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A House of Slaves by LongDarkRoad Chapter 13 Past, Present, Future

A House of Slaves 

Chapter 13 Past, Present, Future

(Desperately wanting to get out)

Kevin and Brandon looked over at Eric. He had been the lookout so wasn’t even part of the actual hold-up, yet there he was retching his guts out by the side of the road.

“Make sure he buries all that,” Brandon yelled at Kevin.

All the drugs (mostly parcels of cocaine and heroin, as expected) had been transferred to their truck. By inspecting the parcels they had found three tracking devices and tossed them into the back of the transport, where the two drivers lay trussed up.

The men would eventually be able to wiggle free, but it would take an hour or two, and by then the boys would be long gone.

It was agreed that Alston and his brother would take the dope and stash it. Everyone had seen how much was there so there was no debate.

The five-ton now turned and headed back down the highway, and the boys followed in two separate cars. Part way along, Eric had to get out and throw up again. No one harassed him; they were all still highly agitated, even though things had gone letter perfect to now.

Brandon texted Aquina with a simple, “A-Ok. See u soon.” And they drove at a safe and non-attention- seeking speed back to the city.

That evening was almost as stressful as the day; waiting. Waiting. Waiting for a phone call or a knock on the door from someone who had found out. Cops. The guys they had hit. But nothing.

Still, the boys, even Jake, all agreed it was way too early to do any celebrating. They needed to play it very cool and just lay low. It would be a while, maybe months, before Alston could start moving the dope without drawing attention.

For now, the haul was like dinner in the oven; it would need time.


Aquina was sitting at ‘Mullens’, a trendy bar for under thirty-somethings, feeling just a tiny bit old, as she observed the people around her. Oh well, Claire had picked this place and she was, well, younger, by four or five years.

Claire arrived then and as Aquina was known to do, caused some heads to swivel as she crossed the floor in her tight, purple dress.

Greeting Aquina warmly they hugged, each kissing the other on the cheek. “You look lovely,” Aquina said, sitting down.

Claire smiled and blushed, before adding, “You look gorgeous too. You notice how many people are looking at you?”

“Us, my sweet. Us. You are getting some attention with that dress.” Aquina smiled, “And I can tell you accepted my condition. Your nipples are trying to break out.” Claire laughed, covering her mouth with her hand, before Aquina added, “But lift up your dress so I can see if you followed all my directions.”

Claire shyly but with a smile and feeling arousal, raised her hem, and Aquina could clearly see the soft, blonde coating of pubic hair covering her mound. Aquina licked her lips, “Hmmm, that is making me hungry.”

Claire laughed again, saying, “Stop it. You’re making me crazy. Let’s order before we totally lose it,” while secretly wanting this beautiful, exotic woman to give her some more ‘directions’, right here in the restaurant.

At this point a server appeared bringing menus,  filling glasses and taking drink orders. Both women ordered a glass of house white and then studied the menu.

A few moments later the server, ‘Bobbi’, returned. She was cute, possibly eighteen or nineteen, petit (five- three) with short, obviously died black, (black) hair,  a nose ring and a tattoo peeking out from the cuff of her shirt.

After a couple of menu comments, Aquina spoke, “Claire, lift your dress and show Bobbi your underwear; see what she thinks.”

Claire looked startled but was obviously excited; Bobbi looked amused and a little puzzled, but then Claire lifted her dress, showing Bobbi her naked sex. Bobbi stared with obvious interest, before Aquina added, “That could be your tip if we are happy with the service.”

“Absolutely,” Bobbi enthused, smiling broadly from one lovely woman to the other, as Claire lowered her dress.

“You are crazy!” Claire whispered fiercely across the table at Aquina, who simply laughed. She could tell by the broad smile on Claire’s face that this action was definitely okay; possibly more than okay, which was interesting.

Their lunch proved very enjoyable. The two women found much to talk about. Aquina was quite interested to learn that Claire had been a very promising tennis player in her late teens, before a serious thigh injury ended that. Claire for her part listened with rapt attention to some of Aquina’s stories about her street life.

Bobbi had hovered nearby and was intensely attentive until at last she brought the bill. The restaurant was quite quiet now, approaching two-thirty, and they were seated to one side. Aquina, considering her lovely blonde companion, directed Bobbi to kneel in front of her. Claire looked at her lunch partner with some alarm but also, again, arousal.

Aquina smiled and nodded her head, saying, “Just stay with me, girl.” Aquina then had Claire lift her dress up and lean back a little, saying “Ok, Bobbi, have a taste.”

Bobbi stared for only a moment before bending forward and burying her round face between Claire’s legs.

Aquina allowed this for almost a minute, before she pulled a very reluctant Bobbi back from her sucking and asked, “What time are you off, sweets?”

Bobbi blinked a couple of times, getting herself settled, “Uhm, nine. I’m off at nine, uh, ma’am.”

“Don’t call me ma’am,” Aquina said. “I’ll be waiting out front for you later. Okay, here you go.” And she handed Bobbi the bill and her credit card. Bobbi stared for a moment, until Aquina said, “Get going, Bobbi. We need to be off.”

“Oh,” Bobbi blurted, looking back from Claire to Aquina and then Claire again. “Right. Be back in a sec.”

Aquina then said softly, “You may lower your dress, my good girl.”

As they were leaving, Claire slipped her arm through Aquina’s, “I can see life with you is never dull.” She whispered into one ear. Aquina laughed, thinking of the slave girls and the drug heist.

“You don’t know the half of it, sweets,” she murmured, wondering just what she had with this beautiful blonde bombshell.

They walked a few paces before Claire spoke again. “Oh, I just remembered. Sanders left a briefcase for you at the office.”

****      ****

Aquina sat in a chair near Claire’s bed. They had brought Bobbi back here as Aquina did not want to deal with the boys or the slaves or any of that. She had already tired of slave-management and was working on a plan to deal with that. Part of that included Bobbi, who was now lying naked on Claire’s bed, with Claire stretched out beside her, gently kissing her face and breasts; toying with the silver bars that pierced her nipples.

It was eleven-thirty; they had, in pairs and all together, been making love for over two hours and were mellow and satisfied.

Aquina had quickly sized up Bobbi as a potential third party girl for the house, and nothing that had happened had changed her mind. She now climbed up on the bed to lie against Bobbi’s other side. The young woman turned and kissed her, sucking Aquina’s tired tongue into her mouth briefly, before saying quietly, with her eyes closed, “I could die right now. Just die. Let a fucking meteorite hit the earth, right mother-fucking now; I’m ready.”

Claire and Aquina both laughed and kissed their new, petite, youthful, willing, tattooed and pierced toy.


Saturday morning, eight-thirty; Aquina had called all the boys together. Kate and Anna had prepared and served breakfast to those who wanted it, and then Anna went to join Adam ‘in his room’ (we need to start charging that guy rent (Eric); wait until you see the cash he brought in (Aquina), while Kate was placed back in her crate. Melissa of course was still with Mrs. B.

The lads were still subdued following their event; not a lot of joking had been heard the last day or so; in fact, everyone had pretty much kept to themselves. Jake, who had shown up, was looking his usual annoyed self, but Aquina did not bother with that.

When the four of them were seated and waiting, she left. When she returned in a few seconds she carried a box, which was placed on the floor. She then hauled out three cloth bags from it and dumped some of the contents on the large coffee table; stacks of cash.

“Holy Fuck…”


“Wow, how much we lookin’, at A.?”

Jake just grunted.

“Okay boys, I worked out something with Sanders. The

three of you, Brandon and I have a separate deal, put in eighty grand in total and Sanders has paid you off at three hundred. Minus my twelve percent, you are looking at eighty-eight large, each.”

The boys just stared. Even Jake.

Discussion ensued for a bit until Jake announced that he was good and he would take his share and leave.

“Lookit’,” he said, standing and holding the box. “I haven’t always seen eye to eye with you Aquina; and I’m still not happy about my bitch sister-in-law; but this is good work. I know all about a low profile with cash. I’m not going to do anything stupid or fuck things with you guys. But I am going to do my own thing. No worries. Thanks. I mean that.”

And then he left, with what was the closest thing to a smile Aquina had seen on his round, glum face.

The discussion then turned to what to do with this cash, which Aquina pointed out, had resulted from: first, Adam locating Sanders McHugh’s daughter, which then led to the deal which now showed stacks of cash.

Everyone agreed that they would ease up on Adam and his staying there; his services were not just inexpensive, they actually brought in cash.

As for the present and the dough, Eric and Kevin eventually took five thousand each and agreed that Aquina would find them a real estate deal with the rest, keeping the money away from the eyes of the I.R.S. and into more future investments. Kevin also added he wanted to put another room in downstairs in the empty space beside the furnace, for him to use.

The burner phone Alston had given Brandon now lit up. It was a text message from him saying the dope was all stashed securely and that he had been monitoring informant and wiretap chatter and nothing was being said about the heist. Certainly the syndicate who owned the dope would have begun their own investigation, but for now all was silent on the street.

The boys all nodded, but became quiet once again. No one said it but they all thought it; if a trail ever led back to Alston, then they were all in danger.

Aquina decided this was a good time to bring up another topic: the slave girls, but she began it by mentioning Bobbi, who Aquina would be going to retrieve from Claire in a little while. Aquina had spoken with Bobbi, (real name Roberta; but, only my mom calls me that) as Claire listened; Aquina had let out little bits of info about the ‘slave House’ or ‘Man-cave’ (as she preferred) before, but some of the revelations were new to Claire’s ears.

Bobbi was down with it all; she desperately wanted to get out of the tiny apartment she shared with her mother. She was not getting a lot of shifts from ‘Mullens’ and could use some extra cash. She was okay with being fondled by older guys…if she could continue to see Claire and Aquina.

It was all good, and Aquina would move her into the apartment with Mindi and Heather today.


(Miami, 1997)

It was Aquina Morez’s twelfth birthday, and in celebration her mother had forced her first act of oral sex on her, servicing her latest boyfriend. With hints of ‘more to come’ to help with the finances, Aquina took what she could carry and left.

She managed on the streets for almost a month until one night she was hanging out in Brickell Park when a woman approached her. Aquina was quick with possible dangerous situations and ran, right into the waiting fist of Jade Dawkins. It was his girlfriend Sharize who had spooked Aquina.

They took the girl to their place a few blocks away, but still near the water, and for the next ten days Dawkins raped and beat her daily. Between the rapes and the beatings, Sharize would comfort her, look after her cuts and bruises and counsel her.

She also began to show Aquina some tools of the sex trade. Sharize’s pussy was the first that Aquina tasted, and she came to know it well.

Things then carried on for almost two years, with Dawkins pimping Aquina out to both male and female clients, until Sharize died of either bad drugs or an overdose. Things went downhill for Dawkins after that and his drinking became excessive; and he took his anger out on Aquina.

That is, until the day she plunged the steak knife into his chest.


Aquina knocked on the apartment door and then took out her key, but the door was opened first by Mindi. As Aquina and Bobbi entered, Heather came out of one of the bedrooms to greet them.

Bobbi was introduced and a discussion quickly followed regarding the sleeping arrangements. The two bedroom apartment had a double bed in each room, so both Heather and Mindi had their own bed if they chose, which often they did, but they had also slept together. It was decided that each day the three would pick numbers and two would share and one would be solo.

To speed up the acquainting process, Aquina had Bobbi strip and stand before the other two. For a girl who had only recently turned nineteen, Bobbi had many tattoos and piercings, and all the women were interested, but even with the artwork the girl appeared young.

Her smallish breasts, B-cup at best, had the silver bars through nipples that were surrounded by huge areolas. As well as the nose-ring, Bobbi had several rings on each ear, but most noticeable (or interesting) were the two gold rings on her outer labia, one each side. Bobbi had done the full Brazilian; she had no hair what-so-ever from her navel down.

Along with the labia rings, she also had two belly-button studs and a vertical silver bar through her clit. As Bobbi explained it, her best friend’s step-dad had a tat parlor, and he had agreed to do work on them in exchange for sex from them both.

“A class act,” Heather murmured.

As well as the piercings, Bobbi also had a cat’s face tattoo just above her pubic mound and a butterfly on her back, its tail ending just at her butt crack; and an intricate jungle-themed tat sleeve (that Bobbi said took over a month of work and had her agree to anal sex, with both the step-dad and a buddy, in order to complete) on one arm.

It certainly made her ‘older’ for the men, but she was so youthful in appearance otherwise and the piercings and tats were kind of exotic that Aquina thought it would be enticing, somewhat.

Heather and Mindi took Bobbi into one bedroom to examine her more closely. Aquina took that opportunity to make her exit.


That night Aquina had Bobbi, together with Heather and Mindi, make her appearance. It was only the boys (minus Jake; what the hell he did with himself no one knew.) and Adam (their resident lawyer) with of course Kate and Anna. Bobbi was a hit, with both Eric and Kevin giving her lots of attention.

Everyone ending up staying, so for the first time all the bedrooms were filled. Before everyone crashed, Aquina told the boys that she was going to see about a buyer for Melissa, and she would deal with any fall-out from Jake.

“The point,” Aquina said, “was that they were moving into bigger deals, and having to deal with these women, held against their will, would be more and more of a problem.” Aquina declared that she did not want to spend the time that she was spending in looking after them; it was counter-productive and unnecessary, as they could get party girls; as she had.

And it did not improve their financial situation. And, most importantly, the slave girls were a liability, a giant problem in the making. Kidnapping was a life sentence crime, as the officers knew.

So, this would not be Jake’s call. While Aquina did not just come out and say ‘Jake could go fuck himself’, that was the essence of her message. No one offered any opposition. What really could they say?

“And we need to deal with Kate.” She paused. “I should have pushed back harder on that, right from the start, but that’s on me, but we can’t continue with her like this.”

The little group sat silently; all of them, even Brandon, had thought the same thing, at one point or another. Being male, they had enjoyed the free sex, but they knew in the backs of their minds how reckless it was. Both Kevin and Eric had even admitted to each other that they were struggling with conflict whenever they looked at the woman, now that the novelty had worn off.    


Aquina sat in her car in the parking area beside some warehouses that were going through a rebirth. Several had been converted already to condos and offices. The one she was parked beside, the address that Macgregor had directed her to, had seen substantial change.

She looked at her watch; one-fifty; she was early, but had still needed to fight the impulse to go in. She wanted to be inside; she fought her anxiety, but it was no use. She forced herself to slow her breathing, to close her eyes and wait. Checking her watch again, it was one fifty-four. She would wait two more minutes….

Shareen Macgregor was dressed today in her ‘Mistress outfit’: black leather dress, black stockings, thigh-high black leather boots. Her dress had zippers on the top that allowed her to display her breasts, which she was now doing. They were held in place by a leather harness and jutted out white and enticing, pink nipples erect.

This section of the building had been converted by Macgregor and ‘friends’ to function as a dungeon for slave work or parties. There was a stage, a wet bar and numerous hooks and stands for attaching slaves to in a variety of positions, for punishment or display. As Aquina entered the room Macgregor was in, she saw painted on the floor a simple command: all slaves naked from this point.

She undressed quickly leaving her clothes in a pile and resisting the urge to grasp and stroke her sex: once entered, she knew she was to do only as directed.

“Come, Slave.” Macgregor called from the stage.

Aquina hurried to her, kneeling before her with eyes down.

“On all fours, slave-slut.” Macgregor came down from the small stage to walk around Aquina who was on hands and knees as directed. “Today I am Mistress Shareen.” She stood beside Aquina, whose breath was coming rapidly through her flared nostrils. Macgregor began running her new black cane gently down Aquina’s side and back. “Spread your legs farther, slave. Good. Now, are you a filthy slut?”

“I…I am a filthy slut, Mistress Shareen.”

“Do you belong on your knees?”

“I belong on my knees, before my Mistress.”

“Do you need punishment, pathetic, boot-licking slave?”

For the first time that afternoon, Aquina choked a little in reply, “Ye-yes, my sweet Mistress. I need punishment.”

“Beg, pussy-loving whore. Be specific.”

“Ummmm, please, dear mistress, please whip your slave’s ass. Please whip my breasts and punish them…as you d-decide. Pl-please whip my…cunt.” 

Macgregor smiled; this was as good as she had hoped for. “Ahhh, very good. You please me. You are a cunt-licking whore, but we knew that. Now, be on your knees, with your hands behind your head.” Aquina assumed this stance and Macgregor, wearing black, silk gloves,  reached around from behind and gripped Aquina’s breasts, yanking on them before slapping them, and pulling the nipples savagely.

She repeated this action a number of times before putting her index fingers in Aquina’s mouth, pulling it wide open, and then leaning forward and allowing a glob of spit to fall from her lips onto Aquina’s tongue. The next glob landed on Aquina’s cheek, and the doctor massaged it into her face, before plugging Aquina’s nose and covering her mouth, establishing that as mistress she even had control over whether her slave could breathe or not.

After releasing her grip, Macgregor walked away a few steps and returned with a collar; wide, black leather decorated with several metal spikes. On it was the single word, ‘Slave’. Macgregor fastened this roughly around her slave’s neck, jerking her head back and forth. She then attached two cuffs around her slave’s wrists and linked them to the collar. Lifting Aquina by her hair she pulled her over to the corner where a toilet sat open, no walls or enclosure providing any privacy.

Roughly forcing her slave to her knees, Macgregor lifted her leather dress revealing she wore no panties. She then squatted and urinated into the toilet, keeping Aquina’s head close by the bowl. When she finished she stood and pulled Aquina’s face to her crotch.

“Clean me filthy slut, that’s all you’re good for, really,” was the instruction, which Aquina responded to quickly, running her tongue up and down Macgregor’s slit, sucking on the lips and tasting and cleaning off the remaining drops of urine.

“What does my slave say?” Macgregor demanded.

Aquina gently kissed the tight, pink lips a couple more times. “Thank you Mistress, for you thoughtfulness.”

“I am indeed kind, to allow a worthless street whore like you between my legs. Come here, on your feet.”

Aquina was then hauled over to a hook hanging from the rafters. The cuffs were released from her collar and attached to the hook, with Aquina, even at five-nine, needing now to stand on her tiptoes, swaying as she did.

Macgregor then retrieved several punishment devices from a near-by locker; paddles, canes, floggers and a small hand whip.

“Now, whore (Slap!). Slut (Slap!). Cunt(Slap!). I will give you the punishment you deserve, and then you will show your appreciation.” The next strike was from the leather paddle, and landed with a satisfying ‘whommp!’ on Aquina’s lovely ass.

Macgregor smiled; this was going to be very satisfying, and she had waited a long time for it.


Ed Alston was not going to let on to Dzyuba, or his men, but he was pretty much scared shitless through the whole drug high-jack; but he was desperate; which was why he needed to bring in his older brother Regan for support. His brother had been a detective for twenty-nine years, retiring just last year.

Alston had feared that Regan would try to talk him out of the very dangerous and reckless venture, but his brother had been surprisingly supportive. He recognized the financial bind that many of his friends were in; a big score would take care of all that, dangers aside.

Alston was relieved that the young men who helped him were not pushing right away for money. It was very important to play things out carefully. Certain dope had certain traits; who knew about this particular shipment? There was no way he wanted to give the ‘drug guys’ any hints as to his existence.

Now, an opportunity to move a little of the product had popped up. He was to be part of a sting and they would need to borrow two kilos of coke for the deal. At his station, Alston had worked his way into the role of ‘drug mule’ of sorts; he would sign out the dope for stings, and he would return it.

The only thing being that the dope he signed out this time would be police issue and the dope he returned would be from the high-jack. The only question to Alston was, if his nerve would hold.

(End of Chapter 13)

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A House of Slaves by LongDarkRoad Chapter 12 Now Or Never

A House of Slaves 

Chapter 12 Now or Never (Will you come to me)

Monday mornings were usually hectic anyway, but today with the doctor coming and getting all the girls together it was even more so. Sunday was a bit of a blur; after getting Melissa (and her plump envelope of four grand!!) Aquina was informed by Brandon that the truck heist would be this coming Thursday. Things were moving very quickly, and Sanders had also called to say he would have some cash for them.

This was all running through her mind as Aquina picked up Heather and Mindi and headed back to the house. Anna of course was already here and Kevin would be bringing Kate back.

As well as the kissing and fondling, the two had talked during the night. Kate was unhappy with Anna being punished, and said she didn’t know how much longer she could deal with Dzyuba.

“He makes me physically sick,” she’d sighed; she really didn’t know how much longer she could go on. But their time together seemed to lift her spirits, a little. Aquina had again reinforced to the woman that she was working on ‘things’.

“Please give me time, Kate, as I’ve asked, please; Brandon has already warned me that he’ll take you to that place he showed you, if you cause any problems.” Aquina wasn’t certain if he really would; it would be a serious step and not one she would go along with, but it did act as a warning.

Kate had sighed and nestled into the warmth of her mistress-partner and the pleasure of being in a bed. Despite everything, she did trust Aquina, and when the woman had held her and gently kissed her, Kate had responded, like someone in deep water grabs a rope.

And in spite of how preoccupied she was, occasionally Aquina would feel a little jolt of anxiety when she remembered her deal with Macgregor. Was it apprehension or excitement? Aquina wasn’t sure. She knew her own sexuality was…flexible, especially with the whole dominance and submission thing. Aquina was a very confident ‘dom’ when needed; but she was very conscious of her other, more hidden, side.


Doctor Macgregor was professional and efficient. She had all her samples in the case and it was only a quarter to eleven. Kevin left with Kate, and since they had an unmarked car for their patrol today, he was okay with taking Mindi and Heather and dropping them off downtown, with Mindi throwing Kevin a smile as she closed the back door.

“What was that about?” Heather asked as they started down the street.

“What?” Mindi replied. “I can’t like somebody without there being big questions?”

“Oh, girl, you watch yourself. You start feeling something and things change.”

“Hey, don’t worry ‘bout me, I’m good.”

And they both laughed.


Aquina meanwhile was taking Melissa and Anna downstairs and placing them in their crates. When she came back up to the kitchen, Macgregor was putting her container in the refrigerator. She turned to look at Aquina, who indicated the stairs and headed toward them, the good doctor following, carrying an ominous looking black bag.

Just outside of Aquina’s room. Macgregor gripped Aquina by the elbow. “When we enter, the hour begins, and you are my slave, doing all I ask. Are we agreed?”

“Yes, mmm, Mistress,” Aquina murmured, memories soaring through her mind and her heart beating more rapidly than she expected.



Aquina Morez had begun her first period. Her mother greeted this event with a slap across Aquina’s face that sent her stumbling across the tiny bedroom they shared.

“Now I’m gonna have to buy rags for you, too. Fuckin’ God-damn Christ. You’re gonna start earning some bread you useless…”

The tirade was interrupted by a loud banging on the door. Angelina Morez, with most of a bottle of wine in her already and it wasn’t even noon, staggered to answer it. Aquina listened silently from the closet, watching through the crack between the door and the wall. It was the landlord; money, as always, was due; Morez, as usual, had none. 

Aquina watched in amazement as her mother wrestled her clothes off and got to her knees, taking the, what seemed huge, landlord’s cock in her mouth (gross!).

After a few minutes of this, the landlord changed plans and spun Morez around, putting her on her knees and ramming his cock into her from behind, a handful of her dark hair in one of his fists.

Aquina sat silently watching, for the first time, a woman, on her knees, sexually serving someone. In this case it was a man, but that wasn’t the point for Aquina; it was the look on her mother’s face.  


When they entered, Macgregor crossed the neat, sparsely furnished room, to sit on a small armchair. She stared at Aquina, who returned the stare for a moment before looking down.

“That’s a good girl my beauty, remember your place and avoid…discipline. For our hour today you will call me, ‘Mistress’ and you are simply, ‘Slave’ or ‘Slut’ or whatever degrading name suits you. Any direction I give you, unless you are gagged, must immediately be responded to by, ‘Yes, Mistress’. Are we clear?”

Aquina’s husky voice was barely above a whisper, “Yes… Mistress.”

“Good. Strip off everything except your panties. When you get to them, turn and face away from me.”

Aquina swallowed. “Yes, Mistress.”

She removed her clothes quickly and efficiently, placing them on her bed. When she was down to her black, lace thong she turned as directed. She could barely control her hand that desperately wanted to plunge its fingers between her now swollen pussy lips; Melissa had provoked a strong arousal, but this was different, like scotch is different from bourbon. This was more…primitive to Aquina, more basic.

“Very nice, that’s my good little slut. I know you like being a good slave and pleasing me. Don’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Aquina murmured, feeling the old desire as the heat rose within her; the dominant role slipping away, the submissive rising, no conflict at all. It was true, she wanted to please this woman.

“Say it, pathetic Slut,” Macgregor demanded, her own arousal rising. She had long wanted this woman.

“I want to…please my Mistress. Oh, ummmnn,” Aquina raked her nails up and down her thighs to stay focused. 

Macgregor smiled a knowing smile; she had known this of Aquina almost from the start; but there had always been something to block them from hooking up; but she had filed away the knowledge. And now here they were again.

“Okay Whore, there is no need to pretend with me. I know what you are, and it’s not this fancy Madame shit you’ve got goin’ on. You are a disgusting, dirty, fuck slut who belongs on her knees and you know it.”

Aquina heard the throaty chuckle and wanted nothing more than to be that, on her knees; she had always wanted to serve Macgregor, had even fantasized about it; things hadn’t worked out. She struggled to stay on her feet and await her commands.

“Now my sweet bitch, slowly strip that thong off, and then place it between your nasty pussy lips and hump yourself with it for my amusement. Go.”

Breathing hard, Aquina slowly peeled the tiny garment down her legs, bending forward so Macgregor got a good view of her ass. She then turned sideways and held the panties between her legs and began to move her hips in a thrusting motion, meanwhile slowly pulling the thong into herself. She noticed Macgregor’s hand had moved under her skirt and between her thighs.

“Good girl. That pleases me, Bitch, even though you repulse me,” the woman crooned. “Now, on your knees, put your dirty panties in your mouth and crawl to your Mistress.”

Aquina did this, stopping at Macgregor’s feet, and looking down submissively. Macgregor took the panties from Aquina’s mouth, “You do disgust me,” she said quietly, “but my shoes need cleaning, Slave. Ask.”

Aquina tried to speak but her throat would not respond, which Macgregor found amusing. Gripping Aquina’s thick hair, Macgregor tilted the lovely face up and then leaned forward and spit on her, then scooped the saliva off with a finger, “Open.”

Aquina opened her mouth and Macgregor placed the goo on the waiting tongue, smiling, then placed the submissive face by her shoe.

Aquina began licking the black leather with long, sensuous strokes. Although this was a game she knew inside out, slave and master, Aquina could not deny what this was doing to her. What it had always done to her, although it had needed a certain kind of woman. Macgregor was right, that she knew what Aquina was. A low moan escaped her lips now as she submitted herself to just that kind of dominating woman, cleaning her shoes with devotion.

The doctor removed her shoes and pantyhose, and Aquina then licked and kissed her bare feet, wanting even more desperately to shove her fingers into her throbbing pussy; but she had not been given permission, so she continued to worship Macgregor’s feet. The doctor gently stroked the curls on Aquina’s head and then leaned forward to softly kiss her face, before whispering in her ear.

“Let’s see if our slut-slave is wet, shall we.” With this, she ran a hand down Aquina’s back and then over her round buttocks, before coming to rest on her pussy lips, where she slipped one finger easily into the opening.

“Oh, my, my; what’s this? My slave is nice and …dripping down there; here, taste.” At this point Macgregor placed the finger that had just been inside the pussy into Aquina’s mouth. Her own musky scent aroused her, and Aquina licked the finger aggressively, her hips moving gently. Macgregor now pushed Aquina’s head down to the carpet, leaving her ass high. “Slave knows this is where she belongs?”

“Ye-yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress,” Aquina murmured, heart pounding.

“And you realize how pathetic you are, don’t you?”

Aquina cried out softly, the words stinging deliciously, like a whip. Macgregor then slapped one ass cheek smartly, then the other, and then four more times each side in quick succession, before grasping Aquina’s buttocks in both hands and spreading them as wide as possible, and then pushing a moistened finger tentatively into Aquina’s puckered and dark brown asshole, causing her to jump.

“Oh, this doesn’t get used much these days, does it slave; that will change today.” And she slapped Aquina’s ass several more times to emphasize her point.

Slipping off her chair, Macgregor pulled Aquina’s hands around behind her back and bound her wrists with handcuffs from her black bag, which she had opened beside her captive. She then began pulling things from it. Aquina recognized everything, even when only catching a quick glance. 

“I’ve brought lots of toys for my slut-slave,” Macgregor noted, “especially this, for your ass.” She held up a short but thick, black dildo.

****      ****

Macgregor was now lying on her side, Aquina’s face wedged between her thighs. A quick glance at her watch told her she had twelve minutes left in her hour, and she was a punctual person. Having expertly brought Aquina to the edge of orgasm four times, she had now tasked her beautiful slave with satisfying her mistress first; and then the doctor would grant her captive’s desire and allow her to climax.

Aquina was using all her skill and experience as she licked and sucked on Macgregor’s pussy with its tight labia, and little nub of a clitoris. Macgregor’s breathing and hip movements told her the woman was close. Aquina now bit down, gently, on the clit bud before sucking the pussy lips into her mouth. The doctor let out a satisfying cry and held Aquina’s face as she ground out her orgasm, before collapsing on the pillow, and lying still, chuckling softly.

After a few moments and aware of the time, and wanting to bring her slave release, Macgregor got to work rubbing and working Aquina’s generous folds, fleshy labia and hooded clit. As Aquina began to approach her peak, the doctor asked. “Does my slave wish to cum?”

Aquina, despite her need, still had to smile, thinking how often she herself had demanded that. “Oh, yes Mistress, please…please…aaawwwh. Oh, oh…MMMmmmmnnn.”

Macgregor whispered into Aquina’s ear. “I want my slave to come to me, next week. Will you obey?”

“Aaaa, oh please Mistress. Oh, God please let me cum….”

The voice was soft and seductive, sliding into Aquina’s mind like a warm knife through butter. “Will you come to me?”

Aquina wanted this release desperately; and, she knew, with no explanation available, that she wanted to return to this woman. She had long ago stopped analyzing any desire; what was the point? She had sucked cocks and licked pussies with her mind miles away, on whatever; but she had also experienced desire. A gnawing hunger that could not be ignored, or explained. It was there and would not be denied.

Aquina was a seductive and dominating woman, yet being on her knees before Macgregor thrilled her, aroused her, drove her on. She wanted it. She wanted it.

“Aaaahhhh, oh, please…yes. Yes, Mistress I will come to you.”

The fingers in her pussy sawed back and forth relentlessly, the thumb on her clit was insistent, the voice was compelling, “You will serve me?”

“Uh, ummm, uh, oh, oh. Aaaaah. Yes. Yes. Yes. I will serve you…I will worship you. Oh God, please…plea…umm.”

Macgregor now pushed her entire, slim hand into Aquina’s sopping hole, while at the same time squeezing her clit hard. For Aquina, despite the wonderful releases Melissa, Anna and Kate had given her, and the lovely orgasm she had experienced recently with Claire, what happened in her brain now was exceptional. Waves of pleasure rolled through her, her body heaved and lifted with spasm after spasm; her cry was one long, continuous “Aaaaahhh.”

She then lay, exhausted, as Macgregor gathered her things, pausing to write on a card, which she gave to Aquina as she turned her over and slapped her ass. “This is the address for next Monday, when I’ll allow you to serve me again. Be there at two. I’ll get my container and let myself out.” She paused, “You’ve pleased me very much, even as disgusting as you are.”

And then she was gone, and Aquina had a few moments to lay still and to ponder, allowing her emotions to quiet. Would she go next week? The practical part of her mind was screaming, “No”, but her emotional side, where desire and need lay, as insistent as the first voice, murmured, “You must, and you will.”

And there really was little doubt.


Alston and Brandon were in Dzyuba’s ‘workshop’, a map spread out on his work table. They had studied it and discussed it and settled on three possible intercept points for Thursday’s truck; Brandon would drive out tomorrow and check each spot personally.

Alston wiped some beads of sweat from his forehead.

“Getting a little antsy, Ed?” Brandon asked.

“Yeah, kid. I’d be lyin’ if I said I wasn’t. This could be the big one for me, for us. But with you guys, you still have time if things go south. For me, it’s now or, you know, never.


Tuesday; time seemed to be moving in slow motion. The ‘boys’ tried putting the looming affair out of their minds, but it was impossible. Even acting ‘normal’ seemed hard. Eric said he felt like he was being watched. Kevin said he thought people were looking at him ‘funny’, like they all knew. Brandon returned from his scouting trip and reported that the hit spots were good, and he ranked them one to three. Only Jake, who agreed readily to the venture, seemed undisturbed, laughing at the other ‘pussies’ for their nerves.


Aquina’s cell buzzed and she glanced at the clock; two PM. Who would be calling? She didn’t recognize the number, but as soon as she heard the voice, a smile spread across her face, “Hello Claire, and before you say anything, I was going to call you. I was. It has been a crazy week. How are you?”

“I’m good; it’s busy here too; Sanders has a bunch of things on the go. He’s going away to South America in a few days and I’m busy with that…I, uhmmm, I wanted to call you, like the, well, the very next day after…you know…”

There was a pause and Aquina could hear Claire’s breathing through the phone.

“After our time, together?” Aquina assisted.

“Yeah. Um, that.” Aquina heard a deep sigh, then Claire resumed. ”I was afraid, no anxious, I guess. I am unsure, of what happens, next, with…um, us? Is there an us? Oh Christ, Aquina. I’m being stupid, sorry, I shouldn’t have called…”

“Claire, take a breath, I mean that, just breathe and relax. There, that’s it. Now, I’m glad you called. I want to talk with you, I want to see you. There is, an …us, or at least, a…something…with us.”

“Thanks, I just feel stupid. This is new to me, it’s always been mostly about guys chasing me and trying to reach me or trap me and everything. I’ve never really cared enough about anyone, except now with Sanders, to think about, oh what it means…and even that isn’t, like, the same as what I’m…Oh, Christ why is this so hard to say?”

Claire paused, and Aquina laughed gently into the space. “It’s okay, Claire. Just say what you want to say.”

Claire hesitated, then began, sounding very young, “I really…like you, Aquina. I want to see you. This is crazy, can you believe, but I’ve never said that to anyone before?”

There was another pause as both women collected their thoughts and managed their emotions, with Aquina then speaking.

“Okay, how about this. Let’s have lunch this Friday. I’ll buy. You pick a restaurant near you and we’ll go.”

Another pause, then Claire spoke, more relaxed now, “Aquina…I don’t even know your last name…”


“Aquina Morez, are you asking me out?”

“Yes I am.” Aquina smiled.

Claire exhaled into the phone, “Well, Ms. Morez, I accept. Friday, what time?”

“One; you text me the restaurant.”

“Thanks. Friday should work well, Sanders leaves Thursday, and it will be quiet around here.”

“See you sweets,” Aquina replied.


“Yes,” Aquina smiled, finding Claire’s ‘innocence’ pleasant.

“Did you, like, enjoy watching me, with, mmm, Sanders?” She asked quietly.

Aquina chuckled, “Loved it, especially the view of your perfect butt.” She paused, a thought coming to mind. “And I have a, mmm, condition for our…date.”

“Oh. A condition? Um, like what? I’m not sure…”

“No bra or panties for you, I’m serious.”

Claire paused, feeling a definite rush, then snickered, sounding young again. “Oh my God. That’s a, like, hoot. Okay, um, I’m down with that. It’ll be weird but kind of, uh, exciting. But, ya, weird.” She laughed again.


For Thursday, Dzyuba, who would score a little cash for his help, had worked the schedule so that the boys did not have to show up to the station.

Aquina took Kate to work, hushing her few questions; the woman seemed finally to be resolved to getting through this.

And ‘Mrs. Belvedere’ wanted Melissa back…for five days, a party of some kind, so Aquina would take her there once she was finished with Kate.

The organized woman was glad she had things to do, because even she was filled with tension. The boys, none of whom, with the possible exception of Jake, had slept much, and they were on the road at five heading for their rendezvous point. The target was to pass there around nine, according to Alston.

The plan was not complicated; it just took daring and timing. The primary hit spot was a winding stretch of road through a small, sparsely wooded area with no buildings or habitation. Since it was a secondary road, there was much less traffic. Two days earlier, Alston and his brother, whom he had brought in at the last minute, had cut down a tree that was large enough to block the road.

Hooking it to an SUV with chains, they would be able to quickly drag it onto the highway, once they had the go-ahead via two-way-radio from their lookout (Eric) half a mile south. The transport truck would have to stop and they would be ready; four masked men heavily armed. The drivers would not risk their lives for somebody’s shipment, no matter what it was.

Their rented five-ton was parked behind a small grove of beech trees, and would be brought up quickly once the drivers were subdued.

But now was the hard part…waiting, and trying not to think of everything that could go wrong.


Maria greeted Aquina and Melissa at the door of the stately home. A sly smile quickly passed between Maria and the young woman, and then the maid led Melissa down the hall. Before leaving, Maria indicated to Aquina the room to her right, saying, “Mrs. Olivia is expecting you.”

Aquina walked the few steps and turned into the elegant, if somewhat overly decorated, for her tastes, room. Mrs. Belvedere was sitting on the rose sofa, dressed impeccably as always. She motioned to Aquina and spoke, “Ah, Aquina, as lovely as ever. Do come in and sit with me here.”

Aquina headed for the armchair beside ‘Mrs. B.’, but was halted by the woman’s small, perfectly manicured hand.

“No, dear. You need to be here, on the floor, beside me.”

Aquina looked at the woman with genuine puzzlement. “I’m afraid I don’t understand, Mrs…” Belvedere halted her again.

“Kneel. I will explain. I think you are forgetting…obedience.” Belvedere’s tone had an edge and there was a small smile on her pleasant face. Aquina, feeling a familiar, growing twinge, knelt on the floor. And without being directed, cast her gaze downward.

“That’s my good girl. I have been speaking, oddly enough, with your…mistress. (Aquina felt a stab-like jolt in her guts). She has informed me that you are to obey me for a little while if, that is, you wish to continue seeing her.”

Aquina’s breath became more rapid and shallow; her heart was beating so loudly again she was certain Belvedere could actually hear it. In her gentle voice, Belvedere asked, “So what is it to be, Slave?”

That jolt again. There was a ringing in her ears now and Aquina felt that she could not speak. How was this happening? How did these women know? Why didn’t she simply get up and walk out; no one could stop her. Why?

She didn’t know why. She had never known why. All she knew was that if she put her hand between her legs right now her sex would be wet. She could already tell her thong was clinging to her pussy like cellophane on a package. Without saying anything, she leaned forward and began to lick Belvedere’s polished and expensive shoes.

“Now that is a good girl,” Belvedere purred, stroking the glossy head. “You are a little old for my tastes, my dear, but I will do your mistress a favor and give you what you deserve. You do deserve it, don’t you, you worthless piece of trash?”

A stabbing jolt hit, from her guts to her brain, yet she forced words from her mouth. “Yes, Mistress Belvedere. I want whatever you think I deserve. Should I…undress?”

“Yes, my dear, everything. Hand me your panties and kneel over the footstool when you are naked.”

Aquina quickly undressed, handed her (wet as she guessed) panties and knelt over the footstool with her ass on display. As Macgregor had, Belvedere bound Aquina’s wrists together behind her back.

For the next twenty minutes, Belvedere alternately fondled, squeezed, fingered and whipped Aquina’s wonderful ass, using a leather flogger, a bamboo cane and a riding crop.

Then using the handle of the crop, she expertly brought Aquina to orgasm at the session’s end. Belvedere permitted Aquina to kiss her and thank her before she was released (leaving her panties behind at Belvedere’s request).

Once in her car, Aquina drove a couple of blocks and then parked. It was a side street; very quiet. Aquina slid her hand between her legs and masturbated almost savagely, visions of Belvedere’s ‘discipline’ in her head, until the end, when she thought of Shareen Macgregor, and burying her face in the woman’s pussy. Aquina’s second orgasm was sublime, delicious, intensely satisfying.

It took her a few moments to collect herself. Looking around she was glad that she had not attracted any attention.

She looked at her watch. It was nine-forty. And she had heard nothing from Brandon.

(End of Chapter 12)

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A House of Slaves by LongDarkRoad Chapter 11 Needs & Wants

A House of Slaves

Chapter 11 Needs & Wants (A profitable evening.)

Aquina and Sanders had finished their dinner, which was exceptional from the Chardonnay Batar wine to start to the selection of Italian pastries to conclude. Now they sat with glasses of Jim Beam Single barrel bourbon, relaxed in each other’s company and feeling mellow.

“So, everything’s good between us again, Doll,” Sanders looked across at Aquina.

“It’s good. It will always be good, Sanders; you rescued me, I saved you. You’re one of, oh, like I say, two people I trust…” Aquina laughed softly.

“I like that, Baby-Girl, I like hearing you laugh,” Sanders said finishing his whiskey. “So, you wanna come up to my room for some coffee?”

Aquina tilted her head slightly, “You have a room; here?”

Sanders laughed out loud now, and several people turned their heads. “No, no…not here. Across the street. I got a room at the Hyatt Regency. I like staying there every now and then.”

“And your wife…”


“…is good with that?”

“Charlene’s got no say in what I do, Doll. You should know that.”

“And your other…friend…”


“Frances…how many years?”

“Eight, Christ…that’s a record.”

“Frances is…okay?”

“Doll, Frances’s got no say with what I do, either. Hey, I’m a bastard. I know that. But I don’t lie to nobody. That’s the deal.”

“The coffee…is good?” Aquina smiled.

“They make great coffee. I mean that. Great. No shit, that’s why I stay there. And the view; I like the view.”

Ten minutes later the elevator doors opened on the thirty-second floor of the hotel and the two started a walk down the luxurious hallway. As they approached his room, Sanders murmured, “Oh, I should mention, Ms. Daniels, uh, Claire, is, like staying with me.”

Aquina looked at him but then she was guided into the suite, Sander’s large hand on her elbow. “Hey, Doll, Daddy’s home,” Sanders spoke, and the attractive blonde on the sofa rose, her sheer negligee almost transparent, her full, round breasts showing clearly as she turned to face them. “Oh, and I’ve invited a friend. Maybe you could ring room service for some coffee?”

Aquina and Claire stood for a moment, eying each other, before Claire smiled and said, “Welcome…Aquina…right? I’ll call for the coffee”; and she reached for the phone.


At two-thirty AM Aquina’s wrist watch beeped quietly, but it was enough to wake her. She slid off the bed and began looking for her clothes; finding everything, she moved quietly to the bathroom, glancing back over her shoulder at the twin beds, the one she had just left with the blonde head of Claire on one pillow, and the bed beside it, where the large mass that was Sanders was breathing gently.

After dressing, Aquina took out a brush and began to fix her hair when she was aware of movement behind her. Turning, she looked into the lovely, and sleepy, face of Claire Daniels, who spoke.

“Why are you going?” she whispered.

“I, um, I’ve got people I need to look after. It’s, uh, complicated.” Aquina smiled, and reached out to caress the face before her. Claire took that opportunity to move in and wrap her arms around the slightly taller woman.

“I don’t want you to go.” The two shared a deep kiss, Aquina wondering at the softness of the full lips pressed against hers.

After breaking apart, Claire looked into Aquina’s eyes and then pressed her face against her cheek. “I, well; um, last night was my first time, with a woman, an adult woman, I mean. I can’t believe it. It was…well, mmm, I can’t believe it.” She looked into Aquina’s eyes again. “Please, I must see you…again. I must.”

The night had featured Aquina making love to Claire as Sanders watched, and then watching herself as the blonde, clearly comfortable on her knees, her lovely ass and pussy open to Aquina’s view, pleasured her boss. As had been their history, Sanders and Aquina had no actual sexual or even intimate contact; and no discussion about it.

Aquina now tilted forward slightly and kissed Claire’s mouth deeply, searchingly, before kissing up and down her face. “I would like that…very much.”

They held each other for a few moments, before Aquina broke away saying, “I need to go now or I will not be able to…I will contact you. I will.”

And then she was gone, and Claire made her way back to her bed, sitting on it and running her hands through her long, blond hair, considering.

“She’s somethin’, isn’t she?” Sanders grunted from his bed.


It was good that Aquina had learned over the years to function at times without a lot of sleep, as she needed, after her late night, to be up at eight to get the slave girls ready and engaged. They needed to prepare the man-cave for another Saturday night. This included extracting Anna from Adam’s grasp, and then getting her and an unsmiling Kate showered and fed and beginning the cleaning.

At some point Heather and Mindi would need to be picked up, and with Kate looking more each day like a time-bomb, she would need to be resolved sooner rather than later. Today the woman had responded listlessly to her mistress’s commands, and Aquina had punished her and, as warned, Anna as well, and then felt anger and sadness; she could not do this forever.

And of course, soon Brandon, Kevin and Adam Abrahmson would need breakfasts prepared; whenever they arose, so Aquina set the slaves to cleaning bathrooms now while things were quiet. She was also expecting company.


Dale Dzyuba was down in his ‘workshop’ early this Saturday morning. Although he did actually do some projects here, it was mostly a place he could watch ‘nasty stuff’ on his computer away from the eyes of his wife. Today however, he had another purpose. He was waiting for a call from his friend in Vice, Ed Alston.

On his computer he was watching, with that goofy crooked grin plastered on his craggy mug, a dark-skinned young woman with a horse. This had become his latest interest, girls with animals. He was going to talk to ‘the boys’ about the possibilities at ‘the house’…he had a friend with a male Alsatian….

His thoughts were interrupted by his cell phone.

“Yal-lo,” he answered.

“’Zuba?” the voice inquired, and the captain recognized Alston.

“Yeah, Boss. What’s ‘hup’?”

“We need to meet somewhere, with some privacy.”

“Sure, c’mon over to the boys’ place, we’ll have some priv-acy, for sure and then some sweet ass. You bet.”

“This is not something we want a whole load of people knowing about, Zubes; ‘specially some whores.”

“Not a problem, Boss. You’ll see. We can talk, private- like for sure. Then have a drink and everyt’ing. You bet.”

So the plan was made and Alston would be at ‘the house’ around eight. Dzyuba went back to his screen. A slightly chubby, young Latin-looking woman was on her knees and an older woman entered the room leading a boxer dog and parading it around in a circle. Dzyuba grinned and nodded his head, like an eight-year-old in a candy store.

“Yeaaaahh, doggy! Go…” He cheered.


Nine o’clock and only Abrahmson was up, being served scrambled eggs, bacon and coffee by Anna, with a disgruntled Kate locked away. The doorbell chimed and Aquina went to answer it, assured of who it was. Opening the door she gazed upon the face of someone she had not seen in almost four years, Doctor Shareen Macgregor, or the ‘whitest woman I know’ as Aquina would describe her.

Macgregor, as well as being a very competent physician, was also known to be connected and discreet; have a need to resolve some troubling issue, then call Dr. ‘M’; for the right price, of course.

After entering, Macgregor stood and looked at Aquina, slowly shaking her head. “My God, time goes by and you just get lovelier,” she finally said, looking up at Aquina, who moved forward and grasped the slightly shorter woman in a hug.

After breaking the embrace, Aquina invited Macgregor into the living room and they settled on the sofa, the doctor giving the place the once over.

“Care for something?” she inquired.

“Coffee would be fine, it is very early.”

“Anna,” Aquina called, choosing to use the non-slave name. A naked Anna, wearing only a harness, quickly entered, kneeling near the two women. Dr. Macgregor had a bemused look on her face, but she did not appear startled, considering the unclothed woman before her.

“Coffee, please, slave. Bring milk and sugar as well. And advise Mr. Abrahmson that this room is, being used and he could crash in the bedroom for a while.”

“Yes, Mistress,” was the reply, and Anna scurried off.

“Well, well, now my curiosity is clearly peaked; what goes on here?” Macgregor smirked.

Aquina quickly and concisely explained the scenario, Macgregor nodding in understanding, before adding, “So, I’m guessing you are looking to me for…exams? tests? Something to keep your…assets, in shape?”

At that moment, Anna returned with a carafe, two cups and milk and sugar, setting them down on the coffee table.

“Slave, kneel before our guest,” Aquina directed.

Anna knelt in front of the red-haired woman. “Rub your face on her legs, show her affection,” Aquina continued, and Anna immediately began to nuzzle the nylon-stocking-clad legs of Shareen Macgregor, slowly moving from the calves, to the knees and then the thighs. Macgregor watched the advance with interest, one hand gently stroking Anna’s hair.

With a quick move, Anna slid the doctor’s skirt up past her hips so her midsection was visible, dark panties showing through the pantyhose. Anna now moved her face between Macgregor’s thighs and began sucking at her crotch through both layers of garment. Macgregor spread her legs, clearly experienced with what was happening, and leaned back, closing her eyes.

After a moment, Anna cast a quick glance back at Aquina (who nodded) and then reached up, grasping the elastic band of the pantyhose, pulling it down and off of Macgregor’s feet, which Anna then kissed, before moving her face directly back into the woman’s crotch. After suckling there for a few moments, Anna pulled the panties over, exposing two tight, pink pussy lips covered by a light coating of reddish-blonde pubic hair.

Anna’s now-experienced tongue began exploring and sucking these lips as Macgregor moaned softly and spread her legs wider. Anna then adroitly pulled the wet panties off and dove into the waiting valley framed by now puffier labia, licking and sucking, pushing her tongue as far into the opening as possible, now lubricated with a coating of ooze.

Macgregor clasped Anna’s head with both hands and began to face-fuck her with quick, steady thrusts of her hips. Aquina moved beside Macgregor on the sofa and nuzzled the woman’s neck before covering and sucking her mouth, both women’s tongues darting and exploring in each other’s willing orifices.

With a moan, Macgregor shifted and uttered a soft cry, murmuring, “Oh, Christ,” a broad smile on her lips, her eyes closed. “Mmmmm, your…slave is fantastic…oh, dear me.”

Aquina gently stroked Anna’s head, “You may pour the coffee, little slave.”

****      ****

Drinking their coffee, they caught each other up on things. As she finished her cup, Macgregor stood, with a small smile on her face, and a decided twinkle in her eye. “Okay, so I will agree to help you. I will come by Monday, so have all your girls available for ten AM and I will take blood and run the tests myself. But I’ll want something in return.”

Aquina looked up at her quizzically, a small smile on her face. “I’m assuming we aren’t talking, money?”

“No,” Macgregor straightened up and collected her things. “Do you, like, live here?”

“Um, yes. Why?”

Macgregor paused, then said quietly. “My payment will be…you, Aquina. For one hour Monday. In your room; you will be my slave, do what I ask, no questions. If you agree to that, I’ll be your doctor, no charge, no hassle.”

Aquina smiled and looked down. “Well, that puts me in a

spot, hmmm?” She looked at the other woman, who was wearing her ‘poker face’. After a moment, she said quietly, “Okay. Yes. I agree.”

“I want you on your knees when you say it,” Macgregor was smiling too, but Aquina could tell she was serious.

“Really?” she asked.

“Absolutely. Just a warm-up, you see. A teaser for Monday. Just to see how…dedicated a bitch you are.”

Aquina knelt, emptions rising. She looked up at Macgregor, “I will be your slave…Mistress Shareen.”

Macgregor came to stand beside her, stroking her hair and lifting her chin, she smiled down at Aquina. “That’s a good girl, but then, you know how this works, bitch. You are a bitch, aren’t you?” Aquina looked up at the face smiling down, amazed at her reaction, after all these years. “I’ll let myself out. Thanks for the coffee and…the service,” Macgregor murmured and was gone, leaving Aquina on her knees.


If things were interesting back at the house, they were equally so for Melissa. She now understood the relationship between the two Forsythe women. Daughter was a master and the mother, a submissive, and they found having another participant arousing, for whatever reason.

Friday night, after their initial time together, Melissa had been allowed a regular and uninterrupted sleep, waking for a shower (supervised by Amanda with Sally obediently scrubbing Melissa down, spending extra care on her ‘naughty parts’, as she called them).

They then had a rather unique breakfast, Melissa having toast and cereal in a normal way, before being tied with her legs spread as wide as possible. Cheerios and milk were then placed, by the spoonful, into her vagina. Sally was then made to eat the cereal out, hands tied behind her back. This was a slow process, made longer by Amanda frequently pausing to spank Sally for one issue or another, mostly for being too slow. By the end of the session, the Cheerios were all gone and Sally’s ass was a lovely red.


“Okay, watch your end,” Kevin called as he lifted from the back. Eric was carrying the front of the load and they had just managed to squeeze through the front door and were now heading for the corner of the living room.

Once there, they plugged in their burden, and it immediately lit up, to their shouts of joy. Even Brandon was impressed, yelling out. “Holy Fuck!”

In their possession, they now had a Vintage, 1978 Stern Wild Fyre Pinball Machine; fully reconditioned and in working order.

Brandon continued, “Now that is a great addition to the man-house, boys; where the hell did you find that?” With a round of beers, Eric and Kevin explained their search and purchase of this machine, something both of them had wanted for years.

“And it still works on quarters; who wants to race some chariots?” Eric enthused, pulling a key from his pocket that opened the machine’s back. “Now, we just need to get this thing happening,” Eric indicated the stripper’s stage, “and we’re good.”

“Yeah,” Brandon added, “Aquina said Heather is stripping tonight. We have a special guest, Ed Alston, from Vice and Narcotics, and it could be a profitable evening. We want him entertained and he’s not a big poker guy.”

“Is our little lawyer buddy going to be here too?” Kevin asked.

“Yeah,” Brandon took a drink from his beer, “I think he wants to move in.”

“I think he already has,” Kevin chirped, and they all laughed.    


The night had gone well. There had been two baseball, one basketball and one hockey game to choose from, both hockey and basketball being in the play-offs. As well, the pinball machine was a huge hit, and it turned out Alston loved darts and was very impressed with the set-up, challenging people to games for a couple of hours.

Now, as promised, Heather was doing her routine on the stripper stage. It was the first time it had been used, and the lights and sound were outstanding, as was Heather. She was incredibly flexible and her routine was met with much whistling and hooting, as she stretched and spread her legs, making sure her pussy and ass got lots of exposure.

Alston was also enjoying Mindi’s charms, as she sat on his knees, kissing the side of his face while he squeezed her nether cheeks. Dzyuba was like a kid at a ball game, hooting at the stage while he energetically fingered Kate’s pussy, as she looked up at the ceiling. He had her hands tied behind her, lying ‘tits up’, as he commented, across him.

Adam Abrahmson, after playing some cards and trying ‘Wild Fyre’, had taken Anna to the room the boys now jokingly referred to as ‘Adam’s’. Looking around, Brandon had to admit, he did not miss the hulking form of Jake, who had stayed away from the house after their last discussion.

Eventually things quieted. Mindi and Heather were put in one room, Kate serviced Dzyuba orally and then was placed in her crate, once again ignoring Aquina’s comments to her. Eric and Kevin had headed off, and Brandon, Alston and the captain settled around the table in the kitchen.

Alston then explained his ‘little idea’. One that he had nurtured for almost five years, waiting for the best situation.

It could be said that most law enforcement working drugs, at one time or another, had pondered the wealth lying just beyond their grasp. Shutting down an operation was rewarding, but then there you were, staring at millions in bust money, knowing it would just go somewhere and probably be burned or held in evidence for years; if the people above you didn’t help themselves along the way.

The bust was almost always more money than an honest cop would make, likely, in their entire career, and it was just sitting there, often unguarded, and sometimes before it was even officially counted and recorded. The temptation was always there, and if you got into money problems, maybe medical bills or whatever, the want could become a need.

Alston had pondered all of this in his twenty-seven years on the force. He was twice-divorced and had one daughter in college. He had been shot twice, the second in the leg that had left him with a limp. When he finally retired he knew his pension would not cover his expenses; so he had sat and watched and waited, and the right situation had now come up. He just needed some help; and he didn’t want it to be any of his cronies or from his department.

He had known Dzyuba for his whole career, and while he thought the man was…strange, he knew that he could be trusted. Dzyuba had his fingers (when not wrapped around his Johnson or in some hooker’s pussy) in lots of pies; but he had known over the years when to pull out and always to keep his mouth shut; and, he wouldn’t run at the first sign of trouble.

For the present, Alston secretly had his eye on a very large shipment of drugs coming into Miami in a few days. It held a substantial amount of cocaine, but also heroin and meth, so his informant had said. The numbers he had heard were seven to nine million on the street, with the cargo to be divided into three; one shipment to L.A.; one to New York and one to St. Louis. Even a third of this haul would be significant. His plan was to intercept the St. Louis truck.

In order to avoid attention, he’d heard the trucks would be general use, with two, average-looking drivers sharing the cab. That would be it; two guys. Alston had checked the route and found several points where the trucks could be hit. They would be using the secondary highways, again to avoid attention; and that would work well for Alston’s plan.

“So boys,” Alston said, putting down his glass, “Whaddya think?”

“It sounds, very…interesting,” Brandon purred, “but why us? You don’t even know us.”

“That’s the point, I don’t know you, and you don’t know me, we have no connection except the captain, but he trusts you; supports you. I need some young guys that can handle themselves and don’t look like a bunch of middle-aged cops. Guys that can unload heavy stuff and be ready to move. Guys that are lookin’ to score and not spend their whole fucking lives in service. Does that sound like you and your guys?”

Brandon nodded his head. It did sound like them.


Sally Forsythe was bound, spread-eagle on the floor of what looked to be a den. Her pert breasts were tied savagely with ropes causing them to bulge out grotesquely and turn a dark purple color.

Both nipples had gold rings piercing them, and cords ran through these rings to hooks in the ceiling; cords which Amanda had pulled tight, stretching the nipples painfully. Melissa had been tasked with forcing a large, flesh-colored dildo into Sally’s anus, and despite the copious lubrication, the imposing hard rubber phallus was proving a challenge.

Melissa had about three inches in but was at the widest part, with another inch still to insert. Sally was moving her hips, but a band across her waist and tied to the floor was keeping her in place.

Meanwhile, Amanda was crouching over her step-mother, her crotch directly above the woman’s face. As she removed the panties from Sally’s mouth, she lowered her asshole onto it, with the clear instruction, “Lick that hole, slut, or I’ll pull these cords tighter.”

Sally needed no further encouragement; she began to lick rapidly, pausing for a brief grunt as the dildo was finally pushed in to its full length, Melissa grinning up at Amanda.


Aquina had always been a light sleeper; at times, her life had depended on it. She looked at her clock now: three AM; but she was certain she had heard someone moving around. She got up and moved cautiously to the hallway, opening her door and moving silently out and to the top of the stairs. A light was shining from the main floor, and then she saw Brandon go into the living area. He was carrying…a glass of milk.

“So what’s going on?” Aquina asked, as Brandon settled onto the couch.

“Couldn’t sleep. Too much stuff runnin’ through my head.”

Aquina moved beside the man, “Having second thoughts?”

Brandon drank some milk and considered. “Not exactly, it’s just so much is riding on these two deals; the one with McHugh and now this drug thing. They’re both big. Both dangerous. This could be a huge start to a new life; or you know, like the end…” He chuckled darkly.

Aquina nodded and grimaced; Brandon was right. “All in or go home, right? The McHugh thing is done, we’ll see some money real soon and then lots more. I have no doubts. This truck high-jack is serious stuff; but a huge reward. I notice Jake wasn’t part of the, emm, discussion.”

Brandon sighed. “No, but I’m going to talk with him tomorrow…er, today I guess. We need him there.”

“Yeah, I get it.” She got up to leave, but Brandon grasped her hand.

“So, any chance of you, um, comforting me tonight in my time of need?” He asked, a small smile on his face.

Aquina laughed softly and looked down. “Hey, forget the puppy-dog eyes; I want to keep things business-like between us right now; there’s too much at stake now to have, distractions…”

She turned to head upstairs, but paused, looking back at him, “I’m not going anywhere, B. We’re partners.”

Brandon raised his glass in salute, “I’ll drink to that, even milk.”

In her room Aquina paused on the edge of her bed to ponder all that she was into, including emotionally. Her feelings for Melissa encouraged and concerned her; like Bob Dylan sang, when you got nothin’, you got nothin’ to lose. Aquina had been guarded with her affections over the years; she didn’t like being vulnerable. Yet she could not deny what she felt for the lovely captive; was it simply desire?

And now she had agreed to Shareen’s…demand; where would that go? Aquina was aware of her own…needs. Shareen had always had a strange effect on her which, to now, had not been acted upon. She had to admit the encounter with the woman had greatly excited her; more than she would have thought. And then there was the lovely Claire…

Aquina sighed and lay her head down. Both Garth and Sanders appeared in her mind, their voices carrying warnings; but one couldn’t always just play safe.

Acting on impulse, she then got up again and went down to the basement, returning in a moment with Kate. She’d have the woman stay with her tonight, and see if she could maybe help her see some hope on the horizon.

(End of Chapter 11)  

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A House of Slaves by LongDarkRoad Chapter 10 Promises

A House of Slaves  

Chapter 10 Promises (The key to the thing.)

Brandon and Jake had gone outside while Aquina made some more coffee and had Kate make Jake’s breakfast. Although Jake was not happy about what he was agreeing to, he shook on it; with the condition that they talk again in two weeks. He wasn’t giving Melissa up without some fight.

As that was going on, Aquina got Melissa ready and took her to Mrs. Belvedere’s friend’s place, a very stylish home on the north side, with the agreement to pick her up Sunday morning. Melissa had murmured, when given permission, that her world was ‘upside down’.

“But some parts are…not so bad, hmmm?” Aquina had asked with a quick side-ways glance.

Melissa had sat in silence for a while before saying softly, “No…Mistress,” then shaking her head in disbelief at it all, but mostly at herself. She was no longer a virgin, which should have enraged her, but she had really enjoyed being with Mrs. B; and she had actually liked the sex. Too bizarre for words.

“But what these men are doing is still wrong,” she said softly, casting her own quick glance at Aquina, who sighed. Of course they were wrong, but they were in control.

Aquina then travelled to the apartment and picked up Mindi and Heather. “Will that smelly police guy be there tonight?” was Heather’s first question.

“No, Dzyuba won’t be there,” Aquina assured her.

“Phew, that’s great. What a pig.”

Both young women nodded.


The night had been pleasant, and productive once again. It was now past midnight, and Abrahmson was settled in one bedroom with Anna; Mindi and Heather were in another and Kevin was on the couch in Aquina’s den/office. Jake had gone back to his place.

Aquina and Brandon were relaxing on the main couch with a glass of Jack Daniels. Aquina took a drag of her slim cigar, and spoke as she let the smoke drift off.

“Abrahmson is good to go; he knows about Sanders’s daughter, at least he knows where she is being held. He personally has not been assigned to assist the ADA, but the staff are all in one office and files are not hard to find; there are hard copies on everything. He will talk to me on Monday; I’ll get the eighty grand ready and we can bring everyone in to this when it makes sense.

“Sounds good, hmmmn…” Brandon chuckled, softly, “this is pretty much what I had in mind when I first started talking to you; skimming low-level druggies wasn’t my dream; it was about getting an opportunity with people who had connections and…well, power, maybe. Money, certainly.” He sipped his drink. “But now, it’s happening, and I’m actually a little nervous.”

“That’s okay, it’s a gamble. Gambling should make you nervous.” She sipped her drink. ”But, if that deal makes you nervous, or legal assistants snooping around makes you nervous, then what I’m going to propose for our two hundred k might get you…hyperventilating.”

Brandon looked at Aquina; she was always full of surprises.

Hyperventilating? WTF?


Melissa sat on the old-style veranda, a cool drink by her side, waiting for Aquina. Mrs. Grant, or ‘The Duchess’ as she enjoyed being called, had left her there with a kiss on the cheek. Melissa marvelled at what she had experienced in just over a week. She had, so few days ago, been an innocent recluse from the world of sexuality. Then she had essentially been abducted and imprisoned.

Now, she had become someone who was engaged in what she would only have once considered ‘bizarre’ activities; something she would not even have read about. She shook her head in wonder and sipped her drink.

The Duchess, a late forties woman of average height, just beginning to add a little weight around her mid-section and hips, with a hint of grey showing on her dark, sweeping hair, enjoyed receiving more than giving, at least in the bedroom.

She had begun their session by stripping Melissa and having her pose while she undressed herself, and then herding her into an oversized and elegant shower. Here she had taken her time soaping Melissa down, paying extra special attention to her ass and then her anus, which she ended up ‘licking clean’ as she described it. Melissa shook her head thinking how she would have reacted just a couple of weeks ago if someone had tried to even look at her ‘down there place’.

After their shower, ‘The Duchess’ had placed herself over Melissa’s knees, hands now tied behind her, as Melissa administered a spanking with a wooden paddle; timidly at first, but much more emphatically as the ‘maid’, dressed severely in black standing by, urged her on.

Having finished that task, Melissa was fitted with a harness sporting a large (nine inch) black dildo that looked amazingly life-like with details like veins, etcetera on its rubbery but firm surface. Melissa was guided into The Duchess’s vagina by the ‘maid’ and fucked the woman enthusiastically from behind. After helping the woman achieve one orgasm that way, Melissa’s ‘cock’ was exchanged for a smaller, white one which was forced into The Duchess’s ass. The ‘maid’, who Melissa came to believe was not really a maid, took cell photos and a video of the event.

A short while later, Melissa and the ‘maid’, both naked, sat on a couch eating fresh strawberries and cream as The Duchess licked their feet, all the while the video of her being fucked by Melissa was running on a large screen television which they watched with interest.

Melissa was astonished at…herself; one image where she was gripping the woman’s torso and pounding her hips against the woman’s round bottom was most alarming. Who was that woman? Melissa asked herself.

After the two women had finished their treat, a dessert following an excellent dinner, The Duchess was then chained by her collar to the bedpost of a magnificent four-poster, her hands tied again behind her, while Melissa and the maid had another long shower.

The two then climbed into the vast and impressive bed (first time in over a week that Melissa would sleep on a mattress) and they slept together. Melissa’s hands were fastened in front of her and the ‘maid’ was now sporting a similar black dildo, smaller at seven inches, which she fucked Melissa with off and on throughout the night.  

At one point, about four-thirty in the early morning, Melissa informed her companion that she needed to urinate. She was led out of the bed and made to stand beside it; The Duchess was awoken with a kick to her rear, and positioned below Melissa’s crotch. Embarrassed as she was, Melissa was finally able to go, and The Duchess moved adroitly to place her mouth below the warm and aromatic, yellow stream, catching most of it and swallowing it down, much to Melissa’s disgust (but she admitted to herself, also her fascination.)

The Duchess then dutifully licked Melissa’s pussy clean, snaking her tongue into the folds and sucking them into her mouth, with the maid watching and commenting on how disgusting the woman was. Both women then returned to bed and slept well for several more hours.

At eight Melissa awoke, alone. She was served breakfast in bed by (likely) the real maid, and allowed to dress and then taken to the front and Mrs. Grant, where she now waited, amazed and astonished at what she had experienced and at how enthusiastic she had, at times, been.

What was happening to her?? Why wasn’t she fighting this?? But, her comment to Aquina was still true, she considered, despite how she had changed.

At that moment, her mistress pulled up. Once in the car, Melissa handed the woman an envelope, as before. This one held three grand. Aquina smiled to herself and had Melissa tell her in detail the events of her session as they drove home.

“What you said, about the men, I get that, but I am trying…to make things better,” Aquina said, quietly, once Melissa was done with her tale.

“I don’t blame you for this,” Melissa finally murmured, Aquina surprised by the pleasant jolt those words gave her.


Back at the house, Aquina placed Melissa into her crate. Kate and Anna were at work scrubbing floors and cleaning bathrooms. Kevin had picked up Mindi and Heather, who were dressed casually today in jeans and tops, and the two girls were playing video games with him and Eric, the two men at times distracting the girls by squeezing their breasts, and then hooting like fools.

It’s like they’re still fifteen, Aquina thought to herself, but at least with everyone busy she and Brandon could talk.

They settled with coffees in Aquina’s den/office and Aquina began by producing the money Melissa had earned. Brandon just smiled, “Holy shit,” he exclaimed, “who woulda’ thought?”

“I know,“ Aquina agreed, “this won’t last for ever; this is a very unique clientele; but there is one more lady for sure and then Belvedere wants her back, so…” her voice trailed off.

“Ok, that’s good; now, how about this plan of yours, the one that will make me…hyperventilate, you said?”

Aquina smiled and began; going on for twenty minutes or so, with the summary being this. A month or so back Brandon, who functioned as the squad’s duty roster officer, had noticed when he was going through ‘the availability’ sheets, that one man, Derek Fielding, was never available the second and fourth Thursday evenings of each month.

That was as interested as Brandon got with this curiosity, but Aquina’s interest was piqued; stuff happened for a reason; she liked to know why. Over her time in town, Aquina had collected a group of individuals that functioned as informants, snitches, spies, surveillance, muscle, role-play…whatever. She had people for most any shady job, and she had used some to trail Fielding. Since he made absolutely no effort to throw anyone off, the job was extremely easy.

Every second Thursday, Fielding would go to a small, family-run jeweller downtown, meet someone (one of the jeweller’s sons it turned out) and escort them across town, to a diner on the west side. In the diner the two men would have a coffee and simply turn around and go back; leaving behind a large, taped envelope on the seat in the diner.

Since the second time Fielding was followed was exactly the same as the first, including which booth they sat in at the diner, this was clearly a drop of some kind. Surveying the jeweller, Jakob Schemmler & Sons, Aquina’s spies found that the day after the envelope drop, a no-nonsense ‘gangster’ guy would show up at the store and do nothing, except leave a briefcase. Interesting.

Aquina did not need any help to figure this out: Schemmler was selling diamonds (what else) ‘under the table’ and away from the IRS; and he was selling to some organized crime guy who was laundering money. It was a deal that clearly worked for both and had been going on for some time; the records for Fielding went back a year, so it was at least that long. And now they had become sloppy.

Aquina’s plan was to do a simple envelope switch, but for that, she would need more info, and that info would come from Derek Fielding, or at least, his computer.

The key to the thing for Aquina was that Schemmler’s store had security cams and Brandon’s department would be able to access them; hopefully last Thursday/Friday would still be on there. But they didn’t want the cam’s access leading back to Brandon or any of the boys; so they would use Fielding’s computer. That made sense, except every officer had their own password to access the department web or things like security cams.

“Okay,” Brandon had pointed out, “there’s our problem.” Aquina just sat with a little smile on her face. “What?” Brandon pressed her.

Aquina turned to her lap top, and brought up the feed from the camera Brandon had installed in the squad room so they could monitor Kate. The screen showed Kate sitting at her desk. “Okay?” Brandon stated again.

“Look closely, B. Whose desk is that beside Kate’s, and facing the camera?” Aquina smiled.

“Holy fuck. That’s Fielding’s station. Fuck!” On the screen then appeared the large frame of Derek Fielding, as he settled himself in front of his computer. As he typed in his entry, several of the keys could be seen as he struck them, (he used the hunt and bash method of typing) but some could not.

“Here,” Aquina held up a paper. “Let me help. We got Pr_n__ss_”

“Princess?” Brandon offered.

“The family dog; I checked. But there’s a character at the end. But let’s look back…” Aquina replied.

They watched again, freezing the feed when Fielding struck the last key; it was on the left side of the keyboard and he did not press ‘shift’.

“One,” Brandon offered.

“I think so, Princess1” Aquina smiled.

“Holy Fuck.”


Adam Abrahmson sat at his desk in the office area he shared with seven other assistants. Three senior First Assistants had their own offices directly behind this group area, with a corridor separating them. The corridor led to offices of the actual Assistant District Attorneys. The DA herself had an office on the floor above.

Mondays were always busy and there was much hustle and bustle going on around to distract him, but Adam was already distracted, thinking back to his last time with the slave girl, who he now knew was named Anna. Anna, a gentle name for a wonderfully gentle woman, who he had been allowed to have sex with on Saturday.

Complete sex. A blow job and a fuck; several fucks in fact, as she was allowed to spend the entire night with him. It was the first time he had slept with a woman, actually slept a night, in over five years. Whenever he woke up, and saw her sleeping peacefully beside him, he was filled with a wonder that was painful; even now, he was getting sharp stabs of…something, whenever he recalled her. Was this…love? Holy damn.

Who knew; but Adam did know something, and that was that he wanted to follow this…relationship(?) as long and as far as he could; even if that meant doing something illegal or completely misreading this woman; she was a whore, after all.

Right now he was on the trail of Moira Williamson’s file. He knew whose office it likely was in, so that meant which junior assistant would be holding it. He just needed patience; and he had things to occupy his time, as long as he could keep Anna out of his head.


It was after one when Aquina’s burner buzzed a text message; it was the lawyer Adam asking her to meet him at one-thirty in a small park near the justice building.

When she arrived, the park was fairly busy with people playing chess or eating a late lunch or whatever, but Aquina found an empty bench near the south entrance and sat and waited. It wasn’t long before she saw the slight, black trench-coated figure of Abrahmson approaching.

Like he was in some spy movie, he sat at the opposite end of the bench from her and turned away, tossing some seed or something to the pigeons gathered nearby. As he did this he talked. “So, this situation is fairly complicated, but the important point is that Moira is basically being held against her will; she has not been allowed counsel and so there has been no bail hearing.”

“That’s…illegal, isn’t it?” Aquina ventured.

“Absolutely,” Abrahmson replied.

“So how are they, or the ADA, getting away with it?”

Abrahmson paused, considering his response, “Well, I think it’s because she is very young, she actually just turned eighteen while in custody, and they are controlling her through fear and, well, lies.”

“That makes no sense; why do that to some…kid? What’s this really about?”

And that was the deal, as Abrahmson explained. Moira was caught in a legal wrestling match. It went from her to her ‘boyfriend’, Billy ‘Weasel’ Gustof, to a fairly high level criminal figure in Jack Melankoff.

Melankoff ran drugs, weapons and white slaves out of the north eastern U.S., and law enforcement had been trying for at least eight years to nail him in any number of ways. Apparently, or so Abrahmson’s ADA believed, Melankoff had used Gustof, a nephew of his as it turned out, to ‘look after a guy’, and Gustof had panicked and shot the man dead.

Gustof then fled to his girlfriend’s place and had her keep his gun for him. The girlfriend being Moira, who the police were able to track quite easily as it turned out, finding the gun, tying it immediately to Gustoff and the shooting, and then through a wiretap and phone trace, back directly to Melankoff.

However, Gustof was knifed to death in holding before

he could testify and the wiretap was in dispute, so the ADA was holding on to Moira as the only living link left in the chain. She was ‘in protective custody’, but in fact she was in jail.

“So what’s…our plan?” Aquina asked.

“Does Moira actually have a lawyer?”

“Well, no. Not yet. We have not put that in place because of not knowing what the hell was going on. But we can get a lawyer; a good one, easily. How soon can we act?”

Abrahmson stood, looking off to the east. “Have the lawyer show up at our offices; if he or she is good they’ll know the ins and outs. They will show legal representation and demand to see their client. That should get the ball rolling…nicely.” He chuckled as he turned to head off. “There will be some howling, I’m sure.”

Aquina’s next phone call was to Sanders McHugh.

****      ****      ****

She sat in one of the leather armchairs, a glass of bourbon with ice pressed against her temple. It was almost midnight, so Brandon had gone to bed; he had just left, actually, but Aquina could still see his face when she closed her eyes, with his, as he described it, ‘big shit-eating grin’ plastered across it.

Before her on the floor sat an open briefcase filled with neat stacks of twenties and hundreds; two hundred and eight thousand dollars, so much that some overflow sat in a money bag beside the case. It had gone so well Aquina kept waiting for the ‘other shoe to fall’. But there would be no other shoe.

Using Fielding’s computer, they had been able to see how many ounces were in the drop, and how the diamonds were taped to a blank sheet. Aquina had then found some excellent fake diamonds through her many sources, and the sort of envelope used; even the type of painter’s tape that was sealed the unmarked packet.

One of her associates, a nondescript forty-year-old woman, had made the envelope switch, before passing it to a young skateboarding guy who in turn dropped the envelope in a trash can a block away, where Aquina retrieved it.

When the envelope with the fake diamonds made its way to the other side, there was much yelling and threats, but who was to blame? For his part, Fielding lost his freelance shotgun role, as Schimmler tried to plug his leak. In the end, he just chalked the loss up to experience and moved on, not wishing to waste time or money on some hunt for the miscreants. His sons had been telling him for weeks he should change his…schedule, but he had been too lazy. Now he would.

Aquina’s fence had given her the two-hundred eight grand, and then divided up the stones, having several placed in settings right away. In the end, the diamonds brought in over four hundred thousand, but Aquina did not care about that. She got the money she needed.

And Sanders got what he wanted, and was delighted. His lawyer pried Moira out of her legal box and Sanders met her, spent several hours with her, made peace to a large extent with her, and then sent her by private jet to Bolivia, where she could lay low for as long as it took. She was out of danger for now.

And tomorrow, Sanders would meet Aquina for dinner to celebrate, this money being couriered to him, and she and Brandon would have the break that could change their lives.

Down the hall from where Aquina sat, in the second bedroom, Adam Abrahmson cuddled Anna’s naked body against him. He slid a hand down her soft back to cup one buttock, as she softly kissed his throat and pressed her face against his neck. He was filled with an over whelming sense of…joy. That was the only word for it, and he crushed her to his chest.

It was all worth it.


Aquina came down the stairs in her black evening dress; dark, curly hair glossy and her face glowing. She had a (real) diamond necklace setting off her outfit. It seemed appropriate, and looked stunning.

Kevin, Brandon and Eric were all sitting around in the living area, with a naked Kate and Anna at their service. Being Friday night, Melissa was with another special client.

When Aquina entered the three men simply stared at her like she was some wild and exotic creature they had never seen. Anna, with her childlike perspective, spoke out. “You look beautiful, Mistress.”

Eric’s mouth was open, Brandon had a look of wonder on his face and Kevin let out a slow whistle before adding, “My God, who are you seeing tonight, the president?”

Aquina laughed and picked up her Burberry stole. “This meeting could open an awful lot of doors for us, gentlemen. Doors with good stuff behind them.” She motioned to Kevin and he followed her to the door. “Can you make sure Anna and Kate are seen to?”

“Sure thing, Aquina; you can always count on me. Actually, I think our little lawyer friend is coming over again; I think he has a thing for our, uh, little slave.”

“Well, he was very valuable to us, so that’s fine. What are you staring at?”

“Really Aquina? Really?? You, you crazy woman. Jeez. You are Fucking HOT. Fuck!” He slowly shook his head, and Aquina laughed and left, her cab was already waiting outside.

She was meeting Sanders at Aspiagia’s, one of the city’s finest restaurants, known for its menu and world-class service, as well as an extensive wine and spirits list. When she arrived she saw Sanders was already sitting at a prestige window table with a lake view. As she crossed the floor toward him, every head in the room literally turned to observe her. Sanders looked up and a slow, appreciative smile spread across his face.

He stood to greet her as a server sprang to pull back her chair.

“Holy Christ, are you somethin’,” he whispered in her ear as they embraced. She kissed him warmly on the cheek in response

“I take it you got the money?” she asked, taking her seat.

“Yeah, everything checks. And with that little, uh…favor you did me, well, we’ll move on this right away.”


Melissa lay on a four poster bed. It was large and impressive; the posts were mahogany, and silk scarves bound her wrists and ankles to the posts. Two women, both blond and petit at five-two, were busy working on her, meticulously scraping away any hair from anywhere on her body except her head and eyebrows. When they were satisfied, they oiled her body and then wiped and dried it carefully.

The women were Sally Forsythe and her daughter, Amanda. The two women looked very similar, and being mother and daughter that would not be surprising. It was surprising, however, because Amanda was Alexander Forsythe’s daughter from his first marriage, so Sally was actually the step-mother.

Their relationship was also most unusual, as was evident by the next series of events. Amanda bound Sally’s hands behind her, and then fastened a strap around Melissa’s waist, attaching it with a cord to a collar around Sally’s neck, and then drawing the cord tight so Sally’s face was pressed into Melissa’s crotch and held there.

“Lick, whore,” Amanda demanded of her step-mother, whose mouth immediately began to work on Melissa’s meaty vulva. Amanda was not satisfied, though, and she brought a bamboo cane down on Sally’s buttocks with a resounding, “Thwaaa-ack!”

With the resultant, “AAA-hhh!” from Sally’s lips, before she quickly pressed them back to her task.

“That’s it, Mother-Whore, lick that pussy like the filthy slut you are!”

Melissa lay with her eyes closed and a smile on her lips; oh brave new world that has such people in it, she mused, wanting to laugh out loud.

(End of Chapter 10)

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A House of Slaves by LongDarkRoad Chapter 9 Memories

A House of Slaves 

Chapter 9 Memories (He has changed but then…)

With both Maria and Belvedere encouraging her, Melissa made her way through another joint, and then lay back, a smile on her face and her eyes closed. With the dope, the sherry and the orgasms, she was ‘high as the proverbial kite’.

“Up and awayyyy,” Melissa blurted out, and then laughed.

Belvedere and Maria exchanged a look and then a laugh as well. “Kindly fetch a sheet from the hall cupboard, my dear. One of the older ones,” Mrs. B. directed.

“Yes, Ma’am,” Maria, still naked, replied before heading off. She returned in a moment with a bed sheet.

“Lift her please,“ Belvedere directed, and as Maria  raised Melissa’s torso off the couch, Belvedere slid the sheet under her. Melissa’s arms and legs were still tied and spread. Standing, Belvedere picked up the leather harness and strapped it on. She then placed the dildo, hard rubber and brown in color, into the harness base. A section of about two inches of it slid up into her own vagina, the remaining phallus itself was smallish, at five inches. Belvedere did not want to start off too large; it had been a long time since she had taken a virgin, but she appreciated what this would be like for Melissa, even as she now was.

Maria spread Melissa’s labia, both inner and outer folds, and allowed her own saliva to drip down into them before massaging it in. Meanwhile, Belvedere was coating the dildo with lubricant. When she was satisfied, she placed the brown, cone-shaped tip against Melissa’s opening and slowly pressed. After about three inches had disappeared inside, Melissa reacted, attempting to move her hips away from the invader; but of course she was tethered on the couch with nowhere to go.

The hip movement actually helped the process, and with a quick thrust, Belvedere plunged the phallus in. Maria suckled Melissa’s engorged nipples as she cried out and Belvedere began to thrust in earnest. In a few moments the initial discomfort was forgotten and Melissa was thrusting her hips in a steady rhythm. Belvedere motioned to Maria, who then untied Melissa’s straps allowing the two women to fuck energetically. It only took minutes, and Melissa’s hips jerked off the cushion and she clung to Belvedere, her mouth gaping open and a long “AAAAAaaaauuummmmm” escaping.

Slowly Belvedere withdrew her toy, coated lightly with Melissa’s juices and blood, and unstrapped the harness, handing them both to Maria, who took the object with amazing affection, smiling up at her employer, before picking up her dress, gathering up the soiled sheet and heading off.

Belvedere turned Melissa and nestled the woman’s head onto her own neck; the young woman, even in her stupor, responding by kissing and nuzzling Belvedere gently. Then they dozed.

****          ****

When Aquina arrived, she found Melissa dressed and sitting in the entrance area on a chair. No one else was around.

“Hi, uh, my Mistress,” Melissa said, a quirky smile on her face.

There was an envelope on the floor with ‘Aquina’s’ name on it. “Hi yourself,” Aquina said as she picked it up and then looked at Melissa. “You’re…stoned,” Aquina noted, a smile spreading across her face. She did not bother to check inside the envelope; it would no doubt hold the twenty-five hundred she and Mrs. B. had agreed upon.

“What?” came the reply.

“Oh, nothing. But we’ll need to talk later; for now we need to get going.”

And she took the young woman by the hand as one would a child and headed for her car, her point now proven. 


Thursday evening and Aquina, Brandon and Kevin were seated in the cozy kitchen nook area, eating the meal Kate and Anna had prepared and served them. Eric was now in one of the bedrooms with Kate. Anna and Melissa were down in their crates eating their food on plates on the floor; dog dishes, with their slave names, nearby with cool water for them. Jake was not present and no one had heard from him.

Aquina handed the envelope from Mrs. B. to Brandon; he looked at it then her, before passing it to Kevin.

“There’s twenty-five hundred there. That was what Melissa earned this afternoon from one well-to-do client, which is what I was saying about her…value.”

Kevin whistled in appreciation as he counted the cash. “No, it’s twenty-eight hundred, Aquina. There’s a note.” He glanced at it and passed it to Aquina who read it.

“Thank you, Dear, for this wonderful delight. I would definitely like to have her again, and I have two friends who I know are interested. Please call. B.”

Aquina smiled. “That is what I mean.” Kevin and Brandon exchanged a look, with Kevin nodding his head. Aquina carried on, “But that’s also what Jake can mess up with his bull-in-the-china-shop approach. We can’t let him have Melissa. She is worth too much to us and she is also a major liability.”

Brandon looked at her. “You’re right, A. I have already spoken with Jake. Which is maybe why he isn’t around.”

This time it was Aquina and Brandon who exchanged a look.

* * * *

It was Friday, and it seemed to Aquina, ‘at last’. The days, at times, had seemed to drag along; it had only been a week since Melissa’s capture, for example. But upon reflecting, a lot had actually happened.

And tonight was important, certainly to Aquina. She didn’t want to spend any more time chasing low value drug dealers and baby-sitting slaves or whores. She wanted to unlock something bigger; and Sanders McHugh was the key.


(Miami, July, 2001)

Fourteen year-old Aquina Morez was sitting on a rickety wooden chair in the place Jade Dawkins called his home. It was a humid evening, the air was so heavy condensation left droplets on her skin. Aquina sat in a sleeveless Tee shirt and shorts, waiting. She was already tall and muscular, but thin.

Dawkins had put his hands around her throat again last night. He had fucked her and sold her on the street and she understood that; but he could not threaten her. He had done it two months ago and she had sworn then; never again.

And so she waited, a steak knife under her thigh. She heard him come in. He was having trouble with the lock; good, that meant he had probably been drinking; he would be less able to deal with…surprises.

Dawkins stumbled up the stairs, half a bottle of wine in one hand. He fell into the room and then noticed Aquina there.

“Yo, Bitch, what you AT!?” he snarled, from his knees.

Aquina did not answer, she simply sat and waited.

Dawkins clambered unsteadily to his feet. He was not a big man. And seeing him on his knees, he looked…even less.

“Fuck’n’…whore…what you doin’? …say sumpin’, Bitch.” He was on his feet and coming toward her. Aquina waited, waited, controlling her breathing, preparing herself, putting her mind on auto-pilot. Suddenly he was on her, his fetid breath in her face, hands to her throat; and then she moved.

Almost as if she were watching a movie, she saw a hand come up, the shiny blade of a knife gleaming in its grasp, before it embedded itself in the man’s chest; all six inches, up and in. Dawkins froze, a look of bewilderment on his unshaven face. His hands relaxed, and Aquina pulled the knife out and slid off the chair.

“Uuunnggh…you…uh!” Dawkins blurted, grabbing her right arm. Aquina switched the knife to her left hand and drove it savagely into Dawkins back, through muscle and ribs right into his lungs. Dawkins fell to the grimy wooden floor, blood was already coming out of his nose and dribbling out of the corner of his mouth. His eyes were open but unfocused. He was still breathing, but it wouldn’t be for long.

Aquina sprang to the doorway of his sleeping area and entered, ripped up a floor board and took out his stash: four hundred in cash and a baggie of pills.

‘His life savings’ Aquina thought, and began to laugh, the beginning of hysterics, before she regained control and remembered her plan. Quickly she was up and out and finding the old bike she had stashed and then off through dark, back streets to an address she had memorized and chanted to herself like a prayer.

Two hours later when Sanders McHugh’s BMW pulled up in front of his place on Sunrise Dr., he noticed a figure slouched against the side of his building, and when the figure stood, he recognized it to be the young street hooker named Aquina; the one he had given his card to.

“I need your help,” she said, looking up at him.

That face, he thought once again, fu-uck. “Sure Doll, let’s get inside.”

“I’ve killed Dawkins,” she stated, without emotion, like you might say ‘I was at a movie’.

“You’ve killed…”

“…Dawkins, stabbed him, and ran. Help me.” And then she had her arms around his neck; but she still wasn’t crying; just holding on.

All this came flooding back to Aquina as she stood on the step waiting for Sanders to arrive. The disgusting Dale Dzyuba was here already; he had started pawing Heather thirty seconds after coming in. And Bob ‘Gus’ Gusbertson, two-term Ward 3 Councillor. He had a big smile on his face as Mindi sat on his knee and laughed at his jokes. His hand ran casually up to her thigh.

These two girls were in their black party dresses. Kate and Anna were wearing red dresses, with no underwear. Dzyuba and Gusbertson had been told the house rule for tonight; red dresses could be fucked; black could be fondled. You could tell by their eyes they wanted to do both to all.

Aquina saw the big car approaching from a distance; a Lincoln, black, as large as cars were made these days. When it stopped in front of their place, the driver’s door opened briefly, then closed, before Sanders came out the back door without assistance. He didn’t want a fuss in this middle-class neighborhood.

As he approached, a smile began to spread across his meaty but still attractive face. He has changed, Aquina thought, but then, so have we all.

Stopping in front of her, he stared and then shook his head. “My God, Baby-girl, you are more beautiful than I remember. Look at you; what the f…” But she cut him off, hugging him, just like she had fifteen years ago.

“Oh babe, it’s so good to see you,” she whispered into his ear.


With the five K limit, the players were not encouraged to go ‘all in’ or for the ‘big score’, but to work the game pot by pot, and since all four men were decent players it ended up being an interesting and competitive night. It was agreed that if there was no clear winner the game would end at midnight; it was five to, and Gusbertson let out a shout; he had won the last pot.

The councillor was the biggest winner, being up thirty-eight hundred, to which McHugh dryly observed, “Yeah, it figures, politicians walking out with our money in their pockets.”

Gusbertson laughed and replied, “You know Sanders, that we’re always very careful with your tax money. ‘Course, in your case, we usually don’t get much.”

“Yeah,” Dzyuba chimed in, “They’re too busy squeezin’ it outta little guys like us, dat’s for sure.”

Without a lot of discussion, the clean up began. Gusbertson, who had had his hand up everyone’s dresses throughout the night, now headed down the hall with Kate, who had given Aquina at least one long ‘look’ that evening.

Dzyuba tried to haul Heather off, but was blocked by Aquina. “You know the rules, Captain.”

“I don’t plan on bangin’ her, Missy. Just, yu’know.” Dzyuba made a face that he intended would indicate oral sex. Aquina, aware of his hygiene issues, cautiously leaned in a little and said. “Fifteen minutes, and just a blow.”

And then she spoke with Heather. “Just suck this jerk’s dick as quick as you can and get out. I’ll be watching. Any problems, I’m in.”

“Thanks,” she whispered and headed off.

Sanders had gathered his things and was heading for the door. He turned and looked at Aquina, who joined him. “That your boyfriend?” Sanders asked with a head nod toward Brandon.

“Not really,” Aquina replied as they went out the door. She paused there adding, “He’s my partner.”

“Nothing else?”

“I’m not sleeping with him, if that’s what you’re wondering. At least, not yet.” She then looked directly into Sander’s face. “Thank you, Sanders, for… everything. I…I’m sorry, we lost touch…”

(Miami, August 2002)

Sanders was in trouble, Aquina knew that before he gave her the little pistol (My Deuce Deuce, she called it) and told her to stay out of sight.

He had been walking a tight rope for a while, with his criminal and political activities; it was only a matter of time before he seriously pissed off the wrong person.

From her hiding place in a bedroom, Aquina heard the loud voices; two other men; she could tell. She heard Sanders pleading for his life and decided it was now or never. She came out with the .22 gripped in the stance Sanders had taught her and she had practised with; right hand holding, left hand supporting. The large, black man blocking her view, turned; an angry scowl on his face, and raised his huge gun at her.

Without thinking or anything, she pulled her trigger and two holes appeared in the black man’s forehead and he collapsed like a puppet with its strings cut. The second man turned her way with a look of surprise, and then began to raise his semi-automatic weapon, but Aquina fired three times, hitting the man in the chest with all three shots; the bullets placed so closely it looked like one large hole.

And then Sanders was by her side, gently removing the gun from her hands and putting an arm around her.

“Holy fuck Aquina, you are…somethin’. Sit down over here.” He had given her a shot of whiskey to drink, which she did, but she hadn’t needed it. Not then, anyway. The reality of what she had done didn’t hit for a whole day. For the moment she had just sat and stared at the bodies. “You saved my life, kid. You know that, right?”

With that event, Sanders changed. He put his considerable personal talents full into politics, moving finally to a ‘fixer’ role with the state senator, and then made the decision to move to Washington, where a young and former child prostitute would prove a problem in the circles he was now moving in.

But he did not simply abandon Aquina. Although she was initially angry and frustrated by his decisions, he

helped her move north, first to Buffalo, where he paid for her room at a boarding house, had her enroll in night classes where she worked to finish her high school diploma, and where a funny thing happened. Aquina proved to be an excellent, no, an outstanding, student. Always a good reader, even living on the street, she now found that she also loved math. Devoured it.

She was the youngest student in the group which included people in their twenties and even immigrants in their thirties. By the end of the first session, students were coming to her for help. She was very, very good, graduating in two years with honors and a small scholarship, which, when added to the twenty-five grand Sanders had set aside for her college, allowed her to complete a degree in business administration, at age twenty-two.

It was after that that things went south, figuratively, for her; she actually moved west, following Sanders. Then Aquina decided to pursue the quick money that working with certain…individuals…would give her, and Sanders had told her he could not support that. And that was that. They had stopped communicating. It had been almost eight years since they had spoken.

Until she decided to send him a note. And now, here they were.


“I made my decisions, and I know now they were not all the right ones. I should have listened to you. I should have come back to you…”

He held her and listened. “Hey, Baby-girl, we all gotta live. We all gotta stand on our own. But that don’t change nuthin’ that matters. I wouldn’t be standing here at all, if not for you. Everything else is just…shit. It don’t matter.”

He looked at her, almost tenderly. As tenderly as he could, anyway.

She leaned into him again, murmuring, “But, I’ve got to ask it, what do you want? I want something, and I know how this works.” She straightened up and looked at him; he had a little smile on his lips. “There’s always an ‘ask’, so level with me.”

Sanders continued to just look at her for a moment before beginning, “Ah, that’s my girl; always direct and no nonsense. That’s why we were a good team; neither one of us likes bullshit. So yeah, there’s an ‘ask’, a big one, but then I have something sweet for you. And your…partner.”


The slave girls, including even Melissa, who had changed quite remarkably in a week, had cleared away the breakfast dishes and vacuumed floors and swept up and now were sitting, naked, downstairs on the couch. They all had ankle ‘bracelets’ that would restrict any movement beyond small steps, but none of them had any intention to leave for the present; but one never knows. Right now, they were watching a movie.

As Aquina pointed out, slaves were worse than pets as a full time job. She needed to talk with Brandon and couldn’t be dealing with the women at the same time. Eric was at his place, Kevin was still asleep and Jake had now been ‘A.W.O.L.’ for two days. So this was it for the girls; something to keep them busy, like five-year-olds; but since Anna hadn’t watched a movie in years, and Kate and Melissa enjoyed the break, it was all okay; for now.

Aquina did have another possible ‘client’ for Melissa, and she would be following up with that later.

For now, Aquina and Brandon were sitting again in the little kitchen nook and she was filling him in on what Sanders had to offer; and what he wanted in return. It was, of course, complicated.

What it boiled down to was that he needed inside help to track down where his daughter was being held and why she had not been processed for bail. Then he wanted her to have a bail hearing that he (or his lawyer) could attend; that was it.

In exchange for their help, he would offer the group, and then just the two of them separately, two blue-chip real-estate deals that would bring in decent money. The first, smaller deal would be offered to the group  together. The other would be strictly for Aquina and ‘her partner’.

One deal would need eighty grand to get in and likely pay three hundred ‘large’, as Sanders said. The bigger deal on the other hand, would require a quarter million buy in; but would pay back at least double that; this Sanders guaranteed, and he did not bullshit.

Brandon sipped his coffee and listened, occasionally asking a question, but being very reserved for the most part, almost preoccupied, considering what Aquina was telling him. Finally he spoke, but it was not a question Aquina was expecting, right then anyway.

“So, what’s the deal between you and Sanders,” he sipped his coffee again, not looking at her. Aquina decided right then in that moment to give Brandon the whole story; and she did. How she met Sanders, what she did to Dawkins, how she killed two men to save Sander’s life, how he had helped her financially, how they had gone separate ways, and now, how they had got back in touch.

Brandon sat in silence for a while. It was a lot to process. “Wow. I knew you were a bad ass, A., but…three notches on your belt…“

“That you know of…” she smiled.

He shook his head, “Yeah, right…well, I don’t have any, yet.” He finished his coffee, and visibly took a breath. “Do you, love him?”

It was her turn to sit for a moment in silence. “Yes, I do…now,” she said, “but not like you think. I love him like a…father I guess. He means a lot to me. He is only one of two people to ever care about me and help me; with no strings attached (he hadn’t ever asked for sex from her, as attractive as he found her, he couldn’t, keeping her at a distance instead. It was Aquina who was the one that was more than willing, back then.)

She got up and moved to the sink; Brandon now focused on the plan. “So, how the hell do we get two hundred and fifty thou? You got a stash in your mattress?”


Jake sat in the dark; it was early morning but the blinds were drawn. He had slept in the chair all night; drinking and then falling asleep. He knew he needed to make up his mind; either go along with Brandon and his snotty, know-it-all bitch girlfriend, or cut ties and go on his way, alone. He had no doubt about what Eric and Kevin would do; they were Brandon’s brother and cousin after all. No, Jake would be on his own.

Or not. Even in his resentment, he could see opportunities; but could he put up with this crap; with being the guy taking orders? They had his wife, and her sister, who he had lured, and now wasn’t even allowed to see. What. The. Fuck?

No, something would have to change, but he needed to keep things cool; this could blow up in his face. If he wanted his revenge, he needed patience. He got up to get changed and go to the house; at least those bitches could make him coffee and breakfast, the way things were supposed to work.


“Hold that thought,” Aquina replied to Brandon as she headed downstairs, checked on the ‘girls’ and then returned. “Okay, I don’t have that much scratch, but I do have twenty-five G’s and so do you, separate from the boys. We need two-hundred more…and I do have, an idea; maybe even a plan. But let’s get the others up to speed on this smaller investment; that is something that can be completed now.”

“We actually have that much?”  

“We can scrape together eighty; it will be close. But Sanders has already said he would buy out our share right away; meaning we wouldn’t have to wait long for our return. But, nothing happens without the info on his daughter.”

“And your plan for that…?”

She looked at him again with a little smile on her face. “Our little lawyer friend, Abrahamson. He works under the First Assistant DA.’s office of this county. I’ve got to believe this is info he could find out. I’ve invited him over for tonight…”

“Then let’s hold off telling the others anything until this is clearer…” Brandon added.

Aquina was just about to reply, when the door opened  and the hulking form of Jake Tucker entered.


Adam Abrahmson looked in the mirror at his reflection; it was a continual source of annoyance to him that he looked, maybe, twenty; he was twenty-nine years old. It seemed to him that no one reacted to him as if he was that, old, and that no one seemed to take him seriously, or actually even, really, notice him at all.

He was one of those people who could be in a room, and leave, and it would register on no one. Abrahmson knew dealing with this group of dirty cops that he had stumbled upon was a bad idea; but he liked it. He liked it. It made him feel, just for a little while, like he mattered.

And he especially liked being with that one slave girl, well, slave woman. She seemed like a frightened deer, but she sucked his cock the way he had always dreamed a woman would. When she was on her knees sucking him, gently running her tongue up and down his shaft, the world literally stood still for him.

That image, her head going up and down, her tongue snaking around his cock, would drift in and out of his mind throughout the day. The feeling he had after climaxing with her was like a drug. Way better even than cocaine, which he was actually frightened of. And he would see her again tonight; the beautiful Aquina had promised him.

He looked again at his image in the mirror and smiled, “You lucky son of a bitch,” he announced to himself.

 (End of Chapter 09)

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A House of Slaves by LongDarkRoad Chapter 8 Debts

A House of Slaves 

Chapter 08  Debts (I know. A true innocent.)

In his office, a large corner suite on the forty-second floor, Sanders McHugh looked again at the note from…Aquina. My God, he thought, has it really been as long as that? Where the hell does the time go? Aquina. The name, after all these years, and all these women, still sent a shudder through him. He smiled, ruefully. My God how he had desired her, even after finding out how (really) young she was. But something had changed; something that had made him look at her as more than just a (very beautiful) sexual quest.

Miss Claire Daniels, after a quick wrap on the open door, entered, looking as efficient and enticing as always. She glanced at her boss, who seemed to be deep in thought, and approached the massive mahogany desk with respect, a natural trait, a smile lighting up her very attractive face; long, blonde hair cascading down to her shoulders. Her desire, she noted to herself, would be to go to her knees, but her boss had not indicated that (yet).

Even after becoming a regular sex partner of his less than a month ago, the man was still very intimidating to her, which she found arousing. In the bedroom he liked certain…things, and she was…learning. But in his office, he wasn’t keen on showing any signs of their intimacy. “Business is business, Doll,” he’d stated.

Daniels regarded him now; his sleek, coiffured hair, greying at the temples, but still thick and luxuriant, was combed back, to her, like the gangsters in the movies. Despite his success, McHugh still looked a lot like a gangster. His rugged, meaty face with its massive square jaw, his hooded eyes; which always seemed to be sizing someone up, gave that impression.

Even his now immaculately manicured hands still had the look of a prize fighter about them, although McHugh had not needed to use them for that for…at least a decade. Since he had been, what, still in his thirties?

Yes. Since Aquina, actually.

“Sir,” Miss Daniels ventured cautiously.

McHugh turned to face his very attractive assistant. He liked his assistants a certain way: female, young, attractive and efficient; in the office and in the bedroom. He took in the substantial curve of her breasts, and the roundness of her hips; set off nicely with the tailored skirt she was wearing. He also liked his women to dress well; to have good figures and to show those figures off. He was a feminist’s worst nightmare.

Miss Daniels was the complete package and he was very satisfied.

“Yes, Doll?” he asked, placing Aquina’s note face down.

“I have the address for your…um, engagement, Friday evening, and I have ordered Hawkes to bring the car for you at eight. Which residence, Sir?”

The two chatted briefly and then Daniels, with a quick glance at the man, left. With a final look at the note, McHugh slipped it into his pocket. Moving a file, he looked then at the photo of a girl; late teens. Pretty, not beautiful. Even in the picture though, there was a sadness in the eyes.

His daughter, well, a daughter. Issue of a ‘one-nighter’ with one of his staff. Never publically acknowledged, McHugh had kept track, sending money, monitoring, until the mother died and the girl drifted around. Now, she had been arrested on some charge; withholding evidence or some odd thing.

The charge had not gone away, despite his efforts so far. It would need a little…more, of whatever ‘grease’ was necessary.

Well, he thought as he rubbed his chin, maybe Aquina.

It would be great to see her; and she always was a fixer of sorts.


Thursday morning, and Aquina was out early as this would be a busy day. First task was to pick up Mindi, then take her to the apartment and check out the clothes and everything for Friday night. And then there would be a trip to…Mrs. Belvedere.

‘Belvedere’ was not her real name; it had been what Aquina took to be a joke between two friends that she had chanced to overhear. That was eight years ago, and Aquina (and many others it turned out) called her that. The intimate circle of women that gathered around ‘Belvedere’, all married and prominent socially, and all bi, used the name as a kind of code.

Aquina, not totally sure of all that the woman was involved in, had been very useful to ‘Mrs. B.’ in the past; particularly in finding the kind of young woman that the lady preferred; but it had been a while.

It was time to introduce Melissa to her.

Last night there had been a domestic stabbing that Brandon and Jake had been sent to which had tied them up late. Eric and Kevin had stayed out drinking and going over the day’s events, and had not returned to the house, so the slave girls had enjoyed another quiet night; and Melissa had again escaped having to face her malevolent brother-in-law.

With Aquina’s plan, she might not need to serve him much at all; if ever. Aquina pulled up in front of an apartment building with Mindi waiting, sitting on a step with her meager bag of stuff. She piled in and off they went.


“So, no, boys, I knew nothin’ of dat set-up for sure, but I got the word that you fellas handled it well. That’s my boys.” Dzyuba beamed, a crooked smile plastered on his craggy face, at the two officers sitting across from him. Jake and Brandon were both bleary-eyed from their late night, but they wanted to hear what their captain knew, first-hand, and so needed to be here.  

“Thanks, Captain. Good to know. Just wondering…IA keeps everybody in the dark, is that it?” Brandon asked.

Dzyuba dragged a bony index finger across his jaw, nodding. “Yep, dat’s how she goes. D’ose boys keep ev’ry t’ing in, yuh know. Never tell me, dat’s for damn sure.”

He grinned that idiotic smile once again (Brandon wondered if the man knew how goofy he looked when he did that?) then asked, “So, ev’ry t’ings good for tomorrow?”

Jake glanced at Brandon, who answered. “Yeah, it’s good. We’re playing five-card draw with a game cap of five thousand. Aquina has lined up a couple of guys, and Kevin will be the fourth. Ever heard of a…Sanders McHugh?”

Dzyuba’s shaggy eyebrows lifted up toward his hairline. “McHugh. No shit? Dat’s sumpin’, for sure. Shit; dat’s the reason for the cap. Dat guy could buy us all with his pocket cash. Shit.” And he rubbed his grizzled chin aggressively.

Jake and Brandon exchanged a look.


Mindi, like Heather, looked very young in her black party dress with black, thigh-high nylons and a tiny black thong that barely contained the girl’s equally tiny pussy lips. She was essentially shaved, except for a thin strip of dark pubic hair extending from the top of her slit about three inches towards her belly button.

Neither of the girls had piercings or tattoos, which was unusual considering their lifestyles. Body piercings and tattoos were a give-away to age. Under age sixteen, girls could have ears or eyebrows pierced but nipples, navels and especially labia were another matter. Having both these ‘girls’ clean, definitely helped with their youthful image.

Aquina spent a little time with them discussing  behavior and expectations as well as when to be ready etcetera and then she headed off. She needed to get Melissa.


Once away from the captain, Jake and Brandon found a quiet corner across from the storage area. “Okay,” Jake said, still gruff sounding even in a whisper. “You were right. Now what? Whadd’ya think?”

Brandon considered his response for a moment. In his mind, Aquina’s warnings about his old buddy were starting to make sense. Jake was a loose cannon; and this wasn’t high school anymore.

“I think we need to watch ourselves. I think Aquina was right, our…successes, have brought attention on us. Who knows…” He looked straight at Jake, “if one of the dealers who got tagged talked? Who knows who’s watching us? Maybe nobody, fine. But maybe somebody. We need to cool things for a bit; play it straight, smart, by the rules.”

Jake snorted. Brandon looked at him, “What’s that for?”

“Oh, nothin’…ol’ buddy. But it seems like you’ve become very…like, cautious hey, since meeting your gal pal.”

Brandon paused again, feeling a quick anger rising, before spitting out, “Use your fucking head for once Jake. This isn’t some high school competition, and Aquina has way more knowledge than me or you on all this shit. You keep thinking you’re the boss of everything and you’ll have a problem. We have an opportunity here, and Aquina has been right so far. So yeah, I’m listening to her. And so would you, if you used half your brain.”

And with that, Brandon headed back to the squad room, Jake watching him leave with that dark look on his face, thinking Brandon was turning into a jackass.


Her maid having informed her of visitors, ‘Mrs. Belvedere’, whose (real) first name was Olivia, stood, smoothing her tailored, wool skirt. Almost sixty, she was still slim, with a hint of grey showing on her soft, light brown hair. She was a very feminine looking woman with soft, delicate hands enhanced by manicured, painted nails. She wore an expensive cashmere sweater over lingerie that would raise eyebrows in the staid, social circles she travelled in.

Her closest girl-friends had seen her ‘nearly-nude’ black bras with openings for her nipples, and the black lace crotch-less panties she preferred. They also knew of her large collection of strap-on dildos; she considered herself something of an expert on the subject; and often amused herself with the thought of suddenly whipping one out in the middle of some fund-raising event, or whatever.

She never would of course, because she was an elegant, late middle-aged, wealthy woman. On the surface. She had for years carefully guarded the secret that beneath that exterior lived an entirely different animal, one with ravenous tastes for attractive, young and innocent women; as well as other things.

Olivia came into the tiled entrance area and saw Aquina; always very attractive, but never innocent, so someone she had not pursued; standing beside an equally attractive younger woman. This one was much, much more to Olivia’s tastes. Taller than average with a wonderful body, barely concealed now beneath a simple calico shirt and jeans; brown/blonde, shoulder-length hair framed the face of an angel.

“Aquina!” Olivia announced warmly, embracing the slightly taller woman and kissing her cheeks, European-style.

“Mrs. Belvedere, how good to see you again. You are looking wonderful,” Aquina responded, kissing the older woman’s cheeks in turn.

“Please, step this way,” Olivia indicated the room she had just left. Soon they were seated and sipping delicious coffee, sharing small talk. For Melissa, it was slightly surreal, this bit of normalcy suddenly injected into the bizarre week she was living. She wondered, what if I just got up and walked out? She could, she mused, but then…

Was this ‘Mrs. Belvedere’ part of her captor’s world? Aquina had explained how this situation could go for her; this could be a much more pleasant alternative to Jake and the boys. And of course, what would she do once or if she escaped? She had no I.D., no phone, no money. The first thing some helpful stranger would likely do would be to call the police; and then what? The ‘boys’ would undoubtedly hear and then it would get messy.

Or Aquina would just grab her and man-handle her back; she was certainly capable of that. And if she escaped from her, Aquina would no longer be in charge; likely Jake would be. Her life, sadly, could become worse! Much worse, actually.

No, it was nice to fantasise about her freedom, but the reality was much different. She needed to work with Aquina; she would be her best hope. And besides, and amazingly, Melissa liked the woman…a lot. Much more than anyone she had ever known, so running away from Aquina right now made no sense. Melissa came back to reality and realized both women were looking at her. She smiled, not sure what she had missed.

Aquina picked up the conversation. “So, I’m going to leave you two here, to get…better acquainted. Mrs. ‘B.’,” Aquina turned to the woman sitting with a small, Sphinx-like smile on her face, “if I may just have a word with our…girl?”

“Of course,” Olivia replied, rising. “I have a couple of things to attend to; back in a moment. You can show yourself out, my dear?” And she caressed Aquina’s forearm.

“No worries, Mrs. B. I’ll call you later.”

‘Belvedere’ left the room and Aquina took Melissa’s face in both hands. “Okay, so let’s be very clear, my sweet. You are a slave who right now could be on her knees sucking one cock while another fucks you hard from behind. Instead, you are here in a lovely home with a gracious and generous woman who happens to like young women like you.

If this goes well, it might be what you do for a while. If you mess this up, if Mrs. Belvedere is unhappy with you, then I’m done. Then Jake and the boys can have you and do whatever they want. That will be your life. Are you clear on this?”

“Ye-yes, Aq…um, Mistress. I am clear.” Melissa needed to look away from Aquina’s blinding stare.

She continued with her warning. “You do whatever she wants; just relax and let this happen. She is a very experienced lover; you could do much, much worse. I am doing this for you and definitely against Jake; I need you to know this.” With that, Aquina leaned in and kissed Melissa long and hard, sucking on her lips as they parted. “Do not let me down, my sweet girl.”

Aquina then rose and walked briskly out, leaving Melissa alone in silence in the finely appointed living room, with its expensive carpet, gilded paintings and fine Louis XV furniture. After a moment, a door at one end of the room opened, and Mrs. Belvedere entered, no longer wearing her sweater or skirt. She marched straight toward Melissa with a sly smile on her face and a short whip in one hand.


Sanders McHugh stood looking out the window of his office again. He liked views and he liked heights. He took a sip of his drink; soda with a slice of lemon, Ms. Daniel’s suggestion (he now waited until evening for his bourbon) and thought a little more on the information he had just received.

He had checked up on Aquina’s police connections and was happy to hear that the prosecuting attorney dealing with his daughter Moira, part of the Felony Trial Courts, was in the same county as the officers. That could make things easier. As he was pondering, Claire Daniels entered and glided softly over to him.

“Anything you need, sir?”

“Hmmmn? No, thank you gorgeous, I’m good.”

She stood for a moment, considering, and then she reached up to kiss his cheek.

“Thanks, Doll. But not in front of the window.”

“Sorry, sir,” she murmured, glancing down.


Melissa was kneeling in front of the chair Mrs. Belvedere was now seated on. The older woman’s legs were open and Melissa was looking, as she had been ordered, directly into the woman’s sex, which was shaved and neat, the labia being small, almost youthful. What was startling, to Melissa, was the diamond stud that decorated one outer lip; Melissa had never seen any pussy decoration and would not have expected this, older, woman certainly to have any.

Melissa was naked, Mrs. B. having taken her time in undressing her, commenting all the while on the parts as they were uncovered. “Mmmm, delightful breasts, delightful; these nipples are, extraordinary. I must taste these. Mmmmmm.”

“Oh, my God, this pussy is absolutely divine; Aquina did not exaggerate. Turn around, turn around, I must see this ass. Oh my lord, it is perfection. Please excuse me…” At this point Mrs. B. had delivered a solid smack to one cheek, causing Melissa to jump. As soon as she had administered the slap, Mrs. B. fondled Melissa’s ass, putting her on all fours to better explore her, with the young woman reminding herself of what Aquina had said; accept this and things could improve.

And, amazing to her, now that she had tasted desire and arousal, she enjoyed this, even with her resentment at being held against her will.

Mrs. B, at this point, considered using her whip, a riding crop actually, but then changed her mind. Instead, she spread Melissa’s ass cheeks, stretching them as wide as possible, before bringing Melissa’s hands around to hold them apart, Melissa focusing on the arousal not the humiliation. Belvedere inserted the handle of the crop a couple of inches into Melissa’s ass, noting the resistance (as well as the increased and rapid breathing) and how Melissa clenched to deny this intrusion; a natural reaction from an inexperienced girl.

Removing the handle and kneeling behind her, Belvedere slowly licked Melissa from her pussy up to her asshole and back, several times, before plunging her tongue into the brown opening, with Melissa gasping and jerking in response. After sucking there for a minute she stood and brought Melissa over to the couch. Belvedere then opened up a silver box, removing something from it which she placed between her lips, lighting it with a decorative silver lighter; the kind one rarely sees on coffee tables anymore.

Belvedere sucked deeply on the joint, a pungent, almost gasoline-like aroma coming from it. Holding the smoke deep for a moment, she let it out before passing the joint to Melissa, saying, “Kona Gold; you must try some.”

Melissa, who had never smoked anything, especially not marijuana, held the smoking object like it would explode. Belvedere guided it to Melissa’s lips, forcing her to suck. Melissa coughed and sputtered, but did manage to take in a little of the smoke. Belvedere had her do it again and again until the roach was too small to be held.

Belvedere then lit up another, inhaling deeply again, before having Melissa take some more. Although she coughed each time, Melissa was managing to keep more of the smoke within her, and now began to feel…very odd. A kind of…floating feeling, a euphoria, starting in her brain, spread throughout her. She leaned back against the cushions, a small giggle escaped her lips, which for some reason Mrs. B. found hilarious.

Belvedere now turned Melissa’s head to her and they kissed; deeply, tenderly, sweetly. Mrs. B.’s tongue explored Melissa’s lips, her mouth, her tongue, even her nostrils. She licked the eyes and ran her tongue down the side of Melissa’s face.

Sliding off the couch, the older woman produced some straps from somewhere, and proceeded to bind Melissa with her legs spread obscenely wide and her wrists tied with the strap around her thighs. The young woman simply allowed something being done to her that even a few days ago she would have fought strongly against.

Kneeling before her, Belvedere began to slowly lick and suck at Melissa’s open pussy, pulling and biting softly on the lips, nibbling the fleshy area around the clitoris and then the bud itself, proclaiming wonder at its size.

For her part, Melissa could do no more now than lie back and moan, as waves of pleasure coursed through her; she was a traveller in a foreign land, allowing herself to be led by an experienced guide.

Twenty-five minutes and two orgasms later, Mrs. B. let Melissa rest, briefly. She left the room and returned with something she placed on the floor beside the couch. A moment later, the maid who had greeted them when they arrived, entered carrying a tray with a decanter and two glasses.

“Thank you, Maria, please just set it there.” After the tray was placed, Olivia said, “Would you like to join us.” To this point, Maria had not seemed at all surprised or embarrassed by the sight of a naked woman tied spread as she was on the couch. She now turned to look at her more intently.

“She is very beautiful,“ Maria murmured, her voice carrying a hint of a Jamaican accent.

“Yes, please join us. I would like to see the two of you. But please pour the Manzanilla.”

Maria filled the two small glasses with the sherry and offered one to Olivia. She took the other to the figure on the couch, and cradling Melissa’s head, helped her sip it, encouraging her to empty the glass. Maria then stood and, with a few quick movements, removed her apron and dress. She was wearing nothing underneath, and her light brown body was slim and muscular, with generous thirty-six-C breasts, and a thick bush of dark black hair spreading over her pubic mound and belly. Her ass was round and firm, and she wiggled it at her boss, both chuckling at her move.

Kneeling on the couch beside Melissa, Maria kissed the woman and played lightly with her nipples, before sliding a long-fingered hand down to Melissa’s crotch, with the labia still swollen from her recent activity. Sliding two fingers into the still-moist opening, she began a stroking rhythm, before suddenly stopping and looking at Mrs. B.

“She’s still intact,” Maria stated, looking with curiosity at the older woman. 

“I know,” Belvedere replied with a slight smile on her face. “A true innocent.”

Maria then noticed the object lying on the floor; a harness with a dildo attached. Mrs. Belvedere apparently had plans for that innocence.


McHugh looked down at the blonde head of the lovely Claire Daniels as it bobbed up and down, sucking his cock. The first time he had presented it to her, she was clearly flustered. Attractive and privileged, her father a successful plastic surgeon, her mother a successful realtor, Claire Daniels had grown up surrounded by people wanting to kiss her beautiful ass, both literally and figuratively, at least by the time she reached high school and began dating.

She had not needed to (or wanted to) suck many cocks. There had only been two, as a matter of fact, and her efforts were not, she would admit, either competent or inspired, the memories of the incidents long forgotten.

How she had ended up with someone like Sanders McHugh was a long story, but she liked being with him. She was excited when he had first made advances to her, and she wanted to please him; well aware that he was already married to wife number three. And yes, she thought now and then of how it might be to become wife number four, but that wasn’t her intent. He was a powerful man and she felt good being with him, seeing to his needs. All of them, now.

In order to handle the sexual tasks, she had found, with McHugh’s guidance, internet sites with clips of women being wonderful cock-suckers. She had studied them, enjoying it much more than she would have guessed, and now she was intent on showing her boss that she was a good learner. She had always been someone eager to please, receptive of praise; and, she enjoyed being on her knees for this man.

McHugh now watched her luscious red lips inhale his erection, and her lovely long, pink tongue paint the shaft of his cock with her saliva. He watched her lovingly kiss and nuzzle his shaved balls; and he felt his impending climax and he rested his head back.

Claire was not yet at the point where she would accept him coming in her mouth, so she had tissues ready. Attractive, dedicated…and efficient; she was the complete package.

McHugh groaned with pleasure as his orgasm exploded into Claire Daniel’s tissued-hands, and she looked up into his face, his eyes closed and his mouth open in a gratified smile, and she laughed with delight, feeling a wondrous surge of desire.

(End of Chapter 08)

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A House of Slaves by LongDarkRoad Chapter 7 Decisions

A House of Slaves 

Chapter 07 Decisions (But then we’re done)

Brandon and Jake were riding together today; it had been a while, and they were heading quickly south on the Ryan Daniels Expressway; they’d just had a hot tip from a reliable source about a drug house with money, drugs and weapons on site. They had tried to reach Kevin or Eric but had had no luck, so they decided to do this one on their own. Turning west now on sixty-third street, they entered the Garfield Heights district; an area people tended to avoid at night, but even by day it was sketchy.

They rolled down one block with three boarded up houses and then saw their target house. They drove around back and parked two houses away. As they had been warned, there was a large dog in the back; but they had come  prepared and threw a large slab of hamburger the dog’s way, before climbing over the fence and going up the back stairs.

Brandon called dispatch with the address then, requesting back-up. Looking at each other, blood pounding in their veins, they counted to three and then kicked in the door and entered rapidly, guns drawn and right into the main living area. One suspect turned rapidly near the stairs, but with both guns on him, he dropped. Above them, they heard the unmistakeable squeak of movement on wooden floors.

Cuffing the first guy, they called out who they were and that they would be up with guns firing in ten seconds if whoever was there did not come out.

A handgun rattled down the stairs a moment later and a “Don’t shoot, I’m comin’,” followed, and then a second suspect emerged, hands above his head. Both males were black and in their early twenties.

Once he was secured, the two officers turned to look at the stash, and it was as promised. But for some reason, Brandon hesitated and gave Jake a nudge and a look. Turning toward the kitchen, Jake hissed, “What the fuck…?”

Brandon spoke in a low, intense whisper, “I think this is a trap. Take nothing.”

“Oh for Christ’s sake…”

“Nothing…” Brandon spat the word out the side of his mouth. He then went over and stood by the haul, Jake glaring daggers at him. He called dispatch again, with the news that money, drugs and guns had been seized.

A few minutes after he clicked off, three men walked in. One man Brandon recognized as a District Supervisor; the second he did not know, but the third man was Clem Ridgeback, a top IA officer. Moments later, two uniformed officers Brandon did not know also entered.

The District Supervisor walked to the stash and looked over the collection, then he spoke. “That’s all fellows. You two can head back to your unit; we’ll take it from here.”

When they got close to their vehicle, Jake asked in his usual gruff voice, “How the hell did you know?”

Brandon paused with his hand on the handle; there were beads of sweat on his brow. “It just seemed too neat and easy. But the bigger question is, just what the hell do they know?”


Kevin met Julio in the alley, careful that there were no cameras; although in this part of town cameras had a funny way of ‘breaking down’. Kevin had spotted the young man coming out of a known dealer’s house and had followed him. Julio looked nervous and Kevin was interested in why.

Pressing one hand to his chest, Kevin backed Julio against a wall; a dumpster was to his right and a dead end to the left. “Julio, what’s up…bro’?”

“Hey Kev, my man. Di’nt expect to see you here, in my kingdom, you know?” Julio laughed, in a way.

“I don’t think you have a kingdom, Julio. Doood. Sorry to break it to you.”

Julio smiled. He had perfect, white teeth. “Okay, then. Officer Riggs. Why are we chopping, then? Here. In an alley, like?”

“You, Julio. You. You look…busy and…nervous. I’m interested in you; and I haven’t heard anything from you in a while. I’m starting to think we aren’t ‘bros, like, no, mo’.” Kevin smiled at his little joke. “I warned you a while back that I needed one more hot tip from you, but it looks like you might need some more remindin’, like this…”

Riggs brought his knee up hard, directly into Julio’s groin. The slim man went down quickly, and got into a ball. It was apparently true what they said about Julio; he was a lover, not a fighter.

Riggs lifted the man up, and he spluttered, “Okay. Okay. Chill, man, Chill. C’mon, we’re cool. Fuck, what’s wi’ dat? Holy shit…” Julio looked up at Kevin through a grimace. “Look, I’ll give you hot, like, super-hot, like Nova…but, then we’re done, yeah?”

Kevin regarded the brown face. “Yeah, yeah I get it. Done. An address, man, an address.”

Three minutes later Kevin was headed to a block of older apartments on the south side. He thought about calling the boys but decided that maybe it was time Kevin Riggs showed his stuff. Just last week he had overheard a comment in the squad room along the lines of ‘Eric and Kevin, Brandon’s little bitches’. Well, thought Kevin, we’ll see about that.

Ten minutes more and he had pulled up in front of the apartments; all had seen better days, long, long ago. Kevin was glad that he wasn’t driving a regular squad car today, but an unmarked Ford instead. Less attention the better, he figured. Still, he decided to park in the back.

The number Julio had given him was two-oh-seven. Not surprisingly, the ground floor entrance was unlocked. Kevin moved quickly and as quietly as he could to the second floor and down the hall. Outside of the room he needed to pause and take some deep breaths; his heart was racing and he could actually feel the blood pounding in his right temple. He stood up and steadied himself.

Then, in one quick move, he kicked open the door and rushed in, gun drawn. The single, young Hispanic male looked up in alarm and then made a move for the gun sitting on the end of the crate that was serving as a coffee table.

“Don’t even think about it,” Kevin yelled, and the two young men now stared each other down.



“We’re alone, you can call me Aquina.”

Melissa looked up.

Aquina noted that the darker roots of her captive’s hair were just starting to emerge, but that didn’t matter in the least to her appearance. It would take a lot to spoil this beauty. Even with what she had endured the last couple of days, Melissa still looked enchanting. She had one of those faces you see in magazines; perfect nose, full, pouty, inviting lips, perfect cheek-bones, compelling grey-green eyes, with her shoulder-length hair framing it off.

And then her body; it was simply perfection. She would admit if one asked that she really did nothing to keep herself in any shape, apart from jogging, and even that she did only when she felt like it. Melissa’s body, at age twenty-two, was a gift of nature. Aquina again felt emotions stirring in her; this woman was special.

“A-Aquina, may I ask a question?”

Aquina was seated on the edge of her bed, Melissa kneeling on the floor beside the bed and facing her. She held her collar in her hand. Aquina bent forward and kissed Melissa’s face, then each eye, then her mouth, running her tongue over those pouty lips, until Melissa reached up a hand and touched Aquina’s face,

the woman then straightening up.

“Yes, you may ask your question.” She smiled.

Melissa was looking down again. “Wh-what will happen…to me?”

Aquina sat still. The question did not surprise her; on the contrary, she was expecting it. Why not? You’re kidnapped, you want to know the kidnapper’s plans. Unfortunately, no one really knew Jake’s plan.

Keeping someone a prisoner was hard work; a steady, full time job. Jake might have been able to keep Anna imprisoned, but she was his wife and totally submissive; and he had still grown tired of that. And she didn’t even try to escape, as she had confided to her…mistress.

On the other hand, Aquina knew now that Kate’s mind was already working, looking for a weak spot, or maybe just giving up. And now Melissa; what were they to do with her? Instead of answering, Aquina brought Melissa up to the bed and undid the ropes on her wrists. She pushed her down so Melissa’s head was on the pillow, then shoved her legs apart and knelt between them, never taking her eyes from that lovely face.

Lifting up, Aquina removed her own slacks and panties, then brought Melissa’s hands together over her head before lying down, with her own clitoris positioned directly on top of Melissa’s generous, fleshy hood. She smiled down at her.


“Blam”, Kevin didn’t expect the guy to move so quickly, he got off a shot and it hit Kevin’s shoulder, spinning him to the left.

No, thought Kevin, not like that.

The dealer made a move for his gun, but Kevin, with his excellent work on the gun range, levelled his weapon and put the bullet ‘Blam!” right between the eyes.

Yeah, that was a better version, although luckily for the young male riding in the back of the vehicle, neither were what happened. As Kevin drove the man to the bus station he just had some fun playing out ‘what if’.

Although the dealer wasn’t happy with the deal, Kevin was able to take half the man’s money (about $5800) while leaving the dealer with his dope, gun and his half of the cash. And a ride to the bus station. It may not have exactly been the ‘Nova’ Julio bragged about, but it didn’t hurt the old bank account.

“I better not see you back here,“ Kevin warned as he let the man out.

“Yeah, fuck you, dirty cop,” the man sneered as he headed quickly up the steps to the station entrance.

Kevin laughed. As he drove away his cell buzzed a text message. Scanning it as he drove he was amazed to see info about another drug house; could he have two in one day?


Melissa’s hands were now tied to the headboard. Her moans were growing in volume and intensity as Aquina ran her tongue expertly up and down the inside of Melissa’s labia, pausing occasionally to suck one of the fatty lips into her mouth, all the while maintaining a steady circular stroking of the clit. It had a fleshy hood and the protruding nub, like Melissa’s nipples, was over-sized, looking a lot like a little penis. Aquina sucked and stroked, bringing the woman to the edge of orgasm and then denying her that release.

“Oh, God Mistress. PLEASE!” Melissa wailed. Orgasms in her life so far had been mostly ‘accidental’ and quite mild, not what she was experiencing with this woman.

Aquina briskly slapped one full breast and then the other, before tugging aggressively on the nipples, “Slave Whore can do better than that. What is your name?”

“H-Hmmm-Awww, oh GAWD! Whore. Whore!…oh please please, please, please, Mis-tress. Ahhh-ummmn…”

Aquina could tell by the movements of Melissa’s hips and the amount of fluid coating her inner labia that the woman was very, very close. She moaned in a whining arc of volume, before Aquina paused once again. “And what are you, Whore?”

The words seemed to be just dribbling out of Melissa’s lips in a pathetic whine, “oh…oh, God…oh…please …pleasssse…”

“What ARE you?” Aquina asked again. “Tell me and your release will come.”

“Oh…oh, geez…I…I’m…your…slave. I’m your slave. Your slave, Mistress. PLEASE! AAAAaaaaagaaawwwd!”

Aquina then began a rapid stroking and rubbing of the clitoris as she also fucked the now wet pussy with three fingers of her right hand. Melissa began to buck and writhe; she opened her mouth, and once again, no sounds emerged for a few moments, and then a wail, as her hips rose off the bed and her body convulsed for almost thirty seconds. And then silence, Melissa lying with her eyes closed and her mouth gaping open.

Even then, wondered Aquina, she looked beautiful.


Kevin re-read the message; the house was maybe fifteen minutes away; should he try to contact the boys now? What the hell, he thought, I’m on a roll, and he pushed the accelerator and headed for the address.


Melissa and Aquina lay together on the bed, Melissa’s head resting beside Aquina’s right breast, her forearm across Aquina’s chest and her hand caressing the left breast. Both women had their eyes closed and were resting comfortably in each other’s warmth.

Aquina spoke. “You asked me what was to happen to you.” She paused, feeling the young woman tense. “I explained earlier that your fate rests with these men; but, I can help you; and I want to help you. I will do everything to keep you from being harmed or hurt. But you will need to cooperate with…things. Like earlier, when you sucked that, cock. That man was one of your…captors.”

She was going to say ‘owners’, but felt that was too harsh at this point. And not exactly accurate. So far, Melissa had submitted to some sex, with Aquina’s support. There was no guarantee she would compliantly be their willing whore. How would they deal with someone who fought them? They had a grip on Kate, for now, but clearly that was already slipping. But how far could they push the lovely Melissa?

Having a man-space where they could entertain men or women they wanted to make deals or have connections with, people who could further their careers or help them financially, was one thing, the initial thing, in fact, with some willing women who were paid to be around. A brothel, of sorts.

But keeping someone captive was something else. Having someone willingly whore themselves was a whole different thing again. And then there was the little matter of kidnapping; a serious federal offence.

Aquina really didn’t know where all this slave thing would go. Experienced though she was, Aquina hadn’t known about Anna until move-in time; and Kate was out of the blue.

Now Melissa; well, no one knew about Melissa. Anna and Kate had come wrapped in pretty nice bows, their Captain basically serving Kate up on a platter and Anna already enslaved; but for how long could this, realistically, go on?

What will happen to her…?

One thing Aquina knew, at least as far as was in her power; even as she ensured these women served their masters (it was either that or leave) she promised herself she would fight for them. All of them.

But Melissa was special, for some reason. She was moved even more strongly to keep this woman from harm. Of that, she had no doubt.                     


Kevin had parked his car just south of the address and he was now looking things over. His phone buzzed again; it was Brandon.

“Hey,” he answered.

“Where are you?” Brandon sounded intense.

“Uh, just parked back of a target house; I got…”

“Listen to me; we don’t have much time. Tell me where you are; we’ll come. You can proceed, but I think we are being set up. You’re walking into a sting…”

“But how…”

“Jake and I were targeted earlier; we played it very cool and by the book. IA walked in a little behind us looking for a skim. We hadn’t touched a thing; but I’m afraid we are being watched and now it’s your turn.”

“Well, what the hell; what should I do?”

“You’re there; go in. But watch yourself. Watch yourself! Now where are you?”


Aquina was on her way to pick up Heather and shop for some clothes when her phone rang. The caller was unknown but Brandon used a burner. Answering it, she found it was him, sounding agitated and abrupt.

“Hey, we need to have a meeting tonight. I’ll tell you everything then. Just have the women away when we get home. Gotta go. Sorry.” And then he was gone. Aquina’s curiosity was raised but she could wait; right now she wanted to get Heather ready; Friday night was to be her debut at the house with a targeted client (or two).

Aquina could get this done and still be back before the boys.


Kevin looked around, but could not see any vehicles that might be cops. ‘Was this a set-up?’ ‘Was Brandon being paranoid?’ Kevin moved cautiously up the back stairs of the run-down raised bungalow. If this wasn’t a set-up he could be walking into real trouble; and he was alone. For the second time today, Kevin’s heart was banging furiously in his chest as he reached for the door knob.

The door was unlocked and Kevin entered cautiously. It looked like the place had been divided into suites, or individual rooms; before him was a hallway with several doors facing it. As he stood staring, his phone buzzed another text; this was from the same ‘Unknown’ as earlier and told him, ”second door on the right; knock three quick ones and reply ‘Zack’ when asked.”

Hmmm, maybe more detail than usual, but if Brandon hadn’t warned him he probably wouldn’t be suspicious. His informants had never messed him up yet. Still…

He stood before the door, drew his weapon and again took a slow, deep breath, then knocked; ‘rap, rap, rap’. A moment later a deep voice called from within.


“Zack,” Kevin uttered, as confidently as he could, for a one word statement.


Kevin entered, finding no one in this room, but a sound to his left made him turn; just in time to see a middle-aged white guy hauling a revolver out of his belt.


Aquina sat on one of the apartment’s three kitchen chairs, as Heather sashayed past. Thigh-high fish net stockings below a black party dress, which, when Heather turned quickly, rose up to reveal a tiny red thong, were as enticing as Aquina had hoped for.

“Crouch down, like you’re getting something from a cupboard,” she directed.

Heather did and Aquina noted with approval that the thong was then clearly visible, along with a generous section of thigh. From the back, most of Heather’s ass could be seen when she bent or crouched down. The men would love this, Aquina told herself. To Heather, she simply said, “Come here.”

With a shy smile, Heather came to her, and placed her arms around Aquina’s neck.


“Drop it. On your knees. NOW!” Kevin barked out, gun levelled at the man.

“OKAY, okay, take it easy. Take it easy,” the man called out, dropping to his knees and putting his hands behind his head.

“Okay, I’ll ask you once,” Kevin warned, “then I’m putting a bullet in you; anyone else here?”

The man hesitated for a moment, eyes focused on Kevin’s Glock, before calling out, “Harding, throw your gun down, c’mon out; and easy. Easy. This guy’s excited and his gun could go off. And it’s pointed at me. Do It!”

A revolver came skittering across the floor, and Kevin stopped it with his boot. A skinny, unshaven white guy, also middle-aged, came cautiously around the corner, hands raised. The kneeling man spoke.

“Hey, buddy, look-it, maybe we can work somethin’ out here.”

Kevin picked up the other handgun and now pointed a gun at each man, “Yeah, like what?”

“Like maybe you take some of our money and forget about us.”

“That’s called a bribe, friend.”

“Hey, look, this might just be a…misunderstandin’, right? You walk out with something for your time and we leave town. Whaddya say, kid?”

“Turn around,“ Kevin told the second man, then clicked a pair of cuffs in place. ”And you, lay flat, hands behind your back.” After cuffing the first man, Kevin rooted around and found the stash with the expected: drugs, cash and weapons (three revolvers), which he piled on the ancient, metal kitchen table. He was tempted; two scores in one day? What if Brandon was just being paranoid?

But, what if he wasn’t?

Kevin called into the station and requested back up and evidence pick-up. Less than five minutes later, the door opened and three guys in suits came in.

“No need for the gun, son” the first man said, showing a badge. “We’ll take this from here. You did…good.”

Kevin couldn’t tell from the man’s poker puss whether he was happy or annoyed. It didn’t matter; Kevin had dodged a bullet. If not literally, then certainly figuratively.


The four men and Aquina sat in the living room area of the house, in a semi-circle facing each other. On the coffee table was the five thousand seven hundred and eighty dollars Kevin had lifted from the first drug house. Despite this cash, the mood in the room was not happy.

“Okay,” Brandon began. “We don’t know that we, the four of us, have been singled out or if this was just an open trap…”

“Did anyone else respond to the call for your bust?” Kevin asked, still in uniform and slouching back in one of the leather armchairs.

Brandon thought for a moment and then slowly shook his head, “Not that we saw, although we didn’t stay long…”

“Yeah, but if others were coming, I think we would have seen ‘em,” Jake added from his spot at the end of the couch.

Aquina now spoke. “You guys have been very successful with your busts; more than any other group, and you’re young. I know attention was raised. It makes sense that they, brass, IA, whoever, would at the least have suspicions. You guys did well; they took you to the edge, but you didn’t go over.”

Heads nodded in agreement around the group; except for Jake. Eric asked, “So what do we do next?”

Brandon looked at Aquina, who slid forward on her chair. “You need to lay low for a bit, I think, but you can’t just suddenly stop with arrests or whatever. Make your busts if they come along, but leave everything. We need to look at other sources anyway, ripping off dealers is dangerous…”

“We ain’t afraid…” Jake grunted from his spot. Settled back into the sofa, he looked like an enormous toad.

Aquina did not react, but continued with her same, business-like manner. ”I don’t mean dangerous just with the dealers, but dangerous as a way of making money long term; too many ways to get found out. Some dealer gets busted and says hey, I’ll tell you ‘bout some dirty cops for a deal. That kind of danger. We’ve got some start-up money that way, but now we should look for bigger fish to fry.  Like this Friday….”

Eric and Kevin both looked at her and spoke at the same time, “What about this…”

“Friday…” Kevin finished as he and Eric punched each other’s arms.

Aquina had a little smile on her face, “Well, we will have our two, new ‘bait’ girls to loosen up the guys; one of whom is Sanders McHugh…”

All eyes focused on her now. Sanders McHugh was a major developer, long-believed to have criminal ties but also with major political connections. Working with him would open up a whole new set of possibilities; none of these thousand-dollar skims; McHugh dealt in big deals.

And he had known Aquina back in Miami, when she was young and he was an assistant to the governor and a low-level cocaine ‘broker’; as he had called himself. Had known her very well.

“Sanders is an old…acquaintance.” Aquina thought it best to not mention that Sanders and she had been a little more than acquaintances and that he had found her an apartment, and kept her there for a year and paid for her business college courses and…well, all of that was best left…in the past. At least for now.

“Think Dzyuba would know anything about what’s going on?” Eric asked. Everyone looked around at each other. Although Dzyuba clearly supported what they were doing with Kate, and with this house, and with…things, and they knew he was dirty, the man didn’t really share anything private with them, so….

“Well,” Brandon said, standing up, “If the shit had hit the fan I think something would be happening right now. So I think we should relax. I’m starving; I think I’ll head out for something.”

All the males agreed, as none had eaten, coming directly here from the station, so they all trooped out, leaving Aquina and the ‘slaves’ alone.

The events of the day had at least taken Melissa from their minds, for the present, anyway. The slaves would need to be fed (funny, Aquina thought, just like…pets, really) and then she would meet Mindi, and make sure all was set with her.

 (End of Chapter 07)

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A House of Slaves by LongDarkRoad Chapter 6 Pursuits

A House of Slaves  

Chapter 06 Pursuits (Do not mess with us)

As Aquina had guessed, while initially pissed at his ‘coitus interruptus’, Kevin quickly warmed to the idea of ‘initiating’ the beautiful woman he had seen earlier that day.

Aquina had already gone downstairs and was standing outside the crates. Anna and Melissa were in separate crates right now, Anna being down here because Aquina didn’t want her hearing any conversations upstairs.

Aquina opened Melissa’s crate, with the woman coming on her knees to the opening, head down. Aquina attached the leash and led the woman out and over to the couches.

She had Melissa kneel before her as she sat in an easy chair, perched on the front, close enough to touch Melissa’s face, which she did.

“Look at me, Melissa.”

The lovely brown eyes looked up; what was there, some fear still certainly, something else though. “I thought, M-, uh, mistress…that my name is…whore,” she whispered the last word, and was looking down again.

Aquina leaned forward and kissed Melissa’s face several times, quickly and gently. “Okay. You are Whore when we are with the men. It’s one of their silly, little ideas. But you are Melissa when with me. And, when we are together, just the two of us, I want you to call me…Aquina.” She leaned forward and kissed Melissa on the mouth; Melissa accepting Aquina’s tongue, even sucking it gently before it was withdrawn.

Aquina looked thoughtfully at the flaxen head bowed before her. She had learned to read people from a young age; it was a matter of survival then, and she was good at it. The facial tics, the eye movements, the pauses in speech, the fidgets and hand gestures, all told the watcher something if one paid attention.

This woman kneeling before her was terrified of physical contact, yet had warmed and responded to…her.

Aquina needed the back story, although she already guessed some things, likely it involved a man and it happened long ago.

She began in her quiet, confidential voice. “You have a secret, Melissa; I am sure. You were so fearful today. Now we don’t have a lot of time, but I need to have you tell me as much as you…can. Is it something from your past?” 

Aquina noticed the tensing of muscles, and then Melissa began to gently sway…no, rock. She was rocking on her knees, but ever so slightly.

“Your secret is of…a man, isn’t that right my beautiful girl,“ and Aquina gently touched Melissa’s face, who jerked away slightly none-the-less? “You were a child, yes, probably…younger than…ten.”

Melissa made a gagging sound and bowed her head lower, now almost to the floor. Her breath was coming in ragged gasps, just the memory of this past event was pulling her into a ball.

Aquina had her hand resting gently on Melissa’s neck, feeling the pounding pulse and the tensing of muscles. “This man…(muscle spasm) was…a friend of your mother’s…” Melissa bent down so her face was now actually on the floor, and she had begun sobbing, quietly still, but Aquina saw the shake of shoulders with each sob.

She lifted, dragged really, Melissa up and held her face in both hands, looking directly at her as Melissa tried to look everywhere else. “Give me your secret, Melissa. Share the pain with me, I want to help you. Let me be the keeper of your secret; let me have all the shame and anger. Melissa, tell me what he did…” her voice rose.

“Aaaaaaauhuhuh”, Melissa quietly wailed and threw her arms around Aquina’s neck. “Yes, oh God, damn him, damn him…yes, it was a man. I was nine; he lived with my mom…us…for like a year…”

And then the story rolled out, how this ‘boyfriend’ lived with them and how he began coming into Melissa’s room. He never seemed to bother with Anna, he focused entirely on Melissa; coming in each night, taking down her pyjamas and touching her with his hands and his cock. Never, oddly, kissing her. And although he would generally cum on her body somewhere, he never actually fucked her.

But he held her down, eventually actually binding her and he penetrated her holes with his fingers, covering her mouth, stopping her breathing, threatening to cut her throat, and her sister’s, if she uttered a word to anyone, as Anna slept a few feet away.

He had stayed for less than a year, the abuse relentless, and then suddenly he was gone. Her mom never said a word about him again.

“I-I’m…still a, virgin,” Melissa whispered into Aquina’s neck.

“You’ve never been with a man…since then?” Aquina looked at her.

Melissa stared at the floor. “I’ve never been with anyone, since then. I’ve never had a boyfriend, I’ve always kept my few girl friends at…a distance. I’ve never done anything…until today. With you.

And then Melissa looked up, and Aquina wrapped her in her arms.


Aquina and Kevin stood together at the top of the stairs. “So I need to be there this time. It’s important that I help this woman through this, and you understand?”

Kevin nodded, “I get it. We’ve had training in rape and sexual assault, so I understand the after-trauma. Especially with someone who has been systematically abused over time, like.”

Kevin took note that Aquina was staring at him.

“And yeah, I get that it sounds really hypocritical coming from a guy who is fucking and abusing ‘slave girls’. But you notice, it’s Kate that I do, and she is like fair game in my mind; and no, I don’t want to have a discussion about it.” A self-conscious smile broke across his boyish face as he looked away.

“Alright, let’s do this,” Aquina murmured and opened the basement door.

They went down the stairs and Aquina directed Kevin to the sitting area while she went in and called to Melissa who had remained, lying on her side, in one of the crates. Turning over, Melissa crawled to the door.

“We will be trying something now, my young…whore. This will be brief and I will be with you, but you must work to control your fear; listen, I will be there, right beside you.”

“Yes, Aquina, m-mistress,” Melissa replied in a voice thick with emotion, as Aquina tied a scarf around the woman’s eyes for a blindfold, before leading her out to the couches. “On your knees, Whore.” She commanded, and Melissa knelt in the ready position, trembling.

With an experienced hand, Aquina unzipped Kevin’s pants, and brought out his quickly hardening cock, as he stood directly in front of the naked and beautiful new ‘slave’. She lifted Melissa’s face, and lightly drew the head of Kevin’s un-cut cock across her lips. There was a slight head jerk, but Melissa remained in place, her breasts rising and falling. Kevin placed a hand on one breast and lightly stroked the nipple, which hardened. He gave Aquina a look after reacting to the nipple’s enlarged size, and she nodded in response.

“Open your mouth, Whore.”

Melissa opened, her hands clasping and unclasping with anxiousness; but again, she held her place. Aquina began stroking Kevin’s shaft as Melissa bobbed her head. Kevin’s was an average length erection, and Melissa was able to get most of it into her mouth as she concentrated on sucking. Aquina applied pressure to the base of Kevin’s cock and gently fondled his balls.

Holding Melissa’s head in place, Aquina began to pump Kevin’s well-lubricated shaft aggressively, noting him closing his eyes and tilting his head back and then his breathing becoming rapid, followed by the tensing of his balls and then; just as he came, Aquina pulled his cock out and shot the cum onto Melissa’s lovely breasts. She continued to stroke the erection, even as Kevin groaned and slowly sank to his knees. She took several tissues from her pocket and wiped away his goo.

Kevin settled back into an easy chair, eyes closed, pants still around his ankles, as Aquina directed Melissa’s head down to his now flaccid penis and had her suck him for a moment or two, before leading her back to her cage. It had taken less than five minutes.

Once there, Aquina removed the blindfold and held Melissa tightly, “You were absolutely awesome,” she praised the trembling young woman who gripped her in response, before directing her back into the crate.

“I need to go out, but I will see you later tonight. No one will disturb you now.” Melissa wanted to speak but kept silent as Aquina walked quickly away, closing the door to their area.

Upstairs, she found Jake standing with a scowl, leaning against a wall. “Looks like I’m helping you,” he grunted in his gruff voice.

“Yeah, thanks. We need to get going. Whose car?”

“We’ll use mine,” Jake replied, heading for the door.

Aquina turned to Brandon, “I want Melissa left alone,” she said quietly with a look.

“I’ll see to it,” he answered, as she moved closer, her aroma lingering as she turned and followed Jake.

After Aquina had given the directions they drove in silence for a while, before she ventured a question.

“Okay, so what’s the deal with Melissa?”

Jake did not take his eyes from the road. “What deal are you talking about?”

“I know she’s your sister-in-law, but there’s something more than that. Why was…trapping her, so important to you?”

“Who says it’s important?” he answered without emotion.

“Really? You haven’t been planning this for a while? She just happened to come over for a visit?”

They drove in silence. Finally Jake chuckled a little. “So you and Brandon aren’t the only ones who can plan something.”

Aquina glanced over at him. He had a smug smile on his round face. “Good one. This is well-planned, and it’s yours. But Melissa is…quite a catch. If we are going to make the most of her, I need to know more details.”

The smug grin remained, and then he continued. “I don’t know why. We’ve got her. We’ll use her. End of story.”

“It’s not that simple, Jake. This is a partnership; we need to work with each other.”

“Yeah, well I’ll think about it. I need to have her on her knees in front of me; maybe then we’ll talk.”

“Fine. Have it your way. We’ll talk. Take the next right; we’re here. And yeah, by the way, kidnapping her has put us all in your shit.”


They didn’t need to search for Heather after all. As they were parking, Aquina’s cell rang; and it was the woman. She’d had a blow-up with one of the bouncers and was interested in talking more about the offer. She was in a bar a few blocks away. Aquina told her to stay there, they were on their way.

Forty-five minutes later, they were entering Kate’s former apartment, Heather casting nervous glances at Jake all the while. It was a small two-bedroom so it only took a moment to look around. They were standing in one bedroom and Aquina asked about Heather’s stuff and wasn’t surprised to hear she ‘didn’t have much’.

“Right,” Aquina continued, “so you can stay here tonight. There’s a couple of beers in the fridge and some cans of food and some cereal. I think the milk in the fridge is okay. We’ll call you tomorrow. Now…” here she turned the face of the girl to look up at her; Aquina in her heels was almost six feet tall, so Heather definitely needed to look up.

“We’ve come this far. Do not mess with us. When I call tomorrow you answer on the first ring. If you get some freaky notion and change your mind, that guy…” she nodded her head in Jake’s direction, “is police…we’ll find you and we won’t be happy with you; we’ll mess you up, that’s a promise. This is a chance to set yourself right. Don’t fuck it up. Clear?”

Heather felt an uneasiness, but she also wanted to trust this beautiful and intimidating woman. She had never had anything to do with someone like her. To Heather, Aquina was like something out of a movie and, in her own muddled way, she felt this could actually be good for her.

“I won’t do anything stupid. I won’t. I want this to work. I’ll…do, um, be…what you need. Thanks.”

She really does look fifteen, Aquina thought. “The sheets are clean. Have a bath, there’s towels in there. Do you at least have a toothbrush?”

Heather quickly dug into her small handbag and brought out a traveler’s toothbrush, holding it up and grinning broadly.

“Good girl,” Aquina said, leaning down and kissing the girl’s cheek. She smelled, amazingly to Aquina, like soap. It wouldn’t have been her first guess.

Heather smiled again, still looking like a teenager, before standing on her toes and kissing Aquina’s face, then smiling shyly.

“See you tomorrow,” Aquina said and she and Jake left. He had not uttered a sound.


Jake dropped Aquina off and then left for his own place. They had not said any more on the ride home. Entering the house, Aquina heard sounds of gunfire; Eric and Kevin had the Xbox 360 fired up and were loudly killing zombies. Kate was facing them, tied naked to one of the chairs with her legs spread as wide as possible. Vibrators had been inserted into both her ass and vagina, and her eyes were closed. The lips of her vulva were red and puffy.

Brandon was sitting in the kitchen, but from where he was he could see both the screen and Kate.

“How long has she been tied up?” Aquina asked.

“I dunno, twenty minutes, maybe. Why?”

Aquina looked at him, “I am the one looking after them. It isn’t a part-time job. Where’s Anna?”

“I put her to work cleaning the bathroom. She is…um, very dedicated.” Brandon smiled.

Aquina went down the hall and found Anna on her knees with a small scrub brush, studiously working on the floor. “Okay, that’s good for now, Slave. Stay on your knees but come with me. Bring the stuff.”

Anna struggled along behind Aquina as they made their way back to the kitchen, dropped off the brush and basin and then headed downstairs, Anna on hands and knees all the way. Aquina directed Anna into the crate that Melissa was in, but brought Melissa out, taking her into the sitting area.

She brought the young woman up to the couch beside her and held her with her head on her shoulder. After a moment, she turned Melissa’s face and kissed her mouth. Melissa’s hands were tied but she was still able to raise one hand to Aquina’s face, touching it gently as they kissed. Aquina grasped one breast in her left hand and squeezed it, pulling on the nipples. She then lifted Melissa’s face and looked into those chocolate eyes.

“Just focus on tomorrow, following directions, avoiding punishment, working with me…”

“But,” Melissa blurted out, “You…they…can’t get away with this. You can’t just keep me…here…”

Aquina looked at the woman for a moment. She knew she should punish her for this outburst, but the day had been traumatic enough already. She spoke quietly. “Who will stop…them? Who knows where you are? When you are coming back?” Aquina wasn’t sure of this herself, having gotten nothing from Jake, but she guessed he was cunning enough to have thought this through.

Melissa looked down. Moments passed, and then Aquina noticed tears falling onto Melissa’s breasts. She let the woman cry softly for a while, then took a tissue from her pocket and wiped Melissa’s eyes and nose.

“There will be no one coming to rescue you. You are here until they decide otherwise. But, I will guide you….” Aquina lifted the face once more. “I know it may just seem like only words, but I care for you. It doesn’t matter why. I just do. I am on your side, as strange and terrible as all this is, and as hard, well, to believe.”

A smile emerged slowly on Melissa’s lovely face, but then she looked down. “But what about…you know…”


“Yes.” Melissa now looked directly into Aquina’s eyes.

“We will deal with him.”


The morning ritual, now with three slave women, was thus more complicated, especially with having to get Kate out the door by seven, and it was further complicated today by the fact that Kate simply lay in her crate when ordered to come out. Aquina managed finally to drag the woman to where she could be lifted, and dragged / carried into the areas with the couch.

“What the fuck is this?” Aquina asked, sternly, and when Kate did not answer, she gripped the woman’s face hard and forced her to look up. “Do you want to be punished again? I promise, it will be worse than before.”

Kate finally said, “How can you be part of this, what they’re doing to me, to us. You’re all monsters.”

Aquina felt a dullness settle for a moment within her, and then with her force of will, pushed it away. “This is what it is, Kate; I’m focused on bringing you through this; it stinks, like really, but if you don’t cooperate, I don’t like the way your future looks.”

Kate lay on the carpet, “Maybe they can just shoot me.”

Aquina turned the woman’s face, “You don’t really mean that, do you? Are you giving up? You are stronger than that, you are stronger than them.”

“That’s easy for you to say,” Kate murmured.

Aquina knelt and considered, then spoke quietly. “Give it ten more days, Kate. Endure this and we’ll talk again. That’s my promise.” She paused, then added, “They will kill you if you are a problem, I believe that.”

The woman sighed and struggled slowly to her feet and with Aquina’s help managed to be out on time, but it was an unsettling start to a busy day.

Aquina had left Melissa and Anna tied together in one crate, their faces pressed into each others’ crotches, as she now had to contact Heather, then meet her and take her to where she had stashed one small gym bag with some clothes. Then there was a quick stop for some groceries before heading back to the apartment.

Aquina had gone through the scenario with Heather: young girls available to some select men; only the very rare chance of actual sex, with a cash reward, but mostly it was just being grabbed and fondled.

Heather had listened quietly and had not reacted to any of it, even when Aquina had asked her straight out. “No, I understand the scene. No big deal.” She replied, still looking like a fifteen year old. Aquina checked her driver’s licence again and her passport (which she carried with her.) She definitely was twenty-two;

Aquina shook her head in amazement.

And now they were just sitting at the table; Aquina spoke. “I need you to stand and take off everything. I need to see your body.”

For the first time, Heather looked a little surprised. “Uh, oh. That really necessary?”

Aquina snuffed. “Yes. It is. We will be buying some clothes for you, but I want to see you naked for my own…evaluation. You have danced, right? I would think nude is no big deal. Especially for another woman.”

Heather laughed, and turned a little red. “This is so strange. When I dance, it’s all about my routine. I’m very flexible and was into gymnastics and shit. I use a lot of that in my…ummm, program. It’s funny, I’m a little nervous just before, but once I start I’m like in a zone, you know. But this, like, wow; just stripping for one person, a woman or whatever. Jeez, don’t know why but I’m really nervous.” She’d said all this with one breath, and now looked at Aquina with large eyes.

Aquina looked at her, more amused than anything, before saying gently. “Just stand up; take your things off. It will be fine.”

With a sigh, and turning so she wasn’t looking at Aquina, Heather took off her top, bra and jeans. Pausing at her thong (which wasn’t covering much, anyway) she looked again at Aquina, who repeated with a sigh, “Everything.”

Heather pulled the thong down, and stood awkwardly, shifting her weight from one foot to the other.

“Give me that,” Aquina held out her hand.

“What?” Heather asked, looking confused.

“Your thong, hand it to me.”

With an odd look on her face, Heather bent down, picked up the tiny garment, and passed it to Aquina, who held it to her nose and inhaled.

“Oh man, that’s wacked out, really. Sick.” And Heather covered her mouth with her hand and laughed.

“Come here,“ Aquina said, “and get down on your knees.” Heather complied, a little cautiously, kneeling directly in front of Aquina who was seated on a kitchen chair. Grabbing the back of Heather’s head, Aquina held the panties to her nose, “What do you smell?”

“Aaa-gack! Stop. Crazy.”

“What do you smell?” Aquina repeated.

Heather sniffed tentatively again, “Um, well, just…uh, me, you know. What am I supposed to…smell?”

“You smell clean. You have no infections. No discharge. No yeast. No fishmonger. That’s good.” Aquina dropped the garment to the floor. “We will of course get some blood work done on you, just to be safe. Okay, stand up and put your hands behind your head, lace your fingers together.”

Aquina studied the slim body; despite her size, Heather possessed a lovely figure; it was youthful and she could pass for someone in grade nine if you saw her changing in a locker room. Yet, her breasts still had a wonderful fullness and her hips swelled enticingly; she was pretty in a girl-next-door kind of way. The men that ‘the boys’ were targeting would eat Heather up; figuratively and, possibly, literally.

“Okay, very nice,” Aquina murmured as she ran her hands over Heather’s body, eliciting soft mews from the girl, whose nipples soon jutted out and whose outer pussy lips began to fatten. If Aquina was enjoying this, so too was Heather. “On your knees.”

Heather knelt, and soon Aquina had her head right to the floor with her hips high and inviting. Aquina gave one side a slap.

“UUhhn!” Then the other. “UUhhhnn, oooo. What…?”

“Ssshhh”, Aquina whispered, now running a finger between those outer lips; feeling the moistened inner flesh, she slipped one finger in, then another and a third. The girl was not as tight as Aquina expected. She probed a little more, almost like an examination, then paused.

“When did you have your baby?” Aquina asked, in a matter-of-fact voice, as if she were asking for the time.

Heather sucked in breath with an audible gasp and her knees buckled. She was frozen for a second, and then she replied.

“I don’t know what…”

“Stop it. I’m not judging you. Just tell me the truth.” There was a pause. Heather’s breath was rasping through her nose. Then she began.

“I was sixteen. I didn’t know much about anything. My mom went freakin’ nuts. She threw me out.”

Now, as if a flood gate had been opened after being shut tightly for years, Heather’s story flowed out.

“I ended up with my aunt and cousin, Amelia. She was seventeen, and she found me a couple who, um, who wanted my…baby. They paid my medical bills; looked after me. They paid me. Seventy-five hundred dollars. I had my baby, a g-girl, right in their house. And then they nursed me, and when I was ready, I just left. I went to Europe and spent every dime of that money. A full year I was gone. I n-never saw my baby again.”

Heather paused and the room was silent. “One thing, I, um, made sure like that I always had a cell. I was in the south of Spain when I got a text that my mom had died. My aunt said I should come home. They sent me a ticket. I came back and everything. We sold the house and I lived on that money for a while. Then I moved in with my aunt and cousin.”

She paused again, but she wasn’t finished, and Aquina could be a very patient person. “I hooked up with a crazy dude. His name was Jonathon but everyone called him Charlie. Me and Charlie went crazy with sex. He loved everything. We fucked all the time and got my cousin involved and my aunt went total, absolutely fuckin’ bat-shit. She slapped me and dragged me by my hair. She punched Charlie and broke his nose. She threw me out.

A year later, Charlie and I were done. And now it’s been a year since then, and I haven’t been with any man since. And now I’m back on the street, and doing b-j’s and strippin’, just to get fuckin’ day money.”

She stopped, as suddenly as she had started. She was still on her knees. Her breath was as rapid as if she had been running. Aquina slowly slid her hand up the slender back, and then under, cupping the soft breast. She pulled Heather to her, and the girl threw her arms around Aquina’s neck and just held on; it was so easy to do, the woman simply exuded strength.

But now Aquina had a problem. Two days ago, Heather Barr had been a target; now, like Kate and Melissa, she had become a person.

 (End of Chapter 06)

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A House of Slaves by LongDarkRoad Chapter 5 Desires

A House of Slaves 

Chapter 05 Desires (A Matter of Survival)

Brandon moved quietly back to the doorway, and watched as the two women were now kissing. Pausing, Aquina spoke softly to Melissa again, explaining how she needed to be strong for her sister, and cooperate.

“Will you cooperate, Melissa, or will Anna be punished some more.”

Melissa finally spoke, her mind confused, as much by the emotions this woman was producing as by the assault. Her voice was subdued but clear. “I will cooperate…if…Anna is not harmed.”

“Good. That’s the only way it will work. Now, you need to take off those clothes. This is not negotiable. They need to all come off.” Melissa looked down, it seemed she might start crying again, her face was reddening, but instead she began to undress, slowly, like a robot, but self-consciously,.

When she got to her bra and panties she hesitated. Aquina leaned forward, kissing Melissa’s neck, while at the same time reaching around and unclasping the bra. Aquina pulled it away to reveal two wonderful, firm, plump breasts topped with large dark areolas and huge nipples. Melissa moved to cover her breasts, but Aquina held her arms by her sides.

“We need to have them out. Your breasts are beautiful, incredible really. They should be out so people can see them, enjoy them, even worship them.” Aquina leaned forward and gripped a nipple between her teeth. She then sucked, drawing an “AAAAhhhhh!” from Melissa, who closed her eyes while Aquina then gently licked the nipple, which amazingly grew even larger.

“Open your mouth,” Aquina commanded. Melissa hesitated, considered, then complied, “Put out your tongue.” When she did, Aquina took it into her own mouth and sucked it.

Melissa’s mind a-whirl, with equal parts terror, arousal and revulsion, confused at her response with what this woman, Aquina (what a lovely name) was doing to her.

The young woman had an almost obsessive resistance to being touched; even doctor’s visits had caused her some anxiety. Yet Aquina was somehow drawing her in. Melissa found the woman’s smell…lovely, no…intoxicating. Her taste, her breath were delightful.

She was so incredibly beautiful Melissa was almost transfixed, especially since she almost always ignored people, not really even looking at them. It wasn’t rudeness, it was a compulsion. She’d been this way since childhood, and was the reason she had had no real relationships, sexual or, really, otherwise. She had friends, but they were always kept at a distance.

No one, except Anna, had ever been let in.

So what was she now doing, kissing and holding someone, like this…passionately?? Why did she feel a jolt of excitement course right through her, right down to her…thingee, when…Aquina, kissed her nipple. Maybe this was…desire, something she had never looked for, or even thought about. She had certainly never experienced it.

And what was happening now; the woman was, sucking…on her tongue??? Her tongue was in another person’s mouth. A woman’s mouth.

But it was undeniable that her heart was now pounding, and with her own sister chained naked before her, and her psychopathic brother-in-law waiting somewhere in the shadows, still; she was reluctant to let go of …Aquina.

She did not want this, this feeling…to end, an amazing thought to her, an incredible thought really. If someone had said something like this could happen to her, she would not have believed them.

So what exactly had she stumbled into, in this…house of horrors, that held this enchanting woman?


Brandon had needed to get back to work, so Aquina was left with the two women. Melissa had calmed down, and

Aquina had taken the now naked woman to her room and tied her to the bed. Melissa had resisted but Aquina had left her with a ball gag in her mouth, the early stages of having her accept her fate, or….

Or what? Now she had two kidnapped women under her care. Jake was irrational if he thought they could just do this, without any end plan, but Brandon should have more sense.

Aquina took a despairing Anna down stairs. She had calmed somewhat but looked horrified. The thought of letting Jake have access to Melissa upset her more than anything about her own situation. She wanted to beseech Aquina, to beg her for help; instead she simply stared at the floor, tears falling on the concrete.

Aquina broke the silence; cupping Anna’s chin she sighed and looked into the woman’s sad eyes, “I will look out for Melissa; I don’t want her hurt, trust me.” Anna nodded her head and Aquina used a tissue to clean her face. “I need time, Anna. And I need you to be the strong one, to lead by example, to show Melissa what she needs to do to make it. I need you to be the best possible slave there is. Can you do that?”

Rather than being offended or defensive about this suggestion, Anna nodded her head, and when allowed to speak vowed to Aquina to work with her to keep Melissa safe, even if that meant her sister was to be enslaved. But she must be protected from Jake.

Aquina returned to her room and stood for a moment looking at the beautiful body tied helpless before her, and felt a rise of unmistakable arousal. She wanted this woman, but not like this; forcing someone produced nothing for her. Any bully, even someone like Jake, especially someone like him, could force someone. Aquina wanted to take this exquisite beauty for her own, to have her crawl on her stomach to her and lick her feet, and then whip her beautiful ass with her flogger…but of her own free will, not like this.

But for now, however, she needed to get Melissa’s (her slave name was to be ‘Whore’, Aquina shook her head at that) head in a certain place, and then Aquina needed to get out and follow up on Heather Barr.

She now ran her slender fingers up the lovely body and felt muscles tighten beneath her touch, saw the rapid intake of breath.

Melissa’s pubic area was clearly untouched; it didn’t even look ‘bikini’ trimmed, and so it was obvious that the blond hair on her head was dyed. But, sadly, this was not the time to explore this body.

She removed the ball-gag from Melissa’s mouth and then spoke quietly to her, “I am going to untie you, are you going to try anything foolish?”

Melissa closed her eyes, breathing hard, then she blurted out, “No, no. Okay. N-no. I won’t try anything. Please untie me, being…restrained is torture to me. Please.” Aquina noted the anguish in the voice, but reached over and gave one nipple a twist and a pull.

“UUNng-uh-oww!” came the immediate response.

Aquina’s voice was calm but firm, “You will address me as Mistress, understand?”

There was a pause, as if this required an effort, and then Melissa said, softly, “Um, Y-yes-um-yes. M-mistress.” Her breath was still coming hard.

Aquina regarded the bound woman, imagining for a moment her anguish. “There, that wasn’t so hard,” said Aquina, smiling and then untying the four cords. “Kneel down by me now.”

Melissa lay for a moment, then slowly slipped off the bed, hesitating, then slid down to her knees. She was trembling, but nothing like before.

“Hands behind your back.” Melissa looked up, fear in her eyes; it affected Aquina, but she continued and when Melissa slowly complied, Aquina tied her hands, had her stand, and then led her downstairs. Both sisters cried out when they saw each other, and then Aquina unlocked Anna’s crate and guided Melissa into it.

“I am letting you two lie together for a while,  remember this. You are to stay side by side until I return.”

“Yes, Mistress. Thank you Mistress.” Anna spoke quickly.

Melissa took a moment longer before adding. “Thank you.” She paused, ”and…th-thank you for your…kindness.”

Aquina regarded the woman for a moment longer and then locked the crate and headed back up the stairs,  turning off the light on her way.

She now needed to refocus and track down, then check out, Heather Barr. Melissa’s face, however, lingered in her mind.


“Oh God, Melissa,” Anna sobbed and then the tears flowed again.

“Oh Anna, Anna, Anna…,” and Melissa in turn sobbed into Anna’s shoulder. Anna’s hands were tied in front, but she was able to clasp Melissa’s face in the darkness and see a shape. They kissed each other’s cheeks, tasting each other’s tears, and then just lay pressed together.


Aquina waited in her parked car. She was waiting for Garth, an associate she had worked with for several years and one she trusted absolutely. With none of the boys available, she wanted his support before entering a strip-club in this part of town. She saw a cab pull up across from her, and Garth’s very large frame slowly exited the back door. Getting out she waved at him and began walking toward ‘The Jungle’, a bar with a, yes, tropical theme, and a large dancers’ area with four stages.

Inside she found ‘Sal’, someone she had known years ago on the street. First thing Aquina noticed was the scar running from Sal’s left eye down to her jawbone. After embracing, Aquina touched the scar and looked in Sal’s eyes. “A disagreement over money,” Sal said in her husky voice. Aquina then showed her a photo of Heather. Sal turned and motioned for them to follow. She went behind the stage area to where a number of back, private ‘rooms’ were situated.

They went to the last one; which in reality was so small as to be just a booth; and Sal knocked.

“Yeah?” came the response, and Sal opened the door. Heather, a very young-looking woman was as advertised; reddish-blond hair (now short and spikey) small and slim. She was sitting on a chair beside a hole in the wall. This was a glory-hole booth. Being late afternoon, things were still very quiet.

Aquina looked at the girl as Garth waited, completely blocking the door.

“Something…I can help you with?” Barr asked, looking nervous.

“Maybe,” Aquina looked again, and the girl began to fidget under the scrutiny. “You like sucking cocks for a living?”

“You a cop…or something?” Barr replied.

“Nope. I know a lot of cops, but I’m more interested in you. Maybe offer you some work that’s better than… this.” Aquina looked around the tiny room.

“Yeah? And why would you want to do that?”

“First tell me, what are you using?”

Barr looked away. “I thought you said you weren’t a cop?”

“I’m not…”

“Then what the fuck do you care?”

“If I’m going to offer you…a job…then I need to know a couple of things. That’s one.”

The two women looked at each other. Aquina was patient and carried a certain authority with her.

“Okay, alright; what the fuck. Look, downs are it for

me; and I don’t use regular. Okay?”

Barr was wearing a sleeveless shirt, so Aquina knew she didn’t inject. Sedatives made sense. Barr looked like someone who might have anxiety issues.

“Okay,” Aquina replied as well. “What time are you done here?”

“It’s kind of up to me,” Barr said, still cautious, “What kind of cash we talking?”

“We’ll talk that next time. It’s better than here, I can tell you that. What time?”

“Midnight…” Barr looked now again like a very young girl.

“Good. We’ll be back.” Aquina handed the girl two twenties. “For your time.” She smiled and then turned and left, Garth at her side. Barr looked at the money. Men were charged fifty dollars for a (non-swallowing) blow-job, but the house took thirty and the bouncer took a percentage as well, to send clients the girl’s way, so forty bucks clear for a chat wasn’t bad.

Aquina definitely had the girl’s interest.

However, if Heather had known what she was really getting into, she would have given the money back.

Outside, Aquina looked up at Garth and thanked him for his help.

“Anytime, Aquina; anytime, you know that. I always have your back.”


When Aquina entered the house she was happy that she had arrived before any of the guys. Even though only Brandon (and Kate of course) actually lived there (so far) the men would all likely be there at some point, and she wanted to make sure that Melissa was not ‘thrown to the wolves’, especially the big wolf, Jake. She dumped her stuff and headed down to the basement.

Flicking on the light, she saw both heads bob, but the women remained as instructed. She brought both out, placed ropes on their wrists so their hands were bound in front but loose enough that they could use them.

Melissa did not have her collar yet so Aquina guided  both women together down to the toilet.

Anna was placed first and urinated; Melissa resisted briefly when commanded, but then wiped her sister’s pussy as directed. Sitting on the toilet she looked like she would die, but she had to urinate so it happened, and then she stood with her eyes closed as Anna wiped her. Moving Melissa’s legs apart Aquina directed Anna’s face into her sister’s crotch and Anna obediently licked Melissa’s pussy lips thoroughly. Although the young woman had her eyes clamped tightly shut throughout, her amazing nipples hardened.

Aquina then handed Anna the scissors, sponge, soap and safety razor and the woman went to work clearing away the mass of public hair. When finished, Aquina admired Melissa’s shaved pussy with its meaty outer labia and substantial inner folds; it was a real mouth full, and Aquina resisted the urge to drop to her knees; that would have to wait.

For now, she placed Melissa back in one crate and took Anna upstairs, chaining her to the familiar post in the living room so she would be available for whoever arrived. She found the new collar with ‘Whore’ written large in red glass studs on its side, and went back down to Melissa.

She brought her out and had her kneel. Her lovely breasts rose and fell quickly with her anxiety and anticipation. Aquina placed the collar on the floor and took a riding crop down from the wall.

Placing the crop under the woman’s chin, she lifted Melissa’s head and saw the fear clearly showing in the soft, brown eyes. Aquina leaned down and kissed the inviting mouth with its full lips; Melissa did not pull away, and then Aquina moved back.

“This is to be yours, and it’s not an option,” she indicated the collar with her whip. “Put it on.”

Melissa’s lips and hands began to tremble, but she reached forward, looked at the name and looked up at Aquina, now with sadness. “Bu-but…I’m…not a…h- h- whore.” And she made a gulping sound before the tears began rolling down her cheeks.

Aquina paused for a moment and sighed. “No, you’re not. It’s a dumb male thing. But, you need to listen to me. If you want to survive, it is a role, a role you must play. Do you want to survive, to make it out of here?”

Melissa sat frozen for a moment, then nodded slowly, and Aquina moved slightly to the woman’s left, then she brought the riding crop down across the round buttocks offered by Melissa’s kneeling position.

“UUUNnnngg-uh!” Melissa cried out.

Aquina took a breath, then began, like a teacher correcting a young student. “You did not call me Mistress, and that is not negotiable.” Aquina lifted the beautiful face, apart from her own, the loveliest she had ever seen, and said quietly, “I don’t want to mark your beautiful body, I really don’t, Melissa. And I will call you that. But I will punish you if you make me. Are we clear…slave?”

Melissa choked down her tears and slowly placed the collar around her neck, fastening it with some difficulty because of her shaking hands. She looked down at the floor.

“That’s a good girl,” Aquina praised, softly stroking the side of the woman’s face before taking a leash from the wall and attaching it. She led Melissa out the door and over to the area with the couches. Sitting on the edge of one, she kicked off her shoes and pulled off her tailored slacks, Melissa now kneeling in front of her, eyes darting from the black triangle of Aquina’s panties to her face.

“Do you want to come close to me?” Aquina asked, softly.

What did she want, other than to have this madness end? But within her something else stirred. She was…attracted to this woman. How absurd…but true. And she, strangely, did want to be close to her. To this person who was in charge of her abuse. Why??

For Aquina’s part, she, always so good at this, could not read the eyes. Not this time, right now; they held too much. “I asked you a question, slave, do you need a reminder?” she asked, raising the whip.

Melissa was jolted to action. “No. I mean, yes, uhhm, M-mistress, yes, I would like to…um, to be close to …you. Um, but this is hard. Mmmm, oh, God…” Melissa managed to get out, choking twice.

Aquina shifted down slightly so her ass was on the edge of the cushion, her legs spread. She guided Melisa’s head to the top of her thigh, “Slave may lick here.” Melissa began, eyes closed again, breathing deeply, with long, sensual tongue strokes and even soft kisses, her warm breath feeling delightful on Aquina’s bare flesh.

“UH-mmmmnnn,” Aquina leaned her head back. “That is…very nice, hmmmm,” She murmured as Melissa continued to bathe her upper thigh in her saliva, the woman herself feeling something she had never experienced, or at least acknowledged…arousal. Here, in this prison basement.

And there was also self-preservation; Melissa did not do well with pain.

Aquina now positioned ‘her slave’s nose directly above her pussy lips, and then pressed the nose directly into her cleft. “Breathe, slave. Breathe in my scent.”

Melissa did, inhaling the fragrance, feeling anxiety and arousal. “What does…our Whore…want?” Aquina asked, in the voice that seemed to ooze seductively from her lips.

“Uh…ummmmm…” Melissa was now almost panting, dealing with feelings she had never experienced. She knew what she, amazingly, wanted…but it was so hard to say it.

“Tell me, Whore; and what you want is yours…” Aquina deliberately used the degrading name, taking away its

power through use. This woman needed to be trained, not broken. Aquina did not want her broken; fuck Jake. Fuck them all, if it came to it, she had already decided her path.

“Uh…oh, mmmm, God. Umm…please…please. M-mistress, I…uh, um…”


“OH! uh…God, God…please, um. Let me…”

Aquina considered, watching with caution the rapid breathing of the woman; she didn’t need a repeat of yesterday; this woman was clearly a special case.

Taking gentle hold of Melissa’s blonde hair, Aquina pulled the lovely face between her thighs and ground her pelvis into the plump lips. Melissa was not fighting now, and she was kissing, tentatively.

Aquina pulled her panties to one side and watched as the tongue now licked, cautiously, on its own. She gradually released her grip on the hair and let Melissa pleasure her.

“Kiss me, Whore. Lick me. Make me feel good. You can do this, you can kiss my pussy…” After a few moments of this delight, Aquina lifted her slave’s face again, looking into the eyes, less sad now, the breathing relaxed a little. “Do you like kissing my…pussy?” She asked quietly.

“Uh, mmmm,” Melissa uttered, nodding her head and looking down with shame.

“Look at me, this is nothing but pleasure. Stop this guilt. It’s just you and me. You like me, you know that, even if you are terrified at being here and what could happen, you like being with me, and you like doing…this. Just say, Mistress, I like kissing your pussy.”

Melissa took a breath, and then, shedding years of avoidance, murmured, “M-mistress, ummm, oh God, uh, I like, I do like, kissing your,” she paused, “mmm, pussy. Mmmmmmnnn.”

Aquina placed one foot between Melissa’s thighs, causing a small jump, then she began to slowly rub, as Melissa closed her eyes and then squeezed the foot, very soft moans beginning from the partly opened lips.

“I want you to be mine, to be my whore,” Aquina murmured, reaching her hand down now and gently stroking the pussy lips that were slowly, almost reluctantly, beginning to fatten with blood.

After a moment, Aquina brought the face up and back between her thighs, her hand resting on the back of Melissa’s head, and then began earnestly grinding the beautiful face into her crotch. She forced herself to release Melissa briefly so the woman could speak.

“Oh Please, please, I’ll do what you want. I’ll be your…oh…ummmm.

At this point Aquina had pulled her panties off and Melissa’s mouth was actually licking Aquina’s entire outer labia. Secretions had been oozing out for a while and Melissa licked these, unaware, her mind twisting wildly and her tongue needing no commands. It buried itself into Aquina’s hole as Melissa sucked everything into her mouth, feeling passion for the first time in her life, and letting the terror drift away, if only for a moment.

Aquina closed her eyes, her mind awhirl as well.


Brandon and Aquina were sitting together on one of the living room couches. “So what’s, em, up?” Brandon inquired, sipping his Jack Daniels.

Aquina took a drag from her slim cigar. She’d thought a little on this discussion, but she still needed to phrase things…appropriately.

“I have made some progress with Melissa…”

“Whore…” Brandon interjected.

Aquina looked at him with a smirk, “Really? Whatever, you boys and your boy-games. She is going to take a few  days to be ready for use by anyone, but I want to try her tonight with me and Kevin only…”

“Jake isn’t going to like that…”

Aquina turned dark eyes in Brandon’s direction, standing and glaring, “Fuck Jake.” Before Brandon could argue, Aquina raised a slender, red-tipped finger. ”Listen to me. Fuck him, and I mean that.”

They regarded each other in silence, but for Aquina this needed to be said. “I know he’s your childhood buddy slash brother, fucking etcetera, etcetera, but you know as well as anyone that he is a fucking loose cannon, or worse. He needs to be controlled,” she emphasized. “And so what he wants is not worth shit.”

Brandon studied the beautiful, angry face before him. Maybe if Aquina would let him fuck her, he could take her side. Or, maybe not. Whatever, he knew however that she was right, and he didn’t like it. He had known for a long time that Jake was like a live grenade, and that someone like Aquina would be the one to help him realize his ambitions, not Jake. “So, um, what do you suggest?” he asked, his voice now neutral.

Good, Aquina thought, he gets it, sort of. She sighed. “First off, this whole slave thing is a shit show and a huge job; a giant fuck-up waiting to happen. I know I went along with the whole Kate thing, but,” she paused and Brandon continued to just watch and wait; he could not risk losing this person.

“But, is there an end game? Are we going to keep adding women that need to be restrained and watched twenty-four seven? This woman was kidnapped, B. I don’t intend on going to prison…”

Aquina sighed and shook herself, lighting a smoke and regaining control; it was what it was, for now. “Anyway, Jake can come with me to try and round up our second girl, Heather. It will keep him busy and I could use his, personality, where I’m going. I could also then have a chance to explain a little about Melissa, and maybe he could fill me in a little.”

Brandon nodded. “Okay, that makes some sense; it should, even to Jake,” he murmured.

At that point Kevin, Eric and Kate entered and moved to the nearest bedroom. From there could soon be heard the unmistakable sounds of sex.

For some reason tonight when they arrived home, the two men wanted Kate right away. And they were fucking her now, taking turns.

Eric was pumping his cock into Kate’s mouth; Kevin, with Kate’s dark brown ponytail of hair in one hand, had just started fucking her ass. It was obviously his preferred hole of choice. The noise was mostly the slap of Kevin’s stomach on Kate’s buttocks, or the enthusiastic slapping of her ass by his free hand, or the grunts and cries of Kate from either the fucking or the slapping. Eric, for his part, was jerking off quietly, apart from the occasional comment like, “Suck it, etcetera.”

Aquina nodded and regarded Brandon; she’d said her piece. “Okay, you need to go in and have Kevin pull out if needed, ‘cause I want him ready to be with Melissa in a few minutes.”

“Oh, sure; no problem at all. Stopping a guy in mid-fuck…”

Aquina shrugged her shoulders. “Tell him something nicer is waiting; and he’s the first. Or, I can go in there, suit yourself.”

Brandon regarded the beautiful woman; they had piled a lot on her and she was clearly pissed. “No worries, I’ll get him,” he said, standing.

 (End of Chapter 05)

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A House of Slaves by LongDarkRoad Chapter 4 Targets B & C

A House of Slaves 

Chapter 04 Targets B & C (A cloak of ignorance)

Jake sat looking intently at the cell phone in his hand. After reading the message, he smiled and reached over for the beer he was nursing. The message Jake was reading was from Anna’s younger sister, Melissa Levy. A month after they had moved away from Northville and settled in the city, before the real abuse began, Jake had convinced Anna to begin corresponding with Melissa strictly through cell texts. The few actual live phone calls the two sisters had shared had always been with Jake sitting right beside Anna and coaching / threatening her.

Of course, none of the messages Melissa received after the first couple had actually been from Anna; it had been Jake texting her now for over twenty months.

The text he had smiled at was Melissa’s response to ‘Anna’, “Jake would be away and it would be perfect, it had been so long,” to come down and stay with her for a few days.

“Perfect,” Melissa had replied.

Yeah, Jake thought grinning, with the Slave House prominent in his mind, it would be absolutely perfect.

For him. 


Melissa Levy left the bus and headed down the sidewalk to the coffee shop she frequented, alone, most days. As she walked she was oblivious to the stares; she always had been oblivious to attention. Very attractive since childhood, she had developed a cloak of ignorance, blocking out this unasked-for attention. She had done it for so long and so well she was no longer even aware she was doing it, living in a kind of bubble that she was content with, oblivious to all around her.

Even when people pointed out to her that this person or that person found her attractive or was looking at her, she was uninterested. She did not ponder why and never really gave it much thought, despite the ongoing encouragement from friends (of which, to be fair, she had very few.)

Melissa had recently completed her Bachelor of Science in Arts Management; but what she wanted most to do was write. What she spent most of her time at was writing; or reading. She was not a socializer in any way and she even avoided social media, completely.

And so Melissa drove people crazy; someone as good looking as she was who had little or no interest in people, was confounding. As she explained, or tried to when it was brought up, maybe someday she would meet someone who would turn her head. So far, that had not happened. Not even close.

Right now she was focused on her sister; her mom and her sister Anna were the only people she ever really gave any thought to. And for the last two years she had thought a lot about Anna and the terrible marriage decision she had made; to that complete…freak, Jake Tucker.

Melissa knew in her guts from the moment she met him that Jake was a total jerk, and probably much worse. Her mother would have none of it, delighted that Anna had found someone so ‘promising’. But then her mother had always also been oblivious, in her own way.

“For the love of God,” Melissa had said to her mom, “have you really taken a good, long look at the man?” But it had been no use, her mother was delighted and blocked out any negative thoughts. For her part, Anna had been basically overwhelmed. Jake could be very forceful and usually got his own way.

It had been a four-month ‘engagement’, a small wedding, one month rental in Northville and then they were gone; and Melissa had not been face-to-face with Anna since. Not at Christmas, not for birthdays. Jake controlled her life completely, which was why Melissa had been happy with the ongoing text conversations; at least they stayed in touch. And now they had a chance, finally, to spend some time together, with Jake going away to some police conference thing.

Melissa would take the bus next morning and by this time tomorrow she and Anna would finally be together. She was really looking forward to it.


Kate looked up from her desk at the members of the squad present in the district office. In her mind Brandon’s words echoed; but still she wondered if any of these men might help her. Of course, there was Kevin sitting at his desk pretending to ignore her; but she knew he was watching every move. At some point they would get tired or bored with this; at some point she would have a chance. For now she needed to just be patient; but still she wondered if there was an ally among this group of men. Because how long, really, could she be patient and accept what was being done to her?

Just then, and to her distress, Captain Dzyuba opened his door and looked at her, indicating with a nod she was to come in. Her stomach tightened into knots and her fists clenched as she rose and headed his way. Once in his office, she noticed he had closed the blinds, and with the door closed, she was isolated.

“Take those pants down, Slut. I need to see the goodies.”

What a stupid jackass, she thought, lowering her slacks.

She was now not allowed any underwear, except when having her period, so her shaved sex was open to his gaze. He motioned with a crooked index finger to come closer. Kate hoped fervently that he had bathed since last time. He brought her around to his side of the desk and then bent her over it.

Then he just sat, admiring her ass, which he began to squeeze with his large, bony hands. He spread her apart and examined her holes, then ran his tongue from the cleft of her outer lips to her puckered anus, which he circled with what seemed to Anna to be quite a long tongue, like an anteater, she thought. He then slapped her ass hard.

Next thing Kate knew, Dzyuba had entered her and was fucking her energetically with short, furious thrusts, like a dog, she pondered. She wondered if they could hear anything out in the office. It didn’t matter, as Dzyuba didn’t last long, coming in a matter of moments. Thankfully, to Kate, he leaned back rather than forward and his breath was not in her face. He did spin her around and push her down so she would suck his cock clean. His crotch area today had a decidedly cheesy stench, which almost made Kate gag.

He finally dismissed her with a “Get out of here, Slut.” And she made her way back to her desk, certain that every man in the office (there were four) knew exactly what had just happened. Kevin certainly did, as he sat there with a smile on his face as he stared at her passing form. When Kate did look his way, he licked his lips in an exaggerated manner and grinned again.

What simple, fucking morons they all were, she thought, turning to the paper work she had been given.


Jake, a smile on his round face, was sitting once again on a wooden kitchen chair in the living room of the house. Kate was kneeling, (naked of course, as the slaves were usually to be naked) chained to the pillar in the room and not far from him. Directly ahead of her, Anna was kneeling at Jake’s feet.

So far tonight, Eric had had sex with Kate and Kevin with Anna. And now the two women knelt in frightened apprehension, unsure of what deeds Jake’s dark mind had in store for them.

The fact that Kate was wearing a ball gag made her uneasy to begin with. Now Jake got up and went somewhere; in a minute he had returned with something in his hand. Kate did not need to see much to know it was his police issue Glock. Jake placed the bullet clip into the gun and slowly slid the barrel up the side of Anna’s face.

“Hmmmmn, little whore, I could end this all right now, couldn’t I? Hmmmm?” And he tapped the side of her face with the barrel.

Kate closed her eyes; she did not want to watch any of this. She wished she could close her mind as well. Clearly the ball gag was to prevent her from screaming.

Jake removed the ammo clip and placed the Glock on a table. “Another time, whore. Right now, you have kind of forgotten some of your duties, stupid cunt, such as my boots. Get busy.”

Kate opened her eyes a crack to see what this was about and winced when she saw Anna bent forward, devotedly licking Jake’s boots. She closed her eyes and wondered to herself; if she could get his Glock, could she shoot him with it, actually pull the trigger? She thought she could.


Up in her office, Aquina was looking at photographs of five young women (her targets she thought of them) who she had been ‘tracking’ for a little while. These were all girls she felt could fit the needs that Brandon had outlined to her. He came in just then, and looked at the photos as well.

“God, they look young,” he exclaimed. One thing he had decided was that there would be no underage girls; just too many potential problems for his liking. The next option was very young-looking girls. He knew many of the men he wanted to invite here to the man-space, liked the idea of a young girl on his knee, showing lots of skin. Some lap grinding, maybe some fondling; who knows, maybe some sex. But the girls would play a role, and the ones Aquina had here looked good for it.

“What’s your first choice?” He asked.

Aquina looked at him for a moment, as they sat here deciding on a girl’s life, to some extent. “These women won’t be slaves, correct?”

Brandon returned the gaze and then nodded. He saw how much work real slaves took.

“Because real slaves weren’t part of the deal, B.”

He sat down and looked at her. “Well, they kind of were,” he said quietly; at least in the minds of the four men; Jake certainly, and Brandon to some degree.

Aquina sighed and Brandon knew she was not happy. “Have you really thought this through?” She asked. “At some point, with Kate, you know you’ll either have to release her or kill her? You see that, don’t you? And until then, she needs looking after and guarding.”

Brandon sighed; he really didn’t want to think about any of that, but he couldn’t ignore the look on Aquina’s face.

“I’ll say it again, real, fucking slaves wasn’t the original plan, especially kidnapping a fucking police officer. Jesus Christ,” she said in a quiet voice, but one with an edge none-the-less.

Satisfied she had made her points, Aquina moved on, placing a scarlet finger nail below the second photo on her desk. “This is Mindi…”

Brandon, happy to leave the previous conversation, looked with interest at the girl. “Looks fifteen…”

“She actually turned twenty a little while ago, I know that for a fact, but she has left home and is crashing wherever she can, including sleeping rough a few times. I hear she’s maybe blown a guy or two or danced a little, but hasn’t started actually tricking yet. I’d have the exam on her anyway, but I think she is definitely worth a drive…”

“Let’s go.” Brandon straightened up.

“Just a moment; I want the women to be…secured.” She left and found both women alone but kneeling, chained in the living room. Anna had Jake’s cum drying on her face so Aquina had Kate wash it off before taking the two women down and locking them in separate crates.

They decided to take Kevin with them and headed off. If Aquina’s ‘intel’ was good, Mindi would be hanging out in the Fulton Market area, a part of town with a number of bars, some of them seedy, but a pretty good place to get lost in.

Getting off the 290 they headed north before finally heading east again on Randolph, stopping at ‘Big Al’s’. Kevin had an informant who knew and tracked girls like Mindi, for his own purposes, and he hung out near here.

After a couple of calls Kevin left, while Brandon and Aquina had a drink, the beautiful woman getting her usual amount of attention from male onlookers, but the hulking presence of Brandon discouraged any ‘visitors’. Kevin returned in ten minutes with a name and an address fairly close by.

There, they met a girl, ‘Angel’ who hung with Mindi, and who then directed them to a strip club, ‘Shades of Dark’, a short distance away.

Neither Brandon nor Aquina were happy to hear a strip club might be involved. Things turned out okay, though, as one of the dancers, ‘Ruby’, was just letting Mindi sleep on her couch in exchange for baby-sitting her one year-old. When Brandon flashed his badge (and a twenty) they got Ruby’s address.

Ten minutes later, a very nervous Mindi O’Halloran was sitting on a couch and answering questions. Despite the Irish-sounding last name, Mindi actually looked Asian. Her mother, as it turned out, being Korean, and Mindi had the jet black Asian hair and (slightly) oval eyes to go with that.

She was a slim five-two, small breasts and an amazingly round, attractive ass. Ruby would be moving on the weekend, so Mindi was definitely interested in a new place to stay. They gave her a cheap burner phone and said they would be in touch for the coming weekend.

On their way to the car, Kevin remarked to Brandon that he would enjoy ‘training’ young Mindi. Brandon chuckled, “You need to be careful, Kev. You fuck that one too hard, you could break her.”

They both laughed, while Aquina simply shook her head in amazement at men.


In Northville, Melissa Levy was packed. Her bus left at eleven the next morning and it was only two hours to the city. She texted Anna the info. In a few minutes the reply came that Anna couldn’t wait. Melissa had trouble getting to sleep; this was almost like Christmas.


Now back at her desk, Aquina made notes about Mindi, and looked at the second target, Heather. Mindi would have to be ‘broken’, somewhat, but Aquina doubted that would be hard. She was submissive and responsive to authority; one night likely would be all that was needed. Closing that file folder (not everything should be kept on computer) she picked up a note Brandon had left for her. It read: “Melissa Levy; 22, Anna’s sister, coming in Tuesday; will need training (re: Jake).” Now, what was all this? Aquina wondered.

Jake also lay on his bed, his mind spinning. Could it be, could everything be coming together as he had planned? He, not Brandon…he had the idea of a house full of slave women, women you didn’t need to be nice to because you controlled them. Women who did what they were told when they were told. Snotty bitches like Kate Noone, looking at you like you were crud. Now what was happening? She was on her knees sucking cock and being fucked. Her face held fear every time she looked at him.

And now Melissa. That know-it-all cunt who had tried to interfere with him and Anna. Who had warned Anna against him. Melissa, who walked around like the rest of the fucking world didn’t fucking exist, was on her way to him. She was bringing herself to his trap. Tomorrow night she would be hanging naked from a hook, begging him. And he would spit in her fucking face.

He would have a hard time getting to sleep tonight. It was, he thought, just like fucking Christmas.


Melissa’s bus had passed the welcome sign and was heading for the downtown depot when a message from ‘Anna’ buzzed, saying that one of the officers at Jake’s squad would meet Melissa’s bus and give her a lift home. “His name is Kevin,” the message read, “and he’s a nice guy.” (Jake had laughed out loud typing that.)

Melissa wasn’t sure anyone associated with Jake could be a nice guy, but he was an officer and a ride to the house was better than a taxi. Meanwhile Dzyuba, as requested by his boys, had sent Jake and Brandon off on an assignment that took them very close to their man-house. It was very convenient.

While Aquina was preparing for the arrival of this new slave-to-be, she was also making some calls and tracking down Heather Barr. Once Melissa was ‘settled’, Aquina would be on the move. Heather was as interesting to her as Mandi, maybe even more so now that she had a chance to think. The recent photo that Aquina had showed a reddish-blonde girl who looked thirteen or fourteen. Bur in reality, Heather was twenty-one. Perfect.

Aquina’s cell phone buzzed and she glanced at the clock: one-ten pm. Brandon was calling to alert her that Melissa’s bus was just coming in and Kevin would be picking up the woman and in probably twenty minutes would be at the house.

Aquina was not totally cool with this. This was out of the blue again, and it was Jake; but she was ready.


Melissa looked out the window of the bus as it pulled into the depot. It was a busy place with lots of people; this would definitely be different than Northville.

Exiting the bus, Melissa retrieved her case and began pulling it along, heading for the main entrance. No one was signalling her yet, but if it was a cop he likely would wait outside.

Once through the front doors she immediately saw the white and blue patrol car and the young-ish looking officer standing beside it. She waved tentatively and he waved back and then opened the back door. This would be different; she had never been in a police car before.

As Kevin closed the car door his main thought was ‘this is one gorgeous babe. Why didn’t Jake tell us she was so beautiful?’

The ride to the house was quiet and uneventful; some calls came through on the radio and Melissa felt like she should not disturb the officer. Pulling up to a neatly maintained property in a decent looking neighborhood, Melissa got her first look at her sister’s house and she was impressed; it was an attractive two-storey, bigger than what she imagined. For some reason (had Anna said this in a text?) she thought they lived in a bungalow.

The officer was now opening the door and taking out her case so she climbed out as well. He was back in the car when she came around and he spoke through the open window, “Just head inside. Anna might be out back. Nice to meet you.”

And then he was gone, the car speeding off down the quiet residential street. Melissa started up the walk, her heart pounding in anticipation. She was preparing herself for a sister who looked beaten down. That was how she imagined Anna’s life with ‘Mr. Jackass’, as she liked to think of…him. She didn’t even like saying his name.

Ringing the doorbell she waited, rang again and then heeded Kevin’s advice and tried the front door. It was unlocked so she opened it and entered cautiously, calling out. “Anna?”

She stepped tentatively into the hall, “Anna?” she called a little louder.

“Anna is on her way,” a male voice said to her left.

Even though the voice was quiet, Melissa jumped and blurted “AAAhhh.” Then she looked up into the face of a large and attractive man, clearly a police officer, as he was wearing his uniform. At five-seven, Melissa was slightly taller than average, and she had heels on, but she still needed to look up at this man who towered over her. “Oh my God,” she gasped, “you startled me.”

“I can see that,” the man said with a thin smile on his face, before guiding her, his hand at her elbow, into the living room. “We will wait for…Anna…in here.”

“Excuse me, but…” she started, but got no farther, as the man’s large hand struck Melissa full across her cheek, and she stumbled, going to one knee. He then grabbed a handful of her long, blond hair and lifted her off the ground so she was balancing on her toes.

“Listen carefully, and you will save yourself some pain. Do not say anything unless we ask you. Nod your head if you understand, bitch.” The man’s tone was menacing and clear. Melissa nodded, tasting blood in her mouth. She stared at the man in bewilderment, and then turned as there was movement to her right.

Despite the man’s warning, she let out a gasp when she saw Anna being led in completely naked by a dark and curly-haired woman, a collar around her neck with a leash attached to it that the woman was holding.

She received a violent shake for making sounds along with a “Hush,” warning.

If Melissa was bewildered by the appearance and actions of Brandon, she now stood, wavering on tiptoes, mouth gaping like a fish staring at this scene unable to comprehend it, like someone confronted by a dog talking on a cell phone. Melissa shook her head, as if her sight was the problem, causing Brandon to laugh. He then released the hold on her hair, allowing her to stand.

“Stay still,” he warned.

The woman who was leading Anna made her kneel and then removed the leash, but attached a small chain to her collar. Anna was wearing a ball gag but it was hidden beneath duct tape that covered her mouth.

Melissa did stand still, watching and still gaping, and then felt the man grasp her left arm in a firm grip, just as the dark-haired woman touched a wand of some sort to Anna’s left nipple. There was a spark and then Anna’s painful response showed immediately on her face, but no sound came because of the tape. The response however clearly showed that the jolt hurt.

The man now whispered in her ear, as Melissa’s initial shock deepened and she began to shake and feel light-headed and nauseous. “That jolt was ‘six’, it can go to ten. Nod your head if you understand.” Melissa nodded after a moment, but felt like she would soon collapse. Brandon must have noticed as well as he applied pressure on her shoulders and placed her in a kneeling position.

“Stay”, he said, like one would to a dog, and he then walked to Aquina. Jake had not made his appearance, they wanted to hold off so as to not offer too much shock at once.

“I think she’s right on the edge now. I’ll keep Jake out for a bit and you take over; I’m afraid she could actually go into shock.”

Aquina nodded. She had noticed the woman go white and the shaking was severe. They didn’t need a medical emergency on their hands. Brandon slipped out and Aquina went over and knelt beside the now violently trembling young woman. Putting her arm around her, she brought Melissa, reluctantly, to her. Slightly taller than the young woman, on their knees they were close in height and Aquina brought Melissa’s head to her shoulder.

Kissing her softly on the face, which made Melissa jump like she had been pricked by a tack, Aquina whispered into her hair. “You need to breathe. Open your mouth; that’s it. Now take in deep breaths, let it out slowly, take in some more; that’s it. Now put your head down, no, lower, that’s right, put it between your knees, but keep breathing. There, there….” Aquina was stroking the blonde hair softly, rhythmically, keeping her voice gentle, almost hypnotic.

Lifting Melissa back to a sitting position, Aquina noticed the woman’s shaking had subsided. Producing an ammonia capsule from somewhere, Aquina broke it and held it under Melissa’s nose, and then held her. Slowly, the young woman came back to reality, looking now at Aquina with some fear, but more sadness in her lovely grey-green eyes. Aquina leaned forward and kissed Melissa on the mouth, stopping her from pulling away by holding her shoulder. After a moment, Melissa relaxed and allowed this tenderness.

Aquina cupped the woman’s face in her hands, “My name is Aquina. You are so, so lovely,” she whispered, and Melissa’s lips quivered and then the tears began to roll down her face. She gripped Aquina around her shoulders and held on, sobbing into her neck. Brandon watched slyly from the doorway, fascinated by the sight of these two beautiful women touching and kissing. He could hear Jake pacing in the kitchen, so he went to him.

“What the hell?” Jake demanded.

“Hey, hey, hey, HEY! Keep your voice down and settle down.” Brandon got right into Jake’s face. “This may take some time, got it. Some women are tough, some women aren’t. That woman is close to going into shock. You want that? You know that shock can kill. You want that?”

Jake looked down and took some deep breaths. “Okay, okay,” he grumbled and turned away.

“Hey, I know this is…personal for you, but you need to look at the bigger picture. We have something going here….”

“Which was my idea….”

“Yeah, your idea to have a bunch of female slaves in a house, ‘wouldn’t that be fun’? But this is now a reality and part of our business. All of us. We got money invested. We have a chance to build something. And we have our necks on the line. That very attractive, and thanks a bunch for letting us know the sister was fucking stunning…that very attractive woman could be an asset or a liability. We need…you need…to use your head here for once.”

Jake took a couple of deep breaths. “Alright, alright, I got it.” Jake looked away.

Brandon nodded. “Look, why don’t you go back to the station and fuck the hell out of Kate or something. Let us get this one ready so this works. Let Aquina do her thing. She is good at this; way better than me or you.”

“Okay. Okay. Maybe you’re right,” Jake sighed, forcing down his impatience. He’d give this a little time. “I’ll see ya’ in a couple of hours.”

“Yeah, good. Hey. Go out the back so she doesn’t see you, yet.”

“Yeah. Yeah, see ya’.” And Jake left, wanting to hit something.

 (End of Chapter 04)