

The two women looked at each other. Aquina was patient and carried a certain authority with her.

“Okay, alright; what the fuck. Look, downs are it for

me; and I don’t use regular. Okay?”

Barr was wearing a sleeveless shirt, so Aquina knew she didn’t inject. Sedatives made sense. Barr looked like someone who might have anxiety issues.

“Okay,” Aquina replied as well. “What time are you done here?”

“It’s kind of up to me,” Barr said, still cautious, “What kind of cash we talking?”

“We’ll talk that next time. It’s better than here, I can tell you that. What time?”

“Midnight…” Barr looked now again like a very young girl.

“Good. We’ll be back.” Aquina handed the girl two twenties. “For your time.” She smiled and then turned and left, Garth at her side. Barr looked at the money. Men were charged fifty dollars for a (non-swallowing) blow-job, but the house took thirty and the bouncer took a percentage as well, to send clients the girl’s way, so forty bucks clear for a chat wasn’t bad.

Aquina definitely had the girl’s interest.

However, if Heather had known what she was really getting into, she would have given the money back.

Outside, Aquina looked up at Garth and thanked him for his help.

“Anytime, Aquina; anytime, you know that. I always have your back.”


When Aquina entered the house she was happy that she had arrived before any of the guys. Even though only Brandon (and Kate of course) actually lived there (so far) the men would all likely be there at some point, and she wanted to make sure that Melissa was not ‘thrown to the wolves’, especially the big wolf, Jake. She dumped her stuff and headed down to the basement.

Flicking on the light, she saw both heads bob, but the women remained as instructed. She brought both out, placed ropes on their wrists so their hands were bound in front but loose enough that they could use them.

Melissa did not have her collar yet so Aquina guided  both women together down to the toilet.

Anna was placed first and urinated; Melissa resisted briefly when commanded, but then wiped her sister’s pussy as directed. Sitting on the toilet she looked like she would die, but she had to urinate so it happened, and then she stood with her eyes closed as Anna wiped her. Moving Melissa’s legs apart Aquina directed Anna’s face into her sister’s crotch and Anna obediently licked Melissa’s pussy lips thoroughly. Although the young woman had her eyes clamped tightly shut throughout, her amazing nipples hardened.

Aquina then handed Anna the scissors, sponge, soap and safety razor and the woman went to work clearing away the mass of public hair. When finished, Aquina admired Melissa’s shaved pussy with its meaty outer labia and substantial inner folds; it was a real mouth full, and Aquina resisted the urge to drop to her knees; that would have to wait.

For now, she placed Melissa back in one crate and took Anna upstairs, chaining her to the familiar post in the living room so she would be available for whoever arrived. She found the new collar with ‘Whore’ written large in red glass studs on its side, and went back down to Melissa.

She brought her out and had her kneel. Her lovely breasts rose and fell quickly with her anxiety and anticipation. Aquina placed the collar on the floor and took a riding crop down from the wall.

Placing the crop under the woman’s chin, she lifted Melissa’s head and saw the fear clearly showing in the soft, brown eyes. Aquina leaned down and kissed the inviting mouth with its full lips; Melissa did not pull away, and then Aquina moved back.

“This is to be yours, and it’s not an option,” she indicated the collar with her whip. “Put it on.”

Melissa’s lips and hands began to tremble, but she reached forward, looked at the name and looked up at Aquina, now with sadness. “Bu-but…I’m…not a…h- h- whore.” And she made a gulping sound before the tears began rolling down her cheeks.

Aquina paused for a moment and sighed. “No, you’re not. It’s a dumb male thing. But, you need to listen to me. If you want to survive, it is a role, a role you must play. Do you want to survive, to make it out of here?”

Melissa sat frozen for a moment, then nodded slowly, and Aquina moved slightly to the woman’s left, then she brought the riding crop down across the round buttocks offered by Melissa’s kneeling position.

“UUUNnnngg-uh!” Melissa cried out.

Aquina took a breath, then began, like a teacher correcting a young student. “You did not call me Mistress, and that is not negotiable.” Aquina lifted the beautiful face, apart from her own, the loveliest she had ever seen, and said quietly, “I don’t want to mark your beautiful body, I really don’t, Melissa. And I will call you that. But I will punish you if you make me. Are we clear…slave?”

Melissa choked down her tears and slowly placed the collar around her neck, fastening it with some difficulty because of her shaking hands. She looked down at the floor.

“That’s a good girl,” Aquina praised, softly stroking the side of the woman’s face before taking a leash from the wall and attaching it. She led Melissa out the door and over to the area with the couches. Sitting on the edge of one, she kicked off her shoes and pulled off her tailored slacks, Melissa now kneeling in front of her, eyes darting from the black triangle of Aquina’s panties to her face.

“Do you want to come close to me?” Aquina asked, softly.

What did she want, other than to have this madness end? But within her something else stirred. She was…attracted to this woman. How absurd…but true. And she, strangely, did want to be close to her. To this person who was in charge of her abuse. Why??

For Aquina’s part, she, always so good at this, could not read the eyes. Not this time, right now; they held too much. “I asked you a question, slave, do you need a reminder?” she asked, raising the whip.

Melissa was jolted to action. “No. I mean, yes, uhhm, M-mistress, yes, I would like to…um, to be close to …you. Um, but this is hard. Mmmm, oh, God…” Melissa managed to get out, choking twice.

Aquina shifted down slightly so her ass was on the edge of the cushion, her legs spread. She guided Melisa’s head to the top of her thigh, “Slave may lick here.” Melissa began, eyes closed again, breathing deeply, with long, sensual tongue strokes and even soft kisses, her warm breath feeling delightful on Aquina’s bare flesh.

“UH-mmmmnnn,” Aquina leaned her head back. “That is…very nice, hmmmm,” She murmured as Melissa continued to bathe her upper thigh in her saliva, the woman herself feeling something she had never experienced, or at least acknowledged…arousal. Here, in this prison basement.

And there was also self-preservation; Melissa did not do well with pain.

Aquina now positioned ‘her slave’s nose directly above her pussy lips, and then pressed the nose directly into her cleft. “Breathe, slave. Breathe in my scent.”

Melissa did, inhaling the fragrance, feeling anxiety and arousal. “What does…our Whore…want?” Aquina asked, in the voice that seemed to ooze seductively from her lips.

“Uh…ummmmm…” Melissa was now almost panting, dealing with feelings she had never experienced. She knew what she, amazingly, wanted…but it was so hard to say it.

“Tell me, Whore; and what you want is yours…” Aquina deliberately used the degrading name, taking away its

power through use. This woman needed to be trained, not broken. Aquina did not want her broken; fuck Jake. Fuck them all, if it came to it, she had already decided her path.

“Uh…oh, mmmm, God. Umm…please…please. M-mistress, I…uh, um…”


“OH! uh…God, God…please, um. Let me…”

Aquina considered, watching with caution the rapid breathing of the woman; she didn’t need a repeat of yesterday; this woman was clearly a special case.

Taking gentle hold of Melissa’s blonde hair, Aquina pulled the lovely face between her thighs and ground her pelvis into the plump lips. Melissa was not fighting now, and she was kissing, tentatively.

Aquina pulled her panties to one side and watched as the tongue now licked, cautiously, on its own. She gradually released her grip on the hair and let Melissa pleasure her.

“Kiss me, Whore. Lick me. Make me feel good. You can do this, you can kiss my pussy…” After a few moments of this delight, Aquina lifted her slave’s face again, looking into the eyes, less sad now, the breathing relaxed a little. “Do you like kissing my…pussy?” She asked quietly.

“Uh, mmmm,” Melissa uttered, nodding her head and looking down with shame.

“Look at me, this is nothing but pleasure. Stop this guilt. It’s just you and me. You like me, you know that, even if you are terrified at being here and what could happen, you like being with me, and you like doing…this. Just say, Mistress, I like kissing your pussy.”

Melissa took a breath, and then, shedding years of avoidance, murmured, “M-mistress, ummm, oh God, uh, I like, I do like, kissing your,” she paused, “mmm, pussy. Mmmmmmnnn.”

Aquina placed one foot between Melissa’s thighs, causing a small jump, then she began to slowly rub, as Melissa closed her eyes and then squeezed the foot, very soft moans beginning from the partly opened lips.

“I want you to be mine, to be my whore,” Aquina murmured, reaching her hand down now and gently stroking the pussy lips that were slowly, almost reluctantly, beginning to fatten with blood.

After a moment, Aquina brought the face up and back between her thighs, her hand resting on the back of Melissa’s head, and then began earnestly grinding the beautiful face into her crotch. She forced herself to release Melissa briefly so the woman could speak.

“Oh Please, please, I’ll do what you want. I’ll be your…oh…ummmm.

At this point Aquina had pulled her panties off and Melissa’s mouth was actually licking Aquina’s entire outer labia. Secretions had been oozing out for a while and Melissa licked these, unaware, her mind twisting wildly and her tongue needing no commands. It buried itself into Aquina’s hole as Melissa sucked everything into her mouth, feeling passion for the first time in her life, and letting the terror drift away, if only for a moment.

Aquina closed her eyes, her mind awhirl as well.


Brandon and Aquina were sitting together on one of the living room couches. “So what’s, em, up?” Brandon inquired, sipping his Jack Daniels.

Aquina took a drag from her slim cigar. She’d thought a little on this discussion, but she still needed to phrase things…appropriately.

“I have made some progress with Melissa…”

“Whore…” Brandon interjected.

Aquina looked at him with a smirk, “Really? Whatever, you boys and your boy-games. She is going to take a few  days to be ready for use by anyone, but I want to try her tonight with me and Kevin only…”

“Jake isn’t going to like that…”

Aquina turned dark eyes in Brandon’s direction, standing and glaring, “Fuck Jake.” Before Brandon could argue, Aquina raised a slender, red-tipped finger. ”Listen to me. Fuck him, and I mean that.”

They regarded each other in silence, but for Aquina this needed to be said. “I know he’s your childhood buddy slash brother, fucking etcetera, etcetera, but you know as well as anyone that he is a fucking loose cannon, or worse. He needs to be controlled,” she emphasized. “And so what he wants is not worth shit.”

Brandon studied the beautiful, angry face before him. Maybe if Aquina would let him fuck her, he could take her side. Or, maybe not. Whatever, he knew however that she was right, and he didn’t like it. He had known for a long time that Jake was like a live grenade, and that someone like Aquina would be the one to help him realize his ambitions, not Jake. “So, um, what do you suggest?” he asked, his voice now neutral.

Good, Aquina thought, he gets it, sort of. She sighed. “First off, this whole slave thing is a shit show and a huge job; a giant fuck-up waiting to happen. I know I went along with the whole Kate thing, but,” she paused and Brandon continued to just watch and wait; he could not risk losing this person.

“But, is there an end game? Are we going to keep adding women that need to be restrained and watched twenty-four seven? This woman was kidnapped, B. I don’t intend on going to prison…”

Aquina sighed and shook herself, lighting a smoke and regaining control; it was what it was, for now. “Anyway, Jake can come with me to try and round up our second girl, Heather. It will keep him busy and I could use his, personality, where I’m going. I could also then have a chance to explain a little about Melissa, and maybe he could fill me in a little.”

Brandon nodded. “Okay, that makes some sense; it should, even to Jake,” he murmured.

At that point Kevin, Eric and Kate entered and moved to the nearest bedroom. From there could soon be heard the unmistakable sounds of sex.

For some reason tonight when they arrived home, the two men wanted Kate right away. And they were fucking her now, taking turns.

Eric was pumping his cock into Kate’s mouth; Kevin, with Kate’s dark brown ponytail of hair in one hand, had just started fucking her ass. It was obviously his preferred hole of choice. The noise was mostly the slap of Kevin’s stomach on Kate’s buttocks, or the enthusiastic slapping of her ass by his free hand, or the grunts and cries of Kate from either the fucking or the slapping. Eric, for his part, was jerking off quietly, apart from the occasional comment like, “Suck it, etcetera.”

Aquina nodded and regarded Brandon; she’d said her piece. “Okay, you need to go in and have Kevin pull out if needed, ‘cause I want him ready to be with Melissa in a few minutes.”

“Oh, sure; no problem at all. Stopping a guy in mid-fuck…”

Aquina shrugged her shoulders. “Tell him something nicer is waiting; and he’s the first. Or, I can go in there, suit yourself.”

Brandon regarded the beautiful woman; they had piled a lot on her and she was clearly pissed. “No worries, I’ll get him,” he said, standing.

 (End of Chapter 05)

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A House of Slaves by LongDarkRoad Chapter 4 Targets B & C

A House of Slaves 

Chapter 04 Targets B & C (A cloak of ignorance)

Jake sat looking intently at the cell phone in his hand. After reading the message, he smiled and reached over for the beer he was nursing. The message Jake was reading was from Anna’s younger sister, Melissa Levy. A month after they had moved away from Northville and settled in the city, before the real abuse began, Jake had convinced Anna to begin corresponding with Melissa strictly through cell texts. The few actual live phone calls the two sisters had shared had always been with Jake sitting right beside Anna and coaching / threatening her.

Of course, none of the messages Melissa received after the first couple had actually been from Anna; it had been Jake texting her now for over twenty months.

The text he had smiled at was Melissa’s response to ‘Anna’, “Jake would be away and it would be perfect, it had been so long,” to come down and stay with her for a few days.

“Perfect,” Melissa had replied.

Yeah, Jake thought grinning, with the Slave House prominent in his mind, it would be absolutely perfect.

For him. 


Melissa Levy left the bus and headed down the sidewalk to the coffee shop she frequented, alone, most days. As she walked she was oblivious to the stares; she always had been oblivious to attention. Very attractive since childhood, she had developed a cloak of ignorance, blocking out this unasked-for attention. She had done it for so long and so well she was no longer even aware she was doing it, living in a kind of bubble that she was content with, oblivious to all around her.

Even when people pointed out to her that this person or that person found her attractive or was looking at her, she was uninterested. She did not ponder why and never really gave it much thought, despite the ongoing encouragement from friends (of which, to be fair, she had very few.)

Melissa had recently completed her Bachelor of Science in Arts Management; but what she wanted most to do was write. What she spent most of her time at was writing; or reading. She was not a socializer in any way and she even avoided social media, completely.

And so Melissa drove people crazy; someone as good looking as she was who had little or no interest in people, was confounding. As she explained, or tried to when it was brought up, maybe someday she would meet someone who would turn her head. So far, that had not happened. Not even close.

Right now she was focused on her sister; her mom and her sister Anna were the only people she ever really gave any thought to. And for the last two years she had thought a lot about Anna and the terrible marriage decision she had made; to that complete…freak, Jake Tucker.

Melissa knew in her guts from the moment she met him that Jake was a total jerk, and probably much worse. Her mother would have none of it, delighted that Anna had found someone so ‘promising’. But then her mother had always also been oblivious, in her own way.

“For the love of God,” Melissa had said to her mom, “have you really taken a good, long look at the man?” But it had been no use, her mother was delighted and blocked out any negative thoughts. For her part, Anna had been basically overwhelmed. Jake could be very forceful and usually got his own way.

It had been a four-month ‘engagement’, a small wedding, one month rental in Northville and then they were gone; and Melissa had not been face-to-face with Anna since. Not at Christmas, not for birthdays. Jake controlled her life completely, which was why Melissa had been happy with the ongoing text conversations; at least they stayed in touch. And now they had a chance, finally, to spend some time together, with Jake going away to some police conference thing.

Melissa would take the bus next morning and by this time tomorrow she and Anna would finally be together. She was really looking forward to it.


Kate looked up from her desk at the members of the squad present in the district office. In her mind Brandon’s words echoed; but still she wondered if any of these men might help her. Of course, there was Kevin sitting at his desk pretending to ignore her; but she knew he was watching every move. At some point they would get tired or bored with this; at some point she would have a chance. For now she needed to just be patient; but still she wondered if there was an ally among this group of men. Because how long, really, could she be patient and accept what was being done to her?

Just then, and to her distress, Captain Dzyuba opened his door and looked at her, indicating with a nod she was to come in. Her stomach tightened into knots and her fists clenched as she rose and headed his way. Once in his office, she noticed he had closed the blinds, and with the door closed, she was isolated.

“Take those pants down, Slut. I need to see the goodies.”

What a stupid jackass, she thought, lowering her slacks.

She was now not allowed any underwear, except when having her period, so her shaved sex was open to his gaze. He motioned with a crooked index finger to come closer. Kate hoped fervently that he had bathed since last time. He brought her around to his side of the desk and then bent her over it.

Then he just sat, admiring her ass, which he began to squeeze with his large, bony hands. He spread her apart and examined her holes, then ran his tongue from the cleft of her outer lips to her puckered anus, which he circled with what seemed to Anna to be quite a long tongue, like an anteater, she thought. He then slapped her ass hard.

Next thing Kate knew, Dzyuba had entered her and was fucking her energetically with short, furious thrusts, like a dog, she pondered. She wondered if they could hear anything out in the office. It didn’t matter, as Dzyuba didn’t last long, coming in a matter of moments. Thankfully, to Kate, he leaned back rather than forward and his breath was not in her face. He did spin her around and push her down so she would suck his cock clean. His crotch area today had a decidedly cheesy stench, which almost made Kate gag.

He finally dismissed her with a “Get out of here, Slut.” And she made her way back to her desk, certain that every man in the office (there were four) knew exactly what had just happened. Kevin certainly did, as he sat there with a smile on his face as he stared at her passing form. When Kate did look his way, he licked his lips in an exaggerated manner and grinned again.

What simple, fucking morons they all were, she thought, turning to the paper work she had been given.


Jake, a smile on his round face, was sitting once again on a wooden kitchen chair in the living room of the house. Kate was kneeling, (naked of course, as the slaves were usually to be naked) chained to the pillar in the room and not far from him. Directly ahead of her, Anna was kneeling at Jake’s feet.

So far tonight, Eric had had sex with Kate and Kevin with Anna. And now the two women knelt in frightened apprehension, unsure of what deeds Jake’s dark mind had in store for them.

The fact that Kate was wearing a ball gag made her uneasy to begin with. Now Jake got up and went somewhere; in a minute he had returned with something in his hand. Kate did not need to see much to know it was his police issue Glock. Jake placed the bullet clip into the gun and slowly slid the barrel up the side of Anna’s face.

“Hmmmmn, little whore, I could end this all right now, couldn’t I? Hmmmm?” And he tapped the side of her face with the barrel.

Kate closed her eyes; she did not want to watch any of this. She wished she could close her mind as well. Clearly the ball gag was to prevent her from screaming.

Jake removed the ammo clip and placed the Glock on a table. “Another time, whore. Right now, you have kind of forgotten some of your duties, stupid cunt, such as my boots. Get busy.”

Kate opened her eyes a crack to see what this was about and winced when she saw Anna bent forward, devotedly licking Jake’s boots. She closed her eyes and wondered to herself; if she could get his Glock, could she shoot him with it, actually pull the trigger? She thought she could.


Up in her office, Aquina was looking at photographs of five young women (her targets she thought of them) who she had been ‘tracking’ for a little while. These were all girls she felt could fit the needs that Brandon had outlined to her. He came in just then, and looked at the photos as well.

“God, they look young,” he exclaimed. One thing he had decided was that there would be no underage girls; just too many potential problems for his liking. The next option was very young-looking girls. He knew many of the men he wanted to invite here to the man-space, liked the idea of a young girl on his knee, showing lots of skin. Some lap grinding, maybe some fondling; who knows, maybe some sex. But the girls would play a role, and the ones Aquina had here looked good for it.

“What’s your first choice?” He asked.

Aquina looked at him for a moment, as they sat here deciding on a girl’s life, to some extent. “These women won’t be slaves, correct?”

Brandon returned the gaze and then nodded. He saw how much work real slaves took.

“Because real slaves weren’t part of the deal, B.”

He sat down and looked at her. “Well, they kind of were,” he said quietly; at least in the minds of the four men; Jake certainly, and Brandon to some degree.

Aquina sighed and Brandon knew she was not happy. “Have you really thought this through?” She asked. “At some point, with Kate, you know you’ll either have to release her or kill her? You see that, don’t you? And until then, she needs looking after and guarding.”

Brandon sighed; he really didn’t want to think about any of that, but he couldn’t ignore the look on Aquina’s face.

“I’ll say it again, real, fucking slaves wasn’t the original plan, especially kidnapping a fucking police officer. Jesus Christ,” she said in a quiet voice, but one with an edge none-the-less.

Satisfied she had made her points, Aquina moved on, placing a scarlet finger nail below the second photo on her desk. “This is Mindi…”

Brandon, happy to leave the previous conversation, looked with interest at the girl. “Looks fifteen…”

“She actually turned twenty a little while ago, I know that for a fact, but she has left home and is crashing wherever she can, including sleeping rough a few times. I hear she’s maybe blown a guy or two or danced a little, but hasn’t started actually tricking yet. I’d have the exam on her anyway, but I think she is definitely worth a drive…”

“Let’s go.” Brandon straightened up.

“Just a moment; I want the women to be…secured.” She left and found both women alone but kneeling, chained in the living room. Anna had Jake’s cum drying on her face so Aquina had Kate wash it off before taking the two women down and locking them in separate crates.

They decided to take Kevin with them and headed off. If Aquina’s ‘intel’ was good, Mindi would be hanging out in the Fulton Market area, a part of town with a number of bars, some of them seedy, but a pretty good place to get lost in.

Getting off the 290 they headed north before finally heading east again on Randolph, stopping at ‘Big Al’s’. Kevin had an informant who knew and tracked girls like Mindi, for his own purposes, and he hung out near here.

After a couple of calls Kevin left, while Brandon and Aquina had a drink, the beautiful woman getting her usual amount of attention from male onlookers, but the hulking presence of Brandon discouraged any ‘visitors’. Kevin returned in ten minutes with a name and an address fairly close by.

There, they met a girl, ‘Angel’ who hung with Mindi, and who then directed them to a strip club, ‘Shades of Dark’, a short distance away.

Neither Brandon nor Aquina were happy to hear a strip club might be involved. Things turned out okay, though, as one of the dancers, ‘Ruby’, was just letting Mindi sleep on her couch in exchange for baby-sitting her one year-old. When Brandon flashed his badge (and a twenty) they got Ruby’s address.

Ten minutes later, a very nervous Mindi O’Halloran was sitting on a couch and answering questions. Despite the Irish-sounding last name, Mindi actually looked Asian. Her mother, as it turned out, being Korean, and Mindi had the jet black Asian hair and (slightly) oval eyes to go with that.

She was a slim five-two, small breasts and an amazingly round, attractive ass. Ruby would be moving on the weekend, so Mindi was definitely interested in a new place to stay. They gave her a cheap burner phone and said they would be in touch for the coming weekend.

On their way to the car, Kevin remarked to Brandon that he would enjoy ‘training’ young Mindi. Brandon chuckled, “You need to be careful, Kev. You fuck that one too hard, you could break her.”

They both laughed, while Aquina simply shook her head in amazement at men.


In Northville, Melissa Levy was packed. Her bus left at eleven the next morning and it was only two hours to the city. She texted Anna the info. In a few minutes the reply came that Anna couldn’t wait. Melissa had trouble getting to sleep; this was almost like Christmas.


Now back at her desk, Aquina made notes about Mindi, and looked at the second target, Heather. Mindi would have to be ‘broken’, somewhat, but Aquina doubted that would be hard. She was submissive and responsive to authority; one night likely would be all that was needed. Closing that file folder (not everything should be kept on computer) she picked up a note Brandon had left for her. It read: “Melissa Levy; 22, Anna’s sister, coming in Tuesday; will need training (re: Jake).” Now, what was all this? Aquina wondered.

Jake also lay on his bed, his mind spinning. Could it be, could everything be coming together as he had planned? He, not Brandon…he had the idea of a house full of slave women, women you didn’t need to be nice to because you controlled them. Women who did what they were told when they were told. Snotty bitches like Kate Noone, looking at you like you were crud. Now what was happening? She was on her knees sucking cock and being fucked. Her face held fear every time she looked at him.

And now Melissa. That know-it-all cunt who had tried to interfere with him and Anna. Who had warned Anna against him. Melissa, who walked around like the rest of the fucking world didn’t fucking exist, was on her way to him. She was bringing herself to his trap. Tomorrow night she would be hanging naked from a hook, begging him. And he would spit in her fucking face.

He would have a hard time getting to sleep tonight. It was, he thought, just like fucking Christmas.


Melissa’s bus had passed the welcome sign and was heading for the downtown depot when a message from ‘Anna’ buzzed, saying that one of the officers at Jake’s squad would meet Melissa’s bus and give her a lift home. “His name is Kevin,” the message read, “and he’s a nice guy.” (Jake had laughed out loud typing that.)

Melissa wasn’t sure anyone associated with Jake could be a nice guy, but he was an officer and a ride to the house was better than a taxi. Meanwhile Dzyuba, as requested by his boys, had sent Jake and Brandon off on an assignment that took them very close to their man-house. It was very convenient.

While Aquina was preparing for the arrival of this new slave-to-be, she was also making some calls and tracking down Heather Barr. Once Melissa was ‘settled’, Aquina would be on the move. Heather was as interesting to her as Mandi, maybe even more so now that she had a chance to think. The recent photo that Aquina had showed a reddish-blonde girl who looked thirteen or fourteen. Bur in reality, Heather was twenty-one. Perfect.

Aquina’s cell phone buzzed and she glanced at the clock: one-ten pm. Brandon was calling to alert her that Melissa’s bus was just coming in and Kevin would be picking up the woman and in probably twenty minutes would be at the house.

Aquina was not totally cool with this. This was out of the blue again, and it was Jake; but she was ready.


Melissa looked out the window of the bus as it pulled into the depot. It was a busy place with lots of people; this would definitely be different than Northville.

Exiting the bus, Melissa retrieved her case and began pulling it along, heading for the main entrance. No one was signalling her yet, but if it was a cop he likely would wait outside.

Once through the front doors she immediately saw the white and blue patrol car and the young-ish looking officer standing beside it. She waved tentatively and he waved back and then opened the back door. This would be different; she had never been in a police car before.

As Kevin closed the car door his main thought was ‘this is one gorgeous babe. Why didn’t Jake tell us she was so beautiful?’

The ride to the house was quiet and uneventful; some calls came through on the radio and Melissa felt like she should not disturb the officer. Pulling up to a neatly maintained property in a decent looking neighborhood, Melissa got her first look at her sister’s house and she was impressed; it was an attractive two-storey, bigger than what she imagined. For some reason (had Anna said this in a text?) she thought they lived in a bungalow.

The officer was now opening the door and taking out her case so she climbed out as well. He was back in the car when she came around and he spoke through the open window, “Just head inside. Anna might be out back. Nice to meet you.”

And then he was gone, the car speeding off down the quiet residential street. Melissa started up the walk, her heart pounding in anticipation. She was preparing herself for a sister who looked beaten down. That was how she imagined Anna’s life with ‘Mr. Jackass’, as she liked to think of…him. She didn’t even like saying his name.

Ringing the doorbell she waited, rang again and then heeded Kevin’s advice and tried the front door. It was unlocked so she opened it and entered cautiously, calling out. “Anna?”

She stepped tentatively into the hall, “Anna?” she called a little louder.

“Anna is on her way,” a male voice said to her left.

Even though the voice was quiet, Melissa jumped and blurted “AAAhhh.” Then she looked up into the face of a large and attractive man, clearly a police officer, as he was wearing his uniform. At five-seven, Melissa was slightly taller than average, and she had heels on, but she still needed to look up at this man who towered over her. “Oh my God,” she gasped, “you startled me.”

“I can see that,” the man said with a thin smile on his face, before guiding her, his hand at her elbow, into the living room. “We will wait for…Anna…in here.”

“Excuse me, but…” she started, but got no farther, as the man’s large hand struck Melissa full across her cheek, and she stumbled, going to one knee. He then grabbed a handful of her long, blond hair and lifted her off the ground so she was balancing on her toes.

“Listen carefully, and you will save yourself some pain. Do not say anything unless we ask you. Nod your head if you understand, bitch.” The man’s tone was menacing and clear. Melissa nodded, tasting blood in her mouth. She stared at the man in bewilderment, and then turned as there was movement to her right.

Despite the man’s warning, she let out a gasp when she saw Anna being led in completely naked by a dark and curly-haired woman, a collar around her neck with a leash attached to it that the woman was holding.

She received a violent shake for making sounds along with a “Hush,” warning.

If Melissa was bewildered by the appearance and actions of Brandon, she now stood, wavering on tiptoes, mouth gaping like a fish staring at this scene unable to comprehend it, like someone confronted by a dog talking on a cell phone. Melissa shook her head, as if her sight was the problem, causing Brandon to laugh. He then released the hold on her hair, allowing her to stand.

“Stay still,” he warned.

The woman who was leading Anna made her kneel and then removed the leash, but attached a small chain to her collar. Anna was wearing a ball gag but it was hidden beneath duct tape that covered her mouth.

Melissa did stand still, watching and still gaping, and then felt the man grasp her left arm in a firm grip, just as the dark-haired woman touched a wand of some sort to Anna’s left nipple. There was a spark and then Anna’s painful response showed immediately on her face, but no sound came because of the tape. The response however clearly showed that the jolt hurt.

The man now whispered in her ear, as Melissa’s initial shock deepened and she began to shake and feel light-headed and nauseous. “That jolt was ‘six’, it can go to ten. Nod your head if you understand.” Melissa nodded after a moment, but felt like she would soon collapse. Brandon must have noticed as well as he applied pressure on her shoulders and placed her in a kneeling position.

“Stay”, he said, like one would to a dog, and he then walked to Aquina. Jake had not made his appearance, they wanted to hold off so as to not offer too much shock at once.

“I think she’s right on the edge now. I’ll keep Jake out for a bit and you take over; I’m afraid she could actually go into shock.”

Aquina nodded. She had noticed the woman go white and the shaking was severe. They didn’t need a medical emergency on their hands. Brandon slipped out and Aquina went over and knelt beside the now violently trembling young woman. Putting her arm around her, she brought Melissa, reluctantly, to her. Slightly taller than the young woman, on their knees they were close in height and Aquina brought Melissa’s head to her shoulder.

Kissing her softly on the face, which made Melissa jump like she had been pricked by a tack, Aquina whispered into her hair. “You need to breathe. Open your mouth; that’s it. Now take in deep breaths, let it out slowly, take in some more; that’s it. Now put your head down, no, lower, that’s right, put it between your knees, but keep breathing. There, there….” Aquina was stroking the blonde hair softly, rhythmically, keeping her voice gentle, almost hypnotic.

Lifting Melissa back to a sitting position, Aquina noticed the woman’s shaking had subsided. Producing an ammonia capsule from somewhere, Aquina broke it and held it under Melissa’s nose, and then held her. Slowly, the young woman came back to reality, looking now at Aquina with some fear, but more sadness in her lovely grey-green eyes. Aquina leaned forward and kissed Melissa on the mouth, stopping her from pulling away by holding her shoulder. After a moment, Melissa relaxed and allowed this tenderness.

Aquina cupped the woman’s face in her hands, “My name is Aquina. You are so, so lovely,” she whispered, and Melissa’s lips quivered and then the tears began to roll down her face. She gripped Aquina around her shoulders and held on, sobbing into her neck. Brandon watched slyly from the doorway, fascinated by the sight of these two beautiful women touching and kissing. He could hear Jake pacing in the kitchen, so he went to him.

“What the hell?” Jake demanded.

“Hey, hey, hey, HEY! Keep your voice down and settle down.” Brandon got right into Jake’s face. “This may take some time, got it. Some women are tough, some women aren’t. That woman is close to going into shock. You want that? You know that shock can kill. You want that?”

Jake looked down and took some deep breaths. “Okay, okay,” he grumbled and turned away.

“Hey, I know this is…personal for you, but you need to look at the bigger picture. We have something going here….”

“Which was my idea….”

“Yeah, your idea to have a bunch of female slaves in a house, ‘wouldn’t that be fun’? But this is now a reality and part of our business. All of us. We got money invested. We have a chance to build something. And we have our necks on the line. That very attractive, and thanks a bunch for letting us know the sister was fucking stunning…that very attractive woman could be an asset or a liability. We need…you need…to use your head here for once.”

Jake took a couple of deep breaths. “Alright, alright, I got it.” Jake looked away.

Brandon nodded. “Look, why don’t you go back to the station and fuck the hell out of Kate or something. Let us get this one ready so this works. Let Aquina do her thing. She is good at this; way better than me or you.”

“Okay. Okay. Maybe you’re right,” Jake sighed, forcing down his impatience. He’d give this a little time. “I’ll see ya’ in a couple of hours.”

“Yeah, good. Hey. Go out the back so she doesn’t see you, yet.”

“Yeah. Yeah, see ya’.” And Jake left, wanting to hit something.

 (End of Chapter 04)

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A House of Slaves by LongDarkRoad Chapter 3 Sisters

A House of Slaves 

Chapter 03 Sisters (How strange is life?)

Kate woke, and for a few moments lay in confusion in the darkness, her mind cloudy and her thoughts in disarray. Gradually, with a sick and gnawing feeling in her guts, the realization came to her of where she was and what had happened to her.

She focused then on the naked body pressed against her own; the basement was cold and the two women had a blanket to lie on and only each other for warmth. Last night when they had been placed in their ‘cell’, as Kate thought of it, their hands had been tied in front with cord. Despite the poor sleeping conditions, both women had fallen asleep fairly quickly, pressed together.

Now, slowly remembering with chilling horror the events of the previous day, Kate felt empty; blank; wooden. What would happen to her next? Did these men plan to keep her here? Would anyone ask of her? After the ‘engagement’ with Captain Dzyuba last night, there would clearly be no help coming, she was sure, from any official sources. The man could probably spin her disappearance any number of ways, if anyone asked.

Thinking of that time with him, a wave of nausea suddenly swept over her. He had smelled of urine and body odour as she sucked his short, fat erection. But that wasn’t the worst of it, for he had then done something to her no one else had done, to that point; he had fucked her.

Facing her away from him on her knees dog-style, he had pounded her from behind, a handful of her hair as a hand-hold, and he had ridden her hard, collapsing and lying on her back after his orgasm, his foul breath invading her nostrils as he used her as a cushion.

She could still hear his voice; “Fuck it, Slut. Fuck my cock, you fucking whore. Fuck like the slut-dog whore you are. You bitch. You cunt…” And on it had gone, Kate wondering then what she had done to earn his apparent hatred.

The rest of the night had been mostly uneventful until it was time for Anna and Kate to be taken downstairs. Just before that happened, Brandon had led Kate to one of the bedrooms on the main floor and had then fucked her just as aggressively as the captain, but without all the name-calling, but in a variety of positions. It was like she was a new toy and he wanted to try all her gadgets; missionary, dog-style, cowgirl, reverse-cowgirl, standing up, on her side, whatever.

Brandon was big and muscular and Kate felt like she had just survived a wrestling match by the time he finally covered her face with his cum, before whispering in her ear, “Sweet dreams, Slut. More fun tomorrow.” He then left her to the woman to clean up, which was when Kate heard the name again; Aquina.

Now, Kate heard steps on the stairs, but lay still on her side. Then the crate was opened and Aquina spoke. “Time to get up, Slaves.”

A few minutes later the two slave girls were standing together in the shower stall, cool water cascading down their bodies. They were to wash each other completely, including their hair. They were slave sisters, Bitch and Slut, and they were to respond to those infantile names, or face punishment.

With their bodies washed, Aquina now directed Kate to bend forward and spread her ass. Anna was then instructed to clean her sister’s asshole with a soft brush. Up to then, Kate had never had anything larger than a finger in her anus, and resisted when Anna began to force a plastic object into her.

Aquina took Kate far enough away that Anna could not hear, “Okay, listen to me. Look at me. Are you going to give up?” she asked. Kate looked down; was she? Aquina carried on, “I get it; you want to punch someone, scream, rant and rage, but they’ve got you, Kate. This sucks the big one, but you can quit or you can survive, but making things difficult for me will not help you. Understand, this will be lousy for a few days, but, I believe, it will slowly get better, but only if you make it. Will you cooperate?” Kate nodded, somehow finding comfort from this woman. “And remember, if you are a problem when the men are around, I will punish you, and it will be real.”

Kate nodded again and they returned to Anna, and Kate stood still and allowed the woman to shove the plug and the brush in and out of her tight opening.

In a moment, they had switched positions and Kate was reaming Anna’s ass. Since Jake had used her ass frequently for sex or torment in the previous few months, Anna did not react to this, which earned her praise from Aquina. Each woman then used a safety razor to remove any hairs from around their pubic area and ass.

After drying each others’ hair and putting their slave collars back on, the women were taken upstairs where they began to fix breakfast for Brandon (who had moved in and was now living in one bedroom) and Kevin, who had spent the night (and Aquina, as well as themselves.)

Their modest breakfast was placed in large dog bowls on the floor, right beside the water bowls that bore their names: ‘BITCH’; ‘SLUT’.

Although completely disgusted, Kate was also starving and she ate the scrambled eggs and bacon mixture and would have eaten more if it was offered. She would learn that left-overs from the men’s plates would also be given to the slaves.

When the men awoke and came to the table, the ‘slave girls’ served them their food and drinks and then waited in the ready position by the table. After the men had finished a leisurely breakfast, first Brandon, then Kevin, took Kate into the side bedroom and fucked her. Kevin tied her to the bed and raped her anally, slapping her ass (still tender from the previous day, although not marked nearly as much as she expected) repeatedly.

Once the dishes were cleared away and the floors cleaned and vacuumed, Aquina took the women to the same bedroom the men had used with Kate. She had them lie together on the bed. She reminded them again they were slave sisters who needed to care for each other. They were encouraged to kiss and fondle, which they did. Their love-making progressed to where they had their faces between each others’ thighs. Anna came first, moaning loudly and bucking her hips as Kate sucked her pussy lips; after months of nothing but brutality from Jake, this was wonderful for her.

Anna then helped Kate to a mild orgasm, her gentle licking and sucking of Kate’s clitoris actually being the most arousing thing the woman had ever felt in her limited sexual life. Her orgasm came in a gentle wave and left her lying somewhat bewildered on the bed; how could she experience any pleasure in this house of abuse?

Aquina then fastened Kate spread-eagled to the bedposts and took Anna out, chaining her to one of the pillars. She then went back and sat on the bed beside Kate.

She stroked her legs gently, then teased her nipples, then stroked her fattened labia, then her nipples again, gradually building up the pressure and intensity there and on her vagina in general until she was satisfied that Kate was ready. Aquina then removed her own clothes and climbed on top of Kate, grinding the curly, dark hair of her pussy onto Kate’s bald mound while devouring her mouth and tongue with intensity and urgency, like someone starving.

Unbelievably to her, Kate had a second and more powerful climax, lying beneath Aquina’s lovely body, the horror of her situation somehow removed briefly in the passion.

Aquina now untied Kate from the posts but bound her wrists in front with a loose cord, allowing some movement. She then lay beside her, nuzzling Kate’s neck and face with soft kisses.

Images of herself, in her younger years, came briefly to her. She had known pain, misery, even terror; she was not immune to this woman’s despair.

She now whispered to the side of Kate’s face, “I know all this is revolting, horrifying; it must be, and, um, I’m sorry for my part in it, but there it is.” She paused, as Kate, uttering a kind of choking gasp, clung to her. “But you can survive this, you will…with my help. I will care for you…Kate. Yes, you are Kate, not Slut. I will help you…Kate, but you must obey me, so these men do not interfere, but leave me in charge. You need to understand that.”

“But how, mmm, can you say that, after what you’ve… done?” Kate whispered.

It was a fair question, Aquina considered. “Life is complicated, Kate. We do what we need to survive, all of us, as I said to you. You can make it or you can quit. These men don’t seem to care. But, for whatever reason, I do. And I must play their game, for now.”

After a moment, Aquina turned Kate’s face, and placed a loving kiss on the waiting lips. Kate opened her mouth and returned the kiss with force and, taking a chance, whispered in Aquina’s ear. “I want to believe you, I do. I want to trust you, and, um, I will obey you. But please…please save me.”

She then pressed her face against Aquina’s neck and inhaled her fragrance. Amazingly, given the desperation of her situation, the feeling she felt at that moment, in Aquina’s presence, was unlike anything she had ever experienced in her life.

She was in hell, most certainly, but she had a guide.


It was Saturday, and the ‘boys’ were planning a night in, with guests. They would play poker, and invite two men; one would be Captain Dzyuba and the other was a young lawyer who had begun working for one of the more successful District Attorneys in the city.

Aquina, who had learned to keep her thoughts to herself until absolutely necessary, was considering. This slave women thing (it was originally party girls, the crates were really more for show; she hadn’t really anticipated anyone living in them long-term) wasn’t exactly what she’d agreed to or discussed, earlier, when she and Brandon came to an arrangement. But she knew she would be counted on to get any girls ready for tonight and the men, including truly disgusting ones like Dzyuba and Jake.

She sighed softly; Anna and Kate were kneeling now in front of her, in their ready positions, while Aquina sat smoking a long, slim cigar. Kate found the aroma, as it wafted to her, pleasant, as she grasped any distraction from this reality, however temporary.

In her life, Aquina had experienced much ‘sexuality’, starting very young, and now was flexible in her consideration of it, all of it; she was also not judgemental; to her that gained nothing. People did things for personal reasons, sex or otherwise; that was life.

And she was sympathetic to these women, even as she was involved in their entrapment; how devastating must this be? She got that. But Aquina had suffered her own abuse, had got through it, and considered herself stronger in the end. So, while she may not have ‘signed on’ for this, specifically, this managing of ‘slave girls’ was now part of the package and so she would be efficient about it; for now.

And she was also practical; she knew she was not yet ready to be independent, at least as independent as she planned, financially, and she was counting on this partnership to get her there. And she could only help Kate and Anna, in the end, if she had a place of value in the men’s organization. It would take her strength, resourcefulness and even ruthlessness, to see them all through this in one piece.

As Aquina stubbed her cigarillo out, she spoke in a quiet, business-like way, as if they were planning a staff party. She had considered her words; she was not, generally, an impulsive person.

“Okay, Kate and Anna,” she said explicitly, “this is about survival for you two, right? You are under the control of men who have plans…dreams. They are impatient and won’t put up with any shit, but if you do as they expect, things can work out for you, in the end, by playing the long game.”

She fixed them both with a look, and they both looked down. “Remember, men are all little boys at heart; they grow tired easily. Wait these ones out and they will tire of you, sexually anyway, and then look for new interests. And then I will quietly find something else for you. I know it’s hard to believe, but I am on your side.”

Kate’s mind was spinning; there was so much she wanted to ask this exotic, mysterious woman. Why, for example, did she seem to enjoy what she did to them, yet speak like this, with compassion? But Kate kept silent; she needed to learn more.

Aquina had paused, looking at and evaluating the two women, subservient before her, motionless but for the rapid rise and fall of their breasts. Her words had disturbed them, Kate more than Anna, but they had also given hope. It was, as she said, just a case of survival; for now, that was all she could offer.

“Now, I want you to give your sister comfort,” Aquina began again. They were kneeling close together and she simply turned their heads. Anna barely hesitated before leaning forward and placing her warm lips on Kate’s, who responded; this comfort was a positive thing, whether she chose it or not. There was no point in fighting, not this certainly.

They kissed and nuzzled each other for several minutes, before Aquina broke them apart. To be truthful, Anna was enjoying this…tenderness, very much after her almost two years of relentless oppression. Bizarre as it was, this current servitude was better, for her.

Aquina now spoke as a teacher to her pupils, warning them. “Also remember, that as sister’s you have each other’s backs and share each other’s pain. The…boys…have decided that you will both be punished whenever one does something unacceptable. Keep in mind that if you have made a mistake, you will pay for it. But so will your sister; I will administer the punishment, and I will be firm; if not me, it will be them, and I am much better with it, trust me.”

This was actually Aquina’s plan; the ‘boys’, in truth, had no plan other than having as much sex as possible. If she could just have the women cooperate, she would gain time.

While they had been having their ‘lesson’, Jake and Eric had arrived, and Aquina noted that, smiling ruefully. “Time now to prepare lunch for your…masters,” she murmured.


The evening was going well. A basketball game was playing on one wide-screen television and a hockey game on the other. Captain Dzyuba, Brandon, Kevin and young lawyer Adam Abrahmson were seated around a regulation card table playing Draw Poker.

The two naked slave girls, who Abrahmson had trouble keeping his eyes off of and focused on his cards, were busy getting drinks and filling snack bowls; emptying ashtrays (Dzyuba smoked, Eric was smoking Aquina’s slim cigars, and Kevin was smoking weed) and sometimes performing sex acts on each other as directed by one man or another. Jake particularly liked seeing his wife on her knees licking Kate’s ass.

The game had been going for a few hours and it looked like Abrahmson was getting low on chips and Dzyuba was cleaning up. This was interesting because Brandon was a good poker player, yet was not winning. The sudden roar from Dzyuba indicated he had just nailed the last pot.

The men gathered up money and drinks and headed for the couches. Brandon gave Aquina a look and she moved over beside Abrahmson and spoke into his right ear. A few moments later he was heading down the hall, Aquina by his side and the two slave girls following.

They entered one of the bedrooms and the two naked women knelt in the ready position, while the young lawyer was helped off of his sports coat by Aquina who settled him into a leather chair by a small table. She then spread a white substance on the table and handed Abrahmson a rolled up twenty. After he snorted the coke, Kate and Anna removed his shoes and Aquina left. She would be able to observe the action from her office.

As Aquina watched the screen on her computer, Brandon poked his head in. “Everything going well?”

“Yes,” she replied, looking up at him, as the screen showed a naked Abrahmson being sucked by both women in turn, a broad smile on his youthful face. “Everything is as you boys hoped, although at some point, we need to talk.”

Brandon regarded the beautiful woman, then patted her shoulder and wandered off.

On the screen, Anna was trying to mount the young man, but couldn’t as he was having difficulty maintaining his erection, and the two women needed to stop and suck him frequently to stiffen him up again. He still had a wide smile on his face, however.

Having this man involved in their affairs would definitely help them.

Aquina went to the wet bar in the main living room. Here, the men were watching sports, drinking and talking loudly. She poured herself a Tequila before returning to her office as she wanted to watch how the two women were working together.

As she sat down at her screen, the young man the camera was focused on groaned loudly as the two women successfully pumped his cock. As they cleaned him up, he lay peacefully, an even broader smile now plastered across his boyish face.


Sunday was to be a busy day, and for Anna, a remarkable day. It was busy, because Aquina, with help, was planning to clear out Kate’s apartment. The plan was to use it as the place to house some of the young women the boys planned to use in their activities. It was remarkable for Anna, because for the first time in over a year she had clothes on and was out in the world.

Aquina, Kevin, Eric and Anna were all at Kate’s, bagging stuff up and clearing it out. It was to function like a furnished hotel suite; furniture, appliances and nothing personal; maybe some decorations for the wall. Kate’s police uniforms and work wear would be transferred to the party house; the plan was to have her continue working and just appropriate her earnings. The rest of her clothes and stuff however, she would not be needing. At this point, at least.

Anna was busy bagging these; Eric and Kevin had already removed some larger items, there wasn’t really much, and Aquina had the personal effects. Anna would clear out the bathroom cupboard and they would pretty much be done. What would happen to Kate was unclear.

It was in the future, and that was one of the things Aquina needed to discuss.


Back at the house, Kate was now kneeling naked chained to the pillar in the living room. She had not been told anything; she simply knew she was alone. She noticed someone coming her way and as usual her heart began pounding with dread. It was Brandon (he and Jake, apart from her creepy captain, had the most effect on her) who went past her to the kitchen, but in a few moments returned, placing a chair near her and sitting down.

He had got himself a coffee and was just sitting there drinking it and looking at the naked woman chained before him. He liked this feeling of control; more actually than the naked body, although he did reach out and fondle a breast, squeezing the nipple hard as a little reminder of his power, pushing Aquina’s ‘look’ from his mind; he knew she was not good with all this, but he would worry about that later.

“So, little slut,” he began, in his characteristic drawl. “Here you are. Not too good for us now, it seems.” And he chuckled at his own lame comment, swallowing some more coffee. Kate of course made no sounds, although she wanted to scream obscenities at his smug face.

He leaned forward, so that smug face was right beside hers, his breath on her cheek. “Do you want to know our plans for you?” He asked quietly.

She did, desperately; and she didn’t; not knowing allowed some hope.

“Well, we are going to let you stay on at the squad. But of course we’ll be watching you… All. The. Time. Now, just something to have in your mind as we give you a little freedom.”

He placed his laptop on the floor so Kate could see it without moving. A video was playing and on the screen appeared a room with four beds, with curtains separating them. On the beds were four women, naked and tied to the bed frame, three facing up and one facing down.

Within a moment, a man entered and walked to one of the beds, dropped his pants, climbed on top of the woman and began fucking her. She was one who lay face up, and as the man fucked her, he also choked her, slapped her face and spit on her.

After he was done, he climbed off and wiped his penis on her face. During the time man one had been fucking, a second man had entered and gone to the woman tied face down. The camera panned slightly to include this action, which clearly showed the man fucking the woman’s ass.

After man one had left, two women came in, untied the woman who had been used first, dragged her to the corner and literally hosed her down, making her lie with her legs spread. She was given a towel to dry with and then hauled back to the bed and tied down, ass-up this time.

Brandon closed the laptop. “What I showed you is a place right in this city run by two thugs who I know, very well. One of the four girls in this shot actually was an informant of ours who lied to us, and this is her punishment.”

He paused, and Kate knew he was staring at her. “It will be your punishment, too, if you try anything while at the station. You will just disappear, as far as anyone knows, but this is where you’ll be. This is a promise. We have cameras in the squad room and we will watch you. Any effort to reach out to anyone and that will be it for you. Understand?”

And with that he pulled her head around by her hair so she faced up at him. “Understand?” he asked again.

Choking down her fear and hostility, she answered, “Yes…”


“Ye-yes, sir.” She corrected herself.

“That’s better. We wouldn’t want anything to happen to our…Slut, would we?” He whispered, giving her nipple another nasty twist.


Kate and Anna huddled together. Tonight, Anna’s hands had been bound behind her, while Kate’s were bound in front, allowing her to put her arms around Anna, which was how they were lying, pressed together for warmth and comfort. It had been an easy day for them sexually. Perhaps it was all the drinking, etcetera the ‘boys’ had done on Friday and Saturday, or the fact that Monday was a work day for everyone, or that the novelty of the slaves was already waning, as the woman Aquina had suggested. Whatever, neither slave girl had ‘serviced’ anyone, sexually anyway, that day.

Lying there together, Anna thought of how strange life could be. Here were the two of them; for Kate, this was a nightmare. But for herself, Anna found this new life much preferable to her old life with Jake. Her days then had been long, lonely and boring, waiting with dread for his return, for the constant degradation and abuse, and the nasty sex.

While she still needed to deal with degradation and abuse, she was now lying against someone she felt tenderness for, someone who responded to her, someone whom she had given pleasure to and who had given pleasure back. She kissed Kate’s face now and Kate responded by nuzzling her face into Anna’s neck and then kissing up until she settled on the mouth, which she kissed tenderly.

For Anna, in this dark place, she was feeling some happiness, something that she never believed possible again for her; a feeling that almost brought her to tears.

How strange was life?

(End of Chapter 03)

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A House of Slaves by LongDarkRoad Chapter 2 Targets – A

A House of Slaves 

Chapter 2 Targets – A

(Submission over futile resistance)

Brandon’s phone buzzed and he looked at the text from Kevin, who was back at the station. Brandon looked over at Jake.

“We need to get going. Looks like our target will be available tonight after all.”

Jake nodded; this was so sweet.


Kate was gathering her things together, still feeling this unease in the pit of her stomach. ‘Stop. It.’ she told herself, ‘It will be okay. It’s just a drink.’

The plan was that she was to get a ride from one of her partners (she rode with three different ones in her probationary period). ‘Shanny’ Lauren was to take her to MacDucks and she headed to the parking area to meet him. As she reached the sidewalk a voice called her name. It was Kevin Riggs.

“Hey Kate. Shanny had to go on a call,” Kevin said when she turned to face him. Kate knew he was one of ‘Brandon’s group’, but he seemed normal and did not raise any alarms for her. Close to her age, not massive like Jake Tucker or imposing like Brandon, he seemed okay.

“I’ll give you a ride and Shanny will meet us there.” Kevin turned to get into the driver’s side, and Kate opened the other side and got in. It was only a fifteen minute drive and they filled it with small talk about sports. MacDucks was on the ground floor of a former warehouse, quite close to the waterfront. It was definitely a sports bar, with team memorabilia all over; and it had an Irish theme, so Kate felt a little more relaxed.

They entered and saw Eric Park already at a table with a black female officer still in uniform. Police and Fire both frequented MacDucks in large numbers, but looking around Kate saw only three other women besides herself, and maybe thirty guys.

After introductions and small chat, drinks were ordered. Kate had just taken a sip of her red wine when a cold stab of fear ran through her; Jake Tucker and Brandon Park had just come in, and both men were headed to their table. Kate reasoned with her fears silently, reminding herself she was in a bar with others. The two men paused on their way, as they were joined by none-other than Captain Dzyuba. The three spoke, laughing together for a moment, and then the two large officers continued toward their table.

Kate noticed the looks on the faces of others as they passed. She was sure she saw fear there, or at least apprehension, although one woman definitely had a look of interest on her face as the good-looking Park brushed past her.

Soon they were at their table, and then the waitress came, and there was a little confusion as another table was added and another chair found. In the movement, Kate did not notice Brandon quickly and efficiently drop some powder into her wine. It was Ketamine, also called ‘Special K’; one of the more effective ‘date rape’ drugs. Odorless and tasteless, Kate noticed nothing when she sipped her drink again.

The night went on. A very attractive, beautiful really, dark-haired/dark-eyed woman joined them; she seemed to be a friend of Park’s; then the black officer (Abby) left to talk with someone from her squad. Kate had finished her glass and refused the offer of another from Kevin (although accepting a diet Coke); truth be told, she was feeling a little…odd. The woman; Aretha? Alaina? Something, led her to the washroom.

Aquina regarded the officer; Brandon had filled her in on this new plan; but targeting a police officer? Wtf? But the boys were adamant, all of them, that this woman needed to be part of the plan and the house, and it had even been set up by the captain. Again she considered her options, and believed that the best course was to work with ‘the boys’ and control things. She could be as dominating as anyone, and she didn’t flinch from inflicting pain. And she knew whoever this unfortunate woman was, and how unpleasant this would be, that it would still be much better for her if Aquina was in control. She would look after this woman, and do it right; it was how she did any job she took on.

“You’re looking a little…flushed,” Aquina now said, once they were inside the washoom.

“Yeah, um…my uh, lips feel…f-fat,” Kate stammered. She was feeling very light-headed; her heart was pounding. She’d only had one glass of wine; how could this be…?

Aquina now began what would be the process of ‘taming’ this target, probably taking days, with a simple step; she was undoing Kate’s jacket. “You need a little air,” she murmured.

“No, noooo…I’m…oh…uh…I’m,” Kate sank down and sat on the toilet in the stall they’d gone into. What was Agatha…um; ‘Who was this?’ Kate asked herself, head swimming, as Aquina lifted up her face.

“Let’s get you some air, sweet girl,” the dark-haired woman advised, and then led Kate out by her hand, down the side hallway and through a rear exit. Although it was a pleasant early evening, it was still cooler outside. Aquina propped Kate against a wall, sighed, and finished unbuttoning her jacket. She next unzipped Kate’s slacks.

“Wait; wha…what are you…wait…no; um, what’s happening? …” Kate mumbled, her hand ineffectively trying to block Aquina’s; the woman had succeeded in pulling Kate’s slacks off and now tugged her panty hose and panties down as well.

“Wait…please, Agrrrum, oh. No. Please uh, what is this? Why…uh. What…?” Kate slid down the wall, coming to rest sitting with her back against it.

Aquina knelt beside the woman and covered Kate’s mouth with her own, and then began stroking Kate’s pussy with her left hand. Just then Brandon came out of the rear exit and looked down at the scene, smiling.

“Let’s get her in the car.”

Together they lifted Kate up and hauled her over to Brandon’s vehicle, tossing her and her clothes into the back seat. Aquina climbed in with her. Kate was on her side, eyes closed and mumbling, a ribbon of saliva stretched from her mouth to the car seat.

As the car pulled away and headed for the street, Aquina removed the remainder of Kate’s clothing and tied her hands behind her back with her own pantyhose. She gripped the woman’s face with one hand.

“Hey. Kate. Look at me. Hey.” She slapped her and Kate’s eyes blinked open but did not focus. “She’s quite out of it,” Aquina called out to Brandon.

“That’s okay,” he replied. “I didn’t give her too much. She’s just not used to it.”

Aquina looked at the girl now as Kate’s head lolled back against the seat. She noted: probably five-four; fairly slim; dark, thick chestnut hair, repeated on her pubic area where it grew wild, dark and thick. ‘We’ll need to trim that,’ Aquina thought absently to herself. They rode on in silence.

Arriving at the ‘man-cave’, Brandon drove into the attached garage. Kate was assisted / supported into the house and into the main living area, where she was placed on her knees and the pantyhose-tie replaced with hand-cuffs. Brandon supported her in her sitting position while Aquina got some cold water. Tossing it in her face, Aquina then slapped Kate’s face several times until the eyes opened. They focused with effort and Brandon instructed, “Sit up.”

Kate sat, somewhat unsteadily but upright, and peered without comprehension around her. Jake, Kevin and Eric then came through the front door, stood looking at Kate for a moment, and found chairs to watch from. Jake’s eyes held a disturbing menace as he considered Kate’s naked body up and down.

Aquina had found Anna and brought her out to kneel to one side. Brandon glanced at her and said, “Have the um, slave, get us some beers.”  Anna’s hands had been bound behind her with a loose chain. This was now attached with her hands in front, allowing her the use of them as she scuttled off to bring out refreshment for her masters.

Kate now began to focus more; she was looking at Anna. She then looked up at Brandon. “Wha…?” she began, but stopped and looked now at Aquina. “Who…?” she began again, but stopped and closed her eyes.

The group let her be for a while. Someone turned on one of the T.V.s and a Phillies-Mets games was on. Aquina had ordered chicken wings, etcetera and when the large box arrived everyone dug in. At some point during the feast Kate regained conscientiousness; at least to a greater degree than earlier.

“She’s back,” Kevin announced.

Brandon wiped off his hands and opened a beer. “Get her ready, A.” The ‘boys’ repositioned themselves as Kate was brought to her feet and Anna placed to one side. A dog collar with “Slut” imprinted on it was placed around her neck. Kate stood dazed and silent, until she was dragged into the center of the room and made to stand naked before the men.

Aquina held a slender rod in one hand; it was an electric zapper. Applied to sensitive areas like nipples and labia, the recipient paid attention quickly. A chain had been attached to a hook in a ceiling beam and then to the ring on Kate’s collar. The chain was pulled tight and Kate’s wrists were bound together behind her head as well, effectively limiting her movement. A spreader bar was then attached to Kate’s ankles and she was held in place.

Aquina now touched Kate’s left nipple with the zapper; a loud “Zzzitt” sounded, followed by a cry of pain and alarm from Kate. Aquina did this several more times to Kate’s pussy, both outer and inner labia folds and breasts, until the young woman was squirming desperately on her chain, while crying out, “Stop. No. Ow. Please. Ow,” as the ‘boys’ applauded the show.

When there was finally a pause, Kate blurted out. “You can’t get away with…” but was cut short as her pussy lips were zapped once, twice, three times in quick succession with her yelping at each jolt. Then Aquina grabbed her hair and spoke directly into her ear. “Slaves speak only with permission.”

Kate did not give up easily. “No. I won’t let you. I won’t…” Aquina covered Kate’s mouth with her hand, then took something from her pocket; Kate’s panties. She squeezed Kate’s nose and then stuffed the panties in her mouth. Kate continued to struggle and make what noises she could. The four spectators finished off the food and got another beer each and settled in; they were definitely enjoying this, cheering and making lewd comments. Aquina now took Anna and led her away, returning alone with duct tape and a thin cane.

She secured the panties in Kate’s mouth with the tape and the muffled sounds now virtually disappeared. She then took a step behind the bound woman and with a quick, experienced stroke, brought the cane down across Kate’s buttocks, causing an immediate jerk of the body and head. Within moments an angry red welt appeared diagonally across both of Kate’s ass cheeks. Kevin clapped his approval as Brandon nodded; Jake just laughed and slapped his thigh.

Aquina had been on the streets since age twelve, and at one time had been the property of a sadistic pimp who frequently whipped her. She had taken the punishment, abuse and pain and learned from it, expanding her knowledge as the years went by. She knew what types of whips or paddles or straps did what, and she had, at times, been able to put her knowledge to good use as a for-hire dominatrix. She also knew where on the body to strike for greatest effect.

Her grim intention now was to cause pain; enough pain that Kate would choose submission over futile resistance, and stop fighting, which would gain her nothing.

Slowly, deliberately, methodically, almost like a master painter and her canvas, Aquina painted Kate’s lower back, ass and upper thighs with red and purple welts. The thin cane she used struck a narrow area of skin intensely, breaking blood vessels below the surface but in thin strips. These areas reddened quickly, but would also heal without a lot of bruising. After about fifteen minutes she stopped. Kate was actually hanging from the chain; she had passed out.

Aquina waved smelling salts under Kate’s nose and she awoke with a shake of her head. Aquina spoke quietly to her victim, almost as if it were only the two of them there. “Do you want more?” Kate grunted an inaudible response but vigorously shook her head; she didn’t want any more. “If you speak without permission, I will start on your punishment again, do you understand?” Kate nodded her head slowly, almost painfully.

Aquina peeled off the tape and pulled out the sodden panties, wiping the sweat from Kate’s face with them.

“Now, we will see if you have understood.” Aquina  removed the spreader bar from Kate’s ankles and released the chain from her collar; Kate wavered. “Kneel.” Kate dropped to her knees like a sack of flour, sagging and tilting slightly right. “Sit straight.” Aquina corrected her, and Kate struggled to get upright.

“Now, whenever I give you a command, you will answer, ‘Yes. Mistress’ and do what is said. Do you understand?”

There was a slight hesitation before Kate stammered, “Ye–yes…mistress.” Sssswwaatt! Aquina brought the cane down across Kate’s shoulder blades. Even the four men watching jerked slightly.

“AAAaaahhh!” Kate cried out. Aquina quickly steadied Kate’s head and spoke softly again, like a trainer speaking to her horse.

“You must respond immediately, by word or action. There is no hesitation. You want to avoid pain. You want to be, rewarded…” Aquina ran her hand softly down Kate’s arm before gently pulling her nipple again. Kate shivered involuntarily. “When I give you a command, you reply…?

“Yes, yes mistress,” Kate blurted quickly, as the sound of the cane’s backslash was clearly heard, but no down stroke fell.

”Good slave,” Aquina murmured again, gently caressing Kate’s face and neck, and then her nipple. At this point Kate’s dark brown nipples jutted out from her chocolate areolas like bullets. Aquina now leaned over and placed her warm mouth over a nipple, sucking gently. Kate uttered a low moan. All four men in the room unconsciously shifted the erections in their pants; even Jake.

Aquina worked Kate for the next ten minutes, threatening but not using the cane, softly and gently rewarding the compliance. Finally it was time to move to the next stage. “On your knees, Slave.” Aquina’s voice had an edge to it, and Kate responded quickly.

Aquina left briefly again before returning with Anna, who she placed kneeling in front of Kate. “This is your sister slave,” Aquina said. “Kiss her nipples.” Kate lifted her face and kissed. “Lick them.” Kate licked. “Suck them.” Kate sucked. “Kneel and press your tits against hers”. Kate knelt and soon her slightly heavier, brown-nippled breasts were pressed against Anna’s pink-nippled ones. Both women’s chests rose and fell quickly.

“Kiss your sister, Slave.” Kate leaned forward and placed her lips on Anna’s. Both women held this kiss briefly, then both parted their lips and engaged the other. Their tongues twisted and probed; Anna sucked vigorously on Kate’s tongue.

“Stop. Sit straight,” was the next command, followed by, “now slaves, crawl to your first master, beside you.”

Both women crawled to Eric. Anna quickly unzipped his pants again; his cock sprang out hard and erect. Anna began to slide her tongue up and down the shaft. Kate, with less enthusiasm, placed her tongue on the shaft as well. Working together, and occasionally kissing each other, they lathered Eric’s cock with their saliva. Anna placed her mouth over the entire head of Eric’s erection as Kate kissed and licked his balls.

After the previous sucking and the show he had just watched, Eric could not hold back, and shots of cum quickly erupted from his cock as the two women worked him. Kate continued to lick Eric’s balls, ignoring the gooey stuff now coating and running down his penis; Anna, better trained and responsive, immediately licked up the substance, cleaning the cock and taking it into her mouth as it shrank to regular size.

“Next,” came the command. The two women worked around the group, satisfying each man orally until they came at last to Jake, sitting like a giant Cheshire Cat in his armchair.

Aquina had left Jake for last on purpose. One, she didn’t like him. But two, she knew the two women were most afraid of him and also likely detested him, so it made no sense to start the circle at his massive, unpleasant bulk.

Even though it had been a while since Jake had used her for regular, vaginal sex, Anna had worked his cock so much she just got busy with no instructions. Kate’s hesitation however was clear, and a painful slash from the cane across her tender ass prompted her into action. For a large man, Jake did not have an overly large cock; five and a half inches erect was likely it, Aquina guessed, as she watched Anna’s tongue bathe the shaft.

Jake was his usual boorish self, though, and quickly grabbed Kate’s hair, forcing her mouth onto his cock. Anna then focused on his balls, and Jake closed his eyes, pumping Kate’s head on his erection until his hips thrust and Kate’s mouth filled with goo. Jake’s large hand held Kate’s head in place until he was satisfied she had swallowed the whole load. He then mashed her face into his balls and murmured, “Thanks, slut.”

Aquina brought the two women out to the middle of the room again, with Kate made to sit with her hands clasped behind her head and her legs spread. Aquina left with Anna and returned with her carrying a basin of water. She was going to shave the dark tangle of pubic hair decorating Kate’s mound. The men watched this with interest and showed their approval when Anna finished, as Kate was made to parade around on display.

She then took the two slaves downstairs, allowing both to use the single, open toilet. While it was embarrassing to be watched, it was more embarrassing when Aquina made them wipe each other after finishing what they needed to do. “Do a good job,” she instructed, “you will be licking each other again soon.”

Aquina then led them over to the crates and put them together in one. She had Kate lie on her side and then had Anna lie against and facing her. She then moved the two women so their faces were in the crotches of the other. She bound their hands behind them and tied them together with a large, wide blue ribbon.

“You both did very well. I’m proud of you,” Aquina praised, knowing these women needed something to cling to.

Anna smiled, an amazing, warm feeling flowing through her. Normally Kate would have laughed off this condescending comment, but for some reason she resisted, despite her inner rage at what was being done to her. Whether it was simply survival, she was drawn to this woman. At this point, she didn’t bother to analyze why, her mind being numb.

From a practical perspective, having Aquina Morez pleased with you and on your side was good. As Aquina went back upstairs, leaving them in darkness, Kate snuggled her face into the warmth that was Anna’s crotch. Anna did the same, and in a few moments, Kate was surprised to feel Anna begin to lick her newly shaved pussy. It felt…nice, causing more confusion. Still, it was like a thin beam of light in a dark tunnel. Now what was she to do?


Kate stirred. She had fallen asleep. She now became aware of a numbness in her limbs. In the darkness, she could hear Anna’s soft breathing, feel the rise and fall of her breast against her as well as the gentle touch of her breath on her leg. She was also aware of Anna’s sex directly in her face. The folds of her labia cradled Kate’s nose. The scent was a little musky but comforting; she smelled, Kate thought, womanly.

Without really thinking on it, Kate kissed the soft folds of Anna’s sex, rubbing her lips against Anna’s labia. Anna stirred, and responded with a low moan.

Kate whispered, “Are you awake?”

“Yes,” came the soft reply.

Kate lay still for a moment, pondering. Finally she whispered again. “My name is…Kate.”

There was a long pause, before the soft reply. “My…name…is A-Anna,” followed by a strange, almost choking sound.

“I’m glad…you are with me…Anna,” Kate whispered.

“I am glad…too…” Anna’s voice trailed off. Then Kate felt a dampness against her leg.

Anna was crying, and a sudden swell of desperate sadness welled up within her, and Kate wept softly too.

After a little while, with the door into their room open, they heard the distinct sound of the upstairs door creak and then the sound of footsteps on the stairs. Then the overhead fluorescent light was turned on and it seemed, strangely, to make the room seem colder.

Aquina knelt by the crate, noting the tear-stained faces within and forcing down her response. She had learned to hide emotions well over the years; these women needed strength right now.

“Well, and how are my sweets?” She asked in a pleasant voice, as if she were addressing puppies. She opened the crate and moved in, untying the ribbon and helping Kate to her knees, and then out of the crate, where she supported her as she struggled to her feet on numbed legs. Aquina gently slapped Kate’s thighs and calves, helping the blood flow.

She leaned down, as she was several inches taller than Kate, to get to eye level. “We need to go upstairs.”

“Why are you doing this?” Kate asked quietly, fighting her feelings.

Aquina sighed; the men had captured this woman and that was a fact. Left to them, Aquina didn’t like the woman’s chances. If she could buy her some time, the options improved, but the men needed to see results; that was the deal, and results would only happen if the woman complied.

She said, in a tone one might use for a troubled child. “Take my advice, follow my lead, and just deal with this crap. And don’t ask questions, for now. Trust me. This, tonight, has been mostly for show. I have hurt you, I know that, and it’s not something I wish to do, but I have been careful not to injure you.” She paused and studied the other. “So, do you trust me?”

Kate looked up into the lovely face, the face of a woman who had abused her, and nodded. She didn’t try to understand why she was feeling this; she just trusted this woman.

Aquina leaned down and kissed Kate’s face and then her mouth, gently. Simply reacting, Kate accepted being kissed by this woman; strangely, or not, it gave her hope in this mess of despair. Kate had never kissed a woman before, although she had fantasized about it.

The taller woman straightened up, then sighed; the night was not over for her ‘slave’. “We have business now,” she said, fastening a leash to Kate’s collar and heading out.

After reaching the first floor they rounded a corner and ascended a second set of stairs to the upper floor. Padding down the hall, the carpet felt wonderful to Kate’s bare feet, after the coldness of the basement. They arrived at a room at the end; a pleasant room with a window looking out over the yard. There was a desk, a leather loveseat and a single bed against the far wall. This was someone’s office/bedroom; probably the woman’s, Kate thought, still uncertain of her name. Aretha? No…

Aquina positioned Kate on her knees in her ready position. From a distance, Kate could hear male voices and her gut tightened. Soon she saw the polished shoes of a man standing in front of her and her breath quickened and she felt light-headed. Aquina put the end of a riding crop under Kate’s chin and lifted, and Kate was then looking up into the leering face of Captain Dzyuba.

Aquina, who had quickly summed this man up as a disgusting asshole, quietly left.

Then the man spoke. “Well, well, isn’t this a sight. Our little (he lifted her collar) ‘Slut’, all nice and ready. Well, well,” He announced with a flourish, unzipping his pants.

(End of Chapter 02)

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A House of Slaves by LongDarkRoad Chapter 1 Secrets

The Chronicles of LongDarkRoad Book II

A House of Slaves

Chapter 1 Secrets (Here we are in a private place)

Jake Tucker eased his large, both tall and heavy, frame out of his black Jeep Cherokee and headed up the walk. After entering his modest bungalow, he took his time; removing his gun, his baton and the other implements of a police officer, laying them methodically on the counter.

He looked older than his twenty-four years; maybe it was his dark hair and fleshy features, or the, what seemed, perpetual scowl on his round face. His long-time buddy Brandon often accused him of having some ‘native’ in his blood, something that was in fact true, although Tucker never divulged that. He was a man who kept things to himself.

After he had systematically dealt with his tasks, Jake settled into a wooden kitchen chair and looked down at the naked woman kneeling patiently on the floor; she had been there for over an hour, never certain of when her husband would return and knowing his expectation for her.

“What are you waiting for, a written invitation, you stupid cunt?” he spoke sarcastically to the woman, whose eyes never left the floor. “Boots, bitch. Boots.”

Anna Tucker, a year older than her husband, long dark brown hair cascading to her shoulders and a slim five-four to his massive bulk, jumped at the command and knelt by the black patrol boots of her husband. Bending forward she began to studiously lick the left boot, always aware of how quickly the other foot could some across and strike her. Perhaps tonight she was showing the correct amount of devotion, for no blow was delivered.

“Good. Well…okay. Remove.” Jake grunted.

Anna tugged off the boot and rubbed her face against the sock, keenly aware of the pungent odor filling her nostrils. She blocked that out as she had learned to block out so many things in the almost two years of marriage and the servitude it had turned into.

The ritual she was involved in now played out as it had many times. Boot licking, foot devotion and then…

“Stand, cunt.”

Anna stood looking down at the floor. She waited, heart beating relentlessly; it was as if she could feel her husband’s gaze upon her, waiting for any sign, no matter how minute, of ‘disrespect’.

Suddenly Jake’s massive left hand lunged forward,  cupping and then grabbing between Anna’s legs. Immediately finding the outer labia of her sex, Jake pulled and twisted this flesh between his thumb and index finger while Anna struggled to remain erect and silent, never looking at her tormentor.

In time, Jake’s thumb found the nub of her clitoris and stroked it; he could be surprisingly gentle with his large hands. And to her disgust, and the thing that haunted her more than almost anything else about her relationship, the gentle pressure of Jake’s thumb never failed to arouse her. How could this be? How could he control, humiliate and debase her and yet still cause this response? And he knew it; and it amused him.

He rose and moved over to an old-style stereo system, one that contained a tape player and he pressed a button, and the only song they ever listened to came on, mocking Anna with its sweetness. ‘What A Wonderful World’ began as Jake resumed his fondling.

“Is our little slave liking this?” he murmured as his right hand came up to tease and stroke Anna’s nipples. As they quickly hardened to an eraser-like shape, pink and erect, Jake laughed softly. What a stupid cunt she is, he thought, not for the first time, and it filled him with the need to bring her down. Reduce her to nothing more than a thing, a receptacle for his needs.

“…I see them bloom for me and you…”

Pressing with a hand to her head, he positioned Anna’s face level with his crotch; unzipped his pants and placed his penis into her waiting mouth. He was not hard. She rarely produced that effect on him anymore. Anna closed her eyes as the stream of urine hit the back of her throat.

“…I hear babies cry, I watch them grow…”

“Open those eyes, whore. Look at me,” Jake commanded, and Anna complied, silent rage pulsing through her entire being as he used her mouth as his toilet, staring down at her with that superior look. And not for the first time, she thought of driving a steak knife deep into the back of his neck as he slept, if only she had the nerve.

“…and I say to myself…”


Northville, November, 2009

The High School football rivalry was intense between Northville and Altoro, and now it was down to the final game. Northville had the edge, as their quarterback, Brandon Park, had put together an outstanding year and was almost unstoppable. It was not surprising that in the final two minutes, Park drove the team seventy yards to score, with Northville emerging as 36-32 winners.

Park was carried off the field, and leading the celebratory group was Park’s best friend and the team’s imposing defensive end, Jake Tucker. Park and Tucker were named offensive and defensive stars of the game and it was an incredible way to end their school football careers. But that night would get even better, further cementing their friendship and bond.

As the teams were leaving the field, Altoro’s quarterback, a tall, black male named ‘Ace’ Donval, had made rude gestures at them and Tucker had gotten into a shoving match attempting to get at Donval. Nothing much happened until later.

As Brandon and Jake made their way around the back of the school complex, they noticed two figures talking by one of the parking garage pillars. Focusing on them, they looked at each other with excitement; one of the figures was clearly Ace Donval, and the other skinny, white dude was a guy known to be a drug dealer.

Moving stealthily a little closer, they crouched and waited. The deal completed, Donval turned and headed toward their hiding spot while the other figure ran off around the front of the structure. As Donval got closer, Jake stepped from behind a concrete planter and yelled, “Hey”, then drove his meaty fist into Donval’s stomach. As the young man fell, Brandon delivered a solid kick to the ribs and then drove his elbow into the back of Donval’s neck, stunning him.

Lifting the choking figure by his jacket collar, Jake smashed his fist again into the defenseless man’s stomach, punching all the air out of Donval’s lungs and leaving him gasping in desperation on the ground.

Without any words between them, working with a single mind, the two attackers undid their victim’s jeans, removed his belt and pulled his pants down around his knees, essentially binding him, and then flipped him onto his front, tying his hands with his belt. Pulling Donval to his knees, Jake slipped behind him, his rock-hard cock already out and ready. With no hesitation or warning, but with that special scene from the movie, ‘Deliverance’ in his mind, Jake then drove his weapon into Donval’s ass, burying his cock between the dark thighs. Even in his bewildered state, Donval cried out in pain and humiliation. As Jake yelled, “Squeal li’l piggy,” and laughed.

Brandon dealt with the man’s cries by shoving his cock into Donval’s mouth, and then using his Nokia cell phone to begin recording the action. Grabbing his victim’s hair as well as he could, as it was quite short, Brandon jerked the head back and forth and came to his orgasm quickly, pulling out and splattering Donval’s face, then recording it as well as the ass-fucking Jake’s cock was administering.

That action ended with several clearly displayed gobs of cum decorating Donval’s hole. Before they were finished, Jake and Brandon had taken a number of photos that seemed to show a willing Donval participating in the sex. He was aware enough when they left him, to know what was on their phones.

They never heard from Ace Donval again, although a year later Jake spotted a story in a paper describing a single car accident where the driver, a young black male, had apparently lost control and had his car smash into a concrete bridge piling, killing him instantly. Jake cut out the piece, and kept it in a folder with some other mementoes.


Present Day…

Brandon Park had finished his workout and was strolling leisurely to the showers. He took his time and checked himself out in the mirrors as he went. As a former girlfriend had noted, Brandon was one man who liked to look at his own body more than yours. At six-three and two-hundred ten pounds, not quite as tall nor as heavy as his friend Jake, he was never-the-less an imposing figure, especially considering the sculpted body he had created from years of gym work. When he was dressed in his police officer’s blue garb, he looked like a poster model for the force. As he was dressing, his phone buzzed; it was Aquina Morez.

“Hey there,” he answered.

“Hey there yourself. Got any time this afternoon?”

“Could have. What’s up?”

“I’ve got most of the paperwork done for the purchase; just a couple of details to finalize. It’s always easier face-to-face.”

“Okay, that’s good news. I’ll find some time this pm. Do we need Jake?” The rest of the conversation slid into some general chat, but Brandon was reminded once again of how positive a thing it was that he had met Ms. Morez.

(September, 2014)

The informant’s tip had paid off, there was a gathering at the house he had indicated, and the ‘boys’, four young cops, were all there. Jake Tucker and Brandon Park’s younger brother Eric would take the front, while Brandon and his cousin, Kevin Riggs, would cover the back.

Entering with no resistance, (they had taken the occupants completely by surprise) the bust was easy. As had been their practice for a while, they arrested a couple but let most get away, while taking control of the ‘evidence’; in this case several thousand dollars in cash and bags of both street pills and weed.

Brandon slipped a baggie containing several hundred dollars into his pants while Jake took one bag of pills. There were also a number of weapons, and when reinforcements arrived there was still a very nice haul to show.

Over the months, the ‘boys’ had been very successful in developing a collection of informants that had allowed them to make a number of busts, all the while skimming off the top; never a lot, as Brandon had been very firm on ‘don’t get greedy’.

But the cherry on top of this particular bust had been meeting the attractive woman who seemed either in charge…or very connected. Brandon had taken her into his ‘custody’; her name was Aquina Morez.

Jake and Eric had headed back to the station to deal with the paperwork and leave an envelope for their captain containing his ‘gift’; Kevin had stayed on site to assist, leaving Brandon to take Aquina. They drove, her in the back of the squad car, in silence for about fifteen minutes until Brandon pulled in behind a warehouse on the south side. He led the way, unlocking the door to a place he obviously had a connection to. It was a sparse room, lit only by a single overhead bulb. There was a table, some packing crates, a cot in the corner, a cupboard and three wooden chairs. They sat on two of these across from each other, still in silence.

Brandon took note: a very (very) attractive, if hard-looking woman; Latino? Possibly. Late twenties? Most likely. Very nice body, quite tall, dressed in a casual-business manner. Jacket over a white blouse with dark slacks. Slim but still with wonderful curves. She did not look like a hooker; what was her role?

“My name is Brandon Park. You…?”

“Aquina Morez.” She was studying him as well; her voice had no accent. Then she smiled. It was a thin, yet pleasant smile. Her dark eyes, beautiful and compelling, lit up. She really, (really) was attractive, Brandon pondered; movie-star level.

“So, we are going to play this…silent game?”

She looked, her face showing nothing, for a moment longer, then spoke. “You are the police and I am here, alone with you; it’s never good to say too much, anyway. You understand? Do I need a lawyer?”

Brandon smiled, showing even white teeth, the product of a very (much) more-than-comfortable childhood with a family of wealth and means. The smile was not warm, however, his eyes remaining neutral. “Yeah, I understand. But here we are in a private place; not the station. We are free…to talk. And no, you don’t need a lawyer.”


Present Day

And so it had begun; a meeting that evolved into a mutual understanding, and then a partnership. Aquina was good with managing things: girls, drugs. Money. Especially money; she actually had a degree in business management.

The back story was that she had begun working with several somewhat unsavory characters early on, and it had been very lucrative. She had built from that, possibly with some political connections. She had money stashed. She was respected, and left alone for the most part, knowing ‘the boys’ main goals. And she saw in Brandon Park a mutual spirit of sorts, although she had proceeded very cautiously with him so far, sensing a danger in him, or, more likely, in dealing with his large, unpleasant-looking friend.


(January 2015)

Aquina and Brandon were in his apartment. Not for the first or last time, Brandon reflected on how beautiful Aquina was; and also not for the first time, wondered why he hadn’t been able to fuck her yet. Brandon was very successful at fucking women. Athletic, well-to-do, good looking; there had been no shortage of partners; but Aquina was in a different category. She was older than him and experienced. And confident. And selective.

They had found many areas, mostly involving money and investments, where they were totally in sync; but nothing sexual so far. Nothing.

They had now finished their second whiskey and were just sitting. They were both satisfied with the progress they had made; Brandon and the boys were putting together enough cash to buy a house and turn it into a ‘gents-hide-away’; complete with cards and other pastimes, etcetera; and of course girls. A man-cave for their personal use and hopefully, advancement.

Aquina was managing the funds and targeting some girls. Things were progressing and she and Brandon had become relaxed in each other’s company. Now she did something she had not done to this point; she made the first move.

Looking steadily at him, she slowly unbuttoned her blouse, slipping it off her lovely light-brown shoulders, to reveal a black lace bra that showed most of her also lovely breasts; the large brown nipples were erect and clearly visible. Brandon stared, a small smile on his lips, which he now unconsciously licked. Aquina stood, unzipped her side zipper and lowered her tailored slacks down ever so slowly, until the dark curls of her pubic bush appeared above her tiny black thong panties. Brandon was transfixed like a cobra by a mongoose; waiting. Waiting. Aquina smiled.

Then, she pulled the slacks back up, zipped them and put her blouse back on, then her leather jacket. As she passed Brandon on her way to the door, she brushed his cheek and ear with her lips, saying, ”Another time, B, maybe. If you’re a good boy that is…”

And then she was gone, smiling to herself. She had just walked out! Brandon poured himself another whiskey and laughed. She was quite the woman. Some day…


Kate Noone moved cautiously between the chairs to her desk in the corner. As the only female officer in the unit, and a rookie at that, Kate was extremely aware of her standing and vulnerability. Although none of her male squad members had done anything, directly, so far in her first six months on the job, there were always the looks and the knowing nods between them. At times she told herself she was being paranoid, but most of the time she felt her gut was right on, and she needed to be ‘on her guard’.

Jake Tucker was probably the worst. Kate was convinced he was a closet psychopath. Just the look in his eyes (and the squad room gossip) made him someone to avoid at all costs. And so far she had. She looked up now from her desk, which faced directly into the glassed office of the captain, fifty-four year old Dale Dzyuba, he of the outrageously bushy eyebrows. He scared her almost as much as Tucker; and he was eyeing her right now.


The four young officers stood in a semi-circle in the living room of the house they had just bought; Aquina standing just off and to their right. Jake, Brandon, Eric and Kevin were finally in their man-place. It would need a little work, but they already had the plans to convert this older but large two-storey into a very comfortable and accommodating spot. They had the funds, now it was just a matter of time.

Jake took a swig of one of the beers Kevin had brought. He could hardly contain himself; it was happening. To him, the plan bringing this to life was mostly his, and now it was really coming together.


Although it was only May, it was a warm day. The windows in the ‘party-house’ were open for some air. Jake and Brandon sat in the new leather chairs and looked around with satisfaction. It was everything they had discussed and Jake had hoped for.

An area for lounging, an area with card tables and room for a regulation-sized pool table; two English dart boards on the wall; a wet bar with a place for a keg; even a mini-stripper stage with a pole (Eric’s idea). There was a top quality sound system, DJ-ready installed and two fifty-two inch T.V.s mounted on the wall.

Down the hall on the main level were two bedrooms fully furnished plus one full bath; upstairs was a den/bedroom and another two regular bedrooms, plus another full bath and a half-bath. The kitchen had a sizeable eating area and was equipped with stainless steel appliances and ceramic tile. Imported hardwood now gleamed with a dark luxuriousness throughout and the carpeted areas were top of the line only.

People would be able to stay over with no problem; in fact Aquina and some of the group would actually live here, as well as a woman or two, depending. It was a man’s house; and now all it needed were…some women.

But of course the boys wanted them to be a certain kind of woman, and they were firm that they didn’t want real hookers. They didn’t even want women who looked like hookers. They wanted young, fresh and compliant girls, or possibly some compromised women, details later.

Aquina had already secured a doctor, someone from her past, to do exams and tests on the girls to guard against STDs. And if the girls used drugs, it would be the drugs that ‘the boys’ decided on.

Right away, Jake had surprised them with the inclusion of Anna Tucker as a ‘slave’, and not everyone (Aquina primarily) was comfortable with this; but Jake insisted. Anna would be the first, and she was already here, kneeling naked by the wet bar. A pillar at the end of the bar, and another one by the kitchen entrance, had hooks installed allowing someone to be chained to them, which was Jake’s idea; slaves. Anna was chained to one now, the end of the chain connected to a slave collar around her neck. The name ‘Bitch’ was clearly visible in studs on the black leather.

Anna knelt now, tears sliding down her face, careful to keep her sobs quiet; Jake had warned her. She had just finishing sucking Brandon’s cock, as a woman she didn’t know watched, to her embarrassment. Now she just knelt and waited.

Brandon meanwhile had a satisfied smile on his attractive face. Having Aquina watch while Anna serviced him had been sick and he loved it. When his cum exploded in Anna’s mouth he had ordered her to not swallow but to turn and look at Aquina. The beautiful woman had stood without comment, a Sphinx-like smile on her face.

With Anna staring up, Brandon had given Aquina a look, and the woman responded efficiently, as was her nature.

“You may swallow, Slave,” she said.

Aquina had considered quickly and made up her mind that she would be business-like about the slave deal, for now; she’d deal with her concerns later. Anna had complied as expected and Jake had hooted his approval from his chair.

Aquina stood now and the two men followed her downstairs.


Kate Noone waited outside Captain Dzyuba’s office. Why had he called her in? she wondered, before knocking. She heard his gruff response and entered, waiting while he wrote on a paper on his desk. Finally he looked up at her, and that icy apprehension crept up her spine once again.

“Kate, you’ve been here ‘ow long now…?” he began.

“Six months, sir.” She replied quickly. Too quickly?

“Yessir,” he looked at her, bushy eyebrows almost meeting, large hands clasped as he rested his chin on them. “And it has come to my attention that not once have you had so much as a drink with the members of the squad.”

“Well…” she stammered, taken by surprise, “I…I’m not much of a drinker, or…”

“Nonsense,” he cut her off, raising a large hand, “You can drink sodas for all we cares, but you’re either one uh us, or you ain’t. Am I bein’ clear?”

“Yes, sir but I’m not sure…” she tried again.

“It’s simple, of-ficer,” he pronounced the word distinctly. “Tonight the lads, uh, the officers, are meetin’ at MacDucks. You needn’t stay the night or any-t’ing, just pop by for one and some chat. Be one uh us. Clear?”

His look made it very clear. He went back to his paper work, the conversation was, it appeared, over.

Kate left, feeling a little like a small child dismissed from the principal’s office. She went back to her desk filled with an unexplained unease.


The two men followed Aquina down the stairs to the basement. There was, greeting them, a wall that ran the entire width, with a single door for entry. The part of the basement they were in was pleasant; carpeted, freshly painted and finished off. An area at one end had a couch and two easy chairs.

When Aquina had learned more about ‘the boys’ plans’, she had made up her mind; she was into this investment too deep to jump just yet, so if the boys wanted a situation where women could be controlled, maybe

Even punished, she’d be in charge; it was the best way, for everyone, hence the basement development.

She carried on now, crossing to the single door in the wall and opening it. Inside, this section was remarkably different from the other side. No carpet, just cold cement. Beige walls, with the two windows covered and darkened. The overhead fluorescent lights gave little illumination and no hint of warmth. In one corner was the furnace, etcetera and in the other stood a shower stall, a sink and a toilet, all white and all looking stark sitting out in the open with no walls and thus no privacy of any kind.

The most striking feature of this large room; however, were the three black, metal dog crates standing side by side against one wall. The crates had a single blanket thrown into each, as well as a cat litter box and a dog’s bowl. Since none of the men had dogs, these crates would clearly be for another purpose. That purpose was a little clearer when one noticed several whips, paddles and ‘slave’ equipment hanging on one side wall; Aquina didn’t know how much ‘punishment’ would be needed, but she would be in charge and intended to do it correctly.

This room could be the holding area for any women, like Anna, who might live here, to serve the four men and their friends; to be used as the men wished with no questions asked.

This wasn’t her original plan (her plan was compliant party girls) but Aquina would manage this for now; she had skills and could punish without injuring.

This wasn’t, however, her long-term goal.

It was, though, the fulfillment of a dream Jake had had for years now (and it looked like the others would be going along).

His own ‘House of Slaves’.

(End of Chapter 01)