A Field of Candles by LongDarkRoad Chapter 2 A Fork Stuck In The Road

By longdarkroad | August 24, 2018

A Field of Candles By LongDarkRoad Chapter 02 A Fork Stuck in the Road Doukas placed the cell phone on the desk. It was one of four and he was putting this one back in its place. They were in a particular order, so as to avoid confusion. Certain phones were only for certain people, […]

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A Field Of Candles by LongDarkRoad Chapter 1 A Question of Choice

By longdarkroad | August 10, 2018

A Field of Candles By LongDarkRoad A candle flickers by the sea; which glimmers now, moving like a woman under the ever-watchful eye; never blinking, sees all and nothing; Witness to love, hope, despair and grief, and the brief but bright flare of the candle’s flame… A thousand candles, a million A thousand million flickering, […]

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